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Sosunovsky Vladimir Sergeevich


Vladimir Sosunovsky is little known in large circles, but in the village of Balabino, unpleasant stories circulate about him. For example, that it was he who was engaged in the selection of titushki-athletes for the anti-Maidan, it was he who devastated the rural budget for the construction of his house, and he was also engaged in the purchase of real estate of dead people, and resold at times more expensive. Yes, and fraud with tenders is also not alien to him … And also the plundering of lands in Balabino and Kushugum, bribing voters, and friendship with the wanted odious ex-deputy Alexander Zubchevsky. A good criminal experience, thanks to which, for Sosunovsky, the door to the "ZE team" was opened.

March 26, 1980
Уровень охвата:

Sosunovsky Vladimir Sergeevich

Official biography

Date of birth: March 26, 1980 Born in. This is a huge private house with an area of more than 300 square meters.. All building materials that were allocated for the needs of the community are used by the village head at his construction site, thus robbing the state. For example, when pouring the foundation and other construction activities, more than 10 concrete mixers were used. And while another construction was in progress for which the state paid for the concrete, Sosunovsky stole the concrete for his needs. This caused damage to the state in the amount of more than 200 thousand hryvnia, and the village head is not ready to stop there.

How did Sosunovsky become the head of the Balabino village council?

Vladimir Sosunovsky in 2010 became chairman of the Balabinsky village council, actively using “raider schemes” to seize power. The Balaba settlement election commission, which was completely controlled by Sosunovsky (consisted of his relatives, boxer friends and other close associates), was deregistered as a candidate for the head of the village council, at that time the current head Yemelyanov Yu. N. Despite three court decisions on reinstating him as a candidate and reprinting the ballots, the commission did not comply with the court decision and did not allow Yemelyanov to participate in the elections.. So Sosunovsky became the Balabinsky village head for the first time. A similar scheme was used by him in the elections in 2015. Again, the village election commission under his control did not register and did not allow his main competitor E. Yusufov to run in the elections.. G., despite a court decision obliging him to do so. Yusufov himself. D. as a result of psychological pressure and threats, he ended up in a medical institution with a stroke.

What made Sosunovsky famous in his position?

In the position of Balabinsky village head, Vladimir Sosunovsky actively uses illegal schemes for personal enrichment: – during his tenure, he registered about 50 land plots on the territory of the Balaba village council for nominees, most of which have already been sold. His wife Yulia Sosunovskaya, a member of the Balabinsky Council, is engaged in the implementation of the plots. – before being elected head of the village council, Sosunovsky was engaged in real estate transactions. After taking office, he continued this activity, using illegal schemes for taking possession of property.. So he debugged the illegal scheme of taking possession of real estate in. Children. Vladimir Sosunovsky identified houses where, after the death of their owners, there were no heirs. After that, fake people moved into these houses, inquiries were made that supposedly these people at the time of death lived with the owners of the houses. Later, using corruption connections in the Zaporozhye District Court, Sosunovsky organized the receipt of court decisions, according to which the nominees lived with the deceased in a civil marriage and they recognized the right of ownership by inheritance (all decisions were made by one judge of the Zaporozhye District Court!). In the future, these houses were sold at a price of 15-20 thousand. US dollars. So, according to the information available to law enforcement agencies, they have been appropriated and sold 12 houses in the settlement for several years in this way.. Children. These facts are being investigated within the framework of open criminal proceedings by the Zaporozhye local prosecutor's office No. 2. – Vladimir Sosunovsky invests money received from illegal activities in real estate objects, acquiring apartments in the city. Zaporozhye (according to available information, he has already purchased three apartments) and tourist houses on the Azov coast (city. Primorsk, pos. Kirillovka), vehicles (he and his family members use Ford and Infinity cars), as well as legal and illegal business: route transportation (his Mercedes-sprinter bus operates on route N 101), a cafe chain – Livoberezhye liquor stores work in. Balabino and Kushugum. The cafes are decorated in the name of his uncle, a member of the Balabinsky Council of Nikolai Shkrum, who is also the director of the Balabinsky cemetery. Sosunovsky is also engaged in illegal wholesale and retail sales of alcohol and alcoholic beverages of handicraft production.

