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Mamai Alexander Fedorovich


Was born on June 11, 1968 in Poltava. In the past, a painter-plasterer, a janitor and a loader, as a result of a successful marriage, instantly turned into the director of Inter-Agro, who had 40,000 hectares of leased land, 7,000 head of cattle and 6 elevators under his control. In total, the company employed about 5 thousand employees. The founders of this company were his wife, mother and mother-in-law. After some time, Mamai runs for mayor and through fraud, as well as bribing voters, wins the 2010 elections. During the leadership of Mamai, this enterprise was carried out a multimillion-dollar scam with the storage of grain and the subsequent bankruptcy of the enterprise, for which no one was held responsible either. As mayor, Mamai is making efforts to occupy posts in the city and district councils of her stepdaughter Irina Klimko and her own daughter, who, Natalya Mamai-Kirichenko, also found the Real Estate Group company, to which Mamai, in violation of the law, allocated land for the placement of shopping facilities. As a result, the mayor received a criminal case, which, in his usual manner, decided to deal with it by giving a bribe and putting pressure on the judge, which, in turn, was documented and made public. But, as befits a “king”, Mamai made sure that his authorized representative was responsible for giving a bribe, the judge in charge of the case was removed, and he received the desired decision without admitting guilt. The mayor uses three cars of elite brands, although in the declaration he indicates only the domestic auto industry of the 90s, he lives in a huge house with an indoor pool and almost 50m garage, but in the declaration he indicates a tiny apartment. Mamai allows herself to systematically skip work, treat activists with disdain and insult, use foul language, and even go over to physical violence. So, Mamai and like-minded people attacked a journalist, impeding the implementation of journalistic activities, the mayor deliberately hit people in his official car. Mamai lobbies the interests of private structures and plays along with price increases, including for travel in public transport and the cost of heating housing in the winter. He systematically lies and slanders, what are his performances with a deterioration in health during court hearings and accusations of a judge of extorting a bribe … In response to such behavior of the mayor, activists have repeatedly tried to influence what is happening by holding all kinds of actions, but Mamaia simply ignores them, scoffs over them during communication, each time emphasizing their sole status. While working and communicating with subordinates, Mamai also uses obscene language and direct threats of physical violence, demanding their complete obedience and all kinds of assistance in creating a positive image of the mayor among the population. At one of the sessions, deputies of the city council expressed no confidence in Mayor Mamay, removing him from office, but as a result of applying to the court, he was reinstated. In the course of Mamai's biography, one can say that the judiciary turns out to be as loyal to him as possible, as well as the law enforcement system. Of the options for the opportunity to continue a successful business, receiving huge salaries in comparison with the salary of a civil servant, or to take the post of mayor, arriving in the circle of general attention and control, Mamai chose the second … and for now understandable reasons. Lobbying the interests of the family, total control of all structures of the city, including human rights and judicial, as well as the suppression of freedom of speech and publicity – these are the main goals and tasks that Mayor Mamai successfully copes with.

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Alexander Fedorovich Mamai and his permissiveness

