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Granovsky Alexander Gennadievich


Everything that belongs to Alexander Granovsky is destroyed or goes bankrupt. Based on these articles, this is the conclusion that can be drawn. A man with a complete lack of conscience and compassion. And it's even about the unfortunate woman from whom he took away the children. His money frauds, corruption schemes, brought huge losses for our country, and Israel.

Ukraine, Israel
July 31, 1972
Уровень охвата:

Granovsky Alexander Gennadievich

Official biography

Businessman, shareholder of Vertex United. Born on July 31, 1972 in the city of Uman, Cherkasy region. Graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Odessa State University named after. I. I. Mechnikova. As well as the State Academy of Management under the President of Ukraine.

Entrepreneurial activity:

1993 Commercial director, construction director of SPTK “Evas” (Odessa). 1997 Co-founder and director of the Odessa company “Montazhagrostroy”. 1998 Co-founder of the VIP Odessa company and the Kashtan trading house. 2001. “Businessman of the Year” in Odessa (People's recognition 2001). 2001. Vice President of the Football Federation of Ukraine (until 2012). 2002. Transfer of management of business assets to Gennady Granovsky, father of Alexander Granovsky. 2006. Development of the Myagkov Trading House in Russia. Formation of a logistics center and federal distribution. 2008. Change of business strategy. Sale of the Myagkov trademark and the Myagkov Trading House to a large Russian manufacturer Concern Synergy with subsequent placement of shares on PPO. 2008. Sale of the Odessa plant of sparkling wines (TM “Odessa”, TM “L'Oddesika”, TM “Henry Rederer”) to the international Italian company Gruppo Campari. 2008 Creation of VertexUnited in partnership with Boris Kaufman. The company includes hotel assets (4-5 star hotels): President Hotel, Bristol Hotel, Londonskaya Hotel, and other hotel facilities; assets of PJSC Finbank, assets of the investment and development direction – the magazines Focus, Focus. Beautiful country”, site 2002-2006. – People's Deputy of Ukraine of the 4th convocation from the SDPU (o) faction, member of the Budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada. Member of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine. President of the World Chabad International Fund. President of the Jewish Community Mr.. Odessa.

A family

Divorced, raising 4 children. Ex-wife – Lea Domini (Granovskaya)

NOT official biography

Alexander Granovsky is a very odious Ukrainian entrepreneur. He owns the well-known business magazine “Focus”, as well as dozens of other assets in the hotel industry, investment, banking and other. Being the father of five children, for several years he has not allowed his ex-wife to see them.

Liquor magnate

Quite a lot of information can be found on the net about the scandalous activities of the Granovsky holding “Overline”. In particular, PJSC “Overline” did not pay rent for the use of the property complex of the distillery. That is, Granovsky's company used production facilities and at the same time sold products without paying off the owners of the property from which it made a profit. Typical evidence of Granovsky's extreme chutzpah.

The looting of Sotskombank

Previously, Granovsky was a co-owner of AT Sotskombank, which was bankrupt. It is indicated that the closest partners of Granovsky took part in the bankruptcy of the bank, who contributed to the earnings of all former owners of the financial structure. There was also a scandalous story in connection with the maintenance of aviation infrastructure.. Previously, Granovsky's companies tried to serve the airport “Borispol” and “Simferopol”. A Dutch company was used to service the airport, which highlighted Granovsky's interest in using Dutch companies.. At the same time, in Odessa, the authorities are much further away than in other cities – under the guise of a joint venture, the structures of Granovsky were transferred to the air terminal complex and airport infrastructure. The scheme in Simferopol was to be implemented according to the precepts of Moshe Kantor's scheme: first, the property is privatized, and then the promised investments, if they are made, are in a minimal amount and at the expense of the proceeds from the assets received.

Friendship with Boris Kaufman

Alexander, together with his business partner Boris Kaufman, were co-owners of the Odessa Airport and the Passage Hotel. The ex-wife of the businessman claimed that she witnessed what happened to the airport for many years.. Businessmen “fed with promises” about the reconstruction of the complex, while in fact “barbarously squandered it.”

Tax avoidance scheme

In May 2017, it was established that Alexander Granovsky created a criminal scheme for tax evasion, having previously agreed with officials of Tedis Ukraine LLC. Several criminal proceedings were opened on suspicion of Granovsky in tax evasion, but none of these cases was brought to court.

