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Lagutina Zlata Vladimirovna


Zlata Lagutina belongs to the criminal organized crime group of Shkriblyak-Kononenko. It helps "necessary" enterprises avoid paying taxes, and receive interest from this. As proof, you can cite her fabulous wealth and millions of dollars. It is surprising why NABU and law enforcement agencies have not yet noticed suspicious enrichment? Journalists calculated that in one year Lagutina's fortune increased by several million, the collection of cars and real estate was replenished, which, of course, was recorded on relatives and colleagues. I wonder why?

Уровень охвата:

Zlata Vladimirovna Lagutina

Official biography

Head of the Main Department of the State Tax Service in. Kyiv. Born March 30, 1964. in Kyiv. In 1985 she graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Trade and Economics, specialty – “Commodity research and organization of trade in food products”, qualification – a commodity expert of the highest qualification.


From 1984 to 2010. worked in commercial structures. In 2010-2011. – Deputy Chairman of the State Tax Service in Kyiv. From 2011 to 2015. returned to work in private enterprises. In 2015. worked in the State Fiscal Service. She was the head of the tax and customs audit department of the Main Directorate of the State Fiscal Service in Kyiv. Since 2019. – Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of the State Tax Service in Kyiv. From 2020. – Head of the Main Directorate of the State Tax Service in Kyiv. Zlata Lagutina is a certified auditor: “A” series certificate since 2004. Candidate of Economic Sciences with a degree in Economics and Enterprise Management (by type of economic activity).

A family

She is raising her son and has a husband, Gennady.

NOT official biography

The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine is a very appetizing feeder for swindlers. Today we will talk about a glamorous and rich woman – Zlata Lagutina. There is an interesting PEP registry. The service posts materials about corrupt officials who launder dirty money through the international banking system. What is interesting about the “stats” of Zlata Lagutina on this site? We look: Such an increase is normal… from 150 to 890 thousand per year… No comment. Do you want to know who in real life moves money and manages the capital in the State Fiscal Service? There are two main pockets in this pattern. Firstly, this is Nonna Bagmet, the protégé of the head of the State Fiscal Service. Secondly, this is the Nizenko clan of Oleg, nicknamed Ninja, the former head of the State Fiscal Service of the capital from 2008 to 2010. By the way, in 2017, during a search, a lot of interesting things were seized from the ex-head of the Kyiv tax authority: a million bucks, a quarter of a million euros, a couple of kilograms of gold, and several luxury cars. Censor reported. One of his “pickkeepers” or “pickkeepers” is Zlata Lagutina, Honored Economist of Ukraine. It is this lady who oversees the audit of this government agency.. There is also Nikolai Ilshenko, a kind of “Saint Nikolai”, who “resolves” slippery issues with law enforcement agencies, and also watches a little everywhere, including managing the topic of VAT refunds. In the Audit Department, in general, a rather intriguing situation has emerged. Director Inna Yakushko, who at first was Lyudmila Demchenko's own man, suddenly changed course and adjusted to Lagutina.

In total, there are 8 departments in such a department, which can be figuratively divided into three categories:. They carry out typical petty requisitions from the capital's shops and restaurants, well, we add here dinners for Zlata, profit from currency exchange, flowers and other tinsel that she likes to know. Planners. These include the departments of Kaherskaya and Kravchuk, close to Zlata, and concurrently a relative of the aforementioned Nizenko. They do scheduled inspections.. A very profitable “feeder” with constant requisitions. For understanding – the fee is 10 thousand dollars in your pocket, and from 300 to 350 thousand hryvnia – directly to the budget. Helpers. This is the rest of the team that helps Lagutina and the aforementioned individuals stay afloat.

