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Golomsha Nikolai Yaroslavovich


Nikolai Golomsha is a corrupt official thanks to whom the odious murderer deputy Viktor Lozinsky was released from criminal liability. And also covers swindlers and swindlers, PR on high-profile murders. He arranged most of his relatives for prosecutorial positions, therefore he is accused of nepotism.

December 16, 1962
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Golomsha Nikolay Yaroslavovich

Official biography

Former First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Date of birth: 12/16/1962

Place of Birth. Education

A native of the village of Tukhlya, Skoli district in the Lviv region. In 1988 he graduated from the Kharkov Law Institute (specialty – jurisprudence). Career. Golomsh began his career after school as a worker at the Striy shoe factory. After the army, he worked in a construction state farm brigade, then – the head of the accounting sector of the Skoli district committee of the Komsomol. After graduating from high school, he went to work in the prosecutor's office.. He was an investigator of the Stryi district prosecutor's office. From 1992 to 2000. held a number of positions in the prosecutor's office of the Lviv region. He started as an investigator, left as the first deputy regional prosecutor. In 2000-2001. worked as the first deputy prosecutor of the Chernivtsi region. From there, he was promoted to the Prosecutor General's Office: in 2001, for several months, he headed the department for supervision of compliance with environmental legislation. In September 2001, he was appointed to the post of prosecutor of the Rivne region.. In November 2003, he became Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine. In April 2007, Golomsha was transferred to the post of prosecutor of the Lviv region, but in May he was returned to his former post – deputy prosecutor general. On July 22, 2010, he was demoted to the military prosecutor of the Central Region. February 25, 2014 acting. Attorney General Oleg Makhnitsky appointed Golomsha First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine. On October 23, 2014, Prosecutor General Vitaliy Yarema fired his first deputy Mykola Golomsha in accordance with the lustration law “On the Cleansing of Power”.

NOT official biography

Scandals. In January 2008, it became known that the Prosecutor General's Office opened a criminal case in connection with an attempt to poison Golomsha with mercury vapor in his own office.. According to the press service of the GPU, traces of this poisonous metal were indeed found at the workplace of the Deputy Prosecutor General.. And according to the newspaper Segodnya, Golomsha even managed to inhale dangerous fumes, and therefore ended up on sick leave.. A few months later, answering journalists' questions at a briefing, the Deputy Prosecutor General said that he had undergone intensive treatment and was feeling fine. Golomsha was also convicted of having links with smuggler Ilya Pavlyuk. Nikolai Yaroslavovich was seen at the wedding of Pavlyuk's daughter:

Who actually released Lozinsky?

The exit from prison of the murderer-deputy Lozinsky was justified “allegedly” by the state of health. But they say in authoritative circles that for the freedom of Lozinsky, suitcases with money were brought to the right offices of the GPU and the prosecutor's office of the Kyiv region, namely, the first deputy prosecutor general Nikolai Golomsha and all the long-familiar land king – the regional prosecutor Vladimir Babenko. These figures have considerable tastes – they received $ 2.5 million each. Now Lozinsky is free.

Clan named Golomsha: Ukrainian prosecutorial nepotism

Nepotism is a fairly common phenomenon in Ukrainian society, which means the employment of one's relatives or acquaintances in government positions. Among the people, it received a different name – “nepotism”. Ukrainian public figures, journalists and activists have repeatedly told about this shameful phenomenon for democratic countries. Andrey Nikolayevich Golomsha – Deputy Prosecutor of the Lviv Region: Following Andrei Golomsha, his sister, Maryana Nikolaevna Golomsha, also decided to build a career in the prosecutor's office.. In her declaration it is noted that she is the head of one of the departments of the prosecutor's office of the city of Kyiv. The declaration also states that Mrs. Maryana's husband, Artyom Aleksandrovich Oleinik, worked in the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kyiv region in 2015. Daughter Mariana: The most famous father of both prosecutors, the former First Deputy Prosecutor General Makhnitsky – Nikolai Golomsha. Nikolai Yaroslavovich Golomsha – a prosecutor with significant experience. He has worked in the prosecutor's office since 1988: While Mykola Golomsha held high positions in the Prosecutor General's Office, his brother Yaroslav Yaroslavovich Golomsha also received a promotion and became the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kyiv region. However, almost simultaneously with his brother, in October 2014, the major general of militia was also “lustered”. According to the information of the Nashi Groshi Internet portal, in the same 2014, Stepan Kharabara became the head of the traffic police of the Lviv region.. According to Sergey Kruglov, a representative of the Road Control NGO, Kharabara “was the driver of the current Deputy Prosecutor General Nikolai Golomsha.” But this is not all the representatives of the Golomsha family in the prosecutor's office. The son of the ex-head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kyiv region and, accordingly, the nephew of the ex-deputy Prosecutor General, Mykola Yaroslavovich Golomsha Jr., also received a prosecutorial position on July 26, 2016 – by order of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, he was appointed first deputy prosecutor of the Ternopil region.

