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Rainin Igor Lvovich


The ex-governor of the Kharkiv Regional Council drastically changed his political principles by becoming the head of the Opposition Platform – For Life party. Rainin has always been distinguished by secrecy and interest in his affairs. Business interests concerned obtaining tenders by family companies, participation in entrepreneurial activities, the division of land, and personal life concerned Yulia Svetlichnaya, with whom he had a love relationship, on the basis of which Rainin provided her with rapid career growth. Despite his declared modesty, Rainin's son was a student at the Higher Institute of Management, located in Moscow, and his wife's brother appeared in cases of money laundering and tax evasion. Despite this, Rainin continues his activities and retains a significant influence on the Kharkiv region.

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Rainin Igor Lvovich

Born on August 6, 1973 in Kharkov. From 1990 to 1993, he was a gas equipment adjuster of the “Adjuster” cooperative, an adjusting engineer of the State Enterprise Engineering and Consulting Center “Techservice” Deputy General Director, General Director of Educational-Scientific-Production Center “Labor Protection” LLC. In 1997 he graduated from the Kharkov Aviation Institute named after. – By decree of the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, he was appointed head of the Presidential Administration, replacing Boris Lozhkin in this position. 2016-2019 – Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine On May 19, 2019, President Petro Poroshenko fired the head of the Presidential Administration Igor Rainin. Igor Rainin is married and has a son. Wife runs a small business. Son Anatoly took 34th place among juniors in the ranking of tennis players in Europe, but since 2016 he has not taken part in competitions. And Anatoly also indicates in his Facebook profile that he is a student of the Moscow Higher Institute of Management, although he was officially enrolled in the Kharkiv National Law University named after Y. Mudry. Since 2010, Rainin has been a deputy of the Kharkiv Regional Council, was a member of the opposition along with Aresn Avakov and Ivan Varchenko. After the team of Viktor Yanukovych came to power in 2010, he left the regional administration, became a deputy of the regional council from the then opposition Batkivshchyna, while simultaneously doing business (deputy director of Sintoflex LLC). Rainin returned to the regional administration in March 2014, when Kharkiv, along with other regions, was shaken by separatist movements. He was appointed acting. deputy of the newly appointed governor of Baluta, and in April became a full-fledged deputy. In addition to other tasks, his functional duties included: control of the work of the Department of Economics and International Relations, the Department for Improving the Competitiveness of the Region, the Department of Social Protection of the Population, the Department of Science and Education, the Department of Agro-Industrial Complex. In November, Rainin was offered a position and transferred to Kyiv to the post of Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration.. This step was quite logically justified, since at that time the Presidential Administration was headed by his countryman, a Kharkiv resident, Boris Lozhkin. While working in the Presidential Administration, Rainin proved himself well and became quite an important link, so Lozhkin had no particular desire to lose such a frame. But there was a need to strengthen the important Kharkov region, and as a result, Rainin began to be recommended for the post of governor.. His candidacy was convenient and concise in the context of a hidden confrontation between the Presidential Administration and the Cabinet of Ministers, since Rainin was on good terms with both Arsenov Avakov and Lozhkin, while Baluta was one hundred percent Avakov's creature. In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers has allegedly already previously approved Rainin's candidacy for this post. 03.02.2015 Igor Rainin was appointed Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration. He took the post of governor, replacing Igor Baluta in this post. During one of his official visits to Kharkiv, President Poroshenko emphasized the strategically important geographical location of the region, its importance for Ukraine and the need for the most effective management of the region: “Kharkiv region is a strategic support for Ukraine in the fight against aggressor and terrorism. This is a buffer zone between Donetsk and Luhansk regions and Russia. It is important that it be led by a strong person. I have decided to appoint Igor Rainin to this post.” A number of media outlets and public figures expressed the opinion that Igor Rainin had a love relationship with his deputy in the Kharkiv Regional State Administration – Yulia Svetlichnaya. In the summer of 2015, private correspondence between the governor and his first deputy got onto the Internet.. Rainin called the posted materials fake. But, despite this, in the Kharkiv region, this information received sufficient publicity so that naturally, on Valentine's Day in 2016, Kharkiv sites and blogs were overflowing with playful congratulations on the relevant topics addressed to Rainin and Svetlichnaya. Later, when Rainina moved to the post of head of the Presidential Administration, Svetlichnaya headed the Kharkiv region, becoming the youngest governor in the history of Ukraine (32 years old). According to Kharkiv journalists, after the publication of the article about the hacked mail, representatives of the Kharkiv regional administration began to put pressure on them, since Rainin suggested that journalists could cooperate with the DPR and, as a result, under pressure, the press was forced to remove the material from the site. At the moment when the public received information about the appointment of Rainin to the post of governor, information began to appear on the Internet that this appointment was lobbied by one of the Kharkiv businessmen – Yevgeny Chernyak (often confused with E. Chernyak – the owner of the Khortytsya trademark and the trading house “Megapolis”), whose sphere of interests included the maintenance of common business areas with Gennady Kernes. Thus, an opinion was formed that Rainin would be loyal to the odious mayor of Kharkov, which, in turn, did not suit the public. In August 2016, the following decision was made and Rainin took over as Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine. It was noted that Vitaliy Kovalchuk was considered the main contender for the position of the new head of the Presidential Administration, but he did not accept the proposal of Petro Poroshenko to head the Presidential Administration. The likely contender for this position was initially considered the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States, Valery Chaly, however, according to confirmed information, he also refused the offer to take this position.


