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Getmantsev Danil Alexandrovich


The ex-head of the parliamentary committee on finance, tax and customs policy, who carried out activities completely opposite to the tasks set, evading taxes and violating labor laws in his personal business, lobbying for the current situation with the gambling business, the national lottery. He cooperated and helped Khomutynnik, as well as the oligarchs, submitted and promoted the relevant bills. As a result, he received a logical assessment of his activities from the deputies as repeated promotion of decisions, as a result of which the fiscal burden on representatives of small and medium-sized businesses increased significantly. And even at the end of his career, he accused the authorities of bias, which he prevented from ruining the country's economy.

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Hetmantsev Danyl Alexandrovych

Born on March 26, 1978 in. Kyiv 1995 – graduated from the Ukrainian Humanitarian Lyceum of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv 1997 – started working at M.S.L. (State Lottery), where after graduation, he worked as a lawyer 2000-2006 – worked as an assistant at the KNU 2004 – Candidate of Legal Sciences “Administrative Law and Procedure”, defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Law in the specialty 12.00.07 “Administrative law and process; financial right; information law” on the topic “Financial and legal obligation, problems of genesis, determination and essence”. Received a certificate for the right to engage in advocacy 2007-2013 – Associate Professor of the Departments of Constitutional and Administrative Law, later Financial Law of KNU named after. T. Shevchenko 2012 – Professor of the Department of Financial Law of the Kyiv National University 2016 – Member of the European Association of Tax Professors 2018 – Member of the EATLP Academic Committee 2019 – Elected MP from the Servant of the People party, No. 20 in the list in the parliamentary elections. Chairman of the Tax, Customs and Financial Policy Committee in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 9th convocation. He is a member of the team of experts and advisers to presidential candidate Volodymyr Zelensky.

Doctor of Law, Professor of the Faculty of Law of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. President of the Association of Tax Advisers Author of more than 250 publications on financial law, taxation, including 10 books and scientific and practical manuals. Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Supreme Court. One of the top 100 lawyers in Ukraine and recognized as one of the country's leading lawyers in the field of banking and finance law, securities and the stock market Married to Olga Getmantseva. There are sons – Mikhail and Ivan. Hetmantsev became a part of the Servant of the People team at the invitation and patronage of Ruslan Stefanchuk, whom they have known for a very long time and who is the ideologist of the party. The first, and not entirely successful, experiment in business for Getmantsev is associated with Loges LLC (lawyer activity), where he was a business partner of Oksana Antoshko, known for the fact that, according to the SBU, her daughter, a former judge of the Constitutional Court Suzanna Stanik, handed over to her property worth over UAH 12 million. Getmantsev also confirmed that he studied in the same group with her son, Georgy Lozhenko, president of M.S.L.. The activity of the enterprise was terminated, and Getmantsev himself was the liquidator and signatory. According to the analytical system “YouControl”, Getmantsev Danil Aleksandrovich was one of 8 participants of LLC “M.S.L.” founded on September 28, 1998 (organization of gambling). So, in 2015-2017, the activities of M.S.L. and “Patriot” became an object for the decision of the National Security and Defense Council, as a result of which, President Poroshenko imposed sanctions on them, and the SBU, in turn, initiated a criminal case and carried out an appropriate check for the possible involvement of these companies in the financing of terrorism (the Russian trace, “Alfa Bank”). However, as is usually the case with high-profile cases in Ukraine, no evidence was allegedly found, which led to the lifting of the NSDC sanctions in May 2018. Despite the official position regarding M.S.L. The press confirmed the information that the infamous Sergei Pashinsky and Vitaliy Khomutynnik (Verkhovna Rada deputy from the Party of Regions, ex-head of committees on tax and customs policy in all cadences, ex-chairman of the deputy group) are related to the activities of this organization Vozrozhdenie”, business partner of Igor Kolomoisky in gas production). Being an expert in the field of the gambling industry, Danil Getmantsev, in September 2019, announced the absence of concepts for the development of the Ukrainian lottery, since the main obstacle to the development of the lottery market is the administrative apparatus that has been operating since the presidency of Yanukovych, that is, people who are unable to think strategically, who cannot fulfill the conditions necessary for the development of the lottery. Among these conditions, Getmantsev singled out three main ones related to