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Korolevskaya Natalya Yurievna


Natalia Korolevskaya is familiar with her fiery speeches to every Ukrainian. \"She has a dream…\" what? Fill your pockets with money. Korolevskaya is actively involved in smuggling, does not pay taxes, and is promoted by ATO soldiers. Well, in order to keep all this a secret, she is ready to give a damn about human lives, and people in general. Behind\"charity \" is hiding the usual hype, so in the DPR and other cities of Ukraine they don't like the Royal. Repeatedly, this separatist was expelled by the national corps, and ordinary citizens were doused with brilliant green. But even despite the fierce hatred of people, she continues her activities calmly, and she promoted her family, together with her husband and son, into politics. Now the Royal family is devastating Ukraine together.

Ukraine Russia
May 18, 1975
Уровень охвата:

Korolevskaya Natalya Yurievna

Official biography

Date of birth: 05/18/1975 Place of birth. . Born in the city of Krasny Luch, Luhansk region. 03/31/2015. Natalia Korolevskaya was appointed Deputy Prime Minister for Social Policy and Pension Reform in the Opposition Government. Born in the city of Krasny Luch, Luhansk region. 1992 – 1993. – JV “ETKO” – manager; 1993 – 1998. – ATZT “META” – financial director; 1998 – 2001. – JV “META Company” – commercial director; 2001 – 2006. – VAT “Luganskholod” (TM “Royal Ice Cream”) – Chairman of the Supervisory Board; 2004-2006. – investment and construction project “Oxford” – coordinator; 2002 – 2006. – Lugansk Regional Council – deputy, secretary of the permanent commission on industry, construction, housing and communal services and trade; 2003 – 2005. – Council of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine – member of the council; Lugansk Regional Commission of the Council of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine – coordinator; Since 2003. – Association of Commodity Producers of the Luhansk Region “WE” – Executive Director; 2006 – 2012. – Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine – people's deputy V, VI convocations ; From 12.2011. – Party of Natalia Korolevskaya “Ukraine – Forward!” – chairman; 2012 – 2014. – Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine – Minister of Social Policy; From 11/27/2014. – Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine – people's deputy of the VIII convocation .


Eastern Ukrainian National University, 1997, production manager; Donetsk State Academy of Management, 2002 Husband Yury Solod is a businessman and MP of the Verkhovna Rada of the VIII convocation in the Opposition Bloc faction, together with his wife. Son Rostislav, born in 2001, son born in 2008, son born in 2019. Natalia also adopted a girl from Donbass. The media called it another PR stunt.

NOT official biography

Royal got into big business almost from school. The elder brother – Konstantin Korolevsky – attached her as a manager to the Esto joint venture in 1992. This company was engaged in the fact that they drove coal to Spain, mined on illegal “diggers” or traded for scrap metal from many factories and factories cut in hard times.. By the way, there is an erroneous opinion that Konstantin Korolevsky was the main recipient of the benefit – in fact, he was kept in the status of “bring – give” to resolve minor problems that arose with partners from the Russian Federation. The real owners of “Esto” were the crime boss “Hudson”, also known as Gennady Bylya, and Mikhail Temnik, for whom this business project will be the first, but not the last experience of cooperation with Natalia Korolevskaya. Somewhere nearby, the banker Sergey Buryak, who was then starting out, also labored – it was his Brokbusinessbank that would continue to carry out financial transactions related to the Royal. He will later bring the dishonest business woman with Yulia Tymoshenko when it becomes necessary to cover up dark deeds in the form of parliamentary immunity. But it will be much later, but for now the daughter of the director of the mine comprehended the basics of a big, but wild business. Some controlled enterprises, such as the rubber products factory in Lysichansk or the trade from the Korta kiosks in Lugansk, went bankrupt rather quickly (or were saved thanks to business partners like Temnik). Created in the late nineties, Ukrspetsmetal, on the contrary, flourished, like Luhanskholod. And everything would be fine, but power suddenly changed in Ukraine.

