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Klitschko Vitaliy Vladimirovich


How many billions did Klitschko steal? This amount will not fit in the head of an ordinary person. As an athlete, he earned tens of thousands of dollars, and now he covers up all the money stolen from the budget with this fact. Journalists long ago exposed Klitsch's corruption schemes, and brought enough documented facts with specific sums of money. Kickbacks, tender fraud, illegal land privatization. Pathetic bastard Klitschko still can't get enough. Apparently there is nothing to feed that hundred mistresses from whom letters come to his mail. Fortunately, the mail was also hacked, so the media squeezed out only the most interesting things. In the end, when it came to dismissal (after all, the amount of stolen land and money can no longer be covered up), Klitschko fled. Here is such a cowardly thief sitting in the chair of the mayor.

July 19, 1971
Уровень охвата:

Vitali “Tomorrow” Klitschko

Official biography

Born July 19, 1971 in. Belovodskoye (Kyrgyz SSR), in the family of a military man. Vitaliy's father – Vladimir Rodionovich Klitschko (April 24, 1947 – July 13, 2011), Major General of the Air Force of Ukraine, military attache of the Ukrainian Embassy in Germany and NATO. Participant in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. He received a large dose of radioactive irradiation, which led to premature death. Vitaliy's grandfather, Rodion Petrovich Klitschko, was a police officer, and his grandmother, Tamara Efimovna Klitschko (Etinzon), was a primary school and Ukrainian language teacher. Her family and firstborn died in the ghetto during the German occupation. Rodion Petrovich went to Kazakhstan after the war (he led the deportation of the Tatars). The father of the Klitschko brothers, Vladimir, and his sisters, Raisa and Anna, were born in Kazakhstan. Vitali Klitschko's mother – Nadezhda Ulyanovna Klitschko (nee Bulino) – primary school teacher. According to Vitali Klitschko, his grandmother, Evdokia Filippovna Bulino, survived the famine in the Cherkasy region, while her entire family died. Grandmother Klitschko was sheltered by neighbors.


As the son of a military man, Klitschko studied at several schools in the cities where his father served.. In 1980-1985 Vitali Klitschko lived in the town of Mimon, Czechoslovakia. In 1985 the family moved to the Ukrainian SSR. Vitaly graduated from a Kyiv high school and was going to become a military pilot, but he was not taken to the school because of his high growth. The physical parameters of Vitaly (in his physique this athlete always resembled an epic hero) were impressive: his height is 202 cm. The usual weight during a sports career is 112-114 kg. Vitali Klitschko went to work at the Kyiv Radio Plant as an apprentice toolmaker. Then it's time to go to the army. Thanks to his passion for sports and sports success, Vitaly was called up to the Sports Club of the Army of the Kyiv Military District. After the army, Vitaliy Vladimirovich entered the Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky Pedagogical Institute, from which he graduated in 1995, having received the specialty “Teacher of Physical Education”. Then Klitschko entered the graduate school of the National University of Physical Education and Sports, and in 2000, scientific activity was added to the biography of Vitaliy, already a famous boxer, whose fights were watched by the whole world, he defended his Ph.D.. Vitali Klitschko continued his studies, graduated from the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine. Received a master's degree in the specialty – “Management of social development.”

A family

Since 1996, he has been married to Natalya Klitschko (nee Egorova), born in 1974 – a former athlete and fashion model. I tried myself as a singer. Her album “Naked Soul” was released in 2016.. On the Internet, the Klitschko wife's album “Naked Soul” can be purchased for almost 5 euros. They are raising two sons, Yegor-Daniel (b.. May 16, 2000) and Maxim (b.. April 1, 2005), as well as daughter Victoria (b.. November 24, 2002). The younger brother Wladimir Klitschko was born in 1976, became a world-class athlete, world champion in the WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO versions.

Social activity:

In 1997 he founded the International Fund for the Promotion of Sports Development “Sport – XXI Century”. Since 2000 – a representative of the UNESCO program “Education for children in need”. In 2003, the Klitschko brothers founded the Klitschko Brothers Foundation, a charitable organization whose elder brother was chairman of the board from 2003 to 2006. Member of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine since 2005. In addition, Vitaly Vladimirovich took an active part in various international charitable events (promoting a healthy lifestyle, fighting drug addiction and AIDS, as well as childhood illnesses and poverty).

Not Official Biography

Klich's relationship with Lukashenka

By the way, everyone has already forgotten about the special relationship between Vitalik Klitschko and Lukashenka. A year ago, we purchased buses from MAZ through leasing. Through leasing, this was done in order for MAZ to receive an order from Kyiv without competition, simply because in terms of price / quality ratio, MAZ would not have won the competition. 50.72 million euros were spent then and we are still paying this installment. For this money it was possible to buy in Germany, to be honest.

How Klitschko “defiled the soul of Kyiv”

08/10/2021 allowed drift shooting of the famous brand RedBull on Sofiyivska Square near the monument to T.G.. Shevchenko, which belongs to the cultural heritage and is protected by UNESCO, and Sofiyskaya Square is located in the confirmed UNESCO buffer zone and has a high conservation status. Later, after the resonance of the event itself, he said that he did not give such permission, just like the Kyiv police said that they were not aware. Photos from the scene and a huge crowd of policemen who guard the process speak somewhat about a completely different situation.

Klitschko turned out to be not only a corrupt official, but also a coward – frightened by an invitation to the National Security and Defense Council, he fled to the Chernihiv region.

This, by the way, is only a 100 km drive from Kyiv, I could return. But then you would have to answer – where is the 6 billion allocated for the Podolsky bridge? Who pocketed hundreds of millions in transport purchases? And other “uncomfortable” questions. And it is already obvious to everyone that the mayor of the capital cannot answer this, since all schemes for cutting the budget were introduced and implemented with his participation. If this is not so, come back, Vitaly Vladimirovich. The National Security and Defense Council, we are sure, will wait for you.

Blinken stripped Klitschko of immunity – criminal cases on corruption launched

According to the sources of the TG channel, at the meeting of representatives of the Ukrainian authorities with the US Secretary of State, the Office of the President discussed, among other things, the case of corruption in Kyiv. Blinken was unpleasantly surprised by the scale of corruption in the capital and, as a result, did not object to the development of Klitschko's entourage and the mayor of Kyiv himself. Thus, Vitaly Vladimirovich lost the patronage of the State Department, which actually gave him immunity. Therefore, the fact that searches in Kyivzelenstroy and Spetszhilfond began immediately after Blinkin's visit is not an accident.. TG-channel sources suggest that Klitschko, Palatny and Komarnitsky should look for good lawyers.

Klitschko framed Povoroznyk, forcing him to approve the cut of UAH 2 billion. on the repair of the Shulyavsky bridge

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko framed his deputy Mykola Povoroznyk, forcing him to approve a cut of UAH 2 billion. on the repair of the Shulyavsky bridge. Political consultant and blogger Tatyana Lupova announced this in her blog on Censor.. She noted that the figure of almost UAH 2 billion. figured for a long time and was spelled out in the budget. “This is more than a 3-fold increase in the initial project estimate of UAH 598.5 million. But until recently, it was just a number. Reconstruction of the Shulyavska Interchange for UAH 2 billion, featured in the draft Program for the Socio-Economic Development of the Capital for 2021. According to the signed document, only UAH 624 million managed to allocate and develop. Now, with the hands of Povoroznik, Klitschko signed a project, thanks to which the budget of Kyiv will officially lose weight by almost another 1.5 billion. It is worth noting that the figures for the funds spent do not converge.. If the document indicates that the work was done for UAH 624 million. , then the media at the end of last year featured a different figure. Namely: “814 million advance payment was transferred to the company of Maxim Mikitas for the performance of work.”

