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Podolyak Mikhail Mikhailovich


Mikhail Podolyak is an unprincipled person. Achieves the goals of its customers by any means. "Black PR", spreading fake information, creating bots with photos and names of dead people, violating journalistic standards… All this for big money. It doesn't matter who the customer is, the main thing is to get the money. An interesting case is with Andriy Yermak, whom Podolyak called the "dark demon", after which he became his deputy. Apparently, Podolyak does not know about the words "principles" and "conscience" to this day.

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Mikhail Mikhailovich Podolyak

Official biography

Born in 1972. He spent his childhood and youth in Western Ukraine – in Lvov and Novovolynsk. Parents live in Lutsk. Since 1989 he has lived permanently in Belarus. Married, no children. In Minsk, he graduated from a medical institute, but the work in his specialty did not attract. Instead of a career as a doctor, Mikhail Podolyak chose journalism as his life's work. Since 1991, he began to work professionally in the newspapers “FM-Boulevard”, “Vremya”, “Narodnaya Volya” and “Belorusskaya Delovaya Gazeta”. Later published in the newspaper “Our Freedom”. In this publication in 2002, his critical article about the head of the State Control Committee Anatoly Tozik was published. The enraged official filed a lawsuit, which obediently upheld his claim.. The newspaper had to pay a $60,000 fine, but did not have such funds. Therefore, the opposition publication was forced to stop working. In 2004, Mikhail Podolyak worked as deputy editor-in-chief of the opposition newspaper Vremya.

NOT official biography

In 2004, Mikhail Podolyak worked as deputy editor-in-chief of the opposition newspaper Vremya. In his publication, he regularly published critical materials against the Belarusian authorities.. On the morning of June 21, KGB officers came to him and handed him a resolution stating that the journalist was a threat to the national security of the country and that he should be immediately deported.. For five years he was deprived of the right to visit Belarus. According to the law, 24 hours were given for deportation, but Podolyak was given only half an hour to pack his things.. He and his wife were taken to the railway station and deported to Ukraine.

Yermak's adviser

Mikhail Podolyak started working at Bankova. Among his tasks is the solution of crisis situations.. In particular, thanks to “more confidential conversations with the journalistic environment.” On the eve of the appearance of this information in the media, people's deputy Alexander Dubinsky published in his Telegram channel a photo of the door of one of the offices in the office with a sign “Podolyak M.M.” and added that this person could soon replace Kirill Timoshenko, Andriy Yermak's current deputy in charge of communications. Work in the “Observer”, cooperation with Yuri Ivanyushchenko and Sergey Levochkin, an interview with Yanukovych His wife moved to Ukraine together with Podolyak, they bought an apartment. As Podolyak later said, he earned money for it thanks to projects in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. How exactly, he did not specify. In 2005, Podolyak was the editor-in-chief of Ukrainska Gazeta. Nine months after the poisoning of presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko, the publication published the article “The Last Supper”. In it, people close to Yushchenko were accused of poisoning: David Zhvania and Yevgeny Chervonenko. After that, Podolyak was summoned for questioning to the Prosecutor General's Office, and several medical experts said that the publication did not meet journalistic standards. In 2006, Podolyak opened his own PR firm, which, according to him, was engaged in “reputation management”. “My profile includes working with a conflict of one complexity or another, and this work has different components – legal, law enforcement, negotiation and, to some extent, media,” he tells Babel.. The company worked with Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian politicians. Podolyak does not disclose their names to this day. In 2006, Podolyak, as a freelancer, collaborated with the news site Obozrevatel and worked as an adviser to the owner of the resource, Mikhail Brodsky. In August 2010, an interview with Podolyak was published on one of the Belarusian Internet resources.. In it, he boasted of an expensive car and security, high-ranking acquaintances in the Russian and Ukrainian special services, and said that he was illegible in customers – if only they paid money. Immediately after the publication, Podolyak said that the interview was fake.. Part of the text is extracts from informal conversations with intelligence officers “off the record”, 20 percent is fiction. One of Podolyak's high-ranking acquaintances in the second half of the 2000s was the then adviser to the head of the SBU, Vadym Hryb.. According to one version, Podolyak collaborated with Hryb as a PR man, but in a comment to Babel, Hryb clarified that it was not about cooperation, but about communication, which began in 2005. On December 1, 2011, Podolyak became the chief editor of the Obozrevatel website, and six months later, he became a consultant to a close associate of ex-president Viktor Yanukovych, People's Deputy from the Party of Regions Yuri Ivanyushchenko. The “regional” had a bad reputation: the media constantly wrote about his criminal past and called him “Yura Enakievsky”. In many media there was an informal ban on negative references to Ivanyushchenko. In April 2011, Podolyak, together with two lawyers for the deputy, held a press conference where he tried to explain to journalists why Ivanyushchenko was not a crime boss.. A few months later, Observer published positive material about Ivanyushchenko's business – the site was accused of publishing “jeans”.