400 million scam. dollars

Granovsky's $ 400 million scam was opened by his ex-wife in retaliation for depriving her of her rights to children. As revenge and an attempt to influence her negligent husband, she revealed to Israeli law enforcement officers all his scams. The conflict between the former spouses has been going on for more than five years. For six years, Lea Domini has been at war with her ex-husband Alexander Granovsky for the right to see common children. After the separation of the spouses, Lea left with the children for Turkey. Granovsky simply kidnapped all five children, breaking into the house with two dozen guards. Also, Granovsky was able to win in Ukraine the courts for the right of custody of children. A mother who was illegally deprived of the opportunity to see her children took drastic measures to protect her interests and return the children. The ex-wife of Granovsky hit him on a weak spot, and his weak spot is those secrets that she knows as a wife. Since the Ukrainian law enforcement officers were not very interested in the dirty deeds of Granovsky, Lea initiated an investigation against him in Israel. According to Leah Domini, the implementation of the plan to withdraw $ 400 million from Israel. The United States was engaged by the Odessa rabbi Abraham Wolf and Alexander Granovsky. They bought the Israeli company “IDB”. This company had 100 million US dollars on its account, and it was possible to buy a company for 20 million dollars. Abraham Wolf collected money for the purchase of the company from Jews from Odessa, Moscow and Israel. He also acted as a guarantor. Another firm turned up here – BJI, which cost $ 200 million. This company was more promising, respectable and well-known. With the money that was on the account of “IDB” they bought the company “BJI” for $100 million.

That is, the company “IDB” entered the holding “BJI”. The goal was to withdraw the money available in the company's account. The board of directors of the company turned out to be principled. There was a goal to develop the company further. Then a third company turned up for Granovsky and Abraham – Willy Food. The company is well known in Israel. Controls 80% of the grocery market. It also belonged to a well-known man in Israel Nuhi Danter. He was just about to sell his stake in the company. This company had $400 million on its account.. When selling the company, Danter put forward the condition that he would continue to manage it. Now Granovsky and the rabbi had to somehow withdraw the company's $400 million. To do this, they took Ukrainian property, on which many loans already hung, and offered this, in fact, someone else's property, to Nuhi Danter as an investment. The list of property includes: Bristol Hotel, President Hotel, Moldova Sanatorium, Platinum Bank, Odessa Airport, that is, everything that was not honestly acquired by Granovsky, but simply stolen. Conditionally, the Israeli company was supposed to buy for $ 200 million. The United States has Ukrainian property that is not even officially registered in the name of Granovsky and a priori cannot be sold, as it is pledged to banks.

Wanted by Interpol

The Tel Aviv District Court approved the petition to start the procedure for the extradition of Alexander Granovsky. The court decision says that the Odessa oligarch cannot be found at the address indicated in the documents, and he did not respond to the message from the law enforcement agencies of Israel, which is an evasion of responsibility. On Monday, October 29, the international department of the Israeli prosecutor's office also sent a corresponding request to the Ukrainian authorities. The charges relate to his activities in 2012-2016 and were brought against Granovsky, Grigory Gurtovoy and Iosif Shneurson of embezzlement, aggravated fraud and securities fraud in the amount of $60 million. Note that according to media reports, Granovsky owns a holding that manages his banks, hotels and media, which includes the Focus magazine.. The businessman also tried to acquire Noha Dankner's IDB holding, and, according to suspicions, a whole financial pyramid was built to buy this company.

Granovsky in politics – according to the precepts of Chabad?

