Korban Gennady Olegovich - full dossier, compromising evidence


Ukrainian businessman and politician, head of the UKROP party. ...

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Scandalous personality, appears in political shows and other media ...


Raider, corrupt official, liar, Kolomoisky's man, traitor to the country ...


Bribes, raiding, murder, kidnappings ...

Korban Gennady Olegovich


Gennady Korban was exposed by law enforcement officers. During the searches, documents with "black bookkeeping" were found, the names of paid judges and officials, for whom, where and how it was agreed, how much money was taken from the budget. But even after the arrest, with a huge amount of evidence, Korban was not imprisoned. The whole trial was like a circus, as a result, Gennady Olegovich was put under house arrest without a bracelet, and allowed to fly to Israel, allegedly for treatment. In addition, Korban is directly related to the "Illovai boilers" and the events in the Donbass, as he is the head of the UKROP party. On his hands is not only money, but also blood …

Ukraine, Russia, Israel
May 24, 1970
Уровень охвата:

Gennady Olegovich Korban

Official biography

Born in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. 09. – 11.1988 – “Dnepropetrovsk house-building plant No. 2” – loader of the TsORA 3rd category of a plant of large wall blocks; 1988 – 1990 – service in the army of the USSR; 02. – 08.1991 – cooperative production and commercial association “Tektonika”, Dnepropetrovsk – machine operator of section No. 2; 08. – 12.1991 – production and commercial association “Tektonika”, Dnepropetrovsk – deputy director of a brokerage office at self-supporting site No. 2; 12.1991. – 02.1992 – broker office “Ukraine”, Dnepropetrovsk – director; 1992 – 1994 – Information Center “Ukraine”, Dnepropetrovsk – director; 1994 – 1998 – LLC with foreign investments Ukrainian-American enterprise “Information Center “Ukraine”, Dnepropetrovsk – commercial director, director; 1998 – 2003 – LLC “Industrial and commercial enterprise “Technoenergoeksport”, Dnepropetrovsk – director; 08. – 12.2003. – CJSC with foreign investments “DAN PANORAMA”, Dnepropetrovsk – Chairman of the Supervisory Board; 2003 – 2014 – PE “Slavutich – Leasing”, Dnepropetrovsk – Deputy Director; 05.03. – 04/16/2014 – Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration – Acting Deputy Chairman – Chief of Staff; 04/16/2014 – 03/25/2015 – Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration – Deputy Chairman – Head of Staff. 07/14/2015 7. – 01/23/2016 – “Ukrainian Association of Patriots – Ukrop” – chairman of the political party of the party.


State Mining Academy of Ukraine, 1997, economist.

A family

Divorced, has four sons. In January 2021, 16-year-old son Leo died in an accident in the Dnepropetrovsk region while riding an ATV. The older sister (born 1962) emigrated to Israel in 1989 with her family.

NOT official biography

The Prosecutor General’s Office published an audio recording of a woman with a voice similar to the voice of lawyer Tomchuk, talking about Korban’s plans to kidnap a man GORDON”.

In a telephone conversation, a woman with a voice similar to Tomchuk says that Gennady Olegovich (presumably Korban) offered to “pack and put in the trunk” Rudik (presumably the ex-head of the State Committee for Land Resources Sergey Rudyk), who was writing a statement to the prosecutor's office.

Strange decision of the court

Korban was detained on October 31, 2015 in Dnepropetrovsk. First, by a court decision, Korban was placed under house arrest, and on December 28, the court decided to keep him in a pre-trial detention center. The trial of Korban turned into a real farce. He fell sharply ill, he was taken from the hospital to the court, at the very process, the people's deputies – Korban's associates rushed at the judges and prosecutors. Then Korban's lawyers began to get sick. The ex-head of UKROP is suspected of a number of crimes, including corruption, misappropriation of other people's property, kidnapping, and so on. After Korban was placed in a pre-trial detention center, the topic of his arrest disappeared from the front pages of the media and ceased to be so hot. On March 15, strange things happened in the fate of Korban. First, the Kyiv Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the Dniprovsky District Court of the capital to elect Korban a measure of restraint in the form of detention until April 15.

