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Gusev Yury Veniaminovich


Yuri Gusev notably amused the people of Kherson. Judging by his promises and deeds, he is not competent, and he is not particularly worried about people. It is worth recognizing that his ideas, although crazy, are original, but only as a PR move. The benefit here is only for Gusev himself, but not for the people … Unfortunately … It is worth remembering about illegal business, tender fraud, and connections with criminals. These facts once again prove that Gusev is not the best candidate for the post of governor.

Ukraine, USA
November 15, 1979
Уровень охвата:

Gusev Yury Veniaminovich

Official biography

Born November 15, 1979. Korostyshev, Zhytomyr region. Ukrainian politician, public figure, former Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine (2014-2016). Chairman of the Kherson Regional State Administration (2019-2020). General Director of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom” since December 3, 2020. He was nominated for people's deputies from the Servant of the People party in the 2019 parliamentary elections, No. 41 on the list. Decided not to continue to participate in the elections.


1998-2002 – student of Kherson State Technical University, was the student mayor of Kherson, chairman of the Kherson regional youth public organization “Young Nation”. Graduated with honors from the magistracy at the Kiev National Economic University, graduated with honors from the Kherson State Technical University with a degree in Finance. Graduated from two programs at Harvard Kennedy School (2011, 2017). In 2014 he defended his dissertation in economics at the Center for Industrial Problems of the National Academy of Sciences. Kharkiv). A collection of poems by a Ukrainian”

A family

Yuri is married to Olga Guseva. She is the founder, head and ultimate beneficial owner of Ukrainian Fashion Group LLC (television broadcasting activities). Since March 2019, Olga has been the general producer of the UA Fashion TV channel. The couple have two children: son Michael and daughter Maria. . Engaged in charity. He is fond of chess and running (ran 2 half marathons).


• Nominal firearms (2015) • Distinction of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense — medal “For Assistance to Military Intelligence of Ukraine”, II degree (2015) • Commemorative breastplate of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine “Defender of Ukraine” (2015) • Medal of the Military Academy of the Kingdom of Spain “For Merit” ( 2015) • Insignia of the Military University of Nueva Granada (Republic of Colombia) (2018) • Industry award “Best GR Specialist of 2018” according to the Ukrainian Association of Lobbying and GR (2018) • “Regional Leader of the Year – 2019” according to the Nationwide Human Program years (Ukraine)

NOT official biography

Since 2017, Gusev has headed the Kiev office of the Kherson community. In this organization, he collaborated with the ex-governor of the region Andrei Gordeev and the ex-chairman of the regional council Vladislav Manger. Both are defendants in the case of the death of Kherson activist Kateryna Handziuk. Manger was suspected of organizing her murder, but subsequently the GPU removed it and reported the suspicion of organizing the infliction of bodily harm on her. In October 2018, Yuri Gusev even signed memorandums of cooperation with the leaders of the region. According to media reports and publications of people's deputies of Ukraine, this person is a defendant in many corruption scandals, including in the field of public procurement for the army. The appointment of such a person will contradict everything that made you the president of Ukraine in the last elections, promising new faces to the people of Ukraine and a real fight against corruption,” emphasizes the author Dmitry Isaenko.

Gusev's failures

“Service of Happiness”

The service of happiness has become an integral attribute of any ridicule over the ridiculous ideas of Yuri Gusev. The service of happiness was created with great pathos and Yuri Gusev was promoting on this topic for several months. But the time for popularity has passed. Users from the Kherson segment of Facebook mourn. Gusev recently announced that the Happiness Service was disbanded.

The head of the agricultural region is unable to distinguish ducks from geese

For some reason, the head of the Kherson Regional State Administration Yury Gusev presented birds to the first-graders of the Podstepnensky school of the Oleshkovsky district. But in the editorial office of MOST there are experts not only in bad jokes, but also people who understand poultry at the level of an experienced user. They identified ordinary ducklings in the “goslings”. After consulting with a familiar teacher, there was no doubt left – the head of the agricultural region is unable to distinguish ducks from geese! This is not the first time Gusev has been confused. In 2015, Gusev ran for the Kyiv City Council and posted the following lightboxes: Instead of a goose, they depicted a duck.

Communication with Inna Bogoslovskaya and Valery Khoroshkovsky

In 2002, he ran for the Verkhovna Rada from the Electoral Bloc of Political Parties “Winter Generation Team”, after which he headed commercial companies. The top three “winter” included Valery Khoroshkovsky, Inna Bogoslovskaya and Mykola Veresen. He also closely communicated with Vadim Novinsky and Alexander Dubinsky.

