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Gunko Anatoly Grigorievich


Anatoly Gunko has an immeasurable amount of impudence. As the head of an organized criminal group that plundered strategic lands, he should have received severe punishment. But thanks to criminal connections, the suspicions were removed, and Gunko demanded compensation "for moral damage" in the amount of 10 million hryvnia! Fortunately, or unfortunately, he received only 2 million. Having removed the stigma of a criminal, Anatoly Gunko became a politician, and then arranged for his wife. And now, having connections with the odious oligarch of the Kiev region Polishchuk, and through him a connection with Dmitry Medvedev, Anatoly Gunko, together with his wife, continue to destroy the rating of Servants of the People from the inside, and subsequently the whole country.

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Gunko Anatoly Grigorievich

Official biography

Born March 12, 1976 in. Salne, Chernihiv region. Director of LLC “Guild of Law”. Head of NGO “Pravozashchita Plus”. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Charitable Foundation “Guild of Kindness”. July 21, 2019 – candidate for deputy in the 209th district from the “Batkivshchyna”. October 25, 2020 – elected to the Verkhovna Rada from the Servant of the People in the 208th constituency.


Anatoly has two diplomas: a lawyer and an economist.

A family

Wife – Gunko Natalya Ivanovna ran for the Kyiv Regional Council in 2015, won the election from the Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko. Now Natalia Gunko is a deputy of the Kyiv Regional Council from the Servant of the People party. He and his wife are raising a son and a daughter.

NOT official biography

2016 Gunko was involved in a land scam in Brovary. In 2013, local authorities illegally distributed the former lands of the Radio Transmitting Center state enterprise, Gunko received one of the plots. Anatoly Gunko was tried in 2018 for illegally taking possession of a plot of land of strategic importance in Brovary. This was announced by journalist Sergei Rudenko, Censor.NET reports. The case was closed in 2019, on May 15, 2020, the Pechersk Court of Kyiv lifted the arrest from Gunko's property. The journalist also said that “Gunko was a lawyer for the Mikhailovsky bank of Viktor Polishchuk, the owner of the Eldorado chain of household appliances and electronics and the Gulliver shopping center, who was accused of bringing Mikhailovsky to bankruptcy.” In June 2020, Gunko filed a lawsuit to recover moral damages for unlawful criminal prosecution.. In his lawsuit, he indicated that he had received severe mental suffering, negative changes in his personal life, lost his business reputation, since he is a public person, is engaged in public and political activities. Illegal prosecution and the appearance of a number of publications of negative content significantly affected the attitude of friends, acquaintances and partners, undermined his authority and status as a respectable person.

Also, according to Informator sources, Gunko is trying to organize a “network” in order to bribe voters. Responsible for this is Natalya Lobastova, an assistant to the current MP Sergei Shakhov, who appears in a number of criminal proceedings for bribing voters and financial fraud, and also has a reputation as a person who likes to appropriate a significant part of the electoral budget that she has. This is the only district in VR that was “played out” this season, and the district in which Oleg Lyashko was going to return after last year's defeat of the RPL. For Lyashko, this district is native in every sense.. He was born here, here he became a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada for the first time, “seated” local leaders of communities and the RGA, security officials and officials into chairs, raised party structures. But with Gunko the situation is different.. The candidate was not widely known in the district, lives in Brovary, the business is also based in the Kyiv region and the capital. In addition to everything from the first days, Anatoly Gunko became the object of “dirty” attacks. The story of the falsified criminal case against Gunko was quickly extracted from old sources. Whoever they called him – both a super-raider, and a plunderer of national wealth, and an agent of Putin, who destroyed a strategic facility. In addition, two “twins” were registered at once – unemployed, who then never even appeared in the district. And that's just at the start of the campaign.. Then it got worse. Attacks on the offices of activists of “radicals”, who planted anti-Lashkov brochures at the headquarters and on this basis accused the Gunka team of “black PR” and “buying”. There was a different situation at the finish line.. Falsification was made of 27 complaints filed by Lyashkovites to TVK already at the stage of counting. At the same time, the complaints were not based on acts, as the law prescribes, but on the “evidence” of three staff officers Lyashko, who allegedly “visited” 27 polling stations with a gap of 10-20 minutes. And these 10-20 minutes were supposedly enough for them to see some fictitious “falsifications”, find their eyewitnesses, draw up a complaint and even “sign” it with the “witnesses”. True, it turned out later that two of the three “signatories” did not know about these complaints and even feared criminal prosecution for participating in the forgery.


“Twins” are on the ballot for the by-elections to the Verkhovna Rada in the 208 district in the Chernihiv region. The Servant of the People candidate Anatoly Grigoryevich Gunko, as well as self-nominated candidates Anatoly Nikolayevich Gunko and Igor Gunko, are running there. The Security Service of Ukraine reported that in the Kirovograd region, a candidate for the mayor of Svetlovodsk tried to hire a “double” of his competitor. The candidate and his assistant were detained after transferring 10,000. UAH. “double”. As of October 7, law enforcement officers opened 11 criminal proceedings on the fact of registration of “twin” candidates, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported. Bribery of voters Singer Pavel Zibrov, aka PE Zibrov P.M., spoke several times in support of majoritarian candidate Anatoly Gunko from the 208th district (Chernihiv region). He sang in the village of Ivanitsa on June 28, in the village of Losinovka on June 29, in the village of Vertievka on July 1, and in the village of Varva on July 19. In general, according to the report, Zibrov received 30 thousand hryvnias from the election fund of Gunko. There are no other expenses related to concerts in the candidate's report.. In response, Gunko was asked to contact a certain Anya, since “she has the money.” After several manipulations with the calculator and, first dividing 1.2 million by 28, and then multiplying 42,000 by 28, the people's choice wrote to the contact under the name “Anna Finance” and gave her information from an unknown “boss”. “Good afternoon. Anya, Igor gave the contract 45, and the boss said to change 42. 3rd he will take. Thanks”.