After the announcement of the court decision, Korban called justice in Ukraine hybrid. According to him, today in the country “a lot of false prophets and verbiage, various foreign political tourists divorced.” The businessman's lawyers say he needs a second surgical intervention. But just two hours later, the Dniprovsky District Court of Kyiv released Korban under house arrest.. In particular, the Litsa website reported that Dnipro Mayor Boris Filatov received UAH 5,700,000 in dividends in June 2020. In August of the same year, Filatov declared dividends from IPP Energia in the amount of UAH 9,500,000. However, according to the annual information of securities issuers as of December 31, 2019, the income of the owners of the shares of the enterprise is zero. In 2019, the company made a profit of UAH 34,100,000. Interestingly, compared to the same period in 2018, the profit of the enterprise increased by 72 times (in 2018 it amounted to 475,000 hryvnias). As it turned out, this is not the first time such “miracles” have happened to Energia. So, in 2015, the company's profit amounted to 5,300,000 hryvnia.. And in 2016-2017. This figure was 0 million hryvnia. Such fluctuations in the profitability of the company may indicate financial fraud that could have been committed by the mayor of Dnipro Boris Filatov and the chairman of the city council Gennady Korban. Recall, “Engineering and production enterprise “Energy” is engaged in research and experimental development in the field of other natural and technical sciences. According to the analytical platform YouControl, Energia is part of the Gennady Korban Group. The main activity of the group companies is real estate, in particular hotels and shopping centers. Enterprise “Energy” was founded on December 18, 1996 in the city of Krivoy Rog. The company is headed by Sergey Matsko. The ultimate beneficiaries of the company are the mayor of Dnipro Boris Filatov and the chairman of the public council of Dnipro, entrepreneur Gennady Korban. The founder of the enterprise is the Regional branch of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The state institution owns 25.9% of the company's shares. The other part – 74.1% – is owned by Igor Zhelezko (15%), Boris Filatov (27.9%), Vladimir Gorb (22.1%) and Gennady Korban (25%). According to information from open sources, Vladimir Gorb is a longtime business partner of Gennady Korban, a former deputy of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council as part of the UKROP faction at a time when Korban was a local cell of the party. Gennady Korban holds the position of chairman of the public council, and is also a defendant in a number of criminal proceedings.