Advertising material without appropriate labeling.

. Podolyak replied that the text was a “positive informational message of a PR nature” that was published “on financial terms”. Now the technologist says that one of the important tasks of his work was to explain to Ivanyushchenko the “rules of public discussion”, in other words, to teach him how to communicate with the media. In June 2011, Podolyak himself got into the frame of the central channels. He, along with well-known journalists Savik Shuster, Yevgeny Kiselyov, Alexander Tkachenko, Igor Guzhva and Andrey Kulikov, was invited to Yanukovych's private residence in Mezhyhirya. Non-public and little-known to the general public, Podoliak asked two questions convenient for the president: how to make an ordinary Ukrainian law-abiding and is Yanukovych's team ready to respond to information challenges?

Podolyak combined his work in Obozrevatel with several of his own projects. In the parliamentary elections of 2012, according to two interlocutors of Babel, he helped the majoritarian Anatoly Matvienko in the Vinnitsa region. But Matviyenko never became a deputy: he withdrew his candidacy in favor of another candidate, Grigory Zabolotny, who was close to Petro Poroshenko. Another influential politician with whom the media associated Podolyak is the former head of the Presidential Administration of Yanukovych, Sergei Lyovochkin.. The technologist was called the “watchman” of the official for all the majoritarian districts of Kyiv in the 2012 elections. According to Babel, Podolyak then worked with the Party of Regions majoritarian Maxim Lutsky, who ran in the Solomensky district of the capital.. Podolyak denies this.
In a recent interview with the Strana website, Lyovochkin stated that he did not cooperate with Podolyak as a technologist. But Podolyak himself, in a commentary to Babel, said that he was familiar with the former head of Yanukovych's Presidential Administration and “undoubtedly worked”. “He is brilliantly erudite, professional and able to build strong project working groups,” says Podolyak, adding that Lyovochkin has been demonized and his potential is “high, but it’s useless to discuss it for now.” In 2013, Podolyak left Obozrevatel, according to him, because of two new projects in foreign markets.. But Podolyak's former colleagues say that back in Oboz, he advised Alexander Popov, the then head of the Kyiv city state administration and Lyovochkin's political protégé.. Formally, Podolyak did not become Popov's adviser.. When asked about his duties at the Kyiv City State Administration, he says that he was responsible for external communications and greater openness. In the 2015 local elections, Podolyak became the chief technologist of the Rukh for Reforms party of an unknown businessman Sergei Dumchev. His election campaign was the most aggressive – the city was hung with hundreds of billboards, the Kyiv Rhino newspaper was handed out near the metro. But the result in the elections turned out to be a failure: the political force scored an impassable 3.14 percent, and the majoritarian Dumchev – 3.92. Now Podolyak says that Dumchev was a good professional challenge. The first part of the campaign, thanks to the “managed visual scandal”, according to Podolyak, was successful. But a month and a half before the elections, the views of Dumchev and his technologist diverged, and Podolyak left. After the campaign of Dumchev, in 2015, Podolyak, according to two former employees of the Presidential Administration Poroshenko, tried to cooperate with the head of the Presidential Administration Boris Lozhkin. They even met, but the cooperation did not take place. Also, deputy Sergei Berezenko, the nephew of Anatoly Matvienko and the deputy head of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction, spoke with Podolyak. Podolyak denies this information and says that the style of Poroshenko's team is alien to him. “On the other hand, along with extremely disgusting people in his inner circle, there periodically turned out to be quite adequate guys with good managerial potential.. I had and still have good relations with some of them,” he tells Babel.. One of these “guys” is Berezenko, whom Podolyak has known for over 15 years.

