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Nakonechny Mikhail Vasilievich


You can talk about Nakonechny for a long time. Starting with unfulfilled cleaning work in parks, squares, to inaccurate information in the declaration. All this is interconnected. After all, the money that Mikhail Vasilyevich laundered through tenders and front companies had to be hidden somehow. He did not succeed, because the expenses exceed the income, and all the political media have been talking about his illegal activities for a long time.

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Nakonechny Mikhail Vasilievich

Official biography

Former head of the Kyivzelenstroy KO and deputy of the Kyiv City Council from the Opposition Platform for Life. Born on March 23, 1983 in the village of Dymer, Vyshgorodsky district, Kyiv region.


In 1999, in his native village, Mikhail graduated from the gymnasium. Five years later, he received a law degree from the University of the Tax Service. In 2019, Nakonechny became a certified public administrator, having graduated from the Academy of Public Administration.

A family

Mikhail is married to Ekaterina Nakonechnaya. The couple have a daughter, Christina.


As a last-year student at the tax university, Mikhail got a job at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. For a year and a half (March 2004 – September 2005) he changed a number of positions from the deputy head of the legal department of the Department of Motor Transport to the deputy director for legal issues of the Ukrainian Bureau of Automobile Transportation Licensing LLC. In the fall of 2005, Nakonechny headed the Avtoconsulting company.. Almost a year later, he took the position of head of the legal department of the companies Delight and Kvadrat. For almost the entire year 2007 (February-December), Mikhail was in charge of the corporate law department of the legal department of Stoick-Plus LLC. Concurrently, Nakonechny held senior positions in several companies: Stroy-Alliance, Max-Stroy and Remix. In December 2007, Nakonechny became an assistant to the People's Deputy of the VI convocation Viktor Pilipishin. Michael worked on a paid basis. In the summer of the following year, he took the position of head of the legal department of Tandem-Avto LLC and deputy head of 5th CARZ JSC. In March 2009 Mikhail became an individual entrepreneur. Until 2016, Nakonechny provided legal services. In 2016, he moved to work at the Kyivzelenstroy communal association, where he held senior positions until August 2018. From 2015 to 2016, he headed the public organization “Development of innovative technologies and implementation of energy savings”. In 2020, Mikhail headed the charitable foundation of the developer and people's deputy Vadim Stolar. At the same time, Nakonechny became the head of the secretariat of the Kyiv city organization of the Opposition Platform – For Life party. In the spring of 2013, Nakonechny was a confidant of the candidate for people's deputies Viktor Pilipishin in the by-elections to the Verkhovna Rada in the 223rd majoritarian district. Two years later, in the local elections, Mikhail was one of the leaders of the Rukh for Reformy headquarters of Sergei Dumchev. In the summer of 2016, Nakonechny worked at the headquarters of Tatyana Rychkova, who ran in the by-elections, in the 27th majoritarian district. In 2019, Mikhail himself ran for the Verkhovna Rada. Nakonechny was 42nd on the list of the Opposition Platform for Life Party. However, his number, according to the results of the elections, turned out to be impassable.. Mikhail is an assistant to parliamentarian Natalya Prikhodko from the Opposition Platform for Life faction. He works on a voluntary basis. In 2020, in the elections to the Kyiv City Council, Nakonechny was 15th in the unified city list of the Opposition Platform for Life. In the list in constituency No. 2 (Darnitsky district), Mikhail ran under the first number. 2643 voters voted for Nakonechny in the constituency. He was elected as a member of the constituency. In the IX convocation of the Kyiv City Council, Mikhail Nakonechny became a member of the Opposition Platform for Life and the Secretary of the Permanent Commission on Digital Transformation and Administrative Services.

