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Sidorenko Yury Grigorievich


Yuriy Sidorenko – Ukrainian entrepreneur, Chairman of the EDAPS Consortium Advisory Board. Since the 1980s, he has been a bandit. He has a lot of murders of businessmen and public people on his hands. During the time of Yanukovych, his consortium was engaged in the manufacture of passports at inflated prices, theft of personal data. Avakov was against the activities of EDAPS, because of which Sidorenko stopped his activities for a while. After the resignation of Arsen Borisovich, EDAPS was resurrected under a new name, with the assistance of\"Servant of the People\" David Arakhamia, and now Sidorenko will again turn his financial and information fraud.

Ukraine possibly Russia
Ukraine Russia
August 13, 1961
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Sidorenko Yury Grigorievich

Official biography

Born August 13, 1961, Kramatorsk, Stalin region) is a Ukrainian entrepreneur, chairman of the Advisory Board of the EDAPS consortium, adviser to the specialized enterprise “Holography” for international and corporate development, chairman of the Supervisory Board of the public joint-stock company “Commercial Industrial Bank”, founder of the international group TRUSTCOR. Church of the Apostle Philip in the United Arab Emirates.


Process Engineer, Kyiv Technological Institute of Food Industry; Engineer-economist, Kyiv Institute of National Economy named after. Korotchenko.


1985-1989 – work at food industry enterprises and in the party bodies of the CPSU; since 1989. to the present – the founder of the international group TRUSTCOR; since 2000 – Advisor to the specialized enterprise “Holography” for international and corporate development; since 2004 – Chairman of the EDAPS Consortium Advisory Council; Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Inter-Parliamentary Relations with the United Arab Emirates; since 2010 — Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Commercial Industrial Bank

A family

Married, has two daughters.

NOT official biography

Yuri Sidorenko has been associated with the criminal leaders of Kyiv and abroad since the late 80s.. He had a joint business with the Kyiv mafiosi Cherep and Moscow, the international mafia Semyon Mogilevich and the representative of the Solntsevo group Vasiliev. In the mid-90s, the Mogilevich-Sidorenko group established business contacts with commercial structures of Grigory Surkis – in the field of pharmacy. They mastered the profitable business of exporting medicines. If you remember, in the list of enterprises whose co-founder or head is Nikolai Onishchuk, was the metropolitan OOO “Phytopharmaceutical firm “Lydia and K”? Thus, it becomes clear where the lawyer and specialist in the oil and gas business got a craving for the pill trade.. And not just pills. In May 1994, an attempt was made on the life of a people's deputy, the president of the Ukragrotechservice concern, Volodymyr Bortnyk. The main version of the investigation was an “order” for Bortnik in order to intercept lucrative orders for the purchase of agricultural machinery. Crime still unsolved. It is curious that already on September 5, 1994, a criminal case was opened against Sidorenko in connection with the theft of nearly $20 million.. from the accounts of “Ukragrotechservice”. In addition, a criminal case was initiated against Sidorenko in connection with financial scams around Damiana Bank.. Since then, Mr. Sidorenko has been in exile, first in a Swiss prison, then in an expensive villa in the United Arab Emirates.


The Mogilevich-Sidorenko group came to the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the person of the head of the Department of Resource Support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vasily Gritsak. The joint project was supported by Minister Belokon. The scheme included SE “Printing Plant “Ukraine” for the production of securities”. Thus, a structure was created through which colossal funds were withdrawn from Ukraine.


On March 19, 2003, the head of the Kyiv company “Optronix” Sergey Poletaev was shot near his house.. The murder remains unsolved to this day.. This was the apogee of a national showdown over a very profitable business for the production of holographic security signs.. Poletaev was a direct competitor of Yuri Sidorenko's firms. Reference: A total of six criminal cases were initiated against Sidorenko and his partners in the holographic business. The loudest of them appeared in July 2005 and concerns the circumstances of the conclusion of an agreement between Polygraph Combine Ukraine and JV Holography. As the press described this scam, the enterprise, controlled from abroad and founded by a Swiss company without a tender and the conclusion of special services, was going to transfer the right to print foreign passports of citizens of Ukraine. Department of the National Museum has been working for EDAPS for decades. Bihus.Info investigation:

By the way, taking into account the elections, the information that EDAPS has is of a strategic nature. And if we take into account that Vasily Hrytsak, the head of the Main Directorate “K” of the SBU, has direct access to this information, then it is easy to imagine what kind of “Babylon” and other frauds with voters' votes await us in these elections. On the evening of October 7, 2003, police found on Tarasovskaya Street, near house No. 10a, a Porsche Cayenne car, driven by the corpse of a 43-year-old man. It turned out to be a certain businessman from Zaporozhye – Alexander Semyonov. The cause of death was four wounds to the head from a 7.62 caliber weapon. The deceased in criminal circles was known under the nickname Sasha Katsap. And what do Vasily Gritsaki and the EDAPS concern have to do with it? And despite the fact that Sasha Katsap was part of the structure of a certain criminal authority named “Marine”, who is the “silovik” of Mr. Sidorenko living in the UAE.

