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Rakishev Kenes Khamitovich


Kenes Rakishev is a fake millionaire who robbed Kazakhstan of billions of dollars. He also dragged the English prince into his scams, which is why the media began to write about the shame of the royal family. He likes to spend the stolen money on VIP girls, including minors. Buys expensive real estate, is a close friend of Ramzan Kadyrov.

Уровень охвата:

Rakishev Kenes Khamitovich

Official biography

Last position: Member of the Board of Directors of Fincraft Resources

Date of Birth

07/14/1979 KazSSR; G. Alma-Ata


• Kazakhstan State Law Academy (2000) Specialty “Lawyer” • Kazakh Economic University named after T. Faithful wallet Nazarbayev Kenes Rakishev left the country in a panic, where he suddenly became very uncomfortable. How Nazarbayev's purse Kenes Rakishev got away from accusations of aiding and murdering:

The once favored Kazakh billionaire had previously been pretty fed up with both Russia and its authorities – scandals followed one after another for the newly-made husband of the daughter of the Kazakh ambassador in Moscow. After an intimate friendship with Zhanna, Kim, accustomed to buying love, Rakishev, presented the Elements restaurant to the lady of the demimonde.. She ordered the design of the Ossetian designer Fatima Misikova from the family of the owner of the Nart vegetable warehouse, flattered by the fact that her future designer is listed as the director of the prestigious Gergiev Foundation. After monitoring the execution of the order, Kim refused to pay, remaining dissatisfied with the progress of work.. The gangsters of the thief in law Shakro Molodoy and the secret FSB agent Eduard Budantsev harnessed to the conflict with a large pistol. After the shootout, Shakro's henchmen went to prison, and soon he himself, trying to give a bribe to the generals of the Investigative Committee, who opposed the Chekists, but took the money with pleasure – and for this they also went to prison. Court records of the shootout at Elements Restaurant: After intimate scandals and shootings in Russia, Rakishev began to successfully restore previously shaky relations with the authorities at home. At first, the new Kazakh president, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, threatened to deprive the oligarch of his assets, but after the son of the head of the republic and the dollar millionaire did not interfere with the management of the oil company Abi Petroleum Capital, the owner of the order named after A. Kadyrova Rakishev, the Russian assets of Kenes were left alone and worked until recently for the same Elbasy Nazarbayev, who is now sitting on a powder keg alone. Audio from Elements restaurant:

How Kenes Rakishev stepped over the “yard”

