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Metzger Evgeny Vladimirovich


The name of Evgeny Metzger has filled the news feed over the past few days. Unfortunately, little has been said about him before, although there is something to be said. Before the high-profile scandal with the Schemes journalists, Metzger was already involved in criminal cases. For example, under the guise of buying cash-in-transit machines, he laundered money into his pocket, in general, about 13.5 million hryvnias came out. In addition, it is thanks to Metzger that Ukreximbank issues loans for presidential ambitions. That is why Zelensky put Yevgeny Metzger in the chair of the head of Ukreximbank, because it is easier to do financial fraud with old friends.

November 8, 1977
Уровень охвата:

Metzger Evgeny Vladimirovich

Official biography

Born on November 8, 1977 in the city of Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine.


After graduating from a local secondary school in 1995, he entered the Krivoy Rog National University, where he studied the specialty “Finance and Credit”. In 1999 he received a bachelor's degree with honors in this specialty and entered the master's program at the Kyiv National Economic University. In 2001 he received a master's degree with honors.


In the last months of his studies at the university, Evgeny Metzger began working at the Finance and Credit Bank. In the period from March 2001 to October 2003, he was an employee of a branch of a banking institution in the Dnepropetrovsk region. Initially, he worked as an economist in the corporate banking department, and later headed the retail lending department. The next stage of Yevgeny Vladimirovich's career at Finance and Credit Bank lasted from October 2003 to April 2006. For 2.5 years, he worked in the following positions: head of the retail lending department of the department of active transactions of individuals, deputy head of the department of active transactions of individuals and deputy head of the department of credit risks. In May 2006, Evgeny Vladimirovich Metzger moved to work in the state bank “Ukreximbank”, which is a joint-stock company. In this institution, he worked his way up from being deputy head of various departments to managing the sales organization department of the branch network and the direct sales organization department of the sales channel management of the retail business. This was the end of his 9-year period of work at Ukreximbank. In May 2015, he started working at JSB “Ukrgasbank”, where until October 2016 he was the director of the department of small and medium-sized businesses. On October 25, 2016, he became a member of the Management Board of JSB “Ukrgasbank”. A little later, he began to perform the functions of Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSB “Ukrgasbank”. In November 2019, he was appointed to the post of head of Ukreximbank.

A family

Evgeny Vladimirovich is married to a Ukrainian woman, Yulia Yuryevna Metzger, who is also a banker and a native of Krivoy Rog. The couple has 2 sons: Anton and Denis. At the moment, Yulia is a member of the Supervisory Board of Privatbank.

NOT official biography

Budget scandal with Evgeniy Metzger: Evgeny Metzger stole 13.5 million hryvnia from the budget in 2019 under the guise of the need to purchase cash collection machines, despite the fact that this income item in the bank is unprofitable. He created monopoly conditions for the purchase of Ford cash-in-transit vehicles from a specific supplier, bypassing the Prozorro system.. Prices for each “armored car” were inflated by 250 thousand. hryvnia In 2019, Ukrgasbank purchased 54 Ford Transit collection vehicles at a price of UAH 1.5 million each. Thus, the total cost of the acquisition amounted to UAH 81 million. At the same time, similar cash-in-transit vehicles of such brands as Volkswagen, Citroen, Renault cost several times cheaper: from 1 million to 1.2 million hryvnias per car. Thus, the purchase of Ford cars took place by prior agreement with the supplier and had signs of a corrupt agreement: overpricing and lack of competition. The supplier of cash-in-transit vehicles turned out to be ViDi Group, which is the official dealer of Ford cars in Ukraine and is financed by Ukrgasbank. It is for this reason that the purchase of cars was completely registered under the Ford brand. The official importer of the Ford brand, Winner Imports, has a well-established scheme of working with large clients, such as Oschadbank and Ukrgasbank: During the tender, the importer provides cars only to his dealer – VIDI. Other participants are denied the supply of cars and are not even provided with current prices. This completely “extinguishes” competition and enables the right company to win the auction at an inflated price. It was a similar scheme, during 2009-2017, that was used in the purchase of cash-in-transit vehicles in Oschadbank and also of the Ford brand. Why is Ukrgasbank playing along with VIDI? Everything is very simple: this purchase was artificially created for the personal enrichment of the deputy head of the board of Ukrgasbank Yevhen Metsger, who oversaw the “collectors”, and also solved a number of financial problems for his client, the owner of ViDi, Vitaly Dzhurinsky, who is served by a bank and has problem loans, and this transaction helped to resolve his issues and pay off interest. Metzger and Dzhurinsky, as well as the Head of the Board of Ukrgasbank Shevchenko (obviously also in the share) are good friends, they were able to make good money, because the cost of each car was overpriced by 250 thousand. hryvnia Briefly about the cases of Metzger and Shevchenko: It is worth mentioning that cash collection at Ukrgasbank is unprofitable, and the head of this Department, the former chairman of the board of Unison Bank, a certain Oleksandr Glushchenko, has a damaged business reputation and could not be appointed to a state bank, since he was involved in plundering a commercial jar. At the same time, there was no auction, as required by the law “On Public Procurement”, but simply accepted commercial offers from potential suppliers, on the basis of which the winner was supposedly selected. In order to create the appearance of transparency of this purchase, letters were sent from Ukrgasbank signed by Yevgeny Metzger, in which it was reported that the bank is updating and increasing the fleet of cash-in-transit vehicles and is waiting for commercial offers for cash-in-transit vehicles exclusively of the Ford brand, with the appropriate technical characteristics. This prevented other brands from being included in the list.. Such emails were sent to ViDi, Citius (ViDi's reservations partner), and other companies involved in booking cash-in-transit vehicles. Subsequently, the cars were purchased by Ukrgasbank from ViDi not directly, but through a leasing company (most likely PrivatBank), which is also a client of the bank and can be dictated to the terms and participants of the transaction.