According to the declaration for 2013, Igor Rainin earned 13 thousand rubles as deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.. UAH. Another 123 thousand. UAH. he received as interest and dividends, and also kept 10 thousand. hryvnia in bank account. Of the property, the official declared only two small apartments. In 2015, Igor Rainin has already declared 923 yew. hryvnia, of which 128 thousand hryvnia. amounted to salary, the rest is income from the alienation of movable and immovable property. The head of the Presidential Administration owned an apartment with an area of 74.3 square meters. m. And also Rainin indicated cash in the amount of 30 thousand dollars, 200 thousand hryvnia. and 15 thousand euros. His wife Anna kept $10,000 and UAH 50,000 as personal savings. in cash. A solid leap in just three years! In the declaration for 2018, Igor Rainin indicated the ownership of an apartment in the city of Kharkov for 74 sq. m. and rent a room in the hotel Ukraine. His wife Anna had the right to use an apartment in Kharkov for 64 sq. m., which belongs to Byalkowska Zinaida. During 2018, Rainin received an income of UAH 382 thousand, and his wife Anna earned UAH 60 thousand. The financial savings of the family were: 52 thousand dollars, 20 thousand euros, 388 thousand hryvnias. In the reporting declaration for January-May 2019, before his dismissal, Rainin indicated the same two apartments in Kharkiv, the rent of a hotel room in Kyiv, and a salary in the Presidential Administration in the amount of UAH 360,000. and significant personal savings: 68 thousand hryvnias in a bank account, as well as 25 thousand hryvnias, 40 thousand dollars and 20 thousand euros in cash, as well as a scholarship in the amount of more than 22 thousand. hryvnia for the title of honorary citizen of the Kharkiv region. The official's wife earned 60 thousand rubles during the reporting period. hryvnia, plus kept cash 70 thousand. UAH. and 12 thousand. dollars.

