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Portnov Andrey Vladimirovich


"Demon in the flesh", that's how you can say about Andrey Portnov. This man will stop at nothing for power and money. He blackmails the media, extracting classified information on people, thereby violating human rights, and all this just to remain in the shadows. Afraid of exposure. He threatens his colleagues, plans raider attacks. This comrade has more than enough problems with the law, but thanks to his professionalism, he knows how to get out of the current situations and\"make \" the laws work in his favor.

October 27, 1973
Уровень охвата:

Portnov Andrey Vladimirovich


Andrey Portnov was born in Lugansk (at that time Voroshilovgrad) in 1973. He graduated from high school there and in 1991 he went to serve in the army.

A family

The mother of the people's deputy, Svetlana Mikhailovna, worked in Soviet trade. And father Vladimir Mikhailovich was a driver. Portnov is married, his wife's name is Tatyana, she works as a private notary. The couple also raised 2 adult children – a son born in 1993 and a daughter in 1994.


Andrey Portnov graduated from high school in 1990, after which he entered a military school in Leningrad, where he did not finish his first year. The politician himself says that he left on his own, although some sources claim that he was expelled from there. Then he studied at the correspondence department of the Faculty of Law of the East Ukrainian State University, from which he graduated in 1999.

Career and business

Even during his studies at the university, Portnov began working in the Lugansk company “Yurlit Ltd”. Then, incomplete 2 years – as a lawyer of AP “Lugansk oil depot”. Indeed, getting into the position of a lawyer without having an education and a diploma at that time was quite difficult, one might even say that it was impossible. After searching for information, you can find sources that claim that Andriy Portnov was associated with the Luhansk organized criminal group of Valery Dobroslavsky, a well-known crime boss in the 90s. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the recognition of Igor Gomenyuk, who was an associate of Dobroslavsky. Quite a few people from their group got into politics: the mayor (1994-97) and the governor of Luhansk (2005) Aleksey Danilov, Oleg Titamir (in 2010-2014 the leader of the regional organization “Front for Change”), Grigory Prigeba (one of the leaders of the Lugansk Euromaidan, in 2016, together with the Opposition Bloc, he committed a raider seizure of power in the mayor's office of Severodonetsk), the Serpokrylov brothers (heads of the regional organizations PORA-PRP and UDAR). In 1996, Portnov already headed the Ukrinformpravo law firm, which, according to him, he himself created. And a year later, Portnov moved to Kyiv, where he almost immediately got the position of deputy head of department at the State Commission for Securities and the Stock Market (GKTSBFR). Recall, a part-time student in the 4th year. And there Portnov learned a lot, some sources claim that the people of Tymoshenko and Lazarenko arranged him there, who also collaborated with Dobroslavsky. More precisely, with his people. Andrey Portnov was directly involved in the war for Privatbank, which was in 2001. Our politician was on the side of Privat, and on the other side was Aleksey Romashko, who at that time was already considered the head of the SSMSC. Romashko even started an official investigation against Portnov, but could not complete it.. Alexei was killed in his front door in 2001. Of course, the first suspicion of the police fell on Portnov, but it was not possible to prove his involvement.. But just a month later, he leaves the SSMSC and opens his own company, Portnov and Partners. Since 2003, he has been returned to the SSMSC to the position of First Deputy Executive Secretary. From July 2004 to July 2005. – Member of the State Commission. And in 2006, he finally becomes a people's deputy, which opens up new opportunities for him. Remember, we said that perhaps Tymoshenko's people gave him a position. It is in her party that he becomes a people's deputy of the 5th convocation. Since 2010, Portnoy has become Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Serhiy Lyovochkin. Then he was laid off and in 2011 he was transferred to Viktor Yanukovych as an adviser to the president. He worked there until 2013, after which he was immediately appointed adviser to the head of state.. Lyovochkin, who did this, said that from now on Portnov will lead the entire circle of reforms in both law enforcement and justice agencies. On January 24, 2014, President Yanukovych, by his decree, dismissed Portnov from the post of presidential adviser and appointed him the first deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine. And on February 26, Alexander Turchinov fired Portnov from this position.

Not official biography:

During his labor and political activities, he participated in some scandals. in 2006, he defended Secretary of State Oleksandr Zinchenko in court as part of the corruption scandal with Petro Poroshenko; Andrey Portnov is involved in scandalous laws on January 16, 2014; in 2014, the EU imposed sanctions against Portnov and blocked his bank accounts; in 2015, a criminal case was initiated against him under Art.. 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine; in 2016 challenged the decision of the EU Rada; On July 31, 2019, information appeared about the investigation of the SBU against Portnov in the case of treason.

Accusations of Vakarchuk

Most recently, Portnov accused MP and performer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk of hiding income from the state. According to Andrei Vladimirovich, the singer, in order not to pay taxes from his foreign concerts, hid his earnings through offshore companies and a Swiss bank.

Media ownership

In August 2018, the father of MP Yevgeny Muraev, Vladimir Muraev, transferred to Portnov 100% of the shares of the NewsOne TV channel for a period of 3 years. However, after 2 months, the people's deputy from the “Opposition Bloc” Taras Kozak, an associate of the godfather of Russian President Viktor Medvedchuk, became the owner of the corporate rights of the TV channel. Portnov then stated that he had initiated the termination of the agreement on managing the channel. He also said that he would remain in contact with the channel's management and continue its “judicial and international protection as long as it remains in opposition to the government in rhetoric.” Why did the students of KGU protest against Portnov? In 2009, Portnov became a professor at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law of the Faculty of Law of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. In 2010 he became the head of the department of constitutional law. Portnov worked at the university until 2014, until he was fired. This is because he worked in a part-time position, so Portnov was fired and a full-time employee was hired for this position. But in June 2019, the rector of KNU resumed Portnov as his professor without competition.. So, from September 1, Portnov should start working. The news that the odious Portnov will again become a professor was not liked by the students of KNU. Therefore, they announced on June 20 at 18:30 a corresponding protest action under the red building of the university. The organizers of the action called on students, workers, teachers and graduates of KNU “to stand up for the honor and reputation of their university.”

