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Kolykhaev Igor Viktorovich


I would like to believe that the residents of Kherson were lucky with the mayor. After all, Kolykhaev's election campaign was just the same "rainbow". And some people consider Igor Viktorovich's campaign insane and cynical. During this period, he actively bought ice cream at his own expense to kindergartens for children, handed over the missing things, organized free medical examinations for citizens, improved the street in Kherson, and this gave its results. But it soon became clear that all this was done for his own benefit and the prosperity of his business.

May 8, 1971
Уровень охвата:

“Satan Kakhovska”

Official biography

Born May 8, 1971, Kherson – Ukrainian politician and entrepreneur. People's Deputy of Ukraine of the IX convocation (since 2019). Deputy of the Kherson Regional Council (2015—2019). Was a party member. Honorary citizen of the city of Berislav. Performs the duties of the mayor. Kherson since November 27, 2020.


1988. – Graduated from the Naval Institute of Radio Electronics named after. A.S. Popova (city. St. Petersburg, RF). studied at the Ukrainian-American Humanitarian Institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) in Ukraine” – Ukrainian-American Concordia University.


2006. – Together with Yuri Bokalo, he created a futsal club, which began to bear the name of Igor Kolikhaev's enterprise Prodexim. October 2015. – was elected a deputy of the Kherson Regional Council on the lists of the political party Petro Poroshenko's Bloc “Solidarity”. From July 2019. – People's Deputy of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Agrarian Policy.

A family

Kolykhaev was not officially married. Has two children: son Svyatoslav and daughter Anastasia.


Medal “For Merit” of the Football Federation of Ukraine. Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Agrarian Policy and Land Relations in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the IX convocation

NOT official biography

Igor Kolykhaev, an agrarian businessman and actually a landowner, “sowed” money in the constituency. Last year, the owner of an agricultural holding (several agricultural enterprises in several districts of the Kherson region) became a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from constituency No. 184. Is it a coincidence that it is in this district that farmland is concentrated, which is cultivated by the Kolykhaev holding? He was supposed to run for the 184th from the Servant of the People, he was even on the lists for the congress, where he was supposed to be nominated as a candidate for people's deputies from the then-fashionable presidential party. But at the last moment, Kolykhaev was expelled and he went as an independent candidate.. “Servants”, most likely, did not take Kolykhaev due to the fact that he was then a deputy of the regional council from the BPP – and at that time it was very strange to take such a guy into the Ze-movement.

Kolykhaev: a dark horse or a ray of light?

Kolykhaev ran for the Kherson mayor as a self-nominated candidate, although in parliament he was a member of the deputy group of the For the Future party, which is considered a political project not only of Igor Palitsa, but also of his business partner Igor Kolomoisky. Interestingly, Kolykhaev was elected to the Verkhovna Rada in the 184th majoritarian constituency, where Kherson is not included.

Kolykhaev manipulates facts to get the seat of Kherson mayor – blogger Schneider

On the eve of the second round of elections, a candidate for the mayor of Kherson, people's deputy from the For Future group, Igor Kolykhaev, manipulates facts for the sake of victory, journalist and blogger Mikhail Schneider said on his Facebook page. He noted that Kolykhaev promised that he had “booked” funds in the state budget for 2021 for the completion of the bridge crossing in Kherson. He recalled that during his visit to Kherson in August, President Volodymyr Zelensky visited this bridge crossing and promised that a subvention would be allocated, and the first stage of the bridge would open by May 1, 2021. And all this is within the framework of the presidential project “Great Construction”. The site of the head of state wrote about this on August 20. “Well, now Igor Kolykhaev is simply 'attaching' himself to the president's initiative. Knowing full well that Zelensky is a man of his word. In Novaya Kakhovka, Kolykhaev promised to get funds for the modernization of treatment facilities before the elections. In the second – to lobby for the allocation of funds for the construction of the pool. As a result, the new pool in Nova Kakhovka did not appear. Wastewater from Berislav flows into the Dnieper without treatment. And this is not to mention the broken roads, devastation and general abandonment of the district, which the locals talk about and the local media write about.. Frankly speaking, people there were completely disappointed in their candidate. But it doesn't matter to Kolykhaev – he set his sights on the post of mayor of Kherson. True, this figure uses the same methods as in the elections to the Rada – manipulation, lies and unfulfilled promises,” Schneider concluded.

