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Kicha Andrey Vladimirovich


Andrei Kicha is a lawyer, lawyer, ex-director of the Burisma company, which is associated with the odious oligarch Nikolai Zlochevsky. This tandem bankrupted the country for several billion dollars, thanks to the gas and oil business. Kicha is only an accomplice of Nikolai Zlochevsky, with whom they are doing money fraud. A few years ago, a scandal erupted on the network about the largest bribe in the history of Ukraine in the amount of $6 million. Andrei Kicha and two other defendants offered this amount to the NABU prosecutor Nazar Kholodnitsky in order to hush up the criminal cases of Nikolai Zlochevsky. Even though the corrupt officials were detained, the issue of their release was only a matter of time. So for Andrei Kichu, a bail of 40 million was made a day after the arrest.

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Kicha Andrey Vladimirovich

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Born on August 30, 1980. Lawyer, former director of legal affairs at Burisma, hockey referee.


Since 1997. hockey referee, athlete 2003 – 2007. Lawyer at Burisma. 2007 – Director of Legal Affairs at Burisma, lawyer.

A family

No confirmed data online. There are suggestions that Natalia Kicha, who appears in the “communications” section of the Clarity Project website, is Andrey Kicha's wife.

NOT official biography

Ukrnafta announces the transfer of a license for the Sakhalin field to a private company Geolsoyuz

Ukrnafta, the largest oil producing company in Ukraine, says that the Ministry of Environmental Protection has transferred a license to explore the Sakhalin oil and gas condensate field (Kharkiv region) from Nadra Ukrainy to a private company Geolsoyuz LLC. This was stated by Vyacheslav Kartashov, head of the legal department of Ukrnafta OJSC, at a press conference in UNIAN today. According to him, today Nadra Ukrainy is a registered member of Geolsoyuz LLC, owning 50% of this company. “According to our information, which, unfortunately, without the prosecutor's office, we are not able to document today with the ministry, the license for the Sakhalin field has already been re-registered for this LLC,” he said. At the same time, he added that “reissuance of a license for gas production at the Sakhalin field alone to a company in which Nadra Ukrainy has only 50%, allowed businessmen to hide from the authorities 400 million. cubic meters of gas per year, pocketing the difference from the sale of gas – and this, according to rough estimates, with this volume of gas is about 50 million. dollars a year. Accordingly, the responsible persons from the ministry, who signed such a decision, robbed the annual budget of Ukraine for this amount.” Kartashov said at a press conference that Geolsoyuz LLC was registered on November 2, 2006. He said that he had documents that the founders of the LLC at the time of registration were “Andriy Kicha, who is related to the Infox company and the ex-chairman of the State Committee for Natural Resources of Ukraine Mykola Zlochevsky, Valeriy Omelchenko, who is connected by family and official ties with the leadership of the Ministry of Natural Resources, and LLC “Brilliant Spirit Ukraine”. However, he did not specify what documents he had. According to him, “according to official information, as of September 21, 2007, the founders of Geolsoyuz LLC were Nadra Ukrainy NJSC (50%), Andriy Kicha (25%) and Oleksandr Vitrenko.

Andrei Kicha appointed arrest or 40 million bail in the case of a bribe of $ 6 million to the tops of NABU and SAPO

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court has appointed a preventive measure in the form of arrest with the possibility of posting a bail of UAH 40.3 million to the former director of legal affairs at Burisma, Andriy Kicha, who is suspected in the case of a $6 million bribe to NABU and SAPO detectives.. OLIGARCH learned about this from a report by Ukrainska Pravda. “The detective’s petition is partially satisfied. To apply a preventive measure in the form of detention for a period of 60 days from the date of his actual detention, that is, until August 10, 2020 inclusive, to the suspect Andrey Vladimirovich Kicha, the judge announced. “To determine the suspect Andriy Vladimirovich Kicha a pledge of 19,200 subsistence minimums for able-bodied persons, which is 40 million 358 thousand 400 hryvnias.” In the Google cache you can find information about Kitche from the Burisma website. It said that he began his professional career in the Burisma group as a lawyer in 2003 and was appointed director of legal affairs in 2007, the newspaper notes. His main responsibilities included legal support for all M&A transactions and the activities of the Burisma Group, conducting a legal audit of potential investments. He has a master's degree in international investment law, defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of legal sciences at the National University “Odessa Law Academy”, has a certificate of the right to engage in advocacy. On June 12, NABU detectives documented the fact that a former high-ranking official of the previous government provided an unlawful benefit to the leadership of NABU and the head of SAP Nazar Kholodnitsky in the amount of $6 million.. In this case, Nikolai Ilyashenko, the first deputy chairman of the State Tax Service in Kyiv, was detained.

On June 13, the leaders of SAPO and NABU stated that employees of the Office of the Prosecutor General may be involved in the case. The OGPU replied that they were conducting an internal investigation into the fact of interference in the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations to verify the closure of the case of ex-Minister of Ecology Nikolai Zlochevsky. According to NABU director Artem Sytnyk, the attackers demanded that the proceedings against Zlochevsky be closed until June 14, that is, his birthday. The energy company Burisma Group, whose president is Zlochevsky, said that neither the company nor its owner was involved in an attempt to bribe the leadership of the anti-corruption authorities of Ukraine, recalls the UP. Nikolai Zlochevsky denies involvement in the $6 million case.

