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Gritsenko Anatoly Stepanovich


The most honest person in the world, who dishonestly sold most of the military equipment, leaving the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a state of inadequate combat readiness, and bought an elite, as he says "cottage", in Koncha-Zaspa for more than 10 million hryvnias. The owner of four apartments, a jet ski and a Volvo crossover is Anatoly Gritsenko. Most often, on all channels and political shows, he screams about his honesty and considers corruption unacceptable, but his reported income figures differ by a very large margin from the expenditure figures. But even an expert psychologist says that our honest Minister of Defense is clearly lying.

October 25, 1957
Уровень охвата:

“Honest” Gritsenko

Official biography

Anatoly Gritsenko was born on October 25, 1957 in the village of Bogachovka, Zvenigorod district, Cherkasy region, Ukrainian SSR. Until the eighth grade, inclusive, he studied at secondary school No. 6 in the city of Vatutino, Zvenigorod district, and then entered the Kiev Suvorov Military School, which he graduated in 1974 with a gold medal and entered the Kiev Higher Military Aviation Engineering School. He graduated in 1979 with honors, having received the qualification of a military electrical engineer. From June 1979 to November 1981, Gritsenko served in military unit No. 19109 in Akhtyrka, Sumy region, Ukrainian SSR, as head of the aviation equipment maintenance group of the third aviation squadron. Officer Gritsenko had a group technician, two senior mechanics and several conscripts under his command. Since December 1981, Gritsenko studied at the postgraduate course of the Kyiv Higher Military Aviation Engineering School of the USSR Armed Forces. In October 1984, he defended himself, having received the degree of candidate of technical sciences, and began to serve as a teacher at a military school. Took military oath again. From November 1992 to August 1994, Gritsenko served as head of the problem-analytical department of the Research Center of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, from March 1993 to May 1994, he was in the United States: in 1993 he took a course at the Military Institute of Foreign Languages of the American Department of Defense, and in 1994 – a course at the Operations and Strategy Department of the US Air Force Academy. Returning to his homeland, in 1995 Gritsenko completed an internship at the Academy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In January 1996, Gritsenko became the head of the Department of Military Security and Military Development of the National Research Center for Defense Technologies and Military Security of Ukraine. In September 1997, he took the position of head of the analytical service of the apparatus of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine. In October 1999, after a serious and prolonged illness, the head of Gritsenko, Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexander Razumkov, who had held his position since June 1997, died. After the death of the chief, almost the entire Razumkov team moved from the National Security and Defense Council to the non-governmental organization he founded – the Ukrainian Center for Economic and Political Research. In December 1999, with the rank of colonel, Gritsenko was transferred to the reserve.

NOT official biography

Having gone to the reserve, Gritsenko was approved by the president of the Ukrainian Center for Economic and Political Research, which a year later began to bear the name of Razumkov. In February 2000, Gritsenko also became a freelance consultant to the Committee on National Security and Defense of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and in November 2000, a member of the Public Council of Experts on Internal Political Issues under the President of Ukraine. The information partner of the center was the Ukrainian weekly Zerkalo Nedeli, headed by Razumkov's former father-in-law and wife, editor-in-chief Vladimir Mostovoy and his first deputy and daughter Yulia Mostovaya. In October 2002, Gritsenko left his first wife, Lyudmila, with whom he had lived for 24 years, and proposed to Mostovoy. In March 2003 they got married. In June 2004, Gritsenko joined the central election headquarters of presidential candidate Yushchenko and headed the information and analytical direction of his team.. It is known that Gritsenko wrote an election program for his candidate – the action plan of the future president “10 steps towards people. At the same time, the Ukrainian Center for Economic and Political Research conducted an exit poll.