“Servant of the people” Gunko turned his participation in the criminal scheme into 2 million

The Pechersk Court ordered to pay Servant of the People MP Anatoly Gunko UAH 2 million in moral compensation for illegal actions of law enforcement agencies. The editors of learned about this from the production materials. Law enforcement officers opened proceedings against the people's deputy on March 29, 2018, the investigation of which was carried out until the end of March 2019, of which he was in custody for 4 days – from March 29 to April 2, 2018. For four days of detention, he was awarded the minimum compensation guaranteed by the state – 20 thousand dollars.. hryvnia. The people's deputy himself estimated the moral damage caused to him at 10 million hryvnias, but the court satisfied the claim only partially. It is worth noting that at that time the investigators provided facts that Anatoly Gunko has serious corrupt ties both in law enforcement and in government agencies.. It was these “useful connections” that saved him. For almost a year in the status of a suspect, the court, “based on the principles of fairness, good faith and reasonableness, and also in accordance with the proportionality of the stated claims to the suffering that the plaintiff suffered in the period from March 29, 2018 to March 20, 2019”, the court decided to recover from the state in in favor of the People's Deputy 2 million hryvnia moral damage.

At the command of the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the scandalous raider Gunko attacks the developers of Brovary

According to information from sources in law enforcement agencies, at the command of one of the deputy ministers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the former owner of the bankrupt Mikhailovsky Bank, Viktor Polishchuk, through his confidant Anatoly Gunko, initiated searches in the framework of criminal case No. “Alliance Novobud” and its structures associated with the former owners of the collapsed “Mikhailovsky”, and on the other hand – with the developer “Grassfield”). As it became known to journalists, the searches were carried out at six addresses, including in the apartments of the lawyer Oleksandr Oleinik, a well-known human rights activist from Mykolaiv, who has been working since 1994. 25 investigators (!!!). On January 30, the decree on the creation of an investigative group was personally signed by the deputy head of the GUNP of the Kiev region, the head of the investigative department, Sergei Rekun. The Ministry of Internal Affairs unofficially confirms that after the command from above, the searches were carried out hastily without proper preparation, and, therefore, the security forces committed gross procedural violations. In particular, as it turned out, the search was carried out by an investigator who was not part of the investigation team in this criminal proceeding. In addition, law enforcement officers did not inform lawyer Oleinik about the search on the territory of his private property, did not contact him by mobile or other available means. But the most important thing is that the so-called “investigative actions” against a lawyer cannot be carried out so easily, since they require a special procedure. In addition, during such a search, a representative of the region's bar council must be present, and law enforcement officers are obliged to notify the region's bar council at the place of such procedural action in advance of the conduct of investigative actions. It also turned out that “law enforcement officers”, with the consent of the judge of the Boryspil Interdistrict Court Igor Bondarenko, also searched the apartment of lawyer Elena Mavrodieva. She said that no one warned her about “investigative actions”, the search was carried out with many violations, and also contrary to the procedure and requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Advocacy and Advocacy”. Moreover, as it became known, the security forces, together with unidentified “titushki”, within the framework of this case, attempted to search the GORO legal lawyer association in Kyiv, which represents the interests of GRASSFIELD LLC, in order to seize the lawyer’s dossier and, as a result, block the work on protecting the interests client. UAH. received from Guildiya Prava LLC, as well as dividends in the amount of 78 thousand. UAH. from the law firm “Guild of Rights”. Holds 500 thousand in cash. dollars (~ UAH 142 million. for 2020), 120 thousand. euros (almost UAH 4 million) and UAH 3 million. Real estate: – 1 house with an area of 221 m2 worth UAH 800,000; – 3 apartments: with a total area of 106, 69 and 69 m2; – 15 land plots with a total area of 73,523 m2; – 1 summer cottage with an area of 586 m2. Jewelry, clothing: Fur coats, diamond rings, Rolexes, etc.. the only caveat is that the cost of a single thing is not indicated. Family cars: There are six of them. For example, two BMW cars: one is estimated at almost 4 million 700 thousand, the second – more than 1.5 million hryvnias. Anatoly Gunka also has a Range Rover worth more than 1 million hryvnias.


Servants of the People have replenishment. A new face with a long criminal past. Now this is not surprising. Defectors, traitors, and criminals – such as Gunko and his family, automatically fall into the “SN”. Not having their own principles and political ideology, Anatoly Gunko, like his wife, makes their way to power at any cost, regardless of the political party. Now, in the ranks of the people's servants, a former leader of the organized criminal group has appeared, who has seized valuable state lands. There is only one conclusion here – unfortunately, Anatoly Gunko is not the candidate who could bring good to the people.

Личные данные

Wife - Gunko Natalia Ivanovna, deputy of the Kyiv Regional Council from the Servant of the People party, has a business. There is a son and a daughter.
Scandalous oligarch Polishchuk
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