“Businessman” from education and sound recording

According to the Information Resistance group, according to the Unified State Register of Legal and Individual Entrepreneurs of Ukraine, Deputy Defense Minister Gusev is a co-founder of Extra-Class Limited Liability Company (EDRPOU code 36216244). The legal address of the office is the same as the address where the Deputy Minister lives. His contribution to the authorized capital of the LLC, according to available information, is a modest 22 thousand hryvnias.. Naturally, in the declaration filed by the official in March 2015, there is no data on the operating commercial firm. Such actions are contrary to the norms of the Law of Ukraine “On Public Service”. The field of activity of Extra-Class LLC is “replication of sound and video recordings, software”, as well as “activities of main departments (head offices)” and “other types of education”. It is noteworthy that Gusev's biography, which appeared on the official website of the Ministry of Education and Science, modestly states that in 2002-2009 the future deputy minister worked as the founder and head of commercial enterprises. According to the registry data, the statutory capital of Extra-Class LLC was finally formed in 2009. Then, according to biographical information, Gusev had already become the head of the group of advisers to the Minister of Economy and the director of the department for ensuring the work of the minister.. After that, Gusev continued his labor activity in state structures.. Obviously, all this time, “Extra-Class” also did not stop functioning. In 2009, Gusev became friends with a certain Stets Yuri Yaroslavovich and his wife Yana Konotop-Terekhina. In the same 2009, they “figured out for three” by registering the My Ukraine International Charitable Foundation (code ЄDRPOU 36470106), whose legal address, attention, coincides with the address of Extra Class LLC! But despite all this, Gusev still did not fall under the lustration.

Fraud in the defense industry and theft in the State Investment Project: what is Gusev known from the list of “Servants of the People”

At number 41 from Zelensky’s “Servant of the People” party, Yury Gusev is trying to get into the Verkhovna Rada – assistant to the people’s deputy of the 6th convocation Yuri Stets (NU-NS block), Deputy Minister of Defense (2014-2016). But at the same time, a trail of corruption scandals trails behind him. The letters collected interesting facts from Gusev's career. Gusev worked at the State Agency for Investment and Management of National Projects (Gosinvestproekt) under the leadership of Vladislav Kaskiv (2011-2014). In 2014-2016. worked in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine as Deputy Minister and Chairman of the Council of Reforms of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. On May 20, 2019, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau sent to court a case on the theft of 259.2 million hryvnias from the State Investment Project. According to law enforcement agencies, in 2012, 500 million UAH were allocated from the state budget.. for a number of national projects, in particular, 259.2 million hryvnias – for the projects “Quality Water” and “Olympic Hope-2022”. These initiatives were never implemented, and the funds were stolen. Detectives found out that this money was transferred under the guise of a loan to the accounts of companies controlled by the ex-heads of the State Investment Project. “However, these projects were not implemented, and all funds (UAH 259.2 million) were stolen during 2012-2014,” the report says. It was during this period that Yuri Gusev served as director of the Department of National and Investment Projects of the State Investment Project. There are nine people in the dock, mostly ex-officials of the State Investment Project and the State Investment Company State Enterprise, as well as a cousin of the ex-head of the State Investment Project. Another of his close relatives, his brother, whom the investigation also considers a participant in a corruption scheme, is on the wanted list.

Corrupt public procurement for the army

Gusev was involved in another scandal – in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, already during the presidency of Petro Poroshenko, where Gusev was appointed Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs in March 2015. Gusev was accused of corruption in public procurement for the army and the failure of an experiment with food for military personnel. People's deputy and member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security Tatyana Chornovol wrote that the tender committee, which was controlled by Yuriy Gusev, in the first quarter of 2015 bought A-80 gasoline for the army, in fact, from the State Enterprise “Ukrgasdobycha”, but through a network of intermediaries, overpaying 80 million hryvnia “I personally “organized” the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers for the Ministry of Defense to purchase gasoline from the State Enterprise directly (as is happening now), but Gusev and Co.. in response, they began to weave dirty intrigues – to accuse the committee and me personally of all corruption sins and at the same time continued to fall for corruption themselves, to discredit worthy people in the “volunteer landing”, the ministry and the minister. In particular, a criminal case has now been opened on the purchase of apartments, ”Chernovol wrote in 2015. It is important to note that the state of Gusev in the period from 2014 to 2016 really increased several times. Gusev resigned in November 2015, citing “attacks against him and the Defense Ministry’s Reform Office,” but his statement was not signed by Petro Poroshenko when he was president of Ukraine.

