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Smilyansky Igor Efimovich


Igor Smilyansky is the head of a gang called Ukrposhta. And while the state enterprise is fading, Smilyansky is flourishing. The most scandalous fact is his salary – from 2 million hryvnia. per month, while ordinary postmen receive a miserable minimum wage. And when the new government became interested in the salary of Igor Efimovich, he presented a presentation with fake data as evidence, which the experts immediately exposed. But for some reason, Smilyansky remains in his position to this day, and the staff, angry from poverty and useless working conditions, continues to be rude to consumers of Ukrposhta. It is worth mentioning the second citizenship that Smilyansky has. He is simultaneously a citizen of the United States and Ukraine. How is this possible in a country where dual citizenship is prohibited by law?

Ukraine, USA
Ukraine, USA
October 6, 1975
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Smilyansky Igor Efimovich

Official biography

Igor Efimovich Smelyansky was born on October 6, 1975 in the city of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Odessa region. At the age of 20, Smilyansky, together with his mother and father, emigrated to the United States, where he received citizenship.


Igor Smelyansky was born on October 6, 1975 in the city of Odessa. In 1999 he graduated from the School of Business named after. Lubin Pace University (New York, USA) with a degree in accountant-auditor. In May 2005, he graduated summa cum laude from Georgetown University's Robert McDonough School of Business (MBA) and the University of. George Washington (Washington, USA). Smelyansky is a New York and New Jersey licensed attorney, a member of the United States Bar Association, and an Illinois licensed public auditor (CPA).

A family

Smelyansky is married to US citizen Natalie Myshkina. The couple have two sons: Maxim and Igor.


From July 1998 to February 1999 – Tax Accountant at Cantor Fitzgerald L. P. From February 1999 to July 2001, KPMG Senior Tax Specialist. During the training, from May 2002 to August 2004, he did an internship in the following companies: Lockheed Martin, International Launch Services (JV with GKNPTs im.. Khrunichev and RSC Energia, g. McLean, USA); Law firm Coudert Brothers, LLP (Washington, USA); Citigroup Global Corporate and Investment Bank (New York, USA). Between September 2005 and January 2008, Smelyansky worked for The Boston Consulting Group as a Senior Consultant/Project Manager. In this capacity, he has been involved in mergers, acquisitions and restructurings of companies in the financial sector. Since February 2008, he has been working at Promsvyazbank as Director for Asset Integration. Recently he worked in New York (USA) in the audit company KPMG. In April 2016, he was appointed head of Ukrposhta. On August 17, 2018, the Ministry of Infrastructure signed a three-year contract with the General Director of Ukrposhta Igor Smelyansky. NABU refused to open a case, but the court ordered the bureau to start an investigation,” the website reports. Svetlana Myalik, a journalist from the National Public Radio Company, wrote on her Facebook page, noting that Smelyansky said that his salary is UAH 743,000. two countries. The head of Ukrposhta and Zelensky's assistant joined the Supervisory Board of Ukroboronprom The decree also terminates the powers of a member of the Supervisory Board of Ukroboronprom, People's Deputy David Arakhamia Scandal with inflated salaries When the scandal broke out with sky-high salaries of ministers and heads of state-owned companies, and they began to be called for a “conversation” in the Rada, Smelyansky prepared a presentation that was supposed to confirm that he was worth his money. In fact, the presentation is primitive, according to the “before and after” principle.. And the content is something to complain about. Where did the profit come from at Ukrposhta, if the State Audit Service, on the contrary, talks about losses? Why are tariffs for Ukrposhta services constantly growing? Why did the report indicate that there were more deliveries, but in reality they decreased several times?

Scandal with the delivery of pensions

Postal scandal erupted in 2018. The then president, Petro Poroshenko, gave a “dressing down” to the head of Ukrposhta, Igor Smelyansky. The reason is the alleged mass closure of post offices, including rural ones, as well as an increase in prices for the delivery of pensions.. Earlier, Ukrposhta reported that as part of the “optimization”, they plan to close about 7 thousand post offices (reducing the people who work there) throughout the country, and this process, in fact, is already underway. In addition, Igor Smilyansky argued that the tariffs for the delivery of pensions are extremely unprofitable for the enterprise, which calls into question the provision of this service next year. So, Poroshenko again ordered to “stop firing postmen”, as well as to resolve the issue of the delivery of pensions. Plus, he promised Ukrposhta UAH 500 million, which, allegedly, was included in the budget for next year on his initiative. And yet – Igor Smilyansky strongly recommended “to review his own salary” (the director's rate is more than 333 thousand. UAH. per month plus there are also bonuses and allowances – approx.. Ed.). The fertile topic – someone else's “cosmic salary” – instantly scattered through the media and social networks, practically leaving the real situation around Ukrposhta behind the scenes. And she, according to the source of the country “Country” (one of the former top managers of the company), is “catastrophic.”

