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Matsegora Gennady Nikolaevich


Gennady Matsegora was a useless mayor. He did not fulfill his promises, abused his powers, added unreasonable wages to himself, indicated false information in his declaration. In February 2022, Matsegora agreed with the Russian invaders and surrendered the city of Kupyansk without a fight, leaving the townspeople to fend for themselves. He was declared suspected of treason, and after that, some time later, it turned out that Gennady left Ukraine and was with his family in Russia.

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Matsegora Gennady Nikolaevich

Official biography

Born on April 19, 1978, higher education, member of the POLITICAL PARTY “OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE”, place of residence:. Kupyansk, Kupyansky district, Kharkiv region Collaborator Mayor. Kupyansk. Gennady Matsegora became the Kupyansky mayor in November 2020 from the political party “Opposition Platform – For Life”. Prior to that, he worked as a deputy of the Kharkiv Regional Council from the Renaissance party of Gennady Kernes, and earlier he went to the Kupyansk City Council from the Party of Regions. Matsegora did not suddenly become a fan of Russia and the Soviet heritage. Last year, he wrote down an appeal where he welcomed the veterans of the Great Patriotic War from May 9. The vast majority of the mayor's public activities before the war involved supporting sporting events in the city.. Matsegora himself used to be a sports instructor in the National Guard of Ukraine, where he did military service. He worked as a freestyle wrestling coach at the Kupyansk Youth Sports School as a head coach. All Matsegora's entourage are people from pro-Russian parties. For example, Pavel Karnygin, a deputy of the Kupyansk City Council, publishes frankly pro-Russian messages on his social networks. The majority of the Kupyansk city council consists of deputies from the Opposition Platform for Life and the Shariy party, who express anti-Ukrainian views.

A family

He has a wife, Elena, and a daughter, Dasha.