Kenes Khamitovich Rakishev is much richer than it follows from the information available to the Kazakh version of Forbes. To prove this fact, we publish his own correspondence with one of his assistants on this topic (taken by us in the public domain on the Internet on the website with Kazahleaks archives). It is dated January 12, 2014. January 12, 2014 at 12:38 pm Alken Kuanbay wrote: “Kenes, did you forget anything for your memo? What about Romaltyn? maybe there is something else? Alken”. At 12.40 the same day, Kenes Rakishev replied to him with a letter marked “assets”: “You are beautiful! Let's sit down again today!” To which he received the answer: “Brother, I am sending an updated memo. Tonight you can… guests will come to me right now or tomorrow. Alken”. Attached to this email is a file called “1. Code”. Apparently, it represents the first page of a large document that Kenes Rakishev's employees prepared for their patron. In fact, this is the result of what the new owner of Kazkommertsbank owned at the beginning of 2014. Let's start with the assets issued personally to Kenes Khamitovich himself. These are 9 business projects, of which only 8 had a monetary value, and one was in the “process” of either registration or launch. In total, according to this section, Rakishev “weighed” 787 million dollars, which is comparable to the assessment of the Kazakh version of Forbes. However, part of the assets of Kenes Rakishev was issued to his wife Asel Tasmagambetova, daughter of Imangali Tasmagambetov, and Sofya Tasmagambetova, the second daughter of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan and sister Asel. Five projects were “hung” on the first, estimated at 101 million dollars, on the second – the same 5, but worth only 14 million dollars. Further in the table there is a section entitled “Prospectuses”. We don’t know if this is a reservation, or if Kenes Rakishev’s employees decided to call large business projects that will lead their owner to a brighter future.. Among them, in addition to BTA Bank and Kazkommertsbank, Almaty-Metrostroy, Amanat Investment Fund and Kaznickel are mentioned.. These five projects pulled as much as 750 million dollars, and their prospective cost is estimated at 2.885 billion dollars. There are 5 objects in the “Property” section, including houses in Moscow, Astana and Almaty, an apartment in Paris and a collection of cars. Their total cost is estimated at $77 million.. The “Other Assets” section pulled in $308 million, of which $198 million was in trust, that is, trust management, 60 million were in Singapore, and two business class aircraft cost $50 million. Thus, as follows from the document, in total at the beginning of 2014, Kenes Rakishev owned assets, including shares and securities, movable and immovable property, cash in banks and a trust for a total of 2.037 billion US dollars.. At the same time, Rakishev's liabilities were estimated by his assistants at only $350 million.. The latter consisted of debts to two banks and other debts not deciphered in the file. In other words, two years ago, Kenes Rakishev, judging by this document, “cost” 1.687 billion dollars. Of course, we assume that this document dealt with the wealth of not only himself, but the whole family, that is, including his father-in-law, the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan Imangali Tasmagambetov. But since this is just a suspicion, we will not insist on this version. Summing up. Kenes Khamitovich Rakishev, born in 1979, having started an independent business since 2006, that is, it turns out, in just 8 years, by the beginning of 2014, it seems that he was able to earn 1.687 billion dollars. Since he did not hold high government positions and did not participate in the first wave of privatization, on which other Kazakh billionaires made their fortune, this means only one thing – he is a “Great Businessman”. That is why we believe that Kazkommertsbank has the brightest prospects, especially since its current owner and head is a very rich man and a real dollar billionaire. (We hope that readers appreciated our irony, and those who someday will be engaged in lustration in Kazakhstan took note of our article).

Sunninghill Park Mansion Purchase Scandal

In 2008, the press spread the news that in England a wealthy Kazakh bought from Prince Andrew, the son of Queen Elizabeth II, a “family nest” of the Sunninghill Park mansion.. Despite the fact that the sale was carried out through an offshore company, it turned out that the buyer was Kenes Rakishev, who bought the estate for 15 million pounds, which is 3 million more than the stated price, despite the fact that other buyers were not even planned. Further, even more details are revealed – Timur Kulibayev became the true owner of the mansion, who allegedly decided to make a gift to his mistress, but he denied everything to the last, because at that time a money laundering case was opened against several members of the Nazarbayev family. Kulibayev's involvement in the Sunninghill Park deal was carefully hidden. However, it is known that the Crown Estate, which maintained Windsor Grand Park (the same place Sunninghill Park is located), tried to send a considerable water bill to this mansion in the name of Olga Aristova, Kulibaev's assistant in Kazakhstan. At the same time, the debt collection agency used by E.ON demanded more than 4,000 pounds from Kenes Rakishev on the electricity bills of the same Sunninghill Park. This case once again demonstrated that Rakishev serves Kulibaev in every possible way and is ready to go to any scams for the sake of a “friend”.

Shy sponsor of Akhmat

The publication sports.ru conducted an investigation into the appearance of money from the Akhmat football club. The journalists found out that if you do not take the information sponsor (local television and radio company) and technical (adidas) – they do not bring money – the club has only three sponsors: the Kadyrov Foundation, SAT & Company and Moscow Industrial Bank. The most interesting of them is SAT & Company – the company of a businessman from Kazakhstan, Kenes Rakishev, registered in Almaty. In 2011, she had a legal entity in Russia, but it has already been liquidated. According to the official website, the holding includes more than 30 companies dealing with metals and alloys. Sponsorship activities in sports are also indicated there: football, boxing, tennis and chess. True, the section “Football” contains information only about the support of the national team of Kazakhstan. Moreover, the company has never publicly announced its support for Akhmat.. The piquancy of the situation is delivered by the fact that on the T-shirt of the Akhmat players there is the SAT & Company logo, money regularly flows from it to the club's budget. However, the company with that name no longer exists.. The main SAT & Company was renamed Fincraft Resources back in 2018. Why such mystery? Everything is simple. Fincraft Resources (SAT & Company until 2018), like other companies of Rakishev, are actively working in the USA, are closely connected with the States, do business there, sell shares on the local exchange. And the United States imposed sanctions on Ramzan Kadyrov and an asset freeze threatens all companies that continue to cooperate with the head of Chechnya. And Rakishev cannot completely break off all his relations with Kadyrov for a simple reason. Kadyrov is a hidden business partner of Rakishev. Kenes Rakishev uses the power of Ramzan Kadyrov to seize new assets and resolve business disputes. In return, Kadyrov's representatives become co-owners of the assets received by Rakishev.

