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Pashkovsky Maxim Igorevich


Maxim Pashkovsky is no different from other corrupt politicians. His goal is his own profit. This is evidenced by business in Russia, unwillingness to pay taxes, friendship with criminal authorities. In addition, Maxim Igorevich is not particularly willing to listen to citizens, fulfill their requests, and fulfill his promises. Which once again shows his indifference, and the desire will only get richer.

March 24, 1983
Уровень охвата:

Maxim Igorevich Pashkovsky

Official biography

Ukrainian IT lawyer, entrepreneur, statesman and politician. People's Deputy of Ukraine of the IX convocation. Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Transport and Infrastructure. Pashkovsky Maxim Igorevich was born on March 24, 1983 in the city of Vinnitsa.

A family

His father – Igor Vladimirovich worked as an engineer, his mother Oksana Vadimovna taught music. Maxim is single. No kids.


Graduated from the faculty of legal sciences of the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”.


Since 2005, he worked as a junior lawyer for a Kyiv law firm. Since 2007, he has been a lawyer in the production holding OOO Karbon. In 2009, he entered private legal practice. In 2012, he founded the social project “Legal Clinic “Emergency Legal Aid”. In 2013, he began working in the field of information technology. Engaged in protecting the rights of software developers, online media, advertising agencies. He headed the Puncher Solutions company. In 2019, he was elected to the Verkhovna Rada of the IX convocation from the Servant of the People party in constituency No. 11 (Vinnitsa region). Member of the faction of the same name. Member of the Transport and Infrastructure Committee. NOT an official biography Maxim Pashkovsky led an active election campaign in social networks. According to the media: “social media users reminded Pashkovsky that he, as a lawyer, defended an entrepreneur who tried to demolish the main walls on the first floor of a residential building on Khmelnitsky Highway, 4. Residents even blocked the road, protesting against the arbitrariness of the merchant. To this, the candidate replied that the residents interfered with small businesses.” In addition, in 2012 Maxim and his brother Yegor created a public legal office. Local media wrote, “among the organizations contributing to the development of the project is the International Society “Ukraine-Poland-Germany”. Since 2007, this organization has been headed by regional Sergey Tatusyak. According to the press, “in 2010-2014 he headed the Vinnitsa regional council, was a member of the Party of Regions and the first deputy chairman of the Vinnitsa regional organization of the Party of Regions.” The journalists noted that on the official page of the project in the social network VKontakte, “there were always reposts from the page of the regional Sergey Tatusyak.”

