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Ilyeva Tatyana Grigorievna


Tatyana Ilyeva – Judge of the Pechersk District Court. Pechersk judges have repeatedly appeared in corruption cases – Ilyeva is no exception. Journalists nicknamed her "yeast judge", because she received all her wealth, cottages and expensive SUVs as a gift from her mother – a woman who sells pies in the market. But Judge Ilyeva does not feed on pies alone. journalists noticed a strange pattern when they were working on the investigation. As soon as the judge made a very strange, illegal decision in favor of the Surkis brothers, she actually immediately bought a new Renge Rover for 1.5 million hryvnias. I would like to note that this is not the first time that Judge Ilyeva committed illegal actions.

January 15, 1977
Уровень охвата:

Ilyeva Tatyana Grigorievna

Official biography

Judge of the Pechersk District Court of Kiev Date of birth: January 15, 1977 Born in. Mogilev-Podolsky, Vinnitsa region. Graduated from the National Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and Odessa Law Academy. In August 2014 she defended her dissertation on the topic “The function of judicial control in criminal proceedings”. Since December 22, 2009 – a judge in the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv. Due to a conflict with the ministers on the “People's Front” in 2015-2019, she was removed from the post of judge, reinstated by decree of President Poroshenko.

NOT official biography

In October 2010, Anatoly Makarenko, the former head of the State Customs Service, was placed in custody for Ilyeva, who was involved in the case of the return of 11 billion m3 of gas to RosUkrEnergo. Ilyeva toughened the accusation of abuse of office instead of negligence. In April 2014, Ilyeva reduced the amount of collateral from UAH 1.5 billion. up to 10 million for the ex-head of Naftogaz Evgeny Bakulin. In June 2014, another judge of the Pechersk Court, Svetlana Volkova, ordered the investigation to return Bakulin's passports.. Ilyeva, in turn, did not satisfy the investigator's request to impose additional obligations on Bakulin, and Bakulin himself finally fled Ukraine. Such decisions then did not like the new team from the “People's Front”. For example, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov publicly accused Judge Ilyeva of corruption and venality, calling her decision for Ukraine a greater danger than “Russian imperialism” and “terrorists.” Pavel Petrenko, then Minister of Justice, said that he, as a member of the High Council of Justice, would initiate an audit of Judge Ilyeva. And so it happened. After the end of the five-year probationary period, the VSP did not agree to the appointment of Ilyeva. Since then, she has worked without judicial decision-making power. On January 16, 2018, the Supreme Court submitted a proposal to the President on the reappointment of Tatyana as a judge of the Pechersk Court. In April and November 2017, the SCJ postponed consideration of this issue. In December 2018, President Poroshenko signed a decree appointing her.

Matios extends a helping hand

Almost 4 years later, on January 16, 2018, the Supreme Court of Justice unexpectedly nevertheless decided to submit to the President a submission on the appointment of Tatyana Ilyeva to the post of judge of the Pechersk District Court. Prior to this, twice – in April and November – the Supreme Court postponed consideration of the issue. President Poroshenko's decree on Ilyeva was signed only 10 months later, in December 2018. And already in May 2019, Ilyeva was among 13 judges who were recognized by the High Qualifications Commission of Judges of Ukraine as appropriate for their position. What happened in the life and career of Tatyana Ivleva? According to Vesti's sources in the prosecutor's office, it was Matios who put in a good word about Judge Ilyeva and smoothed over the issue with the Narfront. Moreover, by that time Avakov had already demonstrated opposition to Poroshenko. “She has good contacts, communicates with serious prosecutors. And compared to her colleagues, an expensive young lady, but capable, ”says our source.


