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Nalyvaychenko Valentin Alexandrovich


Nalyvaichenko is associated with many "loud" people. For example, Valentin Alexandrovich is closely connected with Firtash and his interests, which unfortunately led to sad consequences, especially for an American businessman who invested in Ukrainian business. In addition, Nalyvaychenko is accused of kidnapping journalists, false information in the declaration, misappropriation of land, and money laundering at tenders. And while you are reading this article, he orders "girls" for himself at the Hyatt Hotel and gives them brand new iPhones.

Ukraine, USA, Belarus
June 8, 1966
Уровень охвата:

Nalyvaichenko Valentin Alexandrovich

Official biography

Date of birth: 06/08/1966. Born in Zaporozhye. He took 12th place, receiving 0.23% of the vote. In the early parliamentary elections of 2019, he was elected a people's deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the IX convocation from the Batkivshchyna party. Family Wife – Elena Ivanovna (maiden name Babich). The Internet is well aware of the daughter of the SBU chief, Olga, the founder of Smile Holding Ukraine.


Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary 1st class (2004), civil servant 3rd rank (2006), 2nd rank (2007), 1st rank (2009). Awarded the Order of Yaroslav the Wise V class. (2007), Order of Yaroslav the Wise IV century. (2010), Commander of the Order of Merit for Lithuania (2009).

NOT official biography

In September 2013, the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine opened criminal proceedings against Nalyvaychenko on the basis of an appeal from people's deputies.. People's deputies of the Verkhovna Rada reported that Nalyvaychenko allocated an office to the US CIA officers in the premises of the SBU of Ukraine and provided US intelligence officers with the opportunity to get acquainted with secret documents constituting state secrets of Ukraine. Lover of “girls” The head of the secret service, who proclaimed the fight against corruption, spends time with prostitutes in the most expensive hotels in Kiev and orders the services of PR companies in the United States, hoping to take the presidency after Petro Poroshenko. In the hacked mail, hackers were interested in correspondence with Nalyvaichenko's close friend Sergey Nosenko, an assistant to the politician at the time when Nalyvaichenko was still a member of the Rada. Nosenko often visits the United States, where he fulfills the confidential requests of the head of the SBU, and upon his return to Kyiv, they are “pulled off” to the fullest. So, in one of the letters, Nalivaichenko asks Nosenko to bring him two brand new iPhones from the USA.. And it soon becomes clear. for whom they may be intended. “In one of the letters, Sergei Nosenko speaks of his arrival in Kyiv and his readiness “to fight on all fronts”, and V. Nalyvaichenko suggests that he “open a sexual front” in the Kiev Hyatt Hotel, mentioning the arrival of the corresponding “troops” (we have no doubt that they are from the most “elite units”),” the authors of UkroLeaks note. Stolen purse Valentin Nalyvaichenko appears to be a regular customer of Hyatt. There, on March 8, 2008, an unfortunate incident occurred with the head of the SBU – a purse was stolen from Valentin Nalivaychenko. According to rumors, on the morning of March 8, Valentin Nalyvaychenko with his wife and son (?) (It is known that Valentin Nalyvaychenko has only a daughter) arrived at the hotel's fitness center. The head of the SBU decided to take a dip in the pool and went to the locker room, where two more guests from Russia were with him. And when he returned after swimming, he discovered the loss of a purse. At the same time, his locker for personal belongings remained intact and unharmed.. However, it is possible that Nalivaichenko himself did not put the purse in the locker. THE ACTIVITIES OF THE PARTY Valentina Nalyvaichenko IS PROBABLY NOT FULLY REFLECTED IN THE PARTY'S REPORTS Journalists of the public movement CHESTNO found a possible discrepancy between the financial statements of the political party “Social and political movement of Valentina Nalyvaychenko” JUSTICE “Valentina Aleksandrovich Nalyvaychenko to the requirements of anti-corruption legislation. Analysts revealed that the activities of the party are in fact not reflected in the financial report of the party. There is no information in the party report: 1. About all the expenses for renting your Kyiv office on the street. Saksaganskogo, 143a (the party uses more space than it declares). 2. Data on the recalculation in favor of DOM LLC (A-Print Publishing House), where a party newspaper was printed for the elections in the Perechyn community; 3. outdoor advertising costs; four. Income and expenses of party cells of the party; 5. Spending on branded clothing, party flags that were used during rallies in the capital. The above circumstances may indicate a violation of anti-corruption legislation on the activities of the party (violation of the procedure established by law for providing or receiving a contribution in support of a political party, art.. 212-15 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses) and the reporting of a political party (Presenting knowingly false information in the party’s report on property, income, expenses and financial obligations Art.. 159-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). Also, responsibility for entering deliberately false information into official documents by an official, other forgery of documents, as well as the preparation and issuance of knowingly false documents, is provided for by Article 366 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. SBU closes case on misappropriation of LAND IN BROVARY. Kutuzov. First, local deputies voted for the transfer of land of the former State Enterprise “Radio Transmitting Center” for rent to 48 citizens for agriculture. Then, on the same day, all of them handed over their plots to Inter-profit Company LLC, which is associated with Polishchuk and his company, Tehenergotreyd LLC, Nashi Dengi reports. In April 2014, the SBU, headed by Nalyvaichenko, began investigating this case.. However, in January 2015, after Nalivaichenko's daughter received a position in Polishchuk's company, the SBU closed the case.. But the first deputy chairman of the SBU, Yuri Artyukhov, asked the authorities of Brovary to allocate more land for construction for the SBU. The same Viktor Polishchuk was supposed to be the developer, and he owns the Techenergotrade company. As the journalists of the Schemes program have established, since November 2014, the daughter of the head of the SBU Nalivaychenko – Olga has been working as deputy head of the legal department of Techenergotrade. They appointed her when dad was the chairman of the SBU. Only after the resignation of Valentin Nalyvaichenko from the post of head of the SBU, the prosecutor's office managed to seize 95 hectares received by Polishchuk's entourage.

