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Saulenko Alexander Fedorovich


Alexander Saulenko is accused of treason. He went over to the side of the Russian occupiers of his own free will, steals humanitarian aid and snobbishly gives it to the citizens of Berdyansk for vivid stories on Russian TV. Little is known about his biography, only about two half-unprofitable companies, and a small photo archive in classmates with relatives from the Donbass.

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Alexander Fedorovich Saulenko

Official biography

Born May 9, 1962. Lives in the village of Novopetrovka, Berdyansk region. Citizen of Ukraine, higher education. According to the department of the Ministry of Justice, a man named Oleksandr Saulenko is registered within the Berdyansk region from the Union of Left Forces political party, which advocates a “neutral status of Ukraine.” “I am sure that together with the fraternal Russian people we will be able to establish a peaceful life,” the man said. Little is known about Saulenko's past.. Users in social networks write that he played for the regionals. There was a certain time on earnings in Russia. He is 59 years old, a native of the village of Novopetrovka, located in the Berdyansk region. This is a village to the east of Berdyansk along the coast, on the other side of the spit. In 2020, he unsuccessfully ran for the village council from the For the Future party. For the past few years, he has been one of the founders of two firms, Berdyansk Management Company and Azov Construction Partner. Until February 24, 2022, I was looking for a job as an occupational safety engineer on employment sites.

A family

There are two sons Roman and Artyom:

NOT official biography

In temporarily occupied Berdyansk, a certain Alexander Saulenko self-proclaimed himself “acting mayor”. The man said this in a video message posted on the Internet, Nashe Misto reports. The self-proclaimed mayor begins his illegal activities:

Information spread on Twitter and news outlets that Saulenko has two convictions: Once again, collaborators act according to the manual. The address of the “acting mayor” refers to the “fraternal peoples” and the “Kyiv junta”. Saulenko also lied that the Berdyansk authorities “withdrawn themselves” from their duties. The appearance of this character greatly outraged the locals, because they had long shown their attitude towards the Russian occupiers. Statement of the self-proclaimed mayor:
59-year-old Alexander Fedorovich Saulenko from the village of Novopetrovka in the Berdyansk region. Residents of Berdyansk, in the comments to Saulenko’s video message, call him nothing more than a traitor, collaborator and “dude from Novopetrovka”. It is known that before that the man was looking for a job as an occupational safety engineer on job sites. Saulenko, according to the investigation, expressed his intentions to contribute to the creation of an illegal authority in the occupied territory of Berdyansk. The Office of the Attorney General opened a treason case: The Zaporizhia Regional Prosecutor's Office initiated criminal proceedings on the fact of collaboration activities (h. 5th century. 111-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

What is known about the self-proclaimed acting. Mayor of Berdyansk Alexander Saulenko

A candidate in local elections, the founder of half-dead Berdyansk firms, an engineer for labor protection and, in general, a person not very much from Berdyansk – what is known about the traitor. He is one of the founders of two firms “Berdyansk Management Company” and “Azov Construction Partner”. It was not possible to find houses in the management of the Berdyansk Management Company. Data from Youcontrol: Alexander's mobile number, indicated in the contacts of the company “Azov Stroy Partner”, is assigned an advertisement for renting a holiday home on the shores of the Sea of Azov. This is the main business of the inhabitants of the village of Novopetrovka – the village is “known in narrow circles” of vacationers for more or less loyal prices and a good sea. Prior to this, the man was looking for a job as an occupational safety engineer on job sites. As a result, the infidels were able to find only a retired safety engineer for the position of “puppet mayor”, and not even from Berdyansk, but from a neighboring village, almost unknown to the masses.