Klitschko and Komarnitsky block the adoption of a new General Plan for the deriban of Kyiv land

The new General Plan of Kyiv, apparently, is not needed by Mayor Klitschko, and the only thing that the Kyiv authorities want is to legalize thousands of illegal buildings. This is stated in a recently published journalistic investigation about the problem of adopting a new General Plan of the capital. “Vitali Klitschko does not care where people will walk, what air they will breathe, where children will study. For him, the main thing is to fill his pockets, the pockets of his main companion Denis Komarnitsky, and the pockets of other friends, ”says the media. According to the journalist, since 2017, the mayor of the capital, Vitaliy Klitschko, has only been doing what he promises to adopt the new General Plan of Kyiv. It is worth noting that Kyiv is the largest city in Ukraine, and to this day follows the document developed in 1997 and approved in 2002. Also, the author of the material reports that in May 2019, the mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko, promised to present the draft of the new General Plan of Kyiv in July of that the same year. The journalist reports that, according to Vitaliy Klitschko, at that time he already had the approval of the historical and architectural basic plan by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and that there was no more than a month left before the new General Plan was released “to the masses”. “Back in early November 2020, the head of the Kievgenplan, Sergey Bronevitsky, stated that the draft general plan of Kyiv was “99% developed” and public hearings would still begin at the end of the month. However, it is July 2021 on the street, and the new General Plan has not been adopted. For unknown reasons, the mayor is delaying this process.. And here the question arises: “Why?” Perhaps, not all projects for the deriban of Klitschko's friend Denis Komarnitsky were inserted into the document? Or is it more profitable for him to solve all his “Wishlist” through DPT?” the journalist asks.

Klitschko made Malyarevich the first deputy head of the Dnieper region to replenish the black cash desk, – journalist

Vitali Klitschko is very actively preparing for the start of the presidential race. After all, he really wants to become president, despite the fact that there are a whole bunch of searches in the KP throughout the city.. The NABU case has been initiated, where a criminal group led by Klitschko and officials close to him is organized, which plundered European money. We are talking about an EBRD loan – 52 million euros of which 10 million euros on the mayor's task by some officials. Oles Malyarevich – Vitali Klitschko's man, infinitely devoted and able to steal, fill the party fund. And she needs to go to the polls.

According to the journalist, Malyarevich is one of the members of the organized criminal group in the criminal proceedings, which are being conducted by NABU, on the theft of European money. He, being at that time the first deputy head of the budget committee, made changes, committed an official forgery, which after signed Klitschko. That is, in fact, they made a decision on youth lending for consideration by the Kyiv City Council, and then they changed the documents and turned this story around with 10 million euros. It was Malyarevich who was recently appointed deputy head of one of the largest districts of the capital, journalist Sidorenko said.

Entrepreneurs ask Zelensky to release Klitschko, who is killing small businesses in Kyiv

Representatives of small businesses in Kyiv came out to protest in order to prevent the City Council from accepting the initiatives of Mayor Klitschko and MP from UDAR Belotserkovets, who decided to destroy the small business of the capital. The city authorities plan to clean up legal small businesses for themselves, leaving only illegal MAFs in the capital. And on the site of the destroyed legal enterprises – to install their own temporary structures, the money from which will simply go into their pockets. he said. Thanks to these rule changes, the city government will be able to simply demolish any legal structures of legal small businesses without any justification or compensation.. The new rules will make it much more difficult to obtain the necessary documents to run a legal business. He also stressed that this is not the first time that representatives of legal small businesses have taken to the action.

Klitschko Zhevago's accomplice, with whom the mayor cuts 845 million for the modernization of Energia, was placed under arrest

Oligarch Konstantin Zhevago, with whom the mayor of the capital, Vitali Klitschko, “cuts” 845 million for the modernization of the Energia waste incineration plant, was placed under arrest. Political expert, blogger Aleksey Belovol reports this in his blog on the Correspondent website. He assures that it is quite easy to trace Zhevago's connection with BMZ Progress LLC in media investigations. Aleksey Belovol adds that the mayor of the capital is a big fan of disgraced oligarchs.

Consequences of the OP's run over Klitschko

KMDA increased expenses for the construction of the Podilsko-Voskresensky bridge crossing by UAH 528.2 million, i.e. up to UAH 1.24 billion. These 528 million are part of the ransom that Klitschko will pay to remain in the mayor's chair. And that's a third of the price. In addition to money, Vitalik will give away part of the property, trading floors and parking lots. How will the city pay? The fact that the metro on Vynohradar is shelved, as is the reconstruction of the South Bridge, as is the Shulyavskaya interchange. There will be nothing, Vitalik has already given Yermak a large part of the city budget.

Shulyavsky bridge

Reconstruction of the Shulyavsky Bridge began on March 16, 2019. And, of course, here, too, did not pass without scandals.. Journalists found information that 2 companies that did not have the necessary equipment and experience in similar work reached the final of the tender for the construction of a new interchange. But both of these companies are associated with the controversial real estate developer Maxim Mykytas, who is called a “friend” of Mayor Klitschko.. At the same time, with the increase in the construction time of the interchange, the amounts that they plan to spend on the bridge also increased.. 600 million, which were voiced at the tender, grew into 1.5 billion.

Mikitas built corruption schemes with Klitschko through Spasibko and Komarnitsky

Ex-owner of Ukrbud Maxim Mykytas solved corruption schemes with Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko through his deputy Alexander Spasibko and Denis Komarnitsky. This became known from the correspondence between Mykytas and the general director of Ukrbud Oleg Mayboroda.

In the scandalous correspondence published by the Joker, the author of the construction pyramid, Mikitas, showed huge amounts of money that he stole from investors and distributed to officials as bribes. So Mayor Klitschko himself, his deputy Spasibko, who is in charge of the construction industry, and Komarnitsky, who is called Spasibko’s partner, appeared in the correspondence.. It was through these two that Mikitas resolved all issues with the mayor of Kyiv. The most interesting correspondence – dated December 17, 2018. Klitschko himself appears in it and it concerns the scandalous reconstruction of the Shulyavsky bridge. And when they drop Shulyavka 180 to us, Mayboroda wrote, referring to 180 million hryvnia allocated from the Kyiv budget for the reconstruction of the Shulyavsky overpass.
I don't know. Now I'm in touch with the mayor. To which Maiboroda asked Mikitas to “choke” the mayor, and he replied: “I'm trying.”

Klitschko was caught lying and demand plans for the construction and financing of the subway on Vynohradar

Mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko announced incorrect deadlines for the commissioning of metro stations at Vynohradar, he reported false information in his last interview with Radio Liberty. This opinion was expressed in his Facebook political scientist Vitaly Kulik.