How Lagutina covers up tax crimes and commits forgeries

Public organization “Ukraine against the arbitrariness of officials” shared unique materials that few people have heard of. According to the Tax Code of Ukraine, there is a clear procedure for conducting actual inspections of business entities. This is no secret to anyone, but for some commissioners, such as Lagutina, unfortunately, this fact is not always an instruction for execution. For a year and a half, the public organization sent about 26 appeals, statements, messages to the head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine about the violation of the norms of the Tax Code by the following business entities that caused significant economic damage to our country: Adamant LLC; OOO “Adamant-Telecom”; OOO Doklab; FLP Remennikov S.V. Further, the same head of the State Fiscal Service made a distribution order and transferred those same appeals for consideration and processing to his deputy, that is, at that time Lagutina. And here the system failed… Instead of acting according to the Law and conducting proper factual on-site inspections of the said firms, it has been covering up the tax crimes of the said companies for a long time, while repeatedly falsifying the facts and committing official forgeries in order to obtain personal gain on a large scale. . A stalemate turns out. Only in relation to LLC “Adamant” and “Adamant-Telecom” a public organization opened, for a minute, 13 criminal cases … And according to preliminary data, with the complicity of Lagutina, only one FOP Remennikov caused losses to the state in the amount of about 670 thousand hryvnia, including due to tax evasion for sold them over the hill and not only websites, but also a dozen online stores.

Tax Kyiv: two bosses in a year

The Kyiv tax service can be called a “women's kingdom”, because it is headed by a woman – Zlata Lagutina, and out of her four deputies, three are also representatives of the fair sex. And the former heads of the Moscow tax office were also women: from 2015 to July 2019 – Lyudmila Demchenko, from July 2019 to June 2020 – Nonna Bagmet. Telegram channels that talk about fraud in the tax service reported on the protection that Nonna Bagmet provided to fraudsters in the twisting of VAT. There were at least 16 of them in the capital. The telegram channel “Don Quixote” wrote about the connection of the Main Directorate of the State Tax Service in the city of Kyiv with the odious businessman Vyacheslav Strelkovskiy, who, according to media reports, was involved in the work of “conversion centers” through Alliance Logistic LLC, and in February alone created a turnover of 60 million UAH., including UAH 12 million VAT. In May, another Telegram channel, Black Publican, reported fraud with VAT in the amount of UAH 30 million.. LLC “Trading House” Azaris “. “The output, among other things, is medical equipment for the 5th Children's Hospital (probes for feeding babies, vascular catheters). It's money made from the sickness of our children. The schemes are getting bolder and more cynical,” the authors of the telegram channel wrote.. Indeed, Azaris LLC is known as a regular participant in tenders for the supply of medical equipment, as well as their successful participant, who earned 189 million 733 thousand in 2017-2018.. 907 hryvnia. For example, in 2018, the company supplied a set of equipment for the central sterilization department of the Vinnitsa Regional Clinical Hospital No.. Pirogov in the amount of UAH 37.35 million, as well as a heart-lung machine with the possibility of modular acquisition of the same Pirogov hospital for UAH 11.75 million. It is curious that the formal owner of Azaris is a citizen Yevgeny Gasyukov, registered in the territory of the part of the Luhansk region not controlled by Ukraine. The director is Pavel Schatlivenko, who is associated with 69 firms. The close attention drawn to the State Tax Service after the April scandals and May searches prompted the new leadership to change personnel in the capital's National Assembly. In June, it was headed by Zlata Lagutina, who has 10 years of experience in the tax service. However, according to the same Don Quixote channel, the re-sorting of goods continues to be registered, citing Personnel Trading LLC as an example. The company, which has been operating since 2004, is well known to law enforcement officers as a defendant in the 502s (there is no typo here, namely 502s) of court documents related to criminal cases. According to the latest, a March 2 ruling by the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv, Personnel Trading LLC is listed in a long list of “transit-conversion group” firms that Kyiv law enforcers use to provide tax evasion services.

