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Omelyan Vladimir Vladimirovich


Omelyan is quite a scandalous character. Immediately after he took the chair of the minister, money poured into his pocket right away. He lobbied for his own interests, “crushed” Ukrzaliznytsia for himself, indicated false data in the declaration, but these are not the only sins of Vladimir Vladimirovich. A criminal case was opened due to the fact that in 2017 he signed an order to reduce port dues by 20%. One of these fees is the revenue part of the state budget, it is regulated by the decision of the parliament, not the minister. So here you can be sure that Vladimir Vladimirovich Omelyan laundered the money well, being a minister.

Ukraine, USA, Tanzania (Zanzibar)
January 30, 1979
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Vladimir Vladimirovich Omelyan

Official biography

Date of birth: 01/30/1979 Place of birth. Education. Born in Lviv. In 2000 he graduated from the Lviv National University named after Franko, and in 2001. – National University of Lviv Polytechnic. Specialty – finance, international relations, economics and entrepreneurship. Career. He began his career in 2000 as a specialist of the second category of the NATO and Foreign Trade Department of the Euro-Atlantic Integration Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. In 2001. – Attaché of the NATO and European Security Division of the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Department of the Department for Political and Security Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. In 2001-2002. – Attaché of the Planning, Coordination and Control Group of the Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. 2002-2004. – Third Secretary of the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to International Organizations in Vienna, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 2004-2006. – Second Secretary of the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to International Organizations in Vienna, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 2006-2007. – Deputy Director of the Department for Supporting the Work of the Minister of Economy of Ukraine (patronage service). 2007-2008. – First Secretary of the Analytical Section of the Department of the Secretariat of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. 2008-2009. – Head of the Department for Organization of Work of the Minister of Environmental Protection of Ukraine. 2009-2010. – Director of the Department of the Secretariat of the Minister of Environmental Protection of Ukraine (patronage service). 2010-2011. 1999-1999 – Adviser of the Department of Document Processing and Control of the Department of the Secretariat of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. In 2011, he was an adviser to the Analytical and Image Department of the Department of the Secretariat of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, then an adviser and acting. Head of the Department of the Russian Federation of the First Territorial Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 2011-2012. – Head of the RF Department of the Russian Federation Department of the First Territorial Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, then Deputy Director of the First Territorial Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine – Head of the RF Department of this department. 2012-2014. – Deputy Director of the Department for Supporting the Activities of the Minister of Finance of Ukraine (patronage service). March 2014. to December 2014. – Head of the Service of the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. From December 2014. to April 2016. – Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine (Andriy Pivovarsky). From April 14, 2016 to August 29, 2019 – Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine in the government of Volodymyr Groysman. Married with a second marriage. Wife – Svetlana Bevza, designer of the Ukrainian brand of women's clothing “Bevza”. The couple have a son and daughter who were born in the US and are US citizens.. He also has a son from his first marriage.


• May 2, 2017. – Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine Filaret awarded the Order of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir the Great III degree for his personal contribution to the revival of the Ukrainian state and spirituality, increasing the role of the Ukrainian Church in the life of society and Ukraine.

NOT official biography

On January 1, 2017, the Road Fund was created in Ukraine. It is planned to accumulate UAH 40 billion on his accounts. from the road tax, which is included in the excise tax on fuel. Given the total length of roads and their deplorable condition, it is clear that all this money should be immediately spent on repairs. But Omelyan doesn’t think so, it’s more important for him to earn. Therefore, he announced that soon the first toll road will appear in Ukraine – Kyiv-Odessa. The most interesting thing is that the cost will be 2 UAH / km. That is, to travel to Odessa from the capital, or vice versa, you will need to pay more than 1000 UAH. This is with an average official salary of no more than 8,000. In addition, such “innovations” will provoke an increase in the price of bus tickets. But it seems that Omelyan is not very interested in this. In addition, Omelyan recently made a statement that made everyone laugh quite a lot. In February of this year, the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure made a loud announcement: a test site for the ultra-fast Hyperloop transport system developed by Elon Musk will be built in Dnipro. Even the laziest reminded the minister of the subway to Troyeshchina.


Vladimir Vladimirovich was one of the main initiators of the opening of the American Uber project in Ukraine. At the same time, experts came to the conclusion that the money earned does not fall into the state treasury of the country.. And just the opposite, they go into foreign. Therefore, the official's motivation turned out to be incomprehensible.. The minister is said to have lobbied for the issue for personal gain.


