Labazyuk Sergey Petrovich - full dossier, compromising evidence


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Labazyuk Sergey Petrovich


Sergei Labazyuk is a typical deceitful deputy and raider. He went into politics to optimize his business. Knopkodav and truant. He also filled out the income statement incorrectly. The value of his Mercedes does not match its real value. The Lampka Agro farming enterprise, which became one of the best agricultural producers in the country, also suffered. “Lampka Agro” was subjected to a raider attack by Labazyuk, due to which the owner Zygmund Lampka lost his life and money. And also Sergei Petrovich was repeatedly noticed bribing voters – distributing food packages, and ostentatious road repairs.

June 4, 1980
Уровень охвата:

Labazyuk Sergey Petrovich

Official Biography

People's Deputy of Ukraine, member of the deputy group of the Party “For the Future”, member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Agrarian and Land Policy. Founder of the charitable organization “Mi Poruch”. Born on 06/04/1980. in g. Volochisk, Khmelnitsky region. Marital status: Wife: Violetta Alexandrovna – Chairman of the Khmelnytsky Regional Council since December 7, 2020, and together with her husband have a charitable foundation “MI PORUCCH” Children: two daughters Evangelina and Elizabeth.


In 2004 he graduated from the Ternopil Institute of National Economy (specialty – economics and labor resources management).


1999 – starts his own business in agriculture. 2004 – The young entrepreneur rents his first farm. Last time 2004 – founded Agrarian Company 2004 LLC. At the moment, the honorary president of the Vitagro group of companies. 2006 – Deputy of the Volozhsky District Council. 2010 – Deputy of the Khmelnitsky Regional Council. May 12, 2012 – Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the majority constituency No. 188. November 27, 2014 deputy in the majoritarian constituency No188. Currently, he is a member of the deputy group “There will be people”, a member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations. Chairman of the Near party.

NOT official biography

A truant and a button-presser, this is exactly the reputation Labazyuk has. The loudest scandal involving a politician occurred during his election campaign, when he answered a journalist's question with obscene language. We are talking about the fact that the journalists bought two buckets of rubble for 50 hryvnias from the workers of Agrarian Company 2004, and then Serhiy Labazyuk was told that his employees were selling state-owned building materials. In the second quarter of 2014, he received compensation from the state budget for renting a house or a hotel room in Kyiv, despite the difficult situation in the country.

Labazyuk's COMPANY is suspected of covert privatization of a state-owned plant with the help of a loss-making settlement agreement

The journalists of the online publication Our Money reported on the possible involvement of the company Vitagro Investment Company LLC, MP Serhiy Labazyuk, in the hidden privatization of the state-owned enterprise, the Mayak plant.

region suspects the liquidator of the state enterprise “Plant” Mayak “(with. Guards Khmelnitsky district) and officials of TOB “Vitagro Investment Company” in the hidden privatization of a state-owned enterprise with reference to the decision of the Khmelnitsky city district court dated November 9. The investigation believes that the liquidator of the State Enterprise Mayak Plant, in collusion with Vitagro employees, abused his official position and acted in the interests of a private company, and when the bankruptcy case was considered in the economic court of the Khmelnytsky region, he deliberately entered into a deliberately unprofitable for the state enterprise settlement agreement between SE “Mayak”, creditors and a third party – “Vitagro”. According to the amicable agreement, Vitagro paid the debts of the State Enterprise Mayak Plant to creditors and received ownership of all property assets of the state enterprise. As a result, according to the investigation, the hidden privatization of the State Enterprise “Mayak” took place, which caused damage to the state, the amount of which is being established. In 2016 hoz. court of Khmelnytsky region terminated the proceedings on the bankruptcy case of the state. plant “Mayak”, which began in May 2015 Judge Yarotsky approved a settlement agreement, according to which “Vitagro” extinguishes the state enterprise's debts to creditors in the total amount of UAH 1,300,000. After the liquidation of all debts, Vitagro becomes the owner of a part of the property assets of the Mayak plant with a total value of UAH 1,100,000, which includes buildings, structures, transmission devices and equipment of the plant. State Enterprise “Plant” Mayak “belongs to the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, Volodymyr Vasilyuk is indicated as the chairman of the termination commission or the liquidator. Investment Company Vitagro LLC was established in May 2012 with a residence permit in Volochisk, Khmelnitsky region. The main activity is fund management. The founders are the people's deputy from the group “Will of the People” Serhiy Labazyuk and LLC “Group of Companies” Vitagro “. Sergey Labazyuk is recorded as the ultimate owner. December 26, 2018 – The Russian Federation included him in the list of Ukrainians subject to sanctions. Was included in the list of deputies who voted for dictatorial laws on January 16, 2014. August 1, 2014 filed an application with a request to consider the result of the vote as “did not vote”. Labazyuk himself denies that he voted “for”, although he is convinced of the correctness of most of the bills on the dictatorial package.

