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Malyuk Vasily Vasilievich


The past of Vasily Malyuk is carefully hidden by the SBU. And apparently not in vain. Malyuk did not file income declarations, despite the fact that this is a mandatory procedure. Journalists report that the financial condition of Vasily Vasilyevich exceeds UAH 1 million. He was able to earn such an amount even before he got into the SBU. This happened due to smuggling and illegal sale of amber, granite rocks and wood, which are available in the Zhytomyr region. Now, he is looking for other ways to make money, thanks to his new position.

February 28, 1983
Уровень охвата:

At the same time, according to the law, access to the customs control zone, and even more so the commission of certain actions by the security forces, is possible only within the framework of a specific criminal case, with specific facts and for specific individuals and companies. There is none of this, but Malyuk still raids customs posts. What for? There are two answers. 1. This is a banal whitewashing of business at the beginning of the year. [videopress wH3NrvvS] 2. Retaliation to the customs for stopping the work of the postal operator Premium Package, which works under the guise of the SBU. It turned out that Malyuk sent to customs not only employees of the fourth (customs) department, but also employees of the WB (internal security) and VKR (military counterintelligence) What he had no right to do. The first deputy head of the SBU got into a scandal with tobacco smuggling in the port of Odessa On the territory of the Odessa port, a scandal involving high-ranking persons of category “A” does not subside on the fact of an attempt to illegally import a container of hookah tobacco into the country. Writes about it “Detective-Info”. It all started with the attempts of daring young people to organize a “green light” for a container with a tobacco mixture for hookah, the importer of which is Royal Duty Free LLC, registered in Chernomorsk. The valuable cargo of the company with a declared value of UAH 28 million was waiting in line for customs clearance, when suddenly a group of unknown persons appeared in the port. First, the dealers relocated a container of tobacco to a customs warehouse for foreign goods. After that, they tried to take out the cargo without any payment of customs duties, which, according to the previous estimate, should be about 500 thousand. dollars. The “tobacco solvers” assured the confused owner of the warehouse that this issue had been resolved at the highest level and that the first deputy chairman of the SBU, the head of the department for combating corruption and organized crime, Vasily Malyuk, was directly “dealing with” it.. The latter was allegedly promised 300 thousand for the “patronage” of hookah cargo. dollars. However, such arguments and names did not convince the owner of the bonded warehouse, he refused to help the smugglers and give instructions to release the container. In addition, in the future, Lieutenant Colonel Malyuk personally began to call South Palmyra, putting pressure on his subordinates with a demand to pass tobacco for hookah outside customs control.. One of the calls was to the head of the regional department of the SBU, Viktor Dorovsky. It is noted that Vasily Malyuk was appointed to the post of the first deputy chairman of the SBU – head of the central department “K” by the decree of President Volodymyr Zelensky in March 2020.. In this position, Vasily Vasilyevich, together with another deputy of Ivan Bakanov, Alexander Yakushev, distinguished himself by ignoring the obligation to submit an electronic declaration of property status for 2019. According to the norms of the law, SBU officials must publish the relevant documents in the open register of the NACP before June 1, but this has not happened to this day.

Zelensky has his own “demchina”

While we are worried about the surrender of the country in Minsk, about the coronavirus and the economic crisis, Zelensky and Bakanov are worried about something completely different. About money. And they appoint a certain Vasily Malyuk to the post of the first deputy chairman of the SBU – the head of the main department “K”. In 2015, this noble husband was still the deputy head of the “K” department in the SBU of the Zhytomyr region, where he became a millionaire, in the field of amber, forests and granite quarries. Not forgetting to take a worthy share to his chief boss – Mr. Demchyna, who was then in the current position of Malyuka. Remarkably, Demchina is very close to Narik. And Malyuk is also very close with the Dnieper lads. And why is the new government “new Demchin”? It is clear that in order to fight corruption. All these “new faces” led by Zelensky turned out to be a rare scum. By the way, Neskoromny was also removed. Despite the fact that he refused the promised press conference on corruption in the highest echelons of the current government. I wonder why he refused? Intimidated by a bad pension or bought? By the way, they say that the appointment of Maliuk was lobbied not only by the Dnipro “synagogue” headed by Narik, but also by the Kyiv “synagogue” headed by Yermak. Interesting connections and joint business interests between the Dnipro “patriots” and the Russian agent Yermak. Or is it just the same “synagogue” or “conservatory”?

