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Lyubchenko Alexey Nikolaevich


Aleksey Lyubchenko is one of the representatives of corrupt officials with experience. The "twisting" scheme, which he uses so actively, has existed for many years. Thanks to this, Lyubchenko has a boat, expensive cars, and real estate. That's just the country's budget is "losing weight." And let's just say Lyubchenko does not miss a single opportunity to earn extra money illegally. And corrupt courts willingly help him in such important matters.

September 21, 1971
Уровень охвата:

Lyubchenko Alexey Nikolaevich

Official biography

First Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Economy of Ukraine Date of birth: 09/21/1971

Place of Birth

Born September 21, 1971 in. Orlovets, Gorodishchensky district, Cherkasy region.


In 1993 he graduated with honors from the Kyiv State Economic University with a degree in Economic and Social Planning. Doctor of Economic Sciences. In 2007 – doctoral studies of the Council for the Study of Productive Forces of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Fluent in German. Career. From June 1987 to July 1987 he worked as an auxiliary worker in the experimental section of the Smelyansk Machine-Building Plant in the Cherkasy region. From July 1993 to 1994. – Expert of the program “Macroeconomics” of the Center for Market Reforms. In 1994-1995. – Senior Economist of the Smelyansky City Council of the Cherkasy Region. In 1995-1997. – Head of the Department of Communal Property and Entrepreneurship of the Smelyansk City Council of the Cherkasy Region. He worked as the head of the communal property management department of the Economics and Property Department of the City Council Executive Committee. In early 1998, he was appointed head of the economy and property department of the Cherkasy Regional State Administration. He held the position of deputy mayor for the activities of the council bodies, was a member of the executive committee. September 1998 to February 1999. – Deputy Head of the Department for Economic Affairs of the Cherkasy Regional State Administration. From February 1999, he moved to work as deputy chairman of the State Tax Administration in the Kirovograd region, from May 1999 – first deputy head of the administration in the Kirovograd region. February 2003 to 2005 – Chairman of the State Tax Administration in the Cherkasy region. February 2005 to 2009 – Assistant to the Chairman of the Patronage Service, Deputy Chairman of the Kirovograd Regional State Administration. September 2009 to June 2011. – Deputy Chairman of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine. From June 2011 to February 2012 – Director of the Department of Taxation of Legal Entities of the State Tax Service of Ukraine. In 2012-2014, he was an assistant to the deputy of the VII convocation Viktor Tymoshenko. February 2012 to July 2014. – First Vice-President of PJSC “Ukragrokhimholding”. From July 2014 to 2015. – Advisor to the Chairman of the Department of Advisors of the Department for Supporting the Activities of the Service of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. Since October 2015 – First Vice President of JSC “Ukragrokhimholding”. On April 29, 2020, by order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, he was appointed Chairman of the State Tax Service of Ukraine. On April 14, 2021, the Cabinet of Ministers reappointed Aleksey Lyubchenko as Chairman of the State Tax Service. According to the decision of the government, Aleksey Lyubchenko will hold the position of head of the State Tax Service for another 5 years. On May 20, 2021, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine appointed Oleksiy Lyubchenko First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy of Ukraine. Declaration. According to the declaration for 2019, Aleksey Lyubchenko, together with his wife Oksana, owns four apartments (two in Kyiv, two in Cherkasy and the region) and a land plot of 4.4 hectares near Kropyvnytskyi. The family has two cars, a 2013 Land Rover Evoque and a 2007 Nissan Micra, and two boats, a Bombardier utopia 205 and a Buster Magnum. Lyubchenko keeps $35,200, €48.8 and UAH 265,400 in PrivatBank accounts, and keeps another $12,000 and €14,000 in cash.

A family

Spouse – Lyubchenko Oksana Nikolaevna. Works at PJSC “Ukragrokhimholding”. The declaration of Aleksey Lyubchenko states that his wife is engaged in leasing property. Alexey and Oksana have a son Andrey, born in 1994.

NOT official biography

As the journalists of the Slidstvo.Info project found out, the son of the head of the State Tax Service Alexei Lyubchenko, Andrey Lyubchenko, as of May 2020, owned property, the origin of which he could not explain. In particular, since 2013 he has owned an apartment of more than 100 square meters, as well as a parking space in one of the new buildings in the center of Kyiv. At the time of the acquisition, Lyubchenko Jr. was 18 years old. According to journalists, this property can cost at least $ 215,000.