NOT official biography

The media called Mikhail an associate of the ex-people's deputy and former head of the Shevchenkovsky district of Kyiv Viktor Pilipishin. Nakonechny was his parliamentary assistant and confidant in the 2013 by-election. He also led one of the cells of Pylypyshyn's public organization “Kiyani peredusim”. But after 2016, information appeared in the press that Mikhail had moved away from his patron. According to rumors, Nakonechny decided to join the pro-Poroshenko circles, going under the wing of the secretary of the Kyiv City Council Vladimir Prokopiv. The municipal association “Kyivzelenstroy”, which was headed by Nakonechny from 2016 to 2018, repeatedly fell into scandals. Law enforcement officers suspected that part of the funds allocated from the budget for the repair and arrangement of the stage in the park named after. Warriors-Internationalists were appropriated. As the investigation established, Kyivzelenstroy twice ordered the repair of the same section of the park from Budoptimum LLC for a total amount of 2.65 million hryvnias.. At the same time, as of September 20, 2018, the site remained undeveloped. Nashi Groshi reported that in November 2016, Kyivzelenstroy intended to purchase two cargo electric vehicles with a carrying capacity of one ton from Klimtekhinvest for 3.6 million. Journalists of the publication noted that the price of equipment is extremely high.. “For a quarter less amount of UAH 1.40 million. you can buy a MAZ 5550S5-520-021 dump truck with a payload capacity of 10 tons, ”wrote the press. In the summer of 2017, the media wrote that Kyivzelenstroy was making “gold” purchases. The company was going to purchase 50 street bins, spending 632 thousand, that is, 12.64 thousand for each. Later, the mayor of Kyiv, Klitschko, received an order from the NACP to conduct an internal investigation against Nakonechny.. The capital official was suspected of an offense related to corruption. The fact is that Mikhail, having taken the post of head of Kievzelenstroy, did not transfer his companies and corporate rights to them to a third party, as required by law. In the same 2017, the head of the Pushcha-Vodytsia without Politics project, Konstantin Piontkovsky, wrote on Facebook that the enterprise led by Nakonechny had lost half a billion hryvnias through the lining companies. Kievzelenstroy fictitiously hired a pocket firm that had neither personnel nor equipment. Then the communal association transferred budgetary funds to laying, and after that it hired a contractor who carried out all the necessary work. According to the police, the officials of Kievzelenstroy and Knyazhna Lybid LLC “sawed” almost 12 million allocated for clearing and landscaping three lakes in the Nivki park. The work was to be completed by the end of 2018.. However, in reality, it began only on one lake, while the other two remained in a clogged state.. At the same time, the work acceptance certificates indicate that Princess Lybid LLC has completed a significant amount of improvement of the lakes. Law enforcement officers also established that Princess Lybid LLC did not have the equipment to perform the work, and the company itself consisted of only four to five employees. In August 2020, anti-corruption authorities reported that seven people were suspected of embezzling UAH 78 million when purchasing special equipment for Kyivzelenstroy. Among the suspects was the former head of the cooperative association (his last name was not indicated). According to the media, it could be Mikhail Nakonechny.