State money for presidential ambitions: how Metzger is connected with Zelensky – Bigus

After the scandal with the journalists of the “Schemes” project and the head of the state “Ukreximbank” Yevgeny Metsger, who had already written a letter of resignation (his guards detained media workers and erased all the material from the cameras due to the fact that their boss did not like one of the interview questions ), journalist Denis Bigus explained how this official is connected with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The journalist notes that although Metzger denies in his interviews that it was Zelensky who contributed to his appointment to the state-owned Ukreximbank and refers solely to the decision of the supervisory board of the institution, they are definitely familiar. “In addition to the fact that Zelensky knows Zhenya, he also knows Zhenya’s wife, because Yulia Metzger, according to the president’s quota, sits on the supervisory board of another bank, Privat, which is also state-owned.. And Julia is friends with Elena Kravets from Kvartal 95, Bigus explains. After Metzger headed Ukreximbank, this institution turned into a “support fund” for state projects. This applies to “Big Construction”, loans for aircraft to Antonov, loans to Ukrenergo after “green tariffs”. Thus, Metzger simply gives out “state money for presidential ambitions,” the journalist writes.

Zelensky to the head of Ukreximbank: “Zhenya, listen to me, people are complaining”

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called the head of Ukreximbank Evgeny Metsger after businessmen from the Khmelnytsky region announced problems with the restructuring of loans taken from this bank. The conversation was shown by the Office of the President of Ukraine, which broadcast Zelensky's meeting with entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs complained to Zelensky that they had been trying to restructure loans for a month by communicating with members of the board of Ukrexmibank. A member of the presidential delegation spoke with Metzger, while Zelensky continued talking with businessmen. It turned out that Metzger appointed Tatyana Lundysheva, the manager of the branch in Khmelnitsk, responsible for resolving this issue, but this did not suit the businessmen. Zelensky decided to personally call Metzger. “People are complaining that you don’t make any loans. And also that the bank does not provide a deferral of payment of the body of the loan … Why do you send them to Lundysheva, if businessmen cannot resolve the issue in Kyiv ?.. Zhen, listen to me, this is not a question of one company, these are different companies.. So this is happening all over the country.. You decide this globally … You do not have a decision in the banking system that you give people deferrals, for example, for a year. When you do this and communicate with the society, there will be no questions,” Zelensky told Metzger. Some deputies were outraged by this behavior of the president:

The new chairman of Ukreximbank and his Supervisory Board let corrupt officials escape responsibility

The new management of Ukreximbank made it possible for the head Zhanna Elagina and her accomplices to evade responsibility with impunity. She was quietly fired. Although Elagina was previously under an official investigation: she was caught assisting in the legalization of criminal money to a number of companies. Now, the new chairman of the board, Yevgeny Metzger, who was appointed in February 2020, fired Elagina from the state bank. But as already mentioned, “by agreement of the parties”, and, accordingly, the director of compliance control was not held criminally liable. A document from the court register in which an investigation is underway on offshore companies with which the previous head of Ukreximbank and his accomplices, including Elagina, were associated: Members of the Supervisory Board, the leadership of the NBU financial monitoring department and the leadership of the National Bank had in their hands the act of the bank's internal investigation against Elagina, but did nothing.