We count in Filatovo-Korbanovsky, or Rent suckers

Having captured buildings in the city by raider seizures, they create artificial pretexts for renting them out to controlled structures. Fuel was then added to the fire by an investigation by GromKontrol, which showed that only one building on St.. STAROKOSATSKY, 58 from the city budget of the Dnieper were withdrawn for 10 months 2196000 hryvnia. Two years later, it is impossible to say that “everything flows, but nothing changes” in this case.. Because appetites have changed, and “rental suckers” now receive millions from the city budget not in a year, but in a month. No ProZorro, no auction contests. Since 2018, FOP Zabolotny Igor Alekseevich (code 2866922881) leases the Filatov-Korban Square of the Department of Innovative Development of the Dnipro City Council. No competition in ProZorro, of course. According to the agreement, for 10 months of this year the department will pay for 187 square meters in the house at the above address 52.173 hryvnia per month. Lavrent Group LLC (code 43392451) at the location at the same address receives monthly UAH 278,924.50 from the Parking Control Inspectorate of the Dnipro City Council. , plus ten thousand hryvnias as compensation for housing and communal services. Here is the Municipal Enterprise “City Piers” of the Dnipro City Council, and the Municipal Enterprise “Transport Infrastructure of the City” of the Dnipro City Council. How much and how much they rent is unknown. Municipal institution “Holodomor Resistance Museum” of the Dnipro City Council pays hryvnia per month + 4.3 thousand. UAH. / month. as “Reimbursement of the lessor's expenses for the provision of utility and maintenance services to the tenant”. But all the exhibits are under control! Korbanovsky private enterprise “Talar-D” (code 43363745). And the rest – Aspect-Stroy LLC (code 42702700) receives monthly UAH 31,170.48. from the Department of Local Self-Government, Internal and Information Policy of the Dnipro City Council. Sole proprietor Dmitry Bondar (code unknown) also receives from this department for rent: 43.460 hryvnia per month + reimbursement of utility bills. This FLP also supplies food to the municipal institutions of the Dnipro City Council. There is no property on Starokozatskaya Street 58, however, Viprom LLC (code 25020009) has received UAH 3,556,718 from public finances for its rent, sublease and utility bills over the past three months. This is only by counting the data that are published on the Unified Web Portal for the Use of Public Funds (spending.gov.ua). That is, for the year, Korban-Filatov plans to suck at least 14 million from the budgets of all levels at this address. Only the Municipal Enterprise “Dneprovsk City Television Studio” of the Dnipro City Council (“Dnepr TV”) pays UAH 755,224.75 monthly. In addition to “Viprom”, the rent here is paid by the KP to the Private Enterprise “Geliara” (code 35607325) Communal Enterprise “Social and Analytical Center for the Promotion of the Development of the City” of the Dnipro City Council – 30.969 UAH. / month, Municipal enterprise “Organizational and analytical service” of the Dnipro City Council – 93.217 UAH. / month. And the raiders also moved the Department of Administrative Services and Licensing Procedures of the Dnipro City Council. And KP registrars make changes to state registers: The building belongs to the firm of Korban's nephew – Israeli citizen Igor Birman – NITI Chermetmekhanizatsiya LLC (code 32835856). PE Rublevsky Alexander Leonidovich (code 2139102856) rents real estate here Municipal institution “Specialized institution for the provision of free primary legal assistance in the city of. Dnipro» of the Dnipro City Council. Price – 31.075 hryvnia per month. “Birman” also “provides” here an unknown amount of square meters of the Department of Administrative Services and Licensing Procedures of the Dnipro City Council for a rent of UAH 111,062.22. month. And also – to the Dneprovodokanal utility company of the Dnipro City Council and the Teploenergo utility companies of the Dnipro City Council. With the latter, in general, what Israeli Mansi! For the sake of Birman, Teploenergo left its chic mansion to the mercy of fate – an architectural monument on the central avenue of the Dnieper: pr. Dmitry Yavornitsky, house 37. And now it's being broken by “hooligans”. To make it cheaper on the upcoming sale? Prospekt Dmitry Yavornitsky, 98 Ups. Is there G.O. here in Korban. public utilities. Until recently, the Municipal Enterprise “City Administration of Affairs” of the Dnipro City Council was sitting, and now the regional employment center pays 99.180 UAH per month + utilities, through LLC “First Corporate Group” (code 38936815). No contest and ProZorro. And another highlight: LLC Art-Sozvezdie sits here – (code 35341238), they suck from the budget of the Dnieper for “Entertainment services related to dances and shows” or “Services for organizing recreation and leisure for residents of the city of Dnipro”.. Dnieper, requiring special social attention and support”. For less than three years 22.683.900 UAH. received. Prospekt Dmitry Yavornitsky, 60. Here rents rooms Municipal enterprise “Directorate of territories and objects of recreation” of the Dnipro city council. How much, how much – is unknown.

Mayor of Dnipro Filatov and his business partner Korban illegally financed two parties

Dnipropetrovsk regional cells of the political parties “Opposition platform – in life” (“OPPL”) and “Proposal” were illegally financed from funds illegally withdrawn by members of an organized criminal group (OCG) from the local budget of the city of Dnipro. Naspravdi.today informs about this with reference to a certificate in criminal proceedings No. 32020100000000324 dated 06/18/2020 outlining the plot of the case. We reprint the certificate from criminal proceedings No. 32020100000000324:

Korban does not stop – buys parking spaces in “Chicago”

