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Muzalev Boris Viktorovich


The oligarch is interesting in that he conducted his business under all authorities, from the very heyday of Ukraine's independence, influenced the political and economic life in the Odessa region and the country as a whole. Together with his brother Mikhail, he built a business whose income is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars. Founder of the Tavria-V company. According to the Focus magazine, Muzalev's fortune was $85 million (67th place among the richest Ukrainians). He became a participant in the scandal with obtaining a land plot on the slopes of Arcadia. Being personally an agent of influence, he made attempts to promote his own TV channel OK. Muzalev continues to systematically attempt to influence public opinion.

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Muzalev Boris Viktorovich

Born on April 13, 1959, in the city of Angarsk, Irkutsk region. 1981 – graduated from the Odessa Medical Institute (specialty pediatrician). 1981-1991 – worked as a pediatrician in hospitals in Odessa and Kirovograd regions. 1991 – went into business, together with his brother opened several stalls selling Chinese consumer goods, 1992 – reoriented the business to trade in food, as a result of which in a year and a half increased the number of outlets selling durable products to 20. 1996 – made a trip to Turkey together with the Deputy Mayor of Ilyichevsk Sergey Galimov, after which he decided to make conceptual changes in running his own business. 1997 – by analogy with Turkish ones, a store called “Universam” opens in the city center. 1997 – elected to the Ilyichevsk City Council. 1998 – the Muzalev brothers are already the owners of 1 supermarket (according to the Turkish retail concept), 3 supermarkets in the “shop at home” format. 1999 – Boris Muzalev was the first in Ukraine to launch an online store and organize home delivery of groceries. 2002 – a decision was made to build the first modern shopping center in Odessa, the Aeroportovsky shopping center with an area of 10 thousand. sq.m., the price of which was 1 million dollars. After 2000, an increase in the number of competitors led to the need to change the name of the stores “Universam” after which a new one was randomly chosen – “Tavria” (the letter “B” was added in honor of the father of the brothers – Victor). At Tavria, Boris was in charge of operations, and Mikhail was in charge of financial management. It can be said that it was Boris who was the locomotive of business. In fact, it was Tavria-V that became the first professional hypermarket in Ukraine, in which the range of products offered was expanded in addition to products to books, household appliances and clothing. This change became possible after Muzalev made a decision in 2002 to build the first modern shopping center in Odessa. So, on the site of an abandoned factory in the southwestern part of the city, the Aeroportovsky shopping center with an area of 10 thousand. sq.m. Thanks to cheap land at that time, the price of the object was only $1 million, and the proximity of the largest European market, Seventh Kilometer, provided an additional flow of buyers, for the convenience of which a large parking lot was opened and a free bus was launched. 2005 – Muzalev became a member of the Socialist Party of Ukraine. In 2006, the Muzalev family owned 5 hypermarkets, with a retail network turnover of $150 million. 2006 – Muzalev was elected a deputy of the Odessa Regional Council and the first secretary of the Odessa Regional Committee of the Socialist Party of Ukraine. In the same 2006, a decision was made not to be limited to the Odessa region, and as a result, the opening in 2007 of the first regional supermarket in Kharkov. At the same time, the proposals of investment bankers to place Tavria-V shares were rejected by Muzalev. The pride of Muzalev was the Gardens of Victory shopping center built in 2007, which was located on 20 thousand square meters, had 6 levels, facades made of light-protective glass, a concert hall, an art gallery, boutiques of world trade brands, underground parking, the columns of which are sheathed bog oak. At that time, the only competitor of the complex was only the Mandarin Plaza shopping and entertainment center in Kiev. In total, in 2007, 6 stores and 2 shopping centers were opened in Nikolaev and Odessa. In 2008, a supermarket was opened in Khmelnitsky. In October 2008, the Tavria-V supermarket was opened, with a total area of 7,400 sq.. m. in the city of Izmail. In 2009, due to the onset of the crisis, the network was replenished with one supermarket. It should also be noted that Muzalev's empire steadfastly coped with the crisis and repaid the debt on bonds for 40 million UAH. For all the time of work, the network has never overdue payments on loans. In 2011, in order to maintain the trend of continuing the development of the luxury shopping and entertainment center, expanding the network in the regions, it was decided to open the first delicacy-supermarket “Cosmos” of premium class in Ukraine in Kiev. In addition to the premium segment of products and high-quality service, Cosmos has a special approach to products, which ensured special customer loyalty and a lively interest of visitors. 2011 – prematurely terminated the powers of the deputy in connection with the appointment of the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cyprus in Odessa. Muzalev owns the estate of Prince Gagarin on the plateau of the same name in Odessa, where the consulate is located, as well as the diplomatic club. In the second stage, the Dream Town shopping center was opened. In 2012, the turnover of the Tavria-V network reached 450 million dollars. Later, the Suvorovsky shopping and entertainment center was opened with a hypermarket with an area of 20,000 sq.m.. and the second store in Khmelnitsky. In 2013, the first supermarket of the chain was opened in Lviv, but a year later, in 2014, it had to be closed. In 2015, the Tavria V network consisted of 65 points of sale, being the largest retail chain in the Odessa region, occupying 40% of the regional market share in 2013. The main competitors were Fozzy Group, Metro, Virtus, Auchan, Furshet and Glutton. In 2016, Muzalev took 5th place in the rating of “100 Influential Odessans”. As of September 2016, his fortune was estimated at 58 million US dollars.. All