In a comment to journalists, he said that he did not remember where he got the money to buy an apartment and a parking space. When asked if his parents helped him, the guy replied: “Probably.” Also at the beginning of 2020, Lyubchenko Jr. bought a 2019 Porsche Macan. On the official website of the automaker, the price for such a car starts from 72 thousand dollars. According to the son of the country's chief tax officer, he made money on this car by doing marketing.. “Well, I actually work, I have a FOP of the third group, I do social media marketing: Facebook, Instagram advertising, Google and so on. Therefore, in principle, there is nothing very strange and, in my opinion, this car was not too expensive,” Andrey Lyubchenko noted. Benz 2013. In 2020, this car belonged to a private company registered in the Cherkasy region, where the country's chief tax officer comes from. Obviously, it was on this car that Andrei Lyubchenko was detained in 2018 by patrol officers for driving while intoxicated.. The defendant himself pleaded guilty in court.. But he didn't get punished.. As it turned out, at the time of the consideration of the case, the time limit for bringing to responsibility had expired.. According to the son of the taxman, it was a company car and he used it for work. The head of the State Tax Service himself did not return calls and messages to answer about the origin of his family's fortune.

Valuable frame

Soon, the media paid attention to the success of the tax official for the first time.. In 2009, Zerkalo Nedelya published a long article by journalist Yuri Butusov about tax fraud in the government of Yulia Tymoshenko and tax schemes that were implemented under the roof of the so-called “beloved friends” – politicians and businessmen close to President Viktor Yushchenko. Butusov directly called Lyubchenko – the appointment of Yushchenko's political force quota – “NU-NS” and indicated that he was in charge of the tax administration of VAT (value added tax) and income tax – the main “gray” scheme of those times.

Yanukovych team mentor

After Viktor Yanukovych won the presidential election and the so-called “Donetsk clan” came to power, Oleksiy Lyubchenko retained his position as a valuable cadre, theorist and practitioner of taxation. Vitaliy Zakharchenko, the future head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a state criminal, became Lyubchenko's chief, and other representatives of the “Donetsk clan” – Andriy Golovach and Alexander Klymenko (the same one who later headed the super-ministry of income and fees (popularly – Minzdoh), under the roof who organized the state racketeering system and had a boxing room in his office).

Lyubchenko worked in this company for more than a year and left for free bread only after he taught the “Donetsk” what he knew himself.

Not subject to lustration

Despite the fact that Aleksey Lyubchenko fell under the law on lustration, because he was an official during the time of Yanukovych, which means that he cannot hold high positions now, no attention was paid to the law. Thus, Aleksey Lyubchenko entered the elite club of “unlustred Yanukovych's cadres” and joined the company of Andriy Bogdan, Petro Poroshenko and other worthies. An excerpt from the document: Full document:

Compromising evidence

The media note that due to the fact that Lyubchenko held a top position in the tax office under President Yanukovych, according to the law “On the cleansing of power”, he does not have the right to hold high positions. People's Deputy Yulia Klymenko wrote about this on Facebook. She noted that the term of lustration in relation to Lyubchenko is 10 years after the previous position. According to press reports, Aleksey's candidacy was lobbied by Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko. Journalists also call Lyubchenko a man of Viktor Tymoshenko and Ilya Pavlyuk (a friend of the president who is associated with those who look at customs).

Undeclared car

In September 2020, people's deputy Alexander Dubinsky turned to the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption with a request to check the circumstances of the case with Lyubchenko's undeclared car. We are talking about the car of the tax officer Toyota Land Cruiser, which in 2020 got into an accident. Before police arrived, the car fled the scene.. The rooms have been replaced. Later it was established that the car belongs to PJSC Ukragrokhimholding, but the politician did not indicate it in his declaration. NAZK replied that an investigation into this fact would be carried out.

Oleksiy Lyubchenko became the new head of the Ukrainian tax office, replacing Serhiy Verlanov, who “lost people's trust”. The candidacy of the new head of the State Tax Service was approved by the Ministry of Finance. In connection with the quarantine, the Cabinet of Ministers decided not to hold a competition after the dismissal of Verlanov. Instead, the Ministry of Finance was instructed to conduct an interview with a candidate for the position of head of the State Tax Service. Lyubchenko's candidacy was lobbied by Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko and even took him to the President's Office “for approval”. The decision on the appointment was made today at a government meeting. Aleksey Lyubchenko started his career in government structures back in the 90s, he has extensive experience in the tax field. Informant Money will tell you what is known about the chief tax officer.


