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Sluz Tatyana Yaroslavovna


Tatyana Sluz, not without the help of Yulia Timoshenko, set up a real criminal organization in the State Treasury. Under her control are state finances, which she skillfully steals through extortion. And thanks to a reliable "roof" in the person of Arsen Avakov and Yulia Tymoshenko, Sluz still occupies the chair of the treasurer, because of which the state suffered heavy losses. So, during the next check, a waste of state funds in the amount of 34 million hryvnia was revealed, it was also found that most of the tenders in which Slyuz was involved were carried out with violations.

April 9, 1965
Уровень охвата:

Sluz Tatyana Yaroslavovna

Official biography

Tatyana Sluz was born on April 9, 1965 in the Lviv region.


Lviv State University. Ivan Franko, 1987 Ternopil Academy of National Economy, 2005


1987 – 1990. – Kamenka-Bugskaya Regional State Administration (economist of the financial department). 1990 – 2002. – Kamenka-Bug Interdistrict Tax Inspectorate (state tax inspector, chief state tax inspector, deputy head, first deputy head). 2002 – 2004. – State Tax Administration of Ukraine in Lviv region (deputy head of department). 2004 – 2005. – State Tax Administration in the Ternopil region (deputy chairman). 2005 – 2006. – Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (deputy director of the department). 2006. – Main Department of the State Treasury of Ukraine in. Kyiv (head). 2006 – 2007. – Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (head of department). 2007 – 2010. – Chairman of the State Treasury of Ukraine. 12.12.2012. – 13.05.2014. – People's Deputy of Ukraine of the VII convocation. From 17.04.2014. – Chairman of the State Treasury of Ukraine.

A family

Husband – Yaroslav Slyuz, has a son Andrei.

NOT official biography

12/24/2010 15:25 The Prosecutor General's Office put on the wanted list the former head of the State Treasury Tatiana Slyuz, involved in the misuse of funds allocated under the Kyoto Protocol, said Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka, Interfax-Ukraine writes. “Go to the investigation, prove your innocence with a lawyer. Signature not to leave is violated. And in this case, the law requires unequivocally to change the situation to a tougher one,” Pshonka said.. “Therefore, the investigator issued procedural documents on her detention, delivery to court and arrest,” the Prosecutor General added.. “She is officially wanted,” Pshonka said.

Tatyana Sluz: a lady with money

The other day there was information that kickbacks for timely receipt of budget funds from the State Treasury reached 20%. The “liaison” on these issues is the former parliamentary assistant to the head of the State Treasury of Ukraine Tatiana Slyuz, her Lviv fellow countryman and her husband's partner in the Betol Standard company Lubomyr Stadnyk. Occupying a modest position as head of the personnel department of the Kyiv Department of the State Treasury. According to operational statistics, budget expenditures for 10 months of 2021 were not financed by UAH 106.7 billion. According to media reports, the State Treasury often refuses to accept payment orders from budget funds managers without explaining the reasons.. Cones fly to the Ministry of Finance. But the truth lies in the answer to the question: who benefits from this? When there is not enough money for everyone, the treasury has the opportunity to determine what to finance in which order. And here people are included, about whom, back in 2014, the Odessa people's deputy of the VII and VIII convocations from constituency No. 139 Alexander Presman spoke. In an interview with Zerkalo Nedeli in August 2014, he stated that “the treasury is the most gangster structure that I have ever met. The head of the State Treasury Service, Tatyana Slyuz, organized the work in such a way that those who give kickbacks receive budget money. 17% of the amount is the minimum. And it's all over the country. By the way, we started with 10%. When asked by ZN.UA regarding the evidence of his words, Presman replied: “I know what I’m saying. And let her sue me.. It's not my personal question, but local councils and communities…”. Tatyana Sluz never filed a lawsuit against Presman. At that time, she worked as the head of the State Treasury for four months: she was reappointed on April 16, 2014. For the first time she headed the State Treasury from December 2007 to March 2010. Then she hid from the investigation. And since December 2012, she has been a people's deputy from the Batkivshchyna.