Minister of Defense

On February 4, 2005, he was appointed Minister of Defense of Ukraine in the government of Yulia Tymoshenko. According to some reports, during the conflict between the president and the prime minister, on the night of September 7-8, 2005, Gritsenko participated in a meeting of Yulia Tymoshenko's inner circle, at which the issue of preparing the Yushchenko impeachment procedure was decided. It was Gritsenko who allegedly called US Ambassador John Herbst and asked about the possible reaction of the “world community”, to which he replied that such actions would be regarded as a rebellion and collusion. On September 8, 2005, Yushchenko dismissed the Tymoshenko government in its entirety, but at the end of the month offered Gritsenko to remain at the head of the Ministry of Defense. September 30, 2005, the last of the ministers, Gritsenko was approved by the head of the defense department in the government of Yuri Yekhanurov. In December 2005, Gritsenko announced that he was refusing to participate in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for the post of Minister of Defense of the country, and promised that the army would remain out of politics.. On August 4, 2006, Gritsenko, on the proposal of Yushchenko, was approved by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine in the government of Viktor Yanukovych. As Minister of Defense, Gritsenko dealt with issues of financing and reforming the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In 2005, for the first time in recent years, the army was fully funded, and in 2006 its budget grew by 51% and reached UAH 8.9 billion.. Compared to 2004, in 2005 the indicators of combat training increased by an average of 40-50%.. In May 2007, Gritsenko spoke out in support of the idea of a law on the introduction of compensation payments instead of military service. Hrytsenko actively supported the idea of Ukraine joining the North Atlantic Alliance. In November 2005, Gritsenko announced his intention to complete the development of the NATO Membership Action Plan by March 2006, but in early 2006, due to the upcoming parliamentary elections, deputies refused to consider laws related to Ukraine's cooperation with NATO.. In August 2006, a paragraph on the implementation of the Action Plan for NATO membership was included in the text of the Universal of National Unity, but in September 2006, during his trip to Brussels, Yanukovych announced that the plan was postponed indefinitely. Nevertheless, Gritsenko did not abandon the idea of Ukraine joining NATO. In October 2006, after the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine criticized the Ministry of Defense for its ineffective fight against corruption and crime in the army, Gritsenko called Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko to a live television debate. Two Ukrainian TV channels offered their air for debates. The head of the Press Service of the Prosecutor General's Office stated that the Prosecutor General's Office is not a political structure to participate in TV debates. It was decided to hold a joint collegium of the Prosecutor General's Office and the Ministry of Defense, which could be attended by journalists. After that, Gritsenko called for the dismissal of the Prosecutor General. In November 2006, the chairman of the main control and audit department, Pyotr Andreev, announced violations in the system of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine related to the construction of housing for the military, economic activities in military camps and the alienation of land. In total, according to Andreev’s department, 6.6 billion hryvnias were spent inappropriately. Gritsenko, in turn, denied the allegations. In December 2006, a number of deputies of the ruling coalition wrote a draft resolution on the dismissal of Gritsenko, but after a few days the Verkhovna Rada lost interest in the Minister of Defense and did not even consider the submitted bill. On September 1, 2017, Anatoly Gritsenko admitted that the state program for the disposal of ammunition was disrupted. Due to the suspension of this process, it became impossible to disband some military units.

“South – Olivia” “According to the Charter of the state enterprise “SOUTH-OLIVIA”, the purpose of its creation is the implementation of the state program of social and professional adaptation of servicemen, released into reserve or retired and their family members; implementation of state policy tasks in the field of small entrepreneurship; obtaining profit for partial financing of expenses related to retraining, employment and provision of housing for servicemen released into reserve or retirement, at the expense of production of products, performance of works, provision of services and implementation of other types of activities in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. In accordance with clauses 4.2, 4.10 of Article 4 of the Charter, the property of the state enterprise “””> “PIVDEN'-OLVIA””” is state property and is attached to it by the right of economic assignment, carrying out which enterprise uses and disposes of the specified property at its discretion , taking any actions in relation to him that do not contradict the current legislation of Ukraine and the Charter of the enterprise. According to Clause 4.4 of Article 4 of the Charter, alienation of means of production that are state property and vested in the enterprise is carried out in agreement with the Property Management Body in the manner determined by the current legislation of Ukraine.

