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Pakhnyuk Vladimir Vasilievich


Vladimir Vasilyevich, with the coming to power of Vladimir Zelensky, was fired from the Zhytomyr SBU, as he was suspected of covering up smuggling. His wife, Elena, is engaged in the business of transporting passengers, but where does the transport come from and whether it is of high quality is not an easy question, and many journalists want to know the answer to it. It is impossible not to mention the son-Peter Pakhnyuk, an athlete who betrayed his homeland representing the interests of Azerbaijan.

Ukraine, Azerbaijan
April 26, 1967
Уровень охвата:

Vladimir Vasilievich Pakhnyuk

Official biography

Born April 26, 1967. Rakytne, Rivne region – Major General, head of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region (2018-2019), in the Vinnitsa region (2017-2018). He received two higher educations – a military one, graduating in 1988 with honors from a military school with a degree in engineer-economist, and a law degree, graduating in 2001 from the National University “Ostroh Academy”. In state security bodies – since the creation of the Security Service of Ukraine. By the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated October 13, 2014, Volodymyr Pakhnyuk was appointed head of the Directorate of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Zhytomyr region. As of mid-2018, he was the head of the SBU department in the Vinnitsa region. On October 26, 2018, against the backdrop of aggravated relations with Hungary, Poroshenko appointed Volodymyr Pakhnyuk as the head of the SBU in the Transcarpathian region instead of Oleg Voevodin. Released from office on June 11, 2019.

A family

Wife – Pakhnyuk Elena Vladimirovna, Son – Peter Pakhnyuk – athlete, Peter's wife – Ainur, brings up two children and a dog.

NOT official biography

Undeclared estates and family business of the Zhytomyr head of the SBU

For the first time, we will reveal the secrets of the state and lifestyle of the head of a special state structure – the Security Service of Ukraine in the Zhytomyr region. A detailed analysis of Volodymyr Pakhnyuk's declarations allows us to talk about involvement in land fraud, hiding a family business and an elite cottage near Kyiv.

Undercover agent

Since October 2014, it has been appointed by the Decree of the President as the head of the SBU in the Zhytomyr region. Reporting on the results achieved during the first year of his tenure, Volodymyr Pakhnyuk proclaimed this time a period of uncompromising fight against corruption. However, the structure headed by him did not want to get acquainted with the declaration of income of the security official. The regional administration, referring to its special status, refused to provide copies of the requested documents to the journalist of the editorial office of the 20 Minutes newspaper.. Only after our appeal to the central office of the SBU did the information finally cease to be secret. In the declaration on property, income and expenses of the chairman of the SBU of the Zhytomyr region, according to the information received, Vladimir Pakhnyuk owns two land plots, 10 acres each, and a share in a three-room apartment. The co-owner of the apartment is his wife Elena Pakhnyuk, who also owns non-residential premises, a car and five buses. In 2014, Volodymyr Pakhnyuk's salary, together with assistance, amounted to 149 thousand. UAH. The profit of the wife of an official from entrepreneurial activity amounted to 538 thousand. UAH. Last year they earned 243.5 thousand. UAH. and more than 1 million UAH. respectively. But not all property and valuables owned by the family have been declared.

About the traitor's son

In the spring of 2014, after the Revolution of Dignity, it became known that Pyotr Pakhnyuk, along with another Ukrainian athlete Oleg Stepko, were playing for the Azerbaijani national team. In June 2015, at the first ever European Games in Baku, both were presented as ex-citizens of Ukraine. For Azerbaijan, the fact that the competition was held was so outstanding that Vladimir Putin arrived at the opening ceremony of the games. It is worth noting that the local Gymnastics Federation is headed by the First Lady of Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva.. At the same time managing the foundation of President Heydar Aliyev, she generously spends huge amounts of money on her favorite gymnastics.. Athletes are immediately given an apartment, a car and monthly pay 3.5 thousand. Doll. Since Pakhnyuk's son won four silver medals for his “new homeland”, each of which was intended for another reward – about 50 thousand. Doll. For comparison, the “silver” in the treasury of the Ukrainian team is estimated at 20 thousand. UAH Despite good training conditions and high pay, participation in the Olympics in Brazil for the national team of another country did not bring the desired victory to Petr Pakhniuk. About the transition of Petr Pakhnyuk to the athletics team of Azerbaijan – it was agreed with his father. From a moral and ethical point of view, it is a shame to the son that he renounced his homeland, and a shame to the father that he raised such a son.