After receiving a ministerial position, the politician announced that he plans to reform the state company Ukrzaliznytsia. To do this, he invited the Polish specialist Wojciech Balchun to the post of CEO. However, the relationship with the new head of the minister did not work out.. Vaitseh even sent a complaint to the Prime Minister that Omelyan exceeds his official powers. Namely, that Vladimir Vladimirovich created two provisions, thanks to which he received the right to make changes to the work of the organization. In fact, he became the head of Ukrzaliznytsia. In addition, he appointed his deputy director of the Supervisory Board. In 2017, a scandal erupted: the Cabinet of Ministers took away the right from Omelyan to manage Ukrazaliznytsia. Under the new rules, the company reported directly to the Cabinet of Ministers. A few weeks later, the Polish boss reported on the work done, but Omelyan sharply criticized the work of the general director, calling his work inefficient. In turn, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman came to the defense of Wojciech Balczun and recommended that Volodymyr Omelyan better monitor the condition of railway stations. In addition, the Minister of Infrastructure filed a lawsuit to return Ukrazaliznytsia under his control.. In 2017, by his decision, the judge satisfied the claim of Omelyan.

Scandal with the birth of a second child

In 2018, there was another scandal related to the birth of a second child in the minister's family.. Svetlana Bevza flew to New York in February, being pregnant, to show her own brand collection at Fashion Week. However, there the woman fell ill, and the doctor allegedly forbade her to fly home by plane, because there was a threat to the fetus. The politician said that childbirth in the United States of America for his family turned out to be free thanks to state laws. According to the official, the legislation provides for free insurance. However, it later turned out that the story about unpaid childbirth is a lie.. Ukrainian journalist Katerina Panova, who lives in America, explained that without money, giving birth in the country is possible only with Emergency Medicaid insurance.. It is given only to poor Americans.. In this case, all expenses are covered from the state budget.. According to Panova, the Omelyan family cannot be called poor. Therefore, we can conclude: either Vladimir Vladimirovich lied or violated American laws.

Fraud of Omelyan's wife

Journalists found out that the minister's wife Svetlana Bevza uses fraudulent schemes in her business. It turned out that the woman violates some Ukrainian laws. For example, she takes cash for her clothes in euros.. Which means he doesn't pay taxes.. The journalists concluded that a businesswoman can carry out such activities with impunity thanks to the support of her brother and husband, who are directly connected with the Cabinet of Ministers.

NABU completes investigation of Omelyan's “illegal enrichment”

According to the journalist of Slova i Dela, the case materials total about 40 volumes. As you know, on September 13, NABU detectives informed Omelyan about suspicion of illegal enrichment and declaring false information.. According to the investigation, Omelyan spent at least UAH 3.45 million from 2008 to April 2015. which does not match his income.. According to the Bureau, the minister received UAH 2.17 million from 2000 to April 2018. official income. NABU detectives also found out that in 2015 Omelyan acquired assets, the legality of which was not supported by evidence, and the value of which significantly exceeds his legal income.. We are talking about the new SUV BMW X5 2015 release, cash in the amount of 90 thousand dollars and 25 thousand euros. The total value of such assets at that time was UAH 4.23 million. In addition, the investigation established the facts that the Minister of Infrastructure entered false information into electronic declarations.. Thus, in the electronic declaration of 2015, the value of assets owned or used by the minister, as well as expenses, not declared by the minister, amounted to at least UAH 3.034 million, in 2016 – more than UAH 8.024 million.

The court released the ex-Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine on a personal obligation

The High Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine has chosen a measure of restraint in the form of a personal obligation for former infrastructure minister Volodymyr Omelyan, TASS reports. Omelyan is suspected of illegal actions, due to which the budget lost about $1.1 million.

The court ordered the ex-minister to appear at the first request to the investigator, report a change of place of residence and hand over his passport. The criminal case against Omelyan was opened due to the fact that in 2017 he signed an order to reduce port dues by 20%. One of these fees is the revenue part of the state budget, it is regulated by the decision of the parliament, not the minister.

Netizens ridiculed the words of the Ukrainian minister about raising the flag over Vladivostok

Netizens reacted with irony and laughter to the words of the Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan, which he spoke about Vladivostok. This is reported on Twitter. One of the users joked on the social network that the Ukrainians built the city of Vladivostok, but then Mumiy Troll came and took down the Ukrainian flag. Another netizen said that one should be afraid of the Ukrainians just in case. Earlier, Omelyan said that he would raise the flag of Ukraine over Vladivostok, as, in his opinion, it was a hundred years ago.

