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Shkriblyak Anatoly Vasilievich


Anatoly Shkriblyak – businessman, ex-people's deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 5th convocation, owner of Agricom Group, owner of four Ukrainian thermal power plants, dollar millionaire. The main type of his activity is the smuggling of Russian coal, forgery of documents, mockery of the citizens of Kyiv, bribes, "cleansing" of reputation. Speaking of bullying people. Due to his machinations, electricity tariffs have increased several times, and the cleanest natural lakes in Kyiv have turned into a dirty swamp that poisons groundwater. And all thanks to the Darnitsa TPP, which belongs to Shkriblyak, and of course, in addition to water, the air is polluted, because the promised filters were not delivered either.

Ukraine, Cyprus
Ukraine, Cyprus
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Anatoly Vasilyevich Shkriblyak

Official biography

Date of birth: 03.10.1973 Place of birth: Yavorov village, Ivano-Frankivsk region Businessman, ex-People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 5th convocation, owner of “Agricom Group”


  • In the early 90s. – began his career as a commercial manager of the Luch chain of stores owned by his uncle Nikolai Vasilyevich Shkriblyak.
  • businessman.
  • 2006-2007. Zaporozhye);
  • “Alliance Auto” – leasing of real estate (g. Zaporozhye);
  • “Eco-Trade-Invest” – leasing of real estate (g. Zaporozhye);
  • SEC “Fabrika” (g. Kherson);
  • SEC “Nikolsky” (g. Kharkiv);
  • SEC “Lyubava-City” (g. Cherkasy);
  • “Budhouse-Group” – renting out real estate, creating sports clubs;
  • “Nest-Hanner” – rental of real estate (g. Kyiv);
  • Firm “Makler” – maintenance and repair of cars;
  • “Meteor-Plus” – an ice skating rink operating in the Kherson shopping center “Fabrika”;
  • “Lucky Strike” – a bowling club operating in the Kherson shopping center “Fabrika”;
  • “Lucky Strike-1” – a bowling club operating in the Cherkasy shopping center “Lyubava”;
  • “Lucky Strike-2” – a bowling club operating in the Kharkiv SEC “Nikolsky”;
  • consulting company “New Technologies and Investments”;
  • public organization “Ukraine Orthodox”.


  • $130 million, 99th place in the TOP 100 richest Ukrainians in 2021. according to Forbes magazine.


NOT official biography

 From the moment Anatoliy Shkriblyak took over the Darnytsia CHPP, there has been a lot of talk about his intricate offshore schemes.. According to journalists, the owner of the Darnitskaya CHPP is an enterprise owned by Anatoly himself through Azorande Investments Limited and Financial Investments Group A-Zevs – offshore companies located in Cyprus. As a result, the only thing that the residents of Kyiv get from the Darnitskaya CHPP is the ever-growing utility bills and irreparable damage to the city's ecology.. Because the thermal power plant not only throws out huge volumes of unpleasant and fetid smoke, but also drains liquid waste into the nearest lake, which has long turned into a terrible sump.

The owners of the energy business go to the deputy Kononenko – “Schemes”

People's Deputy Igor Kononenko, who is called the curator of the country's energy sector, regularly holds meetings with the owners of the energy business in Ukraine in his office. This is stated in the investigation of “Schemes” (a joint project of Radio Liberty and the UA: First channel) “Igor Kononenko. Reception of citizens. The first is Vitaly Kropachev, who over the past few years has managed to grow from the level of a Donbass businessman to a national businessman. The second is, until recently, Russian, and now Ukrainian businessman Pavel Fuks. The third businessman who came to the office building was Anatoly Shkriblyak, a former People's Deputy. According to the observations of Schemes, he was brought there by a man whose family seems to have friendly relations with the Kononenko family – Sergey Mishchenko. Previously, he worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the times of Vitaly Zakharchenko, and then in the State Fiscal Service.