Raider No. 3 in Ukraine

The media actively discussed the participation of Andrey Portnov, or rather, his company “Corporate Technologies”, in raiding. This firm, according to Andrey Portnov, he founded with the participation of Kolomoisky's Privatbank. Andrey Vladimirovich himself refutes this information: “I am a People's Deputy of Ukraine. The company “Corporate Technologies” was my partner in the legal business before I was elected to parliament. This company has a different specialization for several years. The Corporate Technologies company was engaged in protecting the rights of shareholders in court and out of court, was engaged in legal support of the investment business, depending on the task. The company's lawyers restored the rights of both large shareholders and small. It was a very long time ago” (“Profile”, March 5, 2007). Andrey Portnov is also associated with Bondarchuk, Kizin, Chibisov and Partners. Once this company was called “Portnov, Kizin and Partners”. This group is often referred to as “Kizino”. The schemes used by the company, according to some media, allow them to take over enterprises.

“Zhytomyr Lasoshchi”

“Our money” found documents showing that in the period August-September 2010, the confectionery factory had a loan of almost 20 million. dollars. He was listed in “BTA Bank”. Also, it was through this bank that money was transferred to Etenko's payroll and other operations were carried out. Briefly about “BTA Bank” and its importance in this scheme. In 2000, one of its owners, Kazakh businessman Mukhtar Ablyazov, was accused of stealing tens of millions of dollars.. In 2009, information appeared that the chief lawyer of Yulia Tymoshenko's team, Andrei Portnov, undertook to solve the Ablyazov issue at that time.. Unofficially – 7% of the bank's shares. Vadim Fesenko, the co-founder of the law firm Portnov and Partners, officially became the vice-president of BTA Bank. 9 months after this news, Portnov's people appear on the “Zhytomyr delicacy”. Both Boyko's side and Leshchinsky's side confirm that in 2010 one of Igor Boyko's confidants was Ivan Grantsev. In the year 2000, Grantsev and Portnov worked at the State Commission for Securities and the Stock Market, Portnov headed the corporate finance department, Grantsev – the department for registering issues of enterprises. Grantsev with Andrey Portnov and Alexey Temnenko were the founders of the public organization “Investment Ukraine”, Grantsev was Portnov's partner in the law firm “Portnov and partners”, they were also listed as co-founders in the “Audit firm” Yakovlev and partners “. During the conflict in 2010, interests structures of Igor Boyko in courts was represented by Andrey Martynyuk. Now he, together with Ivan Grantsev, are co-founders of the corporate technologies law firm. The law firm “Corporate Technologies”, in which Grantsev was also, is a well-known company that previously belonged to Andrey Portnov. Aleksey Temnenko became the deputy head of the legal department, and later the acting chairman of the board of CJSC “Zhytomyr delicacies” – he owned a stake in the authorized capital of “Agrokombank”, and was also a business partner of Grantsev for many years. Later, when CJSC “Zhytomyr Delicacies” ceases to exist, and instead the confectionery factory will be under a new legal entity – JSC “ZhL”, Alexei Temnenko owns 5.6% in the authorized capital of the factory. Statements of claim to the courts, during the period when “Delta” was forced out of “Zhytomyr dainties”, were also sent from the capital's address of Temnenko. It is interesting that the people to whose accounts money was transferred from the Zhytomyr factory, allegedly for consulting services, sometimes turned out to be Temnenko's neighbors. For example, Irina Cherniy, who received 2 million. 067 outside. UAH allegedly for consulting services, and this amount exactly coincided with the price for the apartments of Tatyana Etenko and Evgeny Doroshenko, – Temnenko's neighbor in the house on Predslavinskaya street in the capital. Irina Viktorovna was listed in the 9th apartment. At 18, Natalya Ivanovna Temnenko was registered, and Alexei Ivanovich Temnenko, when he registered a number of companies in the nineties, indicated this particular address as his home address. In 2009-2010, Irina Cherniy was recorded as the head of Temnenko's Kyiv Pirozhki company. Portnov denies his participation in the seizure of the Zhytomyr factory. However, the co-owner of Delta Capital S.A. Yuri Leshchinsky doubts that under Yanukovych it was possible to seize the factory without the consent of Bankova: “At that time, under the rule of Yanukovych, the entire judicial structure was subordinated to the manual control of the presidential apparatus. Therefore, the decisions that were made there, I am sure, were made with the consent of the people sitting in the presidential apparatus. “It was not possible to find out who was the organizer of the seizure of the factory. According to the message on the website of the factory on May 25, the work of the factory was blocked. Petro Poroshenko promised to personally look into the current situation.

Murder of Prosecutor Shuba

In 2009, the Prosecutor General's Office considered as a working version of the contract killing of the prosecutor of the Dnipropetrovsk region Vladimir Shuba, who allegedly managed to find evidence of involvement in the seizure of the Ozerka market by a number of officials, among whom was the name of Andrey Portnov. This was written by the publication “Young Ukraine”, the editor-in-chief of which is a friend of President Viktor Yushchenko, Mikhail Doroshenko. “The raider attack on Ozerka is associated with the interests of the Privat group, where Andrey Portnov was once employed. As it turned out, Vladimir Shuba, who died under unclear circumstances in October 2008, was actively investigating this case,” the article adds. facts and move the case forward.” “Now the high-ranking officials involved in the case are using all possible tools to divert suspicion from themselves – law enforcement officers are being subjected to unprecedented pressure, investigation materials are disappearing,” said an employee of the Prosecutor General's Office. – covered up traces. Now we know that the attacks on the Ozerka market were carried out by the Kapitonov group. And it was Portnov who was the curator, customer and strategist of the high-profile attack,” he added.

