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Palchevsky Andrey Ivanovich


Palchevsky Andrey Ivanovich would become a cool and charismatic villain of any fairy tale. He is under the guise of a saint, creates sheer chaos and skillfully adjusts any situation to suit his pocket. And the rumors that his Eurolab clinic is just a tool for manipulating officials and other high-ranking officials no longer seem like a myth, because his reputation speaks for itself. Dual citizenship, overpriced coronavirus tests, poor-quality H1N1 tests in 2009, connections with the Russian government, and much more illegal and scandalous can be found about Andrey Palchevsky.

Ukraine, Russia
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Palchevsky Andrey Ivanovich

Official biography

Date of birth – 07/16/1961 Age – 58 years Place of birth – Kyiv, Ukraine A native of Kiev, a Ukrainian showman, businessman and politician. Andrei Ivanovich has a very rich biography. He is a successful Ukrainian businessman, TV presenter. It is already known for sure that he will run for the mayor of Kyiv in the next elections. According to opinion polls, Andrei Ivanovich has almost the same chances as the current head Wladimir Klitschko. Civil position Active participant in the events on the Maidan in 2004 and 2013. During the tragic events of February 2014, he worked as an ambulance driver. He organized the departure of Yulia Tymoshenko, who was released from the colony, to Kyiv. During the presidential elections in Ukraine in 2019, he supported Volodymyr Zelensky. In June 2020, he created the political party “Victory of Palchevsky”. He is a candidate for the position of mayor of Kyiv. In the elections on October 25, 2020, he won 5.53% of the vote.


Andrei Palchevsky is fond of poetry (for example, haiku), sports, yachts, airplanes. Holds a professional pilot's license. The first Ukrainian space tourist of the American company Space Adventures.

Ranks, ranks, regalia

He was awarded the Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for a significant contribution to the successful performance of the national team of Ukraine at the XXIX Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. Honorary President of the Biathlon Federation of Ukraine. Vice President of the Taekwondo Association. Member of the Association of Specialists in Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy of Ukraine. Family Former spouse – Palchevskaya Elena Vladimirovna, born March 13, 1961. In 1998 she left for Spain with her children. She indicated in social networks that she was from St. Petersburg, but studied in Moscow. Elena has her own Ambrosia Urban Spa in Barcelona. In 2012, information appeared in the media that Elena wants to sue half of the property from her husband. Palchevsky was able to prove that he had not lived with Elena for a long time, so she has no rights. Son – Andrey Andreevich Palchevsky, born October 25, 1985. In 2010-2016, he was a co-owner of TK Elit LLC on Khoroshevskoye Highway in Moscow. In the field of activity of the company – trade in products and meat. And the business partners were German citizens Mark Pronilov and Dmitry Rapoport Daughter – Anna Andreevna Palchevskaya, born November 20, 1989. In 2013, my father told reporters that Anya is a rocket engineer, she is engaged in vertical take-off aircraft.. And she was going to go to Canada to work at an aircraft factory. From the second marriage, Palchevsky has sons Roman (2005. r.) and Fedor (2008. r). Both were born in Moscow. Almost nothing is known about the second wife, with whom Palchevsky is not officially scheduled.. She is a Muscovite, lives in Kyiv, went home to give birth to children. Brother – Palchevsky Timofey Ivanovich, was born on March 16, 1971. Born in Kyiv, went to school in Cuba, after returning he lives in Moscow. On his page in social networks, he often posts petitions to Vladimir Putin. In 2017, he advertised the products of the Golden Fin online boutique – he sold black and red caviar. In February 2014, during the events on the Maidan, he was worried about Berkut, then he supported the annexation of Crimea. In the war in Donbass, he defended terrorists, urged “to stop killing people”. He regretted that “Russia has greatly “clicked” education. Timofey's wife, Olga Yakovlevna Palchevskaya, was born on March 17, 1971. Nephew – Palchevsky Maxim Timofeevich, born March 31, 1997. He is a member of “United Russia” – the executive secretary of the local branch of the party of the Prospekt Vernadsky district. At parades dedicated to May 9, he carries on a stick a portrait of his great-grandfather Timofey Shpanko, a hero of socialist labor, who during the Second World War “forged victory in the rear.” And after the end of the war, he was the manager of the Sverdlovugol trust – he restored the mines of Donbass. Mom – Svetlana Timofeevna Palchevskaya, was born on January 7, 1940. Father – Palchevsky Ivan Ivanovich, born July 19, 1942 – died in August 2016. Lived in Moscow.