People from Prokopiv's entourage helped Nakonechny to lead Kievzelenstroy

Mikhail Nakonechny, who headed the communal association (KO) “Kyivzelenstroy” yesterday, left the tutelage of Viktor Pilipishin and joined the entourage of the secretary of the Kyiv City Council Volodymyr Prokopiv. In the 2015 Kyiv City Council elections, Nakonechny, together with Prokopiv’s adviser Mila Tyzhnenko, simultaneously worked at the headquarters of Sergei Dumchev’s Rukh for Reforms and Petro Poroshenko’s Solidarity. The reorientation towards presidential power, as well as a wide circle of acquaintances in the Kiev establishment, helped Nakonechny get a bread post. This was reported to KV by a source in the Kyiv City State Administration (KSCA). “Nakonechny grew up under the tutelage of Viktor Pilipishin. He was with him for a long time – both in the Shevchenko Regional State Administration, and in the parliament, and in “Kiyany peredusim”. And in the tough by-elections to the Rada of 2013, he, in general, became very close to Viktor. And he fought with the “Svobodovites”, and fought in the commissions. Levchenko's people even promised to imprison him (Yury Levchenko, now a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, competed with Viktor Pilipishin in the district in 2013, – KV),” a KV source said. But in recent years, Mikhail Nakonechny has moved away from Viktor Pilipishin and joined pro-presidential circles, a source in the Kyiv City State Administration noted. “He quarreled with Viktor, as some people imagine, or he went free swimming, or simply continues to help Pilipishin, but already in other fields – there are a lot of rumors. There is even such gossip that Misha left Pilipishin after the latter began to play strange political games with the late Igor Yeremeev. In any case, Pilipishin did not get him elected as a deputy, as he did with Kostya Yalov through Unity or Elena Antonova through Batkivshchyna, ”the KV source noted. According to him, in the last elections to the Kyiv City Council, Mikhail Nakonechny held one of the top managerial posts in the headquarters of Sergei Dumchev's Rukh for Reformi.. “Misha was in charge of field work, organized a congress of “rhinos” in the “Ukraine” palace and worked closely with Prokopiv’s current adviser, Mila Tyzhnenko, who was responsible for media content and harsh rinsing of Klitschko in the media at Rukh, ”said the source. But Mikhail Nakonechny did not succeed in finalizing Dumchev's political project before the end of the campaign and not appearing in the camp of official political opponents. “The last month of that campaign, Misha and Mila Tyzhnenko settled in the capital headquarters of Solidarity on Krasnoarmeyskaya. This building, by the way, was inherited by the Kyiv “Poroshenkoites” from the Sobor party of Anatoly Matvienko, who is the uncle of the people’s deputy Sergey Berezenko and the patron of Vladimir Prokopiv (the current secretary of the Kiev City Council, – KV). They worked there, were responsible for different tasks, and finally confused people who were ignorant, who did not understand why the same people were working at the headquarters of two ideological political enemies at the same time.. After the elections to the Kyiv City Council ended, Mila went to work for Prokopiv, and Misha began to work closely with Solidarity, ”the KV source specified. He also noted that in the last by-elections to the Verkhovna Rada, Mikhail Nakonechny worked in Dnipro (then in Dnepropetrovsk) at the headquarters of volunteer candidate Tatyana Rychkova. As a result, Rychkova became a people's deputy, and a member of her headquarters received a good position in Kyiv. “Actually, the team of Sergey Berezenko was responsible for the Dnieper, the Kyiv headquarters, in which Misha worked in 2015, was also the Matvienkovsko-Berezenkovskaya sandbox. Plus, there are a lot of friends – the same Mila, without whose approval Vladimir Prokopiv is afraid to take a step today. Thus, there was definitely someone to put in a word for Michael. I don’t know who and with whom specifically spoke, but definitely someone from the entourage of the secretary of the Kyiv City Council gave him patronage, ”summed up the KV source. According to a KV source in the Presidential Administration, the campaign of volunteer candidate Tatyana Rychkova was personally funded by Petro Poroshenko. “Probably, this is the first time in his entire (Petro Poroshenko, – KV) political history, when he gave money from his pocket to someone’s campaign,” Bankova said, when the campaign for by-elections to the Rada was in full swing.

VAKS arrested the former adviser to the ex-general director of Kievzelenstroy

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court took into custody the former freelance adviser to the ex-general director of the municipal association “Kyivzelenstroy” Mikhail Nakonechny Anatoly Khaleev, whom the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office suspect of organizing the embezzlement of UAH 77.9 million. CO “Kyivzelenstroy”. This was reported to the journalist “Word and Deed” in the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court. The judge also determined UAH 21.02 million as an alternative to Khaleev. pledge. In the case of a bail, he will be assigned a number of duties: to arrive at every request; do not leave Kharkov without permission; report a change in place of residence and / or work; to refrain from communicating with other suspects and witnesses in this criminal proceeding, as well as to deposit their passports. As you know, NABU and SAP reported seven persons suspected of being involved in the misappropriation of almost UAH 78 million. CO “Kyivzelenstroy”. According to the investigation, in November 2016-December 2017, Kyivzelenstroy announced tenders for the purchase of special equipment for the maintenance of green spaces in the capital's districts. Former freelance adviser to the general director of Kievzelenstroy, Khaleev, whom the investigation considers the organizer of the corruption scheme, by prior agreement with other officials of Kievzelenstroy and a private entrepreneur, actually ensured the victory in the tenders of two predetermined companies that supplied equipment at inflated prices. According to the expert's conclusion, KO “Kyivzelenstroy” caused UAH 77.9 million. losses. The investigation found out that participants in the corruption scheme redirected part of the illegally obtained funds to the accounts of foreign companies, and from there to a company registered in Italy controlled by the participants in the scheme.