Lyubchenko filed a declaration of income as a candidate for the position of Deputy Minister of Finance. Lyubchenko's declaration contains three apartments – in Cherkassy, Smela and Kyiv, a land plot of 43,800 m² in Znamenka and an unfinished garage registered to his wife. The Blaser D-99 hunting carbine, two Breguet watches and jewelry with precious stones were also declared.. The boat Bombardier Utopia 205, Land Rover Evoque cars of 2013 and Nissan Micra 1.2 of 2007 are issued for the wife. Lyubchenko himself uses a Buster Magnum water boat, which belongs to another person. The Lyubchenko family receives a salary in Ukragrokhimholding, of which he is a shareholder and which is part of the corporation Ukragrokhimholding JSC. The enterprise is one of the largest companies in Ukraine, which is engaged in the production of complex phosphorus-containing mineral and ecological organo-mineral fertilizers, plastic containers for liquid and paste preparations of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. According to the YouControl analytical system, the founders of Ukragrokhimholding LLC are offshore. Also, the income of the family is brought by deposits in banks and renting out property.. In banks, according to the declaration, the family keeps 84,874 dollars, 48,800 euros and 717,982 hryvnias. The spouses declared cash: $12,000, hryvnia 90,000 and euro 14,000. Among the advantages of Lyubchenko, they note a great experience in the tax service, knowledge of the specifics of the work of the State Fiscal Service from the inside. In addition, he is not directly associated with any political force, which also plays into his hands.. The obvious disadvantage is the lack of experience in business structures. After the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, a contract will be signed with Alexei Lyubchenko, after which he will begin to fulfill new obligations. Evgeny Oleinikov became his deputy.

Continuation of the scandal with the repair of the “emergency” building of the Tax. STS wants to spend another UAH 120 million. to the server room

A reliable colleague and protege of the current Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Lyubchenko (former head of the State Tax Service) as chairman of the State Tax Service, Yevgeny Oleinikov continues the work of his former boss with great enthusiasm. Including cunning schemes for repairing the basement at the central office of the State Tax Service in Kyiv at Lvivska Square, 9. They began on August 4, 2020, when a tender for repairs worth UAH 55 million was announced. Then Lyubchenko was still the head of the Tax Department, and he launched a negotiation procedure for this purchase in order to independently choose the contractor he needed. And the formal reason for the negotiation procedure was the alleged emergency state of the basement of the STS building, where water penetrated during precipitation. Somewhat due to the fact that the main electrical installation is located in the basement, this can provoke a shutdown and failure of Nalogova's server equipment. This is what was written in the rationale for the tender purchase: “In the premises of the basement there are power plants that ensure uninterrupted operation, including server equipment. Due to a violation of the surface waterproofing, water flows into these premises and emergency power outages occur. This leads to failure of server equipment, engineering infrastructure of server premises, short circuit on power energy installations, possible complete stoppage of server operation and loss of archival data of taxpayers for all previous years. Stopping the operation of the server equipment will make it impossible to fulfill the tasks assigned to the State Tax Service of Ukraine.” Of course, the scheme did not suit many. However, after long wrangling with the State Audit Service and appealing its decision in court, the contractor of Alexei Lyubchenko nevertheless began to develop a multimillion-dollar budget. This is confirmed by the message of the State Tax Service of Ukraine dated December 29, 2020: “The State Tax Service of Ukraine informs about the submission on 28.12.2020 to the District Administrative Court of the city of Kyiv of a claim to the State Audit Service of Ukraine for recognition as illegal and cancellation of the conclusion of 14.12.2020 on the results of monitoring the procurement procedure No. UA-2020-08-04-007667-a. We will inform you about the opening of proceedings in the case additionally within the next working day from the day of receiving information about the opening of such proceedings and its number.” And in September 2021, an additional agreement was signed, according to which the overhaul of the emergency Nalogova building in Kyiv should be completed in November 2021. It would seem that the story with the distribution of money could be completed this fall. However, it turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg.. Since it turned out that they were going to spend even more money for repairs. Those who thought that for 55 million UAH. from the emergency building of the State Tax Service on Lvovskaya Square they will “make candy” and prevent damage to the server equipment of the Tax Office – they were mistaken. Since the other day, the new head of the State Tax Service, Yevgeny Oleinikov, came up with a new story with repair work, on which an even larger amount could be mastered. It will be devoted to a new idea – moving the server GNS to a new location. Namely: to the neighboring building on Lvovskaya Square, 6, where the State Fiscal Service was located. That is, first they repaired the old server room, and now they will make a new one. On September 29, a new tender purchase was announced for the new server room of the tax authorities at the ProZorro site. The message says so: that work is being purchased to equip a new room for a server room. Their cost is estimated at UAH 120 million. A little more than two weeks were given for the submission of proposals, the auction should take place on October 18th. Under the terms of the contract, the contractor will receive an advance payment in the amount of 30% of the amount, that is, UAH 36 million, as an advance payment within 90 days. And everything else – after the completion of the work. As wrote earlier, the story of emergency repairs in the State Tax Service building was deliberately inflated for a tender without any competition and further withdrawal of funds through a scandalous company. Which also turned out to be a defendant in a criminal case related to the misappropriation of property. And the new works are just a continuation of the old sensational story, but with a big budget.