the development of uniform licensing requirements for representatives of the lottery, the examination of existing operators and the issuance of licenses to those that meet the uniform requirements, and, of course, clearing the market from unreliable, illegal suppliers. That is, taking all measures for the possibility of complete monopolization and usurpation of this market, taking into account the moral qualities of the people involved in its organization, and the people remained the same. Interests and spheres of interaction of Getmantsev can be clearly traced by his legislative initiative. Thus, during the adoption in September 2019 of Law No. 128-IX “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On the Application of Registrars of Settlement Transactions in the Sphere of Trade, Public Catering and Services” and other Laws of Ukraine on Deshadowing Settlements in the Sphere of Trade and Services”, he directly acted in favor of the business interests of the same Khomutynnik, who, in turn, has been an acquiring intermediary between cash registers and tax authorities since the time of Arbuzov and Klimenko. 2019 to the Verkhovna Rada, draft law No. 1210 (hereinafter referred to as law No. 466-IX), regarding a radical change in the tax base for GOKs, after three days earlier (August 27) during an interview with Censor, Igor Kolomoisky spoke in favor of changing approaches to the taxation of mining enterprises.In response to these actions, many experts suggested that the implementation of the bill No. 1210 pr. and leads to the establishment of the world's highest tax burden on enterprises in this sector, which will lead to a deterioration in the conditions for processing ores, and the funds received from the collection of value added will be withdrawn from the country. And in the current situation, in the context of changes in taxation systems, they have not changed only for Ordzhonikidzevsky and Manganese GOK, controlled by Kolomoisky. And what is this if not the fact of political corruption … But at the same time, NABU did not even consider it necessary to honor this fact with its attention. In general, this bill caused just a flurry of criticism from such significant persons as Mykhailo Kukhar, Senior Economist at Ukraine Economic Outlook, Kateryna Glazkova, Executive Director of the Association of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, Dmitry Ovcharenko, Vice President for Financial and Legal Affairs of the Association IT Ukraine ”, Dmitry Oleinik – head of the Council of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine, who considered the law “On amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine to improve the administration of taxes, eliminate technical and logical inconveniences in tax legislation” Ukraine” disastrous for small businesses, providing one of the points for the introduction of cash registers for sole proprietors. Compromising evidence and rumors… Danil Aleksandrovich got into the Servant of the People team at the invitation that came from the ideologist of this party Ruslaan Stefanchuk. Source. Previously, Danil Getmantsev was not personally acquainted with Volodymyr Zelensky. In this team, Danil Getmantsev was entrusted with the direction of work related to the development of digitalization. The goal of the project was to bring the Ukrainian economy out of the shadows by carrying out all tax procedures using only gadgets and with minimal or no participation of real workers.. This was supposed to speed up and simplify the implementation of all operations related to payments and the use of a cash register. The logical development of this direction was to be a project regarding the payment of taxes to one single account, but based on media information, this bill is already in parliament, but for all known reasons, it is constantly blocked for consideration. Then the process of shadowing the economy associated with the general declaration of income of persons not connected with the state budget, the issue of introducing changes to tax policy so that there is no pronounced fiscal bias, and so on. But now the trends are different and the indicated course, for which Getmantsev is also not responsible … Danil Getmantsev's high-profile statuses as chairman of the tax committee, lobbyist for fiscalization, promoter of transparent relations between the state and private entrepreneurs, “squeeze” taxes from business … are lost when mentioning the payment of taxes by the people's deputy himself, or rather, their non-payment, as well as the facts of deception of employees and non-payment of salaries to them, by members of the Getmantsev family. So, the deputy’s mother, Elena Getmantseva, is the owner of the TPG travel agency, the legal support of which is provided by the Jurimex company, whose honorary president is Daniil Getmantsev. And also the company “Jurimex” published the travel magazine “Travel Professional Magazine”, which in the spring of 2020 was reissued to another company. The employees and authors of this publication unofficially confirmed the fact that they were given salaries in envelopes, and for the last issue without such at all, they simply did not pay anyone anything. The non-disclosure agreement prevented the employees from officially speaking out