Suspicious businessman

The Youcontrol website has information about two companies founded by Saulenko. This is “AZOV BUILD PARTNER” LLC and “BERDYANSKA MANAGEMENT COMPANY”. In the first company, the beneficiaries are directly Saulenko and a certain Oleg Vladimirovich Lebedev. Data from Youcontrol: The authorized capital of the company is 2000 UAH, and diverse activities: Organization of the construction of buildings (main), activities in the field of sports, hotel activities, restaurant activities and the provision of mobile food services, the provision of real estate for rent, the construction of residential and non-residential premises. Despite the fact that there is no minimum statutory capital for an LLC, a company that is engaged in construction seems suspicious due to the small amount. In addition, the versatility is alarming – it looks very suspicious. It is even more interesting with “BERDYANSK KERUYUCHOY COMPANY”. From the data in Youcontrol, the statutory capital of this company is 1000 hryvnias. The activities of the company also raise many questions: Cleaning, activities in the field of law, accounting and auditing, market research and public opinion polling, processing and disposal of non-hazardous waste. But the founder and director of this company, part-time director of the tax administration Okhrimenko Sergey Nikolaevich, seemed interesting. There are 5 more companies on it. Founders of LLC “BERDYANSK KERUYUCHA COMPANY”: Information about Okhrimenok Sergey Nikolaevich: One of the ZEMSERVICE GROUP companies is registered at. Kyiv str. Minina 12. There are 5 other companies registered at this address that look suspicious. For example, one of the companies has more than twenty points of additional diverse activities (including construction), but the statutory capital did not exceed 12 thousand hryvnias. The address of the company “ZEMSERVICE” Sergey Okhrimenok: If you search for this address on the maps, you can see a small brick house that has nothing to do with the proposed office, and Wikipedia writes that the Institute of Special Systems and Technologies is located at this address, and the building itself is considered an architectural monument. No information was found about the location of ZEMSERVICE and other companies there. Data from wikipedia:

Pro-Russian family

Having studied the profile of Saulenko in Odnoklassniki, we can conclude that he had a pro-Russian position for a reason. Most of Alexander's relatives live on the territory of the DPR and actively promote the “Russian world”. Going to the “relatives” tab, we can see three people: Nephew of “LEKH” from Berdyansk Sister Olga, who lives in Hannover, And aunt – Nadezhda Tinkova, a lover of nostalgia for the times in the USSR. Most interested in the nephew of “LEKH”. It is his profile that opens the gate to the history of the Saulenko family. Alexey has a sister, Oksana Saulenko, who was born in Moscow and lives in Donetsk, but her profile does not provide any information. Alexey very often uploads photos with a certain Yulia Saulenko, as well as with little Katya Saulenko, as it turns out from Katya's profile – Alexei and Yulia are Katya's parents: Photos of Alexey and Yulia: It turns out that Katya, the granddaughter of the acting. Mayor Alexander Saulenko. In fact, all of Yulia's relatives are in Donetsk. Brother (most likely cousin) Dmitry (nickname Dmitry DPR), who lives in Donetsk, actively supports Russian politicians and adds their posts to himself. Yulia also has a second brother – Lyosha Mukhanov. Also a resident of Donbass. His page is full of Russian slogans and glorification of the occupiers, and ridicule of the Ukrainian people: Pro-Russian slogans and propaganda are the main content in Aleksey Mukhanov's classmates: Pro-Russian slogans and propaganda are the main content in Aleksey Mukhanov's classmates: Alexey Mukhanov posted on the network a photo with Yulia Saulenko's daughter Katya: By the way, if they return to Alexander, he adds records of a girl with the nickname Oksana LOVE to his wall, perhaps she is part of his circle of acquaintances: Oksana also lives in Donetsk and also glorifies Russia like the above-mentioned characters. In general, speaking, if you read Oksana's posts, then we can conclude that she has nothing in common with the word respect, as well as with the word LOVE: By the way, this work has nothing to do with Taras Grigorievich, they wrote a whole explanatory article about it. But apparently Oksana doesn't know about it. This whole story can be described by one proverb – “Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are”. Alexander Saulenko and his entourage are traitors to the country, glorifying the Russian world.


Alexander Fedorovich was looking for a job as an engineer for labor protection, and got the position of acting. mayor, thanks to his endless love for Russia and the occupiers. Now chaos is happening in the city, people are protesting, and he is promoting himself on their grief, pathetically distributing stolen humanitarian aid.

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There are two sons - Roman and Artem
To the traitors of the country
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BC 091962
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