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Shakhov Sergey Vladimirovich


Sergei Shakhov showed himself as a bright, kind person, ready to help poor people. More precisely, this is how his grandmothers saw him, whom he bribed with money, sugar and other "charitable" buns. But all this unheard-of generosity, and direct monetary bribery, is only for the sake of satisfying their political ambitions, and conquering not only the city, but the entire region. And bribing voters is not the worst thing that Shakhov did. There are so many compromising facts about him that not all old politicians can "boast" of such things.

Ukraine, Russia, France
May 7, 1975
Уровень охвата:

Shakhov Sergey Vladimirovich

Official biography

Sergey Shakhov was born on May 7, 1975 in the Kazakh village of Sayak, which was part of the Dzhezkazgan region (now the territory of the Karaganda region). In 1976, his family moved to the city of Bryanka, and ten years later, in 1986, they settled in Stakhanov. He began his career in 1993 as a sales representative of LLC “Marichka”. In 1996, Shakhov became the Deputy Sales Director of Ruslan LLC.. He worked in this position until 2004. March 2006. was elected a deputy of the Luhansk Regional Council of the 5th convocation. From 2007 to 2011, the politician and businessman is officially the deputy director of RIM Law Firm LLC, and since 2011 – the head of Lugansk Industrial Group LLC. Since December 8, 2010, he has been a member of the executive committee of the Stakhanov City Council. In 2011 he was awarded for high professionalism by the All-Ukrainian charitable organization “Ukrainian Fund of Culture”. In 2012, he led his team in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In the same 2012, for speaking out against the Party of Regions, the authorities fabricated criminal cases against Shakhov, and he was wanted. In 2013 Sergey Shakhov actively supported Euromaidan. He sent personal funds to support the protesters in the center of the capital. Shakhov facilitated the return of the Lugansk “Berkut” from Kyiv, and also helped to evacuate wounded activists from the capital. On October 25, 2015, at the local elections, he passed to the Severodonetsk city council from the Our Land party, but on November 18, the Severodonetsk city election commission of the Luhansk region decided to deprive Sergei Shakhov of his deputy mandate. On July 17, 2016, he was elected a people's deputy in the midterm elections to the Verkhovna Rada.. Passed as a self-nominee in single-mandate constituency No. 114 (Luhansk region). On August 1, 2016, the Central Election Commission registered Sergei Shakhov as a people's deputy. In the 2019 parliamentary elections. candidate for people's deputies as a self-nominated candidate in the 114th territorial district. On July 21, 2019, he was elected a People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the IX convocation.

Family and connections

Father – Shakhov Vladimir Nikolaevich, mother – Shakhova Valentina Nikolaevna. Sergei Shakhov is married and has five children: three sons and two daughters.. The eldest son, Nikita Shakhov, is also involved in politics and social activities in the Lugansk region.

Ranks, ranks, regalia

Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Rules and Organization of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Leader and founder of the public organization “People's Trust”. In 2006, he was awarded the medal of the Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine for high achievements and services to the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, as well as the Order “For Patriotism”, dedicated to the 2000th anniversary of Christianity, and the Order of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – for an active spiritual position and charity. In 2008, Shakhov won the contest “Young Man of the Luhansk Region” in the nomination “Young Patron of the Year”, and in 2009 he became the “Person of the Year” of the city of Stakhanov. In 2011, Shakhov received an award for high professionalism from the All-Ukrainian charitable organization “Ukrainian Fund of Culture”.

NOT official biography

His name is well known to many pensioners of the Lugansk region, who revere Shakhov as a benefactor. After all, as soon as elections to the Rada or local authorities begin there, Sergei Shakhov's team immediately begins generously distributing money, food packages or sugar to poor voters. In return, he receives not only their votes, but also the willingness to participate in “pro-Shakhov's” rallies. And from his most loyal fans, he formed squads of fighting grandmothers, using them in his political shows and provocations.. However, according to SKELET-info, Shakhov also has real “titushki”, and even worse: long-standing close ties with the commanders of the “Luhansk Republic” militants, whom, according to a number of sources, he also “feeds”.