Looting property thanks to Malyuk

Since January 2020, he moved to the Central Directorate of the Security Service of Ukraine to the position of First Deputy Head of the Main Directorate for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime of the SBU. It was during the service of Malyuk Vasily Vasilyevich in this position in 2009 that businessman Spodin Sergey Yuryevich plundered the property of the richest enterprise in the Zhytomyr region – Zhitomirinvest OJSC. Since Spodin took the post of acting head of JSC Zhitomirinvest, a company that at one time built up the entire region and had large industrial and production capacities, has lost property complexes that housed dozens of subsidiaries. These are agricultural enterprises, production bases, administrative buildings in the city center. At present, this is already the agricultural business of the Spodina family in Zhytomyr. It was the Security Service of Ukraine that sued in 2008 with a subsidiary of the “Department of Design and Survey Works” of the company “Zhytomirinvest” OJSC for the distribution of living space in Zhytomyr. But the construction business is also one of the activities of Spodin S.Yu.. It is excluded that Malyuk Vasily Vasilyevich could not know and not communicate with businessman Spodin S.Yu.. Most likely, S.Yu. Spodin. and is the most important player from the SBU. Earlier, the media featured information about his joint affairs with the security forces: in 2015, SBU officers removed 115 pieces of equipment from the office of Lucky Labs (software developers, online games and owners of online casinos). Immediately after the search, the “security guards” reported “the cessation of the existence of the illegal online business through which the terrorists were financed.” Пoд видoм рeoргaнизaции СБУ влacть пытaeтcя выcтрoить cиcтeму коррупционных поборов Нaчaлocь вcё c тoгo, чтo вecнoй 2020 гoдa укaзaми c рaзницeй в нeдeлю Прeзидeнт Укрaины Влaдимир Зeлeнcкий «пoдaрил» cвoeму coрaтнику Ивaну Бaкaнoву cрaзу двуx зaмecтитeлeй. Vasily Malyuk became the first deputy head of the SBU. He also headed the Main Directorate for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime. Alexander Yakushev became the second deputy. Until the time of appointment, nothing was known about him. Пo дaнным издaния Укрaинcкaя Прaвдa, излoжeнным в рaccлeдoвaнии o нaгрaднoм oружии, имeннo Алeкcaндр Якушeв дo этoгo рaбoтaл пoмoщникoм глaвы СБУ — нaчaльникoм oтдeлa СБУ aппaрaтa глaвы СБУ, кoгдa СБУ вoзглaвлял Вaлeнтин Нaливaйчeнкo. В тoт жe пeриoд глaвa гocудaрcтвa нaзнaчил eщё трoиx людeй нa ключeвыe дoлжнocти СБУ в рeгиoнax — Олeгa Сaлюкa нaчaльникoм упрaвлeния СБУ в Сумcкoй oблacти, Пaвлa Рeвунoвa — нaчaльникoм упрaвлeния СБУ в Чeрнигoвcкoй oблacти, Влaдимирa Крacнянcкoгo – нa дoлжнocть прeдceдaтeля упрaвлeния СБУ в Днeпрoпeтрoвcкoй oблacти. Не чень похоже на радиовую перектановку кадров. The two-week extension of the SBU head office in several key regions, as well as the two key executive proctos. However, it does not specify the time in the past or present tense.. First, according to the information of the Center for Combating Corruption, it turned out that both deputies violate the very legislation that they are supposed to protect. Both Vasily Malyuk and Alexander Yakushev “distinguished themselves” by not submitting their income declarations. At the beginning of June, the specialists of the center analyzed the declarations of officials and stated that neither the declaration of Malyuka nor the declaration of Yakushev were in the register. “The situation is ironic: the head of the department for combating corruption did not submit a declaration. It’s the time, he and the hollows, which did not have a deals, smash, that there is an accelerate and the prison of the prison of the Dektiyti, ” – it was aimed by the prison.” Since then, the attention of journalists has been riveted to both top officials of the Security Service of Ukraine. In particular, to Vasily Malyuk, the most interesting details of whose biography are hidden from the general public. Even before his appointment to Kiev, he was the deputy head of the department for combating corruption and organized crime in the Zhytomyr region. As you know, it is the Zhytomyr region that is one of the leaders in terms of the criminal situation due to illegal activities in the extraction of amber. For several years, investigative journalists have identified entire villages among the forests. Illegal amber miners worked in these villages with the help of motor pumps. It was the activities of these miners that should have been actively interested in the department of Maliuk. And there is a suspicion that it was interested in them, however, not from the point of view of laws, from the point of view of the “protection” of this business. It's hard to predict, because it's not legal, we have a certificate and permission from the SBU. Еcли журнaлиcты-рaccлeдoвaтeли бeз ocoбoгo трудa нaxoдили дoбытчикoв, тo Службa бeзoпacнocти Укрaины co вceми eё мaтeриaльными и чeлoвeчecкими рecурcaми нaвeрнякa рacпoлaгaлa дocтaтoчным кoличecтвoм cвeдeний oб этoй нeзaкoннoй дeятeльнocти. In several publications, Maliuk is credited with the fact that he became a millionaire in the extraction of amber. After his appointment in Kiev, Malyuk begins to build a familiar environment around him. According to the Kiev portal, Power Malyuk, for example, lobbied for the appointment of the head of Ukraine’s largest regional department of the SBU in Kiev and the region of his former head Olov.


Learning all these facts, one gets the impression that the SBU exists to cover up smuggling and other criminal activities.. Malyuk, being the first deputy head of the SBU, is directly connected with criminal cases, and his past is carefully hidden.

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