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Often appears in the media, keeps under control all the courts and most of the politicians ...


An expert who will write whatever you want, a smuggler, a corrupt official. ...


Smuggling, false declaration, forgery of expertise, bribes ...

Ruvin Alexander Grigorievich


Alexander Ruvin was nicknamed "the devil's expert" by journalists. As the director of the Institute of Forensic Expertise, Ruvin controls most of the politicians, judges, businessmen, because in his hands there is a lot of compromising evidence and access to all the evidence. Therefore, it is enough to pay him a round sum, and he will easily forge an examination for you, agree with the right people. It is for this reason that Alexander Grigorievich is still in his position – this is very beneficial for many politicians.

Ukraine, Israel
Ukraine, Israel
July 20, 1959
Уровень охвата:

Ruvin Alexander Grigorievich

Official biography

Director of the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Examinations. Colonel, major general of militia, state adviser to the customs service of the 3rd rank. Born July 20, 1959.

Education and career

In 1980 he graduated from the Kamenetz-Podolsky Higher Military Engineering Command School, in 1990 from the Moscow Military Engineering Academy, in 2003 from the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs of Ukraine with a degree in jurisprudence. Since 1980, Alexander Ruvin served in the officers of the USSR and Ukraine. Progressed from platoon commander to separate brigade commander. He took a direct part in the hostilities in the Republic of Afghanistan and in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident. In 1996 he was transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. During this period, he was the head of the explosive service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the State Research Forensic Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and worked in the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. In 2003 Alexander Ruvin was sent to the State Customs Service of Ukraine. He headed the Central Customs Laboratory, and since 2004 – the Central Customs Department of Laboratory Research and Expert Work. Since June 2009 – Alexander Ruvin became the first deputy director of the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Examinations. Since December 2010, Oleksandr Grigoryevich has been temporarily entrusted with the duties of director of the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Examinations, and in May 2011 he was appointed director of the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Examinations.

A family

Wife Galina – business partner, son Sergei, and stepson Nazar.

NOT official biography

Alexander Ruvin has headed KNIISE for 10 years. He turned the institute into a fortress named after himself. During this time, he got into fewer scandals than the expert institution itself. He was repeatedly credited with the smuggling business and underground casinos.. Investigators recorded his unofficial meetings with the court environment of Petro Poroshenko, Alexander Granovsky and the notorious head of the OASK Pavel Vovk. By the way! Under the leadership of Vovk, NABU took on Ruvin three times: illegal enrichment, false declaration and forgery of expertise.

Lobbying the interests of a separatist organization

New nuances were revealed in the illegal activities of Alexander Grigoryevich, namely lobbying the interests of the separatist company TERMINAL LLC (EGRPOU 31366203), 83023, Donetsk region, M. Donetsk, Kalininsky district, Sechenova street, 44, later addresses changed to 85000, Donetsk region, Dobropolye, st. Gagarina, d. 1A, the main activity of the company is the wholesale of solid, liquid, gaseous fuels and similar products, agricultural products. The illegal activity of the company has been carried out since the distant 2001. In the bundle is also the company “TERMINAL Naftogaz” it was founded already on the territory of Ukraine in 2018. The owner and head of the company is Sivash Vladislav Pavlovich, born on April 15, 1972, a native of the village of. Starobeshevo, Starobeshevsky district. Donetsk region. The representative of the company is Elena Viktorovna Ustimova, born on December 17, 1974, a native of. Donetsk and Zhezhelenko Daria Evgenievna, born on 06/07/1989, a native of Donetsk. The companies carry out illegal operations with the separatists on an ongoing basis. The company constantly participates in tenders. Through the company SAFFIAZO CORPORATION LIMITED (controlled by Ruvin), registered in Cyprus, buys fuel materials in Russia and resells them in Ukraine. That is, the scheme is as follows, a company from Cyprus SAFFIAZO CORPORATION LIMITED buys petrochemical products from companies from the Russian Federation, gas processing: LPG (liquefied hydrocarbon gases), GP (diesel fuel), gasoline, technical methanol, NGL (wide fraction of light hydrocarbons) and resells their Ukrainian companies are also controlled by the Ruvin family and, as it were, Russian fuel is no longer Russian, but from Cyprus.

