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Nepop Vyacheslav Ivanovich


Vyacheslav Nepop has been building up Kyiv for more than 15 years. Illegal building. Unfortunately, he brings considerable benefits to the mayors of Kyiv, because as soon as the elections come, for many officials Nepop repairs porches, grounds for a penny, and the deputies pass it off as their work. Everyone is happy, everyone benefits. And in return, Nepop builds up protected areas, violating the city's ecosystem, sculpts his skyscrapers right next to kindergartens and schools, representing a danger, cashing in on construction tenders, thanks to front companies. And unfortunately, Mayor Klitschko turns a blind eye to this, because Vyacheslav Ivanovich is his deputy, apparently they share the share of the loot among themselves.

May 23, 1966
Уровень охвата:

Nepop Vyacheslav Ivanovich

Official biography

Deputy mayor of Kyiv and deputy of the city council from UDAR Vyacheslav Ivanovich Nepop was born on May 23, 1966 in. Artemovsk, Donetsk region.


Nepop, after graduating from the 7th school in Artemovsk in 1983, entered the Kharkov Aviation Institute named after. NO. Zhukovsky. Six years later he received a degree in mechanical engineering.

A family

Vyacheslav is married to Antonina Nepop (born 1964). The couple have three children: Maria (1988), Artyom (1990) and Daria (1997).


For nine years (1989-1998) Vyacheslav worked in his specialty at the ASTC named after. Antonov (until 1991 – Kyiv Mechanical Plant). In 1998, Nepop headed the TMM construction company. In 2002, he was appointed to the position of the head of the utility company for the construction of residential buildings “Zhitloinvestbud – UKB”. At the same time, Vyacheslav became the head of the Supervisory Board of the Solomenka Charitable Foundation.. In 2018, Nepop took the position of deputy mayor of Kyiv. Vyacheslav twice on a voluntary basis was an assistant to people's deputies: in the IV convocation – “Our Ukrainian” Volodymyr Moisik, in the VI convocation – Yuriy Serbin from the BYuT faction. Nepop ran twice for the Verkhovna Rada. But both times his number on the electoral list turned out to be impassable.. In 2007, he was 419th in Our Ukraine – People's Self-Defense, and seven years later – 155th in the BPP. Since 2002, Vyacheslav has successfully run for the Kyiv City Council five times from the Solomensky district. During this time, he managed to change several political parties. For the first time he was elected from the “Unity” of Alexander Omelchenko. Four years later, he was re-elected from the Our Ukraine party. In 2014, he won in the 55th constituency as a self-nominated candidate, and a year later – from the Solidarity BPP, being elected in the 108th constituency. In 2020, Nepop went to the polls from the UDAR party. In the IX convocation of the Kyiv City Council, he is a member of the UDAR faction and the standing commission on health and social policy. Vyacheslav Nepop is a co-founder of the service cooperative Lisove Ozero and the Solom'yansky charitable foundation.

NOT official biography

In 2014, Nepop went to the elections to the Kyiv City Council under the flags of “UDAR” and “Solidarity”, pasting Kyiv with his leaflets, where he appeared in the company of Poroshenko and Klitschko. Moreover, according to Skelet.Info, they did not know anything about this and did not give their official consent to support Nepop – he simply decided to arbitrarily take advantage of their then popularity. But already in 2015, Nepop was officially elected to the Kyiv City Council from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc.