Telephone terrorism

In October 2007, socialist Valery Kochetov stated that Andrey Portnov, a Byutovite, allegedly called him and threatened him with reprisals if he did not drop the case of election violations.. “I personally received a call on my mobile phone from a man who identified himself as Andrey Portnov and said that if I withdraw from the trial, I will not have a heart attack and my car will not be damaged,” Kochetov said.. Andrey Portnov refutes the fact of such a conversation.

Threats to an employee

At the end of 2004, law enforcement agencies received a complaint from the head of the legal department of the SSMSC Oksana Sakhnatskaya. In it, she accused Portnov of threatening her with murder right in the premises of the State Commission. In January 2005, the prosecutor of the Goloseevsky district of Kyiv, Mikhail Ivanets, opened a criminal case on this fact.. Portnov, in turn, said that there were no threats from him.. At the same time, Andrey Vladimirovich claims that the case against him was “custom-made”. In its decision of August 1, 2005, the Goloseevsky Court of Kyiv found that the prosecution and internal affairs authorities had not collected any data that would testify both to the fact of threats and to the presence of real reasons to fear them.

Illegal privatization

On May 19, 2008, the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine opened a criminal case against Andriy Portnov on the fact of encroachment on illegal privatization under Part 1 of Art.. 233 and h. 2 Art. 365 of the Criminal Code.

Cases of Romashko and Sakhnatsky.

According to some media outlets, Portnov at the SSMSC, together with its head Oleg Mozgov, and member of the commission Alexei Romashko, decided whether or not to agree to the registration of securities issues of joint-stock companies. In October 2001, Romashko was killed. Portnov, according to the publication “Criminal Ukraine”, was allegedly involved in this case even as a defendant.. Also, according to Ukraine Criminal, Portnov was accused in a criminal case of attempted murder of the wife of the head of the investigation department of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine, Oleksandr Sakhnatsky, who testified against him in court (the so-called “Sakhnatska case”).

Official restricted to travel abroad

Proscription lists of Ukrainian officials who will be denied entry to Europe and the USA are already prepared in the West. This should be followed by blocking the accounts of Ukrainian officials and oligarchs.. The Commander-in-Chief has published a list of officials who fall under sanctions, which in itself means that they are becoming an increasingly real threat. The direct author of the so-called judicial reform, which was initiated in 2010 by Yanukovych, as a result of which the Ukrainian courts became totally dependent on the authorities. Andrey Portnov, along with Sergey Levochkin, is a communicator who transmits illegal instructions to the courts.

Flight from the country

On February 22, after the change of state power, he left the territory of Ukraine, moving to Russia. He lives with his family in a rented apartment in Moscow, where he created the AP Group law firm. On February 28, the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine demanded that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the SBU detain Andriy Portnov within 10 days as a person suspected of massacres of activists in the center of Kyiv from February 18 to 22 during Euromaidan. On March 6, 2014, the European Union and Canada announced that Portnov was on the list of high-ranking Ukrainian officials against whom financial sanctions were imposed.. Portnov himself claims that he has no financial assets abroad. On May 25, 2014, the FMS of the Russian Federation granted Andrei Portnov a temporary residence permit for a period of 3 years. August 15 Pechersky District Court. Kyiv partially satisfied Portnov's claim against the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, deciding to recognize unreliable information about his alleged involvement in the massacres of activists on the Maidan during the winter events of 2014. At the end of December 2014, Andrey Portnov, who was currently living in Moscow, announced plans to return to Ukraine in 2015 due to the absence of legal charges against him.. He is also going to return funds from frozen accounts in the EU. In autumn, the European Union received a written message about the absence of legal proceedings against the Klyuev brothers and Andriy Portnov on charges of embezzlement by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

Portnov's threats

Former deputy head of the Presidential Administration during the times of Yanukovych Portnov threatens the investigator of the SBI for investigating crimes on the Maidan. According to Censor.NET, Portnov wrote about this in a telegram.. He is suspected of bringing innocent heroes of the revolution to justice and interfering with rallies. They are preparing a measure of restraint for him. Dear investigators of the State Bureau of Investigation, did you by chance mislead anything, didn’t you get lost there? Maybe it's time for you, too, to prevent a little? What, you have nothing to do with yourself? Maybe you have already dealt with Poroshenko and his criminal organization? Or do you want so badly to please the wandering cattle of activists, under which you have been trying to fit in lately? We will definitely protect this police officer, nothing will happen to him, we will put a preventive measure on your head. And we strongly recommend that those who signed this switch to patrol duty at a difficult moment for the country. Once again, a similar shameful pro-Maidan initiative will come from one of you, let's deal with you in a slightly different density mode.”

Portnov and Privat: blood relationship?

It is no coincidence that A. Portnov's repeated departure from the SSMSC in July 2005 is connected in time with the scandal surrounding the failed attempt to “re-privatize” the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant in favor of the Privat group, controlled by L. Kuchma's son-in-law Pinchuk. It is no coincidence that this “re-privatization” was planned in favor of the “Privat” group, and later A. Portnov, who had not thought about big politics before, suddenly ended up on the BYuT election list in the 66th place. And this is despite the fact that it is the name of Portnov that various media associate with participation in the “weaning” of the Southern Mining and Processing Plant from the structures of Yulia Vladimirovna – in favor of the same “Privat”. Who remembers the old – that eye out? But “Privat” does not forget the services rendered to him … It is equally important that the deputy mandate reliably protects its owner from criminal prosecution. The fact that A. Portnov is involved in outright crime, including murder, we already wrote above. Forced communication with the investigation, interrogations became integral companions of his life.. As well as searches in his offices: the latter were already carried out when Yu. Lutsenko was the Minister of Internal Affairs. It is not surprising that in December 2007, A. Portnov voted in parliament for the resignation of the “orange” head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yu. “”). The reason is Lutsenko's statement that one of the BYuT deputies was involved in the high-profile murder of UBOP Colonel Yerokhin… NABU investigated the receipt by Portnovy of payments in the amount of UAH 26 million in the period from July 2011 to December 31, 2013. On March 6, 2019, the criminal proceedings were closed due to the decriminalization of the article on illicit enrichment. In February 2018, it became known that the Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea was checking Portnov's involvement in the preparation of the document of the Supreme Council of Crimea, which appeared in the first days of the occupation of the peninsula in 2014. The publication “Censor.NET” reported that on March 1, 2014, Ukrainian intelligence recorded a telephone conversation between the adviser to the President of Russia Sergei Glazyev and a man who introduced himself as “Vladimir Andreevich”, in which Glazyev said that Portnov was preparing a certain draft resolution of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea during the beginning Russian occupation in 2014. According to Glazyev, this document should have been adopted “to make it clear that not all of Ukraine really wants to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union.” In March 2018, a message appeared that the Security Service of Ukraine had begun proceedings against Portnov under the article “high treason”. The ex-deputy head of the Presidential Administration said that he had filed a lawsuit against the SBU.