“BTA” – the Kazakh “brother” of the nationalized “Privatbank”

Similarly with Kazkommertsbank, Kenes Rakishev heads the Board of Directors of BTA Bank. Today, the institution is the third in Kazakhstan in terms of assets (almost 5 billion. dollars) and has enough representations in the expanses of the former USSR, including in Ukraine. In 2009, BTA suffered the current fate of Privatbank – nationalization. And exactly 5 years later – in February 2014 – 93% of the bank's shares in the state fund “Samruk-Kazyna” were bought by JSC “Kazkommertsbank” together with its chairman of the board of directors – Kenes Rakishev. At the same time, the former owner of BTA Bank, a well-known businessman in the post-Soviet space, Mukhtar Ablyazov, commenting on the nationalization of the institution, noted that such actions are “arbitrariness and political raiding” of the Kazakh authorities. Ablyazov, who was in opposition to the current Kazakh authorities, was found guilty of financial fraud and abuse of office and was detained in France in 2013, where he was sentenced to imprisonment. The Kazakh opposition leader was released only in 2016. However, the businessman’s assets are still being “deribated” by representatives of the ruling elite of Kazakhstan, headed by Kenes Rakishev. This is a hotel complex with an oceanarium, which the Eurasia investment and industrial group, which belonged to Ablyazov and planned to build in Moscow.

The political raiding of Russians under the “cover” of the Kazakhs is gaining momentum in Ukraine