It became known about the sixth parking space in the Chicago Residential Complex, which was acquired by the Chairman of the Public Council under the Dnipro City Council and the founder of the Dnipro Strategy Charitable Foundation (CF) Korban: 10A. Information – from the State Register of Rights of Ukraine So, now the main public figure of the Dnipro has parking spaces in the residential complex No. 10A, 10B, 9A, 9B, 8A and 8B. As reported, Korban purchased ten apartments in this house: 52, 54, 84, 85, 87, 167, 168, 171, 171 and 175. An apartment of the corresponding area in the Chicago residential complex costs $300-450 thousand, a parking space – about $22 thousand. Earlier, “Faces” wrote that for the backup platform of the Data Center system (data center), the people of the “shadow mayor of the Dnieper” Korban receive millions of hryvnias from the budget of the Dnieper. Media outlets controlled by Korban spread fake stories about Filatov’s main competitor. Especially, the pro-Russian publication “Strana.ua” published unverified information, Serhiy Ryzhenko does not seem to be going to run for mayor of Dnipro. The odious publication refers to “its own sources”, however, for unknown reasons, Ryzhenko himself was not asked for a comment.. However, this is not the first time that the pro-Russian publication Strana.ua has violated journalistic standards.. The pro-Russian publication “Strana.ua” promotes the interests of the “shadow mayor of the Dnieper”, and the deputy editor-in-chief of the odious publication Svetlana Kryukova holds “creative meetings” in the “Korban building”. In addition, unverified information about Sergiy Ryzhenko was spread by the publications “Our City” and “Dnipro.Express” controlled by the city council, which receive funds from the city budget to “cover the activities of the mayor of Dnipro Boris Filatov”. Earlier, “Faces” reported that the communal TV channel “Dnepr TV” filmed a custom-made story against the candidate for the position of the mayor of Dnipro, Sergey Ryzhenko, who is likely to be Boris Filatov's main competitor.

Korban's party spent over $75,000 on advertising

Proposal Party Pages Spent Over $75,000 On Ads Year-to-Date. This is reported by the public movement “Chestno”. Pages on Facebook and Instagram that promote the Proposal party have spent more than $75,000 on ads since the start of the year. And a third of this money – in August. This is evidenced by data from the Facebook Ad Library.. The “Proposal” itself pays 15.2 thousand dollars for advertising from the party page, and another 60.8 thousand dollars from other pages that place positive advertising messages about the political force. These are pages such as “Gorodok”, “DniproTV”, “Experts”, “I am DNEPR”, “Real Dnepr”, “Beautiful city of Dnepr” and others. The Dnepr TV page belongs to the municipal TV channel, which is financed from the budget and promotes Boris Filatov. But the video blogger Vlad Voytsekhovsky talks about money laundering through advertising and dirty political technologists:

Korban “grabbed” Holodomor Resistance Museum – no contest

Municipal institution “Holodomor Resistance Museum” of the Dnipro City Council since June 2020. rents space in the house of Korban Gennady Olegovich. “Persons” learned about this from open registries. The legal entity KZ “Holodomor Resistance Museum” DMR was registered on 03/05/2020 at the address of a private house. This is the “house of two editions” on the street. Starokozatskaya, d. 40B, which in December 2018 was bought by an enterprise that de jure belongs to Maria Christodoulou, a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus. Earlier, “Faces” wrote that the de facto owner is Korban. Liliya Vladimirovna Bogacheva, a member and ex-head of the Public Council under the Dnipro City Hall, a representative of the Dnipro Ecological Council, chairman of the Ecological Space NGO, a member of the Scientific and Technical Council under the Department of Environmental Policy of the Dnipro City Council, headed the KZ. Lilia Bogacheva (photo – Dniprorada. Gov . Ua ) On June 3, 2020, she signed, without holding a tender, with the Private Enterprise “Talar-D” (code 43363745) a lease agreement for an open until the end of the year 72.6 m2 at a price of 300 UAH. per 1 m2, and in total – in the amount of 152.460 hryvnia for 7 months. At the same time, the contract states that this room in Talar-D is leased from Central Universal Store Dnepr LLC (code 41807358). According to the YouControl analytical platform, Talar-D LLC was established on 11/22/2019, 100% owned by Gennady Korban. “Persons” turned to the director of the museum, Lilia Bogacheva, with a question why her declaration was not in the Unified Register of Declarations of Persons Authorized to Perform the Functions of the State or Local Self-Government, she replied: “We were told that a declaration is not needed. Municipal institution – museum – does not submit a declaration. But I'll ask again, is it legitimate.