600 hryvnia per postman

“It’s a lie that the delivery of pensions is unprofitable. On pensions, Ukrposhta, on the contrary, has always earned. In previous years, this provided up to 40% of the company's profit. There the tariff is up to 1.6% of the amount. It turns out that pensions are growing – Ukrposhta also receives more (according to the calculations of the Pension Fund, this year Ukrposhta will receive 1.4 billion hryvnias for the delivery of pensions – Ed.). And there is no need for special labor costs – postmen distribute pensions “at the same time”, delivering mail along the same route, ”the expert said. But according to him, now the main problem is that there is nothing to pay salaries to postmen and they quit en masse.. “They are constantly raising the norms, and the salaries are miserable. People are leaving in whole squadrons,” confirms Yuri Bogdanov. The Facebook group “Hromadska Rada “Ukrposhta” is overflowing with postmen’s complaints about the hardships of life. “I am both a boss and a postman, and my salary is 2,000 hryvnias a month,” writes Oksana Klim. Postal workers complain that they are not even paid the minimum wage – they are issued part-time, but they have to work full-time. At the disposal of the “Country” got the order of the head of “Ukrposhta”, which refers to the cuts in salaries for staff.

Smelyansky and Krykliy were caught in love affairs

The fact that there is a conditional quota for representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation in the leadership of government bodies can hardly surprise anyone.. In this case, the situation with the ex-Minister of Infrastructure Vladislav Krykliy and the head of Ukrposhta Igor Smelyansky is a ready-made image for posters and banners of the Ukrainian LGBT community. The day before, immediately after the resignation of Krykliy from the post of minister, Smelyansky posted a photo with his lover on his Facebook page and could not restrain himself from writing him a few warm words in connection with his resignation from a high position. However, everyone surrounded by both the young former minister and the slightly more experienced head of the “main post office of the country” have long known that in fact about “call” or “write” at 2 a.m. is just a figure of speech. Since in most cases “some urgent issue” can be resolved right in the kitchen in Vladislav’s luxurious four-room apartment on st.. Bohdan Khmelnitsky, 58-A in Kyiv, in an elite high-rise building near the capital's cycle track. And, as you might guess, for this it is not even necessary to wear underwear. Evil tongues say that the initiator of the relationship was Smelyansky, who was already working as the general director of Ukrposhta at the time Krykliy came to the ministry. In the new young boss, he saw an opportunity to strengthen the partnership between the state enterprise and its actual shareholder, as well as to diversify his personal life in the absence of his wife and children living in the United States, since they, like Smelyansky, are citizens of this country. The minister and the head of the state enterprise did not advertise their tender relationship almost until the beginning of 2021. Moreover, neither Smelyansky's wife nor Krikliy's common-law wife knew about these relationships.. But her well-known demarche with the publication of accusations of beatings by her partner, as well as photographs where Krikliy walks at the “reformist party” with Yuri Kosyuk with a package of cocaine – this is just an emotional reaction of a psychologically traumatized woman who found out that her fiancé was in fact de facto focused on a completely different gender. Illegal dismissal of the head of the Transcarpathian postal service From an interview with the head of the Transcarpathian postal service Viktor Voytko: – We had some misunderstandings with the central leadership, and I can explain why. Since July 1 last year, UGPPS “Ukrposhta” was headed by Igor Efimovich Smelyansky. Perhaps he is an expert in our industry, but later his actions began to cause surprise and rejection.. During this time, the staff of the General Directorate was significantly “inflated”, it included many former employees of the SBU, who, after the events of 2014, could not continue to work in the bodies. A simple example – there used to be one personnel department, now there are three of them. What for? Even more surprising are the salaries that they receive – from 35 thousand hryvnias, and with all the allowances – the amount exceeds one hundred thousand hryvnias per month. You see, it's not normal when simple postmen “sit on the minimum wage”, and the employees of the device receive six-digit numbers. It should not be. I began to pay attention to this, and in return – we received a number of different checks. It started in September 2016. Moreover, the activity has been checked since 2013, and they tried to shift the noticed errors onto me. Finished checking, sort of figured it out. But in November – another. This time – from the internal security service “Ukrposhta”. Finished. And suddenly, two weeks before the New Year – again a check. This time it was complex – that is, they checked everything they could. It is worth noting that each such revision really paralyzes normal work for a long time.. Goods are collected in all departments, delivered to warehouses, re-counted there, people get nervous, etc.. But what to do? There is an order “from above” … Finally, everything was completed. I have the act of this check in my hands. Everything seems to have calmed down, no serious violations, and even more so – any theft or abuse, were found. In the new year, we begin to work, develop, and now on February 28 – a new test, this time also with the removal of me from duties. Why? On what grounds? This time, the workers themselves could not stand it and literally rose to a small protest. And, by the way, one more amendment – despite the information from the media, no one in the office closed, I don’t even know where it came from, and who started spreading such rumors. On the contrary, we ourselves invited television and the press.