Andrei Palchevsky received his higher education in Moscow at the Military Institute of Foreign Languages, which no longer exists. He received his second education in the specialty “economics of food production”. Businessman enjoys cooking. Speaks multiple languages, including Hebrew and Thai.

Career and business

In 1983-1991 he served in the Soviet army – in Siberia, Central Asia and abroad. After that he worked as an English teacher at the Institute of International Relations in Moscow. After demobilization, he was educated as an economist and changed his field of activity – went into business. Opened the Quest UTS company specializing in brewing technologies. For some time he was a member of the board of directors of the Chelyabinskpivo organization, and was also an expert on the quality of alcohol at Radio Liberty. In 1995, Andrey tried himself in Russian politics.. He ran for the State Duma and was number three on the list of the Party of Beer Lovers. However, there were few lovers of barley drink in Russia.. Palchevsky's party won a little more than half a percent in the elections.

Business in Ukraine

In one of the interviews, Andrei Palchevsky mentioned that the return to his homeland was due to the fact that his competitors tried to poison him. The businessman was hospitalized nine times, the last time in Kyiv. And after the last case, Palchevsky came up with the idea to found the Eurolab clinic. In addition to the Eurolab clinic, Palchevsky opened several more companies – Food Aromatics, Center for Laboratory Research, City Invest Service, and even two airlines – New Aviation of Ukraine and A.I.. and V.K.”

Civil Servant Career

In 2010, Palchevsky's political career began – he gets a place as Deputy Minister for Family, Youth and Sports Ravil Safiullina in the government of Azarov. In his post, Andrei Ivanovich was supposed to oversee state-owned enterprises related to the sphere of the Ministry. The businessman was directly connected with sports – he had the title of honorary president of the Biathlon Federation, as well as vice president of the Taekwondo Association. Moreover, the businessman advocated the development of Ukrainian sports and actively supported him financially. Palchevsky stayed in the ministerial position for about three months, and then left of his own free will.

TV presenter career

In 2011, Andrei Ivanovich began to master the profession of a presenter. Then the man became the TV presenter of the Deep Drilling program on the First National Channel.. After he hosted the programs “Index Finger” and “Adult Game” on “Direct”, and now he appears once a week in “Evening Prime” on Channel 112, where he evaluates the political life of the country. In Ukraine, Palchevsky is known for his oppositional views.. It would seem that from the height of their success, most businessmen do not notice the problems of ordinary Ukrainians. But Palchevsky assures that he likes to understand them.. Businessman and TV presenter admits: “My enemies consider me the most dangerous opponent. This is the best title for a man.” Palchevsky also sharply criticizes the policies of Petro Poroshenko and supports the young presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky. “Regarding the bloody scenario of Poroshenko, whom everyone is so afraid of. I'm sure there won't be any blood. And the universe will die quietly – the whole universe of Petro Poroshenko. He will not have enough fuse, ”says Palchevsky.