shopping and entertainment centers have maintained uniformity in the scheme of work: “Tavria-V” is the main tenant, and the rest of the space is leased. During his political and business career, Muzalev was awarded two awards: “Honorary Badge of Distinction of the Socialist Party of Ukraine” of the 3rd degree and the Certificate of Honor of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “For a special contribution to the reform of the national economy, development of entrepreneurship, market infrastructure, high achievements in professional activities and in honor of the Entrepreneur's Day. Muzalev's fortune in 2017, according to Focus magazine, was $85 million, thanks to which he ranked 67th among the richest people in Ukraine. In 2016, his fortune, according to Forbes, was 58 million dollars, thanks to which he ranked 4th among the richest people in the Odessa region. In 2011. Forbes magazine gave Muzalev 18th place in the ranking of the largest Ukrainian rentiers, estimating his rental income in the amount of $ 16 million In the list of “100 richest people in Ukraine” of the same publication, Muzalev takes 62nd place, for 2012. his fortune is estimated at $ 172 million. Focus magazine also included Muzalev, along with his brother Mikhail, in the rating of “200 richest people in Ukraine 2012” – 116th place, 80 million. dollars. In 2013, Focus estimated the fortune of the Muzalev brothers at 50.2 million dollars – 165th in the ranking of the 200 richest people in Ukraine, and Forbes – at 207 million. – 52nd place in the rating “100 richest Ukrainian businessmen”. Muzalev became the initiator of the scandal associated with his forced change of residence – moving from his apartment in the elite new building “Maristella” in 2013. So, according to Muzalev, he, having trusted the developer Vyacheslav Kruk, bought an apartment in an elite new building at the 10th station of the Big Fountain. But after a short time I had to move out of the specified apartment due to the systematic violation of silence at night. He also blamed the developer for the inconvenience caused. It is also worth mentioning that Krukov and Khmelnytsky have been looking after the site near the coast since 2001, after which they promised the city authorities to modernize the old rescue station located on it and to strengthen the nearby coastal areas. When the station passed into the hands of entrepreneurs, an elite 8-storey residential complex instantly appeared in its place with hotels, restaurants, spas and similar establishments located on its territory. The next unpleasant moment for Muzalev was the fact that his 6-year-old son was expelled from school, which occurred within about a month after the said move. At the same time, Muzalev was not upset by this fact, but rather pleased: “… the boy will go far.” The details of the exclusion of the son of businessman Muzalev were not disclosed.. At the same time, according to the comments of the father himself, it turned out that it was easier for teachers of a private school to exclude a child than to find a common language with him.. According to Muzalev: “teachers “diagnosed” the boy with “emotional inaccessibility”, “fake smile”, “sham arrogance”, “tension between the first grader and teachers”. Muzalev, on the other hand, found the reason for this behavior of his son to be a banal loss of interest in the educational process and communication with “boring” people around him. In 2017, it became known about the wedding of one of the richest residents of Odessa, Muzalev, to a young fashion model. So, the second wife of Muzalev was a 30-year-old model – Olga Beloshitskaya from Odessa. Using personal connections, Muzalev, through corruption, received from Odessa deputies a land plot of 10 acres with the right to build it on the slopes of Arcadia. The decision to allocate this site was considered twice in the summer of 2017 by the land commission, and the second time it was nevertheless made, and the site became privately owned by Muzalev as a result of the businessman paying an advance payment of only 5% of the land value. This situation with the commission passed without problems under the auspices of a galaxy of city hall officials associated with Muzalev. For example, the brother of First Vice Mayor Anatoly Orlovsky, Ivan, is a co-owner of the Tavria-V retail chain and Sady Pobedy LLC. “In three years, the OK TV channel, owned by Muzalev, has changed five producers and the same number of teams. The TV channel can be seen by satellite all over Europe, and by cable TV – in twenty cities, including Kiev.» This undertaking was a disappointment for Muzalev, because despite the efforts made, the TV channel had to be closed.. European professionals invited to debug the workflow could not even influence this decision. It is also known that Muzalev complained about threats from a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the winning party, which he reported on his page on the Facebook social network: “Next time I myself will go to the next Maidan with a two-meter sledgehammer. Its deepest causes are lack of justice. Many of us stood on the orange Maidan. But when the so-called orange opposition came to power, they began to spread rot on us so much that we agreed with the inscription on the fences – Danilych, I'm sorry! Sewn blue-blue. Many have heard about the boundless collision not only on Tavria. withstood. Not an inch was given. Learned to get to the very top and fight back.

Muzalev stated that without a reform of the entire system, we should expect repetitions of the Maidans: “Yesterday we rejoiced like children at victory, in the hope of changes. But what was our disappointment when there was a call on a mobile phone with a threat of a collision from a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, still in opposition, but already in anticipation of power, and, therefore, the opportunity to extort. If there is no reform of the entire system and there are no independent courts from officials and swindlers, if we waste time on vile economic hyenas and jackals, then Maidans will be repeated.”

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Second wife - Olga Beloshitskaya (photo model), has a son
He was an associate of Alexander Moroz, he himself influences the establishment of the Odessa region and part of the country
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Odessa, st. Estonian, 20-A