COMPANY OF DEPUTY Labazyuk WON 112 million on ROADS of Khmelnytsky region

On October 31, 2017, the Highway Service in the Khmelnytsky region, according to the results of tenders, ordered the Khmelnytsky Road Construction Department No. 56 OJSC for the current average repair of state and local roads for a total of UAH 112,080,000. This was reported in the system “Prozorro”, noted the publishing house “Our money”. In a small tender, the only competitor was Tekhno-Stroy-Center LLC, and in the other two – Rivneavtoshlyakhbud CJSC, and no one reduced the price during the auctions. JSC Road Construction Trust No. 4 (Brest, Belarus) in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine achieved the exclusion from the tender documentation for the M-12 highway of discriminatory requirements of the certificate of production for an asphalt concrete plant and forms KB-2v and KB-3 to a similar contract that are not provided for by Belarusian legislation. However, subsequently the complainant did not come to the auction. “Khmelnytsky DSU No. 56” belongs to Galina Stavchansky from Chernivtsi. Until June 2013, it was 98% owned by the deputy of the Khmelnitsky Regional Council Ivan Gladunyak. According to journalists, this company is controlled by MP Serhiy Labazyuk. Earlier, the SBU exposed the embezzlement of budget funds by officials of the highway service in the Khmelnytsky region.. Intelligence officers found out that the firms belong to one of the people's deputies. He also actually controlled the actions of officials of the Highway Service, who coordinated with the deputy the objects of repair and the cost of work. Employees of the service conducted searches and confiscated documents at enterprises controlled by one of the MPs (including Khmelnitsky DSU No. 56) as part of an investigation of criminal proceedings regarding abuses when ordering road repairs. As the media found out, that people's deputy was Serhiy Labazyuk from the “Will of the People”. Labazyuk confirmed the conduct of searches and involvement in firms. The People's Deputy received another 23 million for the road, because of which he swore at the journalist The highway service in Khmelnytsky region on April 5, according to the results of the tender, concluded a number of agreements for the current repair of state and local roads with a total value of UAH 91,240,000. This was reported in the Public Procurement Bulletin. Of this amount 33180000 UAH. will receive the lot of Agrarian Company 2004 LLC. 3a 9760000 UAH. the company must carry out the current repair of the road Kamyanets-Podilsky – Satanov – Voytovtsy – Belogorye. More in 23420000 UAH. repair of the local road Volochisk – Zaichiki will cost. The founders of the company “Agrarian Company 2004”, registered in Volochysk, are Volodymyr Labazyuk and Vitagro Group of Companies LLC, the sole founder of which is Labazyuk Sergey Petrovich – a non-factional people's deputy, and earlier – a deputy of the Khmelnytsky Regional Council from the People's Party of Volodymyr Lytvyn. Labaziuk ran for the Verkhovna Rada in the 188th majoritarian district, to which, in particular, the aforementioned city of Volochisk and the village of Zaichiki belonged. This is not the first time Agrarian Company 2004 has received a contract to repair the road between these settlements. In May last year, the company won a tender worth UAH 12,870,000. In August, journalists from the local channel 33 conducted an investigation into the possible theft of materials during repairs. When asked to comment on the situation, Labazyuk stated the following: “This is not state rubble … I make the road with my private money”. Then he cursed the journalist obscenely and threatened him. Later, in October, the company received another contract for the repair of the same road – worth UAH 13,170,000. In total, over the past five years, Agrarian Company 2004 has won tenders for a total of UAH 124,970,000, all in the Khmelnitsky region. The rest 58060000 UAH. from the current tender was received by Pivdenzakhidshlyakhbud OJSC. UAH 3,859,000 each. the company will repair the road Stryi – Ternopil – Kirovohrad – Znamenka. Back in 19460000 UAH. – the road Yarmolintsy – Satanov. Pivdenzahidshlyakhbud PJSC is owned by the Golden Gate Corporation of Sergei Samusev, who was an adviser to Viktor Medvedchuk when he served as First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada in 2000-2001. Over the past five years, the company has won tenders for UAH 393,270,000. In addition to these two firms, Khmelnitsky DSU-56 PJSC also tried to take part in the tender. The firm's bids for two lots were rejected. In the rejection document, this is justified by the fact that the company did not provide a protocol for agreeing on prices for material resources, and did not take into account the cost of transporting materials in the estimate. According to the latest SMIDA data, the owner of the company is Ivan Gladuniak, until recently the chairman of the Khmelnitsky Regional Council (2006-201r.b.), And now its deputy, head of the Batkivshchyna faction. Director of this company in 1997-2007. Was Alexander Zelinsky. He is now the head of the Khmelnitsky Road Service – the customer of this tender. All works are financed from the state budget and credit funds taken under state guarantees. Should be completed by the end of this year.