Cynical to the point of absurdity

During the election campaign, the public election observation network “Opora” named three candidates in the Kherson region who, in their opinion, are the most active in bribing voters. The first place was taken by BP candidate Igor Kolykhaev, who held 20 charity events within 2 weeks. From their point of view, it is he who is the leader in the number of charitable events. He handed out blankets in the Golden Key kindergarten in Nova Kakhovka, tents and berets to the winners of the Dzhura military game in Novovorontsovka, ice cream in Velyka Lepetikha, financed sports ground equipment, repair of educational institutions, donated balls, sports uniforms, tennis tables, meat grinders and etc.. Gifts for children are distributed in packages with symbols of the charity fund. There were free medical examinations, payment for the services of medical specialists and free consultations for residents of Gornostaevka, visits of specialists to Novovorontsovka, cardiac surgeons to Novaya Kakhovka, free medical examinations in Velyka Lepetikha.” Kolykhaev did not limit himself to the distribution of elephants and orders. To consolidate the result, Kolykhaev and his team created the so-called grid (for the settlements of the 184th district), which provides for bribing voters by paying them for their work as agitators and for the final result.

Deputy vice versa

Igor Kolykhaev also opposed the free sale of land. Transnational agricultural holdings, which stretched their hands towards the Ukrainian black soil – an interesting topic, of course, but for a separate discussion. Ukraine has its own landowners with sweaty palms from greed. For example, Igor Kolykhaev, who voted against the law on the land market, only in 2019 became the full owner of 11 fields with a total area of almost 100 hectares.. Moreover, without embarrassment, he reflected all this in the income statement, the authoritative journalist Denis Kazansky draws attention. The people's deputy received all these plots as gifts (generously, isn't it?) or as an inheritance from people with whom, not only relatives, even friends, Kolykhaev had never been. That is, we can safely assume: this is a hidden purchase of shares. And most likely for a penny. A penny for Kolykhaev, and not for poor elderly ex-collective farmers in no less poor villages in the 184th district in the Kherson region.

That's why the people's deputy opposed the land market. Is it better to buy land for pennies than at a competitive price?

Mayor-landlord – is it cool?

The fact that the land market will still be opened is almost a given. As well as the fact that the owners of the shares will sell them. And accordingly, terminate the lease agreements with agricultural enterprises, such as Kolykhaev's agricultural holding. Unless, of course, these holdings refuse to give an adequate price for shares. Now experts call it at the level of 2 thousand dollars per hectare. Kolykhaev leases – about 35 thousand hectares. Of these, 15 thousand hectares are state land. The owner of the agricultural holding hoped to privatize it, for which he became a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada. And the presence of a mandate did not prevent Igor Kolykhaev from participating in local elections, shortly before which he became the founder of the party “We Live Here”. In accordance with Ukrainian legislation, he will have to resign as a people's deputy. If the villagers immediately sell their shares to competitors, and the state puts its land into free circulation, the latifundist MP will be left without business. Of course, he will have left for bread with black caviar, but the former scale of the flight will no longer be. Saving the business, according to elementary estimates, will cost about $ 70 million. In this regard, the people's deputy begins frantically looking for a way out of the situation.. He, clearly realizing that without being a member of the parliamentary majority, with the help of the constituency alone, he would not recoup such an amount, he decided to find a richer patrimony. Forgetting about the promises made to the villagers in 2019, MP Kolykhaev buys himself a political party. Or rather, not even a party, but registration documents for it. Thus, the Revival of Ukraine party, previously controlled by the people's deputy from the Servant of the People Arseniy Pushkarenko, was renamed into We Live Here. It was with this old-born party that Kolykhaev gathered for the mayor of Kherson. It is our city, the people's deputy, apparently, sees as a source of obtaining the very 70 million dollars that he needs to maintain his position in the agricultural business. To get the desired result, he uses the same tactics as in the rural 184th district: he covered the city with his billboards and delivers handouts to budgetary institutions.

How much can you steal in Kherson?

Kherson's budget for 2020 is approximately UAH 2.5 billion. The main part of the money is the so-called protected items that go to the salaries of state employees and the maintenance of various budgetary institutions – schools, hospitals, kindergartens, etc.. It's hard to steal these funds. But there is another resource – these are funds allocated for the maintenance of housing and communal services, as well as the so-called development budget, the expenditure of which is directly controlled by the mayor and his team. About UAH 400 million are provided for housing and communal services in the 2020 budget. Development budget (the name speaks for itself – this is money for the development of the city) – about 140 million more. UAH. That is, UAH 540 million a year is a resource that the mayor's office controls.. This is not counting the own funds of the various utilities, whose directors are appointed by the mayor. It can be argued that in the next five years these amounts will not decrease.. That is, the future head of the city will have access to 2.7 billion hryvnia. This is about 100 million dollars – exactly the money that Kolykhaev needs to solve his business issues.