Alexander Gennadyevich Granovsky is not only and not so much the people's deputy of Ukraine, but, first of all, the most active member of the banned extremist movement Chabad, through whose funds and assets Granovsky withdraws Ukrainian assets to Israel. Ukrainians can resent the actions of Russia as much as they like, but in Russia, for example, the Chabad movement is banned as extremist. Meanwhile, supporters of the Chabad Lubavitch organization, banned in Russia, feel at ease in Ukraine, and Chabad representatives are literally robbing the country and withdrawing capital abroad. For more than 10 years, Granovsky has been moving assets to Israel. He himself calls it “investment”, but evil tongues say that he makes these investments through the fund of the activist of the Hasidic movement Levi Leviev, acting in the interests of the Chabad movement (banned in Russia). Granovsky also used his media assets to implement political projects.. For example, his FOCUS portal is extremely loyal to the Romanian authorities – sources indicate that Granovsky may have a residence permit in this country. Already at the beginning of the 2000s, Granovsky got into politics and was elected a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 4th convocation. In 2006, Granovsky failed to become a deputy and a wave of criminal cases rained down against him – it was noted that Granovsky's firms chronically did not pay taxes. There were other facts of robbing the state … After Granovsky fled for a while to Israel and joined Chabad (banned in Russia), the criminal cases against him fell apart. Apparently God helped? or…

The bank put up for sale an elite mansion of an Odessa businessman

An announcement of the sale of a residential building owned by Odessa businessman Alexander Granovsky appeared on the website of the electronic trading system for seized property “OpenMarket” (“Setam”). Only ½ of the house and the land plot are offered for purchase, since the second half is registered with the ex-wife of the businessman Granovskaya Elena Yakovlevna. It is worth noting that Odessa businessman Alexander Granovsky illegally fenced off the slope of the Health Route under the house so that unwanted guests could not even come close to the mansions. However, this situation suits the city authorities quite well.. Such a sale of a businessman's house raises many questions, because hardly anyone wants to buy only half of the building and share the living space with the family of Alexander Granovsky. Apparently, the bank will not be able to complete this operation and thus collect the debt. Even if a buyer is found, the security of the complex will not let the new owner of half of the house come close. To date, two participants have applied for the auction, but both have not yet been confirmed. The guarantee fee for participants is 900 thousand. UAH. It is quite possible that the Granovskys will wait for the cost of the mansion to decrease and one of the former spouses will simply buy it several times cheaper, thus closing the loan to the bank.

Boryspil Airport

In the summer of 2013, a manager from the Kaufman-Granovsky group, Alexei Kochanov, was appointed general director of Boryspil Airport. Immediately after that, all rights to provide services at the main airport of Ukraine were transferred to the companies of Granovsky and Kaufman, among which, for example, “Airport Handling”. An interesting fact: together with him, Kochanov brought Sergei Gombolevsky, with whom he worked in Odessa, to the management of Boryspil. Another member of the “team” was his wife Natalya Gombolevskaya. All of them have achieved that all types of services at the airport (handling services, duty-free trading, catering, etc.) are concentrated in companies belonging to the tandem. After the flight of Viktor Yanukovych from Ukraine, Maidan activists demanded to remove Aleksey Kochanov from the post of general director of Boryspil. At the direction of the revolutionary Minister of Infrastructure Maksim Burbak. Kochanov was fired, and Sergei Gombolevsky was appointed to his position. Yes, yes, exactly the one who got into the leadership of Boryspil thanks to Kochanov and is indebted to him and his patrons “for the grave of life”. He is no different from his predecessor and was one of the managers who carried out the will of the “Family”. Today Gombolevsky is a puppet of Kaufman and Granovsky. He returned his wife Natalya to the staff of the airport, making him the chief economist. No one is embarrassed even by the fact that he (together with his wife) was once fired from Borispol for financial fraud. In addition, at one time he was an executive director at the Odessa Airport company, controlled by the same Kaufman and Granovsky. Almost two years have passed since the flight of Viktor Yanukovych from Ukraine, and corruption schemes and frauds launched with his assistance are still operating and bring a lot of money to fraudsters. One of these projects is total control over Ukrainian airports.. Today they are controlled by Boris Kaufman and Alexander Granovsky. And judging by the fact that no one is trying to move them away from control, they managed to agree with the new government and in the near future everything will remain as before. Here is such a story.

An attempt to appropriate the Odessa airport


Everything that belongs to Alexander Granovsky is destroyed or goes bankrupt. Based on these articles, this is the conclusion that can be drawn. A man with a complete lack of conscience and compassion. And it's even about the unfortunate woman from whom he took away the children. His money frauds, corruption schemes, brought huge losses for our country, and Israel.

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ex-wife Lea Domini, five children
extremist community "Chabad", Jew
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UMAN st. KARLA LIBKNECHTA house 4, apt. 82