Joining the government team and the main tasks in the OP

The team of the new President Volodymyr Zelensky Podolyak also criticized a lot. Before taking office in the President’s Office in early April 2020, he wrote in his blogs and Facebook posts that the Servant of the People “turned out to be that bunch of petty and arrogant cynics”, and the technologist called the head of the OP Andriy Yermak a “dark demon” behind Zelensky's back. When asked why he came to work in such a team, Podolyak, not without pathos, replies that he is a statesman, therefore he wants to help build an “effective, compact, but tough state.” The technologist does not tell who recommended him to Andrey Yermak, referring to the fact that it is incorrect to talk about it. To the question of “Babel” whether the former co-chairman of the “Leonid Chernovetsky Bloc” faction in the Kyiv City Council, Denis Komarnitsky, has anything to do with his appointment, Podolyak answers “no”, but says that he is familiar with Komarnitsky. In the OP, according to Podolyak, he has several tasks: “assessment of crises, high-quality management of news and explanatory communications, greater openness of speakers, increasing the number of contacts between the state and journalists, including on conflict cases”. The technologist believes that the problem of the current team is “dumbness tactics”, which eventually “led to self-isolation”. According to a source close to Andriy Yermak, Podolyak was called to the office at the height of the scandal with the “Leros films”. Videos published by SN MP Geo Leros. On them, the younger brother of the head of the OP Denis Yermak allegedly trades in public positions. This case is under investigation. , including for its solution. But the technologist says that these events are not connected in any way, and the films themselves are “a pure manipulative PR scandal with little value for the state.” Two interlocutors of “Babel”, who worked with Podolyak in the past, characterize him in approximately the same way: he is erudite, not stupid, often violates ethical principles in order to achieve a goal. The latter quality, according to them, made Podolyak a specialist in demand among politicians for “effective” work with the media. Podolyak himself says that ethics, which allows one to separate unconditional evil from unconditional good, is his main dominant.. If customers or their methods do not suit him, he easily abandons the project, because he has not needed a permanent job financially for a long time.

Violation of journalism standards

Mikhail Podolyak was repeatedly reproached for violating journalistic standards. Here is what, for example, media expert Natalya Ligacheva said in 2005 about his article “The Last Supper”, in which at that time the editor-in-chief of Ukrainska Gazeta Mikhail Podolyak suggested the possibility of high officials being involved in the poisoning of Viktor Yushchenko: “Such publications appeared in Ukrainskaya newspaper”, this was done without observing any journalistic standards. That is, there is no point of view of people who are criticized in the article – Zhvania, Berezovsky. The whole story was reminiscent of a fairy tale: the author immediately noted that maybe it was, or maybe not.. At the same time, everything is described as if it had already been proven by the court that this was exactly the case. Podolyak himself answered such remarks: “What does professionalism mean? Evidence or facts should be in the publication, where the version is stated? It's all from open sources.. Some details are needed in order for people to understand that we are professionally engaged in this investigation … I should have quoted David Zhvania's opinion, where he says that all this is fiction? And what would that look like?” It was the “Last Supper” that became the basis for summoning Podolyak to the Prosecutor General's Office for interrogation in June 2005.