Compromise and rumors

It is noteworthy that during the time Igor Rainin was in the civil service, his family's company won dozens of state tenders worth hundreds of thousands of hryvnias. So, the first confirmed data on lobbying the interests of the family was the fact of purchasing parts for the production of hydraulic and steam turbines by the strategically important enterprise of the Kharkov region “Turboatom” from a company associated with the family, already at that time the governor of the region Rainin. Also, during the leadership of the Rainin region from 2015 to 2016, the company “Training and Research Production Center” Labor Protection “, owned by the governor's wife and father at that time, carried out a number of illegal deliveries to large enterprises of the city. In addition, Rainin’s mother and the same Yulia Svetlichnaya worked at this enterprise. So, throughout the year, Turboatom purchased goods from Labor Protection for the amount of 654 thousand. UAH. After the checks, it became known that the prices for some goods are an order of magnitude higher than the prices that were placed in open sources.. The company “Kharkovoblenergo” worked exactly according to the same scheme, which purchased goods in the amount of 200 thousand. hryvnia, and the prices for the goods were not made public at all. In 2016, according to the data of the public finance website “E-data”, LLC “UNPC “Labor Protection” received from various state and municipal enterprises and institutions of the Kharkiv region 207 thousand. UAH Rainin systematically pointed out the rather modest way of life of his family, which was confirmed by the declaration, which he regularly filed. But this information is easily refuted when mentioning the son of an official, who, according to information from the Internet, does not know what it is to live modestly. According to information posted by him personally on social networks, Rainin Jr. does not deny himself anything: he smokes a hookah, wears branded items, and rests abroad, as evidenced by numerous photos taken on a new iPhone. Think about the following fact – the son, at that time the governor of the region bordering with the aggressor, indicated on his Facebook page the place of study of the Higher Institute of Management, located in the capital of the aggressor – Moscow, although shortly before that there was information on the network that Rainin's only son became a student Kharkiv National Law University named after. I. wise. But at the same time, his name was not in the lists of applicants and applicants. Let us recall the scandalous connection – an office romance between Rainin and Yulia Svetlichnaya, who, by a miraculous coincidence, then took a place in a leadership position in her record 32 years. According to the declarations filed by Rainin, a rather rapid growth in the family's well-being can be traced, even in relation to the positions he holds. In February 2017, the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center made public the decision of the Kharkiv City Council that the Sintobud Housing and Construction Complex (where Rainin worked in 2014) could take possession of a land plot within the city, with an area of 1.5 hectares, free of charge, for development. At the same time, the lists of the founders of this company include businessmen from Rainin's entourage – Oleg Bazarnenko, Valery Kutsenko, Denis Ostapenko, Vitaly Yatsyuk. At the same time, Oleg Bazarnenko holds the position of director of Stiroltex LLC, Denis Ostapenko is the head of Trade-Plast LLC. Among the founders of both these firms are Andrey Kryuchkov and Stanislav Skripai, who are also the founders of Sintoflex, a company not alien to Rainin. In addition, Andrey Kryuchkov was listed as the founder of the Dornit company when the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Yulia Svetlichnaya worked there.. He was also an adviser to Igor Rainin when the latter was the governor of the Kharkov region. After the publicity of this information, in order to avoid a scandal, Sintoflex, for unknown reasons, refused the desired site. It can be called incomprehensible, from the point of view of a sober mind, the position of Rainin and the attitude to the fact that he changed the party on the part of the country's leadership. So, a native of the border region, Igor Rainin, head of the Presidential Administration during the time of Petro Poroshenko, turned out to be a member of the pro-Russian party Opposition Platform – For Life and even headed its branch in Kharkov. One of the leaders of the Opposition Platform for Life, Yuriy Boyko, during a regular meeting, officially introduced the politician in Kharkiv to fellow party members, while explaining that Rainin had been collaborating with this political force for a very long time, but this fact could not be revealed earlier. As a result, let's return a little to Rainin's family ties.. In his 2015-2017 declarations, Rainin indicated that his wife Anna uses an apartment in Kharkov owned by Zinaida Byalkovskaya, who by chance is her mother, and Rainin himself never mentioned anything. Byalkowska is also the head of the house management of the building in which the specified apartment is located.. Byalkovsky Andrey, Anna's brother and brother-in-law Rainin, is also registered and lives with her.. A number of companies are registered on Byalkovsky, two of which, Modus-instrument LLC and NVP In-Solution LLC, appear in cases of money laundering and tax evasion. These firms organized the supply of equipment to the Kharkov plant “Electrotyazhmash”, the head of which, using his official position, withdrew the plant's money to private firms, totaling about 500 million. UAH, 2 of which are for the indicated companies of Byalkovsky. Another criminal case concerns NVP In-Solution LLC and money laundering, that is, the work of a “conversion center”, one of whose clients was the said company of Byalkovsky. And of course, despite, to put it mildly, a tarnished reputation, this did not prevent Modus-instrument LLC in 2018 from winning tenders for the supply of equipment to state enterprises in the amount of 7 million 300 thousand. UAH

Личные данные

Wife - Anna, is engaged in small business. Son - Anatoly (student of one of the universities of the Russian Federation).
Political defector, currently affiliated with the Opposition Platform for Life
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Kharkiv, Marshal Zhukov 15/67