Compromising evidence

KP “Zhitloinvestbud – UKB”, which Nepop led from 2002 to 2018, has repeatedly found itself at the epicenter of construction scandals. The media wrote that the public utility listed the “extra” two and a half million budget hryvnia for the construction of a tram line in Troyeshchyna, illegally cut down trees, and sold “social housing” at market prices. Public outrage was caused by the construction without permits of an office and residential center in the sanitary buffer zone of the Kyiv Zoo and a commercial skyscraper in a park on the territory of the National Aviation University, as well as Nepop's desire to destroy green areas on Kosmonavta Komarov Avenue and the Knyazhy Zaton residential area. Video – fight on the duck lake -budivnictvi-bilja-ozera-na-poznjakah-ubr-20042016_480p.mp4″][/video] According to Vitaly Chernyakhovsky, a social activist and coordinator of the Kyiv Public Salvation Forum, Nepop's permissiveness arose due to the fact that for many years his CP was not checked by either the financial inspectorate or the prosecutor's office.. The head of the utility company himself, receiving a modest salary, became a millionaire. According to the Kyiv “radical” deputy Oleksandr Vovchenko, many people’s elected majoritarians from UDAR and BPP became a “roof” for Nepop. The director of the CP, at the expense of budgetary funds, made repairs at the polling stations of deputies, and they gave these works as their merits. Vovchenko stated that Nepop sold apartments to “necessary” people for less than their cost. The “radical” deputy called the decision of the Kyiv City Council to release the enterprise led by Nepop from the payment of a share contribution for the development of the capital's infrastructure in the amount of almost five million hryvnias as theft from the budget. At the same time, Zhitloinvestbud – UKB, according to Chernyakhovsky, does not conduct construction on its own, but only hires contractors. But all payments go through the KP. Consequently, the enterprise is actually a scam company created to launder money by its leader. In April 2015, parliamentarian Igor Lutsenko wrote a deputy appeal to Mayor Klitschko with a request to dismiss Nepop from the post of head of Zhytloinvestbud-UKB, as the organizer of corruption schemes in the Kyiv City Council. However, Nepop held out in the chair of the director of the KP for another three years, and then the Kyiv head appointed him his deputy. No less scandalous was the attempt by Zhitloinvestbud to build up Utynoye Lake in the Darnytsky District. The capital's media reported that, having enlisted the support of the Kyiv administration and ignoring the opinion of the public and deputies, the director of the utility company tried to roll the lake into concrete and upset the ecological balance of the area. The prosecutor's office intervened in the case, which discovered a large number of violations of the law during the construction of a high-rise building for 1276 apartments.. At the request of law enforcement officers, the district court arrested the site of the proposed construction. At the beginning of 2019, the public movement “Chestno” reported that the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption found signs of a corruption offense in Vyacheslav Nepop. This happened during a full review of the declaration of Deputy Klitschko for 2016. The official did not indicate in the declaration a residential building in the Brovarsky district of the Kyiv region and a land plot in the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district. As a result of a full audit, the NAPC offered Vyacheslav Nepop to submit an amended declaration for 2016. The first owners were Alexander Yarosh and Andrey Viktorovich Puziychuk. In 2005. Alexander Yarosh was replaced by Yarosh Nadezhda, and Andriy Puziychuk was replaced by his father, Viktor Puziychuk. This firm was actively winning construction tenders by the beginning of 2012. Later it was re-registered to Gennady Seredyuk. Until 2010, according to Youcontrol, Andrey Viktorovich Puziychuk was listed as the head of Kyiv Housing and Construction Company LLC. Azur Group LLC was founded in 2010. Marina Zapalskaya and Lyudmila Mazur. While they were the owners, nothing was known about the company. However, in January 2012. the owner was the company “KZhSK”, that is, Viktor Puziychuk, and already in March, “Azur” began to win tenders. The son of Viktor Puziychuk, Vitaly Puziychuk, is a co-owner of PJSC Fundament (23%). Another 23% of the shares belong to Anzhelika Kovaleva, known as the head of the administrative and personnel work department of Zhilinveststroy. Until the spring of this year, Victor Shuster, a business partner in the construction company Kievstroymontazh, Nikolay Negrich, had another package of 23% of Fundament's shares. Negrich is the son-in-law, as well as a business partner in the Geos Development LLC company of Mikhail Golitsa, the ex-head of the Construction and Housing Department of the KSCA, to which Zhilinveststroy is subordinate. From its inception to this day, Zhilinveststroy has been invariably headed by Vyacheslav Nepop, a business partner of Mikhail Golitsa's wife Valentina in LLC Capital Construction Management UKS and the service cooperative Lesnoye Ozero.

12 years of waiting for the promised: Vyacheslav Nepop deceived the hopes of investors in Novodarnitsky Residential Complex

For 12 years, investors in the Novodarnitsky residential complex in the capital cannot wait for their apartments, as the deadlines for putting the facility into operation are constantly being postponed. The last time in the KP “Zhilstroyinvest-UKB” apartment owners without explanation were confronted with the fact that they had to wait another 2 years. This is despite the fact that money from the capital’s treasury for the completion of long-term construction was allocated long ago and, probably, has already been “successfully” mastered. Investors of the residential complex suspect, and it is very likely that the permanent head of the KP “Zhilstroyinvest-UKB” Vyacheslav Nepop is simply waiting for the next tranche from the city budget to continue work, he has nowhere to hurry. In addition, the utility developer has already installed elevators in the house, cheaper than those that investors originally paid for, and is trying to save on utilities. This became known from the appeal of the investors of the residential complex “Novodarnitsky” to the journalists of KV.