Kyiv without buses, money and vaccines – these are the results of the corrupt activities of Klitschko and Gustelev with Komarnitsky

The mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko and his deputy for transport Alexander Gustelev, even during a pandemic, continue to steal tens of millions of hryvnias together with the “watching” Denis Komarnitsky, in particular for the purchase of buses. Kievans are constantly told that public transport does not pay for itself, is unprofitable, even the city constantly subsidizes it. This is how we explain the constant increase in fares. Of course this is a lie. Political expert Tsybulko analyzed in detail the scheme with the purchase of MAZ-203015 buses, the cost of which was artificially increased by a total of UAH 13,516,890. This is not the only example of deals made by city officials with buses of the specified manufacturer.. In May 2020, Kyivpastrans and AK Ukravtotorg LLC (which is associated with the wanted regional Svyatosh) concluded a leasing agreement for the supply of 200 buses of the MAZ brand for a total amount of more than 50 million euros. Experts noted that in general, the price was overstated by UAH 250 million. And at the same time, the deputies of the Kyiv City Council announced the involvement of the mayor in this “deriban” of the capital's budget. According to our information, Vitaliy Klitschko was helped to turn the scheme with buses by the profile deputy Oleksandr Gustelev and Komarnitsky, the “watcher” in Kyiv. With these 250 million, another 70 buses could have been bought, but the funds were stolen by these three.

Klitschko and Gustelev, with the help of Komarnicki, take kickbacks from Polish tram manufacturers

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, together with his deputy Alexander Gustelev and “watchman” Denis Komarnitsky, receive kickbacks from the purchase of Polish trams, therefore they ignore the domestic manufacturer. At the same time, according to Taran, Polish Pesa trams are not cheap – almost 49 million hryvnias apiece.. Accordingly, for 10 pieces the capital gives 490 million. It turns out that 20 percent VAT for customs clearance in the amount of UAH 98 million. could be left in Ukraine. In turn, Ukrainian trams are often cheaper, but as soon as they win capital tenders, Klitschko immediately finds a formal reason to refuse our manufacturers in order to conclude an agreement with the Poles again. Why is this happening? Someone says that for such strange contracts from the Polish concern Pesa, Klitschko, together with Gustelev and Komarnitsky, receive huge kickbacks, while in Kyiv hospitals there are not enough beds for patients with COVID-19, there are not enough ventilators, vaccines. The mayor is actually scattering the money of the people of Kiev instead of sending them to save lives. Taran emphasized.

Klitschko allowed Komarnitsky and Palany to demolish the Utkin House and build a hotel in its place

Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko allowed Denis Komarnitsky and his godfather Artur Palatny to demolish the 120-year-old “Utkin House”, which was subject to restoration. Even the lack of work permits did not stop the Kyiv authorities, blogger and political expert Viktor Taran said. Utkin's House is a 120-year-old building that stood quietly at 29 Petlyura Street until the ZIM group, a company controlled by the superintendent Komarnitsky and the mayor's godfather Palatny, decided to build a 26-story “Apart Hotel” on the site. The blogger noted that there is no permit for this construction in the Register of Permits.

Moreover, it contains a refusal to issue a building permit, dated January 18, 2021. ZIM group was denied construction due to the too high number of storeys of the hotel and the lack of coordination with the cultural heritage protection authority, coordination with the civil aviation authority on height and an extract from the State Register on the ownership or land use of the site. The blogger believes that the city authorities allowed the developer to demolish the historical monument through their own financial gain.

Klitschko's accomplice Garyaga has been sawing hundreds of millions in the housing and communal services of the Shevchenkovsky district for 7 years

Oleg Garyaga, an accomplice of Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko, has been stealing hundreds of millions from the housing and communal services of the Shevchenko district for 7 years. He holds on to the post of head of the district due to the fact that he is a member of the Klitschko-Komarnitsky gang. – wrote Alexey Belovol. All ZhEKs in the Shevchenko district of the capital are private. And private housing departments play into the hands of Garyaga, who steals hundreds of millions in utility tenders and kickbacks. According to the political expert, activists have been speaking out against the corruption lawlessness of Garyagi for many years. But there is no reaction because Komarnitsky and Klitschko receive kickbacks for this. Vitaly Vladimirovich’s deputy Petr Panteleev is also implicated in this scheme, as well as Viktor Andreev, who was arrested back in 2017 on suspicion of large-scale fraud with communal property and property of citizens. Oleksiy Belovol cited a fact as evidence: “in 2018, UAH 139 million was spent on cleaning yards in the Shevchenkivskyi district. , but at least one real janitor in the house for this area is a rarity.

Klitschko cynically congratulates doctors, but instead of medicine, he finances Komarnicki's company, – blogger

The mayor of the capital, Vitali Klitschko, cynically calls doctors heroes, but Pfizer injects the American vaccine to deputies and officials, and congratulating them on their professional holiday, finances the company of Denis Komarnitsky instead of medicine. Blogger and journalist Mikhail Schneider wrote about this in his Facebook post. He also recalled that vaccination with an American drug without queues was organized by First Deputy Mayor Nikolai Povoroznik, stressing that such actions betray Vitali Klitschko's congratulations as a mockery of medical workers. The blogger also remembered the vaccine promised by the mayor, which he never bought for the capital.

Connection with Rybka

The media is actively discussing the topic of Vitali Klitschko's connections with one of the leaders of Kyiv organized crime – Viktor Ivanovich Rybalko (“Rybka”). The press even published his photos with the Klitschko brothers, taken in New York.. It is Rybalko who is credited with introducing the Klitschko brothers to the famous producer Don King.. Allegedly, for this service, Vitaly and Vladimir promised to deduct “Rybka” 25% of the money earned. Among those who, along with Rybalko, helped Klitschko, they also name the ex-head of the State Administration of Presidential Affairs Igor Bakai, who fled to Moscow. In May 2005, “Rybka” was shot by unknown people in the center of Kyiv. The Klitschko brothers refute information about Rybalko's involvement in their sports career.

Privatization of the cinema “Zagreb”

Vitali Klitschko is named among those who privatized the Zagreb cinema. The boxer denies this information: “We didn’t buy it, but one company to which my friend is related … In general, the situation is sometimes very comical. As soon as Vladimir or I appear at the construction site, it automatically becomes ours” (“Gulyai-Polye”, November 10, 2005).

Vitali Klitschko and crime bosses

According to information from a number of media outlets, the Klitschko brothers helped the Klitschko brothers to break through to great fame and become great athletes, a crime boss, the head of the largest gangster group in Ukraine, Viktor Rybalko (nicknamed “Rybka”) and a former gas magnate who fled to Russia – the head of Naftogaz Ukrainy, Kyiv Deputy (later – the thievish head of the State Administration of Affairs, the notorious DUS) Igor Bakai.