The ex-general director of “Kyivzelenstroy” was released on bail of people's deputies

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court released on parole of people's deputies the former general director of the municipal association “Kyivzelenstroy”, whom NABU and SAP suspect of involvement in the theft of almost UAH 78 million. the local budget of Kyiv when purchasing special equipment. This was reported by the press service of the VAKS. “The investigating judge of the VAKS applied a preventive measure in the form of a personal guarantee to the former director of the Kyivzelenstroy CO.. The guarantors are five people's deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 9th convocation,” the court informs. According to the journalist “Word and Deed”, we are talking about Mikhail Nakonechny. His guarantors were people's deputies from the Opposition Platform-For Life faction: Grigory Mamka, Alexander Lukashev, Anatoly Burmich, Natalya Prikhodko and Vladimir Moroz. As you know, Nakonechny is a member of the political council of the Kyiv organization of the Opposition Platform-For Life party. Earlier, VAKS took into custody the former freelance adviser to the ex-general director of Kyivzelenstroy Nakonechny Anatoly Khaleev. UAH 21 million was determined as an alternative to it. pledge. The court also arrested Kharkiv businessman Vadim Koshchei with a bail of UAH 8 million.

Overstatement of purchase prices

According to the conclusions of the auditors, in 2015-2016, Kyivzelenstroy committed violations in the amount of UAH 10.31 million, moreover, at least UAH 25 million was stolen due to the overstatement of purchase prices.. The lion's share of the blame for financial violations lies with Nakonechny's predecessors: Sergei Simonov, who headed this enterprise since mid-February 2015, and his first deputy, Yevgeny Kuguka, who, after Simonov's dismissal, since May 4, 2016, acted as the general director of the communal association. But even under Nakonechny, the principle of selecting contractors and suppliers by Kievzelenstroy continued to raise questions.. So, for example, in September 2016, the municipal association ordered from a company associated with the trade unions of the Kievzelenstroy itself, the reconstruction of the capital square. And in November 2016, the public utilities planned to purchase two electric cars from a company close to the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the VIII convocation Viktor Ostapchuk (Vidrodzhennya faction, constituency No. 177 in the Kharkiv region). In 2017, the purchase of “golden” street litter bins by the Kyivzelenstroy CO was aroused by genuine public interest.

Tender fraud

In December 2017, it became known that the police were investigating the case of the embezzlement by the management of the Kyivzelenstroy CO of 54 million hryvnias of budget funds.. It was about the fact that in 2016-2017 the tenders held by the association were won by the “necessary firms”, after which the budget funds were divided between the organizers of the scam, and work in the capital's parks and squares was subsequently carried out by the employees of the “Kyivzelenstroy” itself and the districts controlled by it. KP UZN. The investigation also revealed a number of large purchases that were carried out at inflated prices or even fictitiously.. For example, “Kyivzelenstroy” managed to buy vacuum machines for garbage collection with an overpayment of almost 7 million hryvnias, and “repaired” Vernadsky Boulevard for 1 million hryvnias only on paper. And this is not a complete list of criminal proceedings opened against officials of the association. It should be noted that KO “Kyivzelenstroy” at that time was subordinate to the Department of Urban Improvement and Conservation of the Environment of the Kyiv City State Administration, which was headed by the infamous Dmitry Belotserkovets. As you know, after his election as a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the VIII convocation, Belotserkovets “supervised” the work of the most “bread” CPs of his former department for a long time. It is possible that the reason for the dismissal of Mikhail Nakonechny in May 2018 was the desire of Vitali Klitschko to cover up the city authorities from the impending scandal. It was rumored within the walls of the Kyiv City State Administration that the reason for Nakonechny’s resignation was fatigue from the “mess” that was happening in the communal association, which he could not influence.

