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Mishchenko Sergey Grigorievich


Mishchenko Sergei Grigorievich is an experienced deputy. For more than 15 years, Mishchenko was in power, and during this time he became notably rich. Journalists found two pairs of crocodile leather watches worth $30,000, luxury cars, and undeclared luxury estates on the banks of the Dnieper. Of course, everything is rewritten to relatives so as not to arouse suspicion. Where does the money come from? The answer is obvious – bribes. Otherwise, why hide most of the estates from ordinary citizens?

August 13, 1971
Уровень охвата:

Mishchenko Sergey Grigorievich

Official biography

Born on August 13, 1971 in Borispol, Kyiv region. People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the VII and VIII convocations


From 1987 to 1990 he studied at the Chernihiv Law College, and from 1990 to 1995 at the National Law Academy named after Yaroslav the Wise. He has a PhD in Law with a degree in criminal law and criminology (penal enforcement law).

A family

Married. Wife Tatyana Valentinovna, daughters Daria and Olga (born in 2001 and 2004).


1994 – 1998 – assistant, senior assistant, investigator, deputy prosecutor in the Boryspil Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office. 1998 – 2001 – Deputy Prosecutor of the Darnitsky district of the city of Kyiv, prosecutor of the Podolsky district of the city of Kyiv. July 2000 – September 2001 – Head of the Department for Coordinating the Activities of Law Enforcement and Other State Bodies to Combat Corruption and Organized Crime of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine. September 2001 – July 2002 – prosecutor of the Kyiv region. July 2002 – December 2003 – Deputy Prosecutor of the city of Kyiv. December 2003 – January 2004 – assistant, senior assistant to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Gennady Vasiliev. In 2005 – legal adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko. May 25, 2006 – June 15, 2007 – People's Deputy of Ukraine of the 5th convocation from the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc (No. 57 on the electoral list). Deputy Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Combating Corruption and Organized Crime. He terminated his powers ahead of schedule during the massive resignation of mandates by opposition deputies in order to hold early elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. November 23, 2007 – December 12, 2012 – People's Deputy of Ukraine of the VI convocation from the BYuT (No. 57 on the list). Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Legal Policy. He left the faction on June 30, 2012, because he was included in the impassable part of the list in the next parliamentary elections. Since December 2012 – People's Deputy of Ukraine of the 7th convocation, went to parliament as a self-nominated candidate in single-mandate constituency No. 98 in the Kyiv region. Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Legal Policy. Non-factional. Non-partisan. On February 2, 2013, he was elected chairman of the Justice political party. In October 2014, he won again in the early parliamentary elections in constituency No. 98, becoming a people's deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the VIII convocation.