Levochkin project

The arrival of Natalia Korolevskaya to the USDP is openly called the project of Sergei Levochkin. As one of the evidence, they cite the fact that in addition to Yevgeny Suslov, along with Korolevskaya, another people's deputy left the Batkivshchyna – Alexei Logvinenko, who maintains fairly close friendly relations with the current adviser to Sergei Levochkin, Yuri Levinets. Natalya Korolevskaya started creating her own image of an independent politician at the end of 2010. Soon she had her own headquarters, and in the summer of 2011 – a staff of advisers and PR people. Among the latter were the former adviser to Leonid Chernovetsky, Kazbek Bektursunov, and the ex-head of the information department of Our Ukraine, Tatyana Mokridi.

Royal sponsors terrorists

The Prosecutor General's Office obtained access to the accounts of the enterprises of Deputy Natalya Korolevskaya in order to verify information about her involvement in the financing of terrorism. By its decision, the court authorized investigators access to the accounts of the enterprises of PJSC “Luganskholod” and SE “Lugansk Khladokombinat”, controlled by Natalia Korolevskaya. According to court materials, the Prosecutor General's Office has been investigating for six months based on data from the media about the financing of terrorists by Ukrainian politicians (h. 1 Art. 258-5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

Smuggling of scrap metal from Ukraine to Russia. How it works through offshore in ORDLO

After the publication of the material “How Efremov and Korolevskaya earn millions of dollars on smuggling through the LPR”, Tatyana Volchkova, the mother of one of the employees of Natalya Korolevskaya, who died under mysterious circumstances in August 2016, turned to the editorial office of the Fourth Estate. son – Evgeny Volchkov, who worked in the company Royal “Ukrspetsmet” as a sales manager. According to her, appeals to the police and the prosecutor's office do not give any results, and the Royal refused to make contact and pay compensation to the family of the deceased. The tragic incident took place on August 11, 2016. On this day, the manager Volchkov went to the Darnitsa station to inspect the wagons with a cargo of non-ferrous metal scrap, which was sent from Kyiv to the occupied part of the Luhansk region. While inspecting the cars, Evgeny Volchkov, under unclear circumstances, received a strong electric shock and fell from the car onto the embankment.. As a result, the young man received terrible burns, as well as a spinal injury, but survived and was taken to one of the Kyiv hospitals. Zhenya's bosses immediately tried to hide the ends in the water and pretend that this story did not happen.. Two employees, Oleg Rogulya and Sergey Artyukhov, who were on the wagons with my son, refused to give any details of what happened and to testify. Zhenya's work phone was confiscated immediately after the incident. The people who were with him were ordered to immediately leave the station and pretend that they did not know anything.. They didn't even try to carry him to the ambulance.. This was done by police officers and railway workers, – said Tatyana Volchkova. At the hospital, the doctors made it clear to the mother of the victim that in Ukraine they would not be able to help him. Volchkov needed a series of complex skin grafting operations. Such operations could be done in Germany and Israel. But Tatyana Volchkova and the wife of the victim Ksenia had no money for such treatment. Volchkova turned to Natalya Korolevskaya and her assistant, Yevgeny Volchkov's boss, Natalya Tolok, for help. However, they agreed only to pay for the victim's stay in intensive care in Kyiv. And they