Journalists of “Schemes” announced pressure on the editorial office from Portnov

Journalists of the Schemes program, a joint project of Radio Liberty and the UA: First TV channel, announced pressure on the editorial office from the ex-deputy head of the Presidential Administration, the times of Viktor Yanukovych, Andrey Portnov, who late the evening before in his Telegram channel appealed to Mikhail Tkach and the program, publishing the personal data of the driver of the film crew. “Schemes” were preparing a journalistic investigation against Portnov.

Journalists said that Portnov made public the full passport data and home address, car numbers, as well as data that indicates that the place of residence of the driver of the program was being monitored. Portnov's message with the driver's data, which are protected by the law of Ukraine, was distributed in his Telegram channel by the People's Deputy of the Servant of the People faction Oleksandr Dubinsky. Schemes journalists and lawyers claim that in this way Portnov directly violated Ukrainian law under several articles at once. The editors regard the publication by Portnoy of the personal data of the program driver as direct pressure on the Schemes team.

Pechersky court decided to reimburse Portnov almost 7 million hryvnia

The Pechersky District Court of Kyiv satisfied the claim of Andriy Portnov, former adviser to Viktor Yanukovych, for the protection of honor and dignity and decided to recover almost 7 million hryvnias from the state budget in his favor. This was reported by the lawyer and sister of Andrei Portnov – Elena Isaevskaya, writes Slidstvo Info. The court session took place on August 2, presided over by Judge Sergei Vovk. Portnov is demanding compensation of almost 7 million hryvnias from the Ministry of Justice and the State Treasury for the alleged damage to his reputation. His lawyer, at a meeting on August 2, stated that the Canadian government applied sanctions against her client on the basis of a letter from the prosecutor's office dated March 2014, in which they wrote a lie about Portnov's involvement in violations of the law. “As stated in the statement of claim, the then Deputy Prosecutor General and the Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada, in correspondence with the Canadian government, called him a “suspect”, because of which he allegedly ended up on the sanctions list of this country.. Although according to Portnov, at that time he was not a suspect in any proceedings,” the journalists say. At the same time, Isaevskaya said that Portnov was in the status of a suspect, but not for long. Representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the State Treasury Service, the Prosecutor General's Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the claims unfounded and asked to dismiss the claim.In his Telegram channel, Portnov noted that he was not going to collect funds from the Ukrainian budget, but plans to wait until the State Treasury recovers money from the Deputy Prosecutor General Anzhela Strizhevskaya, Foreign Ministry officials and the Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada Andriy Shevchenko: In June, the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Justice twice announced the removal of judge Sergei Vovk, who ruled in favor of Portnov, citing possible bias and criminal proceedings against the judge, but both applications were rejected. , deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Yanukovych, member of the National Security Council Bank of Ukraine. In 2005-2010 he was the chief lawyer of Yulia Tymoshenko's team. In March 2018, it became known that the prosecutor's office opened a case on the possible crime of Portnov. Production began under the article “high treason”. In turn, the ex-first deputy head of the Presidential Administration said that he would sue the SBU, which announced his treason. Already in March 2019, the court recognized as unreliable the information that the prosecutor's office had initiated, and the SBU would investigate the case against Portnov under the article of treason. On May 19, 2019, Andriy Portnov, ex-deputy head of the presidential administration of the fugitive Viktor Yanukovych, announced his return to Ukraine. After that, he began to file statements with the State Bureau of Investigation accusing the fifth president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, of committing crimes. How the probable FSB agent Andrey Portnov “decided” Yanukovych and the probable agent of the Maidan . In recent days, relatives and comrades of those who died in the winter of 2013-2014 are actively demanding that the killers of the Heavenly Hundred be punished.. The sixth anniversary of the beginning of the Euromaidan is approaching, in honor of which the public launched a flash mob “Don't be evil #Spide the Maidan”. Activists hold pickets on Bankova Street, demanding to continue the investigation of mass crimes committed on the Maidan. For what – to transfer the most effective employees of the Office of Special Investigations of the Prosecutor General's Office to the State Bureau of Investigation. While Andrey Portnov, an influential friend of the head of the presidential Office, demands that the former head of this department, Sergei Gorbatyuk, be imprisoned, that the “black company of Berkut” (led by Dmitry Sadovnik, who fled to Moscow) be amnestied, and that the UD be initiated against participants in the Revolution of Dignity. For the murder of policemen and the coup d'état. one. Seven million “for a moral injury” and a picture with friends who sat down on Bankova Although Vladimir Zelensky continues to deny connection with the former deputy head of the Administration of Viktor Yanukovych, it is becoming increasingly difficult to believe in this. After all, this character, to put it in a language that he understands, is grappling with every day. There are a number of points that are in conflict with the desire of the Zelensky Office to downplay Portnov's influence on the judicial and law enforcement system.. What is the recent decision made by judge Sergei Vovk, who was repeatedly tried to be fired just for unjust decisions. Vovk