Interview with Andrey Palchevsky

In one of the interviews, Andrey Palchevsky told a little more about himself. Particularly about my grandparents. They were the ones who raised him. Grandfather was from the Donbass, he was a simple Soviet engineer, who later became the Minister of the Fuel Industry of Ukraine. As Palchevsky himself said, many believe that with age he becomes exactly like his grandfather. This is especially true of the fact that grandfather knew how to translate all conflict situations into a joke. In addition, Palchevsky said that he fought a lot at a young age, according to the politician, he was “brought up by the street.” Every time he saw a conflict between a man and a woman that escalated into a fight, he intervened. But, as Palchevsky ironically, he almost always received at once from both. As an example of how to behave, he cites Texas, where it is legal to carry firearms.. Palchevsky believes that there “they don’t show each other indecent gestures from the car and don’t shout “idiot” – a shot may be heard in response. I am for our men to remember that rudeness and rudeness can be met with an armed rebuff. “Also, Andrey Ivanovich was fond of sports. He still supports his volleyball coach Viktor Kligerman, who believes that he helped Palchevsky become a man, although the businessman himself does not fully agree with this, because there is room for development. At school, Palchevsky studied well and was an excellent student.. He said that he, as a “humanist”, was not influenced by one book, where it was said that if you do not know what entropy is, then you cannot consider yourself an intellectual. It was from this that Palchevsky's acquaintance with physics, chemistry and other exact sciences began, which later helped him enter a prestigious university.. As for his parents, Palchevsky recalls quite readily. He says that the best thing they did in his life was to teach him to treat their children like strangers, and strangers like their own.. There is an Indian proverb: “If you want to raise a good person, then treat your child like a stranger …”. Also, according to Palchevsky, he graduated from school in Cuba, where his father then worked, who was called Ivan the Terrible, because he was familiar with Fidel Castro. In Russia, after the institute, Palchevsky was offered the position of the first assistant to the head of the service, similar to the one that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin created in St. Petersburg – he was in charge of foreign economic relations. But he decided to go to work for a Western company. So he ended up in London, where he quickly learned chemistry. According to Palchevsky, 2 people helped him in training there: the first of them was a stunningly beautiful woman whose name was Kate: in her presence, he could think about any connections, except for valence. The second tutor was the daughter of the leader of the Communist Party of Barbados – a mulatto, a typical representative of the English female elite: a BMW convertible, breasts of the fifth size, a husband 12 years younger, a surf teacher. It was in this company that he grew up as a professional in his field and became its representative at home. Then Palchevsky outgrew his boss, who was from Mexico. According to him, he and a group of like-minded people of 5 people decided to leave the company, but managed to do it with a big scandal. After that, Palchevsky got on television. The businessman himself believes that being a leader helps him because he has seen a lot and gone through a lot.. He understands what people need. Journalist and public figure Andrei Palchevsky harshly criticized the new head of the Institute of National Memory for inheriting the policy of the previous leadership. According to Palchavsky, “disgusting slogans” are being imposed on young people. He spoke about this in a new video on his Facebook page. “We clearly know when the Victory Day was. Today I listened to the new, already “green” head of the Institute of Memory. The meaning of his speech came down to two crazy words, which, it seems to me, were invented back in the Poroshenko era, and continue to be successfully promoted. It's called “remember, we win”. We need to drink half a liter of vodka to figure out what we “remember” and where we “win”. These are disgusting slogans that are imposed on young people, even more disgusting against the background of how this Drobovich says that the USSR and Nazi Germany were equally bad for Ukraine. Everything has a limit, including in diplomacy,” Palchevsky said.

Not official biography

Andrei Palchevsky was repeatedly called a fraudster. So, for example, journalist-researcher Vladimir Boyko certifies the candidate for mayor of the capital.