handed over several tens of thousands of hryvnias. – The first three days were decisive. It was a time when Zhenya could still be helped. I immediately learned that the plane costs 30 thousand dollars, but we had nowhere to get such an amount. Of course, the Royal could easily organize all this, but did not. Time was lost, – said Tatyana Volchkova. Without proper medical care, Yevgeny Volchkov grew worse, and on August 29 he died in hospital in front of desperate relatives. The criminal case on the death of Volchkov is still being investigated without much progress. After numerous calls and requests from Tatyana Volchkova, who asked the management of Ukrspetsmet to return her son's documents, she was brought a certificate stating that Yevhen was allegedly dismissed from the Royal company retroactively, on August 1 – 10 days before the accident. The same information was provided by the Royal structures to law enforcement officers.. At the same time, Volchkov himself had a certificate of employment dated August 10, 2016, which he took for the bank the day before the incident.. It indicates that he is an employee of Ukrspetsmet. Volchkov's work book was never returned to his mother. A month after his son's death, his employees changed phones and stopped answering Tatyana's calls. The most curious begins further. Tatyana Volchkova, who is trying to achieve justice and force law enforcement officers to investigate the death of her son, handed over to the editorial office various certificates and documents of the late Yevgeny. While sorting through these papers, the author of the publication found a piece of paper with an email address and a password.. Very interesting documents were found in the mailbox of the deceased manager of Korolevskaya, which allow us to find out all the details of the work of the shadow business of the Opposition Bloc deputy. Below we describe in detail the entire scheme, which involves offshore companies and fictitious companies registered in ORDLO. The “Fourth Power” has previously described in detail the schemes for tax evasion and the uncontrolled export of non-ferrous metal scrap from Ukraine through ORDLO to Russia, which were used by Natalia Korolevskaya. Now, thanks to documents from Yevgeny Volchkov’s mail, we have managed to find evidence that metal products from the LPR are illegally exported to Russia and sold to Europe under falsified documents with forged seals on behalf of non-existent Ukrainian companies. As the Fourth Power already wrote, the Resursinvest-1 PP collects scrap metal in Kyiv (the address of the reception base is st.. Irrigation), and sends cargo by wagons from the Darnitsa station to the uncontrolled part of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. The owner of the goods in the consignment notes is the company Royal “Ukrspetsmet”, the right to transport across the line of demarcation has “GOF “Almaznaya”. The formal owners of these legal entities are offshore companies, but the persons associated with them can still be identified. Further, part of the non-ferrous metal scrap is melted down into the usual products of metallurgy and exported to Russia. Firstly, such export is illegal, because it is carried out through an uncontrolled section of the Ukrainian-Russian border. Secondly, the export of non-ferrous metal scrap and products from it is subject to a duty of 15% in Ukraine. But since no taxes need to be paid when crossing the demarcation line, she does not pay the Royal Duty, and the budget loses tens of millions of dollars in taxes.. In fact, after wagons with scrap metal crossed the demarcation zone between Ukraine and ORDLO, the state lost the opportunity to somehow control the further fate of the cargo.