The party of Nalyvaichenko in the Luhansk region was headed by an ex-Aidar member suspected of crimes Former Aida member Igor Radchenko is suspected of organizing an armed group, which did not prevent him from heading a branch of the Justice party. In early November, the Luhansk center of Valentin Nalyvaichenko's party “Justice” was headed by the ex-commander of the special company of the battalion “Aidar” Igor Radchenko, nicknamed “Frontier”. This appointment aroused public outrage, because, as human rights activist Yevgenia Zakrevskaya wrote, Radchenko was “convicted without 5 minutes.” Smeshko sued Nalyvaichenko because he accused him of being involved in the poisoning of Yushchenko Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko when he was a candidate. Russian investigators suspect Nalyvaychenko of kidnapping journalists. This is reported by RIA Novosti. “According to the investigation, Nalyvaychenko, acting in concert with the heads of the security forces of Ukraine, using the forces and means of the SBU, during the armed conflict in the Donbas, organized the abduction of citizens of the Russian Federation who did not participate in the armed conflict – journalists of the LifeNews TV channel Oleg Sidyakin and Marat Saychenko,” he said. Markin. According to him, journalists were illegally kept by them on the territory of Ukraine, while the victims were “inflicted physical and mental suffering through systematic beatings and other violent actions.” As you know, Russian LifeNews employees Saichenko and Sidyakin were detained in Kramatorsk in mid-May, they were accused of assisting militants.

Russian Sanctions

Russia has imposed sanctions against the deputies of the Batkivshchyna, and Valentin Nalyvaychenko is no exception.

Ties to the CIA

The head of the SBU of Ukraine in 2013-14, Oleksandr Yakymenko, stated that, according to the information he had, Valentin Nalyvaichenko was recruited by American intelligence services when he served as Consul General of Ukraine in the United States. Nalivaichenko called this case “custom-made” and “schizoid”. Being in opposition to Yanukovych, he said that he was on the list of those whom Yanukovych and the communists tried to put behind bars – after Yulia Tymoshenko and Yuriy Lutsenko. After the change of power in 2014, the case was closed by the new leadership of the Prosecutor General's Office.

