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Martynov Alexey Georgievich


Little is known about Alexei Martynov. But just friendship and business with Kolomoisky is enough to understand what financial frauds are taking place with the participation of Martynov, and how he became a billionaire. Alexey Georgievich, together with Igor Valerievich and Gennady Bogolyubov, are the founders of the infamous Privat group. The fact that these three have a common business in Russia is no longer a secret to anyone, despite all attempts to deny this fact. Also, being an influential person, Martynov bought his daughter out of prison when she, driving an infiniti, hit an elderly woman to death. This scandal was hushed up, and most of the evidence was removed from the network.

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Martynov Alexey Georgievich

Official biography

Born on June 6, 1966 in the town of Ludinovo, Kaluga Region, Russia. Education: Dnepropetrovsk State University. Career Business partners – Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov. In 1989, after the institute, he got a job at the Fianit cooperative, where for 1.5 years he was engaged in the creation of automatic control systems. It was there that he met Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov. In 1991, the partners opened their own company, Sentosa, and engaged in speculation. Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov bought equipment in Moscow. And Martynov sold it in Dnepropetrovsk. By that time, young businessmen had another partner – Leonid Miloslavsky, the son of an influential businessman in Dnipro (he died of a heart attack in 1997). In 1992, together with Bogolyubov, Kolomoisky and Miloslavsky, they founded Privatbank. At that time, all partners had the same share – 25% each. The first founders of Privatbank were three companies – Solm (Miloslavsky – Martynov), Sentosa (Kolomoisky – Bogolyubov) and Vist. In order to raise money for a new financial project, businessmen began to buy up enterprises: an oil depot, gas stations, Marganetsky and Ordzhonikidzevsky GOK. In 1996, after the death of Miloslavsky, he became the permanent director of Solm LTD LLC. Between the shareholders of “Privat” there is a conditional distribution of curation of business programs, said Igor Kolomoisky. Martynov is primarily engaged in ferroalloys, Bogolyubov is in Privatbank, this is his main workload. From 2000 until the nationalization, Martynov was a member of the Supervisory Board of Privatbank. The largest shareholder of the bank was the Cypriot offshore Triantal Investments Ltd. Its owners through Franciano Investments Ltd were Gennady Bogolyubov, Igor Kolomoisky and Alexei Martynov. The shares of Bogolyubov and Kolomoisky were 49.9% each in the authorized capital of Franciano Investments Ltd, Martynov – 0.2%.


In 2006, he ran for the Rada on the list of the “Peasant Party”. Its leader at that time was Alexander Yavorsky. Martynov was number 5, and Kolomoisky's partner in the oil business, Igor Palitsa, was number 6. The party won 0.31% of the vote. In an interview with journalists, Kolomoisky said that Martynov was an apolitical person, and he called his participation in a political project an accident. Family Daughter – Ksenia Alekseevna Martynova, was born on December 28, 1990. Now Ksenia lives in Kyiv, often uploads photos from the mansion in Koncha-Zaspa. She is a member of the All-Ukrainian Equestrian Federation of Ukraine. For more than three years, and in 2016-2019, Martynova worked at the Equides Club, which belongs to the family of ATB co-owner Gennady Butkevich. And in March 2020, I was looking for a job through free classifieds sites on the Internet. Indicated that she is ready to go to the position of development manager. Able to conduct inventory, tenders and negotiations, conclude agreements with partners. By education, Ksenia is a philologist and diplomat, she is fluent in English and German. Former wife – Martynova Tatyana Alexandrovna (maiden name Naumenko). In social networks, she indicated that she was from Chernivtsi, and now lives in Vienna. This is the second marriage of Alexei. The couple signed in 2009. They have three children. The eldest is Leonid, and the twins are Maria and Alexandra. In February 2020, the Zhovtnevy Court of the Dnieper divorced Aleksey and Tatyana. Martynov became the initiator. He told the court that since the summer of 2019, his wife has been abroad almost all the time, does not take care of children, and behaves aggressively. And he threatens to take the kids and take them out of the country. Now Martynov, through the court, wants to determine the place of residence of the children at home. Therefore, he asked the State Border Service for information about crossing the border of his former. This will confirm that Tatyana rarely visits Ukraine. Ex-wife – Martynova Elvira Auzakhovna, born August 24, 1966. She is no longer alive. Sister – Karpenko Anna Georgievna, born January 13, 1971. Nephew – Karpenko Danil Dmitrievich, born June 6, 1994. He is the deputy director of the Dnepropetrovsk regional branch of the state enterprise SETAM, through which seized property is sold at auctions. Danila's father Dmitry Viktorovich Karpenko has been in the Peacemaker database since 2016. He got there for financing terrorism, anti-Ukrainian propaganda and agitation. NOT an official biography Probably the most closed businessman of all businessmen in Ukraine. If his business partners Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov, though rarely, but still give interviews and meet with the press, then in the case of Martynov, even journalists from Dnepropetrovsk, where the businessman resides permanently, can tell little about this person. The businessman gave his first interview (and still the only one) only in 2010 to the Korrespondent magazine. For a long time, the press did not even have a photo of a businessman; only people from his entourage know him by sight. For example, when compiling a rating of the rich in Ukraine, the Focus magazine asked a businessman to provide information about himself, but was refused and the journalists did not receive any data or photos. For all his condition, the businessman does not want to live anywhere else, except in his native Dnepropetrovsk. The businessman himself considers himself a provincial person and does not want to move not only to Miami, New York – even to Kyiv. In his interview with Correspondent, he also convinced the journalist that he had no real estate or other assets abroad. By the way, the same “provincialism” stops a businessman from wanting to go to power, to the Verkhovna Rada. ALEKSEY MARTYNOV LEAVE THOUSANDS OF WORKERS OF A LARGE UKRAINIAN PLANT WITHOUT PAYMENT About six thousand employees of the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant, which is owned by Igor Kolomoisky, remain hostages of a shadow scheme.