Buying voters:

According to the Our Money website, on October 5, 2012, the road service in the Khmelnytsky region, following a tender, concluded an agreement with Agrarian Company 2004 LLC for the current repair of the Volochisk-Zaychiki local road. The cost of the transaction amounted to UAH 13,170,000. The road was repaired at the expense of the state budget and credit funds under state guarantees. According to journalists, the founders of the state of emergency “Agrarian Company 2004” were Volodymyr Labazyuk and Vitagro Group of Companies LLC, the sole founder and owner of which was Sergey Petrovich Labazyuk – the then deputy of the Khmelnytsky Regional Council from the People's Party of Volodymyr Lytvyn. Sergey Labazyuk ran in the 188th majoritarian district, to which the city of Volochisk and the village of Zaichiki belonged, the road between which was being repaired. In his election program, Labazyuk promised “to establish proper funding for the construction and repair of roads.”

Sergey Labazyuk congratulated women on the holiday of spring with a cake

Sergey Labazyuk acted as the main sponsor of the casting “Mini Miss and Mister Khmelnitsky”.

Raider capture “Lampka Agro”

Lampka Agro was founded in 2004 by Zygmund and Adriana Lampka. Those who then leased 500 hectares of land shares, cultivate these territories, make them fruitful and profitable. Grows all types of grains from wheat and soybeans to poppy seeds and rapeseed. Develops the infrastructure of Khmelnytskyi, the road, has become one of the best agricultural producers in the country, creating a unique seed fund. According to the lawyers of Zygmund Lampka, the raider scheme is lobbied at the top by People's Deputy Labazyuk Sergey. On the spot, the capture is implemented by Vitaly Martsinkevich and lawyer Dmitry Vagin. Vagin's mother leads the lawyers' union. And the name of Martsinkevich has been associated with a number of raider seizures since the days of Yanukovych. The corrupt bureaucratic society of the Khmelnytsky region seems irresistible to the Lamps.

