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Geller Evgeny Borisovich


Eugene Geller, by his actions, shows complete disrespect for ordinary citizens, and a disregard for the affairs of the country. The first items on the list of important things are enrichment, power, personal comfort. Therefore, for the money he stole, he decided to equip his office, turning it into a "luxury zone", and instead of working for the good of the country, he plays on the phone. The only thing he really works with is black bookkeeping and the distribution of funds between "their own". Together with ex-president Yanukovych, he emptied the treasury.

Ukraine, DPR
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Geller Evgeny Borisovich

Official biography

Ex-People's Deputy of Ukraine, President of FC “Zarya”. Date of birth: 05/12/1974

Place of Birth. Education

Born in Donetsk. In 1996 he graduated from the Donetsk State Technical University (specialty – economics and management in mechanical engineering).


1995-1996. – Deputy Director of the company “Victoria”. 1996-1997. – Head of the management department of CJSC Ukrmetallprodukt. 1997-2004. – commercial director of CJSC Ukrsplav. 2004-2006. – President of the futsal club “Shakhtar”. 2006-2007. – People's Deputy of Ukraine of the 5th convocation from the Party of Regions (No. 79 on the electoral list). Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations. 2007-2012. – People's Deputy of Ukraine of the VI convocation from the Party of Regions (No. 77 on the list). Deputy Head of the Committee on Finance, Banking, Tax and Customs Policy. 2012-2014. – People's Deputy of Ukraine of the VII convocation from the Party of Regions (No. 29 in the list). Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Budget. Member of the Party of Regions. Since 2002, he has been a member of the Donetsk Regional Council. Since 2009, he has been the president of the Zorya football club (Lugansk). On January 16, 2014, he voted for “dictatorial laws” – a package of anti-democratic laws that significantly limited the rights of citizens and freedom of speech. On October 26, 2014, he was elected as a People's Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation as a self-nominated candidate in constituency No. 50, receiving 27,674 votes (39.54%). On November 1, the CEC of Ukraine decided to conduct a recount of votes at 16 polling stations in constituency No. 50. In the early parliamentary elections, the candidate for people's deputies from the Opposition Bloc party, No. 12 on the list. As a result, in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of 2019, the Opposition Bloc party did not overcome the 5% threshold.

A family

Wife – Tatyana Geller (born 1973), economist at Ukrsplav CJSC. Daughter Elizabeth (born 2001). Clip of Elizabeth Geller, filmed with the money of his father:

NOT official biography

Back in 2004, the Investigative Committee of the SBU initiated a criminal case on the fact of smuggling of the Ukrsplav enterprise. It became known from open sources that aluminum products were smuggled under the guise of “pant collectors” for regular electric locomotives. A year later, Ukrsplav was included in the list of large enterprises that actively sought to use the tax burden minimization scheme. And already in political activity, first of all, Geller became famous as a not very responsible deputy who, instead of passing laws, allowed himself to play the mobile game Township. Eugene Geller plays Township at work:

Relevant photos provided by open sources. Instead of delving into session issues in detail and developing his district, Yevgeny Borisovich built a dream city in a mobile application. Actually, he calls his place of work in the Verkhovna Rada a circus. He wrote about this in one of the messages to his beloved during the meetings. Heading the budget committee, Geller was noted in a very piquant topic, he started a large-scale renovation in his office. The renovation plan included the integration of several rooms into a single whole, as well as the construction of a lounge and a separate bathroom there. Repair for Geller:
Geller's office layout: Geller does not strive at all to share information about his income with commoners.. As it should be for officials, he submitted information about his income and filled out a declaration. But at the same time, he sent a petition to the parliament apparatus so that his income would not be made public on the official website of the Verkhovna Rada. During the reign of the “Party of Regions” in the country, their “black box office” was made public, according to which certain politicians received their additional financial “gratitude” for certain decisions made and deeds done.. According to open sources, it became known that in just six months of government in 2012, the party spent more than 66 million for its needs.. dollars. At the expense of this amount, posters were printed, commercials were created and distributed, paid news went on the air, actions and holidays were organized to lure citizens, and this amount was also used to bribe voters. As for the general spending, the regionals spent about 2 billion dollars on political corruption. A scrupulous and diplomatic approach to the case of the Regionals led to the fact that it was necessary to create our own separate accounting department. What they did, a “black bookkeeping” was created, where all the information was entered and all the people who received their additional remuneration from the party were recorded.. The lists are long and contain more than one hundred names. Among which was the name of Yevgeny Geller, and not as a recipient of financial rewards, but as one of the two main curators of the financial activities of the “Party of Regions”. Eugene received 3.53 million for his “Activity”. dollars, the second curator was Vitaly Kalyuzhny, also a former deputy from the “Party of Regions”, but he received 3.9 million from the black treasury for his “works”. dollars. Geller featured three times in investigative journalism. Was seen for button-pressing: The black accountant of Yanukovych, Yevgeny Geller, did not miss the opportunity to work with the previous president Petro Poroshenko and try to legalize his illegally earned funds according to a new scheme. In addition to dividing the corruption streams of the coalition of parties and the deputy majority, it was necessary to obtain a majority in the adoption of certain decisions that were beneficial not to the Ukrainian people, but to officials and political leaders. The prosthesis on which the coalition relied was the deputy group “Vozrozhdeniye”. The core of this political force was made up of former regionals, who were among those who voted for dictatorial laws that implied a bloody crackdown on the Maidan. In particular, Geller was one of those who voted for the dictatorial law. Party “Revival and communion I. Kolomoisky to her:
Part of the Vozrozhdenie deputy party is controlled by Vitaly Khomutynnik, the other part is controlled by Igor Kolomoisky. Well, the main negotiator from Vozrozhdenie was Evgeny Geller, who became a people's deputy from the Donetsk region and did this thanks to the Dnipro battalion, which closed two electoral precincts at the time of a possible ballot box stuffing. And after that, Eugene disappeared.. Local activists even wrote a telegram to the head of BP to track down Geller: Then he abruptly appeared to congratulate the residents of Krasnoarmeysk on March 8: He also tried to legalize stolen money. He did not find a better way than through declarations, and in the “Income” section for 2017, Geller contributed an amount of almost 18 million hryvnia as a gift received. Information from the Geller declaration: It is known that Geller received such an expensive gift from Olga Fridman, who, as it turned out, is his grandmother and is registered in the same house (in Donetsk) in which Geller was registered with his parents.. But it is worth emphasizing also that the amount received as a gift is a fortune and at the time of presenting the gift to the grandmother was already 97 years old and there is no data in the state register about her participation in the business and she did not have any monetary assets to commit such gift. All this suggests that Geller entered false information about his assets. However, Geller was listed as one of the richest deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, who has a whole palace with his own park in Kozin, and he also appeared on the list of deputies who received compensation for rent in Kyiv. The plot of “Our Pennies” about deputy Yevgeny Geller and compensation for housing:
Yevgeny Geller's house in Kozin: But in his declaration for 2018, he, as it were, accidentally forgot to indicate the presence of a house of a thousand square meters in Kozin and an apartment in Donetsk.

“Live the New Way, Steal the Old Way”