So, through his business partner Alexei Martynov, the oligarch withdrew about 125 billion hryvnias from PrivatBank. It is known that earlier this bank, like the plant in Nikopol, also belonged to the Privat group. For several months now, people have not received their salaries and, demanding the return of their money, continue their noisy pickets in Dnipro. At the same time, Oleksiy Martynov, who in fact created such a hopeless situation for hundreds of families, can get the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine.. The replacement of key players in the Ukrainian government is beneficial for Kolomoisky to deepen his influence on the country's economy. Kolomoisky's trust in Alexei Martynov is justified by decades of joint work. A friend of Kolomoisky took the child from his own wife Mother does not see her son for four months! A member of the Privat group Alexei Martynov, a friend and close associate of the gray-haired oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, took the child from his wife. Alexei did not succeed in ending the relationship on a peaceful note – upbringing did not allow. Without thinking twice, the businessman left his sick wife with nothing, taking the children and driving off into the sunset, the NM correspondent reports.

How Kolomoisky is preparing a coup in the government of Ukraine

A longtime business partner of the oligarch Kolomoisky may receive one of the ministerial portfolios in the government. We are talking about businessman Alexei Martynov, one of the founders and trustees of PrivatBank.. According to sources close to the entrepreneur, Martynov is being prepared for the post of Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine. At the same time, it is not excluded that Martynov may even become the new prime minister of the country.. A reboot of the Ukrainian government will become possible after the final split between Kolomoisky and the president. Martynov's transition to big Ukrainian politics is Kolomoisky's original strategy, reserved for a special occasion. An experienced entrepreneur with aristocratic manners will easily fit into the concept of a “technocratic government”, which still enjoys the confidence of Ukrainians. At the same time, Martynov himself, in a recent interview, nevertheless admitted that he was considering for himself the option of entering the big political arena.


In 2014, after the start of the war in Donbass, the investigative committee of the Russian Federation accused Kolomoisky of “funding Ukrainian armed groups” and arrested the Elite Holding shopping center in the center of Moscow. The business center is located on the street. Povarskoy (New Arbat). According to Russian authorities, Kolomoisky, Bogolyubov, Martynov and Muscovite Dmitry Ryabokon were the owners of the premises.

The lawyers of the Russian businessman assured that BC belongs 100% to him. In 2002, he took out a loan to buy a building in MoskomPrivat, a subsidiary of Ukraine's Privatbank. In 2018, Aleksey Martynov, Gennady Bogolyubov and Privat-controlled Dneproazot were included in the sanctions list of the Russian Federation. But the name Kolomoisky is not listed there. Crime Media wrote that on October 11, 2009, in Dnepropetrovsk, the daughter of the oligarch Ksenia Martynova, in an orange Infiniti, knocked down 62-year-old Lyubov Temnaya at a pedestrian crossing. The car, according to an eyewitness, fled the scene of the accident. The pensioner died on the spot.. That morning she was returning from night duty, working as a watchman at the university. It was there that Ksenia also studied at that moment. A month later, the regional police confirmed that Ksenia Martynova was driving. And they promised that they would finish the job. A year later, the police refused to comment on how the investigation was being conducted.. There is no information about the fatal accident in the register of court decisions either.

“Kolomoisky and Co” earn on Moscow real estate

Elite Holding, founded by a Ukrainian oligarch and his partners in the Privat group, is leasing a luxury building on the Arbat. As Izvestia found out, Igor Kolomoisky and his partners in the Privat group Gennady Bogolyubov, Alexei Martynov, through Cypriot structures and the metropolitan CJSC Elit-Holding, control a building in the Moscow district of Arbat (Povarskaya, 10). According to an extract from the USRR, CJSC Elite Holding owns a restored mansion of the beginning of the 20th century on Povarskaya, on the right of ownership and leases it out, and affiliated structures of the holding are also located in the building. Despite the fact that Igor Kolomoisky claims that he has no business in Russia, the Privat group, controlled by the oligarch, also owns the Retal corporation for the manufacture of PET packaging and plastic products, which has as many as 11 branches in the Russian Federation. Currently “Retal” company is registered in Kyiv. Owner – “Retal Industries Limited”. Cyprus island, Limassol city. However, since 1994 the main potential of the enterprise has been concentrated in Russia, where there are up to 11 powerful branches. The You Control information and analytical system shows that Retal Ukraine is related to the conditional Privat group not sometime in the past, but right now. This is confirmed by the management of the company, as well as Cypriot companies.. Among them is Kolomoisky's longtime manager Yury Khmara.. General Director of “Retal” – the eternal partner of the oligarch Anatoly Martynov. Martynov is a businessman from Dnipro, the beneficiary of the Schedro and Optimusagro Trade companies. Both of these holdings, according to the You Control register, are associated with the so-called Privat financial and industrial group.. And even more, Martynov himself is listed on the same resource as a person associated with Kolomoisky. Therefore, the fact remains that people connected with him by many business connections still manage the Retal company.

Status – income, business, declarations

Included in the TOP-100 richest Ukrainians. Novoye Vremya magazine and Dragon Capital investment company estimated his fortune at $602 million.


Unfortunately, little is known about Martynov, but given the fact that Aleksey Georgievich is a close friend of Igor Kolomoisky, it’s scary to imagine what frauds are happening with his participation. What is known to the Internet is only a tiny part of all the financial schemes of the Privat group, and Martynov's direct participation in these schemes.

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Wife, four children.
Group "Privat"
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