Land scandal

No less interesting is the story of the head of the Zhytomyr SBU receiving a land plot next to a pond in the elite area of the village of Sofievskaya Borshchagovka near Kyiv. By the decision of the 38th session of the Sofiyivsko-Borshagovskaya Council of the 5th convocation dated July 7, 2010 No. 17, Vladimir Vasilyevich Pakhnyuk was granted permission to develop a land management project regarding the allocation of a land plot to the property for the construction and maintenance of a residential building, utility buildings and structures with an area of 0.1014 hectares on the street. Vasnetsova, 11. The land was allocated at a session where the deputies did not even know what they were voting for. After the regular elections in October 2010, the newly elected village head Yuriy Denisenko, at the request of more than 500 villagers, initiated the creation of a deputy commission on the legality and expediency of land distribution in 2006-2010. As a result of the check, the deputies prepared a report that showed numerous violations in the land acquisition. In a separate paragraph, it says about the land plot provided to Pakhnyuk:. No. 12238 articles of laws by the village head of Kremets S. AT. intentionally not implemented, in addition, none of the sessions of the Sofievsko-Borshchagovsky village council made adjustments to the General Plan of the village regarding the lands of historical and cultural purpose located in the area of headquarters No. 10 of the Niva River.

In June 2011, the report of the deputy commission of the Sofiyivsko-Borshchahivsky village council was sent to all regulatory services from the prosecutor's office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service to the Administration of the President of Ukraine, inclusive. Instead of an adequate legal assessment, next month the whole country will learn about the raider seizure of the premises of the village council. The former governor of the Kiev region Anatoly Prisyazhnyuk takes a direct part in this through his protege Oles Kudryk, who was then appointed chairman of the Sofiyivsko-Borshchahivsky village council. When trying to find in the Unified Register of Property Rights, the described land plot of Vladimir Pakhnyuk, we do not find. Only after a thorough review of the areas adjacent to Vasnetsova Street, we were lucky to find its real location. What a surprise it was to see a huge house and a massive fence, behind which there are even large estates of Margarita Razvadovskaya. A plot of 20 acres, the daughter of People's Deputy Viktor Razvadovsky, was provided to Vladimir Pakhnyuk by the decision of the Sofiyivsko-Borshchahivsky village council. It is not known for sure whether Margarita Viktorovna remembered her luxurious house in the declaration when she worked in the Verkhovna Rada as a full-time assistant to her father. However, her neighbor, the head of the SBU in the Zhytomyr region, did not declare anything in the “Houses” column either in 2014 or in 2015…

Pakhniuk family business

Entrepreneurial activity of the wife of the head of the SBU, Elena Pakhnyuk, dates back to 2004. The businesswoman chose passenger transportation as her permanent field of activity, for which she purchased five buses indicated in the declaration. The absence of references in the submitted declarations about the share in the enterprises created by the wife is the reason that the head of the SBU may well become a defendant in an even bigger scandal. We are talking about several companies created at different times directly by Elena Pakhnyuk with various co-founders. In October 2008 in Kyiv on the street. Ostap Veresaya, 4 is based “Transport company” Istok “. The founders with equal shares were Elena Pakhnyuk, Oksana Pakhnyuk and Vladimir Sizonenko from Kiev. At the end of September 2010, at the address of her own housing in the capital, Elena Pakhnyuk creates the company “Transport and Trade Company” Life “. Recall, in addition to a share in a privatized apartment in the capital, the wife of the head of the SBU Zhitomirskaya completely owns a room with an area of 58.2 sq.. m along st. S. Bandera in Kyiv. It is here that the branch of the specified transport company is registered. Converted into an office apartment in an ordinary five-story building. We decided to contact the Rivne City Council, trying to find out the previous history of the premises. And again another shock from the received answer! The Executive Committee of the City Council reported that it did not issue a certificate of ownership, indicated in the State Register as the basis for Elena Pakhnyuk to register premises in Kyiv. It's funny that the Life Transport and Trade Company, like Elena Pakhnyuk, has long had a number of bus routes. According to the register of permits of the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Security, they serve interregional transportation from the capital of Kyiv to Rivne, Dubno, Pochaev and other cities. According to an extract from the electronic register of vehicles of the Road Traffic Safety Department of the DPD of the National Police of Ukraine, not a single car is assigned to the carrier company. One can only guess whose buses and under what conditions actually carry passengers. The list of founded enterprises of a talented businesswoman does not end there.. In April 2013, two companies are registered one after the other. They are “registered” at one address and with a minimum authorized capital of 100 hryvnias. The main activity of the company “Auto-Transfer” is the provision of taxi services. The owners in equal shares are Oksana and Elena Pakhnyuk mentioned above. The co-owner of the next company “Auto-Life”, in addition to Elena Vladimirovna, is a Rivne resident Sergei Aleksievets. Both organizations were located on the territory of the former metropolitan motor transport enterprise on the street. Kaisarova, 7/9, which is now being actively built up with another residential complex. At the same address is the company “Invest-Project”, which in May of this year, through the court, restored the previously granted right to build 1.69 hectares on the Pechersk Hills in Kyiv. By the way, as the court decision shows, it was the SBU that helped the society win the case, having previously removed the arrest from the land.

