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Nikonov Igor Vladimirovich


Remembering the scandalous situations associated with the participation of Nikonov, including the construction of an elite residential complex "Diamond Hill" on the Dnieper slopes, practically on a monument of cultural heritage, this fact was remembered by Nikonov when he was appointed first deputy mayor of Kyiv and head of the Kyiv City State Administration Klichka. The public also opposed this appointment, since Nikonov's business prospered under all authorities, which indicated the primacy of the issue of making a profit over the moral and ethical aspect, and the absence of a clear civic socially useful position.

Ukraine, Belgium
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Nikonov Igor Vladimirovich

Nikonov puppeted Vitali Klitschko for a long time, controlling his actions, and was rightfully called the “shadow mayor” or “gray eminence” of Kyiv. Born on July 20, 1964, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He grew up in the city of Alexandria, Kirovograd region. 1986 – graduated from the Faculty of Bridges and Tunnels, Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers, after which, according to the distribution, he was assigned to work at Kievmetrostroy, where he worked as a drifter as an intern. Later he worked there as a foreman. A few years later, he got a job with Igor Bakai – first at the Respublika corporation, which pays for gas supplied from Turkmenistan to Ukraine, where he managed the export of metal and chemistry, as well as the supply of Ukrainian goods to Turkmenistan. Then he moved to Intergaz, which was engaged in gas payments, but from Russia, where he took the position of commercial director. While working in these companies, Nikonov earned substantial sums, was able to acquire useful connections. 1999 – Nikonov went to live in the USA. 2000 – returned from the USA, due to the lack of work in Nikonov's area of interest. After returning to Kyiv, Nikonov took up construction. His first project was the business center “Dominant”, located in the Bessarabian quarter. It was the first of a number of projects of buildings, the strategy of which was initially – one object per year. Then the objects were subject to sale and so on, but this approach turned out to be erroneous, because of which the company missed the construction boom. But again, thanks to this strategy, the company was able to successfully overcome the crisis and was able to significantly increase its own capacity, at the expense of less successful competitors. In 2005, construction and landscaping work in the Bessarabian quarter came to an end. Having completed this project, Nikonov moved into a relatively new segment of construction at that time – luxury housing. The Diamond Hill apartment complex, which was being built with the participation of Nikonov, located in Pechersk, was considered the most elite in the country.. The expected profit from the sale of the quadrature of this development was in the range of $100 million. Construction near the historical monument “Askold's Grave” provoked a significant public outcry. The construction deadlines began to be significantly disrupted, as a result of which, in 2006, Nikonov was forced to abandon the project and sold the ownership rights to Diamond Hill to Gorbal's Ukrgasbank. In 2007, Nikonov met the founders of the Kyiv Investment Group, Vasily Khmelnitsky and Andrey Ivanov. It was from this moment that significant changes took place in his construction career.. These businessmen were major shareholders of the Zaporizhzhya metallurgical plant Zaporizhstal, 30% of whose shares they sold on the market in order to invest the money received in construction in Kyiv. Nikonov found an approach to Khmelnytsky, convincing him to invest in the implementation of the project by Nikonov's company to build the elite microdistrict “Parkove Misto”. So, in 2010 “K.A.N.. Development” has already implemented work on 6 objects with a total area of 300,000 sq.m., which in itself was the largest package of projects in Kyiv at that time. As a result of successful projects, in order to achieve maximum autonomy in work, “K.A.N.. Development” from a development company was reorganized into a vertically integrated construction holding, which included. a specially created architectural bureau and the K.A.N.. Stroy, which conducts all construction work, the income of which in 2011 amounted to more than 1 billion UAH. Among the projects of K.A.N.. Development” such complexes as the residential quarter “Comfort Town” and the largest shopping and entertainment center in the country – “Ocean Plaza”, “IQ Business Center” – an A + class business center built in early 2014, an innovative technopark “Bionic Hill”, area of 900,000 sq.m. opened in 2015. During the crisis, the deterioration of the financial situation was expected by K.A.N. Development, as a result of which there were reductions in personnel and a halt in the construction of the largest project at that time -. Kyiv SEC “Respublika”, with a planned area of about 300,000 sq.m.. and the initial cost – 300 million dollars, investments in which were made by Dmitry Firtash and Vagif Aliyev. In July 2014, during an expanded meeting of the board of the Kyiv City State Administration, the mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko, introduced Nikonov as the first deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration. The corresponding submission for the appointment of Nikonov to the post was sent by the mayor on July 14. Prior to this appointment, Nikonov was actively involved in management and decision-making, as the head of the Klitschko advisory group. Nikonov remained in this position as first deputy until December 2015, after which Mayor Klitschko