Manual bloggers for Ze

Known for his rich working biography, Mikhail Podolyak gave a lengthy interview to the Babel website. It is noteworthy that the part of the interview where Podolyak, without a shadow of embarrassment, reveals the inner workings, talks about a certain “pool of bloggers” who would “publicly talk about positive trends in domestic politics”, and even about the conditions under which it would be possible financially reward them for their hard work. Such questions in the self-respecting Office of the President are resolved quietly and behind the scenes, why did Podolyak arrange a self-exposure session for himself? One gets the impression that the main purpose of this interview, as well as several previous ones, is the desire to increase one’s own weight in the Office of the President, including stories about the widest range of tasks he solves. Ambition, the desire to become something more than an assistant to the head is evident. Public activity, apparently, is coordinated with Andrey Yermak, who, perhaps, has already decided, in a favorable situation, to elevate his adviser and, for example, his first deputy. Another self-disclosure – a frank answer to the question about the channels controlled by Viktor Medvedchuk. Podolyak was asked to comment on the campaigns of deputies from the Servant of the People on the air of these channels. “These channels affect a large audience, negatively affect. If we isolate them, and they still broadcast, then a quarter of the population will be under the influence of alien propaganda. Do you think this is correct? We are obliged to walk around and take these 25 percent, proving our case,” Yermak's adviser explained the logic of the OP. And he turned the arrows on the SBU and other law enforcement agencies when it came to Zelensky’s promise to deal with the financing of channels from Medvedchuk’s pool. Another illustrative case is Podolyak’s reasoning that the Ukrainian media are used to working on the negative, which, they say, the public likes more, but is a big problem for the country. Here I would like to recall how, under the previous government, the media enthusiastically covered the news about the victories over Russia, from events at the front to litigation with Gazprom. As well as even the most insignificant feats in relations between Ukraine and its key partners – the US and the EU. Now there are practically no such cases, with rare exceptions like Zelensky's visits to London and Ankara, which only confirm the rule – there is nothing to brag about. So the work of the media on the negative is not about bad unpatriotic journalists, about the quality of the work of the Ze-team.

The interview that didn't happen

Somewhat earlier, a similar story happened with an interview with Podolyak himself. In 2010, under the name “NTV” did not spit on himself, “a conversation allegedly with his participation turned out. In it, on behalf of Podolyak, the words were cited that he: “has high-ranking connections in the special services of Russia and Ukraine”, which “greatly helped” him, both after the deportation from Belarus and in the future; has no warnings regarding cooperation with any politicians, because the main thing for him is “a good customer” and “the price of the issue”; participates in information wars, thanks to which “he makes good money, and not without pleasure.” However, the day after the publication, Podolyak said that he had not given such an interview: “There is a beautiful compilation of dozens of “off-the-record conversations”. Conversations, by the way, not with journalists, but with “special envoys”. And another 20 percent in the “interview” – added by unknown masters of fiction. That is, not my words.

The spread of fakes

In 2013, the Batkivshchyna press service stated that Podolyak openly falsified an interview with Tymoshenko's defender and ally, Serhiy Vlasenko.. In response, the journalist said that this was all a premeditated provocation. On August 9, 2017, a note by Mikhail Podolyak appeared on the website of the Ukrainian Channel 24 that Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite does not want to communicate with Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko. It has been reprinted by many websites and publications. In it, Podolyak, in particular, wrote: “Her refusal to communicate with Pyotr Alekseevich is an extremely bad sign. A sign of disappointment in those who sincerely and freely love us.” At the same time, the then head of the department of the Main Department of Information Policy of the Presidential Administration, Vladimir Gorkovenko, said that such information is not true and is a “fake mouse”.

Connections with Anatolia Shariy

According to some reports, Podolyak was in close contact with a journalist – a blogger who is accused of propaganda – Anatoly Shariy. He also suggested that the post on the website of the Office of the President was written by none other than Yermak's adviser Mikhail Podolyak.


Podolyak is clearly a cunning person who knows his business, and for what purpose he came to the Office of the President is not difficult to guess. Given his biography, it doesn’t matter for him who to work for, whoever pays more is the “owner”. It is possible that Mikhail Podolyak works only to the detriment of Zelensky, and his main goal is to destroy the president and everything connected with him.

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