Vinnitsa conspiracies: about the friendship of “new faces” and the old criminals

As we found out, Nikolai Chernobay, an old friend and business partner of Vladimir Stepanovich, introduced Deputy Pashkovsky to the crime boss Prodivus. Nikolai Chernobay, chief PR man and “black man” of criminal authority Vladimir Prodivus Nikolai Chernobay got into the sphere of media and political technologies back in the days of Yanukovych. In 2011, Chernobay even created the Vinnitsa regional public organization MEDIA CENTER, officially did nothing at all, but unofficially organized paid rallies, distributed false newspapers on behalf of political opponents, created fake websites and spread false information through social networks. Since the “MEDIA CENTER” demonstrated its effectiveness in fulfilling the orders of the “Party of Regions” (the public organization of Chernobay played the role of “chernushniks” who organized actions from the category “bring a carrot to Yatsenyuk” aimed at destroying the authority of any person who does not belong to the “Party of Regions » ). Therefore, after the Revolution of Dignity, the idea arose to “reanimate” a successful project by creating something similar, but “with a reputation not tarnished by the regionals”. This is how the “MEDIA CENTER” VLASNO “” appeared. Now Chernobay, according to our data, plays a key role in dirty political campaigns commissioned by Volodymyr Prodivus against the Vinnitsa managers. And the possible involvement of the brothers Pashkovsky and Chernobay is evidenced by two important projects. For example, in 2012, Chernobay was the founder of the “Milk business incubator”. It was in this incubator that one of the social projects that today's people's deputy Pashkovsky boasts of – “free legal assistance” has grown. In addition, the long-standing friendship between Pashkovsky and Chernobay is evidenced by their presence at the same highly specialized forum dedicated to jurisprudence and IT. Note two nicknames (i.e. fictitious names) which are circled in red. Nikolai Chernobay, registered on the forum under the nickname “Pantion”. And it was under this nickname that he was constantly noted on the pages of Maxim Pashkovsky on this forum, as can be seen in the screenshot above. Another proof of direct friendly and business ties between Pashkovsky and Chernobay is another indisputable and somewhat sweet fact that Pashkovsky is the founder and owner of Puncher Solutions LLC (he personally confirmed this). At the same time, Puncher Solutions is named after Chernobay, who is registered on the already mentioned forum under the nickname Panchion. That is, this couple has been working closely since 2012.. Therefore, only Pashkovsky was elected as a deputy, as old acquaintances literally in a month or two were able to restore ties with the criminal “sponsor”. After that, we began to study the connections between Chernobay and Prodivus. And we succeeded. The “weak link” was the wife of Nikolai Chernobay – Olga SAVYUK. Olga is a well-known photographer in Vinnitsa. She is proud of her work and enjoys taking pictures of friends and acquaintances, while flaunting pictures on the Internet, which allowed us to find the criminal connections of Chernobay and Pashkovsky with crime boss Prodivus. So, on December 10, 2019, Olga arranged a photo shoot for Yegor Pashkovsky, the brother of the “servant of the people” Maxim Pashkovsky (recall that we managed to establish that Maxim Pashkovsky did business in the Russian Federation with his brother). And also, it was his brother who gave more than 500,000 hryvnias for the election campaign for Maxim Pashkovsky. And three days later, on December 13, 2019, on her Facebook, Olga SAVYUK publishes another post of gratitude to Vladimir Prodivus for giving her his book. At the same time, Olga is proud of the fact that the crime boss personally signed the book for her. The inscription on the cover: “Olga with best wishes and gratitude with respect.” We can make a firm conclusion that it was Nikolai Chernobay who organized the acquaintance of “new faces” with criminals, who is a longtime friend of both the criminal authority Prodivus and the “servant of the people” Pashkovsky. For a fresh MP who has no political experience, such an acquaintance opens up several opportunities at once: 1. The unlimited financial support that Prodivus can provide; 2.Support for media owned by Prodivus; 3. And, of course, the physical “support group”, which is also at the disposal of the ex-regional Prodivus. Now it may become clear where only thousands of dollars for advertising in an ordinary lawyer come from – this is sponsorship. Also, Pashkovsky has already managed to use the army of titushok Prodivus. If earlier the articles about the “union” of the deputy and the ex-regional looked strange and suspicious, now everything is obvious to many residents of Vinnitsa. In February 2020, Pashkovsky brought about a hundred “young people of athletic build” under the walls of the Vinnitsa city council, who had nothing to do with the scandalous development of the European Quarter, but at the same time they played along with Pashkovsky in this matter. The acquaintance of two “cadres” gave rise to a symbiosis of criminal and political experience and legal practices in Vinnitsa. So we got an effective deputy, although he does not act in the interests of Vinnitsa residents, but in the interests of criminal groups of influence. Also, Anna Davydenko, a childhood friend of Maxim Pashkovsky, and Sergey Karmalita are associated with Pashkovsky. Business in Russia Maxim Pashkovsky – Vinnitsa majority voter. Maxim Igorevich was nominated to the Verkhovna Rada from the 11th single-mandate constituency (the city of Vinnitsa). Pashkovsky, when selected for the party of Vladimir Zelensky, looked almost like a “dream candidate”. However, since there were too many “new faces”, they failed to collect an array of information about each one. That is why, for example, Maxim Pashkovsky's connections on the RES website look like this: However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.. There is something that he would very much like to hide from everyone and everyone. In particular, this is information about his company Puncher Solutions LLC, which Maxim passed on to his brother Yegor in 2019, apparently in order to “cover up his tracks” and be able to further receive significant profits without the risk of being exposed. According to open registries, Puncher Solutions is a multifunctional company that is engaged in Internet and media PR, computer technology, legal advice, and even retail and wholesale of food and tobacco. At the same time, the authorized capital of the company is only a thousand hryvnias.. In any professional person, doubts immediately arise, how such a small company can do business in such a wide range of areas, and how is it with taxes? The history of Puncher Solutions LLC is as follows: If you look at the connections of Puncher Solutions LLC, then you should pay attention to the company JM LLC, registered with the same number as Puncher Solutions. JM LLC is very similar to Maxim Pashkovsky's Puncher Solutions LLC, since it is also only a thousand hryvnias of authorized capital, but at the same time it provides the same wide range of services. The main services of JM, as in Puncher Solutions, are advertising, PR and computer technology: However, the main thing to pay attention to is the connection of the JM company with the Russian company Social Wave Limited LLC, the head of both Jay EM and the Social Wave company is Pavel Stativka. It is noteworthy that Russian companies earn in the IT sector, and as a candidate, Maxim Pashkovsky in his program promised a lot of bonuses to this particular sector.. Coincidence? A company with the same name also operates in the Russian Federation, and its founder is the same Stativka Pavel Vladimirovich. At the same time, the main activities of the Russian company Social Wave Limited LLC coincide with the main activities of the Ukrainian companies Social Wave Limited LLC, JM LLC and Puncher Solutions LLC. Paying attention to the fact that Puncher Solutions LLC has been operating throughout 2019 and is operating even now, we conclude that the brothers Maxim and Yegor Pashkovsky, together with their partner Pavel Stativka, continue active cooperation with the Russian Federation in the field of advertising, PR and computer technology, thanks to why Maxim Pashkovsky does not need to travel to Russia to continue doing business there. Pavel Stativka himself indicated his place of residence in the social network Vkontakte Kyiv. That is, we can conclude that the companies were created exclusively to work in the Russian Federation and, we emphasize, they worked during the military aggression by the Russian Federation. At the same time, Pashkovsky and Stativka receive their main income from the Russian Federation, and, accordingly, they pay taxes to the aggressor country: Another interesting fact: among the friends of Pavel Stativka on Vkontakte is Maxim Pashkovsky himself. It's hard to believe that this is “just a coincidence”. At the same time, a little lower in the list of Pavel Stativka's friends is his work page. The place of residence on the working page of Pavel Stativka, we note, is Moscow. On June 1, 2020, at the time of the completion of this investigation, Pavel Stativka's Vkontakte work page was “online”, which means that the Russian business brothers Pashkovsky and Pavel Stativka continue to work actively: Judging by everything mentioned above, it becomes clear that Maxim Pashkovsky could be one of those who tried to ease sanctions against the Russian Federation, and he succeeded. As you know, on May 14, President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree on the so-called “extension of the ban on Russian social networks”. However, this decree contained a smaller list of Russian IT companies subject to sanctions.. That is, Vladimir Zelensky lifted sanctions on some Russian companies. The day before, the Verkhovna Rada, at an extraordinary plenary session, supported by 248 votes the relevant resolution on the extension of the “ban on Russian social networks”. People's Deputy Maxim Pashkovsky voted “for”. Now it becomes clear why Pashkovsky, a majority voter from Vinnitsa, supported the easing of sanctions against Russian IT companies – it’s just that his IT company is also registered and operates in the Russian Federation …