Hrytsak is defended by EDAPS lawyers:

And it so happened that “Marine” suspected “Katsap” of working for some law enforcement agencies, to be more precise, for one of the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Vasily Hrytsak (SBU) checked this information through his channels and it was confirmed. On the same day, “Katsap” was sentenced and immediately executed. So, the current head of Glavka “K” is up to his neck not only in corruption, alcohol and land scams, but is actually involved in the murder. Deputy Chairman of the SBU Vasily Hrytsak made truly titanic efforts in order to destroy the information that appeared on the Internet about his criminal activities. In particular, on his “order”, the ORD website was subjected to a powerful Ddos attack.. Moreover, the attack uses the power of not only the technical units of the SBU, but also some private hacker structures. The scale of the attack impresses even experienced admins and indicates that Gritsak is ready to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure that the truth about his criminal activities does not become known.. However, the problem is that this information has already spread through dozens of online publications.. And even Gritsak does not have enough money to destroy all of them. The EDAPS mafia is back: Yura Kramatorsky – aka Yuriy Sidorenko turns on the machine The return of the passport mafia to Ukraine – meet now. From January 1, 2022, EDAPsysydorenko and Arakhamiya will earn money from every citizen of Ukraine when applying for a biometric passport. After 8 years, the corrupt EDAPS headed by international criminal Yuri Sidorenko (Yura Kramotorsky) is wanted in the USA and Ukraine for dozens of crimes, including two contract killings (Politaev and Bortnik).

Yuri Sidorenko and full EDAPS

2014 EDAPS was removed from the market and all contracts were terminated. And as soon as Avakov resigned, EDAPS and the international criminal Yura Kramotorsky (Sidorenko) immediately appeared, having corrupted the head of the Servant of the People faction, the swindler David Arakhamia, for 15 million US dollars. Arakhamiya announced this amount in a narrow circle of the OP for the return to the market of documents of Ukraine. Does the OP know that Sidorenko paid Arakhamia separately for personal concern and lobbying. $5 million, hidden by David from party comrades, for personal expenses. Let the party members and the OP deal with him. Avakov is claimed to have severed corruption ties with EDAPS:

But does Arakhamia know that Sidorenko is an FSB agent and has been working for the Russian special services for a long time, and was recruited by the KGB when he was a party worker in the Darnitsky district of Kyiv. For information, Yuri Sidorenko can only receive two countries, the United Arab Emirates and Russia, in all other countries he will be arrested. For 8 years while Avakov was minister, Sidorenko could not work in Ukraine because of a personal conflict with him. And Yuri Sidorenko actively financed the separatists in 2014 by transferring hundreds of US dollars in cash through his proxies (Irina Obydenko, Susanna Ustinenko, Nikolai Voitovich) in a BMW car (which was on the balance sheet of one of the EDAPS enterprises) of his nephew Alexander Vasiliev, with two guards . And now, because of the corrupt Arakhamia, every Ukrainian will pay the criminal, separatist and Kremlin agent Sidorenko, who again took control of the Polygraph Combine “Ukraine”. Question for President Zelensky? How did the symbol of EDAPS corruption and its owner, the international criminal working for the interests of the LDNR terrorists and the Russian special services, Sidorenko reappear in Ukraine and will rob and commit new crimes?

Who makes money on our passports?

“Mr. Noble, you just stunned me! That's how quickly Interpol found my photo?! Am I really the first minister in the world with such a passport?” Black General Secretary of Interpol Ronald Noble smiles broadly at the main Ukrainian policeman. The passport contains not only a photo of Anatoly Mogilev, but also fingerprints. (Calm down! – They got to the Interpol base from the assembly of the organization in Qatar.) Minister leafing through the passport. This is not just a photo, not just prints, but a chip that will store the minister's data in electronic form. “By the way, this passport was designed and manufactured in Ukraine. Already 11 countries of the world use it, ”Noble shares his joy through an interpreter. It is planned that in Ukraine everyone will be able to get such a passport.. The Ministry of Internal Affairs told Svidomo that a draft presidential decree has already been written. It is called “On the National Plan for 2011 for the implementation of the Action Plan for the liberalization of the European Union visa regime for Ukraine”. If Viktor Yanukovych signs the document, Ukraine will issue international passports already with a chip. “Now the question is being worked out taking into account the European experience – what data should be entered, namely: fingerprints, retina, facial features, hair color, eyes, etc.,” the Interior Ministry quoted its head. “As Anatoly Mogilev noted, the cost of such a biometric foreign passport will be approximately the same as a regular foreign passport costs now,” the police added. “About” is not a random word.. The question of whom and for what we pay when obtaining a passport has long required very close attention of people. Mr. Noble's experience would also be useful.