Under the new government, Evgeny Geller returned to his business, having adapted and understood how to work when everyone goes to Europe. During 2015-16, TPK Ukrsplav, located in the territory not controlled by Ukraine, received state tenders for almost UAH 8 million. Government orders were for the supply of gas in Mariupol. No one was embarrassed that the legal address of the company is Novorossiyskaya street, 9, Donetsk. However, Evgeny Borisovich skillfully got out. He explained that he could not change the legal address of the company because of the license. Since it is issued at the address where the production facilities are located. But the businessman stressed that TPK Ukrsplav pays taxes to Ukraine and is absolutely Ukrainian.. Although, according to some Ukrainian media, the company owed UAH 25 million to the Ukrainian budget in 2016. Documents in which budget money is allocated to the parties needed: In May 2016, another corruption scandal erupted in the country.. This time the reason was the publication of the black bookkeeping of the Party of Regions. Viktor Trepak, ex-First Deputy Chairman of the SBU, handed over the “granary book” confirming the illegal payments of regionals in cash to a number of former and current high-ranking officials.. We are talking about a “cash” of 2 billion dollars. Expenses for political affairs are painted to the penny. The most common surname is Geller. Documents in which budget money is distributed to the parties needed: According to the documents, in 2012 Geller received large sums of money with different notes – $160,000 marked “deputies to the coalition”, $395,000 marked “Our Ukraine”, $500,000 marked “CEC”, 4 .9 thousand dollars marked “advance due”, almost a million dollars with an illegible appointment, two more advances due and two returns, 70 thousand dollars marked “Zanevsky A.P.” (That was the last name of the head of the security guard of President Yanukovych). The largest amount is $1.4 million marked “Apostle (Coalition)”. “Cashier” of the Party of Regions – Yevgeny Geller. Investigation by journalist M. Weaver:

Surprisingly, Evgeny Borisovich reacted calmly to the exposure. He stated that the documents were falsified, and with today's computer technology, you can draw anything. However, here Geller was cunning: he still had a relationship with the money of the party. The website of the Central Election Commission has the financial reports of the regions for 2012. Yevgeny Borisovich signs the document as the manager of the means of the PR electoral fund. Evgeny Geller did not miss the opportunity to use CADLO as a kind of offshore. Through separate areas of Donbass, he trades in scrap and metal. Because CADLO plays into the hands of all officials who want to get rich. This is the only way to take something out of Ukraine so as not to pay a duty to the budget and VAT. Moreover, in Russia they pay for this type of goods in cash.. So to track the cash flow is simply unrealistic. Judging by the bill of lading, the Donetsk businessman sent the cargo from the Konstantinovka station and received it at the Mushketovo station in Donetsk. Document “Ukrsplav”: If we talk about volumes, then in 2016 Yevgeny Borisovich brought to the territory of the DPR at least 8.5 thousand. tons of non-ferrous scrap. And now about the price: the cost of the metal starts from $1,200 to $5,000 per ton. Even if we take the average price of scrap and multiply it by the minimum load, we get about 22 million dollars a year. Document “Ukrsplav”: But as for the “Dawn”, then everything is not so smooth. Geller is now forced to rent the Slavutych Arena in Zaporozhye for home games in the Ukrainian Premier League, and the Kyiv Dynamo Stadium for playing in European competitions.

Party of Regions cashier defected to Kolomoisky's camp

As it turned out in these elections, the preservation of his parliamentary immunity from now on is the merit of the group of Igor Kolomoisky. According to Zerkalo Nedeli, Geller's victory in constituency No. 50 in the Donetsk region was ensured by the Dnepr-1 battalion, formed by Privatovites under the command of Yuriy Bereza (became a people's deputy on the list of the Popular Front): Gennady Korban, deputy governor of Dnepropetrovsk, says that Geller was one of the “most important” candidates for Kolomoisky. He called David Zhvania to agree on the “cover” of the candidate “with the letter G” from the authorities. That Zhvania, as one of the authorized representatives of Petro Poroshenko to drain the majority districts, promised. Phone conversation D. Zhvania and G. Korban:

Dialogue between David Zhvania and Gennady Korban: Boris Kolesnikov, one of the leaders of the Party of Regions, finally recognized Geller’s transition to the Privat group: “He didn’t run anywhere, he just left the party, as it were.. I believe that Zhenya has been with us for so many years that the act is unworthy. God be his judge. We definitely didn’t discuss Kolomoisky with him,” Rinat Akhmetov’s ally told Novoe Vremya. Of course, there were a lot of such transfers after the fall of the Viktor Yanukovych regime.. However, it is the case with Geller that deserves a separate fix.. And it's not that his name appeared on the pages of “Our Pennies”. It's just that his role in the Party of Regions (the holder of cash flows), as well as his status in the parliament of recent years (the head of the budget committee, the most profitable of all seats in the Rada) can hardly be overestimated. After all, such knowledge is now in demand by Kolomoisky more than ever. As Elena Tishchenko, who was involved in the government commission to search for the assets of fugitive corrupt officials of Yanukovych, recently said, it is Kolomoisky who is most successfully searching for these assets. In this case, the most important thing is to know the names and accounts of offshore companies, which will not tell the average person anything.. How many Ukrainian firms have been brought to virgin “gaskets”. And who, if not the cashier, should know the account numbers used in the “regional” accounting department. In general, whatever one may say, an extremely important source left the “regionals” for Kolomoisky. And this is precisely at the moment when a full-scale repartition of the Ukrainian economy is taking place. It's time to remember 2011, when Akhmetov's business partner in Gefest gas stations, People's Deputy Artyom Shcherban, was appointed financial director of Ukrnafta so that not a single penny slipped into a “private pocket” without taking into account the interests of the Donetsk serpentarium. And 2012 is also at the box office. Then Kolomoisky was forced to sell Yanukovych's protégé Eduard Stavytsky for 133,000 hryvnias a share in Ukrnaftoburinia, which was worth a quarter of a billion. In general, let's see what Kolomoisky can do with the owner of information about the assets of the “Donetsk” in a Ukraine free from the “Donetsk”.

Connections with Akhmetov

According to his own words, he was a member of the “political group” of the deputy from the Party of Regions Yuri Nikolayevich Voropaev, known as “lawyer Akhmetov.” According to some experts, Geller owes the position of head of the budget committee in the Verkhovna Rada to Akhmetov. “The person who will be executed and pardoned by the presence of a line in the budget was identified as a little-known deputy from the Party of Regions faction, in the past – a big businessman from Donetsk, and today – the president of the Lugansk football club Zarya. According to idle opinion, Geller owes the position to Akhmetov – he is a person from his close circle. “I consider Akhmetov my friend. I hope he considers me his friend.” But after leaving the Party of Regions, Yevgeny Geller joined the Privat group of Igor Kolomoisky. It was thanks to him that he entered the Verkhovna Rada in 2014.


According to the electronic declaration, the income of Evgeniy Geller in 2018 consisted only of the deputy’s salary of 477 thousand hryvnias. He was compensated for the cost of renting housing (211 thousand hryvnias), money was allocated for the implementation of deputy powers. The wife showed income from entrepreneurial activity in the amount of 1.4 million hryvnia and 85 thousand hryvnia as a salary in US-GROUP LLC. In cash Geller showed almost 2 million dollars, 5 million hryvnias and 378 thousand euros, his wife – 9 million hryvnias, 380 thousand dollars. The declaration indicates a land plot in Kozin 4340 thousand square meters, a residential building in Kozin with an area of 998 square meters, an apartment in Donetsk 74.5 sq.. m., land plots in Lyubimovka, Kyiv region 1200 and 1362 square meters, office in Kyiv 62 square meters. In addition to real estate, watches of famous brands, works of art, jewelry, 3 Westphalian horses were declared. Geller also owns a 2018 Range Rover Autobiography. He owns 100% of Zarya Football Club LLC, his wife owns Cybersportarena, LJ Club LLC, Obriy Inter LLC. Almost every year, Geller is accused of filing false data in the declaration. “Evgeny Geller in the declaration for 2017 did not indicate the value at the date of purchase of the acquired real estate: a residential building and an apartment. The total amount of inaccurate information established during the verification of the deputy's declaration is UAH 2 million 452 thousand, ”the Liga. News”.


Evgeny Geller, by his actions, shows complete disrespect for ordinary citizens, and a disregard for the affairs of the country. The first items on the list of important things are enrichment, power, comfort. Therefore, for the money he stole, he decided to equip his office, turning it into a “luxury zone”, and instead of working for the good of the country, he plays on the phone. The only thing he really works with is black bookkeeping and the distribution of funds between “his own”.

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Has a wife and a daughter.
To the thieves from the\"Party of Regions\"
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