Rogue Converters

For appearances, Shakhov entered vocational school No. 21 to study as a pastry chef, but in fact, together with his cousin Alexei, he engaged in petty extortion and a little currency exchange in the markets of the Luhansk region. At one not at all wonderful moment, the brothers ran into people who were under the “roof” of an influential businessman Viktor Topolov. Yes, yes, the very one who, much later, would buy up the assets of Pavel Lazarenko, a fugitive from justice, stuck in Ukraine for a pittance. Shakhov's new talents were discovered by Stakhanovite Alexander Stetsenko (born 1978), who, from a half-educated seminarian, retrained first into a non-ferrous metal buyer, and then into a criminal financier. He is known as the founder and leader of the so-called. conversion centers, whose services were used by both organized crime groups (including drug dealers) and businessmen of various calibers – from small entrepreneurs to Lugansk oligarchs, among whom were structures. It was reported that for several years these conversion centers worked under the “roof” of criminal authorities Sergei Kolinko (nickname “Chick”), who was the “watcher” for Stakhanov, and Vladimir Polubatko from Alchevsk (nickname “Football Player”). The active joint activity of Shakhov and Stetsenko began in 2002, and it was she who made Sergei Vladimirovich the wealthy swindler he is today. We add: at the same time, the failed father Stetsenko captivated Shakhov with Orthodoxy, revealing to him the beneficial side of close cooperation with the church. So, in 2006, Sergei Shakhov received from the hands of the head of the UOC-MP two church orders and one medal for spirituality, charity and patriotism. A feature of the Stetsenko-Shakhov conversion centers was their frequent collapses, leaving clients without money.. According to the information available to SKELET-info, at first the reason for this was banal: the centers were successfully covered by law enforcement agencies a couple of times. At the same time, the bandits lost the money, and, not wanting to listen to the excuses of Stetsenko and Shakhov, they simply put them under the condition of returning the “dough” (supposedly, the matter concerned the “common fund”) under pain of death. And then the cunning Shakhov suggested that Stetsenko find money by “throwing” his other clients – from among the wealthy, but relatively harmless businessmen. They directed the police to another of their own conversion centers, from which, however, they first withdrew most of the funds into their pockets – well, the clients were told that the police confiscated everything. And according to another information, Shakhov “worked off” the money by giving the bandits information about his wealthy clients – who were then robbed or “taxed”. They also told something else: when relations between Shakhov-Stetsenko and the thieves reached a phase of aggravation, they handed over the “crowned” to the UBOP. In a word, even this illegal business of Shakhov was accompanied by “divorce” and “throw”. A new expansion of Stetsenko-Shakhov's conversion business took place in 2006, when Stetsenko, through PE Fininvest, acquired a 49% stake in the Chernihiv bank Demark. Another 49% stake in the bank was bought by Prioritet-inter LLC (in 2011 it sold its stake to an undisclosed buyer). Thus, the partners have the opportunity not only to include a rather large bank in their schemes, but also to use it to legalize their own “fat”. However, in subsequent years, Demark Bank did not become a buyer of business assets, but for some reason preferred to work with individuals – whose deposits restored 84% of its capital.. It was pretty weird! The decline of Stetsenko-Shakhov's business began in 2009. By that time, they were already serving clients in Kyiv, but then, one after another, Shakhov, who was left in the Luhansk region “looking” for their conversion centers, was hit by several heavy blows. First, his cousin Alexei died in a car accident near Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, who was transporting a huge amount of cash rubles and hryvnias in a minibus.

Fight on TV with Mosiychuk

Passions flared up on the air of the Ukrainian TV channel “Direct”. People's deputies from the RPL Igor Mosiychuk and his colleague from Our Territory Sergei Shakhov took part in a political talk show with Mykola Veresn, reports. First, the parliamentarians exchanged verbal squabbles. Things did not come to assault until Shakhov announced the participation of the radical Mosiychuk in the gay pride parade. “Please don’t go to gay parades, be a man,” the Luhansk politician addressed his opponent. Mosiychuk got up and demanded an apology, which was not followed.. Passions escalated, and the skirmish escalated into further insults. Shakhov dealt the first blow. In turn, Mosiychuk drew his famous cane, which he does not part with after the attempt on his life.

Nasalyk, people's deputy Shakhov and Volynets staged a skirmish in the center of Kyiv

On July 13, 2018, during a rally of workers from state-run mines seeking to pay back wage arrears, a violent conflict broke out between Shakhov and Minister Igor Nasalik near the building of the Ministry of Energy.