April 1st joke that went too far. “Ukrposhta” got into an intimate scandal

On April 1, on World Laughter Day, Ukrposhta published an advertisement stating that the best goods for leisure are books and sex toys. The corresponding advertising post was published on his page by the director of the company Igor Smelyansky. The banner advertising Ukrposhta depicts a girl in a short dress with lowered shoulder straps and a book in her hands. However, it was not without controversy.. So, non-factional People's Deputy of Ukraine Anna Skorokhod did not appreciate Smelyansky's joke, which she wrote about on her Telegram channel. The story of how Igor Smelyansky was frightened of the “Country”. Smelyansky immediately showed courage and expressed his Spartan readiness to meet. Since he showed determination, I decided to do an interview. Agree, a brave man with a salary of a million is always interesting. A week later, Smelyansky's PR manager said that they had changed their minds and took the boss's word back.. The man gave the word, and sent the young woman to take the promise. And after that he wrote a post: “I won’t go, you have a bad manner of presenting information about Ukrposhta and salaries.”

The American winner of the competition for the general director of Ukrposhta wants to privatize the state-owned enterprise

The American winner of the selection in his bid proposes the privatization of Ukrposhta – and judging by the labor “achievements” of Smelyansky, he was selected precisely for this. It is significant that in the previous competition for the position of the head of Ukrposhta, Minister of Infrastructure Pivovarsky pushed the former banker Artemy Yershov (read more about Artemy Yershov in the article Artemy Yershov: participant in financial fraud and protege of Lyovochkin), who organized the deplorable privatization of Ukrtelecom in the zero years.

“This bill is in that edition”: Smelyansky is either associated with Tishchenko, or a psychic

Tonight, the General Director of Ukrposhta, Igor Smelyansky, reacted to his mention in our series of articles. And accidentally exposed secret knowledge that we do not yet have. So many questions, so few answers. The fact is that Igor Efimovich publicly stated: the draft law No. 4353 “On the postal call” in the article is indicated incorrectly, since it has already been changed. But at the same time, the bill remained unchanged on the website of the Verkhovna Rada. And since November 2020. Either Mr. Smelyansky has a much closer connection with the authors of the bill (the deputies Tishchenko, Zuev and Co. known to you), or he is simply an excellent psychic.

 Smelyansky deliberately ruins Ukrposhta as a socially significant state-owned enterprise

The recent initiatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure to amend the law “On Postal Communication”, which are designed to introduce the exclusive right of the National Operator, headed by Igor Smelyansky, to deliver international postal items up to 10 kg, which have recently caused great resonance, indicate that the head of Ukrposhta is making another attempt to solve the problems accumulated under him of his state-owned enterprise by monopolizing the most profitable niches of the postal services market. The draft law “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Postal Communication”, published on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine on October 26, not only proposes to secure the exclusive right to deliver letters, parcels and parcels up to 10 kg by the National Postal Operator in Ukraine, but also through the National commission, which carries out state regulation in the field of communications and informatization, stake out its right to set tariffs for these services for all those who provide them. This means that such players as “Nova Poshta”, “Mist-Express”, “Autolux” and others will lose the right to independently determine their prices. The authors of the draft law are well aware that the introduction of such rules would automatically violate Article 110 of the Association Agreement with the EU, which refers to the prevention of monopolistic practices in the postal and courier services sector, as well as the Preamble and Article 7 of the European Directive.

“No, I don't uh…l”. The head of Ukrposhta advises branch employees to buy masks and SANITIZERS with their own money.