Offshore Royal

The metal processing companies of the families of Natalia Korolevskaya and Yuri Solod (also a people's deputy from the Opposition Bloc) exported products to Europe long before the war. But after the outbreak of hostilities and the loss of control by Ukraine over part of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, the schemes had to be complicated. This is a contract for the supply of refractory concrete between two companies – Aldeco trading (offshore from the Seychelles) and the German company Calderys. There is information about Aldeco in the registry of legal entities in South Africa, the director of the company is indeed Veronique Claure Savy, who is involved in the Panama Papers offshore documents leak. Veronica Claire Savy is a typical offshore director, only in the files of the registrar Mossak Fonseca, three dozen companies in the Seychelles and BVI are registered on her, which in 100% of cases are used to evade taxes and hide the real owners. However, it is still not difficult to establish a connection between an offshore company and the Royal one.. Here is an extract from the Estonian bank Aripank. Contract payer is Aldeco. The extract indicates that the beneficiary is EMP Technologies, and the confirmed representative of the payer is Olga Elkina, the person of Natalia Korolevskaya. Olga Gennadievna Elkina is an assistant to the People's Deputy of Ukraine Natalia Korolevskaya on a paid basis – this is the data of the official website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In 2012, she was included in the electoral list of Natalia Korolevskaya's Ukraine Forward party, and her declaration on the CEC website indicates that at that time she was also Korolevskaya's assistant. How the smuggling scheme works: In July 2016, a certain UNIS LLC, on behalf of Aldeco, shipped 20 tons of copper ingots to the Slovak company SteelInvest through customs in Novoshakhtinsk, Russian Federation. On the international customs invoices there is a suspicious seal of UNIS LLC and the company code is indicated (the seal also says “Limited Liability Company” and “Krasny Luch”), but there is no legal entity with such a code in the register of Ukrainian companies. It is also surprising that the seal is made in Russian, in Ukraine this has not been practiced for a long time.. It is either very old, or fake, or made according to the laws of the “LPR”. In the register of Ukrainian legal entities there is UNIS LLC with a registration address in Krasny Luch, but with a different ID code. Registration address – st.. Key, 1D. In a neighboring barn in the industrial area of the Red Beam (st.. Klyuchevaya, 1B) the company “GOF Almaznaya” was registered, which exports scrap metal by carriage norms for “Ukrspetsmet” Korolevskaya from Kyiv to the “LPR”. At the same time, Eunice is acting on behalf of a company whose beneficiary is an assistant to the Royal Elkin. And this is not a coincidence. UNIS LLC participates in the execution of customs documents in the Rostov region of the Russian Federation, not only in the interests of an offshore company from the Seychelles. This is a transit transport declaration, dated May 2016. On behalf of Chapterseven limited, the same UNIS LLC ships 20 tons of brass ingots to the same SteelInvest in Slovakia. Departure country – Ukraine, the cargo arrives at customs on cars with BB numbers (Luhansk region). Another similar declaration contains 20 tons of copper ingots. Chapterseven limited is a London registered company whose director is Diederick Petrus NAUDE, a member of the Panama Papers archives. This is the “offshore brother” of Veronica Claire Savy. Chapterseven limited is also controlled by Natalia Korolevskaya (or her husband Yury Solod, which does not fundamentally change the picture). This is an invoice dated April 29, 2014 under the contract KS-31 in the name of the Ukrainian Metallurgical Company Solur, which is registered at the office of Korolevskaya on Demekhina, 18a in Luhansk. The other party is Kind & Co. This is exactly the same invoice. Everything matches – date, contract number, cargo details (weight, USN, Drawing No). Each of these documents consists of three pages and their content is identical. What is the difference? That the second invoice is issued on Chapterseven. Based on this, we can conclude that UNIS actually acts on behalf of Aldeco, the assistant to Korolevskaya and Chapterseven (in fact, the Ukrainian Aluminum Company Solur) Yuriy Solod. UNIS has not been re-registered in the territory controlled by Ukraine and, accordingly, does not conduct legal activities, in addition, one of the transport documents has an obviously fake (or very old) seal. The absence of re-registration also indicates that the company does not have active bank accounts in Ukraine. This is a fake, not a company. But at the same time, such seals are recognized by the Russian customs as reliable. Two more similar customs invoices bear the seal of MS-Group. There was such a company in Lugansk, its founder was a citizen of the Russian Federation, registered in Russian Donetsk. One of the declarations states that the cargo is 20 tons of copper ingots.. “MS-Group” was liquidated in 2013, this can be easily checked on the website of the Ministry of Justice using the IDPROU code 31326422. In fact, the use of this seal is also illegal, because the company cannot have accounts and legal activities. These companies are used exclusively for processing documents for Russian customs, and Ukrainian law enforcement agencies do not have any access to them, either physical or legal – there are no offices, no bank accounts, no directors. This is a complete forgery of documents for smuggling. In general, the scheme of smuggling looks like this. PP “Resursinvest-1” accepts scrap metal in Kyiv (in most cases, these operations are carried out for cash). Almaznaya GOF, in the interests of Ukrspetsmet, exports scrap metal from Ukraine, and then re-registers the documents, probably for offshore companies or UNIS, and exports them to Russia (how exactly this is organized in the LPR does not matter, since everything that is there happens, is illegal for Ukrainian jurisdiction), and with the help of UNIS and the liquidated MS-Group, as well as offshore companies, it exports all this through Russia to Europe. Apparently, no one pays taxes to the Ukrainian budget in this chain, so we will leave the arguments in favor of “jobs for our citizens remaining in the occupied territory” to the regionals for rallies.

