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Shkil Maxim Viktorovich


Maxim Shkil is a Ukrainian entrepreneur who founded in 2019 the "MS Capital" holding, which unites companies in several key sectors of the economy: road and bridge construction, railway logistics, agricultural business, granite mining and processing, car dealerships. Bribe-taker and swindler. Thanks to front companies, he wins \"necessary\" tenders for the repair and construction of roads, keeps money offshore, and launders large sums of money hiding behind an AUDI dealership.

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Shkil Maxim Viktorovich

Official biography

Businessman, founder of the MS Capital holding Born on August 19, 1983 in Lvov.


He has three higher educations and a PhD in Law.

Family status

Married, has two daughters.


MS Capital was founded by Maxim Shkil in 2019. Among the businessman's assets are the following companies: • in the field of logistics: “First Logistics Company”; • in road and bridge construction: Avtostrada Group of Companies; • in the agro-industrial complex: Pryluky Agrarian Company; • in the field of car dealership: “Audi Center Odessa South”; • in the mining and processing of granite: Bekhovskiy granite quarry.


In 2006 Maxim Shkil started his first business. In partnership with foreign investors, the Bekhovsky quarry was created and launched, which specializes in the extraction and processing of granite. Over 20 million euros were invested in its production assets in subsequent years by investors, which allowed the company to take a leading position in the market. In May 2021, MS Capital acquired 100% of the corporate rights of BGK. The enterprise has implemented an investment program: the fleet of specialized mining equipment and the material and technical base as a whole have been updated. The quarry has reached its full planned capacity, which makes it possible to ship over 100 wagons of crushed stone per day and produce 2 million tons of finished crushed stone products per year. Information about the founder of Bekhovsky Quarry LLC: In 2011, Maxim Shkil created the First Logistics Company, which specializes in the transportation of grain by rail.. The company owns innovative hopper cars, gondola cars. Own fleet consists of more than 1000 wagons. PLC occupies a leading position in the grain transportation market in Ukraine and is represented in all regions of the country. Among the partners of the First Logistics are the largest traders. In 2015, the businessman acquired the corporate rights of the company “Audi Center Odessa South”. A year later, the largest dealer center in Ukraine was built and put into operation, which also became the first center in the Audi Sport concept.. “Audi Center Odessa South” now occupies 20% of the market among Audi dealers in Ukraine. In 2016, Maxim Shkil founded the Avtostrada Group of Companies, which is one of the leaders in road and bridge construction. The company implements projects of any level of complexity, for this it has its own production chains and a closed production cycle, owns a unique modern fleet of more than 2,500 units and a team of over 5,000 employees. From the first day Avtostrada has implemented European quality standards. In 2020, the holding establishes the Pryluky Agricultural Company. A businessman invests in the purchase of an elevator and corporate rights of the Kurs-Agro company, which become part of the PAK. The company is engaged in the cultivation of agricultural crops in the Poltava and Chernihiv regions. Thanks to high-performance organization of processes and modern technology, enterprises have one of the highest yields in Ukraine. Personal life and hobbies Maxim Shkil is married and has two daughters. Among the businessman's sports hobbies are boxing and crossfit training, as well as billiards.

NOT official biography

In June 2017, State Secretary of the German Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Rainer Bomba visited the Audi Center Odessa South, the largest dealership of AUDI AG in Ukraine. One of the founders of this center is Ukrainian businessman Maxim Shkil. Probably, Rainer Bomba, like the management of AUDI AG, which opened this center in December 2016, does not know which well-known Ukrainian fraudster and embezzler they shook hands with and with whom they cooperate. However, Ukrainian journalists who have written dozens of publications, like millions of Ukrainians, know how Maxim Shkil steals and launders money, including thanks to the AUDI concern. Rainer Bomba and Maxim Shkil: Maksim Shkil started his business career as an assistant to the People's Deputy from the Party of Regions Mykola Demyanko, who is one of the best and longest friends of the fugitive ex-president Viktor Yanukovych. Maxim Shkil became one of the leaders of the political organization Young Regions, the youth wing of the Party of Regions, and headed the western region of the country. Maxim Shkil wanted to do business, but, as he himself stated in an interview, even his own father did not trust him. In 2007, senior comrades from the Party of Regions made 23-year-old Maxim Shkil the nominal (dummy) head and owner of several enterprises that produce asphalt concrete, crushed stone and granite, as well as granite quarries.. Thanks to corrupt officials, in 2010-2014. firms of Maxim Shkil illegally won state tenders, robbed the state budget. He and his patrons bribed and corrupted officials and laundered millions of dollars for Viktor Yanukovych and his friends. Data from Posipaki website: In gratitude for the patronage and money, Maxim Shkil carried out instructions. For example, in 2012, Ukrainka Pravda journalists wrote how Maxim Shkil brought 300 veterans from Zhytomyr to a concert of the current hero of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) and Russian State Duma deputy Iosif Kobzon, who has always been an ardent fan of the gangster “Party of Regions” and friend Viktor Yanukovych. A report from the concert of Yosif Kobzon organized by Maxim Shkil:

“Young Regions” and Maxim Shkil during the Revolution of Dignity in 2013-2014 became famous for illegal and sometimes criminal activities, such as supplying fighters on Independence Square, who defended the power of Viktor Yanukovych. Such fighters beat and terrorized students, journalists, Ukrainians who came out to defend their European choice.. Later, Maxim Shkil, with the help of lawyers, tried to remove information from the media about his activities during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych. In 2011, Maxim Shkil creates one of his main companies, the First Logistic Company, which began to transport grain and other goods.. One of the owners of this company, he records his mother – Tatyana Shkil. Maxim Shkil's company “First Logistics Company” began to win state tenders worth tens of millions of dollars for the transportation of Ukrainian grain and other cargo by rail. As Ukrainian journalists wrote, Maxim Shkil also gave large bribes to officials of the Ukrainian railway so that they would give the required number of freight cars at the lowest tariffs.. At the same time, he did not pay taxes to the state budget. One of these officials was Ivan Fedorko, former director of freight transportation of the Ukrainian railway and head of individual branches of the railway.. Maxim Shkil even arranged for his daughter to work for the First Logistics Company and regularly paid him money.. Maxim Shkil also presented Ivan Fedorko with a car of his favorite Audi Q7 brand.. In July 2016, Ivan Fedorko, while drunk, crashed into the car of a well-known photographer and journalist in Ukraine, crippling his wife and child. After that, Ivan Fedorko was fired from his job. Fedorko and photos from the accident site: Maxim Shkil founded the Zertrans company in 2013, which is engaged in cargo transportation, and also controlled the UPI-Magistral company for a long time. After ex-president Viktor Yanukovych and friends and patrons of Maxim Shkil fled the country in early 2014, law enforcement and tax authorities became interested in the activities of Maxim Shkil and his firms. Several criminal and administrative cases were initiated against these firms in relation to money laundering, tax evasion. From 2014 to 2017, the Ukrainian tax police sued the firms of Maxim Shkil. Dozens of criminal cases were opened. In order not to go to jail and hide his criminal activities, Maxim Shkil made front people, for example, Rostislav Pachkovsky, the nominal owners of firms. At the same time, in an interview with the Ukrainian media in 2017, Maxim Shkil calls the First Logistics Company his own, although its owner is a figurehead. Also, the Ukrainian media write that the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan has family ties with Maxim Shkil and helps him in illegal business. In order to legalize and hide the proceeds of crime and tax evasion, Maxim Shkil invests in the construction of an Audi dealership in Odessa. Six months later, Maxim Shkil himself declares that his Audi dealership in Odessa occupied 30% of the sales market for these cars in Ukraine. The Kompromat1 portal wrote about inconsistencies in the infographics provided by the Ministry of Infrastructure: According to Ukrainian experts and journalists, such figures can only indicate that the Audi dealership is used to launder money obtained by criminal means.. Therefore, it is possible that Ukrainian and German law enforcement agencies will soon investigate the new activities of Maxim Shkil, the leadership of Audi and representatives of the German Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Another founder of the Audi Center Odessa South is Sergey Ivanovich Skripka from Odessa. According to Ukrainian journalist Oleksiy Lupanosov, Serhiy Skrypka, together with Yevgeny Vladimirovich Deev and other accomplices, organized the theft of the property of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in Odessa. We are talking about the famous case of the “SKA Stadium”. It was because of this scam that Odessa lost the right to host EURO 2012 matches.. In fact, at the start of preparations for the European championship, one of the most legendary sports facilities was taken away from the inhabitants of Odessa, thereby depriving the city of competitive opportunities. As wrote, from 2009 to 2014 Evgeny Deev was the director and co-founder of 3C Auto Elite LLC (the official distributor of Audi in Ukraine), and the other co-founders of this enterprise are: Skrypka S.I.. and offshore company “INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS GROUP“. Thus, Maxim Shkil, Serhiy Skrypka and Yevhen Deev, as well as their friends, continue to rob the Ukrainian people, do not pay taxes, withdraw funds to offshore companies, and legalize funds by selling expensive cars through Audi dealerships. Dozens of criminal cases have been initiated against the companies, but for some reason, Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko and the head of the SBU, Vasily Gritsak, turn a blind eye to this.

How the odious Maxim Shkil and the cunning Alexander Boyko squabble over travel billions

There is a split and scandal in the cartel. The youngest and most aggressive SUV Maxim Shkil publicly removes his “Autostrada” from the National Association of Road Builders of Ukraine! He wrote about this on his Facebook: Firstly, for the first time, disputes within the cartel got out to the public, where Alexander Boyko from Avtomagistral-South, with a decrease in the “pie”, began to encroach on all the niches he could reach. In particular, he recently took an operational billion in Chernihiv region from Autostrada and did not thank him. Secondly, there is a chance for “Linens”. We remind you that this is the name of the program under which a cartel member can apply to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and be the first to report on all the conspirators, and for this he will receive a full amnesty and the expected bonus – when the antimonopolists catch the rest of the cartelists (and according to Linens this is done quickly enough), then the hero will get everything what is he up to! And Shkil can do a lot – over the past year he has invested over a billion hryvnias in the purchase of new equipment.

Young regionalist Maksim Shkil and First Logistic Company LLC are plundering Ukraine by sponsoring DPR terrorists

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food held a major tender, which was won by First Logistic Company LLC. It would seem that there is nothing strange in this, but a subsequent check revealed unexpected details.. As it turned out, the company finances the separatists, and the ex-“young regional” Maksim Shkil is behind it.. The same Maksim Shkil, whom the SBU had previously accused of financing terrorists in the DPR. Most of us remember that the case was quickly hushed up, Maxim Shkil was able to pay off in order to painlessly continue to do the same … writes the edition. The Revolution of Dignity promised to bring dramatic changes to Ukrainians. According to the new government, representatives of the previous regime will be punished for the crimes they deserve.. We have repeatedly heard that in the future none of them will feel as comfortable as during the Yanukovych presidency. However, after 1.5 years, we can safely say that the “old” personnel still remain in their places.. People like Maxim Shkil hid only for a while to wait out the troubled times “at the bottom”, and then they again took up big business. We are talking about a number of highly valuable personnel for the past government.. Young, active and tenacious, they can go to the bottom at the right time.. These ambitious people not only developed schemes to pump out fabulous sums from the state budget into wide pockets, but also dynamically replenished the notorious “common fund” of the Yanukovych Family. And no matter how hard it is to believe it, the old schemes continue to work even now: huge amounts of money float past the state budget, settling on impressive offshore accounts of representatives of the “criminal” government, among which Maxim Shkil occupies a prominent place. It was Shkil and other leaders of the “youth” of the PR who were able to show their full strength during the events of the winter of 2013, when they massively sent the so-called “titushki” – “athletes” to the Maidan, who staged provocations, beat people and destabilized the situation in every possible way. The term “titushka” after the revolution has firmly entered the Ukrainian newspeak: this can be called any boor who can raise a hand against a woman, an elderly person or a member of the press. But in the team of “Young Regionals” such personnel were very much appreciated.. Because they can be entrusted with the dirtiest job, and they will do it without blinking an eye. If the “regionals” won, you can imagine what bonuses characters like Maksim Shkil would receive. Here is the road to big business, and all sorts of preferences, and maybe even assistance in a political career. But since the other team won, it can be assumed that the “provider of titushki” started to have big problems: law enforcement agencies became interested in him, he was cut off from oxygen both in business and in politics. This would be an adequate punishment for the atrocities that the sports “youngsters” did on the Maidan. But what is actually revealed? Maxim Shkil not only received no punishment, but also lives well, and his family businesses are flourishing. For example, First Logistic Company LLC, one of the founders of which is Shkil's mother Tatyana Vasilievna, recently won a major tender at the Ministry of Agro-Industrial Policy for services for the transportation of 450 thousand tons of grain by rail. The head of the company is a certain Oleg Burlachenko. Document confirming Burlachenko's involvement in UPI-Magistral LLC. He is the founder of this LLC. It turned out that LLC “First Logistics Company” “minimizes the tax obligations of the enterprise”. In other words, hides income with the help of a well-established scheme.. Namely, it transfers money to companies that, as the audit showed, “have signs of fictitiousness”. In this case, Shkil's company transferred 36 million hryvnias to shell companies – Ecoline-ST LLC and Mega-Exim LLC during 2014. There seems to be nothing illegal in this: the company offered the most favorable conditions and won the tender. Yes, only an analysis of the financial activities of First Logistic Company LLC revealed such details, because of which the company should not be allowed to participate in government tenders for a cannon shot, and its management should be tried for economic crimes. In addition, the analysis revealed that the “First Logistics” transfers money to the accounts of individuals in the Eastern regions of Ukraine and purchases weapons and military equipment. By the way, among the winners of the tender there is another company – LLC “Zertrans”. By a strange coincidence, the tax number of this company is absolutely identical to the number of the private enterprise UPI-Magistral LLC. It is this company, according to the financial statements, that accounts for the lion's share of the expenses of First Logistic Company LLC.. And the founder of Magistral is … the same Oleg Burlachenko. The scheme of tax avoidance worked out to the smallest detail. By including “his” company in the expenditure side, Maxim Shkil was able to reduce the profitability level of First Logistic Company LLC to 0.3%. As a result, with an income of more than UAH 400 million. income tax amounted to only 126-odd thousand hryvnia. In such a situation, one can only marvel at the unsinkability and invulnerability of the “young talents” from Yanukovych's team. They have taken root so well under the new government that they do not hesitate to implement the usual corruption schemes, parasitizing on the state budget.. So it turns out: while demonstrative “absentee trials” are being held against Yanukovych and his inner circle, smaller henchmen feel quite at ease under the new government. Continuing to rob the country. With the same zeal and on the same scale.