Fozzy Group

According to an investigation by the portal, published in December 2016, the owner of Fozzy Group, Vladimir Kostelman, took possession of the funds of VAB Bank, while the current director of the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Examinations (KNIISE) actively helped Kostelman to seize the bank’s funds. ) Ruvin Alexander Grigoryevich, which the portal confirms with the documents published by him.

How Klitschko saved Ruvin

Over the past few months, everyone has already realized the existence of a confrontation between the Bank and the mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko, who is struggling to keep all power in his hands. As they say, in war, all means are good, especially if criminal cases have been initiated against members of your team.. Therefore, the mayor decided to defend himself and block the dismissal of the scandalous director of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Examinations (KNIISE) Alexander Ruvin, who has been heading the institution for ten years. After all, in which case it is KNIISE that will conduct examinations in criminal cases that are sensitive for the head of the Kyiv City State Administration. And according to ZN.UA, Ruvin's institution has already received criminal proceedings related to the mayor.

Directors of KNIISE could not be fired

In the summer of 2021, the Ministry of Justice tried to dismiss the director of KNIISE, but could not. Although the institute is subordinate to the ministry, the dismissal of its director must be approved by the chairman of the KSCA. Ruvin was saved by such a complex design, because Vitali Klitschko did not agree. Like, there are no grounds and in general Ruvin is experienced and efficient.

Case of Nasirov

In 2017, KNIISE experts made an examination on the case of Roman Nasirov. Nasirov was the chief fiscal, and he was accused of abuse of office.

The key document in the case was the examination, which showed that the actions of the official caused 2 billion losses. The experts calculated this figure, passed the information to the authorities, and then Ruvin personally tried to withdraw the examination. Nasirov himself assured that it was wrong.

Scandalous cases: formula and Sheremet

In 2018, Ruvin experts analyze the notorious “Rotterdam+” formula. In simple words, to answer the question: is there any logical reason to “tear” Ukrainians 3 skins for electricity? The experts said there is. The formula is legal and economically justified, which means that it could not inflict losses. Note! In 2019, it was precisely for the damage from the formula – 18 yards – that NABU announced suspicion of five people. Bureau had to re-examine. She, unlike Ruvin's experts, not only confirmed the losses, but also counted twice as much as she suspected at the beginning. In 2019, KNIISE made a fuss with the expertise in the murder of Pavel Sheremet. They tried to identify the suspects from the video with their walk. So far, Ruvin assured on the air that the examination is “as simple as a door” and the institute has enough experience.

Is it a lake

Elite SPA-complex Edem Resort in Lviv region. It stands right on the lake. The land on which the reservoir is located was officially bought by the company from the regional administration. However, if it is a natural lake or pond of this size, then it cannot be sold. Everything rested on the question: is it a lake or not a lake. It was the Ruvin Institute that became the expert. For six months, the examination lay in the institution, but the materials, in the end, were returned without an answer.. Since “there is no access to the object of the survey.”

Expert Ruvin couldn't get to the water, although Ruvin himself could. The head of the expert department celebrated Christmas in the restaurant of the complex with his family.