Sale of apartments in SBU buildings

The former head of the Kyivmiskstroy board, Mikhail Golitsa, and a deputy of the Kyiv City Council from Solidarity, developer Vyacheslav Nepop, are suspected of selling apartments in SBU houses that are being built in the Goloseevsky district, on land for defense purposes. A serious drama is unfolding in the Goloseevsky district of the capital, next to the Goloseevsky National Natural Park. Residents of neighboring houses empty-handed go to stop concrete mixers and other equipment, fight with guards and “titushki”. There is a serious fight going on here. Locals oppose the Security Service of Ukraine and the developer chosen by this service. The land here has a special purpose – military. However, they are building a whole town of skyscrapers. The company that was chosen in 2014 is building – that is, already under the new government. And conducts construction with violations. Conflicts are constant here. Local residents block construction. The construction of the residential complex was ordered by the Security Service of Ukraine. The power department received this land for permanent use for training bases, and in the end, transferred it to residential high-rise buildings in exchange for apartments for its own employees. “13 houses and 90 parking spaces under construction. There will be parking in the forest. This is 100%,” complains local resident Natalia Klimenko. When journalists began to understand the conflict and investigate the construction for legality, the SBU made it clear that they would not help them. According to the data of the functional limitation of the General Plan of Kyiv until 2020, the site on Potekhin, 9 is a special purpose area. This means that residential development is prohibited here. The data of the public cadastral map indicate that the purpose of the site is not for housing construction. These are the lands of defense. According to the state act, the land should be used for the maintenance and operation of buildings and structures of the military unit E +6642. The metropolitan department of land resources reported that the SBU received permission to develop a land management project, which indicates intentions to change the purpose of the site. However, this was never done. “Decision of the Kyiv City Council dated 01.11.2012 No 322/8606 granted permission to develop a land management project for the allocation of a land plot to the Security Service of Ukraine. The decision of the Kyiv City Council dated 01.11.2012 No 322/8606 is not a permit for construction work,” the response says. Now the representative of the developer, Yuriy Sokolnitsky, cannot explain exactly why the SBU tried to allocate land for housing construction.. He convinces: you can build without it. There is a special order signed by Mykola Azarov dated October 2, 2013. “You see Potekhin's address, 9 on the list. Most likely – this is just my guess – until there was this order, the customer tried to change the purpose of the land, ”Yuri Sokolnitsky, deputy director of Domostroitelnaya Kompaniya No. 7, told reporters. The construction of the residential complex “Bergen” has begun, and above the fence in the past of the military unit and the training base hangs the passport of the future facility – eight residential buildings of 25-27 floors. The competition to determine the developer, which determined the winner of “House-building company No. 7”, was organized by the SBU in 2014. But there was another competition, there was a different winner and a different result, there is no information about the cancellation of which. Two results, with different winners. In one, the right to build housing at Potekhina, 9 was granted to Arkada-Construction LLC in exchange for 332 apartments of 20,000 square meters for the special service. To another – Domostroitelny company No. 7 LLC. In exchange for 327 apartments with a total area of 17,500 square meters. There is no information on the cancellation of the results of any of the competitions on the site.. True, immediately after the journalists sent letters to the appropriate authorities with questions about this incident, one of the ads disappeared on the SBU website, where the Arkada-Construction company was declared the winner.. However, the information remained in the “cache”. It was the one that was supposed to give the special service 2.5 thousand square meters more than “DBK7”. In money, this loss for the SBU is 32.5 million hryvnia. There are several other violations that the developer made. According to urban planning conditions and restrictions, he was allowed to build 144.5 thousand square meters of housing. However, according to the project passport, there will be 233.5 thousand square meters. It is easy to calculate that the developer is building an extra 89,000 square meters. And this is from 700,000,000 to a billion hryvnias of dubious income. Yury Sokolnitsky, Deputy Director of Domostroitelnaya Kompaniya No. 7 LLC, began to reassure: “Most likely, some additions, changes”. But he did not provide journalists with other town-planning conditions and restrictions. Consequently, intelligence officers will receive 17,536 square meters of housing. The rest, 2,942 apartments, are already being sold to everyone – under the brand name of the Fundament building group. For the question about the activities of the “Fundament” got not only local residents, but also the journalist of the KyivPost publication Vlast Lavrov. Foreman Yury Kovalenko smashed his phone. According to the online publication Our Money, Fundament is controlled by the former chairman of the board of Kyivmiskstroy Mikhail Golitsa and deputy of the Kyiv City Council from Solidarity Vyacheslav Nepop. And if so, these are the people who will profit from the Bergen project.. Journalists could not contact Golitsa and Nepop.