The head of PZD was suspected of lobbying the interests of the First Logistic Company

This scandal involving Maxim Shkil and his company was made public in November 2015. Ivan Fedorko, acting head of the Pridneprovskaya railway, may be lobbying for the interests of the private First Logistic Company, where his daughter allegedly works. Such information was announced on the air of the Un Certain Regard program on Channel 5, writes Apostrophe. Maxim Shkil beneficiary of PLC: It is noted that Fedorko is the former deputy of the ex-general director of the South-Western Railway, Alexei Krivopishin, who is now under investigation due to suspicions of corruption – the construction of a cottage town at the expense of the railway. In addition, Krivopishin is known for his “rebellion” against the new leadership of Ukrzaliznytsia (UZ): when it was decided in Kyiv to dismiss all the heads of regional roads, Krivopishin announced that the South-Western Road was no longer subject to orders from the central apparatus of the railway transport administration. “In the spring of 2015, the rebellion was filed. But one of the participants – Ivan Fedorko – is now in charge of the strategic, front-line railway. After the removal of Krivopishin, he seemed to have faded into the shadows, but Dnepropetrovsk is a temporary “link”. To gain strength, build up resource muscles and return to the national level, ”the authors of the story say. Impunity adds fearlessness to odious personnel at UZ, say the authors of the program. And then they quote the current and. about. General Director of Ukrzaliznytsia Oleksandr Zavhorodniy, who claims that the lustration of employees of the state monopolist will not be affected. According to journalists, Maxim Shkil, a Zhytomyr entrepreneur who previously did business in the granite deposits of the region, is related to the First Logistic Company (PLC), whose interests are lobbied by Ivan Fedorko. “According to some reports, the current head of the Prydniprovska railway, Ivan Fedorko, was a partner in this business.. And now Fedorko’s daughter works in the PLC, which supposedly received special preferences from the Dnieper Railway, ”the story says. Maxim Shkil and Ivan Fedorko: Also, the Ukrainian media write that the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan has family ties with Maxim Shkil and helps him in illegal business. However, these are only indirect assumptions, journalists specify.. “Officially, Ivan Fedorko has no business. It was not possible to find out about this from him personally.. The head of the railway refused to meet with journalists, ”the article says.. But the formal founder of the PLC, Oleg Burlachenko, commented: “We do not participate in any corruption schemes. When Fedorko was deputy head of the South-Western Road, of course, we knew each other, of course, we went and coordinated the transportation that needed to be agreed. I think this is a normal process”. When asked if Fedorko's managers, as well as his daughter, work in the company, Burlachenko answered in the negative. Experts note that during the years of independence there have always been a lot of lining companies around Ukrzaliznytsia, which, in fact, pulled part of the income of UZ to intermediary companies. “This problem was, this problem is. And despite the statements of Minister Pivovarsky, so far no effective steps have been taken in this direction,” says ex-Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Alexander Kava.

Maxim Shkil and First Logistics Company in the service of the Kremlin

In April 2016, in the Podrobnosti program, which airs on the Inter TV channel, a report was released that mentions the First Logistic Company, co-owned by Maxim Shkil. The story says that Shkil's companion Fedorko still represents the interests of the Yanukovych family in Ukrzaliznytsia and is one of the family's watchers.. The criminal schemes on which Shkil profits are associated with the eldest son of Viktor Yanukovych, Alexander, better known as Sasha – Dentist. In fact, the “First Logistics Company” works in favor of the aggressor country. The current government should pay attention to those who continue to rob the country and sponsor terrorism in eastern Ukraine. In our case, this is Maxim Shkil, a bright representative of the bloody regime of Yanukovych. We are waiting for a reaction from the SBU and the GPU. A quote from the Antikor portal about the criminal past of Maxim Shkil and Ivan Fedorko:

Maxim Shkil and Bakhtiyar Sapaev – the “road mafia” of Ukraine: Highway and ShRBU-48