Cyprus, Seychelles, Belize, British Virgin Islands – Holodomor Resistance Museum led to Korban's offshore

To impose encumbrance on the building on the street. Starokozatskaya (Komsomolskaya), 40-B in Dnipro, where the Municipal Institution “Holodomor Resistance Museum” of the Dnipro City Council was registered, two firms of the business partner of the Mayor of the Dnieper Filatov – Gennady Korban concluded a mortgage agreement with each other. This can be understood from the information of state registries regarding the rights to real estate and data from the analytical platform YouControl. So, the owner of the building at Starokozatskaya 40-B is LLC Central Universal Store Dnepr (code 41807358). This LLC is owned by LLC FKS-Consult (code 31825056) by 68% and by 32% by Terrano GROUP INC. (TERRANO GROUP INC.) From the state of Belize in Central America. The owner of 100% of FKS-Consult is Gerasimova Lyudmila Evgenievna from Dnipro, Gennady Korban, ex-general director of LLC FC Slavutich-Capital. And the owner of the Belize company – through the company “Terrano GROUP INC.” (TERRANO GROUP INC.) From the state of the Seychelles in Africa – a citizen of the Seychelles Jupiter Antoinette Philomena. Recall that earlier Central Department Store Dnepr LLC belonged to the offshore Christodula Maria from Cyprus. A year before the Holodomor Resistance Museum was created, the Dnepr Central Department Store borrowed 8,150,000 hryvnias from GUM LLC (code 21853959) under the mortgage of the building on Starokozatskaya. The term for repayment of the debt, according to the State Register of Mortgages, – until the end of this year, GUM LLC previously belonged – through FUNWORD TRADE AND INVESTMENT CORP. (FUNWARD TRADE AND INVESTMENT CORP.) From the British Virgin Islands to the Caribbean, to Israeli citizens Igor Birman and Mikhail Svetlits, who were registered in the same apartment with Gennady Korban's sister, Victoria Korban. The offshore representative in Ukraine was a business partner of Gennady Korban Ugrin Viktor Nikolaevich. Now he leads the Donetsk regional organization of the political party Delo, a party that was “made under Mayor Filatov” in 2018. The ultimate beneficiary of GUM is through the Cyprus offshore companies BRADMOOR LIMITED and EL.OU. INTERNATIONAL Railway STANDARDS LIMITED “- Israeli Levin Igor is listed. Interestingly, at the time of commissioning in 2004, according to the register, the building on Komsomolskaya, 40-B belonged to the NGO “Business Management Group” (code 32007672). Now it has been renamed to ONM-Limited, the owner is a displaced person from the occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Gennady Korban wants to take the land that was previously rented by his sister

July 21, 2020 at 16:30 – 6040 admin A draft decision was published on the website of the Dnipro City Council, according to which the Wellington Group company can receive a land plot at Korolenko Street, 21 for a lease for a period of 15 years. If the decision is made, the enterprise will receive a land plot of 0.01 hectares, on which non-residential buildings are located. If the project is approved, according to the decision of the deputies, the Wellington Group company must, within three months after the adoption of this decision, conclude a land lease agreement with the City Council. Wellington Group was registered in Dnipro in October 2013. Engaged in the management of own and rented real estate, and also specializes in providing legal services. Head – Elena Kholodnaya. Authorized capital – 2100000 UAH. The owners of the company are the Dnipro politician, chairman of the Dnipro Public Council Gennady Korban (75.9%) and the First Corporate Group company (24.1%), the ultimate beneficiaries of which, in turn, are Gennady Korban (99.7%) and Vladimir Yasko (0.3%). Interestingly, on October 23, 2019, the Dnipro City Council canceled the right to use the land plots of Gennady Korban's sister Victoria. Journalist Svetlana Kryukova told the GORDON publication that unknown people smashed her car, which was in the parking lot. She noted that the car was parked in the parking lot of the National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named after. Amosov in Kyiv, where the leader of the UKROP party, Gennady Korban, is now undergoing treatment and under escort of law enforcement officers. “The pogrom took place two days before the date of the appeal court in the case of Korban – the main character of my book and the story in which I am involved. There were ten cars in the parking lot.. Only mine suffered. They didn’t steal anything, but obviously they said hello,” Kryukova said.