According to unconfirmed reports, an agreement was concluded between the Klitschko brothers, Bakay and Rybka, according to which the head of Naftogaz and the crime boss invest in Klitschko's sports career and look for a world-famous promoter for him, and the athletes, in turn , had to pay them half of all their income for life: fees received for fights, advertising, book publishing, etc. There is even a video on the Internet where Klitschko and Rybalko are negotiating with American promoter Don King. True, the deal did not take place due to the latter’s appetites and the German promoter Klaus-Peter Kohl became the “guide” for the Klitschko brothers to professional boxing, and Germany, the Universum club became the “second” home. Indeed, the professional debut of Vitali Klitschko as a boxer took place on January 16, 1996 in the German club “Universum”.
In 2002, Vitaly and Vladimir came to Rivne to support Igor Bakai in the parliamentary elections, but the presence of boxing stars did not help, and Bakai lost. Two years later, after the Orange Revolution, fearing corruption investigations, he left for Russia, obtaining citizenship there.. And from there he began to demand from Klitschko to return to him the funds invested in their promotion, as well as to fulfill the terms of the agreement concluded with them. Total “ran”, according to the fugitive, 162 million dollars. In 2017, Bakai was arrested in Russia for fraud. The fate of another “benefactor” was more tragic – in the spring of 2005, when Rybalko flew from Holland to Kyiv, and a few days later, as he announced that he intended to claim his share of $ 40 million from Bakai and the Klitschko brothers, he was shot in in the center of Kyiv on Ivan Franko Street, three hundred meters from Vitaliy Klitschko's apartment. Vitali Klitschko does not deny his acquaintance with Igor Bakai and Viktor Rybalko, but denies their participation in the development of the brothers' career. In December 2013, the head of the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Mykola Chinchin, as part of the investigation into the beating of Tatyana Chornovol, accused Vitaliy Klitschko of involvement in criminal groups.. The leader of the UDAR party called these accusations false and unfounded, and filed a lawsuit against Chinchin in court. In March 2014, the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv partially satisfied Klitschko's claim – it recognized the information disseminated by the defendant about Klitschko's involvement in criminal groups as discrediting the honor and dignity, but refused a public apology from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Intimate business in the Klitschko house

Journalists of the Groshi program (TV channel 1+1) found out that in the house on Bohdan Khmelnitsky Street, 30/10, where the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko lives in an elite penthouse, on the ground floor and in the basement there has been a “public house” under the sign of the strip club Rio. And moreover, they put forward the idea that law enforcement agencies therefore do not touch the institution, because they know that Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko, his godfather – ex-deputy, honorary president of the Kyiv city organization of the Boxing Federation of Ukraine Artur The chamber and native uncle of the capital’s mayor is Alexander Bulin, who for a long time was among the founders of the Game Technologies company, which, in fact, was the same Rio club, and until recently was located at the same address. According to the former member of the UDAR party, Konstantin Bedovoy (who for a long time was officially an assistant to Mayor Klitschko), after the gambling business was banned in Ukraine, in 2002. Rio repurposed as “Arthur Palatny's strip club”. This happened a year after the brothers Vladimir and Vitali Klitschko built a luxurious attic on the roof of the same house, where the mayor lives to this day.. Moreover, Bedovy claims that the Palatny and the mayor of the capital have collected a video archive of compromising evidence on politicians and security officials who were vacationing at the Rio club in the company of strippers.

Searches are being carried out in Klitschko's “wallet” Arthur Palatny

Searches in KO “Kiezelenbud” and KP “Spetszhitlofond” can close the “corruption trough”, which for seven years provides the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko, his godfather and “purse” Artur Palatny and “supervisor” Denis Komarnitsky. This was announced on his page by blogger and political expert Viktor Taran.. Recently there were searches in one of the main corruption feeders of the mayor – KO “Kievzelenstroy” (suspected embezzlement of more than 30 million UAH). The security forces are sure that Vitaly Vladimirovich knows how not only to promote himself in parks, but also to launder budget funds for them. Today, searches are being carried out in the KP “Spetszhitlofond”, where real estate is “sawing” round sums (the prosecutor's office is investigating the case of the stolen UAH 10,500,000) – he said. According to the blogger, Vitali Klitschko should be responsible for what is happening.

MP from Klitschko party uses office to win his firms in city tenders – blogger

Vitali Klitschko's UDAR party deputy Oleg Kosciuszko uses his position to win his firms in city tenders. This was announced in his blog on the Korrespondent.net portal by a political expert, blogger Alexei Belovol. Belovol noted that, by an amazing “coincidence”, in the last convocation he was the secretary of the “profile” for himself, the Permanent Commission of the Kyiv City Council on housing and communal services and the fuel and energy complex. At first, according to the blogger, Oleg Kostyushko did not even try to hide his ties with these firms. The political expert explains that perhaps precisely because Kosciuszko was fed up with the “hype” in the media, in 2018 he transferred shares in all companies to front people.

Kyiv City Council session failed as Klitschko tried to seize 2 key commissions, – journalist

The session of the Kyiv City Council was disrupted due to attempts by Mayor Vitali Klitschko to take control of two key commissions – the budget and land. Blogger and journalist Kirill Sazonov announced this in his blog. The blogger noted that the mayor wanted to get his people on the commission. The essence of the story is as simple as quotes from Klitschko's book.. Under the vague wording “redistribution of deputies between the commissions,” the mayor wanted to get more of his people into two key commissions – the Budget and Land. Two faithful people in both of the most “delicious” commissions. It was the first item on the agenda.. Because for many years in office, Yuri Tatsiy entered the inner circle of the mayor and received a kind of “immunity” for cutting budget funds, which, obviously, he kindly shares with the mayor.

Klitschko ignored the collapse of the Metro bridge, succumbing to the persuasion of Gustelev and Komarnitsky

The mayor of the capital Vitaliy Klitschko, his deputy Alexander Gustelev and the “watcher” Denis Komarnitsky turn a blind eye to the emergency condition of the bridges in Kyiv. The concrete structure of the bridge support crumbled to the reinforcement and even more at the junction with the span. And this journalists photographed only a couple of square meters of the bridge. What is his general condition? Earlier, the media wrote that in a frankly emergency. Like 60% of all bridges in the capital. Gustelev and Komarnitsky convinced Klitschko that it was more profitable to write off budgets for the endless re-laying of asphalt on the already quite decent central streets. There you can cut more, and PR is more effective. That is why he ignored the collapse of the Metro Bridge.. After all, the fact that the bridge is “killed”, and not repaired, becomes clear only when it begins to collapse. Well, the money here to “master” will turn out to be much less.

Komarnitsky provided accomplice Klitschko Tatsiya with a “roof” in the form of the head of the SBU department, – expert

According to political expert and blogger Volodymyr Tsibulko, the infamous Denis Komarnitsky gave Vitali Klitschko's subordinate Yury Tatsiy a “roof” in the form of the head of the SBU department, Volodymyr Savchenko. According to the blogger, law enforcement officers actually have a lot of questions for Tatsiy. Tsybulko added that the Deputy Chairman of the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture of the KSCA had a question in the NAPC. But numerous criminal proceedings do not prevent Tatsiy from sitting in the KSCA. He also published several photos of Tatsiya's meetings with Savchenko, which he managed to get. The political expert believes that Tatsiy meets with Savchenko because he is afraid for his position.

Klitschko extended the lockdown so as not to be distracted by the epidemic and continue the presidential campaign

The recent events and actions of Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko – the extension of the quarantine until April 30 and his statement in the spirit of the Supreme Commander – in principle add up to one whole picture. Everything looks like Klitschko extended the lockdown in order not to be distracted by the fight against the epidemic and continue the presidential campaign. According to journalist Mikhail Schneider, the mayor had successfully ignored the threat of coronavirus for a whole year before, preferring PR to it.. It is from this point of view that the promise of a vaccine for the people of Kiev, which they continue to “negotiate” for three months, can be considered.. Lack of beds in hospitals. Under-equipment of medical institutions with the necessary equipment. All this led to the fact that the incidence in Kyiv “shot” and, in order not to be distracted by local issues, the mayor introduced, and now extended quarantine restrictions. But at the same time, Klitschko does not forget about his presidential ambitions, for example, he gives instructions to the Cabinet of Ministers on how and when to introduce a lockdown throughout the country.