What is wrong with the version about the murder of Chornovol and why Golomsha gave out a “sensation” now. Exclusive

The investigation has no evidence that the Ukrainian politician and dissident Vyacheslav Chornovol was finished off with brass knuckles after an accident in 1999. This was confirmed in a conversation with OBOZREVATEL by one of the investigators who conducted the case. Chornovil was killed with 4 blows of brass knuckles. Golomsha about Chornovil's murder case:

According to him, if the participants in the accident had been finished off, they would have been killed all at once. However, the politician's press secretary Dmitry Ponamarchuk survived and died only in March of this year after a serious illness. Previously, the version of the murder was told by the former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Mykola Golomsha. This is not the first time he has stated this – the ex-employee of the GPU has already voiced such information, in particular, in 2015. Perhaps now Golomsha has begun a new periodic aggravation, probably associated with the desire to become the Prosecutor General. He hopes that this topic will be picked up and developed by patriotic forces.

Nikolai Golomsha and his family are involved in the OSCE organized crime group

About the union of criminal “authorities”, adherents of the “Russian world”, old intelligence officers and the prosecutor's clan Golomsh. At the end of November 2021, there was news about scammers selling fake “OSCE” certificates, allegedly giving their owner diplomatic status and immunity. According to the investigation, for a monetary reward of 1.5 thousand. euro, the members of the group “enrolled” citizens of Ukraine and foreigners in the ranks of members of the “OSCE diplomatic mission”. After that, the businessmen produced and issued certificates similar to the certificates of representatives of the real OSCE to the newly-minted “diplomats”. “Clients” were assured that these “ksivs” provide the opportunity to cross the border along the “green corridor” without quarantine restrictions, receive diplomatic passports a year after joining the organization, social assistance and free treatment abroad, as well as other imaginary privileges. The investigation believes that hundreds of citizens used the “services” of the attackers. On the website of the fake “OSCE” in the section “Courage of the Mission” you can see Nikolai Golomsha: Evidence that this is no coincidence is. For example, Yury Poluektov, chairman and co-founder of the fake OSCE, was nominated by the majority from the Patriot party in the last parliamentary elections.. The list of the party was then headed by the lustred Golomsha. Now let's look at the “public diplomat” section of the site, where the “OSCE” has published the names of more than 200 of its public diplomats. And we will find the Golomsh clan almost in full force. MYKOLA HOLOMSHA, it is worth assuming that this is Nikolai Yaroslavovich himself. ANDRII HOLOMSHA – most likely, the son of Mykola Golomsha Andriy, former deputy prosecutor of the Lviv region (according to the electronic declaration, he left the prosecutor's ranks in 2019). Here we see MARIANA HOLOMSHA, that is, Maryana Nikolaevna Golomsha – the daughter of the honorary chairman of the OSCE and, according to the declaration, the head of the prosecutor's office of the city of Kyiv. In addition, ARTEM OLIINYK is probably none other than Maryana's husband Artem Alexandrovich Oliynyk. Former policeman Artyom Oliynyk, according to the register of declarations, at the moment managed to work for the benefit of the fatherland as the head of the sector for preventing and detecting corruption of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the deputy head of the security department of Ukrzaliznytsia, and also the head of the maritime security service of the Black Sea branch of the Administration of Sea Ports of Ukraine. The mentioned ladies and gentlemen got indecently enriched in the public service, about which the PROSUD project made good analytics. We will not dwell on this aspect in detail, because the story is not entirely about Golomsha. Public organization “International Diplomatic Mission “Community Security Organization of Europe”, according to the Opendatabot service, was registered in September 2015. The main direction of activity is declared “the protection of Christianity in Europe and the world, the protection of members and employees of the OSCE and all other areas that affect peace and tranquility in Europe and the world”. It is noteworthy that at the same time, in 2015, Nikolai Golomsha announced the beginning of his political career, but his full name never appeared in the registration data of the OSCE NGO. At the origins of the organization was originally mentioned above Yuri Poluektov.

Calls to Kill

First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Mykola Golomsha, on the air of one of the Ukrainian TV channels, called for a radical solution to the problem of the uncontrolled Donbass: to kill all the people who took up arms against Kyiv. It is reported by “The Rambler”.

Fictional memories of Golomsha and Zamana – political PR that does not correspond to historical truth – NSDC

General Vladimir Zamana and ex-Deputy Prosecutor General Nikolai Golomsha did not speak at the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council on February 28, 2014. This is stated in the additional clarification of the NSDC press service regarding the transcript of the NSDC meeting dated February 28, 2014, Censor.NET informs. “In connection with the ongoing speculation in the media around the transcript of the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of February 28, 2014, we provide additional clarifications for those who are trying to make biased political PR on this. The transcript of the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of 28.02. requirements. There are no performances in it. Golomshi and V. Zamans, since they did not speak at this meeting during the official discussion of issues and, accordingly, did not make any proposals for decision-making. Their fictional memories are political PR and do not correspond to historical truth.. Why was she on fire? Yes, because the owners allowed it, the former minister Stavitsky (ex) and all the others, “protected”, received criminal proceeds. One of the former Deputy Prosecutor General. The SBU registered the criminal proceedings today and we are determined to work, and there is no need to stop us,” SBU head Valentyn Nalyvaychenko said today, June 12, quoted by Interfax-Ukraine. According to him, one of the former deputy heads of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine is a co-owner of a burned-out oil depot near Kyiv. “We are now working on the materials and showing them to the Prosecutor General. This is the Deputy Prosecutor General, who worked in October 2014 both through offshore companies and through other affiliated structures, was a co-owner of this illegal oil depot, ”Nalivaichenko said. The head of the SBU did not name the official. “Otherwise, we’ll call again, and you will say that you ran away again,” he said.