Korban's black bookkeeping

Investigator of the Prosecutor General's Office for Particularly Important Cases Nikolai Makeev said that law enforcement officers found a “black accounting” of a criminal group in which the leader of the UKROP party, Gennady Korban, is suspected of organizing.. Korban's lawyer Oksana Tomchuk called the investigator's statement a “fiction”. Also, the leader of the UKROP party, Gennady Korban, found papers with court decisions and papers attached to them with the names of people and amounts. During the searches, “black bookkeeping” was found, which relates to the activities of a criminal group, in the organization of which the leader of UKROP Gennady Korban is suspected. This was stated at a briefing by the investigator of the Main Investigation Department of the GPU for Particularly Important Cases Nikolai Makeev, a GORDON correspondent reports. In particular, drafts were confiscated from Korban’s house, on the basis of which the GPU suspects some people’s deputies of receiving money from the charitable National Defense Fund, including non-factional members of the UKROP party, as well as members of the UKROP inter-factional group.

Sakvarelidze: Korban used to make guests pay for his own meals and not pay taxes to the Ukrainian budget invited the Deputy Governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region Gennady Korban. According to Sakvarelidze, in 2014 he and other Georgian politicians went to Dnepropetrovsk to support the Dnipro people and agreed on a meeting with the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky. The governor was not there, so they had lunch and dinner with his deputies. The next day, the delegation met with Kolomoisky and gathered in Kyiv. And when the guests were about to pay for the hotel, at the reception they were presented with an invoice for dinner and lunch, to which they were invited by Deputy Governor Korban. “Then we laughed for a long time because of this incident and, in the form of evidence of the curiosity that had happened, we decided to keep this check as a symbol of the “hospitality” of the Kolomoisky team. Probably, Gennady Korban is used to making his guests pay not only for his own, but also for his own lunches and dinners, just like he used to not pay taxes to the state budget of Ukraine. In Georgia, Kolomoisky and his partners once still had to pay more than $80 million to the state budget,” Sakvarelidze wrote.

 Korban carried out a raider attack on the Citrus network

Citrus” is suing Korban: they say that he “received a share in the legal entity of the company in a hidden way”. The company assures that Korban will not affect the work of the company in any way. Yesterday MC.today wrote that businessman and politician Gennady Korban acquired 50% of ZT-Invest LLC, which owns Citrus. According to Ukrpatent, trademarks and logos of the Citrus network are registered at ZT-Invest LLC. Thus, Korban entered the business instead of Dmitry Zinchenko, who in June last year had a conflict with his business partner Grigory Topal. Data on co-owners changed on February 25. The press service of the company said that Korban secretly acquired 50% only in the company “ZT-Invest”. The Citrus company has already filed a lawsuit to review the legality of such an acquisition. ZT-Invest owns only a part of the company's secondary assets, which do not affect either the operating activity or the company's current assets.

Metropolitan in Dnipro: arithmetic is funny, the situation is terrible

On the subway in the Dnieper, in short – everything is bad. Too little of the 60 million euros for the project went to construction, and too much to ensure a peaceful old age for Korban and Filatov. According to the project, the total length of the tunnels is 10,000 m (10 km) with a volume of selected soil of 19,000 m. cubic. 3 stations are added to this volume, with a volume of 69,000 cubic meters. If we bring these figures to linear footage, it turns out that metro builders, even if they are Turks, need to walk 35,000 m or 35 km. (we have rounded, there is a little more). And then it’s more interesting: to date, 60 meters have been covered – PJSC “Dneprometrostroy”, full profile tunnels and 80 meters – “Limak”, unfinished tunnels. In total, we get 140 meters of penetration! This is 0.4% of the required amount of work! And the Turks, together with the mayor's office, disbursed 60,000,000 euros, that is, approximately 25% of the loan volume. Attention, a question for connoisseurs: Do we understand correctly that if 60,000,000 euros were spent on 0.4%, then 100% will cost about 15,000,000,000 (this is 15 billion, if anyone is too lazy to count zeros)? And the following questions follow from this: – And how did the Turkish comrades intend to build a subway for us for 242 million euros? – And why did they get involved in this scheme with Korban and Filatov at all, if the Chinese, at that very tender, gave a price of 450 million euros, below which, according to experts, it was already impossible to fall? And then suddenly the Turks with their 242 million 45 minutes before the deadline for applications! – From what pocket, Boris Albertovich and Gennady Olegovich are going to get the missing 14,800,000,000 euros? We have a suspicion that even if Boris Albertovich, despite his repeated assurances to voters that he is a very wealthy man, and so, even if he sells his favorite netsuke and Marina Filatova stops going to the mountains, they obviously will not have enough money. And you need to get it, Boris Albertovich, because you promised the voters who admired your assertiveness to complete the construction of the metro, no matter what it costs you.