against the management, which allowed the Getmantsevs to avoid a scandal. So, according to the explanations of one of the former employees of the publication, using the quarantine situation, the management of Travel Professional Magazine appropriated all the articles prepared for the next issue of the publication, the issue of the magazine was frozen and the team of authors was dismissed, while continuing to work and even receiving material assistance from the state, associated with quarantine. The deceived authors constantly see the results of their work on the publication's website. Getmantseva herself is not going to close her debt to former and current employees.. Employees of the tour operator “TPG” also did not escape a similar fate. So, at the stage when Getmantsev was not a people's deputy, but was in charge of the Jurimex company, which served TOV Travel Professional Group, he created a system in which the authors of the magazine were forced to sign an agreement, where the remuneration-salary, amounted to and was officially paid in the amount of 100 UAH. per article, and taxes were also deducted from this amount. At the same time, the main amount of the fee for work was paid to employees in an envelope. And so it went on for more than one year … and the person responsible for such a scheme of calculation, tax evasion, the depressed morale of employees and almost dictatorial conditions for them, was and is one of, if not the most qualified tax officer in Ukraine! The authors of this publication also pointed out that, as a reviewer, Getmantsev clearly yielded to his unbridled ambitions in favor of sound criticism.. The level of difficulty of access to the office premises, which included all kinds of codes, scanners, was indirectly evidenced by the family's ambitions and attitude to their own importance, and was compared by employees with a passage to a top-secret facility. A photo from the Verkhovna Rada was published in the media, in which the head of the financial committee of the Getmantsev parliament, in correspondence with the head of the budget committee, Yuri Aristov, speaks sexistly about a former subordinate. Discussing the candidacy for the post of First Deputy Minister of Finance Umansky, appointed the day before, Getmantsev mentioned his colleague, Nina Yuzhanina, who headed his committee in the Rada: “He wants to take as the first deputy a woman who worked for Yuzhanin in my committee, whom I expelled.” This phrase was regarded as a gender bias against the candidacy and caused disapproval from the public. Another unpleasant fact for Getmantsev was the establishment of the fact of his cooperation and friendship with the people's deputy from the group “Renaissance” – Vitaly Khomutynnik. As mentioned earlier, Getmantsev is one of the co-founders of “M.S.L.” Sergei Pashinsky. At the same time, Getmantsev himself actually confirmed that the lottery operator had been working in a “shadow mode” for many years, and with his tacit consent, since, as one of the most knowledgeable persons, Getmantsev did nothing to correct this situation: “Partly, perhaps in shadows, partly with the use of various schemes that lawyers had previously developed for him, it is worth noting absolutely legal schemes” – this is how Getmantsev commented on the situation with M.S.L. in another interview. Income, property are indicated in the declarations of Daniil Getmantsev. So, for 2015, Getmantsev is listed as the owner of a 33.3% share of an apartment in Kyiv for 60m2, as well as 2 land plots in the village of Krasilovka (2090m2) and the village of Kozlov (2500m2). Of the expensive items, he declared Rolex and Franck Muller watches. In 2015, Getmantsev's income amounted to 142 thousand. UAH. – salary in KNU, UAH 8 thousand. – salary, at a research university, 54 thousand UAH. – salary in the company “Jurimex”, 1.5 thousand UAH. – royalties in the company “ZN UA” and 4.5 thousand UAH. – fee in Silenshia LTD. Daniil Getmantsev keeps most of the money he earns in cash: 40 thousand. dollars and 55 thousand. UAH. He has about 10,000 in his bank accounts.. UAH, 3 thousand. dollars and 11 thousand. Euro. Hetmantsev is also a beneficiary of 8 companies and a member of 6 public organizations. According to the declaration for 2018, only Getmantsev owned real estate, just like in 2015, since 1997 he had the right to 33.33% of an apartment in Kyiv 59.95 sq.. m (66.67% belonged to the mother – Elena Getmantseva), since 2005 – a land plot of 2090m2 in the village of Krasilovka, Brovarsky district and since 2008 – a land plot of 2500m2 in the village of Kozlovoe, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky district, Kyiv region. Only he also had valuable property, in the form of the same Rolex and Franck Muller watches, and a collection of 15 paintings of the XX-XXI centuries was also added. Corporate rights in the form of 53% in Jurimex LLC (legal activities), 65% in Jurimex Commercial Enterprise LLC (legal activities), 2% in the Kyiv Credit Union Credit Union, 0.02% at LLC M.S.L. (organization of gambling), 7.69% in the Law Firm “Jurimex” (activities in the field of law). Getmantsev also indicated that he is the ultimate beneficiary of Yurimeks LLC and Yurimeks Commercial Enterprise LLC. In addition, he declared that he