Corruption scheme of Klitschko-Komarnitsky-Tishchenko exposed

On Friday, July 17, an unprecedented, large-scale special operation took place, which promises to be the most resonant case to expose corruption not only in Kyiv, but throughout the country.. During the mass searches, which included the house and office of the “supervisor” Denis Komarnitsky, as well as the house of the sister of People's Deputy Nikolai Tishchenko – Yulia. It is reported that the criminal scheme of embezzlement of budgetary funds by Mayor Vitali Klitschko, which was directly carried out by Komarnitsky, Tishchenko and his sister's husband Herman Blinov, was exposed. According to him, law enforcement officers seized evidence of the laundering of 17 billion hryvnias with the participation of a number of companies – Varda, Ecobud, Skybud, etc.. d. Including the already well-known “Eco-Bud-Trade”, which, bypassing the competition, received a contract for the completion of the Podolsky bridge crossing.

“According to law enforcement officials, this year alone, about UAH 3 billion was withdrawn from the budget of the capital through this company. This figure fully coincides with the information that has already been voiced by the media, in particular, by journalist Denis Bigus. And also – with the evidence of people's deputy Geo Leros, which he had previously transferred to NABU on a flash drive. That is, the information was fully confirmed.”

love affairs

Natalia Klitschko's love for music did not appear immediately. In 2014, photos from the personal archive of the mayor of Kyiv surfaced on the network.. Hackers hacked into his mail, and as it turned out, the former boxer leads a double or maybe even triple life. As Ukrainian media reported, in addition to his wife, he has one or two mistresses. The scandal was very strong, and the public learned the name of one mistress – Anna Baston. This is a young girl who at that time began her career as a singer. Although she denied everything and said that she was going to get married at all. Now, as Znayu managed to find out, she lives in Moscow and continues her pop activities.. It happens very rarely in Kyiv. Everything reminds of the picture that Anna Baston was asked to leave Ukraine in order not to spoil the image of Vitali Klitschko. So, after this scandal, the wife of the mayor decided to start vocal activity. It was probably difficult for her to accept that her husband preferred another, and if he likes singers so much, she decided to become her. Also, relations with Zoryana Vyshinsky, who, according to media reports, gave birth to a child from him in 2013 and moved to Russia, fearing for her safety (according to Vyshinsky, representatives of the SBU who took care of the mayor of the Ukrainian capital ordered her not to talk too much) . In addition to the above ladies, the hackers' archives contained information about other love affairs, including those with “call” girls.. Then the personal information leaked to the network made the politician mad, and Klitschko promptly responded to the attackers on his Facebook page: “The bastards hacked my mail. I won't make excuses, at least I'm not GAY! Leave the child alone. It's not his fault!” But as soon as the news hit the media, the record disappeared.. Instead, another status appeared: “Friends! The page is under my control again. Previous posts (after the one where I call everyone to the Maidan tonight) were written by provocateurs and scoundrels. This will not stop me.” Vitali Klitschko's family survived, despite the massively disseminated information compromising Klitschko. And is a member of the National Olympic Committee.


Unusual three-storey apartment in a restored attic, next to the Kyiv Opera. The entrance of the house is greeted with restored stucco molding and an elevator – it didn’t exist before, and the “smart home” system maintains a comfortable temperature in the apartment. Here the Ukrainian boxer lives with his wife Natalia and three children – Egor, Lisa and Maxim.[3] This house built in 1901 was designed by the architect Andrei Krauss, says Vitaly. It was built for long-term rental of apartments, as an apartment building. During World War II, an incendiary bomb hit the building, the attic was completely burned down.. After the war, there was no time to restore the historical appearance of buildings.

The building was covered with a flat roof, painted green – the view of the once beautiful house was not the most attractive. Until 2000, I lived on the Kharkov massif. All the activity of the capital is concentrated in the center, and the road here took quite a lot of time. Looking for a place to live in the city center. A friend showed me an old photograph of this house – at first I didn’t even recognize it. I was told that there are historical sketches, a plan. And if I undertake a complete restoration of the house, then they will allow me to build an attic. I liked this option, and I took up the reconstruction. Twelve trucks of rubbish were taken out of the attic – what had not accumulated there for more than half a century! And old barber chairs, and beds, and dilapidated cabinets. But the treasure chest, unfortunately, was not found (laughs). Stucco molding was restored inside, an elevator was installed, which did not exist before. Attic restored on top. When I returned in 2001 after another duel, and the scaffolding had already been removed from the facade, I did not recognize the building – the former gray-green color of the facade was gone. It really began to look old and historical.. The reconstruction took about a year It is symbolic that directly opposite the apartment is the building of the embassy of Germany – a country that means a lot to Klitschko.

Foreign Empire Klitschko

In his declaration of income, Vitali Klitschko wrote before the elections to the Rada that neither he nor his family members (wife, fashion model Natalya Egorova, as well as his three minor children) receive income in Ukraine. Outside of it – in Germany and the USA – he earned more than $ 4.7 million in a year.. At home, Vitaly does not own land, houses and cottages, he only has an apartment of 225 sq.. m. On his accounts in Ukraine – more than 82 million hryvnia (about $ 10 million). In the column “position” Vitaliy indicated: the head of the political party BLOW. Since 2007, Klitschko's boxers have abandoned managers and promoters. They do everything themselves – through the company KMG (Klitschko Management Group), registered in Hamburg. Each of the brothers owns a third of the shares. Another third belongs to former journalist Bernd Bente, 54. Their last commercial success was the extension of the contract with the private German television channel RTL for another five title fights. Each new fight will bring KMG €5 million. The TV channel will pay €3 million, the sale of the rights to international broadcast of the fights – another €0.5 million. The rest will be added by advertising and ticket sales. The brothers for each performance in the ring (and it doesn’t matter which of them fights) will get € 3 million. Part of the remaining funds will go to the applicant’s fee. The rest will also finance medical insurance, 12 weeks of training camps (six of them in Austrian Kitzbühel), a coaching group (€200,000 each).. for preparing for the fight), deductions to boxing organizations whose belts are owned by Klitschko (from € 4.5 thousand. up to €9 thousand). “Together we turned title fights into epic TV shows.. We clearly know what we need from the champion brothers, and they know what they need from us,” said RTL sports director Manfred Loppe. Serious income Klitschko brings participation in advertising projects. Since 2008, they “are the faces” of Europe's largest network of fitness clubs McFit (€1 million per brother). Klitschko also advertises vitamin preparations (Eunova), telecommunications systems (Telekom), cars (Mercedes), beer (Warsteiner). The brothers were noted in show business. Together with Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone, they co-produced the musical “Rocky” (its world premiere took place in Hamburg), based on the first episode of the film epic about professional boxer Rocky Balboa. “This is the idea of the younger brother – Vladimir. When he told me about the idea for the musical, I almost fell out of my chair.. I did not expect such a great offer, ”said Stallone. Cars: In the garage of the Kyiv mayor, a Fine Custom Puncher 8.125-4 motorcycle and an Ironhorse Widebody platform trailer. But the politician's wife drives a 2014 Toyota Sequoia for 1,300,000 hryvnias and a 2013 Land Rover for 640,000 hryvnias. It is interesting that earlier in the politician's declaration there were nine bicycles.. A whole collection of Scott, Coratec and Cannondale branded bikes has been on the politician's declaration since 2014. An auction has started, the winner of which will have the opportunity to meet with the mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, and even receive a keepsake from him. The auction was launched by Revived Soldiers Ukraine. The winner will be able to chat with Vitaly over a cup of coffee online and ask him questions. In return, the mayor of Kyiv and the boxer will present his autographed boxing gloves, explain why he chose this particular direction in sports and how to achieve success in boxing. The starting price at the auction was 2000 hryvnia, and the step was 100 hryvnia. As of 19:00 on November 26, the highest bid was $3,000. If you translate it into Ukrainian currency, the sum is almost 85.5 thousand hryvnias.