The charter of the state enterprise “South-OLIVIA”” was approved by the order of the chairman of the National Coordination Center for Adaptation of Servicemen, Dismissed in Reserve or Retirement, and Conversion of Former Military Facilities from December 1, 1998 No. 138 to November 27, 2006. It was the property management body of the enterprise. According to the court register, Hrytsenko took the enterprise “South – Olivia” without any regulatory document. At the moment, the company is fading away, but for what purpose the Minister of Defense took it away is unknown.

Communication with Vyacheslav Kredis

Every time they want to hit Gritsenko in the most painful place, they certainly remember such a character as Vyacheslav Kredisov. It was he who appointed Gritsenko as his deputy as soon as he became Minister of Defense in 2005. And almost immediately, the image of the minister began to experience powerful blows, as details from the past began to emerge.. Yes, and in the new position of the curator of finance of the Ministry of Defense, construction, surplus property, land and the housing issue, Kredisov managed to immediately start getting into scandals. So, the media got information that in the late 90s, Kredisov, who at that time was a successful entrepreneur, ended up in jail due to charges of racketeering, drug trafficking, weapons and illegal alcohol. Then Kredisov managed to avoid a long prison term, but after leaving the pre-trial detention center he turned out to be much “thinner” in material and financial terms. Soon the figurant went into social activities, trying to insure his publicity from future raids.. But in 2004, he again ended up in a pre-trial detention center – this time on charges of extorting bribes – allegedly for solving issues of renting premises in one of the capital's universities, which at that time was headed by Kredisov's father. He got out of criminal prosecution shortly after the election of Viktor Yushchenko as president and the formation of the Cabinet under the leadership of Yulia Tymoshenko. And the case against him was closed after Yushchenko signed a decree appointing Kredisov as Gritsenko's deputy. The reputation of an enterprising businessman accompanied the Deputy Minister and during his tenure. In those years, the Ministry of Defense was shaken by powerful scandals. It was about the illegal alienation of land, fraud with property and money.. Scandals surfaced with the withdrawal from the property of the Ministry of Defense for millions. Subsequently, Kredisov was fired from his post with a scandal, but he was not deprived of his freedom – other, smaller officials were convicted. And this gave rise to difficult questions to the minister. And in 2012, Anatoly Gritsenko, who went to the Rada on Tymoshenko’s list, and Vyacheslav Kredisov exchanged mutual accusations: the ex-minister called his ex-deputy a criminal. And Kredisov, in retaliation, accused the ex-chef of extorting 25 thousand dollars from him every month. Those scandals in the Ministry of Defense also continue to be a painful mention for Gritsenko, on whose behalf the schemers acted. Although it was later found out that allegedly Gritsenko did not know that some dubious contracts were being signed on his behalf, the sediment remained …

Council of NABU

The next scandal around the name Gritsenko flared up after the Revolution of Dignity, when the new government began to create the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine. The son of Anatoly Gritsenko Alexei, who was one of the leaders of the Automaidan and claimed to head the Public Council of NABU, got into a scandal. That's exactly what happened. But later it turned out that Gritsenko hid the fact that he was a deputy of the Kyiv City Council. And the law directly prohibited the participation of people with representative mandates in the NABU Council. In addition to Gritsenko, such odious characters as Vitaly Shabunin, who ran on the Civic Position list in 2014, and Dmitry Sherembey, who previously had several “walkers” for property crimes, also turned out to be on the council. When it emerged that the head of the Council illegally became the chairman of this body, the head of the Council was quietly changed. But the scandal still became public property.

VSK for defense industry

At meetings of the VSK regarding theft in the defense industry, Anatoly Gritsenko and the times when he was Minister of Defense (2005-2007) were repeatedly mentioned. People's Deputy BPP Ivan Vinnik, who is also the secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense and the chairman of the VSK, directly accused Gritsenko of embezzling the Armed Forces of Ukraine. That's just the iron evidence for this was never found. True, the same Vinnik noted that the documents of the times of Yekhanurov, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Gritsenko, were mostly destroyed. True, Gritsenko created a negative image in the media.