The representative of the press notes that for the first time on the screens the person of Palchevsky appeared in 2009 during the bird flu epidemic. Then Andrei, who did not have a medical education, but introducing himself as an epidemiologist and the founder of Eurolab, spoke with a smart look about how to prevent the spread of the epidemic and what drugs should be taken. By the way, at the same time, Palchevsky entered into battle with the no less odious deputy mayor of Kyiv, Irena Kulchitskaya. According to journalists, at the height of the epidemic, Palchevsky's clinic set up tents around the capital, in which it was possible to take tests for the presence of the disease for free. The city council official accused the businessman of the fact that this action was carried out only for the sake of PR for the owner of the clinic, and the tests themselves were of poor quality. The media reported that Palchevsky has dual citizenship. Staying in Russia for many years and even running for the State Duma, Andrey had a passport with a double-headed eagle. Returning to Ukraine, the businessman allegedly renounced Russian citizenship and took Ukrainian citizenship. However, in reality, “he did not renounce Russian citizenship and fraudulently obtained Ukrainian. According to a simplified procedure, as a native of Kyiv. He did not fulfill the promise in the declaration – to hand over the Russian passport, ”Vladimir Boyko said. In addition, the journalist spoke about other businessman scams.. According to Boyko, Andrei was fired from his job as a military translator in Laos for fraud, and he had to flee from Russia to escape creditors.. The entrepreneur explained his flight from Moscow by the fact that competitors wanted to poison him. At home, Palchevsky “convinced Azarov that he was a resident of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and was sent here to control cash flows, that he must be appointed somewhere as a minister or deputy minister”. True, when the scam was revealed, Palchevsky was immediately thrown out of the civil service. Before the second round of the presidential elections in 2019, the Eurolab clinic got into a scandal because of the tests of Vladimir Zelensky. When the presidential candidate published the results of the blood test, everyone paid attention to the date of sampling of the material – April 2. Although the showman took tests three days later. This gave Poroshenko's supporters a reason to accuse both Zelensky and Palchevsky of falsifying tests. “Noted” Palchevsky and during a new epidemic – coronavirus. According to the media, in April 2020, the SBU visited Eurolab with searches. The reason was that the clinic “forgot” to report three cases of coronavirus infection.. The three clients were high-ranking officials who had returned from the French ski resort of Courchevel. Journalists caught the businessman and that he was trying to cash in on the epidemic. The Vesti edition reported that in Eurolab rapid tests for determining infection with coronavirus are sold with a wild markup – 1561 hryvnia. The main test “can” be purchased at sky-high prices — 16,000 hryvnias. “At the same time, the retail price of express tests on the market is UAH 300-400, and the main one is about 60 euros.. At least that's how much it costs in Germany.” Journalists note that the “Palchevsky team”, with which he is going to run for the Kyiv City Council, consists of BPP deputies with a corruption trail. Palchevsky sheltered Maxim Shkuro, a corrupt official who changed many parties, as well as Sergei Maizel, a person involved in anti-corruption investigations. A place in Palchevsky's Peremoz was also found for the scandalous Lyudmila Kostenko and Anton Drepin. The first police caught when she was driving a car while intoxicated. The second “noted” by the fact that he was involved in the case of embezzlement of funds from this enterprise on an especially large scale during the construction of the Theater on Podil – the contractor performed work in the amount of about 300 thousand hryvnias, and received 32 million rubles. Same way. Because of the military university that the TV presenter graduated from, journalists often call him an employee of the Soviet and Russian special services. Palchevsky assures that this is not true. And he was called to serve in the army as a boy from Kyiv. In fact, VIIA trained military translators and propagandists of the USSR Ministry of Defense. In addition to knowing languages, they are able to translate documentation, understand military terms, and during hostilities they perform reconnaissance work, go to the rear of the enemy, and participate in the interrogation of prisoners. “Perhaps there is no need to talk about the role graduates played in the information support of state structures, in intelligence. Suffice it to mention the name of the outstanding Soviet intelligence officer, Major General Yu. I. Drozdov, who devoted 35 years of his life to serving in illegal intelligence. I think that there are many people like Drozdov. It is possible that in the future we will learn about them, ”the International Affairs website writes.

Eurolab scandal

In 2009, a scandal arose between the head of the State Administration, Irena Kilchitskaya, and Andrei Ivanovich. Just at the height of the H1N1 “swine flu” epidemic, the Eurolab Foundation initiated the volunteer movement “Kyivites Against the Flu” – tents were set up around the city where everyone could get tested for the presence of influenza free of charge. And Palchevsky himself accused the government of hiding the real scale of the epidemic. During one of the television shows, Kilchitskaya made accusations against Palchevsky – in particular, she stated that his clinic was doing low-quality tests.. A few days later, the Eurolab branch involved in H1N1 research was closed by the city sanitary service.

Ties to Volodymyr Zelensky

In early April, presidential candidates Volodymyr Zelensky and Petro Poroshenko passed “pre-debate” tests. Poroshenko did this at the Olimpiysky NSC first-aid post, and Zelensky donated blood at the Eurolab clinic, owned by Andriy Palchevsky. Zelensky and Palchevsky were accused of falsifying the results of the analysis, allegedly the men have been friends for a long time, so the presidential candidate donated blood to Eurolab. Let's see if this is actually the case. Another TV project of Andrei Ivanovich is the talk show “About Life” on the Inter TV channel. It started in 2012, when the future client of the Eurolab clinic, Vladimir Zelensky, was the general producer of the TV channel.. And the show was produced by the Kvartal-95 Studio. According to Palchevsky, he met Zelensky only three times in his life.. Indeed, there is practically no real evidence that Palchevsky is more than an acquaintance of Zelensky.