decided that the sanctions of the Canadian government against Portnov and forced stay abroad caused him moral and material harm in the amount of 6.8 million hryvnias. And this amount, according to Vovk, should be paid to Portnov by Ukrainian taxpayers.. Here is the scandalous decision of the Pechersk District Court: The obviously illegal decision of the Pechersky District Court of the capital has already been appealed, and if the GPU does not appeal it to the Supreme Court, the Power will finance the “Wishlist” of Yanukovych's accomplice. Perhaps Portnov's head was spinning from Vovk's decision? Or are his anti-Maidan friends (like Shariy) still right, who hinted that Portnov was involved in the “ascension to the throne” of Vladimir Zelensky? From the message on the official website of the President for November 18, we learn: the odious lawyer signed up as a journalist, whose “journalism” is hindered, it turns out, by “colleagues” from Radio Liberty. This is the official reaction to the tailor's “collision” on the program “Schemes”. “Reshala” had previously made public the personal data of the driver of the film crew and threatened that it would continue to publish information about journalists protected by law: on November 18, the ex-deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Yanukovych Portnov published a satisfied photo with Bankova, where his former assistant works as the head of the President’s Office. Enlarging this “picture”, you can see three friends on it: Portnov himself, A. Bogdan and his deputy in Ofie Ze – the namesake of Smirnov – the former lawyer Lukash. But let's remind the “servants of the people” – who is Mr. Portnov. This is the same henchman of Viktor Yanukovych, who in February 2014 called the protesters terrorists and was among the co-authors of the idea of the “ATO named after Shchegolev”: In the era of Yanukovych, he was called exclusively “looking after the courts”, who manually controlled fake justice. But also do not forget that even before working for Yanukovych, this sinister figure had experience in legal support for the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. People immersed in the topic claim that Portnov provided assistance in his raider affairs (Kolomoisky clarified: “He has been helping me legally for 20 years”). Portnov arranged for himself the future head of the “Ze” Office, Andrey Bogdan, who went as an assistant for a year. But it is characteristic how easily Portnov sold Tymoshenko and defected to her sworn opponent Yanukovych. And Portnov is the author of the “beautiful Code of Criminal Procedure”, which violates the rights of victims. He should be thanked for the fact that somewhere around 80% of arrests in our country are inevitably carried out with violations. What gives toothy defenders the opportunity to beat anyone who has a fat wallet from justice. For you to understand what we are talking about, listen to one of the investigators: “If we did not establish a serial killer immediately, but, for example, six months later, then we have no right to detain him without a court decision, and to court for permission to detain him, if he can't hide, we can't go. And in general, before the notification of suspicion, we have no right to go to court for a preventive measure. First, they must call this maniac to themselves to deliver a message of suspicion. Then – apply with a petition for the election of a measure of restraint to the court. And only then, no later than 3 hours before the consideration of the application for a preventive measure, hand him a copy of the application and ask him to come to court. On one of the posters they wrote that every executioner will be punished. They “threatened” the killers of the Maidanites with a “people's court”. Relatives and friends of those killed believe that the investigation of the “Maidan cases” with the current approach is doomed. Unfinished cases will be merged, and those that have not been fully investigated will be brought to mind – if after November 20 all the “Maidan cases” are handed over to investigators of the SBI who are not familiar with them. And besides, the picketers are sure that Andrei Portnov illegally influences the decisions of the State Bureau of Investigation. Therefore, for several days in a row they came to Bankovaya with portraits of the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and posters: “Do not betray the Maidan”, “Where is the promised justice?”, “Maidan cases are an exam for dignity” and “11/20/19 – deadline. What's next?”.


While in exile, Portnov began publicly defending people with a pro-Russian stance and/or promoting Russian narratives.. For example, in September 2017, he defended the so-called journalist Dmitry Vasilets, who was sentenced to nine years for assisting Russian terrorists.. According to the verdict, he created Internet services for broadcasting the Novorossiya TV propaganda channel.. In early 2018, the Court of Appeal overturned the verdict. Portnov also helped the editor-in-chief of the Strana website, Igor Guzhva, who was accused of extortion by the prosecutor's office, to move to Vienna. He also helped pro-Russian blogger Anatoly Shariy, who used Portnov's lawyers to sue Poroshenko.. “If Anatoly Shariy wants to come to Ukraine, our legal team will certainly help him,” Portnov said. And on May 19, 2019, after a long exile, he himself flew to Kyiv. Upon arrival, he was provided with police protection.. Portnov said that his goal is to bring to justice Poroshenko, the deputy head of the Presidential Administration Alexei Filatov, who under Poroshenko oversaw the judicial branch of power, as well as deputies from the National Front Maxim Burbak and Sergei Pashinsky. The latter actively supported the other side of the shareholders of the conflict around “Zhytomyr Lasoshchiv”. For more than three years, Portnov’s lawyer Marina Parinova (appears in the “Kazbek’s” correspondence) handled the case of Vyacheslav Khimikus, who was shot by Pashinsky. After the case was closed in 2017, Portnov's lawyers managed to reopen it through the court. In 2019, Pashinsky even spent a couple of months in custody, but in March 2021, the court acquitted him.