Natalia Korolevskaya figured out how to make money on the state

The document establishes a ban until January 1, 2020. for the decommissioning of existing mines that have not worked out their resources. “Until the end of the moratorium, the closure of mines is allowed only by the decision of the owner, agreed with the all-Ukrainian coal industry trade unions and committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine,” the explanatory note to the bill says. Korolevskaya and Solod indicate that dozens of mines have been included in the number of closed or subject to closure. Although most of them could still not only work, but, subject to “thoughtful state support”, become profitable. Whereas the liquidation of mines that have not worked out their resource entails a decrease in coal production, a deterioration in the life of miners and environmental problems, Business Capital writes. Natalia Korolevskaya is well acquainted with the coal business. In the Luhansk region, a number of enrichment plants were included in its orbit and even called the curator of illegal coal mining. “Everything is clear with Korolevskaya – the girl, together with Alexander Efremov (the former head of the Party of Regions faction in Verkhovna Rada), created a joint venture in the Lugansk region for the exploitation of illegal diggers and does not want to lose business,” the governor said about the current deputy from the Opposition Bloc Luhansk region Gennady Moskal. However, according to the sources of “DS”, the main eyes of Korolevskaya and her husband are no longer directed to the east, but to the west of the country.. Namely – to the mines of the Lvov-Volyn coal basin, which are part of the associations “Lvovugol” and “Volynugol”. In March, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining announced plans to close seven mines this year, which, according to officials, have “virtually completed their reserves.”. And five more mines with reserves of about 500 million tons of coal – to be mothballed. What kind of enterprises should suffer such a fate, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry did not specify. But it is significant that a few days after that, the miners of Lvovugol and Volynugol went on strike. After that, their representatives declared their disagreement with the intentions of the authorities to close three mines in Novovolynsk and two mines in the Lviv region. Natalia Korolevskaya is not at all interested in such a development of events: the Lviv Coal Company, which owns the largest Ukrainian coal preparation plant Chervonogradskaya, is included in its orbit. The production capacity of the enterprise exceeds 9.6 million tons of coal per year, and the main customers are Lvovugol and Volynugol. The main shareholders of the company are three Lugansk firms – ASP Trade Group, Iforas and Freight and Transport Administration, which own more than 60% of its shares.. The founders of ASP Trade Group, for example, are Sergey Artyukhov and Alexei Seredinsky, confidants of Natalia Korolevskaya and her party in the parliamentary elections in 2012. Seredinsky was also previously one of the founders of Iforas LLC. According to the results of last year, Lvovugol and Volynugol jointly produced about 2 million tons of coal, which were sent for enrichment to the Lvov Coal Company. So, last summer, Lviv coal miners signed a contract with her for the enrichment of 1.58 million tons of coal worth UAH 71 million.. What provided the company with the main income. Obviously, with the closure of part of the Lvovugol and Volynugol mines, the company will have fewer orders and its situation will worsen. Tilnova received a letter from a senior investigator of the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a demand to send them some copies of NG for 2013. “Actually, we didn’t publish any articles, we didn’t conclude contracts and didn’t receive money … As it turned out, the investigator has Novaya Gazeta with these articles in his hands. But these articles are not in our archive and in the PDF archives, but the investigator has. Such things,” said Tilnova.

Against E-declaration

Royal voted against criminal punishment for false information in the declaration.

A sore eye is a guarantee of fun

Doctors diagnosed MP from the Opposition Bloc faction Natalia Korolevskaya with an eye burn and partial loss of vision, Irina Kovalish, a member of the Odessa Regional Council, said on her Facebook page. On June 2, 2017, during the Congress of Women of the South of Ukraine, representatives of nationalist groups first threatened its participants, then “mined” the building, after which they attacked women. Royal suffered most of all, which the radicals splashed with green paint in the eyes.