Billions of Nepop: National Police investigates dubious purchases of Zhytloinvestbud-UKB KP

According to the investigation, the capital's communal services unlawfully gave most of the budget contracts to companies that are associated with the ex-head of this KP, deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration and deputy of the Kyiv City Council from the mayor's party “UDAR” Vyacheslav Nepop. How much money was transferred to the accounts of such firms is still not known for certain, but at least three companies received contracts totaling over UAH 1.63 billion. Among other things, law enforcement officers were interested in the third phase of the reconstruction of the Kyiv zoo worth more than 802 million hryvnias. It seems that the management of the KP “Zhitloinvestbud-UKB” decided even before the tender that these works would be carried out by the PrJSC “Fundament” clearly associated with Nepop. As it became known to KV, the Main Investigative Directorate of the National Police of Ukraine will investigate criminal proceedings No. 12020100100002504 until at least September 16, 2022. The decision to extend the term of this investigation was issued by the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv on September 15, 2021, this document was published in the state register of court decisions on October 5 of this year. The above-mentioned proceedings were opened on February 11, 2020 on the fact of possible violations of the law by officials of the KP “Zhitloinvestbud-UKB”. Initially, the investigation was conducted by the investigative department of the National Police of Kyiv, but later the materials were transferred “upstairs” – to the Main Investigation Department of the National Police of Ukraine. Initially, the investigation charged the defendants in this case with abuse of power or official position (part 1 of Art.. 364 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), however, at the moment, law enforcement officers are developing a version that we are talking about a more serious crime – abuse of power or official position, which entailed grave consequences (part 2 of Art.. 364 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

How Lutsky and Nepop are building housing on the land of NAU

Officials and deputies doubt that the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate (GACI) had grounds on the last day of its work to allow the construction of 14 residential nine-story buildings on the site of the stadium, sports grounds and square (the unfinished Otradny-2 residential complex is already standing on the same land plot). Vyacheslav Nepop, the relevant deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration (KSCA), obviously helps NAU rector Maxim Lutsky to build up university lands with residential apartment buildings. As it became known to KV, the head of the State Inspectorate for Architecture and Urban Planning (GIAG) Semyon Krivonos on his Facebook page said that the construction supervision inspectors of the GIAG from October 18 to October 28, 2021 will check the legality of the planned construction of 14 residential high-rise buildings on the lands of NAU. He promised that “according to the results of the inspection, the necessary measures provided for by law will be taken.” The Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on Education, Science and Innovations also took care of the expediency of the future residential development of NAU lands – in the second half of November it will reconsider this issue at its meeting. The initiator of the consideration of this issue was the People's Deputy Roman Grischuk (Servant of the People faction). In his opinion, it is necessary to take steps to cancel the permit for new residential development of NAU lands, issued by the State Architectural Inspectorate on October 14, 2021, since it “has signs of corruption.”