Confrontation with Alexander Efremov

In 2012, non-party Serhiy Shakhov and a team of his like-minded people ran for elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in several single-mandate constituencies in the Luhansk region. They were tough against proteges of the Party of Regions. As a result, a confrontation began with the leader of the Luhansk PR Alexander Efremov and local authorities. During the campaign, Yanukovych's henchmen opened criminal cases against Sergei Shakhov and his associates. His entire team was put on the wanted list.. One day 37 people were detained. Law enforcement agencies, at the behest of the “regionals”, seized documents and seized computer office equipment in Shakhov's office in Stakhanov. Despite the fact that the exit poll data pointed to Shakhov's victory, in the end, the former mayor of Lisichansk, a member of the Party of Regions Sergei Dunaev, was declared the winner of the election. Sacks of sugar were handed out from the Charity Fund of Sergei Shakhov May 2019. Representatives of the BO “Lugansk Regional Charitable Fund” Lugansk region – our land “and” Sergei Shakhov's Foundation “handed out bags of sugar (5 kg) to residents of the village. Belovodsk and Belovodsky district of the Lugansk region.

Shakhov bribed voters in the 2016 by-election. using a charitable foundation

According to the Ukrinform publishing house, competitors in the by-elections to the Verkhovna Rada in 2016 in constituency No. 114 announced a possible bribery of voters of one of the candidates for deputies. Thus, the “Social Cards” of the Nash Krai Charitable Foundation, the representative of the Our Krai party was Sergey Vladimirovich Shakhov, were allegedly awarded individually: “The owner of this card has a priority right to participate in the social programs of the Charitable Foundation “Our Land” and the NGO “Protection of Peasants”…”.

At the same time, competing representatives of the Opposition Bloc claimed that at first the peasants were stupidly paid 200 hryvnias each, promising the same reward based on the results of the vote, but here there was a rumor that in the district a secret SBU brigade was monitoring all cases of bribery – and the Shakhovtsy rapidly modernized their “work with the voter”, report journalists.


The agreement was concluded on March 15, 2017 by the former mayor Valentin Kazakov and an individual Sergey Vladimirovich Shakhov. Shakhov paid for the rent of a 61 sq.. m. 1 UAH. a year and used it allegedly as a reception room for a people's deputy. The deputies acknowledged that this lease agreement is contrary to the current legislation.. In particular, paragraph 10 of the “Methodology for calculating the rent for property”, which was approved by a government decree, contains an exhaustive list of entities for which the amount of rent is set at 1 hryvnia, and People's Deputy Serhiy Shakhov does not belong to such entities.. Sergei Shakhov could not conclude a lease agreement in the manner prescribed by part. 5th century. 28 of the Law of Ukraine “On the status of a people's deputy”, since in this case the contract is concluded by the administration of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In their decision, the deputies instructed the administration of the executive committee to return the premises to the use of the Severodonetsk city council, and also instructed the legal department to file an application with law enforcement agencies in connection with material losses caused to the territorial community by concluding a lease agreement with Sergey Shakhov with a rent of 1 hryvnia.


As noted in the TV program “Our Money”, in the buffer zone of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra reserve and in the buffer zone of the cultural heritage site included in the UNESCO World Heritage List “Kyiv: Hagia Sophia and adjacent monastery buildings,” Kiev-Pechersk Lavra ” illegally build up the ramparts of the Kyiv fortress. Although it is possible to build in the reserve zone only with the permission of the Ministry of Culture, and in some cases it is impossible at all. On January 22, 2015, the city council imposed a moratorium on construction in the buffer zone of the reserve. 5 days after the moratorium at 13 Leiptsigskaya, where the ancient protective ramparts pass, the Kievmiskbud company receives permission from the State Architectural Inspectorate for the construction of a high-rise. SERGEY SHAKHOV PROVIDED “CHARITABLE MATERIAL ASSISTANCE” TO VOTERS According to the information provided in the pre-election monitoring report from Opora, in June 2012 in the cities of Stakhanov, Bryanka, Pervomaisk, Popasnaya, Lisichansk, Alchevsk, Rubezhny, Leninsky district. Lugansk, Krasnodon in the reception of the Charitable Foundation of Sergei Shakhov provided “charitable material assistance” in the amount of 50 hryvnia per person. Some of these settlements (Lysychansk, Pervomaisk, Stakhanov, Popasnyansky district) were part of constituency No. 107, in which the candidate ran.