Hybrid War Medical Recruitment.

While investigating the activities of Palchevsky, stunning information came out that the Ukrainian representative office of the Russian Eurolab Clinic is another element of a hybrid war using medical blackmail and recruitment. Russian Palchevsky received finance from Russia to create a clinic and integrate into politics. The bottom line is that the server of the clinic management system is located in Moscow and all medical records of patients are controlled by the FSB and are used to blackmail and recruit patients. For example, tests can show the presence of hard drugs (heroin, cocaine, etc. in the blood), various diseases. Venereal, cancer, alzheimer's and the best AIDS blackmail tool. DNA. Homosexuality, schizophrenia, debilism and other deviations, the disclosure of which can bring down and destroy any politician or businessman. Data on deviations of family members and children are also actively used.. It is these FSB tools, through the data of the Eurolab medical server, that are widely used in a hybrid war and recruitment of Ukrainian politicians.. Many associate Zelensky's fear to take tests in other clinics with this. There is also confidence among SBU employees that data on the president’s medical abnormalities keep him on the hook for recruiting Russian special services.. And from the threat of exposing Zelensky's real analyzes and inclinations, the president is completely doing the will of Moscow.

About connections with the GRU and with Russian organized crime

It is known from open sources that, before returning to Ukraine, Palchevsky was also the general secretary of the “Party of Beer Lovers” and in 1995 ran for the State Duma of Russia in the top three on the lists of this party. Also, members of the “Party of Beer Lovers” were very interesting personalities, such as, for example, Alexander Torshin, who is well known in the case of Maria Butina in the USA. Let me remind you that Russian woman Maria Butina admitted in an American court that her actions were part of a conspiracy aimed at establishing unofficial contacts with Americans who could influence US policy.. (insert Butina) The spy also reported on a Russian official who, according to Butina, directed her actions. This official refers to the recently resigned post of Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Alexander Torshin, whose assistant was Butina for several years. In 2016, Bloomberg, citing a secret report by the Spanish Civil Guard, reported that Torshin, before becoming deputy chairman of the Central Bank for the second time, helped the Taganskaya organized criminal group launder money in Spain. In particular, he allegedly provided consulting services and instructed members of a criminal group on how to launder money through Spanish banks and real estate.. The agency claimed that the investigation came to this conclusion after a three-year investigation. In turn, according to the Russian media oriented to the FSB, the leader of the Taganskaya organized crime group Zhirnokleev was an employee of the GRU “undercover”, and Tagansky was taken after the resignation of their roof Torshin. The leader of the Taganskaya OCG, Igor Anatolyevich Zhirnokleev, had the rank of lieutenant colonel of the GRU of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, assigned to him in 2005. Let me remind you that the Taganskys were taken after the resignation of their roof of the deputy chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Torshin, who is associated with Maria Butina. In 2011-2013, Butina “quietly” works in Ukraine, her “Right to Arms” builds bridges with the “Ukrainian Association of Gun Owners” ( UAVZ) and its leader Georgy Uchaikin. Butina and Uchaikin become honorary members of each other's organizations, mutually attend events. In particular, in 2012, Uchaikin traveled to Moscow to attend the founding congress of the Rights to Arms organization, and in 2013, Butina came to Kyiv, where she presented gifts to Uchaikin from the Russian organization. And already in June 2014, Butina was a participant in a rally in support of the so-called “Novorossia”, which was held in Moscow. In her blog, she urged people to go to the rally and donate money to the militants.. She also stated that “the Russians of Ukraine have the right to revolt”. In addition, Butina wrote that if the free carrying of weapons was allowed in Russia, then there would be much more Russian mercenaries in the Donbass.