Ties to crime

The media noted Gusev's connections with criminal authority Mikhail Titov, nicknamed “Cartoon”, whose grouping by 2019. had about 50 members. Since 2010. he unofficially controlled the Nikolaev region and several districts of the Kherson and Odessa regions, was able to hold positions after the Maidan – until now.

Soros' New Leaders Project

Actively participated in the New Leaders program – probably based on the knowledge gained at Harvard University. He called the goal of the initiative “the awakening of the leaders of a new generation in certain regions, districts, cities, villages, etc.. Considers this to be particularly relevant in the framework of the decentralization process. Planned to initiate and conduct 9 regional Schools of New Leaders. And to include in the formation of the concept of schools, among others: Maidan Open University and the Ukrainian Catholic University.

At the same time, Vitaly Shabunin, whose Anti-Corruption Center receives funding from the Soros Vozrozhdeniye Foundation, is on the program selection committee. And, of course, the program’s supervisory board includes the Soros Foundation, Transparency International Ukraine and the already mentioned CPC. That is, it is foreigners who are again looking for new leaders in Ukraine to realize their own interests. This is done with the direct participation of the Ukrainian Catholic University, located in Lviv.. And which has branches in the US, Canada and the UK.

Uncertain Religious Beliefs

In 2018. Gusev defended his dissertation on the history of the church at the Chernivtsi Orthodox Theological Institute, and became a doctor of theological sciences. In July 2018. met with Patriarch Bartholomew – during the unfolding of Petro Poroshenko's initiative to receive a tomos. At the same time, he is a member of the advisory board of the Leadership Center of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

Supported Poroshenko and criticized Zelensky

Before the presidential elections in 2019. Gusev criticized Volodymyr Zelensky for populism, which, in his opinion, consisted in the statements of the future president about his intention to fight the oligarchs. “It is dishonest to promise de-oligarchization if you are associated with an oligarch whom everyone knows. In fact, the oligarch provides him with work and gives part of the earnings. (…) This populism is a threat in these elections,” he said. Gusev also stated that Petro Poroshenko is inconvenient for Putin, and the Kremlin sympathizes with Zelensky. He was a frequent guest of the Poroshenko TV channel “Direct”. All this did not prevent him from joining the “green” team.

Arachamia Man

Gusev got number 41 on the list of the Servant of the People party, from which he was subsequently expelled after compromising information was covered in the media. The politician then stated that he himself made the decision not to run because of the information attack that was carried out against him within three days after the announcement of the lists of the Servant of the People. His version was publicly confirmed by David Arakhamia. Friendship with Arakhamia helped Gusev to gain a foothold under the new government – they worked together in the Ministry of Defense since 2014. As a result, a man tied up in a number of corruption scandals became the head of the Kherson Regional State Administration. Where, already in office, he often appeared in T-shirts with images of geese.

Supports the opening of the land market

Given the passage on the lists of the Servant of the People party, he was a supporter of its most unpopular initiatives, for example, the opening of the land market. What I decided in November 2019. tell the world through the social network with the help of the inscription on the avatar.

Helped a relative with an appointment

In September 2019. it became known about the appointment of two deputies from the Kherson City Council as assistants to the deputy from the Servant of the People Pavel Pavlish. Allegedly, this was done at the suggestion of Gusev. Officially, under an employment contract, Oksana Dyakova was arranged (pictured on the left), and on a voluntary basis – Oksana Matusevich (pictured right). Matusevich is a relative of Gusev – a cousin. In addition, in the past she worked as a deputy of two convocations of the Verkhovna Rada, she was a member of the Party of Regions faction in parliament.

Lobbying gambling business

In September 2019, after the adoption of the law on the legalization of the gambling business, Gusev became an active supporter of the implementation of a pilot project for its legalization in the Kherson region. Recall that, for example, in the Ternopil region, deputies banned gambling in the region in August. “Last year, in October, on my initiative, the first Ukrainian gambling business forum took place in Kherson. We attracted representatives from Georgia, where the gambling business operates. It was the experience of this country that inspired us that the Kherson region can become a successful project for legalizing the gambling business, attracting investments and creating jobs,” Gusev said. He also said that he discussed with the deputies the issue of creating a regional gambling zone in the Kharkiv region.. And this despite the fact that the vast majority of Ukrainians do not support this initiative.

Against the memory of the Red Army

October 30, 2020. Gusev published a post about the opening of a restored memorial plaque in Kakhovka in honor of the Bolsheviks who defeated the troops of the White movement of Baron Wrangel on the Kakhovka bridgehead. He stated that it violated the law on decommunization. He noted that it was on his initiative that the memorial was dismantled. And he himself informed the SBU about what had happened.