How public becomes private

Until 2007, passports for Ukrainians were completely printed by the State Printing Plant “Ukraina”. Five years ago, the production of one page – where the photo and surname is – was given to the EDAPS consortium. The name of this association of predominantly private firms completely coincides with the abbreviation of the state program “One State Automated Passport System”. The consortium includes: JV Holography, Znak, Polly-Service, KP VTI, Zorya Printing Plant, Commercial Industrial Bank, Firma S-T, Inkom Corporation and the state enterprise “State Center for Personalization of Documents”. Yury Sidorenko plays a key role in the consortium. Officially, he heads the EDAPS Advisory Board and the Supervisory Board of the Commercial Industrial Bank, which is a member of the consortium. According to the source of “Svidomo”, in the prosecutor's office of Kyiv against Yuri Grigorievich Sidorenko, August 13, 1961. born, a native of the city of Kramatorsk, in 2003 a criminal case was initiated on suspicion of committing a crime under the article “premeditated murder”. The murdered Sergei Poletaev was the head of Optronix LLC, which also wanted to produce security signs. In 2004, Sidorenko, officially residing in Geneva, together with Elena Zullas founded the company “US-Design”. It is this company that now owns a patent for industrial design No. 11935 “Passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad.” MP from the Party of Regions Vasily Hrytsak worries about the fate of EDAPS. Until 2005, he worked at the Ministry of Internal Affairs as the head of the Department of Resource Support. After being elected to the Rada in 2006, it was Hrytsak who wrote the resolution, according to which they began to paste the EDAPS production page into all passports. How is this page different? It is made from polycarbonate. This material is difficult not only to wipe – to break with your hands! It doesn't even burn. How much does EDAPS earn on it? 103 hryvnia 92 kopecks for each page! This was reported to Svidomo by the current director of the State Printing Plant “Ukraine” Valentin Muzyka. For all other pages and their gluing into a passport book, his company receives … 10 hryvnias 20 kopecks.

Why is a polycarbonate page so expensive?

“Personal information is entered on a polycarbonate page using the latest digital technologies, which ensures its maximum protection against forgery and falsification,” EDAPS declares. “In reality, a polycarbonate page is a laser print, and this process is not much more complicated than in a conventional printer.. And the production of the page itself looks in practice in such a way that a special crumb is poured into the apparatus, it melts – and at the output a polycarbonate sheet of the desired thickness is obtained. The cost of one such page is at most FIVE hryvnias. But you may ask: “And at what price do they order this baby abroad? And what is the competitive price? And they'll tell you it's a trade secret!” – the ex-head of the Ukraine printing plant told Svidomo, asking not to be named. We asked EDAPS for data on the cost of a page. The company responded to us with links to news about the progressiveness of its technologies and a request to provide our certificate of state registration. Then we asked about prices other companies using polycarbonate in Ukraine. These are sign and awning vendors.. For example, in the Cherry Orchard company, which sells polycarbonate sheets for greenhouses in Kyiv, we were told that a square meter of material 2 mm thick costs 160-170 hryvnias.. That is, pages worth up to two hryvnias would come out of the material twice as thick!

Where are the police looking?

And she's part of the scheme! Departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs receive money for each passport. And not just once. Who do we pay when issuing a passport (in UAH): According to the State Interregional Center for Issuing Passport Documents and the Accounts Chamber, such prices for passport blanks were set by Minister Yuriy Lutsenko. And +25% was presented to the Ministry of Internal Affairs by the government of Yulia Tymoshenko. “In fact, during 2009 and the first quarter of 2010, the EDAPS consortium manufactured and delivered to the structural divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine 745.9 thousand. passports for a total amount of UAH 95,952,500, including 711,100. at a price of 120 hryvnia, 26,600 pcs. at a price of 270 hryvnia and 8,200 pcs. at a price of 420 hryvnia. During the same period, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine transferred funds from the special fund under the budget program 1001020 to the EDAPS consortium in the amount of UAH 94,449,400, including UAH 15,526,900 for the services provided, UAH 78,922,500 for the production, personalization and delivery of passports. “, – says the report of the Accounts Chamber. It must be admitted that in 2010 Tymoshenko tried to exclude EDAPS from the scheme. Her cabinet adopted a resolution on the production of passports without a polycarbonate page – by the State Combine “Ukraine”. The plant itself made 50 thousand passports. But after the government was headed by Mykola Azarov, Tymoshenko's decision was canceled. The newly appointed government commissioner for the deregulation of entrepreneurial activity – Mikhail Brodsky – proposed to issue passports for free to all citizens of Ukraine who have reached the age of 18.