Staring Stolar steals the votes of the Opposition Platform for Life in favor of Palchevsky's party

Vadym Stolar, with the help of his man Mikhail Nakonechny, is trying to smuggle Palchevsky's party into the Kyiv City Council at the expense of the votes of the Opposition Platform – For Life. Journalist Sonya Koshkina reported this on her telegram channel.. She noted that Palchevsky's party has 4.4%, and the political force does not enter the Kyiv City Council. As we know, the main beneficiary of the project is Vadim Stolar. The second part of his interest is concentrated in the HLE (he heads the city organization). And the elections are 100% handled by his man Mikhail Nakonechny. So, right now, Nakonechny was given the command to drag Palchevsky to the Kyiv City Council by hook or by crook.. Due to the HLE,” Koshkina wrote. According to her, the scenario is sending for recalculation in the basic for the blue and white districts of the city: Solomensky, Obolonsky and Darnitsky. “So nice, right? Interestingly, the majority shareholders of the OPF – Lyovochkin, Boyko, Rabinovich – blessed this scheme? Friendly mutual assistance, so to speak,” Koshkina noted. Later, she published an update – she shared a statement by the Opposition Platform for Life that they are trying to distort the results of the party in the elections of the Kyiv mayor and the Kyiv city council by criminal methods. Statement says vote theft is on the way. Only it is not specified that they intend to steal their own. I named Darnitsky, Solomensky and Obolonsky, and here Shevchenkovsky is mentioned,” the journalist emphasized.

KO “Kyivzelenstroy” TWICE paid one and a half million for the unfulfilled REPAIR OF THE SUMMER STAGE ON VERBITSKOGO

The police suspect that some of the money was embezzled during the renovation of the southern part and the arrangement of the stage in the park.. Warriors-Internationalists in Kyiv, which was carried out by LLC “Budoptimum” by order of CO “Kyivzelenstroy” for a total amount of UAH 2,650,000. This was written by Anna Kamelina in the publication “KyivVlast”. The investigation found that in October 2017, Kyivzelenstroy ordered Budoptimum to overhaul the southern part and arrange the summer stage in the park named after. Warriors-Internationalists in Darnytskyi district for 1370000 UAH. At the end of the same year, the customer transferred the amount to the contractor. In December 2017, Kyivzelenstroy again ordered Budoptimum to overhaul the southern part and arrange the summer stage in the park named after. Warriors-Internationalists – 1280000 UAH each. And in the same month, public utilities paid the contractor UAH 1,270,000. At the same time, when examining the scene of the incident, law enforcement officers found that as of September 20, 2018, the summer stage in the park was not equipped, that is, the work under the contract was not actually completed in full. The police had to obtain permission from the court to seize documents (contracts, defective acts, estimates and acts of work performed) due to the fact that they refused to provide them at the request of the investigator in KO “Kyivzelenstroy”. The court granted permission. The owner and director of Budoptimum LLC is Igor Plakhotny. In the past, he was a co-owner and director of Green Kyiv LLC. At the same time, earlier in the Unified State Register, the management of this company indicated the same contact number, and the Association of Primary Trade Union Organizations KO “Kyivzelenstroy” (+380676827899). Since May 2018, the duties of the General Director of the Kyivzelenstroy CO have been performed by Natalia Belousova. From July 2016 to May 2018, Kyivzelenstroy was headed by Mikhail Nakonechny.