Russian intelligence officer at the head of the SBU

So, on September 8, 2017, the ex-head of the SBU Valentin Nalivaychenko makes a confession: from 1991 to 1994 he studied at the Andropov Institute of the KGB in Moscow – at the faculty of foreign intelligence. His specialty is Finland. The curator is the future head of the Presidential Administration of Russia Putin, Sergey Ivanov. “Interestingly, in parallel, our hero has been registered in the newly created Security Service of Ukraine since 1992.. But the military rank of senior lieutenant is apparently received in Russia,” the program says. Russia is trying to annex Crimea for the first time.To be promoted to the rank of senior lieutenant, according to Russian law, Valentin Nalyvaichenko had to obtain Russian citizenship and take an oath of allegiance to Russia. The corresponding Decree No. 7 was signed in January 1992 by the then Russian President Boris Yeltsin. “In the third year of Ukraine's independence, literally a few months before receiving a diploma, Valentin Nalyvaichenko suddenly woke up with another patriotism – Ukrainian. In intelligence slang, this is called “legendation”. Nalyvaichenko is being a bit disingenuous here. According to the documents, he is an excellent student of the KGB Institute – all of a sudden he does not pass the exam in orienteering, and that ends his studies in Russia. This is a “legend” for specialists,” the story says. Further, contrary to the law on the diplomatic service, without an appropriate education, Nalyvaichenko gets a job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, then he is transferred to the Ukrainian consulate in the United States, and since 2004, Valentin Nalyvaichenko has already Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Participation in the armed conflict in the east of Ukraine. Soldiers of the special forces of the SBU take part directly in the hostilities. During the operation, according to the Ukrainian media, the SBU detained and neutralized a number of “spies, saboteurs and high-ranking militants”. Valentin Nalyvaychenko periodically reports on the revelations by the SBU of Russian spies, terrorists and separatists, who are detained and neutralized throughout Ukraine. Immediately after the Malaysian Boeing was shot down in the Donetsk region on July 17, 2014, Valentin Nalyvaychenko said that the plane was destroyed by the Russian military from the Buk anti-aircraft missile system. On December 19, 2014, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case against Nalivaichenko. He is suspected of slander, organizing the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare, obstructing the legitimate professional activities of a journalist, and kidnapping.

Deputy Andrey Kislinsky

In July 2009, NUNS People's Deputy Gennadiy Moskal stated that Andriy Kislinsky, Valentin Nalyvaichenko's deputy, was involved in pimping in the Luhansk region in the 1990s. In this regard, the deputy head of the SBU appealed to the court, and his department – to the Prosecutor General's Office with a request to verify the facts of illegal actions of employees of the internal affairs bodies of Ukraine, who allegedly conducted an illegal collection of information about the personal life of the deputy head of the SBU. Muscovite soon found a new spot in the biography of Kislinsky. In response to the deputy's appeal of the politician dated August 27, 2009, the Secretariat of the President provided a copy of Kislinsky's diploma from his personal file on obtaining the qualification of “historian” and “teacher of historical disciplines” in the specialty “History”. The diploma is dated June 30, 2000. At the same time, Moskal turned to the archives of the Kyiv National University named after. Taras Shevchenko, where, on the basis of checking the orders of the rector for the graduation of students of the Faculty of History, it was reported that Kislinsky did not study at the full-time department from 1995 to 2000 and at the correspondence department from 1994 to 2000, and the number and series of the diploma, which were reported to the parliamentarian in the joint venture, in the books of registration of the issuance of diplomas does not appear. “Ukraine 3000” Nalivaychenio … gave instructions on the preparation of documents for the transfer of the territory and buildings of the polyclinic and hospital of the SBU (Kyiv, Lipskaya St., 11) to a public organization – the International Charitable Foundation “Ukraine-3000”, the chairman of the supervisory board of which is Kateryna Yushchenko – Chumachenko-Claire. It should be noted that “Ukraine 3000” has remained a project on paper…