Suspicious Purchase. Ministry of Economy Lyubchenko is going to spend UAH 7.3 million on air travel by purchasing 376 tickets at the rate of UAH 29/$

The Ministry of Economy, headed by Oleksiy Lyubchenko, wants to spend UAH 7.27 million on air travel on business trips abroad this year. Most of the air tickets are going to be bought to Geneva (Switzerland) and Dubai (UAE). This is confirmed by the message on the procurement of transport services, which the Ministry of Economy published on July 21 on the ProZorro portal. Suppliers' proposals will be accepted until August 23, and the auction is scheduled for September 28. The contractor will have to submit tickets by December 31, 2021. The dates of these tickets / trips are not specified, that is, they may fall in the three months remaining until the end of this year and in 2022. The tender application refers to the plan of the Ministry of Economy to purchase 376 tickets for flights around the world. There are 51 directions in total: from Shanghai and Hanoi to Minsk, to which, by the way, 10 tickets will be ordered. As mentioned above, Alexey Lyubchenko and his subordinates buy most of the tickets to two cities – Geneva and Dubai. And the five most popular destinations from the Ministry of Economy look like this: Geneva (Switzerland) – 50 tickets; Dubai (UAE) – 46 tickets; Brussels (Belgium) – 43 tickets; Beijing (China) – 15 tickets; Paris (France) – 14 tickets. What kind of official events are going to attend the officials is unknown. What is surprising in the terms of the purchase is the hryvnia to the dollar exchange rate, according to which Lyubchenko's department proposes to calculate the cost of tickets. This is 29 UAH/$. The rate is non-market, and very far from the reality of the interbank market and the official values of the National Bank. The official exchange rate of the NBU has never reached such an average value – these are the data of the regulator: 2019 – 25.8 UAH / $; 2020 — UAH 26.96/$; 2021 — from UAH 27.24/$ to UAH 28.22/$. For example, as of today, July 27, the NBU set its official rate at UAH 26.98/$, the interbank market closed yesterday at UAH 26.96-26.98, and cash prices in exchange offices were in the range of 27.0- 27.15 UAH/$. The level of 29.0 UAH/$ is very far away, and so far nothing foreshadows it. It is impossible to believe that the Ministry of Economy does not know all this. Therefore, it seems that officials are intentionally letting them cash in on budget purchases.. Most likely, they play along with a specific service provider, which should be paid attention to by controllers. Previously, the Ministry of Economy spent less on foreign trips. For example, in mid-2019, it purchased tickets from the Pilot agency for UAH 6.6 million.. Then the top five most popular destinations were: Geneva and Bern (Switzerland) – 75 tickets; Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE) – 29 tickets; Brussels (Belgium) – 28 tickets; Tokyo (Japan) – 29 tickets; 25 tickets; Munich (Germany) – 20 tickets. There are too many questions about the current purchase of tickets by the Ministry of Economy of Alexei Lyubchenko, and it needs to be checked by auditors and law enforcement officers. The state budget may be damaged.

Chairman of the State Tax Service Aleksey Lyubchenko keeps 2,000 rubles for three months. a person in an emergency building, for the repair of which he plans to spend 55 million hryvnia.