But already on June 19, she was noticed by journalist Vsevolod Filimonenko in a Kiev restaurant with a glass of whiskey, although she should undergo treatment during this period. “Royalskaya, who should be undergoing treatment for lost vision after eye burns from brilliant green, drinks whiskey in Kyiv restaurants and sees like an owl at night,” the journalist writes on the social network Facebook. As proof, he attached the corresponding video:

fake diploma

According to the court's verdict, the decision of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to close the case was unlawful, and the fact that the current people's deputy from the “Opposition Bloc” had. According to preliminary data from the investigation, Natalya Korolevskaya received her “fake” diploma in 1997.. It turned out in April 2013, but due to the fact that the politician had influential patrons, the investigation of this scandalous fact was put on the brakes.. Being the Minister of Social Policy in the government of Mykola Azarov, Natalya Yuryevna did a good job of “working out” patronage from the leadership of the “Party of Regions”, helping them “deriban” the state budget of Ukraine with the help of the Ministry of Social Policy controlled by her. What life circumstances “brought” Natalia Korolevskaya to this?

“Efremov's mistress”

There are unfounded rumors in the media that Natalya Korolevskaya is a protégé of one of the key personalities in the Party of Regions, Alexander Efremov. Some even call them lovers. According to one version, the biological father of the second son of Natalya Yuryevna Yaroslav is Efremov. If this is really true, then it is not surprising that Efremov's wife simply and frankly hates her. This is confirmed by an episode that took place in the Luhansk Drama Theater. It so happened that Efremov's wife attacked the Royal, starting to drag her by the hair and insult. The version that they are lovers would also explain the fact that she deliberately failed the presidential campaign of Yulia Tymoshenko in the Luhansk region. Then the idea that she was an “agent of the Party of Regions in the Batkivshchyna” also has the right to life. In this case, even her appointment to the post of head of the Ministry of Social Policy becomes logical (for which not a single expert could find an explanation).

Terrorists “fined” Korolevskaya for illegal trading for $5 million

The terrorist “Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR” revealed facts of illegal wholesale trade carried out by PJSC “Lugansk Khladokombinat” (trademark “Luganskholod”), which is controlled by Natalia Korolevskaya. This was reported to informator.lg.ua by a source close to the LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to him, the “LPR security forces” accuse the enterprise of not having a “special permit” to carry out trading activities. “Luganskholod” was fined 420,450,352 rubles (a little more than $5 million – ed.),” the source said.

Odious People's Deputy Caught Reading Temnik

People's Deputy Natalya Korolevskaya (Opposition Bloc faction) was seen in the Verkhovna Rada reading a temnik, which contained the theses for her speech. The corresponding pictures were taken by the photojournalist of “Apostrophe” Vlad Sodel. The correspondence of the Royal on the phone got into the frame, which reads the following: “This is from Milinevskaya. Abstracts for today. The theses themselves look like this: “The authorities are turning the Cabinet of Ministers into an office of the Vinnitsa community. The formation of the Cabinet of Ministers with six vice-premiers means that the government is slipping into the extreme point of unprofessionalism. The government of Ukraine is being turned into an office of the Vinnytsia community – both in terms of composition and preparation. The opposition bloc will not support such a government. We demand early elections…”.

Milovanov met in Davos with Korolevskaya: “We are discussing bills on labor”

Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Timofei Milovanov spoke about the meeting with the deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life Natalia Korolevskaya. Milovanov posted a joint selfie on Facebook. “Picture of the evening. Meeting with Natalia Korolevskaya. Davos. Discussing labor laws. We are looking for compromise positions,” he wrote. Natalia Korolevskaya is a deputy from the Opposition Platform – For Life, number 4 on the electoral list of this party. Deputy Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Social Policy and Protection of Veterans' Rights. One of the 59 deputies who signed the submission, on the basis of which the Constitutional Court of Ukraine canceled the article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on illegal enrichment. In 2012–2014, he was the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine.