On October 20, NABU detectives came with searches to the Pechersky District Court due to the fact that in November 2020 Ilyeva lifted the arrest from the funds seized from the former First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Bread of Ukraine company Andriy Mikhaniv. The man is accused of “legalization of criminal funds” by former Prime Minister Pavel Lazarenko. At the same time, Ilyeva did not have the right to consider the issue of lifting this arrest at all, because Mikhaniv's case had already been considered on the merits.. However, after Ilyeva's decision, the money, as expected, disappeared. At the beginning of the year, according to a similar scheme and with the participation of virtually the same persons and Judge Ilyeva, 400 thousand dollars were withdrawn, arrested in another criminal proceeding. Recall that in December 2020, the judge of the Pechersky District Court, Ilyeva, made a decision by which she ordered Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova to take away from detectives the case of an attempt to bribe the leadership of NABU and SAPO for $5 million. This bribery was allegedly in the interests of the former Minister of Ecology, Nikolai Zlochevsky, for closing the case in which he is a suspect. Now the case of bribing the leadership of NABU and SAPO is being heard in the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court. Among the accused are the former manager of Burisma Group Andriy Kicha and the ex-first deputy head of the Kyiv tax service Nikolai Ilyashenko. Another figurant, Elena Mazurova, made a deal with the investigation, which was approved by the court.

The judge of the Pechersky District Court, appearing in the NABU case, is building an estate near Kyiv

According to the declaration, the money for the construction was given by a mother who sells pies in the market. Judge of the Pechersky District Court Tatyana Ilyeva, whose office was searched by NABU on October 20, lives on an estate near Kyiv, and her family uses expensive cars. At the same time, the official earnings of the family do not correspond to the value of such property, according to the Bihus.Info investigation. Judge Ilyeva owns an estate in Khotyanovka with an area of 264 square meters. However, nearby the family is building another, slightly smaller house.. According to the judge's declaration, housing construction cost only 1.8 million. UAH However, the judge did not even have such income or savings for construction. Therefore, she declared two “gifts from her mother” in the amount of UAH 1 million. and 1.5 million UAH. The judge's mother lives in Mogilev-Podolsky and, according to local residents, sells pies at the local market. The woman also has about 50 hectares of land in use, but over 10 years, farming officially brought her a little more than $ 20 thousand in income. The land under the house where the judge's family lives was also received as a gift. This time from my aunt. At the same time, 24 acres in Khotyanovka on the land market cost approximately UAH 2.5 million. Aunt also lives in Mogilev-Podolsky and, according to documents, is engaged in farming and trade. Also, the judge's family uses expensive cars.. For example, this year the judge changed the third car, because in early November she bought a Range Rover, the estimated cost of which is UAH 0.5 million. Before that, Ilyeva drove a Mercedes G-class and a BMW X5. Land Cruiser 200 is registered for Ilyeva's daughter, the cost of which starts from 1.5 million hryvnias. At the time of buying a car, the girl had just finished her studies at the university and officially had no money to buy a car. Journalists note that judge Ilyeva refused to talk to journalists about the origin of funds for expensive real estate, cars and gifts from her mother.

Judge Ilyeva, who was searched by NABU, sued the Surkis and immediately bought a Range Rover

In early November, Ilyeva bought herself a new third car – a Range Rover (with an estimated cost of more than UAH 0.5 million), and her daughter has a Land Cruiser 200, the price of which on the market starts at UAH 1.5 million. Ilyeva refused to explain the origin of funds for luxury real estate, cars and gifts from her mother. However, an analysis of the court decisions made by Ilyeva indicates that it was at the beginning of November that she issued an absolutely unlawful decision, which was published and media tried to “disperse” activists close to the Surkis family and the people's deputy. In particular, on November 5, the judge satisfied the complaint of the associate of the Surkis brothers, an activist of the NGO “Football Association of. Kyiv” Igor Kochetov and obliged by her decision to hand over a notice of suspicion to two representatives of the Ukrainian Football Association. Although the judges do not have the appropriate powers at all, because according to the norms of the current Code of Criminal Procedure, procedural decisions are made exclusively by the prosecutor, who is a procedurally independent person. This decision by Ilyeva, despite being contrary to common sense, instantly became the reason for the public discrediting of the UAF on one of the TV channels.. Hryhoriy Surkis's political comrade-in-arms, people's deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life, Grigory Mamka, voiced information about the decision of the judge. Editorial insiders point out that for similar arbitrary decisions, judges, who nevertheless go to deliberate violation of the law, “set high prices – from 100 thousand. Doll. for the definition.