According to, Maxim Shkil's Avtostrada and Bakhtiyar Sapayev's ShRBU-48 are sawing the road budget of Ukraine. This material is provided by the publishing house and is its property. A recent investigation into the activities of LLC SUNP Avtostrada, which is 100% owned by the Ukrainian owner Maxim Shkil, his connections in the Poroshenko-era ministerial apparatus, such as Volodymyr Omelyan, who lobbied for the interests of his companies, and even earlier representatives of the Yanukovych era, made it possible to establish connections and other participants who are firmly entrenched in the huge tenders of the “Road Mafia” in our time. Investigative journalists will unwind this ball by thread. Why do we drive on bad roads, where, and most importantly, who spends millions and billions of dollars of budgets, and why roads still need new repairs every year. This article will discuss how the thread from the enterprise of Maxim Shkil, who settled on the Vinnitsa roads, led investigators to the Cherkassy roads, which “belong” to Sapaev Bakhtiyar and his ShRBU-48 LLC. About the illegally won tenders of “Avtrostrada” it is said in this excerpt from the court document: Bakhtiyar Sapaev is Maxim Shkil's accomplice in the lawlessness with the repair of roads in Ukraine The successful enterprise ShRBU-48 LLC is one of the leaders in the number of tenders won in the Cherkasy region, one can even say that it is a road monopolist. On the scale of work of “Autostrada”: From 2002 to 2010 Sapaev Bakhtiyar (or as he asked to be called Boris Sergeevich) headed the state highway service of the Cherkasy region. After him, this structure was headed by Sergey Leshchenko. It is noteworthy that Sergey Leshchenko remained the contact person in Umanavtodor for a long time, already in a public position, and before that he headed the board of Umanavtodor for 8 years and only left in 2010. In 2010, according to the order of Ukravtodor No. 283-VK dated August 5, Bakhtiyar Sapaev was appointed head of the board of the state joint-stock company Highways of Ukraine, before that the department was headed three times by Volodymyr Demishkan. Bakhtiyar Sapaev and his companions. It is possible that Shkil was also involved in this: According to media reports, Vladimir Demishkan is connected with Umanavtodor (Bakhtiyar Sapaev) by a share in Talnovsky Shchebzavod LLC, an enterprise that is already over 26 years old (registration date 10/13/1993). This information is in the process of clarifying and searching for supporting data, let's return to Sapaev. Sapaev's connections with various types of entrepreneurial activities: Orlov Vladimir Anatolyevich oversees more than 34 organizations; Goncharenko Evgeny Nikolaevich supervises 9 organizations; Shovkun Vasily Yurievich supervises 13 organizations; Ponomarenko Vyacheslav Nikolaevich 12 organizations; Popova Yulia Viktorovna, 15 organizations; Zemelev Gennady Olegovich, 27 organization. Since 2008, firms associated with Bakhtiyar have mastered more than UAH 10 billion, we recall that the dollar to hryvnia exchange rate then was at around UAH 5 per 1 US dollar. Here is what the Accounts Chamber writes at that time: Due to the delay in construction, the lack of proper control at the central and local levels over the use of budgetary funds, the project cost of the motorway increased by 2.7 times compared to the original project (UAH 1.9 billion) and currently stands at UAH 5.2 billion. hryvnia. Since 2004, 1.4 billion hryvnias have been used for the construction of this facility. The Kompromat1 portal wrote about this situation: Important: remember the name of the company that participated in the “tender” and merged it under Sapaev's company, this is Avtomagistral-South LLC (Ukrainian. TOV “AVTOMAGISTRAL-PIVDEN”), owned by residents of Odessa Korotkov Valery and Poured Oleg.

Dark deeds of ShRBU-48 LLC

The analysis of sources says that the company belongs to Sapaev: The former director is Igor Nikolayevich Votkalyuk, who was replaced by Ruslan Anatolyevich Guba, but 90% of the company is still owned by Sapaev Bakhtiyar Sabirovich. Data from OpenData: Previously, all three were united by another company – Umanavtodor CJSC. At the moment, the company is the leader in the number of tenders won in the Cherkasy region. Is it worth recalling where Sapaev worked from 2002 to 2010? Hint – the head of the Cherkasy “Ukravtodor”. Data from ProZorro: The next are Kirovohrad region (the majority of contracts are with Rostdorstroy LLC) and Vinnitsa region (the majority of contracts are with Avtostrada LLC). Quote from the portal Kompromat1: At the moment, Sapaev Bakhtiyar “won” one of the largest tenders in the Cherkasy region, the cost of the tender is almost 2 billion. hryvnia. We also draw your attention to the fact that the applications of all participants except for two were rejected. And the second participant was the same enterprise – Avtomagistral-South LLC (Ukrainian. TOV “Avtomagistral-Pivden”), the same company that has already poured a very cash tender for Sapaev, more on that above. Data taken from the public procurement website ProZorro: And this is not an isolated case, for example, another tender with the same participants. In continuation of this tender, it is also worth noting that all applications of participants, except for the Sapaev-Shkil firms, were rejected. Although, judging by the repeated statements, it is Avtostrada LLC that does not meet the qualification criteria for the tender, but it still wins. Data from youcontrol:

Fire battles for lucrative road contracts

Corrupt officials do not want to give up their positions, they are establishing new ties with the “new” officials. And they even defiantly get rid of entrepreneurs who are able to create healthy competition by everyone, including the most gangster ways.. Here is the situation with the burning of equipment “Poltavabudtsentr”. This is an organization that submitted documents for participation in state tenders for the implementation of road works, in parallel with Maxim Shkil's company Avtostrada in the Vinnitsa region. Screenshot from the official website of the freeway: After the management of “Poltavabudtsentr” became aware of flagrant violations in the conduct of competitions, of agreements reached in advance and kickbacks, complaints were sent to the controlling authorities. But the higher organizations, apparently, did not like such statements, because no serious reaction followed.. But with the “obstinate” businessmen, at first representatives of the “Autostrada” talked for a long time, then a performance was played with the collection of titushki. Convinced that persuasion and threats are useless, we moved on to drastic measures.. One night, special equipment owned by the Poltavabudcenter company flared up. The arson was committed by unidentified persons, but the company believes that the incident is related to their position on corruption in the road industry. Garnik Poghosyan, the director of Poltavabudcenter, openly stated that corruption in the industry is supported at the level of the Cabinet of Ministers and in Ukravtodor. Information about “Poltavabudcenter”: Rescuers accepted the call on May 6, 2019 at about 01:30 a.m.. Already at 1:53 the fire was localized only by 3:15 – it was completely eliminated. There were no casualties, but several units of special equipment necessary for the operation of the enterprise were destroyed. “Three road rollers, two truck tractors, excavators were destroyed by fire, the tent covering and plastic elements of the semi-trailer were damaged.. One passenger car, one truck and two semi-trailers were rescued,” the State Emergency Service said. News about the fire on the Crime.NET Facebook page: Losses — millions of hryvnias. Even more will be required to purchase new equipment. Burnt equipment “Poltavabudtsentr”: The company “Poltavabudtsentr” has repeatedly expressed suspicion that in this way they tried to put pressure on the company's management and deprive them of the opportunity to take part in tenders. “We believe that it is corrupt officials who are behind these events, together with “their” contractors, who, even before the announcement of tenders, had already divided and “sawed” the state funds allocated for the construction and repair of roads,” said Garnik Poghosyan, director of the company. Video from the scene. “Avtostrada” ordered the arson of “Poltavabudtsentr” equipment:

. However, its conditions were drawn up in such a way that no company other than Avtostrada, owned by Maxim Shkil, could meet them. The interests of this company were then lobbied by the government of Groysman, and the application of Poltavabudcenter was rejected. The company's management, having a successful experience in the abolition of anti-competitive conditions, planned to achieve justice and filed a complaint with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, where they asked to take action against the illegal actions of the Vinnytsia Highway Service to prevent the company from participating in tenders in the region.. And then a whole detective story unfolded. It is noteworthy that Maxim Shkil has all the tools to put pressure on those who disagree. Not every organization can withstand the pressure that the owners and managers of Poltavabudcenter withstood. Some time after the complaint was sent, Avtostrada began trying to persuade the head and owner of Poltavabudcenter to withdraw the complaint and no longer initiate the writing of such documents to the controlling authorities. However, neither Arayik Amirkhanyan (owner) nor Garnik Poghosyan (director) were going to retreat. When long persuasion turned out to be useless, articles began to appear in the media and on Internet resources that discredited the good name of the company. “Realizing that our company will not retreat in the issue of participation in tenders for the repair of roads in the Vinnitsa region, representatives of the said company (Avtostrada), through individual members of the Cabinet of Ministers, namely Novak and Groysman, began to launch this dirty flywheel, which supposedly the Poltavabudcenter company realized disrupts road tenders throughout the country, that we are a “dummy” and that we are the main problem of the road industry, despite the fact that in 2018-2019 we signed contracts for road works almost all over the country for more than one billion hryvnias, – said the director of “Poltavabudtsentr”. Action against “Poltavabudtsentr” commissioned by Maxim Shkil:

Vicious practice: highway tenders and their winners

Complaints about Shkil's company were received not only from Poltavabudtsentr, but also from other organizations, which, however, turned out to be less persistent and did not challenge the illegal actions of the tender commissions that gave contracts to Autostrada LLC. Technique “Autobahn”: In the Cherkasy region, for example, a tender was held for the production of road works in the amount of UAH 600 million, in which Avtostrada won. The second participant was the company of another “road builder” Bakhtiyar Sapaev, who until that moment had taken the best state orders in the region, and this time acted as a formal competitor. Interestingly, the bids of all other participants were simply rejected. However, it is worth paying attention to the repeated statements that it was the winning company that least of all met the stated requirements. It should be noted that the previous victories of the firms of Bakhtiyar Satpayev could hardly be called deserved.. It was also embedded in the corrupt system of road construction and repair.. How Shkil managed to push aside a man who has been winning the competition for the largest objects for many years, one can only guess. Just like Maksim Shkil's enterprises, Sapayev's firms used the services of financial organizations to launder money received through public procurement. Since 2008, firms related to Bakhtiyar have mastered more than 10 billion hryvnias, despite the fact that the dollar exchange rate against the hryvnia was then at around 5 hryvnias. for 1 US dollar. The most famous tender was the Zaporozhye bridges, for the construction of which more than 3 billion hryvnias were allocated, and which were never completed.

Offshore zones, Ukrainian taxes and founders of Maxim Shkil's firms

In 2016 Mostcombud-MKB LLC was transformed into Joint Ukrainian-German Enterprise Avtostrada LLC. As for the German component, the venture became a joint venture thanks to the participation of Zacharias Walter, who has the appropriate citizenship. But in this case, we are not talking about him personally, he is the third party in this case, but about his company of the same name, registered in the offshore zone of Portugal on the island of Madeira – Zacharias International Projects “Zacharias International Projects” (ukr. Tzacharias International Projects). It was she who was of interest to Shkil and his companions. Members of the European Union have repeatedly made statements about the offshore zone in Madeira, European media have repeatedly written about this. It is easy to conclude that a certain German citizen Tsakharias Walter and his offshore company are the very channel for withdrawing money from Ukraine in order to avoid paying taxes. Here it is important to note one phenomenon of the activity of the German-Portuguese company. The mysterious foreigner Tsikhares Walter and his offshore company work only with the firms of Maxim Shkil. There are no contracts and interactions with other companies, business is conducted exclusively with the organizations of Maxim Viktorovich. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that the services supplied by this offshore company to Shkil's firms are fictitious, the money transferred for them remains offshore and goes to Shkil, his curators, patrons and partners. Here is a list of organizations with which Tsakharias International Projects works: LLC JV “AVTOSTRADA”; LLC “GIRPROMTEKHNIKA”; LLC “BEKHOVSKY GRANITE QUARRY”; UNSP AVTOBAN LLC. All these are organizations whose beneficiary is Maxim Viktorovich Shkil, a Ukrainian entrepreneur, head of the business development committee of the Ukrainian Taxpayers Association. Dealer center AUDI in Odessa. Rainer Bomba and Maxim Shkil: Tsakharias is not the only German who provides fictitious services to Shkil in order to transfer money to an offshore zone. Three of his companies involved a certain Martin Manfred Ehrich. These organizations are: Girpromtechnika; “Bekhovsky granite quarry”; OOO Unsp Avtoban. According to the latest data we have, the head of all 3 firms is Gneniy Evgeniy Viktorovich. The re-registration associated with the transformation of LLC Mostkombud-MKB into LLC Joint German-Ukrainian Enterprise Avtostrada was carried out in 2016 on the basis of a protocol dated July 12, 2016: A little later, the company turns from a joint venture into a purely Ukrainian organization, by withdrawing some fictitious entrepreneurs from the founders and introducing other fictitious participants. For some time, Autostrada was led by Sergei Alexandrovich Skakun, who signed tenders. At the moment when the enterprise had the status of a joint venture, and was registered through an offshore company for a fictitious citizen of Germany, Voloshchuk Volodymyr Sergeevich was listed as the owner from the Ukrainian side. And only then “Avtostrada” was re-registered for Maxim Shkil, and fictitious contracts were concluded with an offshore company. Such a long journey, willy-nilly, suggests that Shkil is, although quite influential, well-paid, but a hired manager in this whole corrupt story.. Bekhovsky Granite Quarry LLC, owned by the same Maxim Shkil, can also be sent to the same piggy bank. And Voloshchuk also participated in the companies Avtostrada Group LLC and PE Stroy-Lensky. Skakun – was listed in West Granite Service LLC and in 3C Group LLC, the latter company being registered with Maxim Shkil and Tatyana Shkil, and managed through the Cyprus offshore company BERNADOR HOLDINGS LIMITED, which has 80%. And wow, what a coincidence, it is Bernador Holding Ltd that represents Audi products in Ukraine – 3C Group (Eng.. 3S GROUP LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (3S GROUP LLC). This information is taken from the website of Audi Center Odessa South, the very company that sells expensive Audi cars and is owned by Maxim Shkil.