“Kyivzelenstroy” is suspected of cutting FUNDS FOR clearing the PARK's Lakes FOR 12 MILLION

The police suspect that the officials of KKO “Kyivzelenstroy” in collusion with the officials of LLC “Knyazhna Lybid”, under the pretext of clearing and landscaping three lakes in the park “Nivki” in Kyiv, embezzled funds on a large scale. Oleksandr Glazunov wrote about this in the KyivVlast publication. Investigators found that in November 2017, Kyivzelenstroy ordered from LLC Princess Lybid the clearing and improvement of lakes No. 4, 5, 6 in the Nyvky park in the Shevchenkovsky district of Kyiv for UAH 11,750,000. The work was to be completed by the end of 2018.. Moreover, the company has already managed to receive 11,320,000 UAH. At the same time, in August last year, the investigation found out that the work was carried out only on Lake No. 4. Retaining walls are partially installed there and crushed stone is sprinkled. On lake No. 5 and No. 6, work was not carried out at all. Works on deepening and cleaning of lakes have not been carried out. The drainage systems of the lakes are in a clogged state and work to clean them has not been carried out either. However, according to the copies of the acts of acceptance of the work performed on the cleaning and improvement of lakes No. 4,5,6, contrary to the facts revealed, there is information about the performance of a significant amount of the above work by the Knyazna Lybid, which can only speak of the commission by the employees of the Kyivzelenstroy and Kniazhna swan “official forgery (that is, they made false information).

Officials of KO “Kyivzelenstroy” gave 7 million for the non-integrated irrigation network in the park on Rusanovka.

The police believe that the officials of Knyazhna Lybid LLC and Rialto LLC seized the funds of the local budget, thanks to the unfulfilled work on the installation of an irrigation network in the park on Rusanovskaya embankment for UAH 7,180,000, causing material damage to the community of Kyiv on an especially large scale. This was reported by Our Money. In 2017, the Kiev municipal association of green construction and operation of green spaces of the city “Kyivzelenstroy” ordered an irrigation network device in the park on Rusanivska embankment for 7,180,000 hryvnias from LLC “Knyazhna Lybid”. As the investigation established, at the time of the publication of the purchase, there was not a single piece of equipment, both own and rented, on the balance sheet of the company “Knyazhna Lybid”.. In addition, the company did not have any experience in carrying out similar work.. It also became known that the allocated funds for the work in the amount of UAH 7.18 million. LLC “Knyazha Lybid” does not properly master, does not carry out work. The company did not lay the foundation of the irrigation network in the park. The founders of Rialto LLC, which was a subcontractor, are Sergey Primachenko and the director of the company Alexander Yarovoy. Vyacheslav Bozhok, a resident of Kiev, Oksana Mezentseva from the village of Shchurovka, Chernihiv region, and a resident of the village of Rizino, Cherkasy region, Vasyl Pampukha, are listed as the owners of LLC Princess Lybid.

NABU is investigating overpricing for the purchase of equipment by Kyivzelenstroy by 130 million

Detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau suspect that in 2016-2017. Employees of the municipal association “Kyivzelenstroy” seized budgetary funds when purchasing imported equipment at inflated prices by prior agreement with Klimtekhinvest LLC, Skala Firm LLC and Technoprofservis LLC. NABU found that in 2016-2017. “Kyivzelenstroy” bought equipment for cleaning streets and parks: In total, more than UAH 130 million was spent on equipment. As established by NABU, the prices for the equipment purchased by KO “Kyivzelenstroy” were overstated. Detectives believe that employees of the utility company not only took possession of the money in collusion with private firms, but also carried out financial transactions with the funds, which preceded the legalization (laundering) of income, making bank transfers in a particularly large amount to the accounts of non-resident enterprises under the guise of paying for supplied equipment. As part of the investigation, the court provided NABU detectives with access to information about the subscriber numbers of the heads of Klimtekhinvest LLC and Skala Firm LLC, which are located in Kyivstar JSC. According to the publication, it is likely that NABU detectives may seek international legal assistance from officials of the competent authority of Italy in order to obtain documents on business transactions of equipment manufacturers – RCM SpA, Alke and Technological Systems by Moro.