The judge banned access to the website and received a disciplinary case

On July 21, 2021, the Third Disciplinary Chamber of the High Council of Justice opened a disciplinary case against Judge Tatyana Ilyeva of the Pechersky District Court. As follows from the decision of the disciplinary chamber, on May 5, 2021, the Justice Council received a complaint against the actions of Judge T. Ilyeva when considering the petition of the lawyer Marina Mkrtycheva for the seizure of property in the framework of criminal proceedings under part. 2 Art. 182 (Violation of privacy resulting in serious damage) of the Criminal Code. By the decision of the investigating judge T. Ilyeva on February 18, 2021, property rights of intellectual property were seized – the domain name of a web resource, including the site, by the obligation of Internet providers that operate on the territory of Ukraine to block access to them for Internet users on the territory Ukraine. We are talking about a whole series of publications posted at the end of 2020 on various Internet resources, which contained critical information about the former heads of enterprises that are part of the Ukroboronprom State Enterprise. On December 4, 2020, the police launched an investigation into these publications. Appealing to the Pechersk Court, lawyer M. Mkrtycheva noted that a number of Internet sites, including the site, are tools for committing a crime against her client and retain traces of a criminal offense, that is, they are material evidence. According to the author of the complaint against the judge, during the consideration of the petition, Judge T. Ilyeva did not take into account the fact that the arrest can only be imposed on material values, for example, money or any property. But the arrest of Internet sites, which are “a set of data of electronic (digital) information”, is unacceptable.

According to the applicant, the court could recognize only certain publications posted on the Internet resource as material evidence, but not the resource itself. It should be noted that on April 22, 2021, the Kyiv Court of Appeal reviewed the decision of the court of first instance, noting that the proceedings “do not contain sufficient and necessary data that would indicate the possibility of seizing the property specified in the petition.” The appeal also noted that at the time of consideration of the application for the seizure of property, none of the persons had been notified of suspicion, and if so, there were no defendants, suspects or persons legally responsible for the damage caused in the case. As a result, the decision of the court of first instance was reversed.

The daughter of the judge of the Pechersk court Tatyana Ilyeva was lit up in a scandal about theft for 500 thousand. dollars

The daughter of the scandalous judge of the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv, Tatiana Ilyeva, Tsmok Angelina Germanovna, appeared in a story about stealing half a million dollars. This is reported by the Ukrainian businesswoman – the owner of the clothing chain LiOR Daria Trigub. It was she who owned the warehouse in Kyiv, which was robbed in the summer of 2020. Where did the clothes, equipment and even personal belongings of employees come from, and the total losses reached a colossal amount – more than 500 thousand. dollars. It quickly became clear that the theft could have been organized by a former employee, who, however, calls herself a business partner of the victim, Elena Telepun (formerly Shevtsova). The girl obviously recognized the alarm code from the warehouse. In addition, there is a video that the police and the Main Investigative Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have and added to criminal proceedings No. 12020105100000740 part 3 of article 185. The video recording clearly shows how Telepun's husband with three men (as his employees are known), and lawyer Leonid Ruzhansky, take out things, pack bags and several times take out the Telepun spouses in a private car. However, neither the video recording, nor the seven laptops found during the search, which belong to the employees of Lior Boutique, even the confession of Telepun herself that the stolen items are kept by her lawyer (the suspect gave exactly such testimony, according to the victim, during the first interrogation) , did not speed up the investigation – for almost half a year, law enforcement officers are dragging out the case. In particular, recently it was even submitted for consideration by the Main Investigative Committee, which should not investigate such crimes at all.. And then the bell rang. Entrepreneur Darya Trigub says that she received a call from a girl who introduced herself as the lawyer of the suspect Elena Telepun and offered to “negotiate”. “She introduced herself as Elena Telepun’s lawyer from the Ultimatum law firm and offered to meet. When I asked why, I was told that there is an opportunity to negotiate. However, at that time I did not yet know on what conditions they were going to “negotiate” with me.. The lawyer, whose name is Angelina – we found her Facebook page, in a telephone conversation offered me, in fact, to buy my things from Elena, that is, the main suspect. According to her, it was from the investigators that information was allegedly received that I was ready to pay. When I replied that this was absurd, the young lawyer's tone quickly changed. She began to be rude and tried to exert pressure, they say, we will see who will return the money to whom, and that I owe her client a large amount, ”says the victim Daria Trigub. However, the fact that Angelina Tsmok is the daughter of Judge Ilyeva is evidenced by the declarations and her Instagram, where the girl poses in a photo with her mother – under the photo there is a corresponding caption. In many similar posts, Angelina thanks her mother. And obviously there really is a reason. Indeed, at 25, the girl heads 3 companies, and also has her own law firm Ultimatum. When asked how Angelina quickly got a job at a law firm, having essentially no experience, she answers on social networks: “Angelina, how did you get into the company where you work? Came from Germany and realized that I don't want to waste time. Came in for an interview with a resume.. I talked to the managing partner and that’s it) in fact, nothing special. ” However, rapid career growth is typical for this family.. Tatyana Ilyeva herself became a judge of the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv in 2009, and this was her first job. The victim Daria Trigub comments that obviously Elena Telepun knew Ivleva's daughter Angelina long before the latter became her “lawyer”. And given the connections of the young lawyer, the attempt to pressure and rudeness on her part is not surprising. “The fact that, through her alleged lawyer, the main suspect has “access” to law enforcement agencies and the Main Investigative Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in particular, sets up the idea that it is not just that the investigation is being delayed. In fact, we know who robbed us. There is evidence. But the cops don't do anything. They didn’t even take action against the main suspect, which gave her the opportunity to put pressure on the victim, influence witnesses and spoil the evidence. She deviates from the confrontation, changes the testimony and gets away with everything. They also offer me to negotiate with the robbers,” says Daria Trigub.

