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Gerasimyuk Olga Vladimirovna


"There is freedom of speech in the country, you need to be able to use it," said Olga Gerasimyuk, a journalist and Verkhovna Rada deputy. Her words produced a storm of angry comments on the Internet. It's funny to hear such statements from a woman who "cleans up" traces of compromising evidence after herself, and worries about her reputation. Fortunately, not all information has been lost, and fragments of stories about bribes and other violations of the law are still floating around the net. There is nothing left of the bright image of the host of the "Without Taboo" program, there is only a corrupt journalist who is being watched by NABU.

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October 21, 1958
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Gerasimyuk Olga Vladimirovna

Official biography

Head of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting Place of birth. Education. Born in Piryatin, Poltava region. In 1981, Gerasimyuk graduated from the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv State University, Faculty of Journalism.

Personal life

Olga was married twice. Her first wife is not reported in the press. The second chosen one of Olga was the writer Vasily Gerasimyuk. In 1982, the couple had a son. His parents named him Ruslan. According to the journalist, she has not yet met the man of her dreams. Olga also notes that not everyone can find true love.


From 1981 to 1983 she worked as a correspondent in the newspaper “Komsomolets of Poltava”. From 1983 to 1990 she worked as a correspondent for the Komsomolskoye Znamya newspaper. From 1990 to 1991 she worked as an editor in the department of the magazine “Man and the World”. From 1991 to 1992 she worked as a department head in the Nezavisimost newspaper. From 1992 to 1994 she worked as deputy editor-in-chief and co-editor of the weekly Republic. From 1994 to 1995 she worked as an editor in the UNIAN department. From 1995 to 1996, she worked as the head of the department of social problems of the TV company Nova Mova (Russian. new language). In 1997, she began working on the 1 + 1 TV channel, began to host the Against the Nights program (Russian. looking at night). Then she hosted programs: “Special Look”, “Versions”, “Without Taboos”, “I Want and I Will”, “I'm Coming to You”. In July 2005, she became the general producer of the Studio 1 + 1 television company. On July 4, 2014, she was elected a member of the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting.


In the 2006 parliamentary elections, the non-partisan Gerasimyuk received a mandate as a People's Deputy of Ukraine from the Our Ukraine bloc (No. 4 of the electoral list). She became a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information. In the early elections of the Verkhovna Rada of 2007, she was included in the list of the pro-presidential bloc Our Ukraine – People's Self-Defense (NUNS) under No. 6. In Parliament, she chaired the subcommittee on cooperation with NATO of the Committee on European Integration. June 2010. joined the deputy group For Ukraine! Vyacheslav Kirilenko. In the autumn of 2012, in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of the VII convocation, she ran for the single-mandate constituency No. 139 in the Odessa region from the UDAR party of Vitali Klitschko (her candidacy was nominated by a single candidate from the opposition forces), but lost to regional Alexander Presman. In July 2014, Olga Gerasimyuk became the first deputy chairman of the National Council of Ukraine for Television and Radio Broadcasting.

NOT official biography

Having gone into politics, Gerasimyuk never tired of repeating that it is very important for her to support the implementation of Viktor Yushchenko's election program “10 steps towards people”. She actively supported the president's initiative to deprive people's deputies of solid social benefits. According to observers, in the first ranks of Our Ukraine, and then the NUNS bloc, the well-known TV journalist was not least due to the popularity and high ratings of her talk show “Without Taboo”, which tells about the big problems of little Ukrainians.

Compromising evidence

According to the politician herself, Arseniy Yatsenyuk himself deleted her from the pre-election party lists. Moreover, in an interview, she said that the politician did this without the knowledge of Tymoshenko. During the election campaign, when the journalist ran in the Odessa region, she did everything possible to displease the local authorities. Since Olga Vladimirovna accused the authorities of the actions that led to the blooming of the sea, and also that she forbids placing advertisements for the Udar party on the territory of the Odessa region.

Unsuccessful attempt to communicate with voters

Olga Gerasimyuk arranged a meeting with voters in. Peremozhne, and came into conflict with a local activist.

Traitors from the National Rada and how they continued the license to Inter

From the blog of activist Semyon Kabakaev: In 2018, the National Council met and voted for the continuation of the license for the Inter channel, which is in fact a Russian residency in Ukraine. Apparently all this time there were negotiations about the shares and about who and how much will receive. The whole problem is that this TV channel will continue to brainwash the citizens of our country. Enemy propaganda, which is based on manuals from Moscow, will continue to broadcast for another 7 years. Over the past 4 years, the National Rada did not find hostile broadcasting, or rather did not want to find and issue the required number of warnings to the TV channel. The system works in such a way that 2 warnings are initially issued and only after that the license is not continued. Inter now has 1 warning, that is, they deliberately waited until the license renewal date came up, leaving one warning, and extended the license with the justification that there were no legal conditions so as not to continue. And here are the people from the National Council who were directly involved in this corruption scheme: First Deputy Chairman of the National Council – Gerasimyuk Olga Vladimirovna Chairman of the National Council – Artemenko Deputy Chairman of the National Council – Feshuk Ulyana Yuryevna Executive Secretary of the National Council – Ilyashenko Alexander Borisovich Member of the National Council – Koval Valentin Yuryevich Member of the National Council – Kostinsky Sergey Anatolyevich Member of the National Council – Chernysh Oleg Nikolaevich Each of them is personally responsible for the activities of Russian TV channels and the propaganda they pour into the ears of the population.