What past haunts the present Sosunovsky?

Vladimir Sosunovsky was also previously prosecuted for inflicting moderate bodily harm to a deputy of the Zaporizhzhya District Council, Vyacheslav Kolesnikov.. The case was closed by the court due to non-rehabilitating circumstances (amnesty). At present, the Zaporizhzhya UNP GUNP in the Zaporozhye region has also initiated a criminal case on the fact of obstruction by the officials of the Balabinsky possovest of the activities of the deputy of the regional council Dmitry Maistro.

On June 13, 2016, Sosunovsky did not let him into the council session, tried to use force against him and threw his things out of the meeting room. In addition, he puts pressure and intimidates the residents of the village, activists and some deputies of the Zaporizhzhya District Council, who are critical of his work. People are really scared knowing his unbalanced character, the presence of a group of athletes and his connections, which he always talks about, in the person of the head of the Zaporozhye Regional Council Grigory Samardak and people's deputy Vadim Krivokhatko. Also in the registers there is evidence that Vladimir Sosunovsky received an administrative penalty for violating traffic rules.

Who is behind Sosunovsky?

Volodymyr Sosunovsky is actively supported by the head of the Zaporozhye Regional Council Hryhoriy Samardak, People's Deputy Vadim Krivokhatko, head of the Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration Anatoly Vasyuk. In 2014, it was Sosunovsky who helped Krivokhatko in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada. Currently, Sosunovsky is his assistant, a confidant in the Zaporozhye region. Through him, Krivokhatko finances his social actions (gives him money for organizing holidays and sports competitions), and also plans to re-engage him to organize an election campaign in case of early elections. Vadim Krivokhatko promised Sosunovsky to help him become the head of the Kushugum United Territorial Community (p. Balabino, Kushugum, Maloekaterynivka, 18,000 inhabitants), if he does his best to strengthen Krivokhatko's influence in the Zaporozhye region, as well as his re-election to the Verkhovna Rada. In turn, Sosunovsky uses the patronage of Krivokhatko to solve emerging problems with law enforcement agencies as a result of his illegal activities.. Sosunovsky often declares to the residents of the village, entrepreneurs about his high patrons, naming the names “Samardak, Krivokhatko, Vasyuk”, that “he solves any issues”, that “Krivokhatko and Samardak decided that he would be the head of the Kushugum United Territorial Community”.

Sponsored by Gennady Fuchs

Last week, the reception of Buryak's party in Kushugum was attacked twice.. The raid was organized by the local head of the terror group, Vladimir Sosunovsky, at the request of Gennady Fuchs. Fuchs heads the regional organization of the For the Future party, which supported Sosunovsky in the elections in Kushugum. Sosunovsky in the local elections secretly represented the power bloc of the Zaporizhzhya “For the Future”, with his guys he provided protection for the party's events. Fuchs really dislikes the strengthening of the Buryak party in the Zaporozhye region. In addition, he has long wanted to avenge the loss of Maybach to the Zaporizhia City Council and the fact that Buryak does not allow him to earn on the city budget. Fuchs regularly meets with familiar security officials, connects people's deputies from Maybach to organize law enforcement attacks on the mayor's office. Last week, once again, they ran into the director of the housing and communal services department Polevoy, they are preparing a new series of attacks on the airport and departments. In addition, Fuchs organized a series of negative reports about Zaporozhye through the Maybach channel 1+1 last week. Fuchs is very afraid if Buryak finds out the name of the real customer of the attacks.