The queen of tax schemes Zlata Lagutina pleased with the declaration

The infamous head of the tax capital of Ukraine, Zlata Lagutina, declared 4.8 million hryvnias in cash and bank funds, a private house and 2 apartments registered to third parties, as well as 4 cars and an elite Swiss watch. You won't see anything too valuable in Lagutina's declaration. Everything that is recorded on Zlata Vladimirovna is the only, lonely land. And all property is concentrated in the property of third parties. We analyzed the declarations of Zlata Lagutina for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. First, the deputy head of the State Fiscal Service declared the salary from the listed commercial structures, and then the income of a civil servant. Husband Gennady Lagutin is an entrepreneur. Of the ten KVEDs, the main one is: Retail trade in clothing in specialized stores. Last year, I declared more than UAH 1,500,000 in aggregate. income, including from SK Tsentrbud-alliance LLC, which is now managed by Elena Vladimirovna Tokovenko and Gaura-plus LLC. By the way, it was Elena Tokovenko who handed over the AUDI A5 car to Zlata Lagutina's son. The son of Zlata Lagutina, Vladimir, is registered as an entrepreneur and has the same specialization as his father. Last year, at the age of 22, he earned UAH 1,040,000. Pretty good for a young guy. As we mentioned earlier, Zlata Lagutina owns only one land plot of 0.26 hectares for personal agriculture, received in 2015. At the same time, her son Vladimir received a plot for construction. The family uses two apartments in the capital, recorded on Sopova Victoria Alexandrovna. A pensioner born in 1945, she was previously registered in the same apartment with Zlata Lagutina, and probably could be her mother. In addition, since 2017, the whole family has been using the Kyiv house with an area of 217.6 sq.. m, which is owned by Sopov Yaroslav Vladimirovich, a business partner and probably a relative of Zlata Lagutina. However, the real estate register did not show houses of such an area assigned to Sopov. But Yaroslav Sopov turned out to have nine land plots in Kyiv and very finely divided. Some are under construction, while others are already under construction. And in the property of Sopov, we found five large apartments in one building on Yabloneva Street in Kyiv. They were registered on the same day and by one notary. Ambitious enough for a non-store retailer. At least, that's what Sopov's registration documents say. What is known about Yaroslav Sopov apart from his business cooperation with Lagutina? Previously, the man was listed as one of the founders of the ARKTIKA society, where Lagutina was the financial director. According to the register of entrepreneurs, he is registered in a neighboring apartment with a tax officer. And in general, the age is suitable for her brother. However, there is one more fact that brings Sopov and the Lagutina family closer, this is the same mobile phone number indicated in the registration data of her husband, son of Zlata Lagutina and Yaroslav Sopov – 0674071199. How can all three use it alone? Mystery. Zlata Lagutina has owned a MAZDA CX-7 since 2008 and a TOYOTA CAMRY since 2012. The cost of both – is silent. At the same time, husband Gennady Vladimirovich is moving in a LEXUS GX 460 SUV. And Yaroslav Sopov recently also registered a brand new TOYOTA CAMRY. Zlata Lagutina was the deputy of the infamous Lyudmila Demchenko in the Moscow tax. Of course, if we evaluate only the state of Lagutina herself, then it is quite modest. However, the presence of a close person – Yaroslav Sopov with numerous real estate without a clearly positioned business requires verification by the control authorities in the process of her transfer to the newly created tax service. According to the declaration, Zlata Lagutina disposes of the apartment (69.45 sq.. m.), and her son and husband – an apartment in Kyiv (44.4 sq.. m.). Also, the spouse, on a leasehold basis, manages a private house in Kyiv (217 sq.. m.), and since 2015 Zlata Lagutina owns a plot in the village of Zdorovka (2,690 sq.. m.). It should be noted that the head of the tax office in Kyiv owns Swiss watches Chopard and Breguet, as well as earrings with diamonds produced by the Kyiv Jewelry Factory. There are 4 cars in the family's fleet: Toyota Camry (2012) and Mazda CX-7 (2007) belong to Zlata Lagutina, Lexus CX460 (2010) and UAZ 469B (1982) – to the spouse Gennady Lagutin.

Head of the Kyiv State Tax Service Zlata Lagutina contributed to multimillion-dollar coal schemes of robbery of the budget by ex-People's Deputy Shkriblyak and Poroshenko's ally