In Kyiv, the “watchman” for the pre-trial detention center was released – the judge went on vacation and the arrest was not extended

In Kyiv in 2018, 26-year-old Kirill Ostrovsky on a Hummer hit a 10-year-old girl to death by running a red light at a pedestrian crossing. Now the judge of the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv, Kristina Konstantinova, went on vacation and did not extend his arrest – he was released. According to the publication, the driver has been in the Kiev pre-trial detention center No. 13 since 2019 in the status of “watcher”. At the same time, at about midnight on October 5, he left the pre-trial detention center, since the term of the preventive measure chosen on August 6 by judge Kristina Konstantinova was exhausted. At the same time, in early October, the prosecutor filed a petition to extend the terms of Ostrovsky's arrest, but the issue could not be resolved at that time. In turn, Ostrovsky said that he wants to be personally handed a petition for an extension of the preventive measure.. His lawyers announced the removal of the judge, but another judge, Tatyana Ilyeva, promptly denied the defense the claim. Then, on October 4, the defendant's lawyers began to “bombard” the court with motions to challenge the prosecutor, the secretary of the session, and, in the end, Kristina Konstantinova herself.

“Force of Law” continues to insist on the investigation of the actions of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, which have signs of a criminal offense

In March 2019, after the Force of Law organization filed a corresponding application with the SBU, a series of illegal actions began, in which various state structures were involved. Thus, the Security Service of Ukraine, twisting the essence of the decision of the Constitutional Court, refused to open criminal proceedings, although presidential immunity provides only a special procedure for bringing such a person to justice, and not a ban on investigating the crimes committed by him. Further, everything was done so that we received a letter of refusal from the SBU only after three weeks. The Pechersk Court acted in approximately the same way, in which the Force of Law appealed against the refusal of the Chekists – on May 7, Judge Tatyana Ilyeva issued a ruling on the return of the complaint, which, after 16 days, did not appear in the register of court decisions. Attempts to obtain it directly in court were also unsuccessful. And then the presidential term came to an end. In connection with the change in jurisdiction – the crimes of former presidents are called upon to investigate the State Bureau of Investigation – on May 22, the Force of Law filed a complaint with this body about the commission of a criminal offense by Petro Poroshenko.


Judge Ilyeva is one of the brightest symbols of the corrupt judicial system. The more they pay, the crazier her decisions. For the sake of an extra 100 thousand dollars, she is ready for any illegal actions.

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There is a daughter, Angelina, the owner of the Ultimatum law firm.
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