Sosunovsky did not pay his anti-Maidan titushkas

Archive video 2014. Anti-Maidanists who were recruited by Komsomol member Vladimir Sosunovsky are returning home by train from Kyiv to Balabino and Kushugum. He did not pay people …

In Balabino, at an inflated price, they bought a house for orphans from an employee of the village council

The leadership of the Balaba village council purchased a home for orphans for 340 thousand. UAH. from the wife of a local deputy and part-time employee of the council. The house for orphans and children deprived of parental care is located on the street. Station 12. Its area is 40 sq.. m. Bought it out of competition by posting a contract report. The agreement was signed by the village head Vladimir Sosunovsky. The contract report is published 18 days after the conclusion of the contract, and not within 3 business days, as required by law. The report on the implementation of the contract has not been published so far. At the same time, the authorities of Balabino solemnly reported on the transfer of the house to the orphan. The payment for the house was made within a few days, although for other purchases, the village council's suppliers waited months for payment. The house was solemnly handed over in January 2020. Music was played at the event, champagne was drunk. The former owner of the house, Yulia Yeresko, is the wife of Oleksandr Yeresko, a deputy of the Zaporozhye District Council from the Batkivshchyna and the Balabinsky Village Council. He is also a beautification worker for the village council.. Yulia Yeresko indicated his contact number of the entrepreneur 0677781012 when selling the house in the Prozorro system. The same phone number was indicated in the ad when selling a house in Balabino for 13 thousand. dollars since March 2019. Judging by the fact that the said house was sold on December 16, no one had bought it before for the offered amount. After looking at the ads for the sale of houses in Balabino, it became known that for the specified amount, or even cheaper, you can buy houses in a much better condition. No one has lived in the house sold at an inflated price for the last 2 years.


In his last declaration, Sosunovsky indicated 11 plots of land (10 of which appeared in the family after Vladimir Sosunovsky became the head of the Balabinsky village council), an apartment in Zaporozhye, a house in Malokaterinovka and a 2014 KIA K5 car. Vladimir Sosunovsky is registered and lives in Balabino, while this house is not indicated in the declaration. These facts have been repeatedly covered in the media, but there has not yet been an official response from law enforcement officers to them.

Raiding or bribing voters? Near Zaporozhye, the candidate head of the UTC got into a scandal

Election passions are heating up: a scandalous state of emergency today occurred in the village of Kushugum near Zaporozhye. The head of the village council of the neighboring settlement of Balabino suddenly “concerned” with the state of roads in Kushugum, to which he has nothing to do. It's all about the upcoming local elections.. As you know, the suburban settlements of Balabino, Kushugum and Malokaterinovka will be merged into one ATC. And the head of Balabino, Vladimir Sosunovsky, suddenly decided to show “care” for the neighboring Kushugum. On a Saturday morning, he organized machinery and a slag truck to fill up the puddles formed after the night's rain.. We will not discuss the effectiveness of such “road repairs”, which were done exclusively for the public, and also the fact that in Balabino itself, where Sosunovsky came from, the roads leave much to be desired. According to the residents of Kushugum, they are well aware that the surge of Sosunovsky's concern for Kushugum is connected solely with the fact that he is running for the post of head of the united territorial community, and in such a primitive way he decided to win over the inhabitants of Kushugum. However, the PR action with signs of bribing voters turned into a scandal. The current head of the village council of Kushugum, Galina Zagrebelnaya, who was informed by the residents of the village about arbitrariness and violation of electoral legislation by Sosunovsky, called the police. After that, the “well-wishers” hastily loaded the equipment and disappeared. The head of Kushugum called the incident an attempt of a raider seizure of power. Investigation is currently underway on this matter.. By the way, according to part 3 of article 160 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, bribery of voters is punishable by restriction of freedom for a period of 2 to 5 years, as well as imprisonment from 2 to 6 years with restriction of the right to hold certain positions for a period of up to 5 years.

Every third organizer of an “apolitical” rally for ecology in Zaporozhye is a candidate in the next local elections.

The organizers of the election rally for the environment, which will take place on September 19, 2020 in front of the Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration, are still trying to continue to convince the residents of the city that this action has nothing to do with political campaigning. Of the 14 signatories, at least 5 people are representatives of specific political forces that go to local elections. In particular, the head of Balabino, Volodymyr Sosunovsky (listed as the head of the Zaporozhye City Boxing Federation), representatives of the presidential party Servant of the People.