signed an order dismissing Nikonov from his post. As part of the grounds for dismissal, it was indicated that it happened by agreement of the parties, and already in early December, Nikonov assumed the duties of an adviser to the mayor of Klitschko on a voluntary basis. At the time of Nikonov's appointment to the post of adviser to the mayor, he was already Klitschko's ally in the Blow party, therefore, in the press service of this political force, Nikonov's appointment was explained by the fact that the latter is a successful entrepreneur who has many completed projects. In turn, Nikonov saw as the main task of his activity in Kyiv City Council – to conduct a detailed audit of all areas of city management, including the work of the public sector, based on the results of which to form and prepare a comprehensive plan for the concept of Kyiv development. The positions held in the KSCA, including the post of the first deputy chairman, Nikonov combined with the role of co-founder of a number of companies. So Nikonov continued to be the owner of K.A.N.. Development”, which was founded in 2001, by the architectural bureau “K.A.N.. Comfort Studio, general contractor K.A.N.. Stroy, which conducts all construction work, as well as departments of engineering, operational, financial, commercial and legal support for projects, a real estate company. Due to Nikonov's very cautious position regarding attracting credit funds to construction projects, all construction is carried out mainly at the expense of attracted direct investments from partners and investors. The company is organized according to the project principle, project managers report directly to the CEO, the president of the company develops concepts, establishes relationships with customers and investors, and makes strategic decisions. However, in 2015 Nikonov officially withdrew from the founders of the K.A.N.. Development”, while retaining its equity rights in such companies as “Evrozhitlogroup”, “YAZHG-HOLDING” and “Bujitlostandart”. Nikonov is married and is the father of ten children with many children: Alevtina, 35 years old; Andrey, 27 years old; Tatyana, 24 years old – from her first marriage. Valeria, 27 years old (stepdaughter); Anya and Olya (twins), 18 years old; Arina, 15 years old; Alexander, 12 years old; George, 9 years old; Alice, 7 years old. Nikonov's wife, Ivanna, is the founder of the cultural and educational center “Academy of Modern Education”, which uses modern innovative technologies for children from the age of one. The idea to go into the construction business came to Nikonov in 1999, after his trip to the USA.. After returning to Ukraine, he created the construction company “K.A.N.” (by the names of the founders Krapivin, Aliyev and Nikonov). As previously indicated, the first project of the company, with the assistance of the then mayor Omelchenko, was the Dominant business complex, after the construction of which Aliyev bought it and his shares in K.A.N. Nikonov and Krapivkin. After that, Nikonov single-handedly registered the company “K.A.N.. Development». There was also information that the Klitschko brothers were also investors in the newly created company.. It was then, most likely, that Nikonov's friendly and partnership relations with Vitali Klitschko began.. Although Nikonov himself says that he met Klitschko 25 years ago while working at Respublika, Nikonov's company has been implementing many projects since 2004, starting with the first Arena Entertainment, which was also sold to Aliyev. It is worth dwelling on the moment of construction of the 101 Tower business center, because of which Nikonov was associated with the family of the scandalous mayor of Chernovetsky (part of the financing of the project was provided by Chernovetsky's son, Stepan). The loyalty of this mayor to Nikonov is also evidenced by the fact that during his cadence, all developers had enormous difficulties in their work … everyone, except, of course, Nikonov. Also in this project, Nikonov’s partner and ally is the “decisive” of the times of Chernovetsky – Vadim Stolar, against whom a criminal case has been initiated related to the Elita Center scandal. Recall that the reason Nikonov returned from the United States in 2000 was that, in his opinion, powerful connections are needed to develop a successful business.. Given this information, the principles for conducting Nikonov's affairs immediately become clear – only through the “resolution” of issues. Nikonov’s connections allowed him during the meeting of the Kiev Court of Appeal regarding the lawsuit of Oleksandr Suprunenko’s company to recover almost UAH 40 million from the Kiev Council. Nikonov personally called the court and asked the judge to make a decision so that the company that filed the lawsuit was satisfied. The next point to consider is Nikonov's involvement in the machinations with the Bolshevik plant. Nikonov, as befits an active, and most importantly, a permanent participant in business processes, is closely connected with the head of the administration of President Yanukovych, Levochkin, who is also deservedly called the “gray eminence”. They are not only business partners, which were developed by the K.A.N.. Development” and “K.A.N.. Stroy”, but also maintain good neighborly relations, through a common fence along the residential complex in Koncha-Zaspa – “Golden Gate”, spend a joint holiday in the Maldives. At present, Nikonov’s interests have changed the vector from the Kyiv City State Administration and, according to him, will be directed to the implementation of large projects, to help and lobby for the implementation of which, during his work with the Kyiv City Council, he carried out colossal activities to “purchase” deputies. So, according to some information, Nikonov took, as they say, half