Connections in the highest offices not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the Kremlin allow Kenes Rakishev to continue to “squeeze” the property of his political opponent Mukhtar Ablyazov. Even what the convicted businessman managed to legally sell. Cases of “Kazkommertsbank” rapidly went down. Therefore, Kenes Rakishev, seeing the unimportant state of affairs in the controlled financial institution, took up raiding with renewed vigor. And not only on the territory of Kazakhstan and Russia, but also in Ukraine. In addition, Rakishev managed to make influential friends in our country.. As, for example, the senior partner of the Ilyashev & Partners law firm Roman Marchenko, whom the billionaire uses to conduct “dark” cases outside of Kazakhstan. Marchenko was previously a member of the Kyiv City Council from the Samopomich party, but he was kicked out of the party in disgrace for land fraud. Deputies of the faction illegally registered large plots of land for Marchenko's relatives in Kyiv. So, the rescue of Kazkommertsbank (Qazkom), brought to a terrible state by the Asian “young oligarch” Kenes Rakishev, cost Kazakh taxpayers at least $ 7.5 billion. Now it is difficult to judge whether this force majeure was caused by the “genius” of this “venture investor” or, rather, by the desire of the inner circle of President Nursultan Nazarbayev to “nag” a little under the nose of the aging head of state, or it is very possible that this is a special operation inspired by the Kremlin, from which Astana has recently begun to gradually distance itself. One way or another, the Kazakhs cannot afford to sink Qazkom just as they could not let the Ukrainian National Bank sink PrivatBank – this could cause a catastrophe in the national banking system. Qazkom's problems escalated in 2014 after falling oil prices and the onset of a recession in neighboring Russia triggered by international sanctions imposed on a “mad gas station” for aggression against Ukraine. This was preceded by a merger with another large bank – BTA, which began in 2012.. It is clear that observers consider this “merger” to be an unfriendly takeover, that is, a raider takeover, but it is not for us to judge.. These are the internal affairs of Kazakhstan. The cost of the takeover of BTA Bank and the subsequent restructuring of problem loans amounted to about $20 billion. It has become a serious problem for Qazkom – in mid-2014, the volume of bad loans in BTA amounted to two trillion four hundred billion tenge ($ 7.5 billion) – almost 90% of the loan portfolio of the absorbed financial institution. In addition, Qazkom itself was significantly affected by the global crisis of 2008, as a result of which the state fund Samruk Kazyna acquired a 21.2% stake in the bank, after which it capitalized it for 44.47 million tenge.. It should be noted that as of April this year, Rakishev's Qazkom had not paid the full amount for the takeover of BTA. The Ukrainian division of BTA Bank was at the center of an epic scandal. When Anatoly Gritsenko was the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, through a muddy scheme, BTA became the owner of the complex of buildings of the Dnipro military hospital. This scam may not have been known to the general public if not for the war. In 2014, it turned out that the Ministry of Defense has no right to invest in the hospital, since it does not belong to him.. Officials ran to court and won it in 2016. But the quick-witted lawyers of Kenes Rakishev took and re-registered the hospital for the parent structure in Kazakhstan. The military prosecutor’s office immediately quite transparently hinted that they could imprison someone, and the public, represented by ATO veterans, promised to “stagger” in general. For these weighty reasons, the people of Kenes Rakishev in Ukraine have become quiet. By the way, it is known that in Ukraine the issue of the Kazakh “young oligarch” is decided by the owner of 7% of BTA Ukraine Andrey Portnov. Yeah, the same Kremlin agent Portnov Deputy. head of the Presidential Administration of Yanukovych, anti-Maidanite and curator of the judiciary. In mid-2016, according to the Fitch rating agency, the book value of the troubled assets of Kazkommertsbank exceeded its capital by $6 billion. Analysts of the agency noted that capitalization of such a volume is a significant problem for shareholders and creditors of the bank. Despite this, the largest shareholder of Qazkom, Kenes Rakishev, has repeatedly stated that there are no problems with liquidity and that he is ready to fulfill all obligations, since there are supposedly special reserves for this. To convince everyone interested in his solvency, Kenes Rakishev developed a stormy media activity. From the pages of Internet publications and the screens of Kazakh television, he assured that he allegedly kept within very successful startups that promise fabulous profits. For example, the unknown “Uber killer”, the production of combat robots, the development of “smart” glasses, and the like.. Not so long ago, Rakishev presented an “innovative” smartphone worth $ 14 thousand. a piece.

Qazkom inexorably went to the bottom.

At the beginning of this year, they started talking about the fact that Kenes Rakishev would sell Qazkom en masse with BTA Bank. On June 15, 2017, the transaction amount became known – 1 tenge (if you are wondering how crazy money it is, then at the rate of June 19, 2017 $ 1 costs 320 tenge). Actually, it was not about buying and selling, but about saving a very problematic bank, the collapse of which could bring down the entire financial system of Kazakhstan. But at the same time, it was not without a muddy scheme. Problem Loan Fund of Kazakhstan (i.e.. the state for the money of taxpayers) bought out bad loans from BTA Bank worth 2 trillion 400 billion tenge ($ 7.5 billion). BTA Bank transfers this money to Kazkommertsbank as debt repayment. After that, the Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan (Halyk Bank) will become the owner of this restless economy. The ultimate owner of a controlling stake in Halyk Bank through controlled structures is Timur Kulibayev, the son-in-law of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. As we wrote earlier, Kulibaev and Rakishev are good friends who order “models” for each other from a Russian elite escort agency. In fact, a valuable asset will be transferred from the hands of one pro-government Kazakh oligarch to another. And we are not talking about any hostile redistribution of property. It looks more like the officials in Kazakhstan are going to once again deceive their people by solving their financial problems at their expense. But these problems may also affect Ukraine.. The fact is that in the days of Yanukovych, with the help of Andriy Portnov, BTA Ukraine received refinancing from Ukrainian state-owned banks.. We are talking about tens of millions of dollars, which would be nice to return. A lot of valuable assets remained on the balance sheet of a Kazakh bank in Ukraine.

Rakishev vs Russia?

