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Rosenblat Borislav Solomonovich


An unscrupulous businessman who tried with all his might to get into power. A politician who presents personal gain as a national interest, continues to brazenly laugh at the people and legislation of Ukraine. It was he who sold the “amber law”, tried to leave the country, and then cynically accused law enforcement officers of persecution. It was he who tried to cash in on the construction of housing for military personnel and on the purchase of unmanned systems for the army. This attitude of Rosenblat to Ukraine is natural, because he linked his future with Germany, where he owns real estate, earns income and builds a positive credit history, while sending his eldest son for permanent residence in England, to manage a family company also owned by Rosenblat…

Уровень охвата:

During the negotiations, MP Rosenblat promised to assist in obtaining an appropriate license for the use of subsoil and organize the introduction of appropriate amendments to the Customs and Tax Codes of Ukraine in order to facilitate the activities and the cost of official payments for the activities of the Fujairah company on the territory of Ukraine. In return, Rosenblat estimated his services at a six-figure sum – 285 thousand. dollars. The amounts that make up the income from the sales of amber mined by the Fujairah company were also to be withdrawn through the accounts of an American company, the co-owner of which, at the insistence of Rosenblat, was his sister, now a deputy of the Zhytomyr Regional Council – Alena Solomonovna Rosenblat. June 19, 2017 in the course of the implementation of operational information, upon receipt of a part of the bribe in the amount of 200 thousand. dollars for the deputies Rosenblat and Polyakov, in one of the capital's restaurants, Rosenblat's personal bodyguard Boguslav Yaroshchuk and two representatives of a public organization, including Tatyana Lyubonko, were detained June 21 On June 21, Rosenblat came to the Solomensky District Court of Kyiv to bail his bodyguard and assistant, and Polyakov appeared in court with his assistant Tatiana Lyubonko. At the same time, the deputies themselves, despite the presence of video materials, agreements, deny their involvement in the case and call the video a “film with actors”. So, law enforcement officers see abuse of influence and bribery in Rosenblat’s actions, while the other person involved in this case, which is deputy Polyakov, is seen as receiving unlawful benefits for introducing bills and other actions related to the extraction of amber to parliament. At the same time, during the consideration of the issue of the sufficiency and correctness of the qualification of the actions incriminated to these deputies, the deputies rejected all charges against Rosenblat and Polyakov. And in July 2017, the regulatory committee of the parliament called the petitions regarding Polyakov insufficiently substantiated, and decided to send them to the head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Andriy Parubiy.


A person involved in the Amber Case, in which in 2017 he was deprived of immunity at the request of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, after which he was charged with corruption by the prosecutors of Ukraine. So, as a result of an audit in the case of taking a bribe, the investigator of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office summoned Rosenblat to officially hand over the decision. In turn, Rosenblat ignored the call, reporting a business trip outside Ukraine.. Until that moment, Rosenblat could not leave the country, due to the restrictions established in the framework of the criminal case. At the same time, he repeatedly tried to obtain an exit permit to take part in business meetings in Germany, a woodworking industry forum, undergo a medical examination, etc.. And before trying to leave the country, he even informed NABU about it, insisting on the legality of his actions. In October 2017, while under investigation, Rosenblat attempted to leave Ukraine on flight W67307 Kyiv-Cologne, as a result of which he was detained by law enforcement officers. During a search conducted by law enforcement officers right on board the aircraft, mobile phones, a tablet, jewelry with precious stones, cards of foreign banks, passports of Ukraine and a diplomatic. According to investigators, these items contained information about previously committed crimes.. By the way, Rosenblat flew out precisely on a diplomatic passport, in his own private interests, which is a violation. Rosenblat filed an application with the prosecutor's office against the actions of law enforcement officers, but at the same time he was not recognized as a victim, the Pechersk City Court did not intervene in this situation.. Kyiv, obliging by his decree to recognize Rosenblat as a victim of the incident on the plane. Contrary to the logical development of the situation with the Amber Case, in April 2018, the Pechersky District Court of. Kyiv, recognized Rosenblat as a victim of the incident with a bribe: “Guided by article 376 of part 2 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine, the investigating judge ruled: the complaint of Globa K.. V., who acts in the interests of Rozenblat Borislav Solomonovich, to satisfy the investigator’s decision to refuse to recognize him as a victim in criminal proceedings No. 420170000000002187. Cancel the decision of the investigator of the GPU Grigorishin R. M. dated October 19, 2017 in criminal proceedings No. 420170000000002187 on the refusal to recognize Rosenblat B as a victim. S. Oblige the investigator in criminal proceedings No. 420170000000002187 to comply with the requirements of Part 2 of Article 55 of the Code of Criminal Procedure regarding Rosenblat B. S. The ruling is not subject to appeal.” This decision was made in the context of a case initiated by the Prosecutor General's Office on the provocation of a bribe, based on information provided by Rosenblat's lawyer. In 2018, Rosenblat filed a lawsuit with the European Court against Ukraine for violation of his rights during the collection of evidence (interception) on the “amber case” and illegal detention and search during a flight to Germany. As part of this case, Rosenblat was also assigned a bail in the amount of UAH 7 million, which was easily paid by his relatives. In 2019, the 6th Administrative Court of Kyiv ruled to recognize the actions of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine. The High Anti-Corruption Court began considering the Rosenblat-Polyakov case only in mid-June 2020.