Threats to ATO Veteran

“Think about your family, damn it, #”, – ATO veteran Kravchuk is threatened because of a video with People's Deputy Serhiy Labazyuk. Aleksey Kravchuk, a veteran of the war in Donbass from the 30th separate mechanized brigade, announced threats against his family after he published a video in which the People's Deputy “For the Future” Serhiy Labazyuk insults his brothers. “My family received threats after I released a video taken by my colleague. In this video, People's Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Petrovich Labazyuk insults war veterans, says: “I will put you in your place,” Kravchuk writes.

According to him, the conflict arose after a representative of the UOC-MP was elected a. Kopachovka. “It was the people's deputy Labazyuk who persistently contributed to his election, as well as the wife of the people's deputy, Labazyuk Violetta Aleksandrovna, who was appointed chairman of the Regional State Administration in the Khmelnytsky region. All of them attended the meeting. The veterans expressed their outrage about this,” Kravchuk notes.

People's Deputy Labazyuk was involved in the resonant “case of assistants” that was investigated by the SBU, – media

Serhiy Labazyuk, who has always positioned himself as a patriot of Ukraine and actively popularized his trips to the ATO zone, said at a joint press conference with Yarovaya: “Our position should be transparency of power, and heads of administrations should not be appointed, but elected by local communities.”

At the same time, journalists quote the then head of the SBU Vasily Hrytsak: Ukrainian citizens use Russian money to organize an appeal from regional councils, statements by people's deputies that talk about free economic zones, the election of governors and heads of regional law enforcement agencies, the restoration of economic ties with Russia, giving the Russian language a special status. The SBU wiretapping materials showed that according to the statement of such separatist content, among other things, money was provided that was transferred to assistants from Moscow. So, the question, whether Labazyuk was used “in the dark”, or whether he spoke with personal pro-Russian convictions, remained open, the investigation notes. But journalists, relying on facts, tend to the second version.. Firstly, Sergey Labazyuk voted for the laws on January 16, 2014, which opened up opportunities for the pro-Russian regime of Yanukovych to apply repressions against the Euromaidan and the Maidanists. And even having withdrawn his vote, he subsequently publicly stated that he was convinced of the correctness of most of the bills from the dictatorial package. Secondly, cooperation with pro-Russian oriented persons, such as Yarovaya (Volobuyeva), has been observed in Labazyuk not for the first time. In 2015, in the elections to the Khmelnytsky City Council, Anna Matyukhina. She is also a member of the Myrotvorets website for “encroachment on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”, a participant in the election campaigns of Putin and United Russia in the Russian Federation and a co-author of a book defending the idea of reviving the monarchy in Russia. Finally, the journalists of “Business Capital” summarize that the SBU should answer the question of how this case ended and all those guilty of illegal activities against the security of Ukraine will be punished. In addition, they consider it necessary to receive comments from law enforcement officers on information about the involvement of People's Deputy Sergei Labazyuk in the so-called “case of assistants.”

Sit down and shut up!

It would seem that people's deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko, who gained fame “thanks” to scandalous antics and statements, is difficult to besiege and force to listen, but the people's choice, Sergei Labazyuk, did it perfectly. So, on the air of one of the Ukrainian TV channels, people's deputy from the BPP Oleksiy Goncharenko and the people's deputy from the Will of the People Serhiy Labazyuk did not agree. According to Goncharenko, the problem in resolving the issue of a visa-free regime for Ukraine is not corruption, but Euroscepticism, the culprit of which is the migration crisis in Europe.. As the people's deputy noted, the role of the referendum in the Netherlands on association will play a big role in obtaining a visa-free regime for Ukraine. Therefore, Goncharenko believes that today Ukrainians should find any relatives or acquaintances in the Netherlands and try to influence the situation.. As for the bills that need to be adopted for the liberalization of Ukraine, in particular the bill on electronic declaration, according to Goncharenko, it is necessary that the deputies get together and adopt it in the form that suits the European Union and the European Commission. People's choice Serhiy Labazyuk was outraged by the words of his colleague that Ukraine should do everything the way the European Union arranges. “You're not telling the truth! Increasing the retirement age and increasing public services are not included in the visa-free regime,” shouted Goncharenko. To which he received a sharp response from Labazyuk: “Sit down and be quiet! Not now, later it will be”

Serhiy Labazyuk attacked an SBU officer

Tender for UAH 1 billion.