Kazakh entrepreneur Kenes Rakishev, who is active in business in Russia and is friends with Ramzan Kadyrov, paid large sums to the family of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for tough speeches against Russia. This follows from the report of Ron Johnson, chairman of the US Senate committee on homeland security and government affairs, and Chuck Grassley, chairman of the finance committee.. Republican US Senators allege that Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden, his family, and (his business partner Devon) Archer received millions of dollars from foreign nationals. So, Devon Archer received $142,300 from Kennes Rakishev from Kazakhstan. This happened under the following circumstances. Vice President Joe Biden appeared with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and made a very tough appeal to Ukrainian lawmakers in Kyiv regarding Russia's actions in Crimea. On the same day, Kenes Rakishev's private holding company transferred $142,300 to Archer's Rosemont Seneca Bohai. The foreign exchange statement says, “For Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC… for a car.” And here is the most interesting. Kenes Rakishev (and Timur Kulibaev stands behind him) in Russia has a special relationship. He buys and seizes assets in the Russian Federation, using the support of officials. And Rakishev works especially closely with Russian law enforcement agencies, primarily with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.. Through the mediation of his lawyers Vladimir Timoshin and Maximilian Grishin, Rakishev constantly initiates “custom” criminal cases to achieve the goals he needs. Now it turned out that the same Rakishev, at the request of his Ukrainian partners (and he has a big business in Ukraine), gave large sums to Joe Biden's family so that he would be tougher on Russia. This situation, like a litmus test, will show how strong the love of Russian officials and law enforcement officers for money is.. Will they actually turn their backs on the enemy of Russia, Rakishev and his legal retinue, or will they pretend that nothing happened. And the position of Ramzan Kadyrov regarding the “friend of Kenes” is also interesting.

Sex scandals

Interestingly, Rakishev spends the stolen money in a very peculiar way.. In 2016, the media spread information that Kenes Rakishev appeared in several sex scandals. Among his mistresses are minors.. The site realkazz.wordpress.com published fragments of the Kazakh tycoon's correspondence with the odious Russian procurer (pimp) Peter Listerman, known in certain circles as “Bespectacled”. Kenes people lure girls with “decent” sums for the provision of intimate services: Kenes people lure girls with “decent” sums for the provision of intimate services: We note right away that the news on the Internet did not last long and was deleted – like many information materials about the scandalous life of Rakishev. However, the details of this correspondence are still preserved.. Following them, Listerman delivered to Kenes Rakisheva 15-year-old Elena Selezneva into sexual slavery.. He also sent older models to the restless “young oligarch” – this was called “sending translators.” Video with Elena Selezneva:

Collaboration between Rakishev and Listerman began, judging by the analysis of their correspondence, in 2007, when the assistant of the Bespectacled sent Rakishev photos of two girls with comments that one of them was intended for Kenes himself, the second ” for senior”. We can talk about both Nazarbayev's son-in-law Timur Kulibayev, with whom Rakishev is closely connected, and about the president of Kazakhstan himself. One of them is 18-year-old Dasha Konovalova, who today is a top model and has 210,000 subscribers on Instagram alone, the other is Alina Garayeva. Things take an interesting turn in 2012. On July 11, Listerman sends Rakishev a letter about “Elenu S.”, which contains only a video with 15-year-old Elena Selezneva. On the record, the girl defiles and introduces herself, you can hear her age. Minority does not bother Rakishev, he immediately answers Listerman “Super! Skolko? “. Correspondence of Rakishev and Listerman: Instead of an answer, the oligarch receives another video with 21-year-old Matilda Romanova and 17-year-old Alina Marasik, another minor. The unpretentious Kenes Rakishev calls both young persons “super options”. Listerman next writes in July 2013, sending a video of some model dreaming of acting with James Cameron and going by the nickname “Avatar”. Rakishev, without thinking for a long time, answers: “Let her go to Kazakhstan.” Correspondence of Rakishev and Listerman: The following correspondence takes place, ending with a letter from Rakishev: “Let's get in touch after Ramadan, after August 8!”. It should be noted that Kenes Rakishev, as a Muslim, prefers not to sin in the holy month, even pictures from his hajj to Mecca appeared in the press. Ock (English – Bespectacled – author) does not share the religiosity of the oligarch and writes that “such a beast is sold once a year”. Rakishev concedes and asks to send the girl to Kazakhstan “this week.” Correspondence of Rakishev and Listerman: Listerman continues to send letters with pictures of girls he calls “translators” in 2014. Obviously, the seller and the buyer have some kind of additional communication channel, exchanging only photos and videos by mail. Similar incidents of the family man Kenes Rakishev should be of interest to his official wife – Asel Tasmagambetova – the daughter of the famous Kazakh politician Imangali Tasmagambetov … Another scandal that took place in London in October 2014 brought Shorokha. The public became aware that Kenes Rakishev paid for meetings in London with two aspiring film actresses – Chelsea Pereira and Tierra Carlson. The first subsequently appeared in the movie “Furious 7”. And he was not embarrassed to take such a step either by the presence of a family or by publicity … Chelsea air ticket to London (October 7, 2014): Messages from Chelsea Pereira Kenesu shortly before the London weekend (September 19, 2014):