Moreover, through a company that previously carried out fictitious work. It is quite obvious that the tax official will get into a new scandal. This will become his feature – to be a defendant in high-profile stories that disgrace the State Tax Service. This is despite the fact that people are still discussing the incident when Lyubchenko showed up in a car with “left” numbers: it was owned by PJSC Ukragrokhimholding, in which he previously worked, and could also be related to the payment of illegal VAT refunds in June 2020. The amount of twists amounted to 2.7 billion hryvnia. To date, law enforcement officers are checking the stated facts on the grounds of criminal offenses (Articles 28, 364, 366, 367 and 368 of the Criminal Code). But despite the demands of people's deputies to dismiss Lyubchenko, he continues to head the State Tax Service. Moreover, he came up with a new criminal scheme, with the help of which he can withdraw more than 54 million hryvnias from the budget. Its essence is to withdraw money under the guise of emergency repairs of one of the premises of the central office of the State Tax Service. On August 4, 2020, the tender committee of the State Tax Service announced a purchase for the overhaul of the administrative building of the central office of the State Fiscal Service in Kyiv (8 Lvovskaya Square). The expected cost is UAH 54.7 million. Despite the fact that the tender was announced on August 4, the winner was determined on the same day. According to the negotiation procedure, they became the company “BK KBR”. Without any competition, exactly at the expected cost – for 54.7 million hryvnias. The question immediately arises: how did an incomprehensible company get a solid order so quickly? To make it happen, Lyubchenko's people manipulated the tender documents. Under the ornate procedure, the logical explanation of which is not. The grounds for the application of the negotiation procedure were formulated very cunningly – “the emergence of special economic circumstances with the immediate elimination of the consequences of emergency situations.” Thus, the State Tax Service simply referred to the provision of the Law “On Public Procurement” (p. 2, p. 3, Art. 40), which gives reason to apply the negotiation procedure. True, for some reason they threw out part of the text from this paragraph: “the occurrence of special economic or social circumstances associated with the immediate liquidation of the consequences of emergency situations, which make it impossible for the customer to comply with the terms for conducting the tender.” It turns out that an emergency situation arose in the central office of the State Internal Revenue Service, which no one knew about. And people continued to work there and endanger their lives.. At the same time, Lyubchenko wished not to focus on the conditions for the application of such a norm of the law, namely, he removed the phrase “which makes it impossible for the customer to comply with the terms for the tender.” What happened to the premises at 8 Lvovskaya Square? According to the official version, which is described on ProZorro:. Kyiv, Lvivska square, bldg. 8, which employs more than 2,000 people and also houses the DPS server equipment, is in a state unsuitable for normal operation, individual structural load-bearing elements are classified as level “4” – “emergency”. Due to the termination of restoration construction works in 2019, the foundations of the building remain open and unprotected from the negative impact of natural forces, in particular atmospheric precipitation, during the period of seasonally low temperatures, which leads to its destruction due to temperature changes, water inflow, and rupture of reinforcing joints and concrete elements of load-bearing structures. In the premises of the basement there are power plants that ensure uninterrupted operation, including server equipment. Due to a violation of the surface waterproofing, water flows into these premises and emergency power outages occur. This leads to failure of server equipment, engineering infrastructure of server premises, short circuit on power energy installations, possible complete stoppage of server operation and loss of archival data of taxpayers for all previous years. Stopping the operation of the server equipment will make it impossible to perform the tasks assigned to the State Tax Service of Ukraine. By the Permanent Commission on Technological and Environmental Safety and Emergency Situations of the Executive Body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration) (hereinafter referred to as the Commission) the technical condition of the load-bearing structures, self-supporting structures of the basement premises of the switchboard, the crossbar of the floor area and the area of the retaining wall of the basement near the entrance ramp of the building No. 8 on Lviv Square was assessed by the indicator “category of technical condition” as category “4” — emergency. With further operation of the building without repair, there is a potential threat of an emergency situation of a man-made nature, which may acquire a regional level, which is indicated in the Protocol of the Commission dated 09.06.2020 No. 36 (attached). By letter dated 06/19/2020 No. 02 9027/161-2 (in. DPS No. 25813/5 dated 06/22/2020) (attached) The State Emergency Service of Ukraine supported the Commission's decision regarding the existence of a potential threat of a man-made emergency in the administrative building of the DPS on Lvivska Square, 8 of Kyiv, which may acquire a regional level, and reported the need to take measures to prevent its occurrence by carrying out urgent emergency recovery works. The indicated emergency and recovery works must be performed in accordance with the adjusted design and estimate documentation. In order to fulfill the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On the Regulation of Urban Planning Activities” to ensure the execution of the specified works, it is necessary to involve organizations for technical and author's supervision in accordance with the Resolution of the CMU dated 07.22.2007 No. 903 “On author's and technical supervision during the construction of an architectural object”. The Law of Ukraine “On Regulation of Town Planning Activities” requires obtaining the permission of the state architectural and construction control body (DABI) in order to obtain the right to perform construction works. In order to carry out work at the SFS Facility, a Permit for construction work at the Facility was obtained from 04/23/2019 No. KV 112191130716 (hereinafter referred to as the Permit), issued by the Department for State Architectural and Building Control of the City of Kyiv of the Executive Body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City