Yushchenko's accusations

In March 2011, the congress of the Our Ukraine party was postponed due to the conflict between Viktor Yushchenko and Valentin Nalyvaichenko.. It is reported by “Ukrainska Pravda” with reference to its own sources in the Parliament.. According to the interlocutor of the publication, during the congress, which was scheduled for Saturday, part of the powers of the head of the party should have been transferred to the head of the political council, which is Nalyvaichenko. Upon learning of this, Yushchenko bluntly accused Nalyvaichenko of trying to “steal the party.” “If the congress was held, Yushchenko threatened not to come to it, and also to publicly accuse the one who would hold the congress of being a split,” the interlocutor noted. Forgiveness for 40,000,000 Another firm of Polishchuk, already under the new government, received forgiveness for 40,000,000 hryvnias of taxes, which, according to the Fiscal Service, did not pay to the Ukrainian budget, because the money was probably laundered through a conversion center. These are the accusations made by the tax authorities in court. Nalivaichenko's wife has an apartment in the Alpiysky elite complex – media. Protasov Yar, 8, where a square meter costs about 3 thousand dollars. This chic place – on the slopes of Batyeva Gora, not far from the ski slopes and the center of Kyiv, has an underground parking for 242 places, 24-hour security, its own fitness center with a swimming pool. She became the owner of the apartment in 2012, when her husband was a people's deputy.

Nalivaichenko did not declare his WIFE'S REAL ESTATE IN PAPER DECLARATIONS

According to the journalistic investigations of “Schema” in the program “Valentin Nalyvaychenko: secrets of a spy (investigation)” it was established that the ex-chairman of the SBU Nalyvaichenko Valentin, in the Declaration for 2013, indicated incomplete information. In his declaration for 2013, the then head of the SBU in the “real estate” section declared only 10 acres of land, 20 acres of his wife's land, his wife's apartment in Kyiv for 74 sq.. m. However, according to the register of property rights, in 2010 the wife received as a gift an apartment of almost 400 square meters and a parking space in the elite residential complex Alpiysky. Nalivaichenko himself explained that the apartment was presented to his wife Elena Ivanovna by her father, but such a statement does not refute the obligation of the official submitting the declaration not to indicate such information. In 2015, the daughter of Valentin Alexandrovich received 4 land plots as a gift and one more – his wife. The total area of gifts – more than two hectares. All plots were donated to the Nalyvaychenko family by the Babich family. It turns out that this is the maiden name of Nalivaichenko's wife – Elena. Relatives of Nalyvaichenko's wife also got these plots free of charge from the state through privatization just when Valentin Alexandrovich first led the SBU during the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko. Moreover, father-in-law Nalivaichenko even managed to get two plots of almost two hectares each with one purpose – for a personal peasant farm.. Law firm managing partner Ivan Trofimenko notes that this is illegal. “In fact, this is a violation of the current legislation, since our legislation provides for the limits of free privatization. These limits are implemented once for each type of intended use.”

Connections with Firtash

Already a deputy, Nalyvaychenko did not show himself in anything special during Yanukovych's time – except that he was surprised by his appearance at Firtash's event in London “Days of Ukraine in the UK.” And this year, when I became a deputy, I received evidence that Nalyvaichenko used his position as head of the SBU to settle scores with Firtash's commercial competitors. In particular, we are talking about a US citizen businessman who was banned from entering Ukraine by the decision of the SBU.. In December, the court fined Nalyvaichenko UAH 3,400. for illegal border crossing.


Valentin Nalyvaichenko is a typical representative of political individuals. The scheme is as simple as a sheet of paper – someone, over someone, for someone. In this case, we see cooperation with Dmitry Firtash, lobbying for his interests, and assistance. And instead of fulfilling his direct duties, Nalyvaichenko has fun with “call girls”, buys them expensive iPhones, and just enjoys life, because he has a lot of money.

Личные данные

Wife - Elena Ivanovna, daughter - Olga
Firtash-Lyovochkin team
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