NOT official biography

Circus in the city council

A number of issues were submitted to an extraordinary session of the Kupyansk city council, one of which turned out to be in the center of attention of the Kupyansk public – this is the appointment of the deputy mayor – G.N.. Matsegory. As never before, this issue was actively discussed throughout the week, from the moment the relevant draft decision was published on the official website of the Kupyansk City Council. The draft decision says that, having considered the proposal of the Kupyansky Mayor O.V.. Voityuk, the Kupyansky city council decided: To approve Gennady Nikolaevich Matsegora for the position of deputy mayor for the activities of the executive bodies of the council with an official salary in accordance with the staff list with a bonus for high achievements in work in the amount of 50% of the official salary, and from the moment of obtaining the appropriate admission – approve the premium for the degree of secrecy. This would be the sixth deputy mayor, who, moreover, has two advisers. There are no such bloated states of the administrative apparatus in any city of regional significance. At the same time, the residents of the city of Kupyansk are already openly saying that they see absolutely no results from the work of the city government, but they see how the well-being of the city “top” is growing due to their taxes. The activities of Matsegora through the eyes of the townspeople: But in order to somehow mitigate the intensity of indignation about the even greater burden on the city budget in connection with the new position, a draft decision was proposed to remove the prefix “deputy mayor” with the manager of affairs, Tatyana Eldzharova. But, all the same, in the presence of five deputies of the mayor and the manager of affairs, the salary fund of managers increases significantly due to one more staff unit of the deputy. For data from the “CHESNO” website, Matsegora is also a truant. What was he paid for? For comparison, let's take Izyum, as a city of regional significance equivalent to Kupyansk, in our constituency. There are three deputy mayors in Izyum and there are no manager of affairs for the second cadence. The cost of maintaining the executive committee in Izyum is UAH 6 million 927.3 thousand. In Kupyansk, at the beginning of the year, UAH 8 million 628.9 thousand were allocated for the maintenance of the city executive committee, and on April 3, 2017 they increased to UAH 9 million 997.5 thousand. If in Izyum the cost per full-time employee of the executive committee is 60.1 thousand. hryvnia, then in Kupyansk – 155 thousand. UAH. (as of 04/03/2017), and after the increase in official salaries, after May 25 last year, they became even higher. As for the efficiency of managing these two cities, if earlier Izyum seriously lost to Kupyansk in terms of amenities and was considered a depressed city, now everything has changed exactly the opposite.. In Izyum, 10 km of roads and all bridges have already been thoroughly and qualitatively repaired, major repairs have been made in schools, the city center has been reconstructed, which has become a favorite place for citizens and especially young people.. As for Kupyansk, only those who have never seen them are not outraged by the state of our roads.. Although much more money was allocated from the city budget for these purposes than in all previous years. Before submitting these draft decisions to the session, they were considered in two commissions – on legal issues (chairman of the commission A.I.. Chernyshov) and in the budget commission (M.I.. Roman). If the members of the first commission did not have any comments on these personnel issues, then they were severely criticized at the budget commission. How to explain to people, to their voters, why the taxes they pay to the budget are spent not on improving life in the city, but on improving the well-being of the mayor and his deputies, whose number has broken all “records”? The budget commission decided to propose an alternative draft decision: to cut two positions of senior inspector-assistant mayor (I.A.. Romensky and V.V. Kizim) and the position of deputy mayor in Kovsharovka (S.V.. stokoz). The question was also discussed about how to remove V.N.. A letter from the post of deputy mayor and leave him as the head of the economy department, so that there are three deputy mayors in Kupyansk, as in the city of Izyum. However, from among the remaining deputies of the head of the city, there was no one who would understand economics and finance.. It was also proposed to remove the allowance of 100% of the official salary from the mayor and deputies and assign these allowances as provided for by Cabinet Resolution No. 268 – for a specific period, depending on specific tasks, to those officials who are directly involved in the development of draft legal and regulatory acts and conduct their examination. As for the candidacy of G.N.. Matsegora to the position of the mayor, the deputies did not manage to get answers to the questions about what functional duties are assigned to him. What areas of activity will he be responsible for and why should he be accountable for them? But such a “trifle” did not confuse those who had long been preparing for personnel rotations in the city leadership. A record number of deputies arrived at the session on September 15 – 31 out of 34. To support their coach, pupils of Gennady Nikolaevich Matsegora came to the session. Immediately, the deputies announced that this session, even with the status of “extraordinary”, is taking place in violation of the regulations and the entire procedure for preparing draft decisions. So, according to. 13 of the Regulations of the Kupyansky City Council, “an extraordinary session is convened by the mayor as necessary. Motivated proposals for convening an extraordinary session, signed by the initiators, together with draft decisions are sent to the mayor.” If the mayor had signed an order to hold an extraordinary session while at work, he would have done it before August 22, since he had already been on sick leave since August 23, and these draft decisions were posted on the City Council website only on September 8. Who are the “initiators” of the extraordinary session and when did they submit the draft decisions prepared by them to the mayor? As a rule, an extraordinary session is held when funds are received from the state and / or regional budgets that need to be accepted into the city budget and distributed according to their intended purpose. When the mayor made a submission (“tribute”) on the appointment of G.N.. Matsegora for the position of deputy mayor, which was not shown to anyone, and why is it necessary to consider it urgently at an extraordinary session? The presentation to his deputy should be made by the mayor, and he is absent from the plenary session. Therefore, if the deputies know that the session is being held in violation of the rules, then they are accomplices in the violation of the law and they will have to answer for their actions in the prosecutor's office. Matsegora former “regilonal”: What did happen at the session of the Kupyansky City Council on September 15, 2017? In fact, a new team has entered the leadership of the city, in which the “old” deputies will remain nominal figures. And maybe not for long. What awaits the city of Kupyansk tomorrow, the day after tomorrow? What will be the policy of those people who took the reins of government in the city not as a result of elections, but in an evolutionary way, as a result of cabinet-behind-the-scenes agreements? Will they be able to become independent players or will they remain puppets of the organizer of the “palace coup”? Or is this the beginning of the redistribution of spheres of influence and, as a result, the redirection of cash flows from the city treasury? Residents of Kupyansk will learn about this only by the results of their activities.. But, whatever the path to power of the new “team”, there is still hope that their protege will be able to pull out the “cart” that pulls the city into the abyss, as the city council secretary figuratively put it.