Since 1994, Rosenblat has held various management positions at Favorit JSC, which was a family financial and industrial group (general director, chairman of the board of directors, deputy. chairman of the board), and was engaged in trade in food products, building materials, construction, transportation, as well as activities in the agricultural sector. So, in the course of the company's activities, a number of its activities were suspended due to bankruptcy, however, a number of organizations continue to make a profit and be in different shares in the ownership of the Rosenblat family. Among such enterprises: Galievsky Butter Plant, Favorit-Company, Oberig, Miropilsky Bacon, Koretsky Agrarian, ISR-International (registered in Dortmund, Germany), Comfort Plus, Favorit Dairy Plant ”, “Favorite-Development Company”, “Amos”, “Favorite-Opt”, “Favorite Trans”. Another scandal arose with the Favorit-Opt company, which is owned by Favorit-Company, represented by the father, sister and wife of Rosenblat. This company was a contractor in the construction of housing for military personnel with money confiscated from Yanukovych. So the company of three facilities under construction in the Zhytomyr region, completely failed the deadlines and standards for two of them. There is information about the theft of funds allocated for the construction of these facilities through fraud with building materials. In 2018, Rosenblat was among 56 deputies who filed an appeal with the Constitutional Court regarding the work of the National Agency for the Investigation of the Investigation and Management of Assets Obtained as a Result of Corruption Crimes – ARMA. This agency confiscated a number of property in which the signatories of the appeal have their own business interests. In the summer of the same 2018, another scandal arose around the family business of the Rosenblat family.. Thus, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine decided to purchase two unmanned HAWK systems. The manufacturing company of this unmanned complex is the Zhytomyr LLC Ukrainian Aviation Systems, co-owned by Rosenblat's wife, and her business partners are Konstantin Pozhidaev and Roman Didenko (Moldova). In April 2016, these unmanned systems were tested, which did not confirm their flight suitability.. At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the drones were successfully tested, but the protocol with the results is a state secret.. The difference allegedly lies in the fact that the Ukrainian design of the complex differs from the unusable Moldavian one, but the photo of the unusable drone absolutely matches the image posted on the website of the Rosenblat family company, and the manufacturer purchased the components for the Ukrainian HAWK after testing the original. And of course, an important fact is that the Moldavian design company HAWK belongs to the father of one of the co-founders of Ukrainian Aviation Systems. In turn, the Ministry of Defense denies the fact of the purchase, while confirming the successful completion of tests satisfying the Ministry of Defense by the Ukrainian HAWK.

Political career

In his political career, Rosenblat steadily strived to achieve the status of a people's deputy, being a person focused solely on solving money issues and making a profit, the role of a simple businessman was not enough for him.. Plus, the most important appendage was the receipt of parliamentary immunity. In 2000, Rosenblat joined the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine, under the leadership of Viktor Medvedchuk. In the lists of this political organization, Rosenblat for the first time storms the parliamentary elections, but to no avail. Slightly lowering the bar, in 2010, having previously changed political power to the “Party of Regions”, he ran for election to the Zhytomyr Regional Council, and again without a result. In 2014, Rosenblat became a member of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc party, as well as a confidant of Poroshenko himself, as a result of which he was finally elected a People's Deputy of Ukraine in the single-mandate constituency No. 62 in the Zhytomyr region. In the light of the events associated with Rosenblat's numerous scandals, it is natural that in 2019 his next attempt to run for deputies of the Verkhovna Rada in the same single-mandate constituency No. 62 in the Zhytomyr region turned out to be unsuccessful.