Investigative actions of the State Bureau of Investigation

Pornov “by some miracle” found out about investigative actions in the State Bureau of Investigation before anyone else. He knew in advance about the arrest of ex-People's Deputy S. Pashinsky. And about any summons for interrogation of defendants in high-profile cases from the environment of P. Poroshenko. And this caused suspicions that the employees of the State Bureau of Investigation were illegally cooperating with Portnov. The source of the leak was never found, and Mr. Truba denied the leak, leading many to believe he was the source.. And recently, Andrey Portnov handed over 2 volumes of UD to Truba, which it is not known how he ended up with. Volumes disappeared from the Office of Special Investigations of the Prosecutor General's Office and Portnov, who “found” them, blames Gorbatyuk, whom he hates, for stealing materials. And the former head of the special investigation department blames Portnov himself. The second option (about the theft of volumes of the case in the interests of Portnov) looks more logical. According to ORD, a prosecutor worked in the special investigation department, who was suspected of illegally collaborating with the protection of the Berkut soldiers.. This is Nikolai Nikolaev, who in 2018 was asked to be fired by his subordinates.

close ties

Viktor Yanukovych, ex-President of Ukraine; Kolomoisky Igor Valeryevich, oligarch, member of the supervisory boards of Privatbank, the oil refinery “Naftohimik Prykarpattya”, as well as the oil company Ukrnafta; Korban Gennady Olegovich, representative of the Privat group – raider No. 2 in Ukraine; Medvedchuk Viktor Vladimirovich, ex-head of the Administration of Leonid Kuchma, godfather of Vladimir Putin and Svetlana Medvedeva; Lukash Elena Leonidovna, Deputy Head of the Administration of Yanukovych; Oleinik Svyatoslav Vasilyevich – Chairman of the Ukraine of the Future Party, People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the VIth convocation; Pisarenko Valery Vladimirovich – People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the VIth convocation.

The Agency for Quality Assurance of Education found plagiarism in the work of Portnov

The Ethics Committee of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (NAZYAVO) claims to have found another fragment of academic plagiarism in the doctoral dissertation of the former deputy head of the Presidential Administration under Yanukovych Andriy Portnov. This was announced by the head of the National Agency Sergei Kvit in a commentary to Radio Liberty. Kvit said that the committee would recommend that the National Agency include this fragment in the committee's previous decision of March 12 on the presence of plagiarism in Portnov's work. “We have added two fragments. We consider one of them actually as academic plagiarism – displaying the published text of another author without determining authorship. And one more fragment, which we consider not as a violation of academic virtue, but as an insufficient academic quality – the same piece of the text of the author himself was found in the introduction and in the conclusions, “he said. NAZYAVO also provided a comparative table, which allegedly indicates a new example Portnov's borrowings without reference to the source: on pages 50 and 51 of Portnov's dissertation there are text fragments that coincide with fragments of the publication “Constitutional (State) Law of Foreign Countries” on pages 780 and 781, respectively. The decision to recommend that the new fragment be brought to consideration by the National Agency was taken on June 9 at a committee meeting. Portnov was invited to it, Kvit said, but the lawyers of the ex-deputy head of the Presidential Administration came there. Portnov's lawyers, according to Kvit, denied everything. Portnov himself has not yet reacted to this information. UPDATED AT 12:35 JUNE 11. Portnov called the statement about plagiarism a lie in his Telegram channel and published a link to a publication on his own website, in which, he believes, the absence of plagiarism is proved. He also said that he had already filed a lawsuit and published the conclusion of scientists from the Academy of Legal Sciences, which shows that in his works “there has never been plagiarism.”


To all interlocutors of LIGA.net asked the same question: what is Portnov's secret and how does he manage to keep the Ukrainian courts in check. Gorbatyuk believes that the secret lies in unscrupulousness: “He was one of the first in Ukraine who began to introduce at the political level a system for achieving goals by not just circumventing the law, but also pushing through such murky laws that allow achieving any criminal goals for customers. And taught politicians that there are no limits. Everything can be solved.” For part of the Portnov judiciary – protecting their real immunity. “In fact, none of the judges appointed under Portnov was fired,” says Zhernakov, “less than one percent was removed from the results of the qualification assessment.” “The authorities are constantly changing and trying to influence the courts,” Gorbatyuk explains.. – Portnov showed that he had influence under any government and could protect his people. And all judges want protection and a system where they can avoid liability.. Vovk and Portnov are engaged in uniting such judges and building an illegal system. They push their people into the VSP, into the Council of Judges, into the VKKS. If it doesn’t push through, their lawyers will write lawsuits, put ordered materials in the media.” “At the time of Portnov, a personnel structure was created that allows the administrative management of courts and judges,” says former member of the Supreme Court of Justice Igor Fomin. – And now you can put your shots, promote your people. And then they, when they find themselves in positions, will owe you. This is such an emotional barter. All living people. Someday someone helped someone.”