Although the information provided does not confirm the guilt of the candidate for people's deputies Sergei Shakhov in committing an offense, it gives good reason to assume and make a note about the high probability of involvement in indirect vote bribery on his part.

Road accident involving people's deputy Shakhov

People's Deputy of Ukraine from the group “Will of the People” Serhiy Shakhov confirmed the information that on the night of June 14 he got into a traffic accident in the Poltava region. He wrote about this on his Facebook page. According to him, on the night from Wednesday to Thursday, he went to work in Zaporozhye. His car (a Toyota SUV) collided with another car (a Ford) that was parked across the road with a drunk driver at the wheel. “Under Lubny, a one-way road with bumpers. Across the road in an unlit area was a car without dimensions. It turned out that the driver was drunk, hit the bump stop, stood across the road. From a collision with him, our car was thrown onto a bump stop and then onto the side of the road, ”he wrote. There were no fatalities as a result of the collision.. Ford driver seriously injured and taken to hospital. No one was injured in Shakhov's car.

Rested in Courchevel: People's Deputy Shakhov picked up the coronavirus.

MP from the group “Dovira” Sergei Shakhov contracted the coronavirus, probably after a trip to the resort of Courchevel (France). Initially, the people's deputy denied the information, but after publicity in the media, he admitted to being ill. After the appearance of the first data, OBOZREVATEL turned to the Obukhov police department, where the duty officer confirmed that a statement on this fact had already been registered, law enforcement officers were going to check.

Shakhov and Vladimir Guslavsky

The well-known Volodymyr GUSLAVSKY is walking along the 112th district, who is now trying with all his might to prove that he did not surrender the Luhansk region to terrorists. Although this is a person who personally gave orders to escort armed groups of people, create green corridors for their transport, equipped the so-called titushki not only with knives, but also with firearms. Yes, he personally gave the order to hand over the administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Lugansk into the hands of armed separatists. When terrorists came to his department, GUSLAVSKY, instead of defending his fellow countrymen, fled from his post and handed law enforcement agencies into the hands of bandits. And today he goes hand in hand with SHAKHOV only because they are also connected by long-standing business ties. It was with great pleasure that he helped SHAKHOV to engage in illegal business, taking on the cashing of funds. This also applied to SHAKHOV's kopanok, and transactions in metal and currency. In general, the percentage of his help from GUSLAVSKY turned out to be grandiose, which allowed him to fly up the career ladder in a matter of years.

drug use

Sergey Shakhov bought grandmothers for 200 hryvnia per vote and introduced representatives from more than 50 of his technical candidates to the commissions. In a desperate attempt to annoy the leader of the races, one of the enemy political technologists at the last moment spread a fake about his death from an overdose (alluding to Shakhov's addiction to “medications”). But this could not stop the victorious. People's Deputy Shakhov did not indicate a common-law wife in the declaration and apartments, cottages, land and business were registered in her name on it – cottages near Kiev, apartments and parking spaces in the center of the capital, land plots and a number of companies. This is stated in the investigation of the Schemes program (a project of Radio Liberty and the UA: First TV channel).