German part

In addition to the Ukrainian biography, Rosenblat also has another role – a modest German resident. He owns an average, neat house on the outskirts of German Dortmund in Bennighof. In addition, this property is on credit, which the “modest” Rosenblat pays with attempts. At the time of filing the declaration, a guest worker from Romania lives in this house, who uses several rooms of the house for a rent of 350 euros / month. The rest of the house is used by Rosenblat himself, who travels around Germany in a white Mercedes jeep, which, of course, is registered with his wife's company. In 2017, according to the submitted declaration, Rosenblat received as a fee from the company Büroservice-71UG, registered in Dortmund, 400 thousand. hryvnia, allegedly for “scientific activity”, and also rented some property from Rosenblat for a similar amount of 400 thousand. UAH. The purpose of obtaining these funds in the amount of several tens of thousands of euros in Germany is only that they are not subject to verification of origin, unlike the Ukrainian millions of Rosenblat, which he would have to transfer through offshore. Regarding the company that paid Rosenblat for scientific activities and rent, it consists of two people – director Irina Kondrasheva. Residing in Dortmund and its nominal founder residing in. Kharkov – Dmitry Lyakhovetsky. In addition, this company does not have details by which it could be contacted, therefore, any contacts and communication with its employees are possible only by directly visiting its office, which is located on the adjacent territory with Rosenblat's house in Germany and has with him general mailbox. Rosenblat himself does not comment on his German income, but their amount, together with the rent of tenants, roughly corresponds to those paid by Rosenblat and his wife on loans for two properties in Dortmund. The last loan – 650 thousand euros – the spouses took from the Sparkasse Dortmund bank at the end of 2016.


According to Rosenblat's electronic declaration for 2016, he kept 2 million dollars and 1.4 million euros and 1 million hryvnias in cash alone, from 51 thousand. dollars and 14.5 thousand. euros in bank accounts. As real estate, Rosenblat owned a house in Zhytomyr with a total area of 700.6 sq.m., 2 more houses in the Zhytomyr region, with an area of 225.4 and 74.6 sq.m. sq.m., located on 12 acres of land. Rosenblat owned more than 39 thousand sq.m. land in the Zhytomyr region and Germany. His family used Mercedes-Benz S (2010) and Jaguar XK 8 Coupe (2007). As income, he indicated a salary in the amount of 171 thousand hryvnias, 98 thousand hryvnias. from dividends on bank deposits and UAH 683 thousand. profit from ISR. International, registered in Dortmund, Germany. But his wife Zhanna, as a result of entrepreneurial activity, received 1.3 million hryvnias, to 1.2 million hryvnias. from the alienation of movable property, part-time work and dividends on deposits. In 2019, Rosenbtal indicated all the same houses with a total area of more than 1,250 sq.m., 6 land plots in Ukraine and Germany, the cost of only 3 of which is more than $ 1 million, as well as a rented apartment in Kyiv, with an area of 51, 9 sq.m. Rosenblat's cars are the 2008 LAND ROVER DEFENDER and the same 2007 JAGUAR XK 8 COUPE. Rosenblat also indicated his corporate rights in his wife's companies in the amount of about UAH 6 million, which, in turn, is a very underestimated figure. As an income, Rosenblat earned 397 thousand hryvnias in the Verkhovna Rada, 208 thousand hryvnias. in his wife's companies and received UAH 580 thousand. percent, as well as various compensations related to deputy activities in the amount of 519 thousand. UAH Numerous incomes and profits of his wife, Rosenblat preferred to hide. Of the cash savings, the amount of 1.571 million dollars is indicated, as well as 243 thousand. UAH. and 3 thousand. dollars in bank accounts. Rosenblat's wife has a certain amount of cash in euros, an amount in euros placed in Sparkasse Dortmund, an amount in dollars and euros in Oschadbank, some amounts borrowed by Favorit-Development Company, Galievsky Butter Plant, Favorit Kompani » to third parties, a certain amount in cash in hryvnias, accounts in hryvnias for some amounts in PJSC “State Saving Bank of Ukraine”, CB “Privatbank”, an amount in dollars in “Ukrgasbank”, and a certain amount in cash in dollars. In this case, we are not talking about a couple of thousand, since the contribution of Zhanna Rosenblat to Bank Sich PJSC in the amount of UAH 79. and 42 euros cynically declared open. Rosenblat's son Oleg lives in the UK and is the director of I.C.R.. International”. In 2017, Rosenblat was accused of declaring almost UAH 109 million. in cash and on bank accounts, while according to the Prosecutor General’s Office, in the period from 1998 to 2015, the ex-deputy paid taxes on only UAH 3.3 million. Rosenblat reacted very calmly to this accusation and said that he would assist the investigation. With his activities, Rosenblat periodically gets involved in confrontations with competitors in the “amber business”. So in February 2021, at night, an unknown person threw a grenade into the courtyard of his house in Zhytomyr. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident

Личные данные

Wife - Zhanna, sons - Oleg (born in 1991), Arthur (born in 1997) and Alexander (born in 2009)
Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, but at the same time acts only in personal business interests
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