Criminal proceedings

In May 2014, the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine stated that the actions of the former defense ministers (including Hrytsenko) brought the Armed Forces of Ukraine into a state of inadequate combat readiness, and criminal proceedings were opened.

On December 7, 2017, the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia initiated a criminal case against Anatoly Gritsenko on the grounds of a crime under part. 2 Art. 205.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (public calls for terrorist activities). Gritsenko himself called the case opened in Russia cynical and nasty. On April 12, 2019, the Investigative Committee of Russia put Anatoly Gritsenko on the international wanted list, and the Basmanny Court of Moscow arrested him in absentia.

Real estate and car park

Anatoly Gritsenko has an estate in the elite-type settlement Koncha-Zaspa, which costs at least 10 million hryvnias. And also Gritsenko is the owner of 4 apartments in the center of the capital. This property is registered to Yulia Mostovaya (wife of Gritsenko). This is discussed in the investigation of journalists. In their opinion, this finding makes the honesty of the politician questionable and reinforces the accusations that have recently been often made against the ex-minister of defense and relate to corruption. During the investigation, an estate was discovered, which is the place of residence of the head of the “Civil Position”, on the banks of the Dnieper in the “Big Dam” (this is an expensive part of “Koncha-Zaspa”). “Damba” is also the location of the estates of such important people as Rinat Akhmetov, Vadim Novinsky, Sergey Levochkin, etc. A fragment of Anatoly Gritsenko's land has access to the Dnieper Bay and borders on a pine forest. The fence from his estate stretches to the very water of the Dnieper and, thus, a politician who is characterized as honest does not take into account the Law of Ukraine, which prohibits the construction of fences at a distance of less than 50 meters from the water. Gritsenko has an estate of about 347.8 sq.. m. and an area of at least 50 acres. The politician has a personal basketball court, an open gazebo and a lake with a decorative bridge, and even a playhouse for his daughter Anna. The politician himself does not deny that he has a plot on the “dam”, but he simply calls his mansion an ordinary “cottage”. This statement is not the first time that politicians have invented ridiculous and primitive excuses for their wealth, journalists say.. All these estates are worth millions of dollars, but in the income statement, for 2017, the amount of funds received does not exceed 160 thousand. UAH And in past years, income did not exceed 300 thousand UAH. in year. I wonder where the dacha in Koncha-Zaspa came from then? If you look at the declaration of Anatoly Gritsenko, you can see that the choice of the candidate is rather atypical. Unlike many politicians, he chose not a Mercedes, BMW or Range Rover, but a 2013 Volvo XC90 crossover bought for 486,000 hryvnias. Gritsenko also has a 2006 Yamaha VX700 jet ski. By the way, earlier Yamaha and Volvo appeared in the plot of the New Channel. The politician's wife, journalist Yulia Mostova, has a 2016 Toyota RAV4 crossover for 674,000 hryvnias. According to political expert Taras Chornovil, all these sweet “songs” about honesty that Anatoly Gritsenko proves to people are just an attempt to divert suspicion from himself. As he said in an interview: “Well, the stars of pennies fall, you are the Minister of Defense, for the whole hour, for the lowest prices. often, for the price of metal brut, they blew the largest part of the Ukrainian army.


Gritsenko Anatoly Semyonovich is an intelligent person and has knowledge in military affairs, but the question is point-blank, in what direction does he direct this knowledge? You should not ignore the words of Taras Chornovil, a person who knows psychology, it is in his words that the truth lies about the “honest” Minister of Defense with an elite dacha in Koncha-Zaspa and several apartments.

Личные данные

Wife - Yulia Vladimirovna Mostovaya, Daughters - Anna, Svetlana; son - Alex
close person Yu. Timoshenko