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Ilyashenko Nikolai Viktorovich


Nikolay Ilyashenko is a former head of the state tax inspectorate in the Pechersky district of Kyiv. Despite his modest salary, working in the civil service, Ilyashenko became fabulously rich. Moreover, most of his real estate was purchased before 2014 – during the reign of Yanukovych. Ilyashenko could not really explain his wealth to journalists. He said that his wife had a successful business, but the journalists learned that even the profits of his wife's business would not cover all real estate costs – more than 100 million hryvnias. It turns out that Nikolai Viktorovich is involved in many corruption scandals, of which the loudest is the scandal about a record bribe to the NABU prosecutor in the amount of $6 million, of which Ilyashenko was supposed to take $1 million for himself because he "agreed" with the right people. Now it becomes clear where the "golden mountains" come from.

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Ilyashenko Nikolai Viktorovich

Official biography

Date of birth: 11/13/1968. Mr. Yalta


Higher. Specialty by education: Jurisprudence, accounting and auditing

Labor activity

08.1986 – 04.1995 Служба в Вооруженных Силах 04.1995 – 09.1997 Оперуполномоченный, Служба в органах МВД Украины 09.1997 – 02.2000 Старший оперуполномоченный УНМ ГНА в г.Киеве 02.2000 – 08.2001 Заместитель начальника отдела УНМ ГНА в г.Киеве 08.2001 – 07.2003 Заместитель начальника ГОНМ ГНИ в Шевченковском районе Kieva 07.2003 – 10.2004 Deputy Head of the Gonm GNI in the Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev 10.2004 – 08.2005 Deputy Head of the Gonm GNI in the Shevchenkovsky district of Kiev 08.2005 – 09/09/2005 Deputy Head of the Gonm GNI in the Darnitsky district of Kiev 09.2005 – 09.2006 Deputy Head of the GDS in the GDI in Pechersky district of Kiev 09.2006 – 03.2009 Head of the main department of the tax police – first deputy head of the tax inspectorate of the STI in the Solomensky district of Kiev 03.2009 – 04.2009 Head of the main department of the tax police – first deputy head of the state tax inspectorate of the STI in the Shevchenko district of Kiev 04.2009 – 03.2010 Head of the State Tax and inspection in the Solomensky district of. Kyiv 03.2010-d / h Head of the State Tax Inspectorate in the Pechersky district of the city. Kyiv

NOT official biography

Nikolay Ilyashenko has been the First Deputy Chief of the State Tax Service in Kyiv since September 2015 and even temporarily acted as the head of the capital's tax office.. Ilyashenko began his career in the tax office in 1997 as an operative of the tax police. Ilyashenko or, as his colleagues call him, “Nikolay Ugodnik” attracted the attention of the media as the head of the State Tax Inspection in the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district of the capital. In any case, according to Ukrayinska Pravda, the Fozzy group of enterprises, registered in the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district of the Kyiv region, owes him help in evading VAT in the amount of UAH 32.2 million, for which the company's accounts were even arrested. Nikolai Ilyashenko was also accused of carrying out transactions with his real estate in Crimea with the payment of all mandatory payments to the budget of the aggressor country.. However, after 4 months of work at the head of the State Fiscal Service in the Pechersky district, Ilyashenko became the first deputy head of the entire metropolitan tax office. Nikolai Ilyashenko drew attention to himself with his love for real estate. Back in 2016, investigative journalist Dmitry Gnap wondered how the taxman and his wife owned 8 apartments. Journalists later found 11 apartments and other real estate with a total value of about UAH 100 million, the origin of which the tax official was unable to intelligibly explain, and they were all bought before 2014.

Taxman Ilyashenko, detained on a bribe of 6 million, covered up the corruption schemes of ex-people's deputies Shkriblyak and Kononenko