In December 2020, the State Treasury suddenly abruptly refused to make payments necessary to complete the Big Construction projects and a number of other infrastructure programs. Moreover, without the consent of the Ministry of Finance and Ukravtodor. Then several billion hryvnias of the Road Fund hung in the system. The situation repeated itself a month before the 30th anniversary of Independence. Important projects for the state were blocked. Some of them are in the regions that President Volodymyr Zelensky was supposed to visit. It was there that the contractors of budget works were most nervous and were ready for “compromises”. In what is happening, they were looking for “zrada” and political overtones. And it was necessary to catch the “decided”, which hit the jackpot with the winners of tenders for road and construction work. And ask Tatyana Sluz why some were paid on lower grounds, while others – on larger ones – weren't? Everything related to “Ukravtodor” and “Big Construction” under a magnifying glass is investigated by anti-corruption organizations at the stage of competitive selection. But for some reason, it never occurs to anyone to pay attention to such “technical details” as the passage of payments in the State Treasury. You can win a multi-million dollar tender and find yourself in the “minuses”, knocking out payments from the treasury for months. Or, with a small order, you can instantly get everything in full (minus the “decided” share) and, if you’re lucky, scroll through the money on exchange rate fluctuations. This “matrix”, invisible to the uninitiated, is managed by Tatyana Sluz and her “team of countrymen” – First Deputy Vladimir Duda and Deputy Lyubov Starodubtseva. All three are from Lviv. In the State Treasury, in general, a Lviv community was created, which is extremely comfortable for the leader, whose curator is the above-mentioned Lubomyr Stadnyk. Stadnik is a former prosecutor who ran in the 2019 elections from the Patriot party of his fellow countryman, ex-deputy prosecutor general Nikolai Golomsha. Worked for Sluz during her first tenure at the State Treasury. Then he was her assistant in parliament. From October 2014 to April 2016, he headed the Stryi Regional State Administration in his small homeland. After his dismissal, he returned to the State Treasury system again. They say about him that he is not only a partner of Yaroslav Slyuz in the concrete business, but also his godfather. Moreover, it was Stadnik who allegedly introduced Sluz, who was left without a job in 2005 after 15 years of service in the financial departments of her native Lviv region and in the tax administration of the Ternopil region (she was among 50,000 dismissed officials of the Leonid Kuchma period), with the family of Lieutenant General of the SBU Vasily Pisny (now deceased). In the bowels of the “Batkivshchyna” it has long been rumored that the deputy head of the Main Directorate for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime (GUBKOZ) of the SBU, who was called the “king of Lviv smuggling”, Pisny recommended Tatyana Yaroslavovna to the head of the SBU Alexander Turchinov. So she got into the capital's treasury, then to the Ministry of Finance and, finally, in 2007 she headed the State Treasury. And her son Andrei and the brother of General Pisnoy – Bogdan became the founders of the joint charitable foundation “Tables of Fortune”. By the way, on the Internet, political bloggers have repeatedly mentioned the name of Andrei Sluz. A year ago, Ivan Sprinsky wrote a post on Facebook that Tatyana Slyuz and Arsen Avakov were involved in the appointment of Andriy Slyuz to the position of director of Lvivstandartmetrologiya State Enterprise. Andrey's father also found a job. Tatyana Sluz put her husband on streams in Ukrspirt. Yaroslav Slyuz became the deputy for the production of the dilapidated Borok MPD, the feature of which is that it is the nearest distillery from the Ukrainian-Polish border.

Competition for the privatization of the Odessa Port Plant

After 2010, the GPU began to press it with two deeds. One – for non-return of 800 million UAH. participants of the tender for the privatization of the Odessa Port Plant (structures of Igor Kolomoisky and Konstantin Grigorishin). The second, focused on the arrest of Alexander Turchinov (he was interrogated on him more than once), is about the misuse of “Kyoto money”. In order not to testify, Sluz had to disappear.. According to rumors, they didn’t have time to transport her to the Czech Republic, like the Minister of Economy Bohdan Danylyshyn, and hid in Ukraine (it’s easy to guess who helped). She claims that for two years she did not get in touch with her husband and son.