of the Solidarity faction as a salary. Plus, the first deputy head of the Kyiv City Council will be appointed director of the department of internal financial control and audit of the KSCA – Gennady Plis. As of the state of affairs, Nikonov does not even need advice, let alone approval regarding his projects from Mayor Klitschko. What will Nikonov's activity lead to and what will be the reaction of the mayor, one can only wait. Whether Nikonov's new projects will be connected with the next raider seizures of enterprises in Kyiv is also still unknown. Remembering the scandalous situations associated with the participation of Nikonov, including the construction of an elite residential complex “Diamond Hill” on the Dnieper slopes, practically on a monument of cultural heritage, this fact was remembered by Nikonov when he was appointed first deputy mayor of Kyiv and head of the Kyiv City State Administration Klichka. The public also opposed this appointment, since Nikonov's business prospered under all authorities, which indicated the primacy of the issue of profit over the moral and ethical aspect, and the absence of a clear civil socially useful position. In July 2015, Kyiv entrepreneurs – owners of “auto-coffee shops” held a protest action along the walls of Kyiv City Council, demanding to punish those responsible for beating their colleagues and damaging property during the so-called forced dismantling of mobile trade objects by the Kyiv authorities.. Among the persons responsible for the current situation, the participants of the action named the first deputy chairman of the Kyiv city administration, Nikonov, who, according to some information among entrepreneurs, was in charge of their activities, was going to introduce a monopolist into the capital's mobile trade market. In 2015, a mural appeared in Kyiv, on the end wall of a 16-storey residential building. An artist from Australia, Guido Van Helten, for a monetary reward, depicted a collective image of a Ukrainian girl, which, allegedly by chance, turned out to be Nikonov's daughter. According to the declaration, Nikonov's income in 2014 amounted to 1 million 105 thousand. UAH. It included: a salary of 28 thousand. hryvnia, proceeds from the alienation of property in the amount of 773 thousand. UAH, dividends and interest from a bank deposit, in the amount of 295 thousand. UAH. and 8.7 thousand UAH. income from the sale of securities. He owned an apartment of 368 sq.m., a land plot of 2360 sq.m., a residential building of 1191.4 sq.m., four garages (20.3 sq.m., 20.1 sq.m. ., 21.2 sqm and 21.5 sqm). Nikonov's bank accounts kept UAH 6,215,000. He also owned securities with a nominal value of UAH 795,000. His family in 2014 had an income of UAH 3 million 858 thousand. It included salaries, totaling UAH 20,000, dividends and interest on deposits, totaling UAH 97,000. hryvnia, business income, in the amount of 651 thousand. UAH. and proceeds from the alienation of property, totaling 3 million 90 thousand. UAH The Nikonova family also has 3 apartments with an area of 59.34 sq.m., 62.83 sq.m.. and 104.3 sq.m., as well as 5 luxury cars, including Mercedes Benz, 2010 release, Mercedes Benz CL 63 AMG, 2008 release, Maybach, 2007 release, Ford Transit, 2012 release and Honda CR -V, 2012 release date. The amount of funds of members of the Nikonov family located in bank accounts amounted to UAH 2.7 million. Also, the businessman's family members had 8 contributions to the statutory funds of various companies, totaling UAH 5.8 million. According to Focus magazine, Nikonov was one of the richest people in Ukraine. in 2014 – No. 94 on the list, with a fortune of $ 111 million. In 2016, he was a member of the “100 richest people in Ukraine” rating according to the same Focus magazine, ranked 99th on the list, with a fortune of $ 30 million. Thanks to the accumulated fortune, Nikonov can easily afford to arrange a big Greek wedding for his son Andrei. Greece was chosen as the venue, the headliner at the wedding was Verka Serdyuchka, whose performance costs at least 25 thousand. euro in 40 minutes, hosted by Andriy Domansky and Volodymyr Ostapchuk. The celebration lasted 2 days. In July 2018, information began to appear in the press about the beginning of the prosecution of Nikonov for corruption, and in the current situation, he is going to leave Ukraine, having received Belgian citizenship. According to the investigation of journalists, Nikonov's company “K.A.N.. Development” has always been used by Nikonov for the inconspicuous “laundering” of stolen money, or the implementation of financial scams and frauds.. It is especially useful for politicians and government officials who seek to leave no traces as a result of such operations, especially considering the fact that about 30% of the cost of the construction business (housing) in Kyiv and Ukraine are all sorts of “kickbacks”. So, during the crisis in 2014, Nikonov's company stopped the construction of most of its projects and reduced a large number of staff. It was during this period that one of the largest capital developers abruptly entered politics for a very short time, taking the position of deputy head of the Kiev administration and adviser to the mayor of Klitschko, who, moreover, is his longtime friend and partners (according to unofficial data). This decision, which provided for retirement strictly for a period of about a year with a further return to business, looks like another move in a chess game. Just as strange as Nikonov's sudden interest in the problems of his native city looks. But the opinion that this decision was necessary to lobby the interests of your business in a difficult financial period is quite logical. It is natural that at a certain moment Nikonov’s activities came to the attention of law enforcement