With the help of photos on social networks, journalists managed to establish the name of the common-law wife of Sergei Shakhov – this is Inna Zhurba. She appears in several photographs published by the deputy himself.. In particular, in 2021 – Happy New Year. And also in the photo in 2020 and 2019, when the people's deputy congratulated on Easter. Under one of the photos there was a caption: “We consecrated the pastiches with the whole family! Happy holiday everyone! “. As the journalists found out, an estate in the cottage town of the Kyiv region “Solnechnaya Dolina” with an area of more than 600 square meters was recorded on Inna Pechal, the address of which appeared in the news on the illness of deputy Shakhmatnaya on COVID-19 in March last year. At the same time, journalists note, in the section “Information about family members of the subject of declaring” in the declaration of People’s Deputy Sergei Shakhov for 2020, as in previous years, there is no information about his common-law wife. And accordingly – in the reporting there is no information about her monetary assets, income and property – including the mentioned house in the “Sunny Valley”. According to the register of rights to real estate, Inna Zhurba owns another large cottage in this town – an area of 1330 square meters. She also owns 27 land plots in the Kyiv region with a total area of almost 113 hectares. As journalists found out, in May 2020, Inna Zhurba also became the owner of 8 apartments and 8 parking spaces in an elite high-rise building in Pechersk. “A square meter of space in this house costs more than $2,000. If we calculate the estimated cost of apartments and parking spaces, in total Inna Zhurba had to pay almost one million eight hundred thousand dollars for this elite property – that is, 48,000,000 hryvnias. Did she have enough of her own money to do so? “- the investigation says. According to the register of legal entities, Zhurba previously owned several companies, and is still a co-owner of a number of companies. For example, she has 60% of the authorized capital in a real estate management company in the capital – the Da Vinci Center. The company owns more than half of the building in the center of Kyiv, near the embassies of France, Italy and Slovakia. And also – almost three dozen parking spaces in this house. False information in the declaration is a violation of anti-corruption legislation, established by the inspection of the National Anti-Corruption Agency or the investigation of the NABU. “We actually have no means of coercion of the subjects of declaring until they admit that they live with this or that person, run a joint household,” said Alexander Novikov, head of the NAZK, in a commentary on the “scheme” – we can confirm these facts, for example, by requesting materials to the preliminary investigation bodies, if they conduct a pre-trial investigation on other facts and establish actual residence. According to lawyers, at present, for NOT declaring a wife with millions of assets, Sergey Shakhov can receive either a fine or restriction of freedom – with special conditions. “If the difference between the declared assets and real information is more than 9,000,000 hryvnias, then the sanctions may be a restriction of freedom for up to two years. We are talking about a special institution of an open type, in which the conditions of detention are much milder, where a person can leave this institution,” Anton Marchuk, lawyer at the Anti-Corruption Action Center, explained. “Schemes” turned to Sergey Shakhmatnaya and Inna Zhurba with a request for comments and submitted written questions. At the time of posting the answer. The editors will publish their responses as soon as they receive them. At the end of 2020, the Constitutional Court abolished criminal liability for entering false information in declarations. After that, people's deputies, including Sergei Shakhov, adopted new legislation, which, according to anti-corruption experts, provides for a much lighter punishment for false information in declarations.

Shakhov spotted for intimate correspondence

In June 2017, photographers from the BP press box were able to capture the spicy messages of Sergei Shakhov. On that day, the people's deputy corresponded via Viber with a girl named Diana, who sent him her intimate photos. A few days later, Sergei Shakhov commented on the incident: “Yuriy Bek adopted a girl whom I help – I give one and a half thousand hryvnias every month”. Shakhov assured that it was Yury who sent him spicy photos with naked buttocks from Diana's phone, because he does not have his own smartphone. According to the People's Deputy, these are such “jokes”.

