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Mila Levchuk is a millionaire blogger and female coach. She declares that her techniques are unique, and with the help of her marathons, any woman will find a rich prince, and live with him happily ever after and die in one day. For this miraculous miracle, she asks for only 10 thousand rubles. But firstly, the techniques that she provided were invented long before her blog, and secondly, qualified psychologists, and Mila is not one, argue that the techniques are not environmentally friendly and are manipulations that, on the contrary, destroy relationships. And there is direct evidence of this – the guru of love relationships, Mila, divorced her "ideal" husband, thereby calling into question all her teachings.

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Mila Levchuk

Official biography

She was born on April 23, 1982. The name of Mila Levchuk is familiar to many Russian women who are interested in building healthy relationships. She is a popular blogger on the social network “Instagram”, the author of the book “Feminine Dignity – the Force of Attraction of Men”, and also runs a YouTube channel.. There were ups and downs in her personal biography, but Mila did not lose heart and now helps other women to become worthy and feminine.

Personal life

Mila shares all the details of her personal life with her huge audience on the Internet.. She almost immediately told subscribers the news that she was expecting a long-awaited child.. The blogger named her newborn daughter Tamila. The news that she had decided to divorce her husband and business assistant Ilya did not hide from people watching the life of a woman. The reason was different life goals. The blogger stated this in one of her posts posted in June 2019.

 NOT official biography

Mila Levchuk is a Russian coach associated with self-promotion. Users of the baginya.org portal indicate that Mila Levchuk is a scammer. From the official biography, we know that Mila does not have a psychologist education, but on the Yandex.Zen page it is clearly written: a teacher-psychologist. When entering the search phrase “Mila Levchuk” into search engines, among the first clues appear such as “Mila Levchuk negative reviews”, “Mila Levchuk is a scammer”, “Mila Levchuk divorce”, “Mila Levchuk exposure”, which indicates the general dubious nature of the activity personalities. There are numerous negative reviews about the activities of the person: “It seems that I went, went, I seem to have learned so much, but there is zero benefit, the person was motivated and unmotivated in a week. Here is this training. It's better to go to the professionals. training seemed to me sucked from the finger. Some common truths about what a plus woman should be. What is a minus woman. Stop being a minus and become a plus. Here are the differences. The high price, the girlfriend-plus is in fact not a plus, the conditions and rules of the course are not specified in advance (about the training “activity”). “On the Big Question portal, a brief description is given for Levchuk: There is an investigation of individuals on this topic (biography) – on the site baginya.org in the Gura branch of women's training starting somewhere from page 90, in short – then a scammer. The baginya.org portal indicates that Levchuk is involved in the creation of a sect and a cult of personality. Some interesting comments from the discussion: And Mila Levchuk the Deceiver thought for a long time how to get out of such a situation, so she gave up a stupid answer. Mila! You can easily find about zeroing in Google, it is not necessary to give you money for this, you are our scammer. Levchuk Swindlers! Ilyusha-Alphonse, Mila-swindler. Here are some more excerpts from Mila's old blog that she is actively deleting: Mila also resorted to plastic surgery on her breasts and nose.

Training in “Business of Youth”

Mila Levchuk. Psychologist without psychological education, former successful wife of a non-working husband, author of an alternative history of the USA. Once she was trained by Pavel Rakov, she studied at Business Youth, and during these magical courses Mila was visited by an insight. Mila's main brainchild is her course “How to become a plus girl”? A plus girl is such a mythical creature that walks in dresses, recharges a man like a battery (did you think why “plus”?), Her husband carries her in his arms and every evening puts a carcass of a well-fed mammoth at her feet.

For 7,900 rubles (Standard tariff) and 12,900 (VIP tariff), Levchuk will teach you how to become a plus girl and build an ideal marriage. Mila's teaching successfully flourishes among the women of Russian villages and beckons them to their main dream and goal – to find a man at any cost.. Let's open the curtain and take a look behind the scenes of Levchuk's teachings. Is there any sense in it and at least the slightest benefit, and is it worth giving half the salary for it? And does Mila herself follow her teachings?