Andrey Palchevsky's declaration is not in the public domain. He calls himself a very rich man. In 2012, the ex-wife during the divorce proceedings estimated her husband’s fortune at UAH 629 million. (nearly $80 million). In the same year, Eurolab LLC was founded.. Until April 2020, one of the beneficiaries was a Russian citizen – Kirilov Alexey Alekseevich. He was born on July 30, 1954. He graduated from the same military university as Palchevsky, only in 1976, lives in Moscow. Now the owners of the clinic are Andrey Palchevsky and Eurolab Services, registered in Ilford, a suburb of London.. The authorized capital of Eurolab is UAH 38.1 million. At the same time, Kirillov remained a co-founder of the TV presenter in another company – Center for Laboratory Research LLC. The authorized capital is UAH 10 million, and the field of activity is “medical practice”. At the moment, there is no information about the state of Andrei Palchevsky in the public domain.. And this is not surprising, because the businessman does not hold any public office.. However, according to the businessman, the bitcoin cryptocurrency brings him the most profit. In his interviews, he repeatedly mentioned a profitable business, honestly earned millions and almost his own fleet of aircraft.. However, when it came to the division of all this wealth, Andrei proved to the court that he had nothing to share with his ex-wife. The Pechersk Court, which considered the case, declared Palchevsky bankrupt and denied the rights to the division of property to his ex-wife. However, Elena Palchevskaya did not refuse to fight with her ex-husband and filed a complaint with the Kyiv Court of Appeal. According to the YouControl analytical system, Andriy Palchevsky is: • The beneficiary (through the British LLC “Eurolab Services”) of Eurolab LLC (EDRPOU 33103356), profile – general medical practice; • Owner of 12.5% in Ukrainian Mriya LLC (EGRPOU 37392270), profile – market research and public opinion research; • owner of 87% in Center for Laboratory Research LLC (EDRPOU 32207592), profile – medical practice; activities ceased; • owner of 25% in LLC “On Life with Andrey Palchevsky” ( EDRPOU 38306491), profile – production of films and video films, television programs • founder and beneficiary of the Andrey Palchevsky Charitable Foundation (EDRPOU 37451257) • head of the Palchevsky Victory political party (EDRPOU 39877693) • 99% beneficiary (through British POO “Eurolab Services”) in “City Invest Service” LLC (EDRPOU 32249779), profile – leasing of own or leased property; • is related to A.I.. and V.K.” (EDRPOU 35572759), profile – aviation non-scheduled passenger transportation; • is related (through the Panamanian corporation “GLOFINCO HOLDINGS INC.” to LLC “New Aviation of Ukraine” (EGRPOU 32827562), the profile is passenger and cargo air transport. In accordance with the report on the filling and spending of the election fund of the candidate for the position of mayor for the period from September 21 to October 28, 2020, the local branch of his political party transferred 2 million 677 thousand. UAH 888.52

Double citizenship

The media reported that Palchevsky has dual citizenship. Staying in Russia for many years and even running for the State Duma, Andrey had a passport with a double-headed eagle. Returning to Ukraine, the businessman allegedly renounced Russian citizenship and took Ukrainian citizenship. e.

However, in fact, “he did not renounce Russian citizenship and fraudulently obtained Ukrainian. According to a simplified procedure, as a native of Kyiv. He did not fulfill the promise in the declaration – to hand over the Russian passport, ”Vladimir Boyko said. In addition, the journalist spoke about other businessman scams.. According to Boyko, Andrei was fired from his job as a military translator in Laos for fraud, and he had to flee from Russia to escape creditors.. The entrepreneur explained his flight from Moscow by the fact that competitors wanted to poison him.