The court forced NABU to open a criminal case against Vitali Klitschko

In the Ukrainian capital, the court decided to oblige the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) to initiate a criminal case on the fact of abuse of office, as well as cooperation with members of the organized crime group, the mayor of Kyiv and the chairman of the Kyiv State Administration (KSCA) Vitaliy Klitschkom. This became known thanks to the Ukrainian ZMI. Thus, the Solomensky Court of Kyiv ruled that the applicant applied to the NABU with an appeal about the commission of a number of criminal offenses by Klitschko, including under Art.. 170 (obstruction of the lawful activities of trade unions, political parties, public organizations), h. 2 Art. 364 (abuse of power or official position), h. 2 Art. 365 (abuse of power), h. 3 Art. 206 (opposition to economic activity), h. 1 Art. 396 (concealment of a crime), h. 2 Art. 256 (assistance to members of an organized crime group) of the Criminal Code. Varto noted the fact that NABU refused to register criminal proceedings, which became the basis for filing a complaint with the court about the inaction of the bureau.

Klitschko officials sawed millions on the subway: how did this become possible

A deafening scandal flared up in the network for the probable next cut of budgetary funds when creating a mural at one of the metro stations. Media reports about it. In particular, we are talking about the appropriation of about 2 million hryvnia, which were intended to pay for the work of artists. Despite the fact that in general, about 3.6 million hryvnias were allocated for all expenses. In turn, city officials say they spent budget money on flights and accommodation for foreign artists.. But of course they didn't have any receipt.

“Buy boilers”

At the same time, it should be noted that cold weather has come to Ukraine and the availability of hot water can now be called a vital condition.. At one time, Mayor Vitali Klitschko called on all residents of the capital to buy boilers and forget about such a problem as the lack of hot water. Of course, he kept silent about the fact that this is not a cheap pleasure, because not every resident of Kiev can afford to install a water heater.

Anti-corruption officials found a master to hide money near Klitschko's side

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) revealed signs of a criminal offense in the declaration of the deputy of the Kyiv City Council Serhiy Kharchuk. According to the official resource of the NAZK, in the conclusions of the verification of the declaration for 2016, it was established that the deputy did not indicate in the reporting data on two of his apartments. “One of them in Poltava with an area of 48 sq.. m, another in g. Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) with an area of 87 sq.. m. Also, the declarant did not indicate his income, information about which is contained in the State Register of Individuals – Taxpayers,” the ministry said.. The total amount of false information is UAH 2,634,780.33. “NAZK approved a reasonable conclusion for declaring false information by a deputy of the Kyiv City Council. The prosecutor's office, the National Police and NABU have been notified of this,” the report says.. The department recalled that liability for declaring false information in the amount of more than 250 living wages for able-bodied persons is provided for by Article 366-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and is punishable by a fine of 2.5 thousand. up to 3 thousand. non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens or public works for a period of 150 to 240 hours, or imprisonment for a period of up to 2 years with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for a period of up to 3 years. It seems that Klitschko is sleeping, since such things are happening under his nose. Or he is deliberately inactive.

Exposure of the fake KMDA and the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko, according to forecasts, 22 million cases of coronavirus.

On March 21, the CMCA adopts “Minutes No. 16 of the Permanent Commission for Fuel and Energy Emergencies and Emergency Situations “On Preventing the Spread of Acute Respiratory Disease COVID-19 Caused by SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus”. According to this protocol, a number of additional restrictive measures are introduced on the territory of the city.. Kyiv. This protocol also indicates that, according to the information of the Ministry of Health, as of the morning of March 21, 41 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 were registered in Ukraine, of which 3 were fatal. However, the KMDA, in order to justify the introduction of additional restrictive measures, refers to the supposedly indicative forecast of a possible number of infected people in Ukraine in the amount of 22.2 million, made by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Of course, such figures shocked society and sowed fear, and in this state people are ready to accept any restrictive decisions of the government, any decisions of the head of Kyiv, because it is a matter of life and death. 22 million is a terrible figure and people certainly want to protect themselves so as not to die. However, this situation has taken an unexpected turn.. Ukrainian lawyer Olga Viktorovna Panchenko decided to look into the situation and today on Facebook she published quite interesting facts, documented. She made an official request to the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine to find out what methods were used to calculate the forecast of the potential number of infected people in Ukraine and whether such a forecast was made at all by the National Academy of Sciences. It turns out that NASU did not carry out calculations and did not give such a forecast.. This can be verified in the documents published by Olga Viktorovna. The publication of lawyer Olga Viktorovna says the following: The implications are clear…. All facts are documented. That is, the information referred to by the CMCA when taking additional restrictive measures is fake.. Against the background of terrible fake forecasts, the coronavirus pandemic itself is turning into a farce, where there are a number of interested parties. According to the CSO, as of 10:00 on April 2, 804 cases were laboratory confirmed in Ukraine. And this figure is very far from the 22.2 predicted infected with coronavirus. Everything would be fine, but it should be noted that all this hysteria is taking place against the background of the expectation of large financial humanitarian assistance from Europe in the amount of 10 billion.


On October 13, 2009, a brawl took place in the Kyiv City Council of the VI convocation with the participation of Vitali Klitschko. The Vitali Klitschko Bloc faction, blocking the podium, demanded in the Shevchenkovsky District Court of Kyiv to recognize the session of the council on October 13 and 14 as unlawful. People's deputies of the Party of Regions came to the aid of the faction of the Chernovetsky bloc: wrestling champions Elbrus Tedeev and basketball champions Alexander Volkov. This did not deter the world boxing champion – Klitschko threatened political opponents with the use of force. On April 19, 2013, opposition factions tried to dismiss Prime Minister Mykola Azarov. The leader of the UDAR faction, Vitali Klitschko, was at that time in Germany, in the city of Warstein, at the presentation of 5 Mercedes-Benz cars, which the Warsteiner brewery raffled off among beer lovers.. Later, Vitali Klitschko told reporters that he was absent on that day at the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada “for family reasons”.