NOT official biography

Today, the Boryspil district, by the team of Petro Poroshenko, is actually at the mercy of the regional criminal community, whose public face and “ideological” leader is Sergey Mishchenko, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, a member of the ruling faction of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc. Before the Revolution of Dignity, this former prosecutor's worker managed to visit the BYuT faction, and under President Viktor Yanukovych, the Party of Regions faction. On the eve of the Maidan, the defender of Yulia Tymoshenko Sergey Vlasenko called Sergey Mishchenko a traitor. The reason for such a statement was Mishchenko's bill to defer punishment for Yulia Tymoshenko during her treatment abroad.. On his Facebook page, Vlasenko then wrote the following: “Sergei Mishchenko, you are a hypocrite, a traitor, an immoral person and a worthy son of your“ father ”Prosecutor General Pshonka.” Sergei Mishchenko has a long history with ex-Prosecutor General Pshonka. At the end of 2013, when the Maidan was already in full swing, the Vesti newspaper reported that the son of the Prosecutor General, People's Deputy from the Party of Regions Artyom Pshonka, became the godfather of the son of Sergei Mishchenko. Prior to that, in the Verkhovna Rada, Mishchenko refused to vote for the resignation of Prosecutor General Pshonka, which, according to representatives of the Batkivshchyna, was the reason for his movement down the party’s pre-election lists (then Sergei Mishchenko was in 141st place), and as a result, leaving the faction. But on April 12, 2014, when even the Regionals had no doubts about the victory of the Revolution of Dignity, Sergey Mishchenko joined the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction. Where a traitor, an accomplice of the “regionals”, who voted synchronously with them for bills that are detrimental to the country, was received with open arms: nothing personal, just business. Winners Trust C. Mishchenko worked diligently. It was he who voiced the “initiative” to liquidate the Ministry of Revenue and Duties – Sergey Mishchenko explained his draft resolution on the liquidation of the Ministry by saying that “Mindoh must die”. In fact, the winners of the “lucrative places” stood behind this: the BPP, BYuT and the Front for Change could not divide the most “financial” ministry, and in order for the “pie” to be enough for all beneficiaries, Mindoh was divided into a number of departments. Although this was contrary to the practice of developed countries, where all receipts to the state treasury are taken care of by a single department. In gratitude for this service. Mishchenko immediately demanded an immediate change in the leadership of the Boryspil Airport, a city-forming enterprise in the Boryspil District, which is strategically important for the state.. In parallel with this statement, a group of bandit elements from among the Borispol criminals seized a number of airport buildings. According to the Nashi Groshi publication, the bandits arrived at the seizure in Lexus and Mercedes Benz cars, and introduced themselves … as representatives of the Maidan. It should be noted that control over the infrastructure of the State Enterprise Boryspil International Airport and its cash flows is a traditional area of interest for the Boryspil OPG brothers Vladislav and Sergey Baichas – Sergey Mishchenko. The organized criminal group, whose formation falls on the late 80s – early 90s, and started with illegal transportation and control of taxis at the Boryspil airport. The accompanying activities of this organized crime group were the theft of luggage at the airport, smuggling, tipping taxi drivers to rob customers, illegal trade, and illegal foreign exchange transactions. With the expansion of the business activity of this criminal group and the legalization of its criminally obtained funds into officially registered business, members of the gang began a massive, systemic bribery of district officials, local heads of law enforcement agencies, judges and employees of the airport – the financial basis of this organized criminal group. It was at this stage that a local promising prosecutor Sergey Mishchenko joined the organized criminal group. Which provided more and more cover for the illegal activities of the “Boryspil organized crime group”, actively participating in joint business projects with bandits on a shared basis. Already working at the GPU, Sergey Mishchenko was one of those whom colleagues suspected of “leaking” official information regarding the investigation of the “Gongadze case”. Recall that in 2000-2001. S. Mishchenko served as head of the Department for Coordinating the Activities of Law Enforcement and Other Government Agencies to Combat Corruption and Organized Crime of the Prosecutor General's Office. Mishchenko's career rise in the prosecutor's office came at a time when Viktor Medvedchuk headed the presidential administration, and Viktor Yanukovych became prime minister: one of the leaders of the “Borispol organized criminal group” became an assistant to Prosecutor General Gennady Vasilyev, a typical “Donetsk”.

However, there is nothing surprising in this: at that time, the Russian special services were actively infiltrating their proteges into the state structures of Ukraine, counting on a painless and problem-free “interception” of power in the state during the upcoming presidential elections. In light of this, the reason for the impunity and “unsinkability” of the “Boryspil OPG” is seen differently, which successfully, without loss, survived all the gangster “cleansings” undertaken by the authorities, starting from the mid-90s. It is likely that the “Boryspil organized criminal group” had influential curators from among the leaders of either the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the SBU. After the defeat of the Regionals (Russia) in 2005, C. Mishchenko “lay low”. But already in 2006, he “surfaced” as a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, finding refuge in the BYuT – a “sump” structure for agents of the Russian special services, criminal businessmen and swindlers of all stripes. The company of Yulia Timoshenko and her ilk was a favorable habitat for S. Mishchenko and the “Boryspil organized crime group” until 2012, when V. Yanukovych. S. Mishchenko immediately refocused on his former “partners” from the pro-Russian camp; in parallel, all proteges of the “Boryspil organized criminal group” in the authorities joined the Party of Regions. Vladislav Baichas also became a “regional” – a native of taxi drivers who “bombed” the Boryspil airport in the early 1990s. Now in. Baichas headed the Borispol district council, in parallel – the Boryspil regional organization of the Party of Regions … The appointment of Viktor Pshonka to the post of Prosecutor General also took place with the participation of S.. Mishenko, then a member of the BYuT. Before voting “yes”, Mishchenko explained his position by saying that the appointment of Pshonka is stability for thousands of prosecutors and their families, and he personally knows Pshonka as a “deeply religious person”. “After a while, Viktor Pavlovichat will be called “our father,” and this is worth many of these stars on shoulder straps,” Mishchenko said before the vote in the Rada. Also, journalists noticed a sin in the form of non-personal voting (button pressing) for Mishchenko: For this type of violation of the law, punishment is also provided, which, of course, Mishchenko did not suffer.