Recording of a telephone conversation between Pashinsky and Korban

The ex-deputy head of the Presidential Administration posted on the Web an audio recording of a telephone conversation between the ex-head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Pashinsky and the ex-deputy governor of Dnepropetrovsk region Gennady Korban. In the recording, Pashinsky talks about seizing power and offers Korban “to lead the country so that it prospers.” At the beginning of the conversation, they first discuss some person, and then, allegedly as a joke, Pashinsky promises to seize power, to which Korban reacts a little nervously. “When you and I seize power, we will lead the country so that it prospers,” Pashinsky said, to which Korban asked him “not to say such things.” “I am a friend of the President. We will seize power for the president. And these sluts who surround him and lie that we are enemies, we will shoot first. They don't know how to do anything. They don’t even know how to steal!” Pashinsky was indignant. Recall that earlier the GPU said that Pashinsky was involved in the cases of execution on the Maidan. Also, as Korrespondent.net reported, on December 31, a deputy from the Popular Front, Sergei Pashinsky, reported an attack on him. Allegedly in self-defense, the politician shot the attacker in the leg, who had a bottle in his hands. But the man who was injured during the clash with Pashinsky said that the people's deputy took out a weapon when no one threatened him, and did not fire a warning shot in the air.

GPU: Ukrainian old women are paid for spreading rumors

The Prosecutor General's Office told about grandmothers who are paid for spreading rumors in transport. This was announced by the prosecutor of the GPU Vladislav Kutsenko. According to him, this political project is called Rumors, and only the leader of UKROP, Gennady Korban, has already spent 70,000 rubles on it.. At the same time, Kutsenko did not specify whether it was hryvnias or dollars. “What is the Rumors project, I think you know. This is when people are hired, usually elderly women, they are sent to public transport, and all day long they circle the city in this public transport, and they tell something so interesting political. This is the rumor project.. And people start believing. We were on the bus, and my grandmother told me this. Such an interesting political project for someone to believe. For example, that the opponent is a bad person, then he stole. Here is a grandmother all day long, there are many, hundreds of them, circling around the city and talking about the opponent's “situation,” he said. At the same time, the GPU does not see any corpus delicti in the Rumors project, unless it is financed with criminal money.

Korban, Khomchak and Filatov are agents of the Russian FSB

The Ilovaiskaya tragedy is a joint operation of the army of the Russian Federation and traitors to the Motherland in the branches of Ukrainian government, which are the business partner of the current mayor of Dnepr Boris Filatov – Gennady Korban and General Ruslan Khomchak. This is stated in the investigation of the public figure Mikhail Korolev. Korolyov points out that the fighters of the volunteer battalions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Ilovaisk fell into a trap prepared for them by Korban and Khomchak. And as a result, they died under fire from the Russian regular army. “On August 5, 2014, in Korban’s office in the Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration (then Gennady Korban was the deputy head of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration Igor Kolomoisky – ed.) a plan was developed to capture Ilovaisk by the forces of volunteer battalions. The meeting, led by the former freshman of the Moscow Drama University Gennady Korban, was attended by General Ruslan Khomchak, commanders of volunteer battalions: Andrey Beletsky (Azov), Andrey Filonenko (Shakhtyorsk), Semyon Semenchenko (Donbass), Yuri Bereza (Dnepr-1) and their deputies, and also journalist Yuri Butusov. Korban convinced the soldiers of this adventure, deliberately misinforming them that, according to intelligence, Ilovaisk is poorly fortified and practically unguarded, and also interested the battalion commanders in material rewards, ”the investigation says.


Despite the stories of Boris Filatov that Gennady Korban is a holy man and did not pull a penny from the budget, law enforcement officers still find irrefutable evidence to the contrary. Black bookkeeping, the names of paid judges, accounting for purchased advertising for the state budget. And isn't it a shame for the mayor to lie to the townspeople?

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