“Forest Lake” for the elite

In a forest area near Rozhevka near Kyiv, with a separate entrance and a fenced area, there is a cooperative called “Public Association “Forest Lake”. A limited and select circle of people lives there. According to the analytical system youcontrol , only 36 people are the beneficiaries of this cooperative. In addition to Vyacheslav Nepop, the beneficiaries of the cooperative are: Valentina Golitsa – the wife of his business partner in the construction of Mikhail Golitsa; Olga Negrich – the daughter of Golitsa (a woman of the ex-deputy of the Kyiv City Council and business partner of Nepop Nikolai Negrich); Nastya Ochkolda is the daughter of Nikolai and Irina Ochkold, owners of the Legitimus law firm, which covers Nepop and Co. in legal matters. But recently something unusual happened.. Vyacheslav Nepop decided to sell his 478.5 sq. m. and more than 13 acres of land to Andrey Tarasyuk. According to the submitted amendments to the declaration for 2021, Nepop sold this property for UAH 5 million 863 thousand 950. However, in addition to the price of real estate, the figure of the buyer, Andrey Tarasyuk, is of interest.. He is the son of the founder of “Forest Lake” Yuri Tarasyuk and also works as a “servant of Themis”, or rather, the secretary of the court sessions of the Economic Court of Kyiv. Unlike Nepop, Tarasyuk indicates a separate price for both the house and the land.. According to the changes submitted by Andrey to the electronic declaration, he bought 13.62 “hundreds” in the cooperative “Forest Lake” for only 162 thousand 120 hryvnias, which is slightly more than 325 dollars per “hundred”. In the case of Nepop's sale of his house in Lesnoye Lake, a lot of questions arise, because this operation can be considered as a bribe to an employee of the Kyiv Economic Court, which is key when considering cases initiated in the past or in the future against Nepop. The point, however, is that the market value of such a house near the Forest Lake is from 10 million hryvnia.. On the other hand, questions arise, where did Andriy Tarasyuk get so much money from, working in an insignificant position as secretary of the Kyiv Economic Court? Indeed, according to the declaration for 2020, Andriy Tarasyuk’s salary was 170 thousand 299 hryvnias and he had no other income, just as Nepopa did not indicate loans to buy a house. And Andrey, according to the declaration, had only 40 thousand dollars and 700 thousand hryvnias in savings, which is clearly not enough to buy an estate.

Water from Nepop for kafirs

Nepop treats Ukrainian citizens with disdain, it’s completely different – kafirs in Crimea, he supports them and literally, gives them spring water to drink. The fact is that Vyacheslav Nepop, together with the wife of his longtime colleague Mikhail Golitsa, was one of the founders of the Alushta Food and Flavor Factory.. Nepop did not close this enterprise after the occupation of the Crimean peninsula by the Russians, but quickly re-registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and regularly pays all taxes to the federal budget. “Alushta Food Flavor Factory” by Vyacheslav Nepopa is headed by Elena Raspopa, a native of Alushta. Until 2018, Nepop and Raspopa gave the occupiers mineral water to drink with the name “Monastyrskaya” quite “fastening” for Russians. When Kherson farmers independently blocked the Crimean Canal in order to deprive the occupiers of the main resource – water. Vyacheslav Nepop only increased the production of bottled water in Alushta. Deputy occupation minister of agriculture of Crimea Volodymyr Diyuk boasted that in 2015 the Alushta Food and Flavor Factory increased water production by 184%. Only in mid-2018, Nepop, who was a member of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction in the Kyiv City Council, left the founders, although residents of Alushta, in a telephone conversation with journalists from the Bulava Media Investigation Center, assure that Vyacheslav Nepop simply “swept up” and his the “exit” of the founders has signs of fictitiousness. Vyacheslav Nepop handed out dozens of apartments to relatives and mineral water to the occupiers

Hundred apartments for the Nepopa family for the money of the people of Kiev

In 2015, at 20th Cosmonaut Komarov Avenue (now Guzar), a house was commissioned, the apartments in which were planned to be given to ATO veterans and low-income segments of the population. Vyacheslav Nepop extended through the Kyiv City State Administration the allocation of land for his charitable foundation “Solomenka” for the construction of supposedly social housing, which was built by companies associated with it at the expense of the capital's budget. However, the apartments of the house were never distributed among those to whom they were originally assigned, but settled in the hands of his family. According to social activist Sergei Brigadir, the apartments were distributed among Nepop's family members, his acquaintances and business partners. Photo: house on Lubomir Guzar Avenue (Cosmonaut Komarov) 20a. The customer for the construction of housing was the utility company “Zhilstroyinvest-UKB”, which was headed by Vyacheslav Nepop from 2002 – 2018. The contractor for the execution of the order at the expense of the capital's budget was the company PJSC Fundament, which, again, was controlled by Vyacheslav. From 2008-2012, Nepop served as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Fundament PJSC, but after his dismissal from this position, he left control of the company until at least 2016 due to a certain Valentina Gradil. In 2015, she was listed as an assistant to the deputy of the Kyiv City State Administration Nepopa and, according to the analytical system youcontrol, remained the beneficiary of Fundament PJSC until July 2016. For 2018, 30 apartments in the house belonged to the deputy of Zhilinveststroy-UKS and partner Nepop Pavel Chislovsky; 10 apartments in this house belonged to the secretary of Nepop Kovaleva Lyudmila Valerievna (a person with such a surname and name is listed on the website of the KSCA among the assistants of Vyacheslav Nepop). 33 apartments were registered for Nepop's wife Antonina And another 33 apartments were owned by the son of Nepop – Artyom: That is, out of 144 apartments in the building, at least 106 apartments were owned by the Nepopa family or close associates of the developer. In October 2018, the Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a case on the misappropriation of apartments and the name of Vyacheslav Nepop appeared in the plot of the case, and already in 2019, the Security Service of Ukraine became interested in the case of misappropriation of apartments in the house on Kosmonavta Komarov Avenue 20th. However, neither the Ministry of Internal Affairs nor the SBU managed to bring Nepop to justice.. However, after the publicity of this scandal in the media and the interest of law enforcement agencies, the number of apartments owned by Vyacheslav Nepopa “significantly decreased” and for 2021, according to the registry of real estate rights, apartments in the house are only owned by Vyacheslav Darina's daughter. Now 11 apartments in this house are recorded on it.