The Revolution of Dignity brought only profit to the “Boryspil organized criminal group”.

The environment of the godfather Pshonka controls the most profitable parking lots of Boryspil. So, the nearest parking lots to terminals D and B of the airport “Borispol” are now served by the company “Airport Parking”, the founders of which are accomplices of S.. Mishchenko. This is reported by “Our pennies”. The Airport-Parking company serves four parking lots on the territory of the Boryspil airport. Since they are closest to terminals D and B, the parking fee for them is the highest – an average of 15-30 hryvnia per hour. At the same time, the airport left for itself less attractive parking lots, remote from the terminals. “Parking at the terminal is about $ 1 per passenger in the airport’s lost profits. That is, it is about $7 million a year,” commented in 2015 the now ex-First Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Shulmeister.

MISHCHENKO bribed voters in 2014

According to the OPORA civil network, during the parliamentary elections of 2014, a special issue of the Trudovaya Slava newspaper, which was distributed in the 98th constituency with the center in Yahotyn, contained a publication about how much and what was purchased and sent to the ATO zone by a candidate for people's deputies Sergey Mishchenko. Approximately the amount spent on this component of the campaign was UAH 1,030,300. In the village of Zgurovka, Kyiv region, Mishchenko presented two football teams – “Zgura” and “Kis-Argo” with two leather balls each. In Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Mishchenko organized an athletics run. He and Mayor Taras Kostin awarded the runners with diplomas, cups, medals and cash rewards for the winners, the Vestnik Pereyaslavshchina informed. On October 23, 2014, at the City Day in Yagotin, the mayor of Yagotin, Natalya Dzyuba, publicly announced that Sergey Mishchenko had built 4 playgrounds for the City Day.

Then the candidate himself took the floor and added that half a year earlier he had persuaded one charitable foundation to provide playgrounds and Yahotyn region got the most – 8 in the city itself and 12 in the district. Then Mishchenko noted that he would give 1000 UAH. to the auction of children's drawings for the needs of the military.


According to the journalists of the Our Money program, the relatives of the people's choice, Sergei Mishchenko, earn money in his constituency, own the banks of the Dnieper in Trypillia, real estate in the Crimea and in Kyiv on Pechersk. Sergei Mishchenko himself was able to buy land on the Pechersk slopes at a wild discount and began construction next to the five-story building of his mother-in-law. The family declared water transport, and from the cars owned by the wife – Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006. and in the use of the people's deputy mother's – Volkswagen Transporter 2014 onwards. The people’s deputy himself has a house in the resort Yaremche, which he shares with Pyotr Melnyk, the former rector of the tax academy fugitive. Another co-owner is a neighbor of the Azarov family in the Chekhovo dacha cooperative in Crimea. In 2014, the Mishchenko family declared over UAH 6 million. total income, of which more than 5 came from the sale of another, previous Carpathian house. This money was enough for the people's deputy for 20 acres of land in Tsarskoe Selo in the capital's Pechersk. The market value of one hundred square meters is about 100 thousand. dollars, that is, at the dollar exchange rate for autumn 2014, this property should cost about UAH 25 million. Now the people's deputy is being built next to the already erected five-story house, recorded on his mother-in-law – Olga Seraya. The parents of Mishchenko himself never ran a business, but they also found funds for real estate. The house in Trypillya belongs to the mother of the people's deputy – Maria Mikhailovna, but she lives outside Boryspil. A lawyer for the Mishchenko family, Vladimir Dobrynin, who is connected with the firms of the mother-in-law of the people's choice, explained that Sergei Mishchenko's father, who received a high pension, provided funds for real estate. And he added that the parents of Sergei Mishchenko's wife also invested in real estate in Trypillia. Next to the real estate of the deputy's mother in Trypillia, two more land plots are registered in the name of Sergei Mishchenko's sister, Elena Chernoshtan, who also never ran a private business. Chernoshtan leases two more land plots almost on the water. But neither the people's choice, Sergei Mishchenko, nor his niece, the prosecutor of the Darnytsia prosecutor's office in Kyiv, Oksana Chernoshtan, reflected the family's property in Trypillia in their declarations. Also, the declaration does not contain a neighboring, yet unfinished house, issued to the mother-in-law of the people's deputy Olga Seraya. In addition, Olga Seraya owns 3 land plots next to the house of Maria Mishchenko. The people's deputy's lawyer explains this by the fact that Mishchenko “does not use it all the time.” Sergei Mishchenko objected to his involvement in the Airport Parking company.