Forgot about the account and deposit. And about. head of the National Council Gerasimyuk under investigation by NABU

The first deputy chairman of the National Rada for Television and Radio Broadcasting, a former popular TV presenter Olga Gerasimyuk, did not enter funds in the declaration for a total amount of more than 6 million hryvnias. Lawyer Yuriy Zakharchenko found confirmation that Gerasimyuk has undeclared funds. Earlier, he initiated an investigation into a bribe, in which the official was suspected of receiving. So, in the annual declaration for 2015, Gerasimyuk did not indicate a bank deposit in PJSC “Commercial Bank “Financial Initiative” in the amount of 147.7 thousand. US dollars, but only salary, insurance and cash in the amount of 210.2 thousand. dollars. In 2016, the official indicates in the declaration, in the section “Income, including gifts”, the funds received from Extrar LLC under agreements on the assignment of the right to claim. However, she forgets to mention the account at Raiffeisen Bank, information about which already appears in the declaration for 2017. There, Gerasimyuk indicated interest in Raiffeisen Bank Aval JSC in the amount of 6.5 thousand rubles as a source of income.. hryvnia, but in the section “Money assets” there are no bank accounts in the mentioned bank. Data on bank accounts in Raiffeisen Bank Aval first surfaced in the declaration of an official only in 2018, when she indicated a deposit account for a total of 305.2 thousand. hryvnia Thus, Olga Gerasimyuk, being the first deputy chairman of the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting, provided deliberately false information, thereby committing a criminal offense under Article 366 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. For this, she may face liability up to imprisonment for up to two years, and in the best case, a fine of 2,500 to 3,500 tax-free minimums or community service. Lawyer Zakharchenko submitted an application for a criminal offense to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau on February 10, but eight days later it remained without consideration. As a result, Zakharchenko complained about the inaction of NABU to the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court. By a decision dated March 4, VAKS satisfied the lawyer’s complaint and ordered NABU to enter data on criminal offenses into the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations.

illegal position

On April 22, 2020, the members of the National Council held a meeting at which they elected the same OLGA Gerasimyuk as the Chairman of the National Council. We remind you that back on October 31, 2019, the parliament voted to dismiss all three members of the National Council (Gerasimyuk, Ilyashenko and Chernysh), whose five-year term has ended, and almost six months after the dismissal, Ms. Gerasimyuk is elected chairman of the National Council, contrary to the law and common sense. It is difficult to imagine a greater absurdity. The state has a situation where, since July 2019, three illegitimate members have been working in the Special Constitutional Body, one of which is the chairman of this body. This can have really terrible consequences for the whole country, since all decisions over the past two years that have been adopted by the National Council, which includes three illegitimate members, will also be considered illegitimate.. The National Council issued, extended or reissued hundreds of licenses for television and radio broadcasting, and in fact all these decisions are illegal. It became known that now various trials are going on in parallel to recognize these members and the chairman of Ms. Gersimyuk as illegitimate, obviously, due to her efforts, the consideration of these cases in the courts is maximally delayed, but the consequences will be even more terrible if the courts recognize the illegitimacy of the chairman of the National Council and two members.


Almost since the beginning of 2020, the entire media market, with bated breath, was waiting for the outcome of the situation with the renewal of the license of the single Ukrainian nationwide digital television operator of the company ZEONBUD. The situation around this company has always raised a lot of questions throughout the 10 years of its license, even starting with who is its real owner. The National Council had no formal claims to the ownership structure of this company, but there were claims to its activities. In particular, they called the violation of the terms of the license for nationwide coverage, and numerous complaints from consumers from all over Ukraine about the lack of a signal. When in December 2019 the National Council even decided to create a new digital multiplex MX 7 on the basis of the state PRT Concern, many experts began to say that ZEONBUDU might not renew the license. However, unexpectedly, everything ended very well for Zeonbud, since on October 29, 2020, the National Council quickly and even somehow routinely extended all four licenses. At the meeting, the Chairman of the National Council proposed to write additional obligations for ZEONBUD in the license, although it was obvious to everyone that the issue had already been resolved. But that's not all. In February 2021, the court, by its decision, canceled the decision of the National Council on the creation of a new state multiplex MX 7, which could create real competition for ZEONBUDU. And again silence from the chairman of the National Council. Where are the statements to law enforcement agencies? Where are the press conferences? Absolute silence. How everything goes well for ZEONBUDA. And the court removed the only possible competitor, and through the same court you can get another 24 million from the National Council. We have such a calm, systematic game on the part of the National Council in favor of ZEONBUDA. In words it seems strict, but in reality everything is as it should be. And all this in silence. So calmer. Big money loves silence. But it seems to us that in this situation, in addition to ZEONBUDA, there may be one more beneficiary. And his name is Gerasimyuk OLGA Vladimirovna.


Olga Vladimirovna was a role model for many people. Everyone knew her talk show “Without Taboo”, and admired the success and responsiveness of the journalist. But like most “valiant politicians” she sold out. Sold to the authorities, for a lot of money. And now nothing remains of that bright image of the former Gerasimyuk.

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There is a son Ruslan (born 1982)
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