Coal corruption schemes of ex-people's deputies Anatoly Shkriblyak and Igor Kononenko function thanks to the assistance of the leadership of the tax service of the city of Kyiv and personally. head of Zlata Lagutina. At the disposal of the editors of, there were a number of documents and data indicating that high-ranking officials of the State Tax Service, including the head of the department, are covering up billions of coal and related schemes controlled by CHPs. Here is a simple example of a withdrawal of funds – the movement on the settlement account of a coal supplier at a CHP – New Ark East LLC for two months of 2019. The red color indicates the “margin” – the amount that was withdrawn from the company and cashed out with the help of tax officials from Kyiv. According to our sources, the Ministry of Energy in the II-III quarters of 2020 in the national plan of tax audits includes at least three audits of the Shkriblyak CHPP: TekhNova LLC (Chernihiv CHPP), Euroreconstruction LLC (Darnytska CHPP) and Cherkasy Khimvolokno PJSC (Cherkasy CHPP). It is planned to check the enterprises for the period 2017-2019, all of them are registered with the Office of Large Taxpayers. In connection with the upcoming inspections, the relevant “agreements” have already been reached with the leadership of the tax authorities, which were provided by the “top managers” of the Shkriblyak-Kononenko corruption scheme: businessman and former top official of the State Fiscal Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergey Mishchenko and his former subordinate Elena Mazurova, Kononenko’s man. Mishchenko and Mazurova agreed on a “problem-free” audit: minimum fines and payments to the budget and confirmation of the legality of all financial transactions for the period under review. So far, the “budget” of each such check is 300 thousand. dollars for the enterprise, but there is an agreement – if flagrant violations are found, the budget will be “corrected”, – a source in the Ministry of Energy. In addition, Elena Mazurova, through her friend, acting. Head of the State Tax Service of Kyiv Zlata Lagutina contacts on these issues with the acting. Head of the Office of Large Payers Nonna Bagmet. Bagmet also receives instructions on these issues from the head of the State Tax Service, with whom Sergei Mishchenko personally negotiated. It is worth noting that it is extremely important for Zlata Lagutina and her deputy Nikolai Ilyashenko themselves that all checks pass without problems – “tools” for optimizing taxes, twisting, converting, etc.. for the Shkriblyak-Kononenko schemes, it is they who provide, for which they receive a percentage of the amounts. In this regard, and also thanks to connections in the Office of the Prosecutor General and the SBU, where the scheme was covered up by the head of the Department for Supervision in Criminal Proceedings Volodymyr Bedrikivsky and the head of the Department for Investigation in the Economic Sphere Volodymyr Gutsulyak, as well as the former first deputy head of the SBU Pavel Demchyna, not a single participant and organizer of schemes, including directors, accountants of energy enterprises and firms, etc.. since September-October 2019, when the first criminal proceedings were opened, no one even called for an interrogation, no audits were carried out, and no documents were seized. To our knowledge, no cases are actually under investigation at this time. According to our data, more than 35 million hryvnias were withdrawn from one of the companies participating in the scheme, LLC New Ark East, with the help of tax authorities in February-March 2019, due to fraud with the supply of coal to the Shkriblyak CHPP, which, after being transferred to controlled firms cashed out. In this case, everything was again decided through Lagutina, Ilyashenko and the director of the Audit Department of the State Tax Service of Kyiv, Inna Yakushko, who ensured the optimization of taxes and the conversion of funds for the Shkriblyak CHPP.

The head of the State Tax Service of Kyiv, Zlata Lagutina, registered more than 100 orders for verification during the moratorium in order to continue to nightmare the capital's business

After bill 3220 of March 17, 2020 introduced a moratorium on documentary and factual checks, from March 18 to May 18, 2020, strange things began to happen in the Main Directorate of the State Tax Service of Kyiv. In one day, more than 100 orders for verification were registered, which makes it possible to start them as early as March 17, 2020 before the legislative changes come into force. This is a very strange situation, which can be explained by Zlata Lagutina – acting. Head of the Main Directorate of the State Tax Service of Kyiv. But the situation is not simple, where a corruption component is possible. It immediately becomes clear why the Main Directorate of the State Tax Service does not send its auditors to isolation – the audit at Smelyanskaya, 6 will continue to check the enterprises of Kyiv.


Zlata Lagutina belongs to the criminal organized crime group of Shkriblyak-Kononenko. It helps “necessary” enterprises avoid paying taxes, and receive interest from this. As proof, you can cite her fabulous wealth and millions of dollars. It is surprising why NABU and law enforcement agencies have not noticed this yet?

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