In 2014, the public Sky taxi service at the Boryspil airport was liquidated, and its place, according to the TV program Our Money, was also taken by the Auto-Ukraine company, founded by Vladislav Baichas and Valeriy Seriy, without a competition.. Also, Alexander Ivlev was one of its founders.

More than 30 people's deputies: who else fell under fresh Russian sanctions. Full list

Ukrainian singer Mikhail Poplavsky, director of the Institute of National Memory Anton Drobovich and more than 30 people's deputies of the 9th convocation fell under the sanctions of the Russian government. UNN publishes a complete list of names that were updated in the resolution of the Russian Cabinet of Ministers of August 20 on sanctions against Ukrainians. Restrictions apply to:


In 2011, People's Deputy from BYuT Sergey Mishchenko refused the title of “Honored Lawyer of Ukraine”, which he was awarded by Viktor Yanukovych. The MP did not rule out that this was done in order to bring discord and suspicion to the opposition ranks.. “I cannot accept this high title because what is being done in the Pechersk Court is not a rule of law, it is legal nihilism,” the deputy said at the time, adding that he could not also accept an award from the government, which uses some lawyers to political repression.

An ex-tax officer was spotted in Kononenko's office, whose wife sells bolts to Ukrzaliznytsia through Maxmed gaskets

The former director of the coordinating and monitoring department of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, Serhiy Mishchenko, is a frequent visitor to the business center where the office of MP Igor Kononenko is located. This is discussed in the investigation by Mikhail Tkach for the Schemes program. On June 6, 2018, the film crew of the program noticed how Mishchenko, accompanied by businessman Anatoly Shkriblyak, entered the house on the street. Elektrikov 29, a. This building houses the working office of the closest business partner of President Petro Poroshenko – Igor Kononenko. And this business center was also visited by businessmen Pavel Fuks (the beneficiary of Ukrrosleasing, to whom the Kyiv Metro owes UAH 1.96 billion. by court decision) and Vitaly Kropachev (after Maidan he became the largest coal businessman in Ukraine after Akhmetov). From 2012 to 2014, Mishchenko headed the State Service for Combating Economic Crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, which at that time was headed by Vitaliy Zakharchenko, and in 2014 Mishchenko was appointed director of the coordination and monitoring department of the State Fiscal Service. Kononenko's wife and daughter Mishchenko are on the presidium of the Bowling Federation, headed by Igor Kononenko himself. They also participate in sports competitions, which may indicate their friendly relationship. From Our Money: According to Smida, Sergei Mishchenko's wife and daughter, Irina Mishchenko and Elena Roshchenko, are the largest shareholders of PJSC Druzhkovsky Plant of Metal Products, they own almost 38% of the company's shares. Another 15% belongs to Alexei Spiridonov, no other shareholder owns more than 5% of the shares. “DZMV” is a manufacturer of hardware (bolts and nuts for fastening the track), which “Ukrzaliznytsia” has been supplying to “Maxmed International” LLC for the last three years. This company received its first major order in 2016, when it was ordered to supply hardware for 91 million. UAH. The cost of this batch was 11 million. UAH. above manufacturer's price lists. Maxmed International received an order after the National Anti-Corruption Bureau initiated a criminal case against several high-ranking officials of Ukrzaliznytsia on the purchase of hardware products at inflated prices from Inkomm LLC in 2014-2015, which caused losses of more than 21 million UAH. The investigation also established that people's deputy from the BPP Valery Ishchenko and Mikhail Beilin, an adviser to the former head of the presidential administration Boris Lozhkin, could have been involved in these transactions.. The case has already gone to court. “Maxmed International” recorded on Yulia Pavlyuchenko. The company is registered in the business center Eurasia on the street. Zhilyanskaya, 75. In the same building there is a public reception of the people's deputy from the BPP Alexander Granovsky, who is part of Kononenko's inner circle. Last year, this company massively appealed the tenders of Ukrzaliznytsia for various product groups.. At the same time, the company blocked purchases in the amount of up to 10 billion. UAH. After public complaints from Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, Maksmed stopped blocking purchases. Irina Mishchenko is a co-owner of Legion LLC, Teplostroy LLC, Production Cooperative Sanatorium Zolotoi Bereg (registered in Yevpatoria in 2011), PJSC Border. Elena Roshchenko is a co-owner of Minekom LLC, Santekhspetsstroy LLC, Rope-Land LLC (registered in Crimea) and the owner of Citimama LLC. After the reorganization of the State Fiscal Service, the coordination and monitoring department disappeared from the list of subdivisions of the State Fiscal Service Administration, and there is no Mishchenko declaration on the NAPC website. In addition to working in the tax office, he had extensive experience in the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and has the rank of police lieutenant general.