Omelyan VS. Kolomoisky

The confrontation between Infrastructure Minister Vladimir Omelyan and UIA Igor Kolomoisky has become one of the most resonant scandals in the country. The other day, UIA airline filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Infrastructure, accusing officials of creating discriminatory conditions on the market and losing profits for this reason.. Volodymyr Omelyan, in response, promised to think about a counterclaim to terminate UIA contracts with airports and reminded Aron Mayberg about UAH 400 million. aviation fee allegedly unpaid by UIA to the budget. Focus found out from the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure the details of the progress of negotiations with Ryanair and his vision of the role of UIA in their disruption. In a conversation with a Focus correspondent, the official was not shy in terms. In particular, Omelyan suggests the possibility of collusion between the head of the development company UDP Vasily Khmelnitsky, in whose concession the Kyiv airport (Zhulyany) is located, and the Privat group. The minister also claims that the top management of Boryspil is directly connected with UIA. Focus is ready to provide UIA and UDP shareholders and management with an opportunity to express their position regarding negotiations with Ryanair.

Omelyan's salary became known

Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan earned 103 thousand in July. UAH 116.42. (received 83 thousand. UAH 008.71). This is stated in the response of the ministry to the request of “Words and Deeds”. Minister's salary – 8 thousand. UAH 347.83. (the same for intensity), for length of service – UAH 4,173.92, allowance for secret experts – UAH 1,669.57. (the same amount for work under regime restrictions), salary for business trips – UAH 1,689.56, vacation pay – UAH 26,479.46, material assistance – UAH 42,379.13, bonus for May and June – 3 thousand 796.36 UAH. and 4 thousand 124.44 UAH, indexation – 438.75 UAH. The politician's wife, designer Svetlana Bevza, earned 1.1 million hryvnias in a year. Vladimir Vladimirovich has 181,000 hryvnias and 130 dollars in bank accounts, and his wife has 1,000 hryvnias, 272 dollars and 82 euros. Omelyan's wife indicated in the declaration a house with an area of 269 sq.m., which she rents. As well as a land plot near Kyiv. In addition, Bevza uses BMW and FORD cars free of charge.

Omelyan explained why he failed most of his promises

In the elections, Ukrainians condemned the “old system”. A part of this system is the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan, who was not afraid of criticism, came to the Hromadske studio and answered the questions of the host Danila Mokrik, mainly about the promises that the minister failed. By the way, the journalist took the promises from the Word and Deed website. The conversation began with reflections on why the people passed such a ruthless verdict on the authorities and the “old” politicians during the elections.. According to Omelyan, there is an extremely high demand for promises in society now. “It happened as it happened, but I believe that I managed to open the sky over Ukraine, and now many Ukrainians have the opportunity to travel at the lowest prices. We started building roads. No one has built so much before us. And this is an objective picture.. Perhaps it was necessary to promise miracles, I’m not sure,” he said. The minister said that during a personal deep crisis in 2016, when he withstood colossal resistance, and thought to leave his post in the form of another honest, not corrupt official, he ultimately decided that it was irresponsible. “Because I am sure that without me Ryanair would not exist in Ukraine. It is also a big question how the roads would be made,” he said. Omelyan also admitted that he was glad that Ukrainians would remember him as a minister who promised a hyperloop: “It is much more pleasant for me to go down in history with a hyperloop, and not as a huckster or a clown.” He told what will happen next with the hyperloop: “We clearly announced the stages, how we will do it. We have gathered a good, as I think, pool of companies that are currently developing this project. Now we have already fully prepared a project proposal, a scientific assessment from the Ukrainian side, and we went for funding from the European Commission.” He stressed that he never expected that this would be a state project that would use taxpayers' money.. “We immediately understood that this would be a commercial project.. If we manage to get the first money to launch it, I think that we will be able to take part in it in a pool with other companies,” Otmelyan hopes. To Mokrik’s remark that this looks rather ghostly, especially when the advertised train to Boryspil airport stopped several times in the middle of the road, and people were late for planes, Omelyan remarked: “Be that as it may, this train has already transported more than half a million passengers.”

Omelyan said he was offered a “good” position if he does not criticize Zelensky

Vladimir Omelyan stated that during the first week, when he was handed a suspicion in the case of the illegality of establishing a 20% discount on port tariffs, he was offered a “promising” position with a proposal to stop “political persecution” on condition that criticism of Zelensky and Yermak ceased, but he refused. The ex-Minister of Infrastructure wrote about this on Facebook. “The funniest and saddest thing in this story is that during the first week, as I was given a suspicion, I was offered a very good and promising position with excellent, as for me, financial security. The package with the position included a proposal to stop the political persecution of law enforcement agencies if I stop criticizing Zelensky and Yermak. I declined the offer, it went through. And again, I am the only former minister whose case is being considered by the VAKS,” Omelyan commented on the filing of a case with the court on the illegality of establishing a 20% discount on port tariffs and fees in 2018. Omelyan also notes that the reduction in these tariffs led to an increase in cargo transshipment in 2018 by a few percent, and by almost 20% in 2019. “And the maritime industry is the only one that continued to grow in the crisis year of 2020. That is, the decision was correct, economically and politically justified,” the former minister assures.