How Sergei Shakhov corrupted Yulia Tymoshenko

Establishing control over the regional center of the Luhansk region, the city of Severodonetsk, has been Sergey Shakhov's fixed idea since 2015. In the achievement of which he invested great efforts and funds. But the results of the local elections in 2015, when his party won only 9 out of 36 seats in the City Council, did not allow him to do this in Ukraine by known (especially legal) methods. Considering that the majority of deputies elected in 2015 were not going to negotiate with Sergei Vladimirovich. And then Shakhov’s team implemented an innovation that had never been seen before in Ukraine: in January-February 2020, a campaign was imitated to recall two-thirds of the deputies of the Severodonetsk city council at once. Allegedly by popular initiative. In reality, there was no popular initiative – in the meeting to initiate the recall of deputies and in the signing of signature lists, almost only members of the “Sergei Shakhov network” took part, who periodically receive material benefits on his behalf (in the form of sugar and not only). Both the meeting and the collection of signatures were carried out with numerous violations. For example, the territorial election commission refused to hand over signature sheets to the police for a random check, and decided to recall the deputies on the basis of a “check” carried out by several people from Shakhov’s team.. Fortunately, by repurchasing quotas in the Severodonetsk city election commission from the Opposition Bloc and European Solidarity parties, Shakhov's team formed a majority of 10 out of 17 commission members there. It is clear that the deputies appealed against the actions and decisions of the election commission to the court, the first such claim was filed on February 18, 2020. Alas, something is wrong with the judicial system in Ukraine; even a preparatory meeting has not yet been held on these claims.. And it seems that the illegal decisions of the election commission will be canceled by the court after the elections. One of the “recalled” was a deputy from the Batkivshchyna party, so the leadership of the city and regional party organizations, in order to protect his rights, replaced their members of the Severodonetsk city election commission. Including its chairman. Resolution No. 37 was adopted by the CEC on the proposal of the party on February 14, 2020. The new members of the Batkivshchyna commission had significant experience in working in the elections in the interests of Yulia Tymoshenko. So, Dmitry Sharko defended her interests in the 2019 presidential elections of Ukraine as a confidant of the “friendly” candidate Mykola Gaber in TIO-113, Dmitry Abramov was in these elections a confidant of another friendly candidate Serhiy Taruta in TIO-106, Oleksiy Kalabkin in these elections was a member of the district commission TIO-106. The newly appointed members of the commission revealed serious violations in the work of the “proshakhov” part of the Severodonetsk city election commission. So, it turned out that there were no documents of the commission and its seal in the premises of the commission, on this fact the police initiated criminal proceedings, and the place of residence of the secretary of the commission, Inna Varava, was searched. True, the documents were still not found there.. They (the documents of the TEC), according to the editorial staff of SvS, are located in one of the premises that is the reception room of the people's deputy Sergei Shakhov. The work of the members of the Severodonetsk city election commission, introduced there at the initiative of the city and regional organizations “Batkivshchyna”, jeopardized the plan to seize power in Severodonetsk by a group of Sergei Shakhov. And they found an “approach” to the leadership of Yulia Tymoshenko’s party, bypassing local organizations: on April 7, the CEC changed members of the Severodonetsk city election commission from the “Batkivshchyna” to proven “fighters” from the shah’s team. So, Elena Ruzhina became a member of the TEC under this Decree, who during the midterm elections of a people's deputy in OIO-114 in 2016 was a technical candidate for Sergei Shakhov. She was even given a warning then, because she did not open an electoral account.. Why would a technical candidate need an invoice? During the presidential elections in Ukraine in 2019, Elena Ruzhina was a member of the UWC TVO-106 from Igor Smeshko, and during the parliamentary elections of the same year, she was a member of the UWC OIO-106 from the Power of People party. She had a previous “experience” of working in the team of Sergei Shakhov and pensioner Olga Solovyova. The SvS editors do not know what Serhiy Shakhov paid for Batkivshchyna to replace its activists in the Severodonetsk city election commission with representatives of his political force. It can be political settlements. Or a banal loot. But in any case, it is unlikely that Yulia Tymoshenko can now claim that there is no political corruption in her party.

Vote fraud

On election day, the pandemonium with figures taken from the ceiling blew the imagination of observers: at first, voter turnout jumped to 65%. After the noise rose, dropped to 40%. In reality, no more than 20% of the population took part in the voting.. Sergei Shakhov started celebrating the victory immediately after the polling stations were closed. And closer to the night, when work in the commissions was supposed to be in full swing, the members of the DEC calmly went home.. The guards said that the commission was not working, although at that time the CEC website reported that only 15% of the protocols were being processed, and the information continued to be updated hourly. Wrote a complaint about a crime. This is a shock – before the commissions worked all night long, ”wrote candidate Vsevolod Filimonenko.
The “phenomenon” was explained simply. 3 hours before the elections, there was a massive replacement of the composition of precinct commissions by representatives of technical candidates, who without hesitation explained: “We are from Shakhov” (representing other names on paper). These mercenaries arrived on 7 buses from the Donetsk region and kicked out legitimate participants in the electoral process, taking their places in the commissions. Without a single document confirming the authority, without the oath of a member of the commission, which, by the way, contains such important words: “Realizing my high responsibility to the Ukrainian people, I swear to abide by the Constitution of Ukraine, honestly and conscientiously fulfill my duties, based on the principles of the rule of law , legality, objectivity and impartiality, ensure the implementation and protection of the electoral rights of citizens of Ukraine”. “In fact, some strange people came in from the street and said that they are now holding elections! This was reinforced by a call from the district administration and the UWC: “Yes, yes. We have decided to replace members. We will send certificates and a protocol on the replacement of the composition of the commission later, and you go to graze cows and everything that you usually do there at the entrance, ”they tell the legitimate members of the commissions, and they leave. And the impostors, who did not hide the fact that they have come a long way to earn money, are holding elections, counting votes. There was an illegal decision of the UWC at 5 am, although, according to the law, replacements are made before 12 am, ”says the people’s deputy Alexei Ryabchin, who was an eyewitness to the described processes and is preparing a lawsuit at the Central Exhibition Commission.