Portnov began publicly collaborating with the Party of Regions in 2008. On behalf of Tymoshenko, he worked on a package of joint bills with the PR that weakened Yushchenko's presidential powers. In particular, the Rada obliged the President to coordinate the appointment of the Prosecutor General with Parliament. The authors of the bills were Portnov and People's Deputy from the Party of Regions Oleksandr Lavrynovych. When Tymoshenko lost the presidential election to Yanukovych, Portnov tried to convince her of the futility of filing a lawsuit with the Supreme Administrative Court. Tymoshenko did not listen to Portnov, and he resigned from the post of deputy head of the BYuT faction. After the lost process, Portnov cut off contacts with Tymoshenko. “I and my fellow deputies Oleinik, Pilipenko and Pisarenko concluded long before the presidential elections that this is our last political life in BYuT,” he explained. In April 2010, Yanukovych appointed Portnov Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration and Head of the Department for Judicial Reform. BYuT called Portnov's act “prepared betrayal”. “There are a large number of people who are accustomed to work only when their party or bloc is in power, and when you need to work in the opposition, it is much more difficult,” Tymoshenko said. In October 2011, the Pechersk Court sentenced her to seven years in prison for gas contracts with Russia in 2009.. A few months earlier, the ex-premier said that her sentence was agreed upon at a “gathering” at Yanukovych's, where the head of the SBU Valery Khoroshkovsky, the head of the Presidential Administration Sergey Levochkin, the head of the Pechersk Court Inna Otrosh and Portnov were present. An important detail is that it was Portnov who legally accompanied a number of Tymoshenko's gas projects, in particular, he prepared an agreement on the confiscation of 11 billion cubic meters of gas from RosUkrEnergo. “Yulia Vladimirovna brought him to Moscow with her, and he was sitting in a separate room all the time,” President Yushchenko said in 2009 at a closed meeting of the National Security and Defense Council. Portnov quickly incorporated into Yanukovych's system of power and became a driver of judicial reform.. “In practice, Portnov, Lukash and Lavrynovych sat on the presidium, and the meetings themselves can be listed on the fingers of one hand. They sat and listened to the proposals of the members of the group, and then prepared the bill that they wanted. That is, it was a body that could cover up the adopted law,” Roman Kuybida, a member of the group, now deputy head of the board of the Center for Political and Legal Reforms, told LIGA.net. A couple of months after Portnov joined the Yanukovych team, the parliament adopted a law on the judiciary and the status of judges. It provided for the creation of the Higher Special Court for Civil and Criminal Cases.. This and two other higher special courts decided whether the case would go for review in the Supreme Court or not.. Therefore, the Supreme Court actually lost its influence on judicial practice, says Kuybida. A special law reduced the quorum for decision-making in the High Council of Justice, which paved the way for the mass dismissal of judges. Judges were transferred to their places mainly from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, who were given leadership positions. The transfer and selection of judges was carried out by the High Qualifications Commission of Judges (HQJC), headed by Igor Samsin, one of the members was the head of the OASK Pavel Vovk. Kuybida says that all translations were done quickly and synchronously. The HQCC had information about the situation with vacancies in courts throughout Ukraine. It was classified information that the VKKS guarded like the apple of its eye. “Almost everyone appointed as judges in 2010-2014 could not bypass Portnov in any way.. Especially, you wouldn’t have got into leadership positions in large cities without Portnov’s blessing,” says Mikhail Zhernakov, a former judge of the Vinnitsa District Administrative Court, head of the board of the Dejure foundation, to LIGA.net. A law enforcement interlocutor confirms Zhernakov’s words: were first to obtain a certificate of admission from the VKKS. And then the candidates were expected to have an “interview” with Portnov. If a person was not liked, all agreements with the VKKS were nullified. The “interview” was, in fact, an oath of allegiance.” The information of Zhernakov and his interlocutor is confirmed by Censor.net. “In the period from 2011 to 2014, not a single judge of the district court in the city of Kyiv was appointed without a personal interview and consent from Portnov,” the 2014 Censor.net article says. Under Portnov, the method of appointing heads of courts was regulated. During Kuchma's time, the president and the Supreme Court (SC) fought for this right for a while, but the president found convincing arguments for the SC (salary bonuses) – and won. Under Yushchenko, the powers of the president to appoint the leadership of the courts were abolished by the Constitutional Court, and this was done by the Council of Judges. Under Yanukovych, this right passed to the ALL, whose members were Portnov, Kivalov, Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka and the head of the Supreme Economic Court Viktor Tatkov. It was these four who were the main centers of influence in the judicial system under Yanukovych and even competed with each other somewhere, says Kuybida. The system of judicial self-government was changed. “The organizing committees manually selected delegates to the Congress of Judges. They didn’t discuss anything at the congresses, but simply approved the decisions taken from the Presidential Administration,” Kuybida added. A lot of judges are grateful to Portnov for their appointment, says Zhernakov: “As then, so now, judges are appointed arbitrarily. Everyone was afraid, because through the ALL and the mechanism of disciplinary complaints it was possible to dismiss any judge. Thus, he extended his influence to the entire judicial system. “For example, in 2011, Portnov helped to avoid liability to the judge of the Pechersk Court, Sergei Vovk. One of the victims of Vovka's decision filed a complaint, which was checked by Portnov as a member of the All-Union Union of Justice. Portnov did not find any violations on the part of Vovka. Eight years later, it was Vovk who satisfied Portnov's claim for the protection of honor and dignity and decided to recover UAH 7 million from the state budget.. True, in the Supreme Court, Portnov dropped the lawsuit and 7 million. The case was closed. In the Yanukovych Administration, Portnov was not only involved in the courts and the new code of criminal procedure. For example, Portnov's legal visa could be under the “Kharkov agreements”. In April 2010, the leader of the Party of Regions faction Oleksandr Yefremov said that he personally discussed the legal side of the issue with Portnov, and he showed a memorandum stating that the agreements did not violate either the Constitution or the laws of Ukraine. Portnov was assisted in the Administration by his longtime associates. The aforementioned Petrashko (Medvedchuk's lawyer) headed the Department for Control of Law Enforcement Agencies. Marina Parinova is the Office of Representation of the President's Interests in Courts, Andrey Poyda is the Department for Law Enforcement Activities, and Vadim Fesenko is the Department for Judicial Affairs. Fesenko played an important role during the Revolution of Dignity. According to the ex-judge of the Obolonsky Court of Kyiv, Irina Mamontova, it was Fesenko who demanded to choose the most severe punishments for the Automaidan activists.. “The judges were told: these people should be punished to the maximum. Nobody was concerned about the lack of evidence,” Automaidan lawyer Roman Maselko told LIGA.net. According to him, the judges informally confirm the fact of pressure, but refuse to testify. “The judges are afraid and see that no one has been brought to justice,” the lawyer said in a comment to LIGA.net.


At the beginning of 2015, in an interview with journalist Pavel Sheremet, Portnov answered the question of why he chose Russia as a place to escape: “Well, where? Russia is close, there is no language and mental barrier.” In Russia, Portnov was issued a temporary residence permit for three years. He created the AP Group law firm, which he claims served Ukrainian businessmen in Russia and Russian businessmen in Ukraine, as well as the Legal Reform Institute, dealing with “political issues, advice, legislation.” “I had almost $600,000 on my deposit account in PrivatBank. I transferred them to a credit card and use them. And now I'm making money, the business is developing,” Portnov said in an interview in 2015.