Contacts of the chief expert

Ruvin's birthday is a special day in the life of KNIISE. For the first time, journalists were convinced of this back in 2018.. Many interesting people came to congratulate the director of the institute. For example, the then Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko. Shortly before this, Petrenko, as it seemed then, “multiplyed by zero” the reputation of KNIISE. Recall! Ruvin instructed experts to calculate the losses of Energoatom in the case of ex-People's Deputy Nikolai Martynenko. They confirmed the loss of 6.5 million euros. Then Petrenko, a fellow party member of the suspect Martynenko, sent the examinations for review.. The review smashed the conclusions of KNIISE. This made it possible to challenge the main evidence of NABU in this case. It would seem that Ruvin and Petrenko should have quarreled, but no million-dollar losses of the state prevent the expert from hobnobing with the minister and, escorting his car from the yard of the institute, to salute him. Also came a congratulatory delegation from the economic counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine: its then head Serhiy Konokhov, Mykola Bezzubenko and Oleksandr Kravchenko. One of the guests was Karen Gevorkyan. By that time, he was a partner in the family of Gennady Kernes, co-owner and director of the Kharkov National Hotel, where the mayor of Kharkov lived. Reference. Kernes was on trial at the time due to the beating of activists in 2014. The Kharkiv mayor and his two bodyguards were accused of having seized two Euromaidanists, dragged them to the same hotel, where they were threatened and beaten. Gevorkyan also played an interesting role in this case.. As the head of the “National”, he assured the court that there was no “scuffle” in his hotel. Ruvin's experts excelled in the same case. Another visitor with a gift bag – Yuri Dvorak. He is not only the former head of the Kyiv customs, but also a defendant in an investigation by journalists about undeclared elite property. And more recently, he is also a defendant on the same list of smugglers who were sanctioned by the National Security and Defense Council and the President. Ruvin, who has been accused of smuggling for years, continues to “collect” themed guests.

The role of Sirovatsky

Ruvin's wife is associated with a “certain” asphalt plant – she receives a salary and drives an expensive Range Rover registered at the plant. Valery Syrovatsky is a longtime family partner of Ruvin. Soon it was he who became the link that connected Ruvin with one of the most scandalous “cuts” in Kyiv. At the end of 2018, “just godfather” Ruvin became the owner of the construction company “Modern Transport Infrastructure” – STI for short. In the summer of 2019, the company entered the public procurement sector. In November 2019, Syrovatsky “fell on his head” 27 million from the Podolsky bridge. An unknown company, without experience of such a scale of work and such a cost of contracts, entered a “fat” construction project in the capital.

“Films of the Pipe”

The media also wrote that the director of KNIISE was noted on the so-called films of the Pipe. On wiretaps leaked in 2019, the then director of the SBI, Roman Truba, spoke of Ruvin as a polygraph examiner who “writes whatever they say.”