“Penny crap”: People’s deputies from the Opposition Platform for Life distribute torn masks and gloves to doctors

Deputies from the “Opposition Platform – For Life” are promoting themselves on the coronavirus pandemic and provide doctors with harmful “help”. Natalia Korolevskaya also came to the doctors in Slovyansk with “goodies”.. Video of checking “gifts” from Korolevskaya was published online by local activists. The recordings show how literally each of the masks she brought is breathable.

Repeatedly Korolevskaya got into such scandals, because she usually promotes herself on ATO soldiers and residents of Donbass. In 2014, the activists of the “Black Committee”, dissatisfied with the hypocritical policy of the Royal, came to the place of dispatch of the humanitarian cargo organized by Natalya, and started a fight with the guards.

Royal with a scandal kicked out of Lviv because of Russia

During an off-site meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Social Policy and Protection of Veterans' Rights in Lviv, there was a scandal with the people's deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life Natalia Korolevskaya. She refused to answer the question whether Russia is an aggressor country. After that, activists and participants in the war in Donbass demanded that the politician leave the meeting and began chanting “Get out of Lviv!”, “Shame!”, “Suitcase, station, Russia!” themselves as patriots. The corresponding video was posted on his Facebook page by one of the eyewitnesses of the conflict, volunteer Igor Stefanyuk.

Opposition Platform for Life nominated the 19-year-old son of Korolevskaya as a deputy

The son of people's deputies from the faction “Opposition Platform – For Life” Natalia Korolevskaya and Yury Solod Rostislav nominated as a candidate for the Kramatorsk City Council from the Opposition Platform for Life Party. The young man announced this on Facebook. Rostislav Solod, born in 2001, called on residents to come to the polls on October 25 and vote for “a successful and promising future for themselves and their loved ones.” After becoming a deputy, Rostislav declared 185 thousand. units of cryptocurrency worth $23.7 million. It is noteworthy that he became the owner of the cryptocurrency at the age of 14. In the declaration, a young deputy of the Kramatorsk City Council indicated several land plots, a house, an office and an apartment. In addition, Rostislav mentioned the fleet, which consists of Land Rove and Mercedes-Benz cars.. All this property is registered to the Queen and her husband. “Even if Malt hid something in the declaration, he may not worry. The maximum that shines for him is a ridiculous fine or restriction of freedom, that is, living in a hostel, ”the CPC noted.

Yuri Solod, husband of the Royal: not drunk, but elected

Malt was included in the list of the “Opposition Bloc”. Now the Royals sit in the Rada with the whole family. Before the election, malt was seen in bribing voters. He distributed food packages in Slovyansk. The Road of Life Foundation of the ex-Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Natalya Korolevskaya works in the district in Slovyansk, where her husband Yuriy Solod is running and distributes food packages to residents. People receive rations from Korolevskaya and will choose between her husband and other candidates in the elections, Novosti Donbass writes. Hromadske Television of Donechchini filmed a video of a conversation with a local resident, who said that the fund also gives out money – 300 hryvnias each.

How Millionaire Deputies Receive Compensation for Traveling 90,000. UAH

What does the so-called compensation for travel to deputies through the territory of Ukraine cost and who are these people, what do they use it. The Dubina.tb project conducted its own investigation into this matter. We are talking about people's deputies, whose millionth fortune did not prevent them from using compensation for travel through the territory of Ukraine in the amount of 90 thousand. UAH This is a separate item of expenses of a people's deputy in the course of his activities.. 90 thousand. UAH per year is the maximum you can count on. At the same time, no one checks whether the people's choice went where or not.. Money is paid automatically as you apply.