Kenes Rakishev “cleaned up” on Facebook and Instagram

According to the decision of the Moscow District Court, social networks hide from Russian users “defamatory records” about the owner of BTA Bank Facebook and Instagram began to hide posts for Russian users by decision of the local court. Social networks have closed access from Russia to publications that, according to the Tushinsky District Court of Moscow, discredit the honor, dignity and business reputation of the owner of BTA Bank Kenes Rakishev. This is the first notable case of blocking under the law, which came into force in April 2018, but the number of such cases will grow, lawyers are sure. In October 2018, the Tushinsky District Court of Moscow partially satisfied the claim of Kenes Rakishev against 40 Internet sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Kompromat.Ru and LiveInternet, recognizing the information published on them about a Kazakh businessman as discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation. Mr. Rakishev demanded that the information be deleted, that it be declared prohibited for distribution on the territory of Russia, and that the activities of the defendants' websites be recognized as illegal. The court agreed to the blocking of certain pages and recognized the violation of the rights to personal data protection, but refused to satisfy the last two requirements. In addition, claims against the online publication Republic and the hosting provider Naunet SP were rejected. As Kommersant was convinced, on some sites information was blocked by telecom operators, while others, including Facebook and Instagram, blocked controversial posts themselves.. In particular, on the pages of publications on Facebook it is indicated: “Content is not available in the country Russia”. Posts are still available for users from other countries. The representative of Facebook (owns Instagram) did not comment on the decision of the Tushinsky District Court. The controversial information concerned the personal life and business of the owner of BTA Bank Kenes Rakishev. The resources on which he demanded to block information accused the businessman of relations with minors, driving to suicide and concealing crimes, according to court materials.. In particular, on Facebook and Instagram, it was about posts posted from an account under the name of the former owner of BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov.. At the same time, the process is not yet completed, the court will consider the appeal. Kenes Rakishev himself told Kommersant that this is the second wave of such blocking. According to him, the story of the publication of false information has been going on for two years.. He connects the very appearance of publications with the privatization of BTA Bank, which he bought from Kazakhstan in 2013 together with Kazkomertsbank.. BTA Bank, in turn, was nationalized back in 2008, and subsequently the High Court of London found its former owner Mukhtar Ablyazov guilty of withdrawing $6 billion. Now Mr. Ablyazov is trying to slow down the return of assets and denigrate the new owner of the bank in the eyes of business partners, insists Kenes Rakishev. The only way to deal with defamatory publications remains the legal path, but after blocking some sites, new similar sites appear, Mr. Rakishev notes.. According to him, now similar courts are being held not only in Russia, but also in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.. Mr. Ablyazov, in turn, told Kommersant that he “does not follow” the activities of Mr. Rakishev. Blocking false information in social networks has become possible since April 2018, when the relevant legislative amendments were signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. For refusal to delete information, sites face fines of up to 50 million rubles. Prior to this, such requirements applied primarily to the media.. For example, in 2017, the court, following a lawsuit filed by Rosneft President Igor Sechin, ruled that defamatory information should be removed by RBC.. It blacked out controversial information, but the text itself remained on the page – it just became impossible to read its passages. There has been little judicial practice under the new law since April, says Roskomsvoboda lawyer Sarkis Darbinyan. But the number of such cases will grow, he is sure: the block will most likely be used by people who have money for lawyers, for example, politicians and businessmen.. “For ordinary people, the blocking will most likely remain inaccessible, since the litigation is quite long and expensive,” the lawyer argues.. In general, there are more and more court decisions on recognizing information discrediting honor and dignity, says Alexey Panich, partner at Herbert Smith Freehills.. However, he considers judicial control over sites for paid publication of negative materials not the “most effective” mechanism, because the process takes several months, and all this time the articles remain available.