Several people from Portnov's inner circle appear in compromising correspondence with an employee of Putin's presidential administration. The participation of Portnov himself has not been proven, as well as the authenticity of the correspondence itself. “These materials are very similar to the truth and fit into what happened then.. If we compare the time periods and the style of the answers, then this is very true,” ex-deputy head of the SBU (2014-2015) Viktor Yagun noted in a comment to LIGA.net. In May 2020, on the site controlled by the Peacemaker center, a mailbox dump was uploaded, which, according to the authors, belonged to Boris Rapoport, deputy head of the border cooperation department of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, which was personally supervised by Vladislav Surkov. The file archive contained more than 27,500 mail items over 12 years. Information technology expert, Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine (2017-2019) Dmitry Zolotukhin analyzed the dump, and he has no doubts about its veracity. “Usually, Russian officials linked work (domain gov.ru) and personal (mail.ru) mailboxes to make it convenient to work from a smartphone,” he explains to LIGA.net. Rapoport sends the first letter of interest from the official mailbox [email protected] to the personal [email protected] This letter from the postal address [email protected] from the sender under the name “Kazbek Rashidovich” arrived on the night of May 2-3, 2014, immediately after the tragedy in Odessa. The subject of the letter contains only one word – “Poroshenko”. In the body of the e-mail, there is a link to a page with a recording of the conversation between the owner of Channel 5 Poroshenko and the director of the channel Vladislav Lyasovsky. The sender of the letter recommends that Rapoport use a recording of a telephone conversation to be shown to the Russian media to show how Poroshenko influences the editorial policy of his TV channel. Four days later, the Kazbek sends another letter to Rapoport, where he promises to register, on behalf of the deputies of the Communist Party faction, an appeal to the international criminal court regarding the events in Odessa. On May 13, this statement was indeed registered in the Ukrainian parliament by a people's deputy from the Communist Party. On May 21, Rapoport receives five letters with attachments from “Kazbek”. The reference titled “Media campaign for 2014” contains a description of the opposition campaign on the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine, which consists of round tables, articles, investigations and comments on television. Some time later, the “rashidovich kazbek” sent Rapoport a report on the results of this campaign, whose faces were members of the Ukrainian Agrarian Association Maryan Zablotsky (now the people's deputy from the Servant of the People) and Vladimir Makar (Portnov's assistant in the Rada). In another reference, “kazbek” describes a project to create a human rights NGO. The document proposes three names for the future organization to choose from: the European Human Rights Union; Ukrainian human rights initiatives; Laboratory of Expert Legal Research. In addition, the “kazbek” attaches resumes of three people: Makar, Zablotsky and lawyer Marina Parinova. One of the organizations proposed by Kazbek, the European Human Rights Union, was registered in Kyiv in June 2014, and Parinova, Portnova's lawyer, became the director. In addition to her, the founders of the organization were Portnov's ex-subordinates in the Presidential Administration Ivan Boychenyuk and Andrey Poyda.


Despite Portnov's media exposure, little is known about his business or other sources of income.. According to the certificate published by Portnov, in 2020 he earned decent money – UAH 41 million. Despite the fact that more than half of the projects of his team is a social burden. “There is project work, there is current work, someone does hourly work. But we have more than 50-60% – this is a social burden. This is where money is not taken, where someone helps someone, volunteering,” Portnov said in an interview with the BigMoney YouTube channel. According to him, he has lawyers in different parts of the world. “There are several lawyers in Vienna, there is a lawyer in Barcelona that we can turn to. There are people whom I help and lead international processes. They live in Armenia,” added Portnov. At the same time, he does not like to expand the staff of lawyers and trusts only time-tested. “I must be sure that there will be no information leakage, that a person will not call via a GSM channel. I have to understand that a person will not betray,” Portnov said. Portnov has developed social networks. For example, one of the largest channels in Telegram with 173,000 subscribers. But it is possible that some of them are bots.. For example, the UkraineWorld project found that accounts that repost Portnov's messages on Twitter make 70-180 tweets a day – too much for a real person. Portnov is associated with the Law and Business website, which regularly covers the activities of a lawyer. The owner of the publication, according to the register of individuals, is Yuriy Petrenko. A man with the same initials was an assistant to the People's Deputy Pisarenko, a longtime associate of Portnov. According to Portnov's former colleague in the legal corps, he earns by selling the ability to resolve issues. “The conditional Kolomoisky addresses him, and he decides this through his friends. This is how 99% of lawyers earn money,” says the interlocutor of LIGA.net.


Andrey Vladimirovich Portnov does not provide declarations. According to Dossier, Portnov did not assess his condition, but considers himself a fairly wealthy person.. His wife is a private notary. Andrey Portnov is a fairly wealthy person. In an interview, he said that he earns about $ 50,000 a month from his advocacy.. According to media reports, the ex-deputy and the owner of a quite ordinary lawyer “office” only in 2006 earned 1 million 52 thousand. UAH 162, and his wife – 1 million 416 thousand. 404 hryvnias. In addition, Portnov owns an apartment of 102 sq.m, a plot of land of 25 acres in the village of Vishenki, Boryspil district, a Mercedes S 500 car, and his family also owns an apartment of 77 sq.. The Portnovs also have two garden houses with an area of 300 sq.m., and Andrey Vladimirovich's wife has an Audi Q7 car. Visa and work permit in Austria.


Portnov is very dangerous, both for the country and for people in general.. Blackmail, document forgery, hostile takeovers, violation of human rights… This man will stop at nothing to protect himself from exposure and achieve his goals. He is an evil who only acts for the sake of money and power.

Личные данные

mother Svetlana Mikhailovna worked in Soviet trade, father Vladimir Mikhailovich was a driver. wife Tatyana is a private notary, 2 adult children - a son born in 1993 and a daughter in 1994.