 Residents demand from Pashkovsky to support Avakov's resignation

Majoritarian voters from the 11th constituency, Maxim Pashkovsky, appealed to their deputy with a demand to stop the arbitrariness on the part of law enforcement agencies, supporting the resignation of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. In particular, Inna Kalinovskaya, a resident of Vinnytsia, turned to Maxim Pashkovsky. She wrote to the deputy in private messages, and also wrote a public post, “tagging” the Vinnitsa majoritarian. Pashkovsky responded to an appeal to him and deleted the tag, and left the messenger message unanswered. Inna Kalinovskaya is far from the only one who has publicly addressed the people's deputy of Vinnytsia. Denis Karlovsky also publicly addressed the deputy, who, according to information on his page, currently lives in Kyiv. As can be seen from the post, Pashkovsky again “reacted to the appeal of voters” by deleting the tag. According to our information, today people's deputies of Ukraine receive hundreds of requests to support Avakov's resignation. Pashkovsky, despite all his odiousness and scandalous reputation, is no exception. But at the same time, the deputy categorically refuses to hear his voters, deleting tags and ignoring messages.


He does not have his own real estate and movable property. In the declaration, Pashkovsky indicated the property of his relatives. So, his father owns four plots of land.. Another one is owned by his mother. The total area of real estate of the people's deputy's parents is 1764 sq.m. Igor Pashkovsky also has two apartments (22.2 and 332.9 sq.m.), a residential building (262.8 sq.m.) and a garage (110 sq.m.). The politician's mother (63.9 sq.m.) and his brother (64.8 sq.m.) each have one more apartment.. All real estate of the relatives of the deputy Pashkovsky is located in Vinnitsa. Igor Pashkovsky is the owner of a Mazda CX-5 2016 model year (worth nine hundred thousand hryvnias). The father of the parliamentarian owns fifty percent of the Elektrokabel company. Its ultimate beneficiary is Maxim Pashkovsky. The income from entrepreneurial activities of the people's choice for 2018 amounted to nine hundred and forty-five thousand hryvnias. The politician has no bank accounts. Cash – two and a half million hryvnia.

Conclusions: The situation is already quite banal. A businessman came into politics for the sake of his own benefits and business prosperity. This is what most politicians do, and Pashkovsky, unfortunately, is no exception.

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