Election October 25, 2020

Despite the fact that some sociological polls “painted” Palchevsky almost 20% and an iron second place in the election of the mayor of Kyiv, the reality turned out to be completely different. On October 25, only 4.5% of voters voted for Palchevsky. The overall sixth place of Palchevsky is an undoubted failure, because a lot of money was invested in the candidate's campaign, and no profit was received at the end. The catastrophic fiasco of Palchevsky and his political project recalled a similar failure of Sergei Dumchev five years ago. Also, the defeat of Palchevsky became an occasion for evil jokes. In April 2020, the SBU searched a laboratory owned by Andrei Palchevsky. Reason: allegedly concealing the facts of infection with COVID-19, which could lead to the spread of the epidemic. Palchevsky himself denied the allegations. He assured that all the results were sent to government agencies, and the information was duplicated by calls and letters to officials, which can be documented. And shortly before the elections, Palchevsky accused Klitschko of stealing a mobile phone. Fictitious ratings and cooperation with Dumchev's bot farm and dumps. He orders a fake study by The Belgium-Ukraine Research Institute (BURI) with Russian roots, which is actively replicated by Dumchev's well-known information dumps and Politeka. Russian fake throwers paint Palchevsky with a rating of 14.1%. WHOIS shows that the website of The Belgium-Ukraine Research Institute was registered in 2016 in Moscow. The site publishes various news about the EU and Belgium, but all the texts are copied from other sites, real European media. The organization’s website also lists the names of those who allegedly work in the editorial office, but some of the names cannot be found, and some of those listed are really journalists, but work for completely different, real editorial offices – for example, Benoît TOUSSAINT, works for AFP in Paris. Or Michel DEURINCK, whose Linkedin page lists the real journalistic organizations he works with, but there is no information about BURI. As we can see, the mouthpiece of the “Opposition Platform – For Life” by Yuriy Boyko, invented by the insane quilted jacket The Belgium-Ukraine Research Institute (BURI), turned out to be useful to Andriy Palchevsky. The owner of Eurolab slapped a fake study from BURI on the Russian blog farm with three visitors a day. Thus, the non-existent sociologists of the fictitious BURI drew 14.1% for Palchevsky. All the material, written in broken English interspersed with Russianisms, is replete with dithyrambs and praises of Palchevsky. And the funny thing is, the posting of BURI on the website is tagged with pre-election insanity “Opposition Platform – For Life”. As they say – “sewn with white threads.” Immediately after posting the pseudo-study, the sites “Politeka”, Accents, Hyser and other misunderstandings roll out an illiterate gibberish “Palchevsky has a chance in the mayoral elections”. Of course, with reference to the non-existent rating of The Belgium-Ukraine Research Institute (BURI) and the Russian shit site Congratulations to Znaj and Politeka on another epic fail, though it's easier to block them because of Facebook bots, but still! By the way, it is obvious that (Politeka) and other dumps of Dumchev have an agreement with Palchevsky. They are very active in promoting it.