Kenes Rakishev is pursued by mines

“You attracted the attention of the Ablyazov brigade… Sat & Co is a weak link, an illustration of bad management, debts, swamps … ” 04/29/2016, About businessman Kenes Rakishev and his success story. How the new chairman of the board of directors of Kazkom Kenes Rakishev really earned his first hundreds of millions of dollars, the question for which there is no answer yet. Meanwhile, the story of a man who single-handedly controls a fifth of banking assets in the country cannot but arouse interest in the press. On April 28, 2016 Kazkommertsbank JSC announced that there were personnel transfers and changes in its management. In particular, Kenes Rakishev was elected the head of the board of directors, Mark Holtzman became the chairman of the board, and Nina Zhusupova finally left the bank, writing a statement on the early resignation of a member of the board of directors of her own free will, which was satisfied. We will not comment on other personnel appointments in this financial institution, since this is not so important, but let's talk about Kenes Rakishev, who over the past few years has grown from the son-in-law of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan Imangali Tasmagambetov and the junior business partner of the middle son-in-law of Elbasy Timur Kulibayev to a figure that single-handedly controls a fifth of banking assets in the country. Agree, this alone is enough to attract the attention of the press and the public, both Kazakhstani and foreign. To begin with, we publish the correspondence of Kenes Rakishev with a certain Arman Kasenov. On the Internet, we found two people with the same name and surname: Arman Ginayatovich Kasenov, born in 1977, Deputy General Director of KazTransGas JSC, and Arman Bakitzhanovich Kasenov, born in 1981, Managing Director – Member of the Board of BTA Bank JSC. Apparently, the latter was still the last correspondent of Mr. Rakishev – he is more suitable for his age and place of work, but perhaps there is also some other Kasenov. So, on January 17, 2014, Arman Kasenov sent a letter to Kenes Khamitovich from the mailbox “[email protected]”, in which he quoted the article “The Secret Mines of Kenes Rakishev”, published that day on our portal. He accompanied it with the following comment: “By participating in the deal, you inevitably attracted the attention of the Ablyazov brigade. Will keep getting wet. All this time we managed to distract attention with venture tricks, but their task is to draw people's attention to failures.. SaT and KO – a weak link, an illustration of poor management, debts, swamps. Then they will download on the Islamic topic (Kadyrov and all that). They will wet, they will merge incriminating evidence – be careful. The consequences can be very different. You need to have a plan B in case of activation of opponents. These should be newsbreaks that will lead you on a different trail.. Apart from the venture theme, we have nothing. I still have a military legend in my head (colonel, secret missions, catching especially dangerous criminals) – this will definitely divert attention. It is necessary to think over all the weak points (sunning hill, Islam, possibly some defamatory connections, sat). God protects the safe. “In response, Kenes Rakishev replied the same day:” Ok, we will discuss at the meeting. We do not know what and how these two people discussed, but the fact that later Guzal Baydalinova and the Nakanune.kz website started having problems is an undoubted fact.. It is clear that completely different, more influential people than Rakishev and Kasenov played a key role in the emergence of the latter, but they could also have a hand in this.