Willfulness of the mayor

On November 24, 2020, the 1st session of the Kupyansk City Council began. The agenda included the issue of electing and approving the leadership of the city council and the executive committee. After the non-election of Dmitry Karelov to the post of council secretary and the submission of a proposal from 21 deputies to consider another candidate, Mayor Gennadiy Matsegora, in violation of the current regulations of the Kupyansky City Council, the Law of Ukraine “On Local Self-Government in Ukraine” made a single decision, announced a break and left the hall meetings. Ignoring the warning of the deputies about the violation of the law, Gennady Matsegora noted his conviction in the decision and announced a break in the plenary session. This film was recorded on video and posted in the report of the TV channel “KIT” (provided for confirmation). More about what is happening on this video:

Seeing a violation of the current legislation in the actions of Gennady Matsegora, an application was immediately submitted from the deputies to receive the minutes of the meeting of the 1st session. Having received the minutes only 10 days later, we became aware that the session was suspended and the plenary session was declared closed.. It turns out that the mayor, violating the law, taking advantage of his official position, deputies, the public, invited, and this is the head of the police, the head of the fiscal service, the head of the Treasury, the representative of the SBU and others, can say one thing, and indicate something completely different in the protocol. As of today, the next meeting of the session has not yet been convened. The deputies have already addressed with an appeal: how many plenary sessions will there be and when? But, for 13 days, Gennady Matsegora tried first to negotiate with the deputies for the organization and the so-called “majority”, which would obediently press the green button – for the whims of Gennady Matsegora. Failed! Proposal from deputies to convene the next session: And here the former acting joined. Mayor Valery Govorov. And he began to invite deputies “for tea”. At this critical time, when it is urgent to form the city's budget for 2021, to use funds from the regional budget, Gennady Matsegora and Valery Govorov are trying to gather a “majority” to put forward their candidacies for deputies, manager of affairs, secretary of the council, elders, to make themselves under the control of deputy commissions. And this “showed and showed” himself – Kozub A., Ovsyannikov S., Sayapin V., Martynov Yu., Karelova D. We remember their work for the development of the Kupyansk region! Now the city has already received regional funds for the development of medicine, which must be mastered by the end of the year.. Otherwise, the funds allocated for the community will be returned to the region. New year 2021 ahead. It is necessary to form, consider and adopt the budget for 2021. The budget should be drawn up in such a way that activist deputies can influence it, so that it is transparent and open. The mayor is slow to continue the session. Gennady Matsegora endangers the life and health of the inhabitants, the economic condition of the Kupyansk region, and the deterioration of the social and humanitarian sphere.

“Insanity grows stronger…”

Kupyansky “revivalists” seem to consider themselves eternal and constantly forget that the whole city is watching their illegal deeds. This is the material of one of the Kupyansk residents: Two weeks ago, Our City published an article by the deputy of the Kupyansk city council Vladislav Musienko with the daring title “The one who challenged Ostapchuk”. In this article, Vladislav Musienko directly pointed out those who are behind the corruption schemes to plunder the city budget. For many years they have already ruled our Kupyansk and we see all the “art” of this taxiing around us in all its glory: dead roads, collapsed housing and communal services, the so-called landscaping, etc. And now, two weeks after the publication of the mentioned article, a “response” arrived: under the chairmanship of the deputy mayor Gennady Matsegora, a meeting of the working group on the issues of raising the minimum wage, the level of wages and the legalization of employment was held. I wonder how many Kupyans this group has increased wages for the entire time of its existence? Does anyone know anything about this? We are not. The activities of Matsegora through the eyes of the townspeople: But as a convenient tool for attacking those who, having overcome the resistance of the city authorities, nevertheless opened a business, creates jobs and pays taxes, this work is very much needed. Here is verbatim the official information that is posted on the website of the City Council following the results of the meeting of the working group:. During the work of the commission, signs of violations of the labor legislation were found in 6 individual entrepreneurs who trade in the “Druzhishche” network. Based on the results of the commission's work, materials will be sent to law enforcement agencies and State Labor.” Who do you think is one of the creators of the “Druzhishche” network? You guessed correctly, this is Vladyslav Musyenko. But here are a few real facts: today the Druzhishte chain is one of the largest tax payers and pays more than 60% of all its taxes (about 4 million hryvnias a year) to the city budget of Kupyansk, and this despite the fact that only 10% of retail stores are located in Kupyansk network points. Musienko, founder of the trading network “Friend”: It is noteworthy that during the meeting of the aforementioned working group, Gennady Matsegora showed a clear interest in stopping the operation of the Druzhishte network, because in this way he could earn additional points from his patron, which he will obviously need to get the support of the people's deputy in the city elections. heads. The fact that the city will lose four million hryvnias (despite the fact that the entire annual budget for the development of the city is only about a million hryvnias, i.e.. four times less) – the city bureaucrats do not give a damn about this. Activities of Matsegora through the eyes of the townspeople: It is understandable, for them the ideal city is a city that can be robbed with impunity, it is a city with creeping, servile citizens. Well, all those who disagree with this insanity can go … to all four sides. And will we endure it?