Employees of Ukrposhta in various regions complain about the lack of masks, disinfectants, as well as glass barriers in all branches of the enterprise, they did not stop quarantine. “Now operators are not only not separated from customers who are sneezing and coughing, but anyone can freely take everything that is on the tables,” complains one postal employee in one of the groups of employees of a state-owned company on the social network. In response to postmen's complaints on Facebook, Igor Smelyansky, CEO of the company, promised to return glass barriers that had been dismantled before his instructions, as well as to provide employees with protective medical products.. In the meantime, the general director advised to buy masks and SANITIZER at his own expense, keep receipts, and then Ukrposhta supposedly compensates for these costs. True, where exactly to make such purchases – did not indicate.

Ukrposhta does not care about the destruction of the ancient facade of the Odessa “Main Post Office”

According to the security agreement, PJSC “Ukrposhta” is obliged to carry out current and major repairs of the architectural monument, but no one carries out repairs and now the facade of the building is in a terrible state. General Director of Ukrposhta Igor Smelyansky, whose salary is estimated at $30,000 a month, refused to answer a question from the editors of the Monitor about plans to carry out repair work on the building, citing the fact that this is allegedly not public information. According to Igor Smelyansky, PJSC “Ukrposhta” can only provide information regarding the terms of delivery of goods, services and prices for them. A rather strange situation is emerging: due to the taxes of the inhabitants of Odessa, Smelyansky and his deputies receive exorbitant salaries that are incomparable with the average standard of living in Ukraine, but when the inhabitants of Odessa want to know about the fate of the building, here they get a turn from the gate.

Wrong $ 750: Smelyansky apologized for embarrassment with the salary of postmen and disgraced himself even more

In an interview with NV Business, he said that the average Ukrainian postman could earn $1,000 a month if he fulfilled overtime orders and took tips, and when everyone laughed at his words, he apologized and said that he mixed up the figure. At the same time, Mr. Smelyansky did not forget to praise himself and talk about the “improvements” brought to the postal company. “But with a salary (including bonuses) of $ 1,000, I was wrong. The salary of postmen has really increased more than 2 times during my cadence (from $ 110 to $ 250 + without bonuses), but clearly has not yet reached $ 1000. My mistake was that our best (not all) postmen do not receive 1,000 dollars (or 28,000 UAH), but sell goods and services for this amount per month, and taking into account bonuses, they receive 10-11 thousand hryvnias. Therefore, I apologize if such a quote offended one of the postmen, ”he writes on Facebook. It would be worth stopping at this, but no, Smelyansky suffered. “Yes, this is our, and my personal, pain – to pay more for smaller volumes, “taking” from city operators, where volumes have grown out of proportion to wages. But all emails have the same problem.. We know how to fix it in three steps to get to that $1,000 salary I was talking about,” he suddenly blurts out. Three steps are simple and uncomplicated: the introduction of mobile offices, digitalization and the development of self-sufficiency in the village, which in the future will no longer depend on city subsidies. Let's sit down and wait. By the way, Smelyansky also lied about 10-11 thousand, taking into account bonuses. View vacancies in Ukrposhta. The maximum salary that a postman can count on is 6500 UAH. What are the prizes supposed to be?

“Ukrposhta” by concepts

The situation with a thousand-dollar salary did not pass by the former “servant of the people” Alexander Dubinsky. He analyzed in detail the fakap of the head of the postal company: in fact, Smelyansky said in plain text that his employees receive 6,000 hryvnias, and the remaining 20,000 are finished off with exactions from the elderly. “That is, Smelyansky and Ukrposhta are a gang that robs Ukrainian pensioners,” Dubinsky sums up. In response to this, Igor Efimovich could not remain silent and laid everything out according to the notes:


The last time the head of Ukrposhta filed a declaration of his income was in March 2018. Smelyansky indicated that he was renting an apartment in Kyiv (70 sq.m.). His wife also rents an apartment (200 sqm), but only in the USA. Of the valuable movable property, the top official owns a Cartier Roadster watch, which cost him 175,000 hryvnias. Igor moves in a rented car Nissan Murano 2011 release.

Smelyansky has 31,200 shares in KPMG 401K with a par value of UAH 810,000. Natalia Myshkina has 100 FIDELITY NAHB RETIREMENT PLAN shares with a par value of UAH 1.8 million and 100 CHARLES SCHWAB PENSION PLAN shares of UAH 1.1 million.


Everything that Smelyansky does not do for Ukrposhta is all for the sake of his well-being. He doesn't care about regular employees. From this, the staff naturally suffers, hence the eternal conflicts, rudeness, and theft. But what difference does it make how ordinary mortals live there, the main thing is that Smelyansky has a salary of more than 10 million hryvnias a month.

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