The detention of a top tax official with a record bribe in Kyiv jeopardized the corruption schemes of ex-deputies Shkriblyak and Kononenko. We are talking about the first deputy head of the State Fiscal Service in the capital Nikolai Ilyashenko. According to the investigation, he handed over a bag with $6 million to the leadership of NABU and SAPO in exchange for the closure of criminal proceedings under part 5 of article 191, part 3 of article 209 of the Criminal Code. This bribe is already called the most record-breaking in Europe. The editors of tried to find out how Ilyashenko collected such a large amount and it turned out that he is part of a group of officials who contribute to the work of the business of ex-people's deputies Anatoly Shkriblyak and Igor Kononenko. According to our information, together with the tax officer, the detectives also detained a certain Elena Mazurova, a former subordinate of the top tax officer Sergei Mishchenko, the creatures of Kononenko. They are linked by a series of corruption schemes. We are talking about the withdrawal of money through controlled thermal power plants (TehNova LLC, Euroreconstruction LLC, Sumyteploenergo LLC and Cherkasy Khimvolokno PJSC) – an illegal scheme brings 10 million hryvnia per month. The scale of the theft is impressive – from 2017 to 2019, according to the investigation, more than three billion hryvnias were stolen from the state budget! The first scheme is related to the supply of coal. Due to the so-called “margin”, the cost of each ton was overestimated by an average of 18-25 dollars per ton, which, with the volume of deliveries to the thermal power plant of 1.4 million tons per year, allowed the participants of the scam to withdraw “into the shadows” about 30 million dollars a year. They did not forget about “earnings” on illegal tenders for the maintenance of heating plants. How is Mazurova connected with the tax authorities? Everything is extremely simple. Through his girlfriend, acting. head of the State Tax Service of Kyiv Zlata Lagutin, she is in contact with the acting. head of the Office of Large Payers Nonna Bagmet. Bagmet also received instructions from the former head of the State Tax Service, with whom Sergei Mishchenko personally negotiated. It is here that the role of Ilyashenko, about whom we wrote at the beginning of our material, is important. The tax authorities provide the participants of the scheme with all the tools for withdrawing and cashing out funds – Nikolai Ilyashenko, in particular, provided the details of non-resident companies, to whose settlement accounts the money was withdrawn. A group of officials protect all CHP plants from real tax audits. It is important for officials that all checks pass without problems – “tools” for optimizing taxes, twisting, converting, etc.. for the Shkriblyak-Kononenko schemes, it is they who provide, for which they receive a percentage of the amounts. In this regard, and also thanks to connections in the Office of the Prosecutor General and the SBU, where the scheme was covered up by the head of the department for supervision in criminal proceedings Vladimir Bedrikivsky and the head of the department for investigation in the economic sphere Vladimir Gutsulyak, as well as the former first deputy head of the SBU Pavel Demchyna, not a single participant and organizer of schemes, including directors, accountants of energy enterprises and firms, etc.. since September-October 2019, when the first criminal proceedings were opened, no one even called for interrogation, no audits were carried out, and no documents were seized. To our knowledge, no cases are actually under investigation at this time. According to an editorial source in the Ministry of Energy, in 2018 and 2019 alone, hundreds of millions of hryvnias were withdrawn through the CHP using the above schemes. 2018 Darnytska CHPP — UAH 214 million Chernihiv CHPP — UAH 205 million Cherkassy CHPP — UAH 183 million Sumyteploenergo — UAH 45 million that neither the State Tax Service nor the State Financial Monitoring Service pay attention to these corruption schemes, because they feed on them. The editors of draw the attention of the leadership of the SAPO, NABU and SBU to the critical situation in this industry.

Tax officials of Lyubchenko established large-scale schemes with medical equipment for children's hospitals

In May, with the light hand of Nikolai Ilyashenko, who returned to the Main Directorate of the State Tax Service (STS) in. Kyiv, under the patronage of the old comrade Oleksiy Lyubchenko and de facto heads it, LLC “TD” AZARIS “twisted” more than 30 million hryvnias of value added tax (VAT). As a result of this scheme, medical equipment for a number of institutions of the public health system and communal form of ownership.This is stated in the material of the Telegram channel Black Publican. In particular, the municipal non-profit enterprise “City Children's Hospital No. 5 of the Zaporozhye City Council” was supplied with pediatric tubes for feeding, sets for intravenous administration, catheters; for the Health Department of the Volyn Regional State Administration, a biochemical blood analyzer, a urine analyzer, as well as test strips for an express urine analyzer; Communal non-profit enterprise “Vinnitsa Regional Clinical Hospital named after. Pirogov of the Vinnitsa Regional Council”, by the way, a set of equipment for the central sterilization department. “Legend of the tax authorities Nikolai Ilyashenko, nicknamed “Nikolai Ugodnik”, is back in business… Schemes are getting bolder and more cynical… [because] this is money for the health of our children,” the report says. It should be noted that, according to the YouControl analytical platform, AZARIS Trading House LLC has a tax debt of more than 420 thousand. UAH. The ultimate beneficiary of the company is Evgeny Sergeevich Gasyukov, registered in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, namely in. Crystal Luhansk region. At the same time, Pavel Oleksandrovich Schastlivenko is the director of AZARIS Trading House LLC.. Interestingly, the latter is also a director or owner of 69 companies.. It is probable that all the persons mentioned above are figureheads.

DPS sites again

This message was received by all groups of converters who work under the roof of the traffic police. At the level of the head office, this issue is supervised by Serebryansky. First deputies by regions. In Kyiv, Ilyashenko gathered everyone separately and said that everyone works as they did, but you have to pay an additional 2%. Kolya has his own program.