Ilya Levchuk, ex-husband of an old horse

There are a number of articles about Ilya on the Bagini forum. But articles about his predecessors became amusing.. Now Mila is actively deleting it, but the Internet remembers everything! There is also a lot of information about Ilya. It was he who prompted Mila to create fraudulent courses. On the site baginya.org, one of the users revealed the secrets of Ilya's business, backing it up with relevant evidence. Suspiciously youthful head of the Levchuk family sometimes appears in the frame of a happy life. He pronounces a memorized text on camera, and sometimes writes posts on Milin's Instagram with a clearly feminine construction of phrases. “Honey, what's your age difference?” – subscribers are interested. But such questions are removed with fabulous speed.. Pathfinders back in 2017 checked the age of Ilya Levchuk using a special application, and this is what happened: Now Mila Levchuk is 37 years old, her husband is 27. It would seem that it is shameful to have a husband 10 years younger? It's even beneficial for a non-working girl-plus. When she becomes a grandmother plus and receives a small social pension, her young husband will work and provide for the family. Is Mila's husband able to support her according to all the postulates of the teachings, pamper her and shower her with gifts? In 2013, he did not show such zeal. To questions from subscribers about what her husband does, Mila answered differently – either he makes a grandiose dating site, then an online university, or he runs a secret business that cannot be advertised. Where is the site, the university and other fruits of labor? Apparently, in the same place as the fur coat for his wife and the beard of Robert Downey Jr. With fairy tales about projects, Mila tried to cover up that her husband is just a banal young gigolo around the neck of an adult business woman. Instead of projects, he drove Mila on her business – after all, it’s unsuitable for a plus woman to drive, edited a video and swore in the comments with his wife’s haters. Sales of the course-breadwinner are carried out with IP Mila Levchuk. The devil in the details giggles and waves his horns. What kind of patriarchal woman will scold her husband and worry – what if subscribers think that she is dragging her family on her? But neither the doctrine of the plus girl, nor the miracle technique “Maslenitsa”, nor Mila's curls saved her marriage.


As part of enhanced self-promotion, Levchuk published articles glorifying herself: “Should I trust the advice and instructions of Mila Levchuk?”, “Mila Levchuk: biography, age, book”, “What does Mila Levchuk’s success say”, etc. In 2016, attempts were made to advertise Levchuk on Wikipedia, but all attempts were stopped and the “articles” were deleted as spam.

Evil fans

Despite the fact that in her courses Mila teaches girls to accept the situation, not to argue and not to conflict – the fans for any “wrong” comment in the direction of the course, or Mila herself, respond with aggression and insults.

The opinion of psychologists

There are many videos on YouTube exposing Mila Levchuk. Some of them were made by psychologists and psychotherapists who categorically do not recommend Mila's course, because it can only aggravate the situation.. In addition, after listening to at least one lecture by Mila about relationships, any qualified psychologist will tell you that Levchuk's methods are not environmentally friendly, and smack of abuse and discrimination. In addition, part of the knowledge that Mila presents in her courses and books has long been created, before her blogging. So the nickname “infogypsy” suits her. Analysis of a psychologist: why shouldn't Levchuk's teachings be taken seriously?

Stories of women who faced “Girl +” marathons and others. :
Also, psychoanalyst Elena Romanova expressed her point of view, because of which Levchuk and her fans: The opinion of a novice psychologist about Mila Levchuk's “Maslenitsa” technique, which involves manipulating a man, with which you can force him to marry you. As some participants of the “Girls +” trainings and other brainchildren of Levchuk say, the percentage of girls who have only worsened their relationship with partners is quite high.


Mila Levchuk is Elena Blinovskaya's infogypsy colleague. He sells “air” for big money, promises you a long happy life with the prince, but in fact he cannot even improve his relationship.

Личные данные

Ex-husband - Ilya Levchuk, has a daughter Tamila.
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