Credit Theft

ZIK journalists have unearthed a fantastic fraud with the theft of funds allocated by the European Investment Bank. A loan of 4.6 million euros was given to Ukraine for a project for the reconstruction of electricity networks. But the Ministry of Finance ordered that these funds be sent to Artyom Pshonka's bank, BG Bank, which soon collapsed. Before the final collapse, the bank managed to change the owner (the sponsor of Svoboda, Pups, became the new owner) and withdraw assets. The state enterprise “Ukrnergo” (to which the loan was intended) managed to get a million. The remaining 3.5 million. euros were happily stolen, and the state will have to repay the loan, along with interest. Among the people involved in the deal, journalists found the people of Sergei Shakhov. And they suspected that it was he who helped the new government to complete the crime begun by the old government.. Moreover, the office of BG Bank, like Shakhov’s office, is located in the same luxurious building owned by Artyom Pshonka. In early autumn, as part of an investigation into the theft of bank funds, Shakhov's office was searched and the conversion center was inadvertently exposed. Seals of fictitious firms located in Moscow, Crimea and in the territories of fake “republics” were seized. As well as documents that allow Shakhov to be suspected of smuggling currency into the occupied territories. The investigation has a version that Shakhov's “cash” business is not just flourishing, but financing terrorism. But the owner of the office got out again – shifting the responsibility to his zits-chairmen from Donetsk and Luhansk. “Da Vinci List” On February 23, 2014, in the final confrontation with the authorities, mired in corruption, a crowd of Euromaidan activists visited the building at 35 Gonchar Street in Kiev, where the office of Artyom Pshonka was located in the Da Vinci Center apartments. In its empty rooms, which occupied an entire floor, they found traces of a real pogrom.. Someone, covering their tracks, destroyed documents on a paper cutter, broke CDs, erased the contents of computer hard drives. The owner was already on his way to Moscow. Amateur pathfinders still managed to find something interesting ─ lists of members of an elite club headed by the owner of the office, Artyom Pshonka. For 20 thousand hryvnias per month, the company could regularly meet in the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant, eat delicacies, have fun and privately discuss business and news among themselves. Artyom Pshonka's office was popularly called the “shop for the sale of prosecutorial positions”, “cashing center” or “headquarters of watching families”. The found list is subject to close study. The first in it, of course, is the owner Artyom Pshonka himself. In the notebook of his acquaintance, the current People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Sergei Shakhov, he is listed as the boss. This is a more correct definition.

Attempt on life

On November 10, 2016, Sergei Shakhov's bodyguards informed the Kyiv police that the car in which the people's deputy was being pursued. The police, who arrived on a call, detained three people who were driving a Mercedes car.. According to the police, these people had two pistols with them and showed documents proving their relationship to the Peacemaker Special Purpose Regiment.. As a result of the incident, law enforcement officers opened two criminal cases under articles 263 (careless handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives) and 182 (violation of privacy). The politician himself called the event an attempt on his life. Income In 2015, declared an apartment (almost one hundred and seven square meters), Kadeevka, Lugansk region. Two more, metropolitan (one hundred and sixty-seven squares and one hundred and twenty-one), belong to the son of Nikita. Shakhov also owns a 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser-200 car worth 600.6 thousand. hryvnia The deputy owns 100% of the shares of Lugansk Industrial Group and 50% of the shares of the management company Nash Dom. Larger apartments purchased in 2012. The indicated value of the property is just over a million hryvnias.. Four-room apartment is located in the very center of Kyiv. Income from doing business even then amounted to almost a million – nine hundred and eighty-five thousand, seven hundred and ten hryvnias. The salary of a deputy in 2017 is almost two hundred and fifty thousand. UAH Declares three charitable organizations and one public association. Does not indicate the amount of money in cash and in a bank account. He is not officially an oligarch, however, in 2015 he declared almost a million. On the other hand, he spends a huge amount of money on charity. Only in 2015 he noted that he was the ultimate beneficial owner of Lugansk Industrial Group LLC.


Shakhov is a criminal of which there are few. Not every politician can boast of so many compromising evidence. Unfortunately, Mr. Shakhov is not interested in the interests of citizens, only his own benefit controls his actions.

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Wife - Inna Zhurba - entrepreneur, five children
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