 Nikolai Ilyashenko, First Deputy Head of the State Tax Service of Kyiv, covered up the billion-dollar scams of Fozzy Group

Large food chain tax avoidance schemes We all understand that this scheme cannot exist without the cover of the tax authorities. I would like to draw your attention to the tax authorities who cover this scheme. Maybe after your publications, the leadership of the State Tax Service will gather courage and tell how these people got into his new service and managed to pass the “competitions”. Some time ago, the Fozzy group of enterprises was registered in the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district of the Kyiv region. The head of the district, Nikolai Ilyashenko, led and actively covered the activities of the group. Today he is the first deputy head of the Moscow tax. And without the prefix io. That is, the competition is over.. All his merits are listed in the Scheme program. Except for some details. Namely, the fact that during the occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ilyashenko carried out transactions with his real estate in Crimea with the payment of all mandatory payments to the budget of the aggressor's country. After the publication of a series of materials on tax evasion, the fozzy group (Silpo and Fora chain of stores) received information about tax officials involved in covering up this scheme. Let me remind you that thanks to manipulations with fictitious exports of agricultural products, fozzy group does not pay VAT and is unprofitable, and this is in second place among grocery retailers in terms of sales. Further. During Ilyashenko's stay as the head of the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district, he had a deputy Solsky Igor Aleksandrovich. His wife Litosh Svetlana Alexandrovna today holds the position of deputy head of the office of large payers (where some of Fozzy's companies are already administered today). The arrest was made on the property of the suspects, in particular, Nikolai Ilyashenko, First Deputy Head of the Department of the State Tax Service in Kyiv.

Deputy Head of the State Fiscal Service of Kyiv Ilyashenko is a serious client for anti-corruption investigation

Typical Ukrainian romantic story. He is a poor, honest taxman. All my life in the civil service. She is a successful, little-known business woman.. This is Nikolai Ilyashenko – First Deputy Head of the State Fiscal Service of Kiev. He and his wife have 8 apartments: – 276 sq.m. – 276 sq.m. – 208 sq.m. – 109 sq.m. – 67 sq.m. – 65 sq.m. – 60 sq.m. – 44 sq.. m. A little cramped. Therefore, there is also a house of 318 sq.m., and a bunch of offices, parking spaces and land. My colleague Evgenia Motorevskaya found out a few months ago that Ilyashenko received UAH 1 million. a gift, the origin of which he then refused to explain. Now, thanks to the e-declaration, Ilyashenko is forced to indicate the source. Turned out it was a loan from my parents.. I'm afraid, no matter how I give it back, my parents will hire collectors and take away part of the apartments. Journalists also found out another very interesting detail – Ilyashenko bought most of his property during the reign of Viktor Yanukovych, that is, from 2010 to 2013. The official himself once stated that his wife had a successful business. However, as it turned out, Mrs. Ilyashenko's business also does not bring such impressive income in order to be able to buy and maintain such impressive real estate. Inconsistencies in Ilyashenko's “testimonies” interested the activists of three organizations – “Actual Pravda”, “Stop Corruption” and “Association of Bohdan Khmelnitsky”. In order to sort out the current confusing issue, they came under the walls of the DFS to talk with the “hero of the occasion” in the hope that they would find him at his workplace. After all, Ilyashenko simply did not respond to all requests for information from journalists about the sources of the multi-million dollar fortune. Thus, the activists at the walls of the DFS demanded the dismissal of the first deputy department. The peaceful picket ended in nothing – Ilyashenko did not come out to the protesters. Then the activists, imbued with the saying about the mountain and Mohammed, themselves entered the departmental building. Within the walls of the DFS, both journalists and activists had another no less logical question – what are people in uniform with “Tax Police” stripes doing inside if this body has been disbanded since the beginning of the year?

Having asked a question and received no answer, the activists assumed that the object of the rally was treacherously captured by people in uniform with patches from a non-existent body. But everything turned out to be much simpler – Ilyashenko, obviously, was sitting in the office behind an armored door, which turned out to be impossible to enter, since it opens only with the help of the owner's retina. “We appeal to the DFS, NABU, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the GPU, the SBU with a demand to dismiss and arrest the corrupt official Ilyashenko and announce an indefinite protest near the DFS until Ilyashenko is on the bunk,” summed up the protesters.

Nikolai Ilyashenko, caught on the biggest bribe in history, helped the capital's tax authorities Koval and Alekseenko close the criminal case for $60,000

We would like to remind you about the criminal implementation, which was opened in December 2018 under No. 42018000000000553, where it was established that the officials of the State Fiscal Service of Kyiv, occupying a responsible position, accepted an offer of unlawful benefits in a large amount for themselves. Abuse of official position when conducting actual inspections of business entities on compliance with the procedure for carrying out settlement transactions, conducting cash transactions, the availability of licenses, certificates, etc. Under the officials of the Main Directorate of the DFS in Kyiv, they mean Koval Timur Sergeevich and Alekseenko Natalia Nikolaevna! As it became known to us, from an anonymous source of the Office of the Prosecutor General, the specified criminal proceedings also helped to directly close, while the first deputy head of the Main Directorate of the State Fiscal Service in. Kyiv Ilyashenko Nikolai Viktorovich. Interestingly, out of those 60,000 dollars, how much did he get for closing the criminal introduction to the prosecutor's office, and how much was left for him? Is it possible for Koval and Alekseenko to close the said case for much more than $60,000?


Nikolai Ilyashenko has long been under the guns of journalists. Eleven apartments, expensive cars, modest incomes. But unfortunately, NABU and other anti-corruption agencies literally do not notice the obvious unlawful enrichment.

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