Council state administration). The permit is granted to the customer and the general contractor. In addition, the person of the chief architect of the project, who performs the author's supervision, and the person who performs the technical supervision of the construction are indicated. Changing the organizations or persons specified in the Permit requires the implementation of additional measures in order to provide the specified information to the Department for State Architectural and Building Control of the City of Kyiv of the Executive Body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration). In order to ensure the possibility of performing works in accordance with current legislation, the Department of Urban Development of the Executive Body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration) has opened Control Card No. 19100155-Шв for the temporary disruption of landscaping and its restoration in connection with the performance of works at the Facility. According to the design and estimate documentation, the term of performance of works at the Object is six months. Taking into account the work carried out in accordance with the contract between the Federal Tax Service and “BK CBR” LLC dated 07.11.2018 No. KR-1/2018, the term of work that must be completed according to the PCD is up to 4 months. The term of performance of critically necessary works to ensure the avoidance of an emergency situation is 2-3 months. With the onset of the season of low temperatures, open foundations will lose a significant part of their technological characteristics, which will lead to the emergence of an emergency situation of a man-made nature at the regional level. Additional measures for obtaining a Permit, Control Card, registration of the transfer of the construction site and water and electricity connection points will require additional time, which is critically necessary for the construction emergency and restoration work at the Facility. Changing the Contractor will lead to loss of time and will make it impossible to complete works on the Facility in the current year. Funds for carrying out the specified repair works were allocated from the Reserve Fund of the State Budget of Ukraine in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 07.27.2020 No. 928-r “On the allocation of funds from the reserve fund of the State Budget” (attached). Taking into account the above, in order to avoid irreversible economic, informational and human losses, there are grounds for conducting a negotiation procurement procedure on the subject: Capital repair and restoration – according to the code DK 021:2015 – 45453000-7, DSTU B.D.1.1 – 1:2013 ” Rules for determining the cost of construction” (Overhaul of the administrative building of the central office of the Federal Tax Service at the address:. Kyiv, Lvivska ploshcha, 8 (a complex of construction and installation works, including: engineering networks, overhaul of load-bearing structures (columns, beams, coverings, etc.) of the basement of zones A, B, B, E with waterproofing of the covering and landscaping) Correction)” . It is clear from the huge explanation that 2 thousand. people put their lives in danger for a long time. But they continue to work in an emergency room. Which, by the way, is not surprising, because it is known that earlier the head of the State Tax Service, Lyubchenko, brought it to the point that a whole department in the central office of the Tax Office became ill with a coronavirus. And on June 19, 2020, the State Emergency Service supported the decision of the Commission on the existence of a potential threat of a man-made emergency in the administrative building of the State Tax Service on Lvivska Square, 8. She stated that urgent emergency and restoration work is needed. Logically, emergency work should have started as early as June 2020, but this did not happen.. That is, Lyubchenko postponed the solution of the “urgent” issue for two months, put people at risk. If only then, without competition, put BK KBR as a contractor, which has been working on this site since 2018, but, in all likelihood, to no avail. In an objective competition, this company would not have passed. Wouldn't even pass a preliminary test.. Too many questions for her. If only because she was a defendant in a criminal case related to the misappropriation of property. “BC KBR” in September 2017 entered into an agreement for the overhaul of the central district library named after. P. Tychyny, (Kyiv, st.. A. Sheptytsky, 24). The total cost of the work amounted to UAH 3.1 million. At the same time, when examining the building and premises of the Central Regional Library named after. P. Tychyna., it was found that despite the signing of acts of work performed, work on major repairs continues. Criminal proceedings were initiated No. 12018100040000335 dated 01/10/2018 on the grounds of a criminal offense under Part 3 of Article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – misappropriation, embezzlement of property or taking it by abuse of official position. That is, such an enterprise, of course, fits into the style of work of Lyubchenko. But definitely not suitable for working with the State Tax Service. Even more so at an emergency facility. Therefore, the newly-minted head of the State Tax Service had to cunningly stretch out this company bypassing the competition. It is quite obvious that Lyubchenko does not care about his employees and their lives.. And the situation with emergency repairs was deliberately inflated, in order to conduct a tender without any competition and further withdraw money through a scandalous company. Finally, the contract must be signed on August 10, 2020. Then the criminal conspiracy will be documented, and the process will go. Well, Lyubchenko will be able to withdraw almost 55 million hryvnias for repairs. Deputy Prime Minister Lyubchenko and his cars Oleksiy Lyubchenko from the time of the State Tax Service of Ukraine has a habit of renting used cars of 2007 for budgetary funds (3 million hryvnias). The tender is fully prescribed for a specific vehicle fleet, which usually wins and then seems to provide services for “Rental of passenger vehicles with a driver (transportation services)”. At the same time, it will be 4 cars, which seem to have to travel 120 km per day. The tender will take place today – October 11. The winner will be determined either immediately if less than 2 companies enter, or technically everyone will go through the negotiation procedure. According to our information, the services will be provided by the KM fleet of Ukraine. With one hand, Lyubchenko carries out the development of budget funds, and with the other he easily gives the acting. head of traffic police Evgeny Oleinikov elite Mercedes.