The National Police became interested in how Nepop and Komarnitsky built housing for workers of the Kyiv Metro

Since April 2021, the National Police has been investigating the fact of the possible misappropriation of budget funds during the construction of a 25-storey residential building for employees of the Kyiv Metro and PJSC Kyivmetrostroy on avenue. Goloseevsky, 74. Since 2016, these works have been carried out by Skybud Group LLC, commissioned by Spetszhitlofond, a company that businessman Denis Komarnitsky is probably related to (pictured left). According to the investigation, the defendants in the case could “draw” additional works, for which more than 19 million hryvnias had to be spent.. Apparently, the deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration (KSCA) Vyacheslav Nepop (pictured in the center), who oversees this construction site according to the distribution of duties, is in for “hard days”: recently, law enforcement officers are increasingly paying attention to the dubious activities of the KP subordinate to him. As it became known to KV, at the moment, law enforcement officers are investigating the fact of possible abuses in the construction of a residential building for employees of the Kyiv Metro and PJSC Kyivmetrostroy. The Main Directorate of the National Police of Kyiv opened criminal proceedings No. 42021102010000015 on the fact of the possible commission of a crime under Part 2 of Article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (misappropriation, embezzlement or taking possession of other people's property by abuse of official position by an official) April 15, 2021. On June 10, 2021, the Goloseevsky District Court allowed investigators access to documents that are in the possession of KP Spetszhitlofond (construction customer) and Skybud Group LLC (work contractor) (*). We are talking about design, estimate, executive and reporting documentation, waybills and waybills, acts of acceptance of work performed, etc. Note that the case materials do not indicate the names of the specified KP and its contractor. However, in court rulings, in particular, the cost of work, the procurement code in the Prozorro system and other data are specified, thanks to which it is easy to identify the defendants in this proceedings. KV decided to analyze how the said construction unfolded and how the budgetary funds could have been stolen.

The leadership of the KP “Zhitloinvestbud-UKB” is suspected of a large waste of budget funds for the repair of the school

KP “Zhitloinvestbud-UKB” has once again become a defendant in criminal proceedings: the prosecutor's office suspects that the management of the enterprise, which has been headed by Vyacheslav Nepop since 2002, wasted budget money without reason. This time we are talking about more than 7 million hryvnia, which the management of the KP paid its contractor Pluton-S LLC for the repair of the stadium and the facade of school No. 256 on the street. Ozernoy, 2-a in the Obolonsky district of Kyiv. The investigators found out that the paid work was not completed, and the KP “Zhytloinvestbud-UKB” is already planning to spend about 40 million more hryvnias on similar “services”.