On April 2, the Road Service in the Khmelnytsky region announced its intention to conclude an agreement for the current average repair of the state road R-48 Kamenetz-Podolsky-Satanov-Voitovtsy-Belogorye (on the section km 0 +000 – km 50 +000, Khmelnytsky region with the development project documentation) with CJSC “Khmelnitsky DSU No. 56” with a total cost of UAH 1130000000. This is reported by the Commander-in-Chief with reference to the ProZorro system. Four participants went to the tender. Two of them (Odessa LLC “Rostdorstroy” and Turkish Fermak Insaat Taahhut Anonim Sirketi) were not allowed to participate in the auction by the customer due to inconsistencies between the submitted bids and the tender documentation. Both companies appealed the actions of the Highway Service to the Antimonopoly Committee, but to no avail. Therefore, the only competitor at the stage of the auction was Khmelnytsky OOO STL + M, whose offer was higher than the winner by UAH 11,900,000. CJSC “Khmelnytsky DSU No. 56” belongs to Galina Stavchanskaya from Chernivtsi. The firm is associated with people's deputy Serhiy Labazyuk (elected in constituency No. 188 in the Khmelnytsky region), who confirmed his involvement in the company. Serhiy Labazyuk has been a permanent MP since 2012. In September 2020, he headed the regional cell “For the Future”. As a result, the political force of Kolomoisky-Palitsa-Labazyuk, together with the party of the Khmelnytsky mayor “Team Simchishin”, shared the first place in the elections of deputies of the Khmelnytsky Regional Council. “European solidarity” helped them to form a majority in the regional council.


Since 2011, Sergey Petrovich Labazyuk has been systematically submitting declarations on his own property and financial condition. According to the declaration for 2018, Serhiy has the following real estate: • housing building type “A” in a family-type recreation complex in Kyiv, with an area of 658.1 m2 and a cost of UAH 2,300,000; • apartment in the city of Volochisk, Khmelnytsky region, with an area of 41.8 m2, property – 25%; • public receptions of the People's Deputy of Ukraine in the city of Volochisk, with an area of 63.1 m2, 80.8 m2 and 849.8 m2; • public receptions of the People's Deputy of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky, with an area of 25 m2 and 464.9 m2. It should be noted that Sergei's wife has declared: • 4 land plots with a total area of 5329 m2, worth more than 190 thousand hryvnias; • a residential building in the village of Rossosha, Khmelnitsky district, with an area of 660.1 m2, the cost is UAH 564,926; The Labazyuk family has several cars: • Porsche Cayenne 2016, worth UAH 2,326,800, is registered with his wife; • Mercedes-Benz S 350 4MATIC manufactured in 2015, worth UAH 1,809,440. , is listed on the state of emergency “Agrarian company 2004”. The journalists found out that the people's deputy Labazyuk is lying about the cost of the car.

Sergey Labazyuk's income for 2018 amounted to three hundred eighty-five thousand five hundred and ten hryvnias. Monetary assets of Sergey Labazyuk are: one million one hundred thousand hryvnia and one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. His wife has nine hundred and fifty thousand hryvnias.


Sergey Labazyuk, to put it mildly, is a bad person, he clearly has problems with his conscience. Firstly, many media spoke about his raider seizure of Lampka-Agro. He took the farming business, life's work from Sigmund Lampka, because of which he became bankrupt and lost everything. Secondly, he dared to offend the feelings of the Veteran of the ATO, attack the SBU man for coming to check on Labazyuk's enterprise. And the list of such unpleasant moments can be continued for a long time.

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wife Violetta Alexandrovna Lobazyuk - statesman, chairman of the Khmelnitsky Regional Council, daughters - Eva, Elizabeth
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