How Kenes Rakishev participated in the “kickback” scheme of the middle son of the Queen of Great Britain for £4 million

Britain's Prince Andrew received £4m kickback for helping arrange a £385m deal through Kenes Rakishev. This news, at the suggestion of the mega-popular newspaper in the UK, the Daily Mail, blew up public opinion. “Shame on the royal family,” said former Liberal Democratic MP Norman Baker.. And it's not just a disclaimer. It de facto reflects the attitude of the public to what is happening. But what actually happened that was able to thoroughly “shake” the British throne? Yes, nothing special, if you look from the point of view of Kazakhstani practice. Two firms – Greek and Swiss – formed a consortium, which decided to engage in the construction of water supply and sewerage in Almaty and Astana. In the process, they decided to seek advice from Prince Andrew, who has already earned a reputation as a “specialist on Kazakhstan”. As a result, a commission was “formed” for the prince for a consultation – one percent. Having received the go-ahead, Prince Andrew turned to Kazakhstani businessman Kenes Rakishev for support, who quickly organized several meetings for the royal with the heads of Astana and Almaty.. And 4 million pounds migrated into the pockets of the royal person. From the correspondence between Prince Andrew and Kenes Rakishev: In principle, there is nothing special in the close ties of the British prince with representatives of the Kazakh establishment either.. Back in 2007, Kenes Rakishev bought an abandoned mansion from Andrew, paying crazy money for it – about 15 million pounds.. But then no one began to draw special conclusions from this story. Now the situation is different. If in 2007 all the talk about inadequate assessment and a hidden bribe remained by and large the opinions of journalists, then this time the correspondence between Prince Andrew and Kenes Rakishev became the property of the Daily Mail.. It can be seen from it that all this was not a coincidence, but a real collusion – on the one hand, a member of an aristocratic family, on the other, a representative of the corrupt elite from Kazakhstan. That is, there was a scandal in a noble family, which was immediately picked up by other media.. Still, the prince was caught by the hand. What is especially humiliating, Andrew's representatives tried to disown direct questions from journalists. The fact is that they could not even imagine that they had correspondence in their hands that did not allow any other interpretations.. It was a real disgrace. Materials published by The Daily Mail: “MK-London”, 05/23/2016, “Royal family member suspected of involvement in corrupt deal in Kazakhstan”: The facts mentioned in the investigation refer to 2011, when Prince Andrew was the UK's authorized representative for trade matters. The request for mediation was received from the Greek-Swiss consortium, and it was supposed to implement the deal through a relative of the then mayor of Astana. Rakisheva. The Duke of York has known Rakishev since 2007, when he brokered the sale of the prince's estate in Berkshire for three million pounds above the starting price to businessman Timur Kulibayev, President Nursultan Nazarbayev's son-in-law. According to The Daily Mail, Prince Andrew fulfilled his mission and brought the parties together, receiving the reward he was due.. However, the deal was canceled later: in late 2011, in the Kazakh oil town of Zhanaozen, there were riots in which at least fifteen people were killed by police, and EYDAP chose to leave Kazakhstan in order to avoid damaging its international reputation. The press service of Buckingham Palace has already issued a rebuttal, explaining that the materials of the journalistic investigation were transferred to the lawyers of the royal family: “The statement that the Duke of York had any financial interest in mediating the deal between the international consortium and the Kazakh government is false, insulting and violating the code of journalistic ethics”. – Inset K.ru From the correspondence between Prince Andrew and Kenes Rakishev:

Kenes Rakishev applauded the ritual massacre of minors in Chechnya

An unwitting participant in a major scandal involving Ramzan Kadyrov and his sons was the Kazakh businessman Kenes Rakishev, who attended the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the authoritarian Chechen leader and was a spectator of children's fights without rules, which the head of Chechnya arranged as a gift to his beloved. This is not the first time that Kenes Rakishev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kazkommertsbank JSC, comes to the attention of journalists as a great friend of Ramzan Kadyrov, whose reputation was already not indisputable, and after he literally used whipping boys, it completely deteriorated. However, Mr. Rakishev has not yet publicly expressed his attitude to the children's fights that shocked not only the Russian, but also the Kazakh public, in which, by the way, one of the participants was the son of Ramzan Kadyrov, who was loudly announced by the referee knocked out at 12 seconds.


Kenes Rakishev – fake millionaire, corrupt schemer and raider. The stolen money is spent on VIP prostitutes, entertainment and expensive real estate. He robbed Kazakhstan of billions of dollars, and actively continues to do so.

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