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Head of the Department of Counterintelligence Protection of State Interests. (DKIB SBU) ...

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"Black hacker" who robs pensioners and banks. ...


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Shilo Artyom Viktorovich


Artem Shilo, being a state hacker, decided to take advantage of his official position, and with the help of an organized group of other hackers who work under pressure and threats, he makes hacker attacks on foreign banks and is engaged in carding (stealing money from credit cards). Hence the rest in the Seychelles, and the new Audi, and real estate. This is how a person who is obliged to ensure cybersecurity profits from other people's troubles.

May 23, 1990
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Shilo Artyom Viktorovich

Head of the Department of Counterintelligence Protection of State Interests. (DKIB SBU)

Official biography

Date of Birth: 05/23/1990. Kharkiv Graduated from Yaroslav the Wise Kharkiv University, Candidate of Law.

A family

Mother – Shilo Olga Georgievna – head of the department at the University of Yaroslav the Wise. Father – Shilo Viktor Ivanovich NOT an official biography Employees note that Artyom Viktorovich likes to publicly declare completely open relationships in the team and in personal communication, but due to pathological greed, he is inclined to throw both his subordinates and immediate “patrons”, curators and patrons. To which he swore allegiance, but at the same time hides from them both his most valuable sources of income and the real amounts of funds passing through him and remaining in his pockets. For many years, Artyom Viktorovich Shilo has carefully guarded most of the “topics” both from his former leadership, in the person of the odious former head of the DKIB (2017-2019) Alexander Klimchuk and his former first deputy Nikolai Kuleshov, and from his high patrons from the new government, thanks to with whom he managed to remain in office and under the current government, but in the end he is ready to deceive these people in any situation that is most beneficial to himself. According to colleagues, Artyom Viktorovich Shilo now considers himself the de facto head of the department, and Korneichuk is a “formal” head. Artyom Shilo is trying to impose this position on all other employees of the DKIB. In his own words, he has direct access to one of the deputy chairmen of the SBU Bakanov, and this patron allegedly gave him full carte blanche in the department and is his “roof” for resolving all issues. But this patron, of course, does not realize that Shilo has fooled him and shows less than 20% of his “themes” and income from them. How to milk and choke IT business. The SBU again saddled corrupt financial flows Recently, criminal schemes have been definitively debugged to obtain illegal income by putting pressure on commercial enterprises of the IT market, providers and telecom operators, as part of criminal proceedings opened by other law enforcement agencies on falsified materials. In these criminal proceedings, groundless searches are carried out at the premises of IT companies, at the place of residence of their officials and founders, during which valuable computer equipment, cash and documents of financial and economic activity are seized, which actually blocks their commercial activities. To return the property seized during the searches, Artyom Viktorovich Shilo demands illegal remuneration from the owners of IT companies, which reaches several hundred thousand US dollars, and further receives a monthly remuneration for unhindered activities. In case of refusal to give a bribe, additional pressure measures are created for entrepreneurs (interrogations, searches, blocking of bank accounts), and the return of property confiscated during searches on the basis of court decisions is unreasonably delayed in every possible way. So, in the framework of criminal proceedings No. 12018100010003769 dated 04/18/2018 under Part 1 of Art.. 190 and h.1 art. 203-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which was in the production of the Goloseevsky police department of the State Emergency Department in the city. In Kyiv, measures were taken to put pressure on entrepreneurs servicing iBox electronic terminals under the far-fetched facts that they allegedly provide services in the field of gambling. Also, in the above production, searches were carried out in commercial enterprises related to electronic trading in the international currency market “Forex” (companies “Alitas Group”, “Star Way Media”, “MIZ Group”, “Prominvestconsult Group”, “Consulting Lane”, ” Adel Investmens”, “Team Advice” and others).

Shilo Artyom Viktorovich. Chief corrupt official in DKIB SBU

Artem Viktorovich, being in the position of acting. head of the 2nd department of the DKIB, which is operational and, by the nature of its activity, is mainly responsible for combating cybercrime… The main source of illegal income is the money extracted from the actual robbery of IT companies and tribute from providers and telecom operators that are defenseless against arbitrariness . According to sources in the SBU, Artyom Viktorovich Shilo has entire controlled hacker groups from Kharkov and Dnipro, who are forced to cooperate under the threat of a prison term and carry out clearly criminal assignments that are extremely far from the goals and objectives of the DKIB. With the help of their knowledge and using their official position and connections in the Office of the Prosecutor General, some employees of which “cover” them from possible requests for international legal assistance, tritely steal money from the accounts of ordinary citizens of China, the Russian Federation and other countries of the CIS and Asia, who do not have direct agreements with Ukraine on international legal assistance in criminal matters, or there are such, but only DE JURE, such as with the Russian Federation. That allows them to turn out credit cards and bank accounts of citizens of these countries with impunity. What colossal damage such activities cause to Ukraine as a state, its reputation and foreign policy – one can only guess.