is also a beneficiary in Professional Road Service LLC (organization of construction of structures), LLC Special Road Service (organization of construction of structures), LLC Ukrainian Sports Union (wholesale of office equipment and equipment), LLC Belonaf (consulting on commercial activities and management), Legal Group Jurimex LLC (leasing and operating own or leased real estate). In 2018, Getmantsev received an income of 474 thousand. UAH. – mostly salary and fees, his wife – 90 thousand hryvnia. wages. The declarant's savings in the family's bank accounts amounted to UAH 44,000, USD 1,000 and EUR 11,000, as well as in cash – UAH 55,000, EUR 40,000 and USD 10,000. His wife kept $10,000 in cash.. In addition, she owns TOYOTA “LAND CRUISER PRADO” 2008 since 2009 and TOYOTA “LAND CRUISER” 2018 since 2018. Elena Getmantseva has had corporate rights since 2008 – 100% in Budservis MZhK (leasing own or leased property, wholesale trade; she herself heads the enterprise), since 2012 – 99.9% in New Property LLC ( lease of own or rented property, wholesale trade), since 2015 – 50% in Texlink LLC (software publishing), since 2017 – 63% in Tourist Professional Group LLC (tourist operators), since 2017 year – 50% in “TRAVEL PROFESSIONAL GROUP TURKEY TURIZM TIC. THAT. ITH. HER. LTD. STI.”, registered in Turkey (Ind.. number 8590654945), since 2019 – 75% in Travel Professional Group LLC (activities of travel operators). In addition to these enterprises, Elena Getmantseva is the beneficiary of Jurimex Online LLC (computer programming), Belona LLC (consulting on commercial activities and management), Special Road Service LLC (organization of construction of structures (previously Daniil Getmantsev was the beneficiary there )), LLC “Professional Road Service” (organization of the construction of structures (previously there was a beneficiary Daniil Getmantsev)), LLC “Legal Group” Jurimex “(provision of rent of own or leased property (previously there was a beneficiary Daniil Getmantsev)), LLC ” Travel Professional Group Uzhhorod (activities of tour operators), LLC TPG. (Thailand) Company Limited, registered in Thailand (Reg.. number 0205551004951), Go2Greece Ltd, registered in Greece (reg.. No. 117659027000), Travel Professional Group Kazakhstan LLC, registered in Kazakhstan (registration number 110640001705), TPG TOUR OPERATOR (EUROPE) LTD, registered in Cyprus (registration number HE 341325), Travel Professional Group LLC Poland Sp. z oo, registered in Poland (registration number HE 341325), LLC Travel Professional Group, registered in Belarus (registration number 193255093). Elena Getmantseva has 11 trademarks registered as intangible assets. But back to Danil Getmantsev. So, at the end of 2019, he received UAH 817 thousand. income – 413 thousand UAH. – salary in KNU im. T.G. Shevchenko, 21 thousand UAH. – Salary of a part-time job at the Research Institute of Intellectual Property, UAH 125,000. – Salary of a part-time worker at Yurimeks LLC, UAH 4,000. – royalties from ZN UA LLC, UAH 169 thousand. – deputy salary, 22 thousand. UAH – tuition fee from the Servant of the People party, UAH 50. – royalties from Folio LLC, UAH 52 thousand. – alienation of securities, UAH 9 thousand. – alienation of corporate rights in favor of Elena Getmantseva. Elena Getmantseva, in turn, received UAH 1 million 470 thousand, namely UAH 250 thousand. – salary at Travel Professional Group LLC, UAH 10,000. – provision of property for rent by Jurimeks LLC, UAH 1 million 31 thousand. – alienation of real estate, 600 UAH. – provision of property for rent by Travel Professional Group LLC, UAH 1,000. – medical insurance at Travel Professional Group LLC, UAH 24 thousand. – social assistance, 55 thousand UAH. – social assistance from Travel Professional Group LLC, UAH 88 thousand. – pension, 9 thousand UAH. – from the alienation of corporate rights. Danil Hetmantsev kept his savings in bank accounts – UAH 184,000. and 133 dollars, 287 thousand hryvnias, 40 thousand. euro and 35 thousand dollars. His current wife, Olga Getmantseva, kept UAH 3,000 in the bank. and kept $10,000 in cash. Mother, Elena Getmantseva, by the end of 2019, kept 1 million 169 thousand hryvnias, 124 thousand dollars and 34 thousand euros in bank accounts. She kept 228 thousand in cash. dollars and indicated that she lent third parties 650 thousand. dollars. As intangible assets, Getmantsev indicated the right to 50% of two (2009 and 2010) trademarks for goods and services. In October 2019, the SAPO registered criminal proceedings on allegations of possible receipt of bribes of 30,000. dollars by people's deputies from the “Servant of the People”, members of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Taxes and Customs Policy. The reason is that on October 18, draft law No. 2047, on amending the Tax Code of Ukraine regarding the elimination of a corruption scheme in the field of registering information from real estate appraisal reports, did not pass through the committee. “Representatives of the Holos faction voted for (the bill) in full force. “Servants of the people” gave only five votes … The rest of the faction members voted against or abstained. I consider this decision a mistake that is difficult to explain.”