Born June 11, 1968 in. Poltava. 1985 – graduated from secondary school No. 19 in. But the lifestyle and principles of Alexander Mamai during his time in power can tell a lot.. After all, as they say, people do not change … It is very significant that in one of the video interviews, Mamai bluntly stated: “If I am sure that I can get around the law and nothing will happen to me for this, I will do it all the time!” One of the most fundamental scandals erupted in 2013. Mamai did not consider it necessary to inform the deputies of the city council about the existence of a conflict of interest, since he, as mayor of Poltava, and his stepdaughter Irina Klimko, being a deputy of the city council, organized a decision in favor of Klimko, as a private entrepreneur, to allocate land plots to her for entrepreneurial activities – placement shopping facilities. Klimko was also a director and co-founder of Real Estate Group, a real estate company.. The second co-founder of this company is the mayor's own daughter Natalya Mamai-Kirichenko (photo on the right), also a deputy of one of the city's district councils.. Poltava. On this fact, a criminal case was initiated and, surprisingly, it went to court and even began to develop, mainly due to the efforts and principled position of the judge of the Oktyabrsky District Court Larisa Golnik. During the meetings, Mayor Mamai behaved, to put it mildly, impudently. So, during one of the meetings, Mamai tried to disrupt the hearing due to the absence of his lawyer, laughed and grinned, motivated this by the inability to contact his lawyer. But when the activists present at the meeting established contact with the mayor's defender, the latter became ill, he began to complain of physical ailment, demanded to call an ambulance, later left the court building, got into the car and left. Later, a scandal erupted with an attempt to bribe Judge Golnik in the case of Mamai. On the promptly filmed video, you can see how Mamai, during a confidential conversation, offers to agree and indicates that Dmitry Trikhna, once Mamai's deputy, will be his contact person. As a result, a criminal case was initiated against Trikhna on the fact of an attempt to bribe a judge, and Mamai was involved in the case as a witness. Further, the judge was subjected to all kinds of pressure from the chairman of the court, who is a comrade and friend of the mayor. On this occasion, Judge Golnik sent two appeals to the High Council of Justice. The result is missing! Later, Mamai said that Judge Golnik herself demanded a bribe from him.. Due to some circumstances, the Judge was forced to recuse herself, after which the case ended up in one of the courts of the district center, and Mamai quite rightly received a decision that completely suited him – the case was closed after the statute of limitations expired. Mamai has an interesting biography, or rather, two of them. Officially, he is married, has two daughters and two sons.. According to another, he is a divorced single father with many children who lives in his mother's apartment.. But in both cases, he continues to be a millionaire! So, in 1996, he began to engage in entrepreneurial activity.. In September 2000, he became the head of the agricultural enterprise “Inter-Agro”. The company owned 40,000 hectares of leased land, 7,000 heads of cattle and 6 elevators. In total, the company employed about 5 thousand employees.. The founders of this company were his wife, mother and mother-in-law. Subsequently, the Inter-Agro enterprise, represented by director Mamai, took grain, wheat, sunflower seeds from the largest producers of agricultural products for storage in their elevators.. When the moment came for the return of Mamaia stored at the elevators, it turned out that there was nothing to return and there was nothing to pay for its cost either.. Litigation has begun. At that moment, the Kernel Group enterprise, owned by businessman Andrei Varevsky, who, by coincidence, turned out to be a relative of Mamai, filed a lawsuit to declare Inter-Agro bankrupt. In turn, Inter-Agro, so to speak – without a fight, fully recognized all the claims and its property became the property of Andrei Varevsky. Thus, the property of Inter-Agro remained in the family and the stored grain did not have to be returned. During his cadence, Mamai repeatedly shocked the Poltava region with his actions and constant obscene rhetoric. So, in July 2015, before the start of the session of the City Council, the mayor started a fight with the People's Deputy of Ukraine Kaplin. The reason for the conflict was the issue of raising fares in public transport. At the same time, it is worth noting that the measure defended the interests of carriers in every possible way in this matter.. During the fight, according to Kaplin's assistant, Mayor Mamai hit the deputy in the face with his hand. The conflict could have been settled on this, but Mamai tried to escape from the territory of the City Council in a car as a passenger, but the protesters surrounded the car and prevented him from doing so.. At that moment, through the open window on the driver's side, Kaplin tried to reach the key in the ignition to turn off the engine, but Mamai grabbed his hand and began to pull him into the car, shouting that Kaplin had “cum on his mouth”. During the development of this situation, Mamai was driving this car and, as it should be for a worthy city ruler, he began to move through people, while driving several people on the hood. One of the victims in this situation was the deputy of the City Council Alexander Shamota. As a result of the incident, 3 people turned to the hospital for help, Mayor Mamai left the place accompanied by a police officer and was escorted to the drug dispensary for examination. The result is zero responsibility. During one of the conflicts with Kaplin, Mayor Mamai verbally invited him to have an intimate relationship, which he then, of course, denied: “maybe from …. do you want?” Solving issues through bribery, Alexander Mamai made for himself the norm of life. This statement is true, because the main activity, function and source of income for Mamai is the position of the mayor of the city.. Poltava. And each time he received this position by direct bribery of voters, who were handed out food every time before the elections.

Mamaia is an opponent of the Ukrainian language. Mayor Mamai directly stated that he was opposed to the demolition of monuments of communism in the center of Poltava, as Mamai uses Russian as the main language, and in an interview for One Motherland, he stated that even his deputies would start speaking Ukrainian only if the city was occupied: “ Nobody has occupied Poltava yet. As soon as this happens, then we will say so.” In his numerous speeches, Alexander Mamai conveys the message that he should not report to anyone, about anything.. At the same time, he does not hesitate to apply physical force and rude behavior to his direct opponents, pushes them, grabs body parts, tears clothes … In general, he demonstrates an example of behavior in resolving conflict situations.