Video from Dmitry Gordon's YouTube channel. Brodsky: I destroyed EDAPS:

He stated that the current system for producing and purchasing documents is corrupt. As Brodsky told Svidomo, he has already received 17 lawsuits. Who is suing the official who helped develop the Tax Code to the powerful Deputy Prime Minister Boris Kolesnikov, and now advises another center of influence in the government, Andrei Klyuev? And you guess. Using Mr. Noble's tricks. Why a passport with a chip? The leadership of the police calls this a step towards Europe, where the task is to switch to such passports by 2012. “The introduction of chips is a step towards a visa-free regime with the European Union,” the Interior Ministry announced. Oleksandr Sushko, a leading analyst of relations between Ukraine and the European Union, confirmed in an interview with Svidomo that there really is such a condition for negotiations on simplifying the entry of Ukrainians into the EU countries. “When a polycarbonate page was introduced in Ukraine, this decision was five years late. By that time it was already necessary to introduce biometric chips,” said the expert, who constantly presents his passport to the EU border guards. At the same time, he noted: a passport with a chip will not become a pass to European countries.. In order for Europeans to raise barriers in front of Ukrainians, we need to build a successful country whose citizens will be welcome guests of any continent. In particular, this country should have a different public procurement system. And everyone should understand to whom and for what taxpayers' money goes.

How IIG turned out from EDAPS

After a series of international corruption scandals, EDAPS has become associated with flagrant corruption. It was then (and to be precise, June 12, 2015) that they decided to change their name. But even this was not enough. The reputation of Sidorenko, with whose cooperation you, David, can destroy your own reputation, turned out to be too toxic. Already on July 20, 2018, the international swindler ceased to be the formal owner of the company. On the same day, new founders were added (see infographic). But all the new beneficiaries turned out to be connected with the old one: Tariyam Matar Mohamed (he owns 24.9% of the company) Positioned by the leadership of IIG as an Arab sheikh – investor, while not being a sheikh. Associated with Yuriy Sidorenko through NATIONAL SECURITY VENTURES FZE, in which Sidorenko is a 100% owner, and Tariyam is one of the leaders. Obydenko Irina Mikhailovna (owns 24.9% of IIG) Permanent satellite of Yuri Sidorenko, held various senior positions in his structures, in the past she was a top manager of the EDAPS consocium. Yolan Investments Limited (9.5%) Classic offshore company. As of 2017, the company was owned by Nestor Nestoros, the head of another 137 companies involved in the Panama Papers scandal. By the way, in the structure of IIG – LLC “Polly-Service” and LLC “Yus-Design”. Both companies quite recently (until July and September 2019, respectively) belonged to Sidorenko. They also have patents used by EDAPS. EDAPS will again make passports for Ukrainians:

Moreover, part of the patents that IIG got are for Yuriy Sidorenko. They were regularly paid, waiting for the change of power. Will a real investor hide in offshore zones? Which sheikh opens his business in the Seychelles? Why are Sidorenko's partners, his relatives and his firms everywhere? It's simple – he is the “sheikh”!

What does EDAPS want?

I want to remind you that the EDAPS consortium, which is now known under the IІG brand, plans to reissue 15 million Ukrainian passports. The company is known for its corruption schemes and has previously been involved in scandalous stories. At the same time, the idea is disguised as a “digital state” brand.. “Ukraine is actually ready for the introduction of an electronic state. There is one obstacle left on this path – this is basic (primary) identification, starting from the birth of a child, Andrey Pervushin, CEO of IIG, told the media.. – And until there is a high level of distribution of this mechanism among the population in Ukraine, it is impossible to talk about the mass introduction of the “electronic state”.

I would like to note that IІG was created by the owner of the EDAPS consortium, Yuri Sidorenko, as well as former employees of his company. EDAPS earned about UAH 8 billion by printing strictly accountable documents: passports, excise stamps, certificates, various forms, driver's licenses, and so on.. It's a huge multi-billion dollar business.. The private structure actually squeezed out the state plant “Ukraine” from the market, and with the help of connections in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other authorities received special indulgences. Since 2010, I have been trying to eliminate the holographic protection of paper workflow in most areas. Heading the State Entrepreneurship at that time, I understood well how the octopus works. Representatives of the monopolist agreed with the head of the ministry or department that security elements would be used on most documents, for which the head of the state body received a “kickback”. The use of holograms made the document much more expensive and allowed EDAPS to receive billions in profits from tenders.


Sidorenko has been violating the law since the time of Yanukovych, laundering money, using personal data of people for his own benefit. Now, after Avakov's resignation, his corrupt EDAPS consortium will once again start trading in personal data and doing financial fraud.

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