. Getmantsev called this decision of the people's representatives a mistake that is difficult to explain. In response to the current situation, the office of the president strongly recommended that members of the Servant of the People faction who voted against the bill (11 people) pass a polygraph test – a lie detector, as a result of which the first test was passed by the deputy head of the committee Alexander Dubinsky, and then committee member Olga Vasilyevskaya-Smaglyuk, who were later voluntarily joined by the head of the faction, David Arakhamia, on his own initiative. Among the people's deputies who refused to take a polygraph test was one of the old-timers of the parliament (VI-VII convocations from 2007 to 2019) – Anton Yatsenko, who is accused of corruption schemes in real estate valuation, and who about ten years ago was known as one of the ” godfathers of the Tender Chamber. So, in an interview, oligarch Igor Kolomoisky mentioned corruption schemes in real estate valuation. Concerning the question of the possible involvement of ex-acting. head of the State Property Fund Vitaly Trubarov, ex-People's Deputy Vitaly Khomutynnik and Anton Yatsenko to the “impudent thieves' scheme” of property valuation, illegal income from which amounted to “3-4 million. hryvnia per day”, the oligarch said: “collecting such a billion hryvnia a year is a robbery… it turns out the tender chamber No. 2. In May 2020, the co-founder of the Ukrainian Think Tank, Yuriy Gavrilechko, suggested that when considering a bill on regulating the operation of the gaming market in Ukraine, a “special Ukrainian path” is visible, which is lobbied by a lottery pool of deputies, the leader of which is the head of the committee, who “removed” from the process of legalizing the gambling business Verkhovna Rada – Danil Getmantsev. Gavrilechko believes that the goal of the “special Ukrainian path” is to make the future domestic gambling market narrow and inadequate in the understanding of a foreign investor, thereby preserving the role of current monopolies. Another question arose around the “banking law”. In May 2020, Deputy Chairman of the Financial Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Dubinsky urged deputies to cancel the results of voting for the so-called “law on banks” No. 2571-d, in connection with the allegedly unauthorized procedure for considering the bill by the financial committee of the Verkhovna Rada, headed by Getmantsev, and introduced draft No. 2571 -d-P1. The adopted law directly prohibited the return of nationalized banks to their former owners, even if the court found the nationalization illegal, and frankly contradicted the interests of the Privat group. In this initiative, Dubinsky was fully supported by the non-factional deputy Anton Polyakov, who also considered that the law was adopted in violation of the regulations, in relation to which he filed a lawsuit with the District Administrative Court of Kyiv. In November 2020, due to the lack of a common position of groups and factions, the Verkhovna Rada failed the bill, according to which FLP – single tax payers until the end of next year would be exempted from the obligation to use registrars of settlement transactions (RRO). As a result, under the parliament building, once again there were clashes between the security forces and entrepreneurs who opposed the introduction of cash registers. At the end of November 2020, a group of 36 people's deputies registered a draft resolution No. 4393 on the removal of Danil Getmantsev, head of the parliamentary committee on finance, tax and customs policy, “due to unsatisfactory work”. The explanatory note to the draft resolution states that during his leadership of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Finance, Taxation and Customs Policy, Danil Getmantsev, allegedly in the national interests of improving the administration of taxes and fees, repeatedly promoted decisions that resulted in a significant increase in the fiscal burden on representatives of small and medium businesses. On November 18, 2020, as an alternative, Getmantsev submitted his very shocking draft resolution No. 4402, the content of which concerns the self-withdrawal of his candidacy and a request for his dismissal from his position: “Recall Danil Alexandrovich Getmantsev … because the continuation of his activity in drafting laws of Ukraine on taxation is intended to stop illegal schemes for tax evasion and cause harm to many important people from this, and therefore makes it impossible for him to fulfill his duties. The correct comment for this reaction is: “The best defense is an attack.” In the course of their business and political activities, the Getmantsev family accumulated material wealth that was exorbitant for his status and occupation. As a result of Getmantsev's legislative initiative, there is a clear relationship with certain pro-government structures and odious personalities who only change their “labels” and wrappers, but in reality the citizens of Ukraine get the same situation with the same participants and with the same results.

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Wife - Olga Getmantseva, Mother - Elena Getmantseva. Son - Ivan
Kolomoisky's group, friend of Khomutynnik and Stefanchuk
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st. Amtao Mirv