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Polyakov Anton Eduardovich


Polyakov is a representative of a business that came under guardianship, in his case, the head of Chernihiv, Atroshenko, and through participation in public organizations with a share of populism went to parliament in order to lobby the interests of paying businessmen and oligarchs. Possessing compromising information, he began to clarify it only after the change of "owner" and following all the instructions of the new trustee, voting for what is necessary, abstaining where necessary and attacking whom it is necessary. At the same time, apparently, there are problems with understanding between Polyakov and his counterpart, as evidenced by the fact of his beating.

Уровень охвата:

Anton Eduardovich and his “Pidrakhuy”

Born November 11, 1987, in. Chernihiv Grew up in a large family 2004 – graduated from the Chernihiv Collegium No. 1. Passed military service in the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (g. Odessa). 2010 – registered the trademark “Pidrahuy” (floor coverings). Later he opened two stores – “LaminateExpert” and “Pidrahuy” 2016 – head of the public organization “Ukrainian Center for Combating Crime and Corruption” 2019 – deputy of the 9th convocation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Married to Galina Polyakova, raising two daughters Eva and Zlatoslava. It was with the registration of the Pidrahuy trademark in 2010 that Polyakov's entrepreneurial career began.. He specialized in the sale of repair items, in particular, he sold flooring. Later, after some time, Polyakov expanded his activities – he opened the LaminateExpert store. At some point, Polyakov became interested in social activities. He became a member of the Chernihiv Youth Council, and also initiated and organized, together with activists, the Chernihiv Youth Business Club, through which they defended and promoted the interests of small and medium-sized businesses, processes to increase jobs in the Chernihiv region. So, on November 15, 2019, Polyakov was expelled from the faction on the basis that there was no command in his actions. Such a reason was not voting “for” in the course of the adoption of bills, on which the general decisions of the faction were adopted, as well as systematic missed meetings. During the voting for the exclusion of Polyakov from the faction, 115 of its members were present, 70 of which supported the decision. The head of the party, Kornienko, commented on the motives of the leadership of the faction by the fact that he personally discussed with Polyakov the conceptually important bills and the fundamental importance of their adoption.. It was, among other things, about the land law, about private entrepreneurs, courts … Polyakov, in turn, was constantly at odds with the general opinion of the faction, which is why he was expelled. In turn, Polyakov considered the official reason for his expulsion from the faction to be false, but at the same time he did not provide any other versions.. But he provided a statement about intrigues with Bogdan during an interview in November 2019. It was then about the “sale” of districts during the parliamentary elections in Chernihiv and Zaporozhye regions. The fact that Andrei Bogdan was aware of what was happening and that the information did not reach the president, which in turn indicated some intrigues within the faction. He also said that technical members of Poroshenko's party, who have a significant impact on the government in the country and its current leadership, are directly related to this process. So, according to Polyakov, Mikitas Maxim “bought” his victory in the district from the late Valery Davidenko for $1.5 million. The latter, at the time of the elections, was a non-factional deputy and a former member of the BPP faction and, according to unofficial sources, was Kornienko’s protégé, whom he brought to the Servant of the People party. According to Polyakov himself, it was precisely the fact that he had this information, and its partial coverage, that was the reason for his exclusion.. Polyakov also denies any facts of cooperation at any stage of his political and social activities with the Our Land party, while confirming information about his participation in free trainings conducted by this party. So, during one of these free trainings, Polyakov was captured in a photograph, which was later considered as evidence of his belonging or cooperation with this political organization. Returning to the question of the timeliness of disclosure of information regarding fraud during the electoral process, Polyakov explained that long before the moment of its public disclosure, he informed the head of the presidential office, Andrei Bogdan, who promised Polyakov to look into it, including notifying the president himself. After the next meeting of the party, Polyakov, in a personal conversation with President Zelensky, realized that the specified information had not been received by him, since the latter was very surprised to hear it. After this conversation, Polyakov decided to make public the facts of the “sale” of districts by members of the Servant of the People party against members of the Servant of the People party, which in turn clearly reflects the principles and spirit of this political force. As a reason for exclusion from the faction, Polyakov was also charged with immoral behavior, including contacts with “priestesses of love”, engaging in “button pressing” and conducting scandalous correspondence.. But Polyakov personally completely denies his involvement in any of these points and categorically disagrees with them.. And for the sake of truth, it should be noted that the actual confirmation of this information is practically absent. Polyakov was active in the removal of the Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapko, collected signatures for his resignation. Polyakov claimed that he caused a lot of discomfort and inconvenience to Ryaboshapko, putting pressure on him, and that therefore one of the deputies involved in the Prikhodko case “ordered” him to the criminal authority. Polyakov obtained this information from a government official related to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who also recommended Polyakov to apply to law enforcement agencies with a request to grant him state protection.. Be that as it may, in May 2020, Davidenko was found shot in the head in the office of the European Solidarity party. The press also covered information that the head of the presidential administration, Andriy Bogdan, repeatedly summoned Polyakov to an audience for professional conversations, since the latter’s opinion during the voting often ran counter to Bogdan, and therefore to the opinion of the faction. Such actions of Bogdan, during the meetings of the faction, were repeatedly publicly voiced and condemned by Polyakov, who also pointed out that the first persons of the faction were also critical of his position. So, in particular, Polyakov repeatedly spoke out publicly against the bill on the land market, he did not vote for it.. His colleague, Anna Skorokhod, voted similarly to Polyakov in favor of this bill. People's deputies Anton Polyakiv, left, and Andriy Odarchenko during a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Anti-corruption Policy, in Kyiv, September 9, 2019. Photo Oleksandr Sinitsa / UNIAN [/ caption] Polyakov also publicly supported Skorokhod in her accusations towards the authorities regarding the persecution of her husband Aleksey Alyakin, motivating his position by the fact that she was being repressed for “dissent” in the same way as him. So, according to press reports, Ryaboshapko, the pocket prosecutor general, was given a direct order from the president's office to take action against Skorokhod's husband.