NABU vs. Ruvin

In 2018-2019, NABU also conducted an investigation against Ruvin himself on illegal enrichment and false declaration of property.. But the SAP referred the cases to the police, after which there was no news of them.. And over time, the Constitutional Court generally recognized the articles on illegal enrichment and lies in declarations as unconstitutional. The director of the Institute of Forensic Examinations found apartments and cars worth millions. Luxurious country houses, apartments and not only in Ukraine and not with the usual European-style renovation and unpretentious furniture, you need all the best and most expensive in a big way. Alexander Grigoryevich knows where and from whom to take, so that the family of a civil servant could not deny himself anything. For a family vacation, in Israel, where Alexander Grigorievich has citizenship and whose agent he purchased apartments in the city of Netanya, the approximate cost of which is 640 thousand. $ If you don’t want to go to Israel, then you can go to an apartment in Dubai of 186 sq.m.. at an approximate cost of 380 thousand. $. In Ukraine, the Ruvin family has apartments in the Obolonsky district of Kyiv, on Marshala Tymoshenko street, 21, in the residential complex “Riviera Riverside” in Kyiv, st.. Raisa Okipnaya, d. 18 in a house on the banks of the Dnieper with a harbor and a private boat. There is also a country house worth more than $ 1,200,000, three floors, with a total area of 550 sq.m.. and a land plot of 0.5 ha. A number of companies owned by family members and trusted individuals bring in MILLIONS of illegal dollars a year. The family owns medical, construction, courier, trading companies of various directions, agricultural companies, import / export of products, brothels, a large network of gas stations, the land for which was obtained illegally, the import of Russian fuel to Ukraine and even after the events of 2014. The whole business works under the protection of Alexander Grigoryevich, because he can negotiate with all services and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and the SBU, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the border service, customs, tax, because they all depend on the expert opinions of the Ruvin Institute. Having very influential corruption connections in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Alexander Grigoryevich got his son there for a bread post. And the son in business and family business cover and help. All the kickbacks and corruption schemes provide a luxurious family lifestyle like vacationing in various exotic countries several times a year, buying expensive things like a Perrelet watch worth 30,000 euros, an Ebel worth 42,000 euros, a Bell & Ross worth 25,000 euros, Dolce & Gabbana bags from 3700 euros per unit. If we take at least the watch of the wife of Alexander Grigoryevich and Galina Bogdanovna, let Perrelet worth 30,000 euros at the current exchange rate of 33.20 UAH. for euro it is 996 000 UAH. An average statistical family of 3 people, in order to more or less live one month, you need about 12,000 UAH. (although we all know that so many families survive on less). 996000/12000 = 83 months (that is, almost 7 years) an average statistical family (teacher, nurse, factory worker, store cashier, social worker) in Ukraine can live on only 1 hour of Alexander Grigorievich's wife, bought from kickbacks. And how much more precious goods in the bins of the Ruvin family bought with budget funds or taxpayers' money: diamonds, jewelry, precious furniture, land, etc. Alexander Grigorievich received a rollback of 8574800000 hryvnias in just three years from the examinations of asphalt pavement. Since the family still owns an asphalt plant and a number of road construction and maintenance companies that participate and win tenders, one can imagine how much public funds were withdrawn into the shadow circulation and settled in the pockets of Alexander Grigoryevich. According to expertise in Ukraine, almost European roads, but it is impossible to find them! good at hiding. There are no roads, money is affordable, and the family drives a luxury car. However, Oleksandr Grigoryevich is afraid that his “correct examinations” may catch up with him with consequences or “ordinary people will want to take away their own”, since in addition to private security, he is constantly accompanied by employees of the special forces of the SBU “Alpha”, the GSO of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. He travels with a cortege in a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with the state number AA1234XO and a Volkswagen Transporter with the state number AA893700. Son Ruvin Sergey Aleksandrovich on Mercedes-Benz S 350L 2013, state number АА3333ОИ. Stepson Shetitsky Nazar Romanovich Land Rover Range Rover 2018, state number AA3333MT. Mercedes-Benz Viano 2011, state number АА5000НН Mercedes-Benz S 450 2011, state number КА4891АЕ The family of a civil servant is immersed in luxury, and all cases of illegal enrichment and forgery of state-level expertise, we wrote earlier, such as: 1. The falsification of criminal cases, against Tymoshenko, it was the expert opinion of KNIISE that the prosecutors referred to, arguing that NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine was damaged as a result of the signing of gas contracts by the head of government: 2. Cases of Euromaidan and Automaidan; 3. The case of Lutsenko; four. The death of the Tu-154M of the Russian airline “Siberia”; 5. Examination of IL-76 shot down in the sky over Lugansk; 6. The delay in the examination of real estate of Silpo Retail CJSC, which was listed as collateral for a loan in VAB Bank for millionaire businessman Vladimir Kostelman (owner of Fozzy Group), as a result, the bank and the state lost 2,600,000. hryvnia; 7. Examination of the Molot mortar, from the explosion of which more than 20 servicemen were killed and more than 50 were injured; eight. Expertise for Matios in the case of “ex-tax Klimenko”; And many others quickly “merge” and the family earns even more corrupt billions, and further develops its business and zone of influence. And Alexander Grigorievich has a certificate of a participant in hostilities, he received it, his hero did not fight a single day in the ATO zone. I received it on the basis of one document – a certificate of award “For demining”. Here in the archive there is no such order, namely, on the basis of this document, Ruvin received a certificate of a participant in hostilities, provided it to the Pension Fund and other social services and enjoys the benefits of the UBI, and then receives a rank. Here is such a hero of Ukraine, an agent of MOOSAD, it was not for nothing that Israel granted him citizenship.