In a conversation with one of the employees of the improvement department, Mamai threatens him with physical violence, persecution for the purpose of dismissal, demanding that the man help in every possible way in forming a positive image of the mayor. Alexander Mamai systematically came to the attention of activists and the police for violating traffic discipline. While driving, Mamai does not pay attention to road signs and traffic lights, does not consider it necessary to turn on direction indicators, etc. So, during one of the trips, for passing through a red light, the Poltava patrol police officers stopped a black Volkswagen Passat car driven by Alexander Mamai. Later, the police filed an administrative protocol against him for violating Art.. 122 part 2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (exceeding the established speed limits by drivers of vehicles, driving on a traffic control prohibition signal and violating other traffic rules). During an accident involving one of the cars of the mayor of Mamai, a BMW X5 went to a journalist who had to be protected by outsiders. The mayor, his deputy Stetsenko and another unknown responded inadequately to the fact that Irina Voloshina, a journalist from Iskra Ordinary People, was making a photo report of an accident and attacked her, twisting her arms and pulling out her camera. Cries that Irina was a journalist, the attackers did not care. After, when the activists and journalists approached the car in which the attackers were hiding, Mayor Mamai said that he would personally catch everyone … A report was drawn up on the fact of obstructing journalistic activities and handed over to law enforcement agencies. Alexander Mamai's attitude towards activists has always been biased and arrogant. After another communication with activists in the early spring of 2018, the mayor even decided to apply labor punishment to them, demanding that they take part in clearing the city from snow, and added that he, as the city head, has every right and will lead it, pointing his finger to whom and what do.
This position and rhetoric once again confirms the mayor's imperious, totalitarian position. In declarations of measure full of chaos and confusion. Mayor Mamai is constantly seen and recorded in photos and videos driving a 2011 BMW X5, which, of course, belongs to his wife. He also uses a Lexus LX 570, which also belongs to his wife Lyudmila. In 2014, it was Mamai who filed a complaint with law enforcement agencies on the fact of the theft of a Lexus car, which was later found in. Kharkiv. Data regarding these vehicles and another BMW X5 of 2007 can be found in the declaration of measure for 2012. In the same declaration, Mamai indicated in the form of savings more than 1 million. UAH. and 760 thousand. dollars in cash. According to the same declaration, his 76-year-old mother Tamara, a man whose son spent half of his life as a janitor, painter, loader, saved up UAH 3.7 million in savings.. and 870 yew. dollars. In 2013, in order not to officially indicate the income of Lyudmila's wife, they filed for a divorce. According to the law, before dismissal, Mamai filed a declaration for 2018, in which he indicated that he owns a Gazelle truck, as well as GAZ-69 (1967) and Volga GAZ-21 (1963) cars. No mention of even using Lexus and BMW cars owned by Mamai's wife. He also mentioned his mother Tamara and 4 young children. At the same time, he indicated that in 2018 he received salaries in the amount of 648 thousand. hryvnia, has savings in the amount of 920 yew. UAH. 760 thousand. dollars.

It is noteworthy that before his election to the post, Mamai stated that he would work for 1 hryvnia, but in fact he receives one of the highest salaries among mayors in Ukraine! The facts about Mamai's place of residence are also unreliable, because instead of the apartment indicated in the declaration, with an area of 47m2, Mamai's family and he himself lived and live in a modest house of 420m2, which also belongs to Mamai's ex-wife – Lyudmila.

In 2015, in the indicated house, Mamai gave an image interview to journalists, the decoration of the house was also covered in his social networks by one of Mamai's sons. For example, the general interest of all caused a full-fledged indoor pool. By the way, activists and members of the Poltava City Council came to the same house to call Mamai to work. And also, according to the declaration, Mamai's mother owns non-residential premises in Poltava, with an area of 911m2, and a land plot of almost 1500m2 within the city. In general, there is no point in discussing the declaration of Mayor Mamai, since it defies logic and does not have the proper form. But at the same time, it is clearly of interest to anti-corruption authorities. Conclusion – a successful business for Mamai weighs less than the chair of the mayor, with a meager salary compared to the position of director. To be rude, to threaten, to bribe, to manipulate people is the norm for the mayor of Poltava Mamai. In Poltava, the Mamaia clan was firmly rooted, the synonym for members of which was the word “permissiveness”.

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Wife - Lyudmila, co-founder of Inter-Agro; stepdaughter - Irina Klimko, deputy of the City Council, co-founder of the Real Estate Group; daughter - Natalya Mamai Kirichenko, deputy of the district council, co-founder of the Real Estate Group; young sons - Sergey and Evgeny
friend and colleague of the Opposition Platform for Life, former head of the party cell in Poltava
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