Sluz and Avakov

And, having received the mandate of a deputy and immunity in December 2012, the first thing she did was visit Yulia Tymoshenko on January 16, 2013 in the Kharkov hospital “Ukrzaliznytsia”. Together with her went Alexandra Kuzhel, whose assistant Andryusha Slyuz was listed as an assistant, Lyudmila Denisova and Arsen Avakov, then a deputy from the Batkivshchyna. The women refused to leave and spent almost two days with the ex-premier. Until they were dragged out of the hospital by force. At the same time, Tatyana Sluz became ill and she filmed the beatings (bruises) in the morning.

Since then, Avakov and Slyuz have been inseparable. She missed all the budget funding for him on time; he presented her with a lady's PSM pistol and invited her to the ceremonial events of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to hand over weapons to veterans of the ATO. Madame secretly loves pistols

Where does the money go?

why rumors about huge kickbacks in the State Treasury are dissonant with the obviously modest financial situation of Sluz and her family, compared to other officials and deputies. There is an apartment in the village of Chaiky near Kyiv, there are apartments and land plots in the Lviv region. But nothing hurts the eyes. Hiding? Not. Tatyana Slyuz is an ideological adherent of the “Batkivshchyna”. She is grateful to Yulia Tymoshenko for saving her from unemployment, giving her the position of head of the State Treasury, then a deputy mandate, and putting her back in the treasury after the 2014 revolution. Therefore, Tatyana Yaroslavovna basically gives corruption rent to the needs of her beloved party. Sources in law enforcement agencies claim that this has long been documented. Why, in this case, does Tatiana Sluz, despite all the developments of the special services, manage to remain in office? The question is certainly interesting.. There are results of the audit of the Accounts Chamber in 2020, according to which in 2018–2019. The State Treasury used UAH 4.3 billion for its activities. Of these, UAH 34.4 million. were not supported by calculations. UAH 101.3 million was spent on the overhaul of administrative premises, some of which was frankly uneconomical and in violation of legal requirements. Procurement UAH 55 million. spent outside of plans, with the rejection of the most profitable tenders and with the participation of related players. A separate story with the payment of UAH 43 million. to the software developer Unity-Bars LLC on the basis of direct contracts without a tender. But in each of these local scams there is no direct participation of Tatyana Yaroslavovna. And maybe that's why it seems to newcomers to politics that the State Treasury is just the cashiers of the Ministry of Finance, who quietly and meekly perform a technical task – they give out money according to the budget list. At Bankovaya, they may not be aware of the danger specialists in manipulating budgetary flows pose for them (especially in conjunction with the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs). But the fact that late payment of salaries to doctors or payment for oxygen lowers the rating of the authorities has already been understood.. However, they attribute this to the sluggishness of local authorities.. As a result, the lady with the gun – Tatyana Sluz – has nothing to do with it.. And still with public money.

Head of the State Treasury Tatyana Slyuz demanded a non-existent document from the company in order to pull off a corrupt purchase – media

In 2018, a scandal erupted around the purchase of an electronic document management system for UAH 2.6 million, when the cheapest offer was rejected, but the “thrown” participant appealed the tender on the grounds that a non-existent document was required from him. Indeed, the company was refused because it did not submit a “copy of the certificate of official expert visnovki to the State Special Service”, at the same time, there is no such form of document in principle. There is an expert opinion. There are many such “incidents”, it’s just that this one became public. From the publication wrote about this incident in the article “The Dictatorship of the State Treasury: why did the doctors rebel against Tatyana Sluz?” As it became known to journalists, lawyers complain that it is almost impossible to receive payments under writ of execution, and even those for which the state executive service has submitted documents. You need to wait several months or fight with the Treasury. “Subordinates of Tatyana Sluz say that she personally gave verbal instructions to stop payments on judicial bonds. And people continued to be in a pre-trial detention center even after paying the amount appointed by the court. There is another popular trick – supposedly “erroneous details”. This is such a “black hole” where money is lost and where it is extremely difficult to pull it out in order to send it to the correct address. Experienced lawyers will tell you about this, ”the newspaper writes. According to journalists, complaints about the State Treasury are constantly received by the Ministry of Finance, but the management has never been punished – all because Sluz successfully attributed problems to the budget deficit and the weak technical condition of the department.