How much do Ukrainian roads cost, or how to become successful at the expense of state budgets

The opening of Avtostrada took place on April 15, 2016, the same year in which Volodymyr Omelyan was appointed Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine. This is also easy to check on the company's website. The newly created organization was waiting for a dizzying success. From the very moment of its opening to the present, not a single day of downtime. The company is simply inundated with contracts for government orders.. A list of completed works is posted on her website. The Autostrada was created not by chance and far from spontaneously.. The need for it arose in connection with the launch of the Go Highway project, authored by Omelyan. After all, cutting state budgets is much safer with already proven accomplices. It is much easier to negotiate with a trusted person and launch a new, completely controlled company on the market and deploy an already tested scheme than to recruit one of the market participants already operating in this industry. This project, like most of those promoted by Omelyan, was aimed solely at getting as much money from the state budget as possible and putting it into private pockets.. As you know, all Omelyan's projects turned out to be completely unprofitable for Ukraine. Recall! Immediately after graduation, Omelyan was hired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a specialist in the NATO department, and only later he was included in the control group of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Then he worked in a variety of state structures – at the embassy, at the Ministry of Economy, and at the Ministry of Finance.. During his work, he put forward a single project, the money from which did not go to the state treasury. So, money from the American project Uber, opened in Ukraine on his initiative, went to the income of foreign states.. Omelyan subjugated Ukrzaliznytsia, which, as a result of his leadership, began to fall apart at the seams. The cuts were so impudent that Omelyan was even pulled down by Groysman. Maxim Shkil actively participated in Omelyan's projects. At first, they methodically ruined the railway, and then moved on to sawing the funds allocated for road work. The Go Highway project was presented by the head of Ukravtodor Slovamir Novak. The activities of this organization, just as now, were managed and controlled by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine through the Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan. This project was a real gift for Shkil's company, which received his multibillion-dollar contracts, barely opening. One of the country's most important projects was given over to an empty firm the year Omelyan was appointed Minister of Infrastructure. Shkil always did all the dirty work of laundering money from the state budget, first through the First Logistics Company, which specialized in the rail transportation of Ukrzaliznytsia, and then through Avtostrada. This is precisely what explains his dizzying commercial success and the receipt of contracts for a newly opened and completely “naked” company. True, there were rumors about allegedly affiliated asphalt plants at Avtostrada, but in reality, these plants turned out to be bare plots of land. Here is a photo of an asphalt plant used by Maksim Shkil's company to obtain government contracts for road works in. Strizhivka, Vinnytsia region. Asphalt plant in. Haircut: This photo is from the materials of the investigation into the case with Trukhanov's tenders. Maxim Shkil is far from new to corruption schemes. Before he started repairing roads, he was no less successful in profiting from the “First Logistics Company” he created, which was successful in rail transportation.. And a little earlier (in 2015) Shkil opened a luxurious car dealership “Audi Center Odessa South” with a contract for the official dealership of Audi AG. Who and for what money buys luxury expensive cars in Ukraine that were sold in the salon, everyone knows perfectly well. And about his German partners of this company, read further in the article. It is interesting that Shkil's success in commercial activities came somehow suddenly and, importantly, coincided with the coming to power of Poroshenko's team. His entrepreneurial talent consisted in diligence and reproduction of a corruption scheme, tied up and successfully tested, first at a logistics company, and then transferred to road construction. Today, for all enterprises with which Avtostrada worked, a large number of cases are openly and are being considered in courts throughout Ukraine. But at the same time, neither Maxim Shkil nor the director of Avtostrada has been held accountable. Investigation of Trukhanov's tenders, excerpt from court document: Interesting! The owner of a quarry in the Zhytomyr region is the First Logistic Company. A little specifics on the cost of road works “Autostrada”. About UAH 23 million were paid for 1 km of the road to Avtostrada. In order to make it clear what is at stake, we present the cost of 1 km of road on the Kyiv-Chop highway. It amounted to UAH 9.6 million. A similar object is a section of the Odessa-Reni road, the average cost of 1 km is UAH 13 million. Reference to the high quality of materials and work is untenable. And there is evidence of this, collected by investigators and confirmed by experts.. According to the materials of the criminal case No. 127/11168/19 dated April 22, 2019, LLC SUNP Avtostrada deliberately reduced the composition of the coating in order to reduce its cost. If you know about all the details of Avtostrada's activities and who owns it, you should not be surprised that a recently organized company with asphalt of dubious quality and an exorbitant cost of 1 km of road pushes aside all its competitors – well-known and with considerable experience in road transport. construction. Of course, it is clear that the interests of the company were lobbied from the ministerial chair by Vladimir Omelyan. The only question is, in whose interests the Minister of Infrastructure and Maxim Shkil acted. If someone tried to show integrity and prevent Avtostrada from participating in tenders, a complaint was immediately sent to the appropriate authorities and, not without the help of Minister Omelyan, the company was returned to the tender. And then she also turned out to be a winner. Against the backdrop of all these offshore companies, ministerial lobbies and pre-distributed tenders, it seems quite logical to appoint Anatoly Nikolayevich Vikar, who previously worked in the Department of Transport of the Regional State Administration of Vinnitsa region, as the director of Avtostrada. Of course, the appointment is no coincidence, and most of the tenders won in the Vinnitsa region are a vivid confirmation of this.. The share of the neighboring Cherkassy region accounts for only a small part of all contracts of Avtostrada. But there is another trusted contractor there, which we will mention later in our investigation.. In a word, the conclusion suggests itself – Maxim Shkil is a very important part of the corruption octopus in the road construction industry that has entangled all of Ukraine. No less serious is another project involving Shkil, where he had a much greater territorial influence.