agencies and he was summoned for interrogation on suspicion of illegally taking possession of a residential complex on the street. Mazepa in Kiev, to which he never showed up. The day after Nikonov's failure to appear for interrogation, his lawyer, during a meeting in a restaurant, tried to bribe the investigator in the amount of $ 2 million. Surveillance cameras confirmed this.. As a result, the lawyer was detained, and Nikonov, according to information from law enforcement agencies, hurried through the fictitious firm “Devero Holding GMBH” to transfer money from Ukrainian accounts to Belgian (to Belfius Bank), which was repeatedly involved in scandals due to suspicions of laundering money from other countries. At the same time, Nikonov continues to be in Kyiv and lead a social life, attending balls with his wife, and participating in interviews. In July 2020, the investigating authorities filed a petition to seize the site on the street. Mazepa 11-A, in Kiev and to a number of Nikonov's property rights (shares in the business), which the court satisfied. As part of this criminal case, Nikonov’s participation in embezzlement of UAH 100 million is also being investigated.. Ukrgasbank in 2008 (equivalent to $50 million). Also interesting is the fact that the Arena Center was founded by Nikonov's son-in-law, Gleb Murovansky, and Klitschko's uncle, Alexander Bulino.. Although Nikonov strongly denies doing business with the mayor. Another moment in the history of Nikonov was his correspondence with Radutsky, in which the latter, answering a question about a possible appointment to the post, Suprun wrote to him: My man Zoryana Chernenko”. It was about taking Suprun the post of Minister of Health, which is also possibly Nikonov's area of interest. We repeat, through his companies, Nikonov is connected as partners and founders with representatives of almost all political forces and almost all the period of their leadership or being in power. Another question arose with “Edden Forest”. In December 2014, 8.5 hectares of the Brovorsky forestry were leased for 10 years to the specified organization. The purpose of the land is the operation of buildings and structures, as well as the construction of members of the cooperative. In 2006, there was a children's recreation complex “Cosmos” on this territory, which was leased to the “Favorit” Sports and Health Club and bought out by it.. 2011 the prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit over the privatization of the complex at a reduced price. The prosecutor's office won the court, but under very strange circumstances, naturally losing the appeal later. In 2012, “Favorite” and a number of persons create “Edden Forest”, register all property on it and refuse land for free in its favor (after changes in the Land Code regarding the possibility of obtaining land free of charge). During the time of Gerega, the session even refused to rent this site, but during the time of Klitschko, it allows summer cottage construction on this site. By the way, “Favorite” dived into liquidation. This scam is partly related to K.A.N. LLC, although without information about the direct participation of Nikonov. Another construction scandal is connected with a plot of land located in the area of the Kyiv registry office. This site was sold to Nikonov in 2007 during the reign of the mayor of Chernovetsky. It was planned to erect 2 high-rise buildings of 40 floors each, but the plans of the developers, who had already sung to damage communications during the excavation of the foundation pit, simply did not have enough votes in the voting. Another dubious development of the K.A.N.. Development” is a project for the reconstruction of the plant of PrJSC “Kyiv Electric Transport Plant” in February 2020. The building of the plant to be reconstructed is located at ul.. Velyka Vasilkovskaya, 143/2 in the Pechersky district of Kiev. This is evidenced by the data of the official website of the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine The essence of the reconstruction is the construction of nine multi-storey residential buildings with a parking lot, a multifunctional complex and a general education school for almost 1,000 students on a plant site with an area of 5.33 hectares. This site is an industrial zone where housing construction is prohibited in accordance with the Master Plan of the capital (previously there was a plant for the repair and manufacture of wagons, trolleybuses and trams on this site), but thanks to the decision of the Kyiv City Council dated December 19, 2019, which approved the “Detailed plan territory in the area of a number of streets, including Bolshaya Vasylkivska, construction became possible. With this decision, the deputies of the Kyiv City Council took into account the “investment interest” of the Kyiv Electric Transport Plant, which proposed to build up this industrial area with residential buildings. .

The developer was ANBUD, which is the general contractor, carrying out construction and installation and engineering work on projects of various scales and levels of complexity, including at the facilities of a group of partner companies led by the development company KAN Development ( Valery Gudov).

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The second wife - Ivanna, is the founder of the cultural and educational center "Academy of Modern Education", children: Alevtina, 35 years old; Andrey, 27 years old; Tatyana, 24 years old - from her first marriage. Valeria, 27 years old (patcher); Anya and Olya (twins), 18 years old; Arina, 15 years old; Alexander, 12 years old; George, 9 years old; Alice, 7 years old
Collaborated with all authorities, political forces, authorities. Himself an agent of influence
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