In 2014, news appeared that Klitschko decided to liquidate the Vladimirsky Market KP, the Zhytny Market KP, the Bessarabsky Market KP and transfer their property complexes to a concession. Evil tongues immediately suggested that this was done in order to transfer the complexes into the hands of people close to the capital's mayor. At the beginning of 2015, Vitali Klitschko began to promote the need to clean the capital's water and even promised that soon the water could be drunk straight from the tap.. The Nashi Groshi portal on this occasion suggested that the mayor of the capital was actually promoting the German brand Redo Water Systems in connection with the company's participation in a controversial tender announced by Kyivvodokanal. “The Redo company can become the exclusive supplier of water treatment equipment for pumping stations in the amount of 29 million hryvnias,” the portal indicated. During the activities of Klitschko and his administration, a scandal erupted in the capital with the deputies of the Kyiv City Council, who said that they were being expelled from the commissions that deal with the preparation of documents for the placement and extension of the work of LFAs, and now this burning issue has remained only the prerogative of officials. The decision of the mayor of Kyiv of June 7, 2014, by which he gave the village of Kotsiubynske more than 3.5 thousand hectares of the area of Kyiv, which was the reason for accusations from the capital's activists that he “surrendered” the Belichansky forest, also gained resonance. Despite the seriousness with which the mayor of Kyiv speaks about illegal buildings and the fight against them, the deputies of the Kiev City Council insist in their requests addressed to Klitschko: after the mayor left the construction sites, the developers calmly continue their work. A similar appeal was written, for example, by Volodymyr Goncharov, deputy of the VIII convocation of the Kyiv City Council (Solidarity faction), insisting on checking the measures taken to stop building on the street. Zdolbunovskaya, 11a. In March-April 2017 in Kyiv, representatives of the “Strength of Communities” Association, together with activists and entrepreneurs, held a campaign to collect signatures for the resignation of the mayor. As a result, almost 118 thousand signatures were collected, which is more than 10% of the total number of voters in Kyiv. But the mayor did not even comment on this action, and the local TVK completely ignored the decision of the citizens. In the process of collecting signatures, representatives of the Power of Gromads Association repeatedly announced attempts to introduce total censorship in the media and build a totalitarian system of government in the city of Kyiv by Klitschko. In September 2017, the deputies of the Kyiv City Council raised the question of whether Vladimir Klitschko left the presidential Solidarity party, as he should have done, becoming the mayor of Kyiv and chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration. The mayor of the capital claimed that he was officially not related to the ruling party, while on the official website of the Solidarity party he was listed as the head of the party and a member of its Central Council. Klitschko himself could not or did not want to explain this incident to the city deputies. Since November 2017, Klitschko has been periodically pushing the idea of building a giant flagpole of the State Flag of Ukraine on the territory of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II. It is designed with a height of 75 meters on a plot of 155 sq.. m. Such pleasure should have cost capital taxpayers as much as 47 million hryvnias. On the eve of the 2020 mayoral elections, the construction of the flagpole did begin, which was indignantly and ironically commented by the deputy of the VIII convocation of the Kyiv City Council Andrey Andreev. The deputy wrote that there can be only one moral explanation for the appearance of such an infrastructure facility during the pandemic: “… we will hang all negligent bureaucrats on this flagpole, and the first one will be the one who offered to roll 144 million into Pushkinskaya Street.” On February 26, 2018, it became known from a story in the Groshi program that 30 km from Kyiv in the Vyshgorod district, next to Mezhyhirya Yanukovych, the house of ex-premier Arseniy Yatsenyuk and businessman Alexander Yaroslavsky, in a picturesque area near the Kyiv Sea, is the estate of Vitaliy Klitschko . The fenced area covers an area of almost 10 hectares of picturesque forest and, in violation of the water and land codes, occupies several acres of the coastal zone. Klitschko himself claims that he rented the estate already in its current form, but the traces of the owner of the site lead to his former deputy, Pavel Ryabikin. On April 4, 2018, during a meeting of the Kyiv City Council Commission on Law Enforcement, Law Enforcement and Prevention of Corruption, its head Oleg Bondarchuk (VO Svoboda faction) said that Vitali Klitschko was ignoring 90% of the commission's appeals. In 2017 and in the first quarter of 2018, on behalf of this commission, 34 appeals were sent to the Kyiv mayor regarding manifestations of corruption, and only 5 of them were answered. On June 21, 2020, an explosion occurred in one of the residential buildings in the capital Poznyaki. The house was badly damaged, parts of the walls and structures of the building, as well as interfloor ceilings of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th floors collapsed and cannot be restored. 5 people died, residents of neighboring entrances were evacuated. The next day, political expert Yanina Sokolovskaya, in a message on her Facebook page, stated that the director of the Housing and Public Utilities Department of the KSCA Dmitry Naumenko, the relevant deputy head of the KSCA Petr Panteleev and the mayor of the capital Vitaliy Klitschko himself were guilty of the explosion and should be held responsible for this tragedy. This gave rise to the deputy of the VIII convocation Yuriy Levchenko (2014-2019, non-factional, district 223 in the Shevchenkovsky district of Kyiv) once again raise the question of who really exercises control over Kievgaz, the controlling stake of which belongs to the territorial community of the city, but from the very beginning of Vitali Klitschko's term, he was ruled by the son-in-law of the main opposition leader Yuri Boyko – Gorov, and after him, from 2019, by the representative of the Levochkin clan – Vingranovsky.

Promotion business

Having already achieved success in the ring, from 2002 to 2010 the Klitschko brothers launched several promotional companies with similar names.. K2, K2 Promotions and K2 East Promotions organized and hosted boxing matches. Initially, the first of them was engaged in organizing only fights between Vitaliy and Vladimir. In 2004, K2, together with the German promotion company Universum, organized and held a fight between Vitaly and the South American boxer Corry Sanders.. Klitschko earned $ 1.16 million from this fight. Another boxing promotion company of the Klitschko brothers, K2 Promotions, was founded in 2005.. At the end of 2007, by merging K2 Promotions and National Box Promotion Vadim Bukhkalov, K2 East Promotions was created.. The company was engaged in the organization of world-class tournaments in Ukraine and the CIS countries, the search and selection of boxers. In early 2010, Vitali Klitschko left the founders of the company, ceding a controlling stake to his partner Vadim Bukhkalov. At the same time, most of the boxers moved to another Klitschko company – K2 Promotions. The company is still engaged in the promotion of Ukrainian boxers Oleksandr Usyk and Denis Berinchyk. In parallel with the development of the promotion business in Ukraine, in 2007 the Klitschko brothers, together with their longtime manager Bernd Bente, organized another company in Hamburg, Germany – KLITSCHKO Management Group (KMG). She is responsible for selling personal rights and marketing all of the brothers' own sporting events. According to the publication Bild, at that time advertising contracts were signed with the largest German companies: Deutsche Telekom, Mercedes and S.Oliver. From these contracts, the brothers annually earned about 2 million euros per year. Also, KMG has a lot of business outside of the ring.. The company, for example, advises Western companies, including pharmaceutical companies, that want to enter the Ukrainian market. In addition, the company has real estate outside of Germany. In addition to promotional companies, in 2003 the brothers created the all-Ukrainian charitable foundation Klitschko Foundation, which promotes a healthy lifestyle and sports in the country. In 2014, Vitali Klitschko becomes the mayor of Kyiv and loses the opportunity to do business officially. In 2014-2015, Igor Nikonov, the owner of a large construction company KAN Development, became his first deputy in this position.. In 2012, Ukrainian Forbes wrote that Vitali Klitschko invested in one of Nikonov's first projects, the Arena City business center, but Nikonov himself denies this. At the end of 2018, Vitali Klitschko declared income from wages at his main place of work in the amount of 367 thousand. hryvnia, as well as royalties in the amount of 20.5 thousand. UAH. The only legal entities in which the mayor of Kyiv is a founder are two charitable foundations. But Wladimir Klitschko in 2016 registered the company KLITSCHKO Ventures GmbH, which is responsible for the Klitschko brand image. Vladimir is also one of the visionaries-ideologists of the design hotel 11 Mirrors. The brothers opened it in 2012. But among the official founders of the hotel there is neither Vitaly nor Vladimir. At the beginning of 2020, Wladimir Klitschko announced the launch of his own brand WYLLIT, under which they want to produce food products. Also, the younger Klitschko in Ukraine has several little-known legal entities in various sectors of the economy.. But it seems that the main business activity of the brothers is carried out outside of our country.