How Ruvin's entourage hacked Prozorro

The “Modern Transport Infrastructure” company, which appeared this year on the road sky, founded by the closest circle of the head of the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise Alexander Ruvin, received contracts for more than 300 million UAH without winning almost a single tender. Modern Transport Infrastructure LLC is the winner in 96 procurements for the provision of road construction services for a total amount of more than 309 million. UAH. in the city. Kyiv and Kyiv region (Department of Regional Development of the Kyiv Regional State Administration – UAH 222,700,000, Schastlivsky village council UAH 38,190,000, KP “Managing company for servicing the housing stock of the Obolonsky district. Kyiv” – UAH 31,700,000, Construction Department of Goloseevsky district. Kyiv – UAH 13 million, Gornaya Village Council – UAH 3.4 million). ABZ-1 LLC (EDRPOU code 41190464) is the winner in 19 procurements for the supply of asphalt-concrete mixtures to public utilities and state enterprises of the city of Almaty.. Kyiv and Kyiv region for a total amount of over UAH 37 million. Most of the subcontracting companies that performed work under the won tenders are interconnected and controlled by Ruvin Alexander Grigorievich.

Smuggling on the stream

It is not known how the skills acquired in the army were useful to Ruvin, but 6 years spent in the customs department definitely benefited him.. He found a teacher there and a role model in the person of the former head of the GTS, Igor Kaletnik. As soon as he left the GTS, Galina Ruvina, together with Valery Syrovatsky, established International Courier Service LLC. Starting capital provided by Alexander Ruvin. The logistics company entered the market of express delivery of goods from abroad. The State Customs Service surprisingly quickly assigned the status of an international carrier to a company that had not yet proven itself in any way and, most importantly, gave permission to open its own customs control zone. The actual owner of the express carrier “cut through” the smuggling “window” to the outside world, creating a transnational smuggling syndicate. Super profits were obtained by avoiding customs duties, import tax and value added tax. A stream of auto parts for foreign cars poured into Ukraine through International Courier Service. The scheme worked as follows. Original parts for Japanese and Korean cars were ordered through the UAE. The company undertook to deliver them. At the same time, the cost of international express shipments was estimated at less than 150 euros, which, according to the rules in force in Ukraine, made it possible to avoid paying fees. Parcels from Boryspil and Zhuliany airports arrived at the customs zone of the International Courier Service company, where they underwent a simplified clearance procedure. Further, the path of auto parts lay on intermediate warehouses, from where they spread throughout Ukraine to the addresses of customers. The scale of supplies has led to the fact that 95% of the total volume of spare parts for cars produced in Southeast Asia enters the country through the UAE. Every year, the state budget, thanks to the ex-customs officer Ruvin, does not receive up to $ 8 million. He also developed a reliable cover operation for a profitable business.. In order not to cause unnecessary suspicion, some of the parcels in the documents are still valued at the actual value of their contents.. Work is also carried out with clients of International Courier Service. They are well aware of the required responses in the case of screening sample surveys by TTS employees. According to a rough estimate, only in 2014 and half of 2015, through the Ruvin smuggling scheme, spare parts worth a total of 25-30 million US dollars were moved to the territory of Ukraine. The damage caused to the state in the form of non-payment of customs payments to the budget exceeded $10 million. Not a bad increase in the salary of the director of the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Examinations.

Assassination attempt on Ruvin

The main figure in the Boeing-777 crash in the Donbass is the chief forensic expert of Ukraine in this process, the organizer of key forensic examinations in criminal proceedings, the head of expert groups on the death of Ukrainian soldiers in Ilovaisk and Il-76 in Lugansk, Alexander Ruvin, who was attacked on November 18 attempt. This is stated in the material of the journalist Yuri Butusov on When in the evening at 21:30 Ruvin got out of the car in front of his house on Obolon, an unknown person fired several shots at him. Ruvin was seriously injured. Two bullets hit the legs right through, and the third pierced the bones of the pelvis and remained in the body. An operation was performed, there is no threat to life at the moment. However, the bullet from the pelvis has not yet been removed; its extraction at the moment is a threat.

The journalist notes that the attack on the state expert is related to his professional activities – first of all, to the examination of the most high-profile criminal cases.


For Ruvin, the law is not written. He skillfully organized a crime syndicate under the nose of the president, and continues to this day to pose a danger to the country. And while corrupt people like Ruvin are sitting in the chairs of experts, criminals will nightmare the people and the country's economy with impunity.

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