The watch of the BYuT deputy is pulling on a Mercedes or an apartment

Article 2013. The cost of just two hours from the arsenal of BYuT deputy Sergei Mishchenko is about 56 thousand dollars. True, the people's choice himself assures that these accessories cost him a much more modest amount. On the hand of the Byutovite, the photographer fixed a Ulysse Nardin Quadrato Dual Time watch on a crocodile leather strap. It is noteworthy that the case of this accessory is made of rose gold. Clock mechanical, with autoworks. And thanks to the all-powerful Internet search engine, you can find out that the recommended price for the Ulysse Nardin Quadrato Dual Time is $ 28,700, i.e.. almost 230 thousand hryvnia. By the way, the next day Mishchenko really confirmed that he had such Ulysse Nardin watches in his collection. True, the deputy noted that he categorically did not buy a luxury toy – he received an exquisite watch for fabulous money as a gift. According to Mishchenko, this is a gift from his longtime friend Gennady Tuzhikov, who owns a network of Swiss watch boutiques. BYuT member says they have been friends since the early 1990s. The next day after the Conciliation Council, Mishchenko, on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada, showed journalists another pride of his collection. So, Sergey Grigorievich boasted to the camera of Breitling Bentley Flying B watch. According to Mishchenko, this is a very old Brightling, which his wife's parents gave him 7 years ago. They, according to Mishchenko, have a business in Kharkov. His father-in-law's last name is Grey. In addition, the Byutovets noted that these watches are very simple and inexpensive.. True, the recommended price for a similar Breitling Bentley Flying B model on the Internet reaches almost 15 thousand dollars. Moreover, in one of the salons of prestigious watch brands in Kyiv, they reported that Breitling Bentley Flying B on a leather strap costs 173 thousand hryvnia, that is, almost 22 thousand dollars. At the same time, in another Kiev salon, the starting price for a Breitling Bentley Flying B on a leather strap was announced in the amount of 213,220 hryvnia, which is almost 27 thousand dollars. Accordingly, together two watches Mishchenko can “pull” almost 56 thousand dollars. And for this money you can buy a one- or even two-room apartment in the suburbs of Kyiv. And another fifty thousand dollars allow you to get such cars as: Toyota Land Cruiser Prado for $46,300, Land Rover Freelander-2 for $44,000 or Mercedes E class for $50,000. If anyone loves BMW, then a “boomer” instead of two hours could be purchased. For example, a 123d coupe ($45,000), a 125i convertible ($51,000) or a 320d sedan ($47,000), as well as some BMW models of the third and fifth series and SUVs. And even if you prefer luxury to the Nissan brand, then for 49 thousand you will pull on the Infinity G25 sport RWD executive sedan.


Sergei Mishchenko has been in politics for over 15 years. All he did was fill his wallet with government money, and overgrown with real estate, which of course belongs to his relatives, who never had a business.

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