Once again about Ukrzaliznytsia, Omelyan and Shkil

At one time, Omelyan survived in the struggle for the opportunity to manage Ukrzaliznytsia, which unfolded between him, Groysman and Balchuk. Why this victory was so important for the Minister of Infrastructure – knows Maxim Shkil, the owner of the First Logistics Company, which is directly connected with UZ infrastructure facilities.. Omelyan actively lobbied for the interests of PLC, providing it with lucrative contracts with incredible discounts for the rental of rolling stock. Ukrzaliznytsia suffered losses, but the pockets of the participants in the corruption scheme were full. After all, all other organizations paid for the rent, as expected, according to the established tariffs, and could not compete with Shkil's company in any way.. While the rest were barely making ends meet, Shkil received huge profits and even acquired wagons. It is clear that both Shkil and Omelyan are just links in a chain that delivers money to more serious people.. But the damage they bring to their own country is colossal.. In 2017 alone, the estimated losses from their activities for the railway turned out to be two billion. This is only the damage caused by UZ, add to it the unpaid taxes, the planned expenses of PLC and the income that Ukrzaliznytsia was supposed to receive and this amount will increase several times. This is what money is about.. Due to the ruin of UZ, private foreign accounts of the main actors and patrons were filled. Add to them the money received by PLC from tenders for the transport of goods. At the same time, even taxes were paid scanty. The solution to the problem of how to reduce taxes is elementary, due to fictitious enterprises, the level of profitability of the transaction sharply decreased, its cost part on securities increased significantly, but in fact, fictitious firms sent money to offshore. With billions in income, despite the fact that UZ did all the work, Shkil's company paid a minimum of 200-300 thousand hryvnia in taxes.

Criminal cases and evidence: who and how are attracted according to Shkil's schemes

After the change of the country's leadership, several criminal cases were initiated, the defendants of which were the leaders and responsible persons of the Avtostrada company. Here is the data from the case file No. 127/11168/19 dated April 22, 2019: During the pre-trial proceedings in the framework of the criminal proceedings initiated by the Investigation Department of the GDNP on the application of the Civil Defense, the All-Ukrainian Special Collegium for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime, the following was established: During 2018, the Road Service in the Vinnitsa region of the State Agency for Roads of Ukraine EDRPOU 25845655 carried out tender purchases of works for the overhaul of roads in the Vinnitsa region. The winner of the competition was LLC Joint Ukrainian-German Enterprise “Avtostrada”. The same organization was involved as a subcontractor by the State Enterprise “Vinnitsa oblavtodor” for laying the top layer of the road surface, crushed stone-mastic asphalt concrete mix – 20 (SCHMAS 20). Conducted operational and investigative measures, it was found that the officials of OOO “Avtostrada” in the manufacture of ShchMAS-20 at an asphalt concrete plant in. Strizhivka, Vinnitsa district, Vinnitsa region, underestimated the content of expensive additives Wetflix BE, Sasobit, Viatop 66, Licomont, as a result of which they seized budget funds … There is already a solution to this episode both in the economic and in the criminal part. The main actors of the corruption scheme are not affected in any way, the small fry carrying out the illegal orders of their superiors bear the responsibility. Article from the portal compromising1: Road contracts, burdened with the need to transfer kickbacks to offshore zones, would not look so attractive and there would not be such a fierce struggle for them if GOSTs were observed in the manufacture of mixtures, and SNIPs were observed during laying, all taxes were paid, and due control was exercised. And the proceeds of crime would have disappeared, and the frequency of repairs would have been sharply reduced, because the asphalt would not come off in winter along with the snow and would not crack.. But after all, this is completely unprofitable for shadow companies, who will have to part with their billions in income received in kickbacks and safely hidden in offshore. And here is the evidence regarding kickbacks and offshore. We look at case No. 569/23537/18 dated December 14, 2018: Here, law enforcement agencies established the fact of fictitious entrepreneurial activity that took place in the period from 2017 to 2018. In other words, “laundering” and withdrawal of money through fictitious enterprises created specifically for these operations were revealed, and nothing, Avtostrada JV is still winning tenders and, if you look, is now fighting for a tender of almost 500 million hryvnias. .

Visiting Fuchs: Kolomoisky, Khomutynnik, Shkil and Klitschko attended the anniversary of a comrade

Staying under the sanctions of the National Security and Defense Council did not prevent businessman Pavel Fuks from celebrating his 50th birthday at a golf club in Kozin, Kyiv region. Pavel Fuchs's birthday is October 27th. The party in honor of his anniversary was stylized as the Venice Carnival: the guests were wearing masks, a sign with the initials of Pavel Fuks and the name “Venetian Carnival” was mounted at the entrance to the golf club. Full investigation of journalists. Interesting guests of the odious Pavel Fuks:

There were a lot of guards at the entrance. Fuchs' anniversary was attended by Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, oligarch Igor Kolomoisky and his sister and her husband, former head of the National Police Sergei Knyazev and many others. The former curator of the youth wing of the Party of Regions, businessman Maxim Shkil also congratulated Fuchs on his anniversary. “As a joint investigation by UE journalist Sonya Lukashova and journalist of the project “Our pennies” Yuri Nikolov recently established, now Shkil is one of the main beneficiaries of President Zelensky’s project “Big Construction”. His company has already received orders for more than UAH 10 billion,” the investigation says.

 Maxim Shkil’s company Avtostrada seizes Zhytomyr region tenders by fraud with the head of Ukravtodor

Priority for road construction works in the Zhytomyr region has already been distributed among companies. Representatives of the road construction industry claim violation of the terms of the tender for the purchase of works on the M-21 highway, which Ukravtodor gave to Maxim Shkil’s Avtostrada. The same fate awaits the H-03 highway, on which Ukravtodor assigned all tenders to the Turkish Onur. Both companies participating in the National Association of Road Workers of Ukraine have already been seen colluding during procurement and are forming a road “cartel”. All other companies in the road construction industry are denied participation in procurement to prevent competition. Experts report that such a situation will lead to waste by 30% or more. Favorite companies during fictitious races win tenders among themselves by prior agreement. The NEWSONE TV channel spoke about the situation and violations in a story:

Tenders for work on the M-21 highway may go to Avtostrada, which belongs to Maxim Shkil. In order to circumvent the requirements established by Ukravtodor regarding the presence of an asphalt plant in the construction zone, the head of the road agency, Oleksandr Kubrakov, connected a chain of subordinate structures: 1. Zhytomyr highway service – removes competitors of “their companies” from tenders, refusing to bid, and only allows companies that are agreed with the head of Ukravtodor Oleksandr Kubrakov. 2. Zhytomyr oblavtodor – has already signed an agreement with the Avtostrada company for the supply of asphalt from its plant. The oblavtodor itself is actually bankrupt, and the plant is almost destroyed, overgrown with grass and is in a non-working state, despite the statements of officials. Artwork “Shkil and accomplices”: Watch the video. 3. Ukravtodor Institute of the State Dormitory Research Institute – issues the necessary certificate, acts for the verification and confirmation of the satisfactory condition of the asphalt plant, which supposedly should produce asphalt for the Avtostrada company. Director of the State Dormitory Research Institute Artyom Bezugly signed the relevant documents. “This plant was included in the tender by the Avtostrada company in agreement with the State Enterprise of Zhytomyr Oblast Avtodor. On March 3, this plant was certified by the State Enterprise GosdorNII for the production of asphalt concrete mixtures, but given the state of the equipment, we can conclude that the plant was unlikely to be launched,” said Dmitry Vernidub, an expert in the road industry. Anatoly Tsinka, 1st Deputy Director of the State Enterprise GosdorNII, answered reporters: “The appearance of the plant is not a confirmation that it can or cannot produce. The brigade was leaving at the time of departure, the plant was launched”. The Road Service of the Zhytomyr Region, which is the customer of the tenders, claims that it is not possible to check the technical condition of the plant, which is in the department of Ukravtodor. “If there is a certificate in the documents, a certificate for the factory, and so on, it’s all official, it hangs on ProZorro, we all look, check. If there is, then there is. But we do not create any commissions, and we do not travel. Because if we go to all regions of Ukraine and check the availability of their equipment live, as they say, then we simply will not be able to do it all, ”explained Sergey Zaika, head of the Road Service in the Zhytomyr region.

Worked out scheme

On Monday, February 24, at an open auction for the provision of services for the overhaul of the state highway H-08 in the Cherkasy region, the winner was Avtostrada LLC, owned by the famous ex-regional Maxim Shkil. She will be paid 403 million hryvnias for her work.. In 2019, according to the same scenario, he managed to win a similar tender on the same road – then the company earned 622 million hryvnias. Actually, what the auction looked like: 7 companies were declared at them, but only two were admitted – Avtostrada and ShRBU-48 (as in last year's auction). Others found inconsistencies in documents and so on.. At the same time, the ShRBU-48 company did not even try to compete, because it did not reduce its price – it left it at around 403,500,000 hryvnias. “Avtostrada” took one step down (in the amount of the minimum 1%) and won with an offer of UAH 403,499,000. Data on the participants of the tender for the next tender for road repair. Screenshot from ProZorro: After signing the contract, the cost of one kilometer of the road will cost 40 million hryvnia, which is much more expensive than many other companies. For example, in the same Cherkasy region, Rostdorstroy LLC performs work almost twice cheaper – for 22 million hryvnias per kilometer. And according to the results of last year's tender, the cost of repairs from the “Autostrada” reached 60 million per kilometer. In the business environment, they say that the tender for Shkil was organized by the ex-Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan, allegedly it was his “demobilization chord”. By the way, the patronage of Omelyan was discussed even before that – it was Avtostrada that overhauled the section between Vinnitsa and Uman as part of the Go Highway project (the same “hyperloop”).

The firm of the ex-“regional” Maksim Shkil, accused of corruption, received another 400 million to repair the road

An estimate for the overhaul of the public road H-08 Boryspil-Dnepr-Zaporozhye (via Kremenchuk) worth UAH 403.49 million has been published. The repair customer under the contract dated March 13 with Joint Ukrainian-German Enterprise Avtostrada LLC was the Highway Service in the Cherkasy region. Journalists remind that the ultimate beneficiary owner of Avtostrada is businessman Maxim Shkil, ex-assistant of the People's Deputy of the Party of Regions Mykola Demyanka. According to the documents, the winner of the tender for the repair of the section of the highway km 87 + 300 – km 98 + 000 in the Cherkasy region will use three types of asphalt mixes (prices are excluding delivery and VAT):. UAH/t; – porous coarse-grained asphalt concrete grade 1 by 2194 thousand. UAH/t; – asphalt concrete dense coarse-grained type A grade 1 for 2319 thousand. UAH/t. “The prices for mixtures are slightly higher than at similar tenders for the repair of the H-03 Zhytomyr-Chernivtsi road and the M-12 Stryi-Ternopil-Kropivnitsky-Znamenka road, the contractor of which was ZAO Khmelnitsky Road Construction Department No. 56. There, a mix of ShMA-20 on bitumen BMKP 60/90-65 cost 2585 UAH/t, porous coarse-grained asphalt concrete types A-B grade 1 – 2212 UAH/t, respectively,” the journalists write. Ukravtodor published a report on the work done on the Facebook page: At the same time, they remind that Avtostrada is suspected by the police of producing a low-quality asphalt concrete mix that did not meet its cost: asphalt plant in. Strizhavka, Vinnitsa district, Vinnytsia region, underestimate the content of expensive additives WetflixBE, Sasobit, Viatop 66, Licomont, as a result of which they seized budget funds, ”the court ruling on the case, which is being investigated by the Investigative Department of the National Police in Vinnytsia region, says. Avtostrada also won a tender for the repair of the H-08 highway as a result of the fact that Ukravtodor, together with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, threw out five competitors from the tender, leaving only two – Avtostrada and DRSU-48 LLC. Moreover, for the same violations, one of the companies was eliminated from the auction, but two favorites were allowed to take part in the tender with the same problems in the tender proposals, the journalists remind.

Millions of hryvnias for road repairs settled in Shkil's pocket

In 202, roads were repaired throughout the country. Rare amount for the state. 86 billion hryvnias were used. So, according to the message in the telegram channel of the people's deputy Anton Polyakov, in the Chernihiv region, the Vinnytsia company “laying” the Highway, owned by Maxim Shkil and a wallet for his godfather, former Minister Yemelyan, has already appeared. Anton Polyakov described this appearance as follows:

Shkil will build a bridge on the border with Moldova for 3.4 billion hryvnias

By the end of 2022, a border bridge across the Dniester River will be built on the border of Ukraine and Moldova. The construction cost will amount to UAH 3.38 billion. The editors of became aware of this from information on the ProZorro portal. According to the tender documentation, the contractor must complete the construction of the border bridge across the Dniester River on the Ukrainian-Moldovan state border in the area of the settlements of Yampol – Cosauti by December 31, 2022. Bridge on the border with Moldova: Only two participants competed for victory in the tender6 Avtostrada LLC with an offer of UAH 3.386 billion and Rostdorstroy LLC with an offer of UAH 3.416 billion. Thus, the winning company Avtostrada LLC will perform the construction of the border bridge crossing by 2.12% below the expected purchase price.


Maxim Shkil has been devastating the country since the days of Viktor Yanukovych. And thanks to the inaction of law enforcement agencies, he continues to do this, not without the help of influential comrades, of course.

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