Elections in Kushugum remain in the TOP-scandals of the region. Local residents report that Vladimir Sosunovsky distributes food packages to villagers

A new leader will be elected in Kushugum UTC in a week. The two candidates were supposed to debate yesterday. Dmitry Maistro agreed, and Vladimir Sosunovsky refused under the pretext of the coronavirus epidemic. True, the epidemic did not stop people from going from house to house and distributing food packages.. Vladimir spoke about help from philanthropists. And local residents report that yesterday Sosunovsky was personally seen with “rations” in Kushugum on the way to the house of one of the residents of the village. In the social network, Sosunovsky called this act of Greek breeding help and charity.. Although election observers usually call such actions bribery, with corresponding consequences. In the photo taken in Vladimir's office, people are without masks, without gloves. Is the epidemic not so scary when you don't have to go to the debate?

Suspicious like on facebook

The person who posted the photo of the holiday in Crimea is Raisa Chukhrai, a deputy of the Zaporozhye Regional Council from Boguslaev's New Politics. Ms. Chukhrai has several scandals behind her back, which fully allow her stay in the Crimea. Again, we do not get tired of repeating, reputation. However, there are people whose reputation is still at least a little believed. And these people, having put likes on Facebook, have somewhat shaken their reputation. We will simply give a list of people we especially liked who put their “like” under the photo with the happy Chukhraev couple: In general, Vladimir Sosunovsky was also glad for the rest of his colleague in the Crimea. In the Zaporizhzhia region, the chairman of the village council organized the delivery of people to change the electoral address. Citizens were accompanied by the deputy chairman of the Kushugum territorial settlement election commission Anna Shkrum together with the chairman of the Balabinsky village council. So, on September 10, to the department of maintaining the DRV of the apparatus of the Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration at the address. Istomina, 8, about 15 people brought a car and transport for public transportation, who came here to change their electoral address. The minibus had a sign with the specified route “Railway station, Oncology, Balabino, Kushugum”. In a telephone conversation with OPORA, the chairman of the Balabinsky village council of the Zaporozhye district of the Zaporozhye region, Volodymyr Sosunovsky, said that a request for help in organizing transport support was received… from older people with mobility difficulties. Although in the video we see that there are no elderly people on the bus.

Police representatives, who arrived at the DRV department of the Zaporizhia Regional State Administration on call, suggested that citizens get into the minibus that brought them and take them to the local police station.

The video filmed the threats of Vladimir Sosunovsky against the representative of Opora Taisiya Melnichenko.

On October 25, 2020, a long-term observer of the OPORA Civic Network reported an incident that occurred in the village of Balabino, Zaporizhzhia region. According to him, at the entrance to polling station No. 230193, the current village head of the Balabinsky village council and a candidate for this position Vladimir Sosunovsky provoked a clash with him. This was reported by the press service of the organization.

During the conflict, the politician accused OPORA representatives of disrupting the local elections and said: “Now the Balabins will gather, those who cannot go home and there will be little space for you.” In connection with the voiced threats and physical pressure on the observer, OPORA called the police and handed over the statement to law enforcement agencies. In a telephone conversation, the communication department of the GDNP of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye region noted to OPORA on the events described: “At 12.39 there is a registration of a telephone call. The police left. While the information is entered in the Unified Register, verification is being carried out. Earlier, we reported that one of the candidates for the position of the village head of the Kushugum village council hit a representative of the OS OPORA, who arrived at the polling station, on the territory of the polling station in Balabino.

The head of the Balabinsky Council, under the pretext of an epidemic, refuses to have an open conversation with the leader of the election race

On October 25, Kushugum UTC will elect a leader. Local resident Sergei Lukin invited the leader of the election race, lawyer Dmitry Maistro, and his opponent Vladimir Sosunovsky to take part in an open debate.


“New Faces with a Criminal Past”. Sosunovsky has a rather large past. And the preparation of titushki for the anti-Maidan, and the plundering of land, the eternal change of political forces … In general, nothing new, because only people with rich criminal experience go into politics.

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Has a wife and two children
"Servants of the People"
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SU 254627
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Urban settlement Balabino, st. Field 47