Tariff increase

For fellow countrymen, I present a table with information on who and how voted for the establishment of new water tariffs. Indicative is the absence at the meeting of the executive committee of the “guardian” for the interests of the city Valery Govorov. Significant is the vote of Gennady Matsegora “FOR” despite his promises to residents “not to raise tariffs.” Voting results for raising utility tariffs:

The mayor of Kupyansk, who surrendered the city to the invaders, was detained – source

Detained the mayor of Kupyansk, Kharkiv region, Gennady Matsegora, who is suspected of treason. He went to negotiate with the invaders and surrendered the city to them.. This is reported by a source in law enforcement agencies. Yesterday, Matsegora recorded a video message in which he said that Kupyansk is now under the control of Russian troops. Matzegora's statement about the occupation of the city. Kupyansk:

“Received a call (from the commander of a battalion of Russian troops) about a proposal for negotiations, otherwise the city will be stormed with all the consequences. I decided to participate in the negotiations in order to avoid human casualties and destruction in the city,” Matsegora said. Nikolai Masliy told in his interview how Kupyansk was surrendered, and after a while he was kidnapped: The prosecutor's office reported that they are investigating the treason of the mayor of Kupyansk. Criminal case opened on. 2 Art. 110, Ch. 1 article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – encroachment on territorial integrity, high treason. Today he was informed of suspicion. The plot of the kidnapping of deputy N. Masliya:
Message about suspicion of treason:

Suspected of treason, the mayor of Kupyansk complained about the disappearance of his daughter in the Ivano-Frankivsk region

He claims that Daria Matsegora was detained by the Security Service of Ukraine. The mayor's video message was published on the Facebook page of the Kupyansk City Council on Thursday, March 24. “My daughter Matsegora Daria Gennadievna, born in 2002, has disappeared.. The last 20 days she was with friends in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Three days ago, she was detained by employees of the regional department of the SBU,” Matsegora said. Residents of Kupyansk are actively discussing events related to the city mayor in telegram chats. One of the users wrote that Matsegora's daughter was not kidnapped, and is actually resting in Turkey:

Traitor's property

StopCor investigated what the renegade mayor owns. So, he owns three cars, among which: a MERCEDES-BENZ ML 350 car manufactured in 2003 was purchased in September 2015 for UAH 120,000. (although the market value of such a car is actually about UAH 240,000); car KAMAZ 5320, manufactured in 1987, purchased in 2011, the price is not specified (approximate cost is about UAH 100,000); A VAZ 212133 NG car manufactured in 2002 was purchased in 2012, the price is not specified (approximate cost is UAH 120,000). Declared during the mayorship of Matsegor and real estate: an apartment with an area of 58.4 sq.m.. since 2003, the value at the date of purchase is UAH 12,531 (although the market price of an apartment for 50 sq.m.. in Kupyansk – about 300,000 UAH); an apartment with an area of 79.8 sq.m from July 2010, worth UAH 67,548 as of the date of purchase; a residential building with an area of 35.5 sq.m from August 2016, worth UAH 10,000; residential building with an area of 148.9 sq.m from June 2016, worth UAH 200,600. (declared as the property of Elena Matsegora's wife); 67% brick workshop with an area of 1109 sq.. m. m. in the village of Kucherivka, worth UAH 146,953. (whose co-owner (33%) is Ekaterina Igorevna Govorova); land plot in Kupyansk 398 sq.m. worth UAH 10,000, from August 2016; land plot in Kupyansk 795 sq.m. since June 2016, costing 26 500 UAH. (owned by his wife Elena Matsegora). Note that Matsegora is not the only traitor among Ukrainian officials.

Gennady Matsegora fled to Russia

As of April 16, 2022. there was information that Gennady Matsegora and his family fled to Russia. The media write about this, and this event is also actively discussed in the telegram chats of the residents of Kupyansk:


Gennady Matsegora, a corrupt official who arbitrarily managed Kupiasnok, abused his position, thereby turning most of the city into a garbage dump. In the end, when the war began and the city became unsafe, he went over to the side of the invaders and fled to Russia.

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Wife Elena, daughter Daria
To the traitors of the country
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