Andrey Palchevsky is a typical Russophile and Ukrainophobe

If you think that Palchevsky's Ukrainianphobia and Russophilia are in the past, by no means. Look, an excerpt from a recent interview where he calls the Moscow historian Karamzin our compatriot with you. Everyone knows that Karamzin is a Muscovite and a “Great Russian” historian who promotes great power narratives. Lies and unprofessionalism of Andriy Palchevsky Pay attention to Palchevsky's interview with Ukrayinska Pravda. Here the journalist asks Palchevsky about the Ukrainian Mriya company, and Palchevsky declares that he does not remember this company, since there are 1000 companies on it, so he cannot remember every one. But Palchevsky is disingenuous. According to the Unified Register, he is the ultimate beneficiary of only 4 firms; A reasonable question arises, if you do not know your 4 firms, then how will you know what is happening in a metropolis such as Kyiv, where there are hundreds or even thousands of different departments and services. I am sure that Palchevsky really knows very well about the company “Ukrainian Dream”, but he is lying and here's why: Contacts: Andrey Palchevsky LLC Ukrainian Dream + Gerus Andrey Mykhailovych + Gerus Nataliya Oleksandrivna + Huta Andriy Ivanovych + Kyrylo Oleksandrovich Dmitriev + Olena Mazepa + Oleksandr Valeriyovych Morozov + Oleksandr Benyaminovych Sokolovsky + Tetyana Georgievna Davydenko + LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “GOLD STOCK” + INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION “ONE WORLD HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION”. The first one on the list is little-known today in Ukraine, but even 10 years ago, a very frequent guest in Kyiv – Russian entrepreneur and head of the largest investment fund – the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev. To understand how big Kirill is doing, one has only to note that the fund has attracted about $40 billion in foreign investment to Russia.. Dmitriev is a regular guest at parties with Vladimir Putin, including the recent economic forum in St. Petersburg. In the early 2010s, together with the Ukrainian Dream company, he also established in Ukraine – still operating! – Kirill Dmitriev Foundation for Social Initiatives Charitable Foundation (code 36856878). The Foundation set (and probably still continues to set) as its goal the cultural integration of Ukraine and Russia. For example, it was Dmitriev who brought actress Lyudmila Gurchenko to Kyiv with her program for her 75th birthday, sent talented children from both countries to visit each other for exchanges. The second founder is Andrei Guta, co-owner of the scandalously bankrupt agricultural holding Mriya (apparently, at the time of choosing the name for the common cause of supporting entrepreneurs, this coincidence sounded especially symbolic for him). There are legends about how Guta “divorced” investors and withdrew millions of dollars to offshore accounts and hundreds of materials have been written. Also among the founders of the project are Mazepa's wife Elena, banker Alexander Morozov, who at that time was the head of the board of Brokbusinessbank, which was later sold to Sergey Kurchenko, and the owner of Textile-Kontakt, Alexander Sokolovsky, who got into a scandal with the supply of Russian fabric to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, fraud with tenders and maintaining their enterprise in occupied Donetsk, re-registered under the laws of Dyrlandia (Donetsk) according to my information. But much more interesting beneficiaries are hidden behind the two remaining founders – the international charitable organization “United World Humanitarian Fund” (code 35917386) and LLC “Gold Reserve” (code 36633183). The founder of the first is none other than one of the closest associates of Viktor Yanukovych, Eduard Prutnik, who was responsible at that time, among other things, for the “correct” information policy in the state. The activities of the foundation – as you might guess from the name – were also aimed at the cultural and social integration of Ukraine and Russia. It is today that Prutnik is engaged in diamonds and is a respectable international entrepreneur. During the “severe regime” he was one of its cultural pillars, and Palchevsky, apparently, helped him in this. Even more mysterious is the participation in this project of OOO Zolotoy Zaporp. Part of its shares is owned by an unremarkable PE from the advertising business.. But the second shareholder – originating from Cyprus – is worth paying attention to. We are talking about the offshore Jamont Holdings Limited (Jamont Holdings Limited, registry number HE 181697, closed in January 2016) from Nicosia. The fact is that this company – despite its closure three years ago – is still a co-founder in a number of restaurants of the former Kozyrnaya Karta chain. But there is an even more interesting place where this Cypriot company is mentioned.. This is the development of Sevastopol, which was at that time an ordinary developer, and later – People's Deputy from the Party of Regions and Minister of Defense of Ukraine Pavel Lebedev, who today returned to the peninsula again. His name was associated with the construction of facilities at Cape Khrustalny just in 2011. Today Lebedev's daughter Alena is successfully developing her diversified holding “Aurum group” in Ukraine with interests from mechanical engineering to agriculture. That, however, does not prevent observers from constantly hinting that Pavel Lebedev remains the real owner of the business. In this obviously Russian-Mirov company, the director is none other than Andriy Gerus, the main lobbyist for Russian interests in Ukraine, a confidant of Kolomoisky. Apparently, this entire company in the Ukrainian Mriya is working to restore its “mouse-brotherly” activities, including with the help of Gerus and Palchevsky. Maybe Eduard Prutnik will return to Ukraine along with all the famous “fathers”? Or maybe General Lebedev himself decides to come and “visit” his assets in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government? True, for this he will have to wait until lawyers, for example, Portnov, “hurry up” with the closure of criminal cases for high treason. Maybe Palchevsky is just going to head this whole “ball of Satan” and revanchist gestures? Apparently, it was precisely for this that “his own” Ivan Bakanov was put at the head of the SBU, in order to look at precisely such “Vatomaniacs” and accomplices of revenge through the fingers.


Palchevsky is a typical Ukrainophobe and Russophile. And with the help of his clinic, Eurolab manages to blackmail politicians and businessmen, and he probably transfers some of the information to Russia, because as we can see, he has connections there and he himself was in Russian politics. His connections with Russian authorities and spies once again prove that honesty can not be expected from a two-faced person, and his secrecy of income makes one suspect that there are much more zeros in his accounts than his wife and he himself say. As blogger Viktor Aristov put it about him: “In the conditions of the crisis that is now in Ukraine, Palchevsky proved that he is simply an ordinary huckster”. Judge for yourself. Prices for tests from covid are one and a half thousand, and sixteen thousand hryvnias … Apparently, Andrei Ivanovich has not filled his wallet enough yet.

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Former wife - Palchevskaya Elena Vladimirovna, sons - Palchevsky Andrey Andreevich, Fedor Andreevich, Roman Andreevich. Daughter - Palchevskaya Anna Andreevna,
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