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The insipid Lyubchenko volunteered to protect consumer rights, but fell into a new one, saying that with the purchase of a post for $5 million, the Cabinet of Ministers registered bill No. 6134 “On consumer protection”, where the explanatory note was prepared by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Alexei Lyubchenko. It reports that in Ukraine, one of the first countries in the post-Soviet space, the law “On Protection of Consumer Rights” was adopted.. However, the consumer rights protection system (CRP system) created in 1991 has undergone certain destructive changes.. Which led to significant inconsistencies between our protection practices and EU rules. And attempts to harmonize the two approaches were not systemic, but situational. To date, several areas can be identified, gaps in the regulation of which lead to numerous cases of violation of consumer rights.. People find themselves face to face with problems of violated rights. For example, a lot of unresolved issues in the protection of consumer rights in the field of e-commerce. There is no protection against dishonest trading activities, and consumer rights are not effectively protected, especially when it comes to product warranties. Based on the results of the analysis of consumer appeals in the field of electronic commerce, the following was revealed: when buying products in online stores, people are provided with false information about the product, its consumer properties, price. The right of the consumer to terminate the contract, refuse products and return funds is violated; There are cases of lack of information about a business entity sufficient to identify it, which makes it impossible to control the State Food and Consumer Service and protect consumer rights. If the merchant does not provide reliable information on the website (about the name, location), it is impossible to carry out supervision in accordance with the requirements of the law “On the Basic Principles of State Supervision (Control) in the Sphere of Economic Activity”. To restore violated consumer rights, the State Food and Consumer Service was granted the right to contact the Internet service provider to restrict access to the site (part of the site, software). The controller must restore access after the appearance of all data on the location of the enterprise: it is obliged to submit a corresponding appeal to the provider within 2 days. It is believed that this will motivate merchants to properly design their sites and publish reliable information about themselves. The draft law also provides for the obligation for sellers to create an exchange fund of goods – an expensive undertaking for business. The fund is needed to exchange low-quality sold goods for high-quality ones. In addition, the law provides that the merchant must pay a penalty for each day of delay in providing the consumer with goods of a similar brand (model, article, modification) and for each day of delay in eliminating defects (more than fourteen days).. The amount of the penalty is 1% of the value of the goods. So that a person does not have to wait a long time to replace the product with the same quality (if the repair period exceeds 14 days or it is impossible), there will be a requirement for a mandatory replacement. In this case, the creation of an exchange fund may not be necessary. The bill should have a positive impact on the protection of consumer rights, but at the same time, it seriously unties the hands of the State Food and Consumer Service, which is completely controlled by the Ministry of Economy, which is headed by Alexei Lyubchenko. It was the same Lyubchenko who, during the leadership of the State Tax Service, regularly appeared in various scandals. The one who is now accused of inefficient work in a new post. The other day, on one of the telegram channels, information appeared that he was allegedly ready to offer the authorities at least $5 million for the right to remain in office for at least another year.. There is a possibility that the correspondence will be made public along with the phone number from which the bribe offers were sent.