Ukreximbank named its largest problem debtors (infographic)

CJSC “Semiconductor Plant” – UAH 11.2 billion. CJSC “AzovElectroStal” – UAH 7 billion. CJSC “Creativ” – UAH 4.6 billion. LLC “ESU” – UAH 3.3 billion. VESTA LLC — UAH 3.2 billion KoronAgro LLC — UAH 3.1 billion. Rise Group — UAH 2.8 billion. LLC “Factor-Exim” – UAH 2.6 billion. The above companies are somehow connected with the big names of the oligarchs. And the oligarchs are not particularly fond of repaying debts. No wonder why the bank has big losses.


Journalists of “Schemes” recorded an interview with the Chairman of the Board of Ukreximbank Yevgeny Metzger. Then he didn't like one of the questions and ordered the guards to “remove the cameras” and “get the cassettes out of them.” According to journalists, bank employees used force against the operator, took away two cameras and cards with a record. In addition, journalists were forbidden to film everything on the phone, and were also asked to leave the premises.. An hour later, the equipment was returned to the Schemes, but the interview and video of the attack were deleted.

The bank itself said that the journalist put a number of questions to Metzger regarding the provision of information about the activities of the bank's customers. The financial institution also notes that the journalist, without any justification, made assumptions about alleged violations by the bank in the framework of the relevant legal relations. The requested information, in accordance with Article 60 of the Law of Ukraine “On Banks and Banking”, is a bank secret. The conflict between the film crew of the program “Schemes” and the head of Ukreximbank Yevgeny Metsger began due to an investigation into the issuance of a bank loan for the purchase of the SkyMall shopping and entertainment center in Kyiv. The journalist's clarifying questions pissed off Metzger. This became known to OBOZREVATEL from its own sources.. Ukreximbank issued a $60 million loan to a certain Sergei Bryukhovetsky, a native of Donetsk, who, according to journalists, was suspected of financing terrorism. Bryukhovetsky is the father or stepfather of Marina Kondaurova, who married a people's deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life Faction Fyodor Khristenko. It is known that in 2020 Khristenko celebrated his wedding in Moscow with a budget of $1 million. The owner of the SkyMall shopping center changed on June 23, 2021. Then the new owner of the Wholesale Network 2011 company, which owns the property of the shopping and entertainment complex, was Slavian LLC, the ultimate beneficial owner of which is Sergey Bryukhovetsky. The change of the owner of “Wholesale Network 2011” was preceded by the removal of the arrest from the property of the Sky Mall shopping center. And here is the reaction of Metzger himself to the conflict. Judging by these two posts, it is already possible to draw certain conclusions: Before the video hit the network, a post appeared on Facebook that journalists were the perpetrators of the conflict, and asked questions that violated the law and related to bank secrecy. And after a polite refusal, everyone supposedly dispersed peacefully. The next day, after a video with evidence appeared on the network that Metzger ordered the journalists to be tied down for an uncomfortable question and everything they filmed was deleted, a new post appeared on Facebook, with a completely different message:

Suspended head of Ukreximbank called journalists to a press conference. But an hour before the start it was canceled

Metzger again showed disrespect for journalists by inviting them to a conference, and then abruptly canceled it. Moreover, the head of the external communications department, Marina Fomenko, announced that the event was canceled, because Metzger had hidden by that time. “The press conference was canceled due to the removal of the head of the bank. We apologize,” Fomenko said. She noted that all further information and official position will be posted on the bank's website.. Where is Metzger himself, Fomenko did not say. In addition, activists gathered under the building demanding the dismissal of Metzger.. In the end, two activists almost got hurt, because a flower pot was thrown directly into the crowd from the bank window.