The head of the State Treasury, Slyuz, was raised a salary and allocated material assistance – the assets and income of an official

Head of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine Tatyana Slyuz declared a total family income of UAH 1.2 million for 2020. Together with his family, he has a lot of land in the Lviv region, two apartments, a house, Lvivoblenergo shares and substantial savings. In a report to the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, Sluz said that most of the family income came from her salary at the State Treasury – this is UAH 1.061 million out of UAH 1.21 million. It turns out about 88.4 thousand UAH per month. This means that Tatyana Sluz received a salary increase last year. Indeed, according to an earlier report, in 2019 she received salaries from the State Treasury Service for a total of UAH 909.4 thousand, that is, an average of UAH 75.8 thousand per month. And already in 2021, Slyuz reported to the NAPC that it received about 145.1 thousand rubles on January 16, and this figure included salaries, vacation pay and material assistance for recovery. In addition to salary, Sluz announced such family income for 2020: UAH 132.7 thousand. – the salary of her husband Yaroslav Slyuz at the state enterprise “Ukrspirt” (Borokskoye MOD); UAH 15.7 thousand – interest from Privatbank and Oschadbank; 1.5 thousand. UAH — trade union payments or compensations; 1.37 thousand. UAH – gifts from the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers and the trade union committee of the State Treasury. On bank accounts, the head of the State Treasury declared: $15.8 thousand; 212.4 thousand. UAH And in cash – 16 thousand. UAH and $300. She also said that she lent Slyuz Andrey Yaroslavovich (probably son) 440.5 thousand. UAH Husband Yaroslav Slyuz is the beneficiary of Betol Zahid LLC, owning 50% of the company. The company itself, based on the data of the declaration, does not bring income to the family. She is registered in the. Zapytiv (Lviv region). The main activity is the manufacture of concrete products for construction. Yaroslav Slyuz also owns a 3.39% stake in Dobrotvir LLC. This is an agricultural enterprise registered in the village. Old Dobrotvir (Lviv region). As well as 92 shares of Lvivoblenergo OJSC. Of the property, Tatyana Sluz declared the following assets: An apartment in the village. Seagulls (Kyiv region) on 121.8 sq.m. for UAH 1.75 million; apartment in the village of Dobrotvir (Lviv region) for 41 sq.m., jointly owned by Tatiana Slyuz, Yaroslav Slyuz, Andriy Slyuz; Residential building in the village Maiki (Lviv region) for 63.4 sq.m. for UAH 42.4 thousand; Land in the village Maiki (Lviv region) on 4049 sq.m. for UAH 9.64 thousand; Land in the village Maiki (Lviv region) for 2281 sq.m. without specifying the cost; Land in the village Old Dobrotvir (Lviv region) on 12101 sq.m. without specifying the cost; Land in the village Old Dobrotvir (Lviv region) on 5876 sq.m. without specifying the cost; a Renault Megane car manufactured in 2011, purchased in 2019 with a nominal price of UAH 43.1 thousand.


Tatyana Sluz, not without the help of Yulia Timoshenko, set up a real criminal organization in the State Treasury. Under her control are public finances, which she skillfully steals through extortion.. And thanks to a reliable “roof” in the person of Arsen Avakov and Yulia Tymoshenko, Sluz to this day occupies the chair of the state treasurer, because of which the state has suffered heavy losses. So, during the next check, a waste of state funds in the amount of 34 million hryvnia was revealed, it was also found that most of the tenders in which Slyuz was involved were carried out with violations.

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Husband - Yaroslav Slyuz, has a son Andrey.
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