Fashionable verdict of the Royal

Natalia Korolevskaya repeatedly got into scandals related to her appearance. In 2017, on a Saturday in Slavyansk, which was dedicated to the civilians of Slavyansk who died during the hostilities in 2014, Korolevskaya arrived in sneakers for $ 600. In the photographs where Korolevskaya is captured in her expensive outfit, it can be seen that the people's deputy prefers to wear shoes from Italian manufacturers. In particular, this model belongs to the well-known brand Alexander McQueen. In December 2019, Natalia made everyone laugh with her “jockey” outfit. For the meeting, the Royal chose a white cap and a long-sleeved polo to match.. In the comments, users noted that such a style for such a case is inappropriate. In February 2018, Korolevskaya gave an interview, talking about the fact that Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in the world, that the country needs to raise pensions and other social benefits. At the same time, she was wearing a cap of one of the most famous and expensive brands – Yves Saint Laurent. Such an accessory costs about 4500 hryvnia. She also appeared in a Fendi dress for 87,000 UAH, in original ADIDAS sneakers, for which the media called her appearance “Titushki Style”, and in general, we can conclude that Natalia prefers “royal” clothes.

Discounts for “their”


MP Natalia Korolevska earned 52,508 hryvnias in 2014, i.e. about 4,375 hryvnias per month. This is evidenced by her declaration for 2014. The document states that all the money received by the deputy was wages. Meanwhile, the Royal family earned 34,402 hryvnias, of which 13,102 hryvnias are wages, 21,300 hryvnias are dividends. At the same time, the deputy owns a land plot with an area of 2 thousand 45 square meters, and other real estate – 545 square meters.. Moreover, the Royal family has an apartment of as much as 264.1 square meters. [/ video] In addition, the Royal noted that she does not own a single vehicle, but her family has a 2006 Mercedes-Benz S 350 at her disposal. Korolevskaya does not keep money in banks, but other family members have an account with VTB Bank in the amount of 15,287 hryvnias. And now about what is not indicated in the declaration: The property is located in the village of Lesniki on a hectare of land. The complex has several houses, an artificial lake, a swimming pool, an ornamental garden and its own mountain.. All this has been formally owned by the Cypriot company Lyserena LTD since 2014, writes Bihus.info. In a comment to journalists of the program “Our money with Denis Bigus”, the people's deputy said that her parents rent the property. On the other hand, the program regularly recorded that the Royal came to this estate for work. President of the Union of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine Viktor Nesin estimated the value of the property at $2 million and the rent at least UAH 200,000 per month. The residence of the Royal in this complex was confirmed by the neighbors. She is often seen on a mountain located on the territory. Also not indicated is the Range Rover on which the husband of the Royal drives.

The business of the Royal family was rewritten to her “driver”

People's Deputy of the Opposition Bloc Natalia Korolevskaya did not declare a single car or business. However, the car that regularly carries the people's deputy belongs to the current formal owner of the “former” business of the Royal family. For several days in a row, journalists recorded how a people's deputy arrives and leaves the Verkhovna Rada in a car registered as Denis Ignatiev from Luhansk. In 2012, he was a member of the election commission to the parliament from the party of Natalia Korolevskaya “Ukraine – Forward!”. His wife, Oksana Ignatieva, also worked on the commission. Now Denis Ignatiev, through the company “Loading and Transportation Department”, is registered as a co-owner of the “Chervonogradskaya” Central Processing Plant. This is the only enrichment plant in the Western Region: coal is processed, dehydrated, cleaned and crushed here. Until 2008, the Chervonogradskaya Central Concentration Plant belonged to the state. In 2009, it became part of the Lviv Coal Company, 62% of which was privatized by private firms. According to the prosecutor's office, the privatization took place illegally: at a lower cost and without an auction. As a result, the state lost a controlling stake in the enterprise. The miners say that the company does not pay them wages for months. The miners call Korolevskaya the owner of the company. Earlier, the founder of several Lugansk companies that owned shares in Lviv Coal Company OJSC was Yury Solod, Korolevskaya's husband.


Natalia Korolevskaya, all the time she was in politics, stuffed her pockets with money. Indeed, thanks to her influence and close ties with other deputies and ministers, she managed to establish her illegal business, forgetting about the citizens of Ukraine. And no amount of PR, charity stories and food packages will make a sane person believe her.. Too many documented facts against her.

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There is a husband and four children.
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