Declarations of a married couple Evgeny and Yulia Metzger, managers of state-owned banks, may be the subject of future investigations, – media

Yevgeniy Metzger, who aspires to the post of chairman of the board of the state-owned Ukreximbank, has been combining the positions of an employee in state-owned banks with his own business for many years, and keeps about $0.5 million in cash at home. According to the Internet publication Delo in its investigation, this became known from the declaration of his wife Yulia Metzger, who was previously appointed a member of the supervisory board of the state-owned Privatbank. “Until recently, nothing was known to the general public about Julia Metzger and her husband.. Occupying prominent positions in the management of state banks, this couple has long remained dark horses.. Only the declaration of Julia Metzger shed light on them, which revealed the property status of the family. While serving in Ukrexim, she was also the owner of a certain Ionia LLC (consonant with the well-known coffee brand – a supplier of coffee and coffee equipment for HoReCa) with an authorized capital of 20 million hryvnia, which since 2008 has won tenders for a total amount of about 1.5 million hryvnia,” the journalists wrote in their investigation. Information on participation in the capital of the Limited Liability Company (LLC) “Ionia” is indicated in the official declaration of the current member of the Supervisory Board of “Privatbank”. But in the open registers of legal entities, the same Ionia LLC has completely different beneficiaries – this is also a topic for future investigations. Evgeny Metzger is a co-owner of a company with the consonant name of Ionika LLC and a similar composition of founders. The authors draw attention to the fact that husband and wife Yulia and Yevgeny Metzger, owning their own business, worked for many years in the status of employees in the state-owned Ukreximbank, which may subsequently become a topic for separate investigations by journalists and not only. “How ethical and legal is it for employees of the state bank Yulia and Evgeny Metzger to own and manage a “left” business under the nose of the employer for many years – the time for these questions will come later. In addition, neither dividends, nor salaries, nor other incomes from this family business are reflected in the declaration, – the authors of the publication drew attention to obvious inconsistencies in the publicly disclosed data.. – Although even without dividends from their “left” business, the Metzgers obviously do not live in poverty. Evgeny receives about 9 million salaries in Ukrgasbank, plus “trade union” (yes, there is one in the state-owned Ukrgasbank) 141 thousand. hryvnia. His wife Yulia Metzger is a less paid specialist, her income at Ukreximbank was a little over 776 thousand rubles.. hryvnia,” the authors reported on the financial condition of the Metzger family, of which wife Yulia is a member of the supervisory board of the state-owned Privatbank, and her husband Yevgeny is tipped to be the chairman of the board of the state-owned Ukreximbank following a formal competition, the results of which, according to media reports, have already been decided. In 2018 Yulia Metzger acquired two apartments in Kyiv, and in 2009 her husband Evgeny became the owner of a capital apartment. From 2011 to 2016, the Metzger couple bought land and got a house in the Makarovsky district of the Kyiv region. In addition, as follows from the declaration of Julia Metzger, the couple owns a house under construction in Spain worth about 150 thousand. euros, and a car fleet, according to data from the declaration, worth about 2 million hryvnias: a new car Audi A5 was bought in 2018. Mercedes-Benz ML 350, as well as a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, bought by the “five-year plan” in 2016. Personal savings, according to the declaration, a married couple of professional bankers keeps at home in cash – about 0.5 million in euros and dollars and about 0.5 million more hryvnias. “How this “family contract” – and the Metzger couple are only the first “trial balloons” – will be looked at by probable buyers of state-owned banks, among which are the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the IFC and other mythical “Western investors” if future probable shareholders have to sit in one advice with friends-girlfriends and wives-husbands of Kvartal's favorites? The famous Ukrainian nepotism is again replacing the generally accepted standards of corporate governance,” the authors of the article summed up about the mutation of corporate governance in state-owned banks.


Nobody heard about Yevgeny Metzger until recently. But thanks to the scandal with journalists, we learned a lot. In addition to the fact that Metzger is a boor, a redneck, he is also a thief, and in fact, a lot of corruption ties and scandals are hiding behind his name.. Well, Yevgeny Vladimirovich got into the chair of the head of Ukreximbank not without the help of an old friend, Volodymyr Zelensky, and after that, a great honor of the bank's funds went to the ambitions of the president and the oligarchs.

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Has a wife and two children.
A close person of President Zelensky
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CH 610342
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Krivoy Rog