Huge funds from criminal activity quietly settle in him in the form of expensive real estate. Even the real estate itself, acquired with corruption funds, is bought in a “gray” way. Using his connections and official position Shilo Artyom Viktorovich systematically creates artificial obstacles to the activities of construction companies and receives from them the maximum discount on expensive and liquid objects in exchange for loyalty and the successful issuance of all permits. Real estate is acquired in different cities of Ukraine, which is registered in the name of their relatives and just dummies. The public declaration describes only a small and modest part of his property and capital, most of which is not known even to his inner circle, patrons and allies.


Artyom Viktorovich bought a scientific work from a person whose reputation, of course, is not in doubt in academic circles. The real author of the work is the candidate of legal sciences, associate professor of the department of criminal procedure of the National Law University named after Yaroslav the Wise Trofimenko Vladimir Mikhailovich. Who was forced by elementary poverty to make a deal with his conscience for money and write a scientific work for an elderly tongue-tied student, whose level does not allow him to do such work on his own, even in the distant future. DECLARATION Consider the official declaration of the parents of Artyom Viktorovich Shilo. Even a cursory acquaintance with which raises a logical question – what a miracle, with an official salary that does not exceed 25 thousand hryvnia for an employee of his level, it was possible to purchase several houses with an area of 150 m2, with a real value of at least 2 million hryvnia each, 4 land plots and commercial real estate with a total with an area of about 600 m2, the market value of which may exceed UAH 4-5 million. According to the declaration, the parents' income cannot be enough for such expensive purchases either. Also, two expensive cars are registered for the family, a 2017 Toyota Camry (price from UAH 700,000) and a 2018 TOYOTA RAV 4 (from UAH 800,000), as well as an Audi Q6. By a strange coincidence, the main purchases occurred just in 2016-2019, during the reign of Klimchuk and Kuleshov in DKIB. POCKET MONEY FOR DKIB The IT sector is not regulated by law, most often young people work in it, who receive good incomes by the standards of Ukraine. Due to the specifics of remote work with customers, they rarely intersect with the state machine, therefore they do not have strong ties with the powers that be. Because of what they become easy prey for enterprising “servants of the law”. In such schemes, for example, employees of the DKIB SBU were noticed – Artyom Shilo and his subordinate Alexander Sapalev. According to colleagues, these employees find IT specialists in Ukraine, establish corrupt relations with them, and then use them for their own personal interests for years. According to the Bagnet edition, a source in the SBU reports that IT specialists are used to carry out cyber attacks on foreign banks, as well as to create and deploy malware, ransomware viruses, and also to create resources for the distribution of objects withdrawn from civilian circulation.. And here we will stop a little more. In Ukraine, it is no secret to anyone that the sale of drugs through a network of bookmarks and ads on the walls of the city is supervised by law enforcement officers.. All these “heads”, “bumps”, “hair dryer”, “salt” and other chemicals are sold under the “roof” of guys with shoulder straps, writes the ORD website. Yes, and the creation of sites and their “depersonalization” is quite time-consuming work, which is best done by “extraneous” hands. And if necessary, these same hands can be painlessly handed over to law enforcement colleagues. But the proceeds from the sale of drugs are prohibitively small compared to how much you can earn on carding – a type of fraud in which a transaction is made using a payment or credit card or its details, not initiated or not confirmed by its holder.. There are a million options for carding, in the case with the participation of Ukrainian law enforcement officers, most often the victims are citizens of the Russian Federation, Belarus and China. The choice of countries with which the hackers work lies on the surface – in connection with the war, relations between law enforcement officers have also cooled down, and now there is no question of coordination, joint investigations, or mutual assistance in finding the perpetrators. According to one of the former “assistants” Artyom Shilo, there is a struggle for markets inside the DKIB, the results of which look like this: “The SBU exposed a group of hackers who attacked the websites of government agencies and banks. According to investigators, the hackers established a corrupt relationship with law enforcement and government officials.” The task of such a struggle is simple – the creation of a criminal monopoly in Ukraine, supervised by those who have to fight against such phenomena. Also, the Bagnet publication writes that for such work, the SBU officers, in addition to the “working hands”, which, believe me, the accomplices have a lot, also need high-quality equipment – servers, routers, system units. The equipment is expensive and requires professional adjustment, for this, for example, the equipment confiscated from the Kharkov company SteepHost would be well suited. Initially, the SBU officers extorted money from the entrepreneur, and not having received what they wanted, they seized the equipment as part of the investigation of a criminal case under part 2 of Art.. 110-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, concerning the financing of terrorists of the so-called LNR and KhNR through the service.

Allegedly, the investigation found that the servers “which host an automated system for distributing materials that contain calls to raise money for the LNR and KhNR” are located in the SteepHost data center. This is one of the most popular formal reasons for seizing equipment from host companies.. The second most popular is the distribution of pornography, and the sale of bank card data. It is worth noting that such accusations create a huge scope for falsification of evidence.. Such equipment is rarely returned to its original owners.. And in the case of SteepHost, despite the absence of any indictment by the court, the expensive equipment was returned damaged and looted to the extent of scrap metal.


Artem Shilo, being a state hacker, decided to take advantage of his official position, and with the help of an organized group of other hackers who work under pressure and threats, he makes hacker attacks on foreign banks and is engaged in carding (stealing money from credit cards). Hence the rest in the Seychelles, and the new Audi, and real estate. This is how a person who is obliged to ensure cybersecurity profits from other people's troubles.

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