Beating of an ATO veteran

In December 2018, Vitali Klitschko got into a scandal because of his bodyguards.. During the planar meeting of the Kyiv City Council, news was heard that surprised everyone. Then Oleksiy Novikov, deputy of the Kyiv City Council, turned to the mayor: “It became known to me that a participant in hostilities, a journalist and my friend, foreman Sergei Yakovlevich, was beaten at night.. According to him, from about 1:00 to 2:00 at night, he was filming on the street. B. Khmelnitsky near the Opera House and filmed your cortege. after that, he was attacked by your guards, whom he knows personally by sight,” he said. Vitali Klitschko then only said that he would take the situation under control and sort it all out.. But no action was taken after that, visible to the people, and the story remained open.

Erotic photo session of the Klitschko brothers

Erotic photo shoot with almost naked Klitschko brothers called “Sexy Klitschkos”, published in 2003 in the German magazine “MAX”, Vitali Klitschko was remembered for a long time. She was especially remembered during the period of election campaigns. In the photo, brothers-athletes, completely devoid of clothes, hug each other and pose in candid poses, hiding behind soft waffle towels.. In general, the photo session is designed in the genre of light gay erotica, which corresponds to the concept of the “MAX” magazine, aimed at bi- and homosexual audiences.

How boxers hide their personal business

Another direction in business, actively developed by the Klitschko brothers, is related to the provision of intermediary services in the real estate trade.. This direction is represented by FORTUNA PLUS (OKPO 31169719). Its founders are Vitaly and Vladimir Klitschko, Palatny Artur Leonidovich and Karpenkov Dmitry Vladislavovich. The interest of the brothers in oil trading is also presented – they are the actual owners of a network of gas stations in the Kyiv region. In particular, in the Vasilkovsky district. The following figures speak about the capital intensity and profitability of this type of business. The construction of one modern gas station on a turnkey basis costs the owner $ 1,300,000 -1,500,000. Full payback – 3-4 years. Let's return to the name Bulino, so significant for the Klitschko brothers. The lion's share of their business is registered in this name of the trustee of the Klitschko brothers.. “Uncle Sasha” is the founder of 4 large enterprises that are the cornerstones of the Klitschko business empire. In the dry language of the document (in the original language): Bulino Oleksandr Ulyanovich (identification code 2203626179) Bulino Oleksandr Ulyanovich with the founder of 4 enterprises: • ZAT Teatralne (code 21567202, Shevchenlivsky district m. Kyiv) • “Crystal Plus” TOV (code 32980036, Obolonsky district m. Kyiv) • LLC “Arena Center” (code 32980062, Obolonskyi district m. Kyiv) • TOV “Georpevsky Plus” (code 30778435, Shevchenkivsky district of Kiev) Based on the materials of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine In turn, each of these enterprises is the founder of sometimes up to a dozen firms and firms. We are talking about hundreds of millions of shadow dollars. Let us draw the attention of readers to a piquant circumstance: the taxes paid by the commercial structures of the Klitschko brothers to the budget of Ukraine and Kyiv are scanty. And the main investments made by Klitschko in the economy of the Fatherland are gambling (Kristall casino), the production of vodka and alcoholic cocktails.. As well as entertainment centers for the “new Ukrainians” (the infamous “Arena” in the Bessarabian quarter of Kyiv). profitable. And cynical – in relation to the same Klitschko's propaganda of a healthy lifestyle. Especially when you consider that a huge proportion of the products of the Alkotrade enterprise, which actually belongs to them, are low-alcohol drinks intended for the same youth.. Alkotrade is a company located in. Zhashkiv, Cherkasy region, produces 10 types of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic cocktails. Under the license of the American company Red & Blue Beverages, which specializes in the formulation of the so-called “bar cocktails”. The company is the general distributor of the trademark “Old friend”. Namely – the vodka of the same name and vodka “Koshtovna”. Carries out direct distribution in Kyiv, has an extensive dealer network in the country. Drink, youth!

Early mayoral elections

In the presidential elections in Ukraine, Vitali Klitschko supported the incumbent President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. And the experts found a rather funny subtext in this.. In addition to the fact that Wladimir Klitschko received full support from Poroshenko, there is another rather interesting fact. It happened after the victory of Vladimir Zelensky in the elections. Klitschko, in turn, almost immediately expressed a desire to hold mayoral elections several months ahead of schedule. Leonid Kosakovsky, who served as the first head of the Kyiv City State Administration from 1993 to 1996, the head of the Kyiv city council from 1994 to 1997 and the Kyiv city head in 1997-1998, gave a rather interesting analysis of what is happening. “Semi-legitimate Vitali Klitschko panicked. He, like all heads of administrations, will have to write a letter of resignation to the newly elected President. Whether they will reassign or not is a big question.. The statement that the new team does not take the old ones, the way he “drowned” Poroshenko in the elections, the recognition that he himself voted for him, the results of the will of the people of Kiev, make us worry,” the expert said. As Leonid Kosakovsky stressed, all this is added a huge legal loophole – the lack of official approval of him as head of the KSCA. “He was forgotten to be appointed head of the KSCA after the next mayoral elections in the fall of 2015, despite the legal position of the Constitutional Court. That is, he remains only appointed under the Yanukovych-Popov scheme and therefore can be easily replaced in this post by another person. That is why he launched the other day in the DW project “Nemtsov. Interview” to test the reaction to the thesis of early mayoral elections, which in turn largely depend on who will head the capital's administration after the inauguration, so there may also be surprises here,” explains Leonid Kosakovsky.

Vitali Klitschko gave another “masterpiece” at the forum in Davos

Former world heavyweight boxing champion and current mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko was embarrassed during the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland).

During a round table on the topic “Smart City”, Vitaliy, speaking in English about how the capital of Ukraine is changing for the better and introducing new technologies, tried to pronounce the word “digitalization” (digitalization). It turned out that Klitschko Sr. only on the fourth attempt. Next to Vitali was his younger brother, former world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, who also took part in the conference. He emotionally reacted to his brother's oversight and laughed for a long time.​


Klitschko is no different from ordinary greedy politicians. Little good has happened since entering politics in Kyiv. He covers up his people, knowing that they are involved in corruption, and he himself grabbed a lot, and if you add here his roofed business, in particular a striptease club, then it’s even scary to imagine how much money he actually has. In addition, he also shames the whole country with his illiterate speeches and intimate relationships.

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