Aleksey Lyubchenko's billion-dollar twists: all moves are recorded

Who is responsible for the most popular VAT evasion scheme and which companies are involved. From January to May 2021, Ukrainian entrepreneurs, with the “support” of the fiscal authorities, deprived the budget of VAT revenues in the amount of more than UAH 12 billion. At least 1,300 companies took part in the popular “roll-up” scheme, when imported goods, food products, fuels and lubricants are converted into agricultural products for export according to documents.. The editors have obtained a complete list of these enterprises and analytical reports on the amounts of “twisting” and illegal VAT refunds. The “twisting” scheme has existed for many years. Its essence is to combine the tax credit, which was formed as a result of importing or manufacturing goods on the shadow market (sale for cash), and the tax liability that arises from payers who need to legalize “shadow” goods. Documents for goods sold for cash are “sold” to the “customer” of the tax credit, and often incompatible goods are “combined” in the scheme: for example, the sale of tomatoes opposes the purchase of fuel and lubricants. The “twisting” itself, that is, the substitution of the range of goods, takes place at the so-called “transit” intermediary enterprises. However, both the “seller” and the “customer” of the tax credit are full-fledged accomplices in the crime. Many heads of the fiscal service, regardless of its formal name at a particular point in time, did not even try to eradicate these machinations.. On the contrary, they always sought to gain control over it.. In fact, the scheme of documentary transformation of some goods into others is rather clumsy and monosyllabic.. All manipulations are visible to tax analysts. This means that the cloudless existence of this method of tax evasion for billions of hryvnias every month is impossible without the fiscals simply turning a blind eye to it.. Of course, not for free. The amounts that are circulating in this “market” and the potential amount of “commissions” that dishonest tax officials can take can be judged at least from public statements and available documents.. For example, ex-Minister of Finance Igor Umansky estimates the volume of twists at UAH 60 billion. in year. According to the report of the temporary investigation commission of the Verkhovna Rada, which assessed the activities of the tax authorities and investigated, among other things, the volume of the “market” of twists, in 2020 the participants in the schemes “twisted” about UAH 27 billion. At the same time, only in the period from May to December 2020, when the head of the State Tax Service was the current First Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Oleksiy Lyubchenko, the volume of “twisting” amounted to UAH 19.6 billion. or about UAH 2.5 billion. monthly. The maximum that VSK managed to record was UAH 4.3 billion in November 2020. The editors had at their disposal documents that confirm that in the next five months of Lyubchenko's tenure as head of the tax service, the situation not only did not change, but even worsened.. According to data collected by analysts, the volume of transit and conversion turnover for the period from January to May 2021 amounted to UAH 12.4 billion. About 1350 enterprises are involved in the activities of the schemes. The largest number of such taxpayers is expected to fall on offices in Lviv, Donetsk, Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa regions, as well as in Kyiv. The main commodity groups involved in the conversion: imported goods, food, cigarettes, fuels and lubricants. The main commodity group at the output is agricultural products, intended for further export. Based on the lists of companies participating in conversion and “transit” schemes, analysts drew conclusions about the key beneficiaries and organizers of such processes. In particular, the document mentions a Lviv entrepreneur, whom certain media call the “king of smuggling”, although he often positions himself as a “lawyer”. In Kyiv, analysts call Vyacheslav Strelkovskiy the main beneficiary of the wires, who also regularly appears in publications about conversion centers and “warm” relations with the tax authorities. In addition, the list of twisters in the capital included the president of the AGR Group agricultural holding Misak Khidiryan, the general director of Grainexpo EU Sevak Chirkinyan, the co-founder of the Capital Jewelry Factory Trading House LLC Yuri Karfik, and Igor Stakovichenko, a person involved in publications about conversion centers. In the Dnipropetrovsk region, the list of “twisters” involved in Lyubchenko's schemes included the president of the hockey club “Pridneprovsk” Sergey Gribkov, the founder of Intercreditbank and a number of other businesses in the Dnieper Vladimir Tugay, entrepreneurs Nikolai Kononov, Andrey Kuznetsov, Ilya Nikitin (combat group). In the Kharkiv region, Sergey Yeskov (Digma group) was named the main schematic designer, in Volyn – Sergey Mostynets (importer of cars and spare parts). Among other regions, one of the key beneficiaries of the twists, according to analysts, is the Odessa businessman Andrei Boboglo.

According to the authors of the document, the situation with the twists was due to the inaction of the STS officials, since the tax authorities have a whole list of tools to work out and prevent the formation and distribution of a dubious tax credit. This is confirmed by the data of the VSK report on the investigation of the circumstances of twisting. In a number of regions, more than half of the signals about the need to respond to twists, as the commission found out, are simply ignored. For example, in the Lvov region, the tax authorities “worked out” only 20% of the beneficiaries of corruption schemes, in the Odessa region – 33%, in the Kharkiv region – 45%. Analysts also established systematically well-established work on illegal VAT refunds from the budget. The most common are VAT refund schemes for enterprises and organizations of public associations of persons with disabilities, which are entitled to apply a zero tax rate; VAT refund scheme for transactions for the purchase of goods (both imports and in the customs territory) that are not sold in the future; Scheme for VAT refunds on court decisions on which sufficient measures were not taken by the State Tax Service to defend the interests of the state. Recently, the media calculated that Alexei Lyubchenko's short activity as head of the tax service cost the state and taxpayers about $1 billion.. The schemes and companies described above are only part of a much larger picture that has yet to be studied and properly assessed by law enforcement agencies.. Especially in light of how actively the official is promoting his candidacy for the post of future prime minister.


How can we see the “old faces” under the new government continue to rob the country. On the one hand, it is surprising how a person who has more than one corruption scandal behind him could get to power, but on the other hand, you remember that everything is possible in Ukraine, the main thing is to be able to negotiate with the right people.

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