In May 2020, demonstrating his “independence”, Polyakov became an active participant in the blocking of the anti-Kolomoisky law. Thus, the non-factional MP Polyakov, in particular, registered the draft resolution No. 2571-D-P (On the cancellation of the voting results of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine dated May 13, 2020 on adoption in the second reading and, in general, the draft law on amending certain legislative acts of Ukraine regarding the improvement of certain mechanisms banking regulation). The law is designed to make it impossible to cancel the decision to liquidate or nationalize a bank, and return huge compensation to its previous owners. Of the 16.3 amendments submitted to this bill, the largest number belonged to Polyakov – 6033, although before that, he submitted only 50 amendments in a total of 7 bills. Declaration The declaration of Anton Polyakov for 2018 states that he owns the following real estate objects: apartment in Chernihiv, 10 sq.. m.; land plot in the village of Kienka, Chernihiv region for 1,015 sq.. m.; unfinished house in the village of Kienka on 150 sq.. m. In addition, Anton rents several non-residential premises and an office in Chernigov for doing business. The deputy owns 3 cars: Ravon “R2”, 2017 release; Opel “Movano”, 2007 release; Daewoo “Sens”, 2010 release. During 2018, Polyakov received an income of 960 thousand. hryvnia, and his wife 740 thousand. UAH. In 2018, he took out a loan of 631 thousand. hryvnia, which he paid in December, and issued another one in the amount of 127 thousand hryvnia. And also Polyakov has a loan from 2017 in the amount of 178 thousand UAH. on which only interest was paid for 39 thousand UAH. The financial savings of the family in 2018 amounted to UAH 860 thousand. In 2019, Anton Polyakov received UAH 153,000. wages, reduced business income from UAH 960 to 611 thousand, but his wife increased income from UAH 740 to 970 thousand. UAH In the same year, Polyakov got a loan for almost UAH 2 million. And also Polyakov received some unknown compensation from the Verkhovna Rada in an amount comparable and even slightly exceeding the annual salary of the people's deputy – 156 thousand hryvnias. The amount of savings of the Polyakov family also increased significantly: he has 890 thousand hryvnias, she has 750 thousand hryvnias. – a total of 1 million 740 thousand UAH. , that is, almost doubled! But not everything is so smooth for MP Polyakov… In September 2020, Polyakov had a conflict with an unknown person on the street, as a result of which the MP was beaten. It is noteworthy that the fight happened at about 04:00. 30 min. Morning, and one can only guess what Polyakov was doing at such a time on the street … and whether the unknown was such an unknown … Summing up, we can conclude that Anton Polyakov is a very controversial figure in the world of politics.. He has a lot to do with people, adherents of the old regime, who supported him at the beginning of his career.. He demonstrates intolerance to lies, but very quickly changes the rhetoric about who exactly the liar is.. He denies any interest, but 'randomly' lends his support to people loyal to the oligarchs. Polyakov, for all his activity and the complexity of the period in his political career, manages to almost double the well-being of the family during the crisis period … That is, Polyakov is very far from crystal transparency, since he also holds all the information about the internal ways of the Servant of the People faction, and Polyakov's true motives remain obscure.

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Wife - Galina Polyakova. Daughter - Zlata
Kolomoisky group
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Chernihiv, st. Victory 107/39