Fake park renovations

As the investigation established, in the period from 2016 to 2017, the officials of the Kyivzelenstroy Co. (*) entered into a number of contracts for the performance of work with Sivin Trans LLC (**) for a total amount of more than 70 million hryvnias. In particular, we are talking about the overhaul of the Raduga park in the Shevchenkovsky district of Kyiv in the amount of 7 million 148 thousand. hryvnia, reconstruction of the Obolon recreation park in the Natalka tract, Obolonskaya embankment in the Obolonsky district of Kyiv (3rd, 4th and 7th start-up complexes) in the amount of 29 million 260 thousand. hryvnia, etc. Law enforcement officers found out that the relevant repair work was not carried out, services were not provided, goods were not supplied, and the funds received from the state budget were cashed by officials of Sivin Trans LLC. For this, fictitious companies were used.. The money was “appropriated and distributed among the participants in the criminal transaction,” the court decision says. As it turned out during the investigation, Sivin trans LLC does not have specialists or employees on the terms of employment contracts, as well as its own or rented vehicles – i.e.. the company simply could not carry out the work in accordance with the contracts signed. By the decision of the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv dated April 25, the investigators of the Pechersky Department of the National Police were granted access to documents that are in the possession of Sivin Trans LLC at the address Kyiv, Dniprovsky District, st.. Kurnatovsky, d. 2 A, kv. 143. Law enforcement officers will study the financial and economic documentation on the relationship of Sivin trans LLC and Kyivzelenstroy, as well as documents on the financial and economic activities of Sivin trans LLC with fictitious companies through which the money was withdrawn.

KO “Kyivzelenstroy” and its contractor are suspected of cutting another 25 million hryvnia budget

In the summer of 2018, the Kyivzelenstroy CO for UAH 25.8 million ordered the repair of the park on Vatutina Avenue from Budmontazhservis 1 LLC for UAH 25.8 million. The repair was paid in full, but the work under the contract, as investigators of the National Police found out, was not completed in full.. As a result, a criminal case was opened: law enforcement officers suspect that part of the budget funds was embezzled. Now the investigators will study the design documentation for the overhaul, the assignment for the design of the facility, the estimate documentation for it, the contract for the performance of contract work, defective acts for the facility, etc.

Kyiv Candle Factory

On October 24, 2017, the NACP issued an order on violation of the requirements of the law regarding ethical behavior, prevention and settlement of conflicts of interest to the Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko. The document obligated the mayor to conduct an internal investigation against the general director of the Kyivzelenstroy company, Nakonechny, who violated the requirements of part. 1 Art. 36 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Prevention of Corruption”, namely: he did not transfer his enterprises and corporate rights – Kyiv Candle Factory LLC (EGRPOU 37930875, profile – non-specialized wholesale trade) to a third party for management.


Another topic for discussion is Nakonechny's declaration. Since he has not been a public servant for a long time, his expenses and incomes from the time of work in the park management are still considered.. Why the amount of profit was less than the amount spent, where the apartment came from and what means his wife lives on – these were popular queries on the Internet, but for several years that do not oblige Mikhail to report, the topic has subsided. The deputy of the Kyiv City Council owns an apartment (48.4 sq.m.) in the village of Khodosovka and a plot of land (1100 sq.m.) in the village of Dymer, Kyiv region. Another metropolitan apartment (77.3 sq.m.) Nakonechny uses free of charge. By proxy, Mikhail moves to Mercedes-Benz ML 350 2013. His wife has a Smart by Mercedes E-bike worth 50,000 hryvnias. The main source of Nakonechny’s income in 2019 was the assignment of the right to claim in the amount of UAH 959.9 thousand. Another 138 hryvnia he received as bank interest. The deputy keeps 995 hryvnias in the bank. In cash, he declared 1.09 million hryvnia and 45 thousand dollars. Nakonechny's wife has 145,000 hryvnias in cash. Mikhail lent 180 thousand hryvnias and 5.5 thousand dollars to third parties.


Unfinished parks, uncleaned lakes, shell companies, and money laundering through tenders. What does this list have in common? Answer: Mikhail Nakonechny. Therefore, in his declaration you can see inaccurate data on income and expenses, therefore he has an elite apartment … Only now there are no green cleaned parks in Kyiv, and the lake on Rusanivka remains “dead”.

Личные данные

Wife Ekaterina, daughter Christina
"Opposition platform - For life"
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Kyiv, st. Pulyuya 1A, 135