As the investigation established, on October 4, 2017, Zhitloinvestbud-UKB (*) KP announced a tender for the overhaul of the facade of school No.. Ozernoy, 2-a in the Obolonsky district of Kyiv. Their expected cost was 16 million 190 thousand. hryvnia Pluton-S LLC (**) (UAH 15 million 381 thousand) and Torgovy Dom Arsenal Trade LTD LLC (***) (UAH 15 million 765 thousand) submitted their offers to the open auction. the participants of the auction did not lower their rates. As a result, Pluton-S LLC (***) was declared the winner. The management of Zhitloinvestbud-UKB KP on November 6, 2017 concluded an agreement No. 4/1229 with it. Later, on November 3, 2017, Zhitloinvestbud-UKB announced a tender for the reconstruction of the stadium of school No. 256 on the street. Ozernoy, 2A in the Obolonsky district of Kyiv. The expected cost of the service was UAH 36 million 833 thousand. The same Pluton-S LLC (UAH 35 million 888 thousand) and IT Construction Plus LLC (****) (UAH 36 million 459 thousand) submitted their proposals for open bidding. In the process of trading, their participants again did not lower their rates. As a result, Pluton-S LLC was again recognized as the winner. On December 4, 2017, Contract No. 4/1243 was signed between KP and the specified contractor. According to the information of the Unified Web Portal for the Use of Public Funds, on December 21, 2017, Zhytloinvestbud-UBK KP transferred UAH 11,582 to the accounts of Pluton-S LLC with the purpose of payment “for the planned payment for the overhaul of the school.” On December 26, 2017, Zhytloinvestbud-UBK KP made 3 payments to this company for UAH 2 million 400 thousand, UAH 2 million 400 thousand and UAH 2 million 511 thousand. hryvnia respectively – for the ordered reconstruction of the stadium. That is, in fact, the contractor already in 2017 received 7 million 323 thousand. hryvnia Later (the date is not specified in the materials of the criminal case), the Kyiv local prosecutor's office (Shevchenkivskyi district) received a report from the detective of the Department for the Protection of the Economy in Kyiv of the Department for the Protection of the Economy of the National Police of Ukraine. The security officer said that the work already paid for the repair of the facade and the stadium of school No. 256 was not actually completed. These facts came to light during the audit. In this regard, on February 19, 2018, law enforcement officers of the Shevchenko Prosecutor’s Office of Kyiv filed criminal proceedings No. 42018101100000072 of. 3 Art. 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Officials of KP “Zhitloinvestbud-UKB” are suspected of embezzlement of budgetary funds during the repair work of the facade and stadium of school No. 256 by prior agreement with the officials of the contractor – LLC “Pluton-S”. They are threatened with restriction of freedom for a term of three to five years or imprisonment for a term of three to eight years, with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to three years. On the day of the opening of the criminal proceedings, February 19, the prosecutor's office sent several requests to the KP “Zhitloinvestbud-UKB” with a request to provide information related to the conduct of two purchases – for the repair of a school and a stadium. Officials of the specified KP refused to issue the necessary materials to the prosecutor's office. Stanislav Tonkatsov, the prosecutor of the Obolon prosecutor's office and a first-class lawyer, filed a lawsuit with a demand to allow their seizure. Law enforcement officers needed copies of the documentation for these two purchases through the Prozorro e-procurement system with annexes, concluded contracts, documentation confirming payment for work performed, acts of work performed, acts of acceptance of work performed. In addition, the prosecutor's office needed to study the proposals of bidders and the minutes of the procurement committee, which determined the winners of the bidding. The investigating judge of the Shevchenkovsky District Court, Irina Makarenko, having studied the petition of the prosecutor's office, decided to satisfy it in full. In addition, the judge decided to explain to the officials of the Zhitloinvestbud-UBK KP that in case of failure to comply with the decision on temporary access to things and documents, the judge has the right to issue a decision on permission to conduct a search in the KP.

The metropolitan cycle track for 26 million hryvnias will be completed by Nepop's favorite contractor

KP “Zhitloinvestbud-UKB” immediately after the auction announced its intention to conclude an agreement with the production association “Inbud” for the final restoration work of the cycle track on the street. Bohdan Khmelnytsky. For this, Inbud will receive another 26 million hryvnia from the budget, the company receives money from Zhitloinvestbud-UKB for the reconstruction of the cycle track not for the first time. By the way, considering that the opening of the cycle track is being postponed by the city authorities for the fifth time, it is not a fact that the financing of the protracted reconstruction will end there. As previously reported by KV, PO “Inbud” is the favorite contractor of “Zhitloinvestbud-UKB”. Since 2012, this company has won tenders from this KP for more than 497.4 million hryvnias. Last year was especially successful.. In March 2016, Zhytloinvestbud-UKB KP ordered the construction of a residential building in the Dnipro district for 135 million hryvnias to Inbud. And in June last year, the Inbud production association received as much as 74 million hryvnias from the Zhytloinvestbud-UKB utility company for the restoration of the Kyiv cycle track.