The Forester was shot

An article appeared on the Zhytomyr-Online website on January 17, stating that Kondratyuk, the chairman of the Romanovsky district council, organized a hunt where a forester was “shot”, and “honored guests” participated in the hunt – the head of the SBU Directorate in the Vinnitsa region Vladimir Pakhnyuk, one of the leaders of the Kyiv “Alpha” and Romanovsky businessman, deputy of the regional council Khodak. On the website, Igor Khodak and Alexander Kondratyuk denied the information. The fact that a forester was seriously injured in the Romanovsky district was indeed registered by the police, but not on January 3, but on the 2nd. But the information about the organizer and participants of the hunt is not true. In particular, Igor Khodak, a deputy of the Zhytomyr Regional Council, considers this the beginning of a “dirty” election campaign.


Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Ruslan Ryaboshapko announced the dismissal of a number of heads of SBU departments, including the head of the SBU department in the Transcarpathian region Volodymyr Pakhnyuk. Together with him, the heads of the SBU departments of the border regions – Odessa, Lvov, Chernivtsi, as well as the head of the SBU of the Vinnitsa region were also released. The reason for the dismissal, according to Ryaboshapka, is the unsatisfactory condition with smuggling. After all, public activists have repeatedly argued that it is the SBU employees who “protect” smuggling.

The head of the Zhytomyr department of the SBU was fined by the police for illegal parking

In Zhytomyr, the police fined the driver of the regional department of the SBU Volodymyr Pakhnyuk for improper parking. Zhytomyr blogger Alexander Kolibabchuk wrote about this on his Facebook page. “Pay attention to the work of the new police. Even the head of the SBU is fined for violating parking rules! Great job!” says Alexander Kolibabchuk. “For the sake of this, I went to the Maidan. Zhytomyr police fines the head of the regional SBU! Beauty,” wrote social activist Sergei Gula. “I broke the rules, I must answer like all law-abiding citizens, for this, people went to the Maidan,” comments Valera Piven. However, as it became known to the Zhytomyr Journal, according to other witnesses to the incident, Head of the SBU Volodymyr Pakhnyuk left without a fine. “The confrontation between the police and the SBU ended in friendship,” social activist Natalya Kurkchi wrote on Facebook.


It should be assumed that Pakhnyuk is not an accidental person in politics, and for the then President Poroshenko, he was a benefit. Considering the fact that Vladimir Vasilyevich was accused of “protecting” smuggling, it is not difficult to catch the essence of how and in what way Pakhnyuk was useful. But he became famous not only for smuggling. Elena's wife is also dishonest. Suspicious hidden business, raider seizures, illegal privatization of land … I think Elena and Vladimir are really an ideal couple – two crime bosses.

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Elena Pakhnyuk - wife, entrepreneur, son - Peter Pakhnyuk - athlete, daughter-in-law - Aynur Pakhnyuk, two grandchildren
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