Kolykhaev did not appear at the debate

Yesterday, November 12, Igor Kolykhaev did not come to the studio of the Suspilne Kherson TV channel for a debate with his rival in the mayoral race Vladimir Saldo. And if earlier Igor Kolykhaev refused to participate in the debates to which his opponent invited him, this time he ignored the invitation not by Saldo at all, but by the TV channel and, accordingly, the viewers – Kherson residents, who were interested in comparing the two candidates, as they say, with their own eyes. In general, in this regard, Igor Kolykhaev merged. But this is not the only very uncomfortable situation in which he found himself. His image as a politician received a no less serious blow when he announced his intention to run for mayor of Kherson. With this step, he ignored his voters, who entrusted him to represent their interests in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as a people's deputy. If he is elected mayor of Kherson, he will inevitably have to resign his deputy powers ahead of schedule and, accordingly, not fulfill his promises. Betrayer once, betray again. Having betrayed the inhabitants of Novaya Kakhovka, Berislavsky, Velikolepetykhsky, Veliko Aleksandrovsky, Vysokopolsky, Gornostaevsky and Novovorontsovsky districts, he will betray the Kherson people as well.


According to the declaration for 2019, Igor Kolykhaev does not have his own housing and rents a residential building with an area of 168.3 sq.. in Kherson and an apartment with an area of 110 m. sq. in Kyiv. By the way, the people's deputy-millionaire took compensation from the state budget for renting this apartment. The People's Deputy owns 14 land plots in various districts of the Kherson region with a total area of 811,536 sq. m.. and costing 1 million 576 thousand. 732 UAH Kolykhaev also has two cars on lease – a 2016 Lexus LX 570 (leased on August 16, 2019, worth 1 million 864 thousand. 006 UAH) and “Volkswagen Tuareg” 2019 (leased on 10/25/2019, cost 2 million 097 thousand. 860 UAH). The total income of Igor Kolykhaev for 2019 is 13 million 938 thousand. UAH 998, of which the salary of a people's deputy is 150 thousand. 836 UAH In addition to the Verkhovna Rada, during the year, Igor Viktorovich generally earned UAH 228,824 thousand at his main place of work and part-time. The total income of Igor Kolykhaev from entrepreneurial activity amounted to UAH 3 million 441 thousand 443. Kolykhayev also inherited UAH 1,271,275. In 2019, Kolykhaev received UAH 6,867 for renting his own property. As cash income, the people’s deputy also registered the allocation of a land plot in the Kakhovka district worth UAH 163,891 thousand, income from the alienation of movable property in the amount of UAH 200,873, repayment of accounts receivable in the amount of UAH 6 million 880 thousand, dividends in the amount of UAH 1 million 469 thousand UAH 999. and the return of the “green tariff” in the amount of UAH 124,990. In the hands of 2019, self-nominated Kolykhaev kept 3 thousand. UAH 894. and $882,700. In the bank accounts of the people's deputy, a total of 478 thousand. 340 hryvnias. and $111. The total amount of the loan provided by the people's deputy during 2019 is 7 million 130 thousand. 572 UAH

Igor Kolykhaev is finishing a luxurious renovation of his office in the Kherson city hall.

Judging by the photos that were leaked to the network, the repair cost more than one million hryvnias. Immediately, we note that the mayor of Kherson did it for his own money. Refurbished not only the office and reception. It will have a glass door so that everyone can look at who sits for hours waiting for the mayor and admires the panel on the wall. The furniture in the mayor's office is strikingly different from that which stood in the office of his predecessors.. There are modern tables, and leather chairs, a few tables and tasteless paintings.. The rest room has turned into a cozy living room, with a sofa, TV and wardrobe. The chapel of Catherine's Cathedral is engraved on the glass doors of the latter.. Obviously, this good and expensive repair, Igor Klykhaev can afford. Here are just a resonance with what is happening in the city, so striking that it all looks just wild.

Kolykhaev was named among the main customers and distributors of jeans in the regional media, as well as among the customers of chernukha against rivals.

Kolykhaev is also accused of hypocrisy and attempts to buy land from the owners at a bargain price before the launch of the land market.. So the deputy who voted against the legalization of the right to sell land was accused of re-registering the lands of the inhabitants of the Kherson region for years, and in particular, those citizens who had recently died. Kolykhaev's company “Prodexim” manages 908 land plots, the area of which cannot be calculated. All these lands went through the procedure of alienation, despite the moratorium on the sale of land. Investigative journalists note that Igor Kolykhaev concentrated thousands of hectares of land in his hands, through fraud, in collusion with officials of the State Geocadastre and issued them to figureheads. It is also alleged that the people's deputy's company carried out these transactions, evading taxes. Also, the local press accused Kolykhaev of running for mayor without a program, noting that he forgot about the past promises that he made to the public during the 2019 parliamentary elections.. The team of the future mayor is also still not presented to the public. Some authors of the network call the politician and the deputy Satan Kakhovskaya, accuse him of corruption, fraud, murders, tax evasion, lies and manipulations at all levels.

Mayor of Kherson Igor Kolykhaev appointed the unemployed son of his assistant director of the KP. Residents of Novaya Kakhovka nicknamed him “Satan of Kakhovka” for broken promises, corruption and raiding.

Личные данные

Has two children: son Svyatoslav and daughter Anastasia. No official marriage
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Kherson region, Kherson city, STREET POPOVICHA, budinok 19, apartment 51