Volodymyr Omelyan became a member of Poroshenko's party and entered its governing bodies.

Former Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan posted the news that he is becoming part of the European Solidarity Party on his Facebook page. On December 10, at the party congress, Petro Poroshenko introduced new members of the party. Among them was Volodymyr Omelyan, who in the period from 2016 to 2019 headed the Ministry of Infrastructure in Groysman's government. “Well, today ended my carefree, cheerful life filled with bright adventures as a homeless lone oppositionist,” Omelyan began the publication with these words. In his post, he explains his decision by the fact that the party went through two electoral cycles, each time demonstrating an ever better result.. In his opinion, the party has an idea and an ideology. “A journey of a thousand steps starts from the first,” summed up the ex-minister. Recall that earlier a criminal case was opened against the former Minister of Infrastructure for shortfalls in port dues from the budget.

Ex-Minister Omelyan promoted people's deaths in road accidents and blamed Zelensky for everything

On Sunday, July 12, 4 people died in a terrible accident near Kyiv due to the fault of a drunk driver.. Unfortunately, such an informational occasion did not go unnoticed by unscrupulous politicians who decided to promote themselves on this. One of these was the former Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan. The former official could not resist directly placing moral responsibility for the death of an entire family on President Zelensky. “From July 1, driving under the influence of alcohol should have been a criminal liability.. But President Zelensky decided otherwise and vetoed this law – “just administrative”. On Sunday, on the Obukhov highway from Koncha-Zaspa, a drunken villain killed a family: both parents, their two children. The third child, in a very serious condition, is in the hospital.. Even if he survives, he will be an orphan. Over the past few days – more than a dozen wounded and dead at the front. Because President Zelensky decided to play in another “world”. When you hear that an incompetent government kills – in most cases this is not just criticism from the opposition. This is a sad reality! The actions of idiots are killing us and depriving us of the future!” the populist wrote, mixing everything together. At the same time, the “father of the hyperloop” forgot to mention that Zelensky did not veto anything, but signed another law that canceled the previous one. Moreover, the law signed by Zelensky and entered into force on July 3 was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada – deputies of all factions voted for it, including the party that Omelyan now sympathizes with – Poroshenko's “European Solidarity” (although Poroshenko himself is on the ballot did not have). In total, the result of the political force is as follows: “for” – 20 votes, “against” – 0, “did not vote” or were not at work, and voting is work – 7. Thus, if Omelyan would like to lay full moral responsibility for death of people, he should divide it between all branches of government. And it would be even better for the ex-official to remain silent and not try to extract momentary political benefits on blood. In the comments, Omelyan was immediately pissed off and shamed, but for now he decided not to demolish his post.

Omelyan considers search “hello” from Zelensky

On June 12, at 6:30 am, officers of the State Bureau of Investigation came with a search to the house in the Kyiv region, which Omelyan rents. According to the UP, the basis was a court ruling in the proceedings on crimes against the Maidan – namely, the actions of the former people's deputy from the “Party of Regions” Gennady Bobov: he is considered involved in the murder of journalist Vasily Sergienko on April 4, 2014 and in an attempt to destroy Prikhodko's property on July 11, 2015 in the Cherkasy region. According to the register of property rights, the house that they came to with a search is listed for both Svetlana Bobova and Kristina Bevza. It is from the latter that Omelyan rents housing.

Holidays in Zanzibar

Omelyan's posts about Zanzibar unexpectedly gave rise to a wave of quarrels on Facebook between him and the former Minister of Economic Development, and the real adviser to the chairman of the Presidential Office, Timofey Milovanov. Milovanov published an ironic post where he wrote that Omelyan went to Zanzibar, and Fursa (investment banker, economist) went to the Emirates. He wrote about himself that he was staying in Kyiv, even though he traveled to America these days for many years. Milovanov's explanation about his post.


While the people are in poverty, the Minister of Infrastructures Omelyan is resting in Tanzania for our money. And unfortunately, for a “hole” in the treasury of 30 million. Omelyan got off very lightly. The international passport was taken away, now he will not rest in Zanzibar. Now Vladimir Vladimirovich has joined Poroshenko, apparently, the “European Solidarity” smells of “honey”.

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wife - Svetalna Bevza - designer, has a son Mark and a daughter Anna and a son from his first marriage
European Solidarity
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