Pseudo-patriot Golomsha on the defense of swindlers and swindlers!

First Deputy Prosecutor General Golomsha M.Ya. became one of those deceived by the swindler and swindler Germanov D.I. This “applicant” probably promised to thank him with mountains of gold and floors of real estate, as is customary with him. We are talking about a swindler and swindler Dmitry Igorevich Germanov, who misled and “broke trust” of the First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Mykola Yaroslavovich Golomsha. It all started back in 2004, when a certain growth began in the construction market of Ukraine. Then everyone who was not too lazy began to engage in construction. CJSC “DSK No. 1” began construction at the address: g. Kyiv, Herzen's descent 32. To finance the initial stage of such construction, he attracted LLC Newest Construction Technologies-1, which, in turn, attracted LLC Totem. Individuals – investors contributed funds to the purchase of residential real estate in Totem LLC. At the expense of the funds invested by PJSC “House-Building Plant No. 1”, construction was started and several floors of the house were built, a retaining wall was built and other construction work was carried out at the specified facility. In 2006, in order to accelerate construction and stable financing of construction work, PJSC “DSK No. 1” was involved in cooperation with LLC “BIK Interbudinvest”, where the director and co-founder of that time was precisely that Germanov Dmitry Igorevich. BIK Interbudinvest LLC at that time had another construction project at 131 Pobedy Avenue in Kyiv and also on the basis of an agreement with the Security Service of Ukraine, which gave a certain confidence to the company. However, this not only did not speed up construction, but, on the contrary, worsened the situation: both Totem LLC and BIK Interstroyinvest LLC are now bankrupt. Trying to save the construction and finally rebuild our apartments, PJSC “DSK No. 1” turned to the State Construction Corporation “Ukrstroy” for help, and received consent to participate in the construction. Currently, construction on the site has resumed. However, Germanov Dmitry Igorevich, whose management has already led LLC “BIK Interbudinvest” to bankruptcy and “withdrawal” of funds, resorted to outright raider schemes and attempts to alienate the project. Using his own corrupt connections with the former Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Mikhail Ilyich Kuchuk, he received worthless court decisions, hiding behind which and without investing a penny in the project, a certain company LLC IBG Kyivgorstroy (Authorized capital 10,000 hryvnia, sole founder. And., but what a sonorous name!) expresses claims for the right to implement the project. Now we have a situation where: – a “dispute” between the companies “BIK Interbudinvest” LLC and the company “IBG Kievgorstroy” LLC, which have one owner, deprives investors of their legal rights to the invested apartments and decides the rights of PJSC “DSK No. 1”, and not even involving him as a party to the case; – the company LLC “BIK Interbudinvest” under the leadership of Germanov D.I., having received multimillion-dollar income, is bankrupt and is trying to avoid liability to investors who invested their own funds in construction, but did not receive housing, – an unknown company LLC “IBG Kievgorstroy” is trying to appropriate the construction , without investing a single penny, with the intention of obtaining additional windfall profits. That is, the situation with the “Elite Center” is a simple “misunderstanding” compared to what is happening now. However, even on this, Mr. Germanov D.I.. does not stop: complaints are sent to all possible instances, the State Construction Corporation “Ukrstroy” and PJSC “DSK No. 1” are accused of illegal actions that distract from the construction of the facility. Moreover, this group of raiders is trying to involve a number of people's deputies of Ukraine in writing complaints about the actions of law enforcement agencies that have defended the law, and to drag some responsible law enforcement officials into corrupt relations. According to a number of these facts, according to the statements of investors in the Shevchenko district of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kyiv, criminal proceedings have already been opened, where Germanov Dmitry Igorevich is the main defendant in the case, and the investors are recognized as victims. Unfortunately, this is far from over.. Germanov D.I. is trying to use in their illegal interests and law enforcement agencies. Thus, in response to his repeated statements containing elements of a crime under Art.. 383 and 384 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, some employees of the prosecutor's office react by initiating cases against the victims of the actions of Germanov and his group. And this is a crime under Art. 372 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. It is unfortunate that the bodies and their leaders, called upon and appointed by the state to protect the rights of their citizens, not only cover – but also act in the interests of gluttonous scammers, instead of an objective consideration of this case, and its legal decision, because by the very definition, the activities of the prosecutor's office are aimed at the comprehensive establishment of the rule of law, strengthening the rule of law and has as its task protection against unlawful encroachments.


Nikolai Golomsha is a corrupt official thanks to whom the odious murderer deputy Viktor Lozinsky was released from criminal liability. And also covers swindlers and swindlers, PR on high-profile murders.

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