Director General of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom” Yury Veniaminovich Gusev earned 702,612 thousand in January

January 2021 salary. Director General of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom” Yuriy Gusev, taking into account allowances – UAH 702,612. Official salary – 398 thousand. hryvnia, the rest – allowances for achieving the goals set by the Supervisory Board.

german house

Representatives of the German organization Deutsch-Ukrainisches Forum appealed to deputies from the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense with a request to look into the situation. German manufacturers are ready to transfer licenses and technologies and help in organizing the production of German-designed modular frame buildings in Ukraine. The main “target audience” is the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the calculations of the German side, the Ukrainian military is in dire need of the construction of temporary buildings in the ATO zone to accommodate military personnel and headquarters structures (those who were in the ATO zone understand that this is the holy truth). In turn, Germany is ready to purchase part of such products manufactured in Ukraine for its own needs (which is relevant given the problem of refugees in this country). It is important that this project in the Deutsch-Ukrainisches Forum is considered more social than commercial.. In particular, this organization promises to facilitate the provision of loans from Berlin for this project on the most attractive terms, and they do not see the difference which Ukrainian structure will participate in it – a state-owned enterprise or a commercial company. If only the project worked in the interests of both Ukraine and Germany. Having figured out who is responsible for what in the Ministry of Defense, the Deutsch-Ukrainisches Forum decided to turn to Deputy Defense Minister Yuriy Gusev, who is responsible for both public procurement and housing for military personnel (although for some reason the Germans were not embarrassed that with a sufficient military budget for 2015 and the 45,000th line in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for housing, this year the Ministry of Defense for some reason began to buy apartments for the military … only in September!) According to representatives of the Deutsch-Ukrainisches Forum, Yu. Gusev rejoiced at the offer and brought the Germans with “his people” to GlavKEU MO. And then the strangeness began. “Gusev's people” in GlavKEU, according to representatives of the German side, for some reason perceived the project as purely commercial, and immediately named the company that would participate in it. After studying the “candidature”, it turned out that this company does not have an appropriate profile or production capacity.. Naturally, the bewildered Germans offered to hold a tender, and then it would be up to them to decide which structure would take part in the project.. But “Gusev's people” turned out to be adamant: it is necessary to work only with this company, other options are not considered. Realizing that the project itself was in jeopardy, and without starting, the representatives of the German side turned to the deputies from the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada.

Discussion before losing momentum and losing weight: what stupid promises do politicians make

Let's start with a very personal promise: the head of the Kherson regional administration, Yuri Gusev, promised to lose weight to inspire others: “Of course, I will follow all the advice of our nutritionist and will set an example by this. For other people to give up junk food, for them to lose weight, for them to be healthier, for them to live happily ever after. First of all, in the Kherson region”. It is commendable that the official kept this promise.. A month later, Gusev came to the studio of the 1 + 1 TV channel and weighed himself – minus 8 kilograms. In addition, Gusev unexpectedly promised to “return the state flags of Ukraine over buildings in Simferopol and Sevastopol”. That is, in fact, he promised to return the annexed Crimea. It is clear that the head of the Regional State Administration has no levers to fulfill such an obligation at all.


According to the income statement for 2019, the official owns an apartment of 55 square meters in Kyiv, half of a land plot of 504 square meters in Kherson, and 50% of a garden house in the same place. Gusev also declares an unfinished apartment of 135 square meters in Kyiv. According to the document, the wife of the politician and his children do not have real estate. The family of Yury Veniaminovich is moving around in several cars – Toyota Camry 2007 (cost – 126 thousand hryvnia) and INFINITI Q30 2017 (cost – 960 thousand hryvnia). Olga Alexandrovna owns corporate rights in the company “Ukrainian Fashion Group” in the amount of 600 thousand hryvnias. For the year, Gusev earned 1.2 million hryvnia. At the same time, the official salary in the Regional State Administration amounted to only 214 thousand hryvnias.. The wife of the politician declares an income of 140,000 hryvnias. The family of the official keeps 2.4 thousand hryvnias and 6 dollars in bank accounts. Cash – 50 thousand dollars and 300 thousand hryvnias.


Yuri Gusev notably amused the people of Kherson. Judging by his promises and deeds, he is not competent, and he doesn’t really care about people either.. We have to admit, his ideas, although crazy, are original, but only as a PR move.. The benefit here is only for Gusev himself, but not for the people … Unfortunately …

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Wife - Olga Guseva is a fashion businesswoman, has two children.
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