Deputy Nepop gives contracts to his own pocket firm

The firm Zhytloinvestbud-UKB, led by the deputy of the Kyiv City Council Vyacheslav Nepop (former head of the Department of Construction and Housing of the Kyiv City State Administration) and Mikhail Golitsa (formerly the director of Kyivmiskbud), held five tenders to complete the construction of residential facilities in the 11th microdistrict of the Northern Osokorki residential area (Kyiv) . According to the results, the largest plot was given to the contractor Azur Group Construction Company: it is charged with the obligation to complete the construction of 26-storey buildings No.. Solomiya Krushelnytska, 15. A much smaller share (34.08 million hryvnias) went to the Construction and Installation Trust Vector, which needs to finish building No. 5. Ukrpromzhitlobud and the Ukrainian Holding of Construction Projects also took part in the tender, while more expensive proposals from Kyivmiskbud-3 were rejected due to the lack of an extract from the register of VAT payers. It is noteworthy that Azur Group is indirectly connected with Vyacheslav Nepop through proxies, as well as offshore companies Amber Ruthenia Limited, Fundament Development and Kisethorn Limited. According to observers, in this way the director of Zhitloinvestbud-UKB actually moved a quarter of a million between structures from his own business orbit.

Nepop allocated about half a million hryvnias for advertising to a familiar company

KP for the construction of residential buildings “Zhytloinvestbud-UKB”, headed by a deputy of the Kyiv City Council from “Solidarity” Vyacheslav Nepop, on July 6 signed an agreement for advertising services with LLC “Luvers”. The cost of the agreement was UAH 410,040. KV became aware of this from a report by the Public Procurement Bulletin. According to Vestnik, the contractor undertakes to provide KP Zhitloinvestbud-UKB with advertising services until the end of 2016. According to the Unified State Register, the founders of Luvers LLC today are Alexander Noshchenko and Lyudmila Zakrevskaya. As it became known to KV, Zakrevskaya, being a member of the PP “Udar-Solidarity”, was previously a member of the Standing Committee of the Kyiv City Council on Urban Planning and Architecture, together with Vyacheslav Nepop, when Vladimir Prokopiv was the head of the commission. And in 2006, Noshchenko was also a colleague of Nepop, being a member of this commission.

Voter bribing

Nepop actively distributed Easter cakes with his name, and sweet gifts for children.


In June 2020, Vyacheslav Nepop published an electronic declaration of his income for 2019. The deputy mayor and deputy of the Kyiv City Council owns a plot of land (1362 sq.m.) and a residential building (478.5 sq.m.) in the village of Rozhevka, Kyiv region, an apartment (151.5 sq.m.) and a parking space (23, 2 sq.m.), in Kyiv – two parking spaces (25.1 sq.m. each), a garage (36.2 sq.m.) and an apartment (237.8 sq.m.) in joint ownership. Vyacheslav's wife owns a land plot (1470 sq.m.) and a dacha (476.8 sq.m.) in the village of Vita-Pochtovaya in the Kiev region, an apartment (121.1 sq.m.) and three parking spaces (16.8, 14 ,3 and 15.5 sq.m.) in Kyiv. Nepop owns two watches: Breguet and Bovet. Vyacheslav drives a 2008 Lexus LX 570. He also owns a 1969 GAZ 21 car and a trailer. Antonina Nepop drives a 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser. Nepop's only source of income was the salary of the Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration. In 2019, he received 626 thousand hryvnias. Vyacheslav keeps 2.9 million hryvnias and 202 thousand dollars in cash. His wife has 2.7 million hryvnias and 145 thousand dollars in cash.


Vyacheslav Nepop has been developing Kyiv for over 15 years. Illegal building. Unfortunately, he brings considerable benefits to the mayors of Kyiv, because as soon as the elections come, for many officials Nepop repairs porches, grounds for a penny, and the deputies pass it off as their work. Everyone is happy, everyone benefits. And in return, Nepop builds up protected areas, violating the city's ecosystem, sculpts his skyscrapers right next to kindergartens and schools, representing a danger, cashing in on construction tenders, thanks to front companies. And unfortunately, Mayor Klitschko turns a blind eye to this, because he is also in the share.

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