6 million bribe scandal: Burisma reacted harshly to the statements of the scandalous ex-people's deputy

Burisma Group has nothing to do with Nikolay Ilyashenko and Andriy Kich, who were detained while trying to bribe $6 million to the leadership of NABU and SAPO. This is reported by “Apostrophe” with reference to sources in the company Burisma Group. “Neither Ilyashenko nor Kicha are employees of the Burisma Group and could not be anyone authorized to carry out certain agreements. In particular, Andrei Kicha has not been working for Burisma Group for more than six months.. He left the company in order to continue to engage in independent advocacy. The fact that the site has information about him is outdated,” a source in the company said. Note that late at night Burisma Group published a message that the company and its management had nothing to do with the report of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office (SAP) and some media about participating in illegal activities. The company emphasized that it works exclusively within the framework of the current legislation, is one of the largest taxpayers and defends the interests of Ukraine's energy independence. Recall, on the evening of June 12, NABU blocked two cars at the exit from the traffic police parking lot in Kyiv, one of which belongs to Nikolay Ilyashenko. And Andrey Kicha also appears among the detainees. Nikolay Ilyashenko is the first deputy head of the Main Department of the State Tax Service in Kyiv, civil servant of the 4th rank. He has been in this position since 2015. Andriy Kycha has been engaged in individual advocacy for six months and is a member of the National Bar Association of Ukraine.

$5 million bribe to the leadership of NABU and SAPO: the accused was released to referee hockey competitions

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court released Andriy Kichu, former manager of Burisma Group, who is accused by the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office of attempting to bribe the leadership of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and SAPO for $5 million. This decision was made on October 21 by a panel of judges of the VAKS, the SAP reported to Word and Deed (despite the fact that after making a bail of 40 million, Kicha was not supposed to leave Kyiv) According to the prosecutor's office, Kichi's lawyers asked to release their client to Hungary to referee hockey competitions.. The judges granted this request and released Kichu abroad. In November 2020, that is, after Quiche's report of suspicion, the sports publication XSport interviewed him. In 2013, Kicha stopped serving professional hockey matches, but after a seven-year pause, he returned to officiating in hockey competitions. According to XSport, Kicha is the only Ukrainian referee who officiated hockey matches at the Olympic Games.. It was in 2010 in Vancouver, Canada. As you know, the former First Deputy Head of the State Tax Service of Kyiv Mykola Ilyashenko and ex-manager of Burisma Group Andriy Kichu are accused in this case.. Also one of the accused was the former official of the State Fiscal Service Elena Mazurova, but she made a deal with the investigation, which was approved by the court.

Firms from the orbit of Zlochevsky concentrated 80 hectares of land for the construction of the port

In the summer of 2014, a group of 5 companies – Investment Company “Agroprom”, “Tekhagro”, “Resursagro”, “Technoagro-Invest” and “Agrostyle” – concentrated in the ownership / lease of 80 hectares of land in the waters of the Yuzhny port. The intended purpose of the land is for the placement and operation of buildings and structures of maritime transport. All five companies have the same owners: part of the authorized capital in each belongs to the Cypriot Serfilana Commercial Ltd (officially registered with Cypriot lawyers), and part to the Ukrainian Grand Kurort Service LLC (the owners are hidden behind the Virginian offshore Galtero Trading Ltd). Despite the offshore ownership structure, all companies are associated with Mykola Zlochevsky: five out of five are headed or headed by managers from his companies, three firms are registered in Zlochevsky's “central office” – in Kyiv on the street. Ryleeva 10, and in addition, four indicated a contact phone number – the reception of Infox LLC, this is one of the central firms in the structure of Zlochevsky's business, its ultimate beneficiary is openly listed in the USR. On Ryleyeva 10 there is a “Rada of Advocates” to which Andrei Kicha belongs. Land plots surround the territory of the so-called “38th berth”, which is state-owned and used by the state port MTP “Yuzhny”. The complex, located on the opposite bank of the estuary from the main berths of the port, consists of a 200 m long berth, 2 gantry cranes and open storage areas for 1,000. sq.m. In the 70s it was built for transshipment of sand, later the pier was not used for a long time. It should be noted that after Zlochevsky's companies completed the concentration of land, the Ministry of Infrastructure took the initiative to lease the mooring complex. According to Alexander Chervonny, acting. Head of Business Development Service SE MTP Yuzhny, at the beginning of 2016. The Ministry of Infrastructure asked the port to provide information about the berth for rent.

No tenant showed up after a year. Meanwhile, the port itself downloaded the berth with timber products, receiving UAH 1.1 million. income. However, November 16, 2017. The Ministry of Infrastructure has approved the Strategic Plan for the Development of SE ITP Yuzhny, where one of only three points is the transfer of berth 38 to a long-term lease. The state port itself has its own plans for the development of the berth, according to preliminary calculations, it can give the state enterprise more than UAH 17 million. income per year. Therefore, in February, the port applied to the Ministry with a request to cancel the preparation for the lease. However, the decisions of the ministry in the port are not known. Neither the Ministry nor the land lease companies around it responded to the program's requests for plans for berth 38.


Andrei Kicha, together with the oligarch Nikolai Zlochevsky, launder money, while bribing members of the NABU, and other anti-corruption agencies. This time they were not lucky, but where is the guarantee that they did not succeed before?

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