Offshore Shkriblyak

If you look into the open databases of enterprises owned by Anatoly Shkriblyak, then next to his name there is always a Cypriot address: Limassol city, Germasogeia 4040, apartment 105. At the same time, for some reason it is impossible to find his Ukrainian “registration”, from which we can conclude: does Anatoly Shkriblyak officially permanently reside in Cyprus? Of course it's not forbidden. But registering almost all of your business offshore in order not to pay taxes in Ukraine is already perceived as a scam and corruption! By the way, according to SKELET-info sources, he also has a Cypriot passport. Indeed, having studied the data of his enterprises, one can discover that the vast majority of them are registered with Cypriot offshore companies.. For example, the Nikolsky shopping and entertainment center (in Kharkov) belongs to the Cypriot company Nikolsky Holdings Limited, its Factory Solar LLC is registered with the Cypriot company Atmasphera Holdings Limited, while TechNova is immediately owned by two Cypriot companies (see. screenshot). And Shkriblyak has a lot of such firms in Cyprus, it seems that they are some kind of offshore pads, “gluing” to each of his Ukrainian enterprises. At the same time, most of these companies are registered at the same address: Limassol, Germatogeia 4041, office 111, that is, next to the Cypriot apartment of Anatoly Shkriblyak. The only exceptions are its agricultural companies, in which only Ukrainian founders. But only because Shkriblyak has long been o looking forward to the launch of the agricultural land market. And he fears that foreign, and even offshore founders would prevent agricultural firms from entering the first wave of land buyers.. Judging by the law on the land market adopted by the Rada, Shkriblyak's fears were not in vain. And another interesting observation. Until the summer of 2019, the Cypriot firms of Shkriblyak were registered with a number of persons: Pavlina Ttsirides, Maria Christina Stefanou, Irina Luchina Skitides, Georgy Tsagareishvili and Roman Prikhodko. But almost all of them are Cypriots from Limassol, and some are well over 70, so they are most likely zits-chairmen. And only Prikhodko is a citizen of Ukraine and lives in Kyiv. He is Shkriblyak’s partner in agricultural firms, as well as Dobrodiya Trade and Dobrodiya Foods enterprises, which until mid-2019 were registered with the Cypriot company Speser Holdings Limited – legal support for transactions of which was carried out by the law firm Sergey Koziakov and Partners. By the way, it is very noticeable that after the 2019 elections, Shkriblyak suddenly decided to transfer most of his enterprises from Cypriot gasket companies directly to himself. Apparently, he decided in this way to cover up the traces of his old schemes.

The editors of obtained documents from criminal proceedings revealing the identities of participants in the scheme of theft on illegal supplies of coal to Ukraine from the territories of the “LPR” and “DPR” not controlled by Ukraine through the territory of the Russian Federation with the help of foreign companies from the European Union

The authors of this scheme are ex-deputies Anatoly Shkriblyak and Igor Kononenko, who is a confidant of Petro Poroshenko. At the same time, due to the participation in the scheme of controlled Ukrainian and foreign intermediary firms, the cost of delivery was significantly increased, and after that, with the help of the same firms, money was withdrawn “into the shadows.” At the same time, many Ukrainian officials holding senior positions, as well as law enforcement officers and employees of regulatory authorities, were involved in the scheme. According to investigators, the immediate “watcher” of the scheme was a businessman and former top official of the State Fiscal Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergey Mishchenko, who communicates directly with Shkriblyak and Kononenko on all issues related to her work and separately controls the solution of various problems in the authorities and administration, regulatory and law enforcement agencies. A so-called management company was created, headed by Elena Mazurova, a former subordinate of Mishchenko, a creature of Kononenko. She oversees almost all major issues of the company. Mazurova monitors all coal supplies and payments, withdrawing funds “into the shadows” through settlement accounts of intermediary non-residents and controlled companies in Ukraine. In addition, it controlled the activities of many subsidiaries that were allegedly created to optimize the operation of the CHPP and the possibility of mastering the tariff adopted for the year, and in fact, using fictitious contracts and acts of acceptance of work, they extorted money from the CHP plant allegedly for consulting and other services.. The cash desks of these subsidiaries were also replenished by illegal financial assistance, securities transactions and other things. Shkriblyak also involved his man Alexander Shtipelman, a member of the board of the Wholesale Electricity Market, in the scheme.. Shtipelman is responsible for the operation of the CHP plant and ensures that the actual fuel consumption for energy production at the CHP plant is significantly lower than those approved by the tariff. In addition, he controls the process of issuing “bloated” acts on the performance of work at the CHPP under work contracts by controlled firms. The brother of Elena Mazurova, Andrey Mandrenko, is responsible for the commercial component of the operation of the scheme – he manages the supply departments of all CHPs from the Shkriblyak group – these are TekhNova LLC (Chernihiv CHP), Euro-reconstruction LLC (Darnitskaya CHPP), Sumyteploenergo LLC (Sumyteploenergo) (Sumyteploenergo CHP) and PJSC “Cherkasy Khimvolokno” (Cherkasy CHP). He also determines and coordinates suppliers and contractors at the CHPP, holding “managed” tenders for the purchase of goods, works, services. Mandrenko personally negotiates with representatives of CHP suppliers and contractors, agreeing on “kickbacks”, and controls their transfer to the “cash desk” of the scheme participants. Financial issues are also dealt with by the creature of Mazurova, Lazneva and the chief accountant of the management company – Parhatskaya. In addition, Mazurova involved in the scheme to ensure legal and security issues of her former subordinates from the employees of the State Fiscal Service Baula, Shapor, Pavliy and Voropay. The work of the scheme was provided and covered by the state commission of the NEURC and the Ministry of Energy: both Shkriblyak, and Mishchenko, and Mazurova and Shtipelman at various times met with the head of the NEURC Dmitry Vovk and Minister of Energy Igor Nasalik – they agreed on the price of coal for energy enterprises, which would allow in the future earn illegal profits. At the direction of Mazurova and Shtipelman, the directors of TechNova LLC, Euroreconstruction LLC, Sumyteploenergo LLC and Cherkasy Khimvolokno PJSC submitted applications to NEURC at the end of the year to approve the tariff for the next year. One of the main components of the tariff is just the price of coal. Based on the protocols signed by Nasalik on setting the price of coal and the results of the NEURC audit, the state commission approved the tariff at a meeting. And in order for the results of the NKREKU check to be “correct”, Shtipelman and Mazurova organized and accompanied them every year. In addition to the Ministry of Energy and the NEURC, the scheme was also covered up by law enforcement agencies and the State Tax Service. In the GPU, for example, the cover of the scheme was provided by the head of the department for supervision in criminal proceedings, Vladimir Bedrikivsky, and the head of the department for investigation in the economic sphere, Vladimir Gutsulyak, in the SBU, the former first deputy head of the department Pavel Demchina. It is also worth noting that from May to November 2019, Shkriblyak-owned LLC TechNova, LLC Evrorekonstruktsiya, LLC Sumyteploenergo and PJSC Cherkasy Khimvolokno, which use Chernihiv, Darinitskaya, Sumy and Cherkassy CHPPs, were actively withdrawing working capital to accounts of controlled enterprises – this coincided with the period when the CHPP signed dubious loan agreements with Alfa-Bank for a total amount of more than 500 million hryvnias.

Help Vyacheslav Piece

The work of the Shkirblyak group was covered by the former head of the apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada, Vyacheslav Shtuchny. Tellingly, he did not join the scheme immediately, but after some unnamed “activists” handed over to him the scheme for purchasing coal in ORDLO, hoping that he would speed up the investigation regarding the so-called “Shkriblyak group”, which purchased this coal for controlled thermal power plants.. But the result was somewhat different – Piece agreed with Shkriblyak and the investigation suddenly stalled. Recall that several criminal proceedings were initiated on the facts of theft of money from the state budget.. For 18 months, the Chernihiv Department of the Security Service of Ukraine has been documenting the facts of overestimation of costs when organizing the main activities of the Chernihiv CHP (TechNova): delivery and transportation of foreign coal, purchase of goods and materials, implementation of investment and repair programs, as well as facts of financing of the “L / DNR”. At the same time, Shkriblyak appeared in criminal proceedings opened by the National Police under part 5 of article 191 (Assignment, embezzlement of property or taking it by abuse of official position) and part 3 of article 209 (Legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime ) Criminal Code of Ukraine. You can read more about this in the article Why the oligarch Anatoly Shkriblyak, who robbed the state of billions, was not punished?. But since 2019, when the “activists” leaked information to Shtuchny, no investigative measures have taken place in these criminal proceedings.. According to the latest information, these production facilities were supposed to be closed at the beginning of November, but there is no exact data on this yet.. It is only known that the head of Shkriblyak's security service, the former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Evdokimov, is engaged in this.. Which, by the way, speaks about the level of connections of Anatoly Shkriblyak and the level of integration into the power vertical of Ukraine. As for Shtuchnoy, thanks to a deal with Mazurova’s investigation, the amount that Shkriblyak “unfastened” to him is known: the help of the former head of the apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada cost 1 million 400 thousand dollars, which was transferred in several tranches. By the way, the plot of the Pravda Here program, which talked about this schematosis, has recently looked like this: As for the activities of Anatoly Shkriblyak in the field of supplying heat and energy to consumers, it is worth mentioning that thanks to his efforts, this summer Chernihiv CHP (TekhNova) was stopped. For the first time in sixty years of work. According to the deputy mayor of Chernigov, Viktor Gerashchenko, “low prices for electricity, which are now being set on the free market, forced the shutdown of the heat and power plant. They vary from 20 to 70 kopecks/kW with a total production capacity of 1.4-1.5 UAH. This makes the generation of electricity unprofitable, and the CHP loses the resource necessary for this.” If translated into human language, the owners of TekhNova, referring to the “unprofitability”, simply blackmailed the city, forcing them to increase the amount of utility bills. The blackmail was quite successful, because otherwise the city simply risked freezing this winter, since the Chernigov CHPP of the TexNova company is the only enterprise in Chernigov that generates both electric and thermal energy. CHPP is one of the main heat supply enterprises of Chernihiv and provides heat and hot water to 600 houses (more than 40% of the total). The matter was not limited to Chernigov – from January 1, the cost of heating for residents of the left bank of Kiev will again increase by 50%. These consumers are supplied with heat by the Darnitskaya CHPP, which also belongs to Shkriblyak. What is the number of this increase – it’s already impossible to count. But the fact that prices are rising regularly will be confirmed by any consumer of heat and hot water. Returning to the supply of coal – from the testimony of the ex-head of the security department of the TekhNova company, Vitaliy Mikhailyuk, which he gave last year as part of an investigation into the scheme for withdrawing funds from Shkriblyak's enterprises and bribing top officials in law enforcement agencies, it became known that Shkriblyak's companies purchased coal in the “L/DPR” through Russian companies at bargain prices, and according to the documents it was transported as purchased in South Africa and Pennsylvania, at market prices. On average, participants in the schemes managed to earn 21-22 dollars per ton of coal from the occupied territories. Companies controlled by Shkriblyak bought about one and a half million tons of coal a year, stealing about $30 million a year from Ukrainian citizens.. This made it possible to allocate 6 million dollars to bribe the leadership of NABU, for which they took the mentioned Mazurova. So they bought not only the head of the BP apparatus. In 2021, the situation has not changed: the trains with coal, which are shown in the story, went just to the Darnytsia CHPP. And this at a time when the supply of coal from ORDLO, which was purchased by Shkriblyak for its thermal power plants, was already being actively investigated by the SBU, NPU and NABU. Which confirms a simple fact – these deliveries made it possible for Shkriblyak to earn enough money to buy patrons in the highest echelons of power.. It became known about Shtuchnoy and NABU, but this did not break the scheme at all. This means that the main recipient of “thanks” is somewhere higher. We cannot fail to mention one more strange circumstance – after the “assassination attempt” on the presidential friend Shefir in the publication “Strana.UA.” the following information flashed: “The owner of the Darnitskaya, Cherkasy, Chernihiv and Sumy thermal power plants, Anatoly Shkriblyak, who has recently been abroad, may lose his assets, because people from the environment of President Vladimir Zelensky “have their eyes on them”. An unnamed source of the publication suggested that the shooting at Shefir's car could have been provoked by Bankova's attempts to resubordinate coal schemes and enterprises that work on coal. After this, the references to Shkriblyak in this context somehow subsided. As attempts to investigate something about him calmed down, even the high-profile case of bribery in NABU somehow disappeared from public view.

Evdokimov “decided” for Shkriblyak with Kirill Timoshenko

One of the funniest Ukrainian sub-oligarchs, Anatoly Shkriblyak, has fully recovered from the high-profile case of a $6 million bribe to Sytnik, according to the TG channel Bakanov's Points. Now, Shkriblyak’s law enforcement officers are corrupted in the past by Deputy Interior Minister Vladimir Yevdokimov. And “Kotovsky”, as ex-employees called Evdokimov, has already found its way to the heart of Sergei Shefir and Kirill Timoshenko. And Tatarov, so he generally considers Evdokimov his teacher. So, now we can expect a sharp loss of interest of law enforcement officers in the illegal activities of Shkriblyak enterprises. And the interest was quite specific. Let us quote the certificate: “Facts of embezzlement of funds on an especially large scale, by prior agreement, by the beneficiary (Shkriblyak A.V.) and officials of energy enterprises: Tekhnova LLC (Chernihiv CHPP), Euroreconstruction LLC (Darnitskaya CHPP), Sumyteploenergo LLC ” (Sumskaya CHPP), Cherkasy Khimvolokno PJSC (Cherkasy CHPP), – artificially inflating costs when organizing the main activities: delivery and transportation from abroad of coal, purchase of goods and materials, implementation of investment and repair programs, as well as financing of terrorist organizations, illegitimate pseudo state formations of the LNR-DNR are documented within the framework of the following proceedings:. part 5 of article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. • GSU SB of Ukraine No. 22019270000000059 dated 09.10.2019. Part 1 of Article 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. • GSU of the National Police No. 42020000000000984 of 06/01/2020 part 3 of Article 209 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (introduced into the EDRR by the Office of the GPU) • GSU of the National Police No. 42020000000000985 of 06/01/2020. part 5 of article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (introduced into the EDRR by the Office of the GPU). • GSU SBU N 22020000000000196 dated 13.08.2020. Part 4, Article 110-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.” So, Shkriblyak will calm down. And Kirill Timoshenko will be significantly enriched.

Shkriblyak “cleanses” the criminal past wrote an article about how Shkriblyak made an unsuccessful attempt to clean up compromising material about him:

The Minister of Ecology believes that Anatoly Shkriblyak deceived the people of Kiev about the new filters at the Darnitskaya CHPP

Ecology Minister Ostap Semerak spoke on Facebook about the treachery of the owners of the Darnytsia CHPP, headed by Anatoly Shkriblyak: “Kerіvnytstvo of Darnytska TPP did not let environmental inspectors check ahead of schedule the vikonangya attributions about the destruction of the. :(( Although as early as March 21, the Ukrainian mass media was full of optimistic headlines: “Darnytsk Thermal Power Plant installs a new filter that will reduce the amount of harmful emissions by 40 times.” So where is the filter? Why didn't the environmental inspectors get a chance to see it, too? It's strange, really Let me remind you that only during 2017-2018, representatives of the State Environmental Inspection discovered a number of violations of environmental legislation by Darnytsia CHP. This was an excess of emissions of harmful substances into the air, and discharges into the water, the remains of which were recorded as far as the Kaniv Reservoir. At the same time, Darnytsia CHP promised to eliminate all deficiencies. It would seem that this is a normal, logical course of solving the problem between the community, the authorities and business, but the management of Darnytsia CHP gave a back. However, this does not mean that the authorities will do the same. Darnytsia CHP is issue #1 for the joint working group of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the KMDA. So it was on the cob of homework about coordinating the work, so at once.

Former People's Deputy of “Our Ukraine” destroys another lake in Poznyaki

Over the past four years, Darnitskaya CHPP No. 4 has been dumping waste from its production into Lake Goryachka in Kyiv Poznyaky – hot coal mixture. Because of this, the picturesque reservoir, located in a cascade of 36 natural lakes, has turned into a real Armageddon. Across the road from Goryachka Lake is Solnechnoye Lake. Recently, this lake is considered one of the most polluted and swimming in it is strictly prohibited.. Today, the water in Solnechny is covered with a blue-green film due to rotting algae in it.

Thermal power plants currently operate mainly boiler plants, the design and construction of which took place several decades ago. At that time, the main task of the creators and operating personnel was considered to be to ensure efficient fuel combustion: high efficiency, low losses, long-term trouble-free operation.. Currently, in addition to those listed, new environmental requirements for equipment are being put forward. A certain amount of nitric oxide NO is formed in the furnace. Before leaving the boiler, part of the nitrogen oxide is converted into NO2 dioxide. In addition, the ash contains oxides of silicon, aluminum and iron, as well as a large amount of carbon, the so-called underburning of coal. If ash and slag dumps are located near the residential sector, then the volatile coal mixture carried by the wind. This can have a very negative effect on people's health.. Long-term exposure to even relatively low concentrations of NOx increases the number of acute and chronic respiratory diseases. But the saddest thing about this is that the constant inhalation of this “cocktail” can provoke cancer.. Elevated concentrations of nitrogen oxides also negatively affect the flora and fauna.. If the accumulation and storage of ash dumps takes place in places unprepared for this, then the probability of groundwater pollution is very high, which, in turn, poses a threat of poisoning nearby water bodies.

Shkriblyak and Efimov prevent the adoption of the law on state environmental control

The actual owner of the Darnitskaya CHP Anatoly Shkriblyak and Maxim Efimov, who is credited with de facto control over PJSC Centrenergo, prevent the adoption of the draft law “On State Environmental Control”. This bill was registered in the Verkhovna Rada (VR) on February 19, 2020, but has not even passed the first reading yet. KV became aware of this from the words of the head of the State Ecological Inspectorate, Andrei Malevany. According to Andriy Malevany, there are problems with the passage of the draft law “On State Environmental Control” (No. 3091, – KV), the adoption of which is resisted, except for DTEK, Darnitskaya CHPP and PJSC “Centrenergo”. “There are lobbying groups who do not want the project to be accepted. But there is political will and understanding that we need to “turn our faces” towards ecology. Hope the lobby will give in. We will fight for the law,” the head of the State Environmental Inspectorate emphasized. Since 2012, the owner of the Darnytsia CHPP has been Anatoly Shkriblyak, People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 5th convocation (2005-2006) (Our Ukraine faction).


Anatoly Shkriblyak is clearly not worried about the environment. His thermal power plant is completely destroying natural